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Piper Plumbing

Founded 2001 • With Angi since October 2010


(21) Verified Reviews

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5601 W Jefferson Blvd

Dallas, TX 75211


24 Hour Residential & Commercial Plumbing Service. In business since 2001....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Henry N.

Great! Fixed and resolved and no time

Description of Work
Toilet Leak

Category plumbing, water heater repair, drain pipe, sewer cleaning, drain cleaning




After three rescheduling, and after letting everyone in that condo building that the water would be turned off for a several hour period - they never called - never showed up - never returned our calls.

Description of Work
Repair a leaking washing machine in an upstairs condo

Category plumbing



Linda S.

Basically they were dishonest and cut corners. I used them initially because they dug under the soil and I didn't want them to dig through the concrete. I late learned through reading other reviews online that they bait and switch. I may have to take them to court. I won't tell anybody to use them.

Description of Work
Halshall Plumbing did sewer replacement.

Category sewer cleaning



Ankush M.

They are over priced and shop around before using them.

Description of Work
Slab Outflow Leak

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

[Removed member name], My name is Ben Marshall and I am the Vice President of Structural Repair LLC, which is the general partner for Halshall Plumbing LP. I am sorry to hear you were dissatisfied with the discounted price we negotiated prior to starting the work. I am happy to hear that you were satisfied with the quality of the repairs. I wish you the best with your home. Thank You, Ben Marshall


Sabrina M.

It was okay, except they killed a bunch of bushes. They were very adamant about not being responsible for anything like this. The plumbing side was good. Be weary of the guys that they contract to dig the route for the plumbing lines.

Description of Work
They replaced our plumbing lines.

Category plumbing



cindy M.

The call: My home warranty company sent Halshall Plumbing to fix my kitchen drain, which was almost standing water and getting worse. I called and after a day and contacting Landmark again (the home warranty company) the company called and scheduled the repair. The first visit: Bryan showed up on time, called first, and was professional and pleasant. After showing him the drain, he looked under the sink and went outside to the exterior of the house to snake the drain. He did not take anything apart under the sink. He did look at the faucet and after snaking it, it ran a bit better down, but was still slow. He recommended that I get some crystals for a drain cleaner. The drain was better, but still slow. I paid the visit fee of $60 and he left stating I should call if the problem was not solved. Bryan left his flashlight and I ran out to give it to him and thank him for coming. I went out of town for ten days. The second call: After two weeks, I noticed the drain was getting progressively worse again, I called Landmark Warranty. They advised if the plumber had snaked it, they would not issue a recall. I called Halshall and they said they would come out and fix it since it was just done and I was still having a problem. I assumed this was because they did not check the trap when they were out here the first time and they provide a warranty for their work. Bryan, the original guy who came out, came back. He did not recall it still being slow, but could not remember. He did remember snaking it from the outside and said they do not usually look at the trap. I told him it was still slow and getting bad and he took after the pipes under the sink. He found them to be a little plugged going outside and from the first sink to the main drain pipe there was an existing clog of material (see pic) that appeared to have been in there quite a while (I think before I bought the house!). The pipes were very clogged. The Ripoff: Bryan called his supervisor Bill who said that they needed an additional $130 to fix it. With my pipes all apart and a huge clog that was not fixed the first time, I had erroneously assumed they would fix it since they should have discovered it on the first visit. So this visit, which should have been completed the first time, in total cost $190.00. Bryan said Bill would not budge on the price even if it was for a previous problem that was not fixed. Recommendation: I would not use these guys. Although the guy who came to fix it was nice and professional (Bryan) he should have discovered the plug below the sink on the first visit and his coming back to fix it should have been at no charge. Bill, the supervisor, appears to not care if the work is done correctly and just wants to ensure they come out so they can charge extra (and they do not tell the customer this). Their own employee said he could not remember if the water was draining properly when he left and he was surprised at the shape of the pipes under the sink!

Description of Work
Came on a home warranty call to fix a clogged sink drain.

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

Mrs. [member name removed], My name is Ben Marshall, and I am the Vice President of Structural Repair LLC, which serves as the General Partner for Halshall Plumbing. I have looked into your case personally, and would like to address some apparent misunderstandings. To begin with, Landmark only authorizes to make certain repairs when we go out on one of their warranty calls. This means that we cannot fix anything we are not authorized to. In this case, Landmark authorized us to unclog the lateral line and nothing else. Landmark chose not to cover your additional problems, which gave us more freedom in solving your problems on the second call but meant you had to pay for the additional work. Aside from that, it would seem that no one made it clear exactly what we were charging you for. Your pipes had degraded to the point where replacing them was necessary, although we were not aware of this until we had disassembled them. In the end, we did not charge you for unclogging your drain, but rather for replacing the pipes connected to it. I am sorry that things were not explained to you in advance, but I hope this clears things up. Thank You, Benjamin S. Marshall Vice President, Structural Repair, LLC Structural Repair, LLC as General Partner for Advanced Foundation Repair, LP


Christy D.


Description of Work

Category plumbing, water heater repair, drain cleaning



terrence W.

Plumber was late - very unprofessional. "inspected" a problem with my hot water heater and spent 5 minutes at my home then basically told me there was no "mechanical failure" even though I am still having problems with my water heater actually heating the water. When he accessed the attic he did not put any covering down to protect my carpet and left a mess of yellow insulation debris on the floor. I 've hired a number of contractors and this is by far one of the worst experiences I have had - plumber seemed completely unconcerned about my problem with the water heater.

Description of Work
"Inspected" hot water heater

Category plumbing, water heater repair

Service Provider Response

[member name removed], My name is Ben Marshall, and I would like to apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you. When we open the attic, we are always unsure as to whether or not any insulation will fall down. Generally, we assume that the attic door has been opened enough times that no insulation will fall if we are not installing anything. I am sorry that this was not the case for your home. As for your water heater, I can only say that at the time of the inspection no problem could be identified, and I am sorry we couldn't satisfy you. Thank you, Benjamin S. Marshall Vice President, Structural Repair, LLC Structural Repair, LLC as General Partner for Halshall Plumbing Company, LP


Joshua M.

Our toilet began to leak along the base, so we contacted our home warranty company. Within 2 hours, we received a call from Halshall stating that a plumber would be at our residence within 4 hours. Maybe 2 hours later, the plumber had arrived. Since he was working under the home warranty contract, he identified and repaired the necessary item. We had just moved into the residence, and he told us exactly what our general contractor (and what we observed): the toilet was 20 years old, had numerous parts that were all about to fail, and it was basically crap (pardon the pun). He had come prepared with an extra toilet, and we gladly jumped at the opportunity to have the toilet replaced (the house was a pre-foreclosure, it was seriously an awful, awful toilet). Since it was above and beyond what the home warranty would cover, we had to pay $300 out of pocket. We had a great experience with the company. Now that we no longer have a home warranty, we will continue to call them for future issues.

Description of Work
Replaced a toilet

Category plumbing



Christine L.

I was expecting a very big repair bill, because my sprinkler guy had said that it wasn't a sprinkler leak, it was a leak coming from my foundation. I was anticipating the worst news. The guy spent longer than he originally anticipated, but didn't charge me more then he had quoted me, to check it wasn't a water leak. When he saw it wasn't a water leak, he checked the sewer for free.

Description of Work
I used Halshall Plumbing . We thought we had a foundation leak and they came and fixed it for us.

Category plumbing, drain cleaning



Ricardo D.

Toilet water spilled while being repaired... Tech has no knowledge of the trade. 2nd Tech did not show up at all at the agreed time.

Description of Work
Repair toilet leak.. toilet water spilled while being repaired...

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

I am sorry you are not 100% satisfied with the service that we provided. As to the water on your floor, it is almost impossible to change a commode without spilling any water. I was glad to hear you state, when we talked, that our plumber thoroughly cleaned the spill when it happened. We do ever thing we can to minimize any spills or mess that may occur during a plumbing repair. With that said, I have reviewed with all my employees the techniques to be used to minimize the chance of spilling water while changing a commode in the future. If you would like to revisit your decision on my refund offer I would be happy to talk with you again. Kirk Smith, General Manager Halshall Plumbing


Edward P.

Excellent work, very responsive. They were one of a few possible companies I could choose from for home warranty work. I picked them since as they had an on-call service at midnight on a Saturday. Very happy with their work and professionalism.

Description of Work
Warranty repair on leak in water heater line

Category plumbing, water heater repair



Peter S.

The came prepared. Removed one toilet and cleared the line without any issues.

Description of Work
Had major sewer line blockage. Many company's were unwilling to service me since my old house did not have a large main clean-out. Halshall came prepared and did the job in one trip.

Category plumbing



Jeff M.

My experience with them had been great and I like them. They came out when they said they were going to. They came out as soon as possible because I can't turn the water off. They might not do the work but they came out and turned it off for me until someone can get here to do the work. They tried to fix at least something so that I can get water back in the house. They were able to put water back in but nor for the shower. But at least I have water for cooking, drinking and stuff like that until they can find parts for it and fix it. They always show up. They are good, nice, friendly and clean.

Description of Work
I used the services of Halshall Plumbing. They fixed my water line.

Category plumbing



Charity L.

The plumber came out to fix a simple shower leak. Since our plumbing is so old, he suggested that we replace the shower valve. We were hesitant at first, due to the cost, but did it because we didn't want a big surprise down the road. I'm glad we did - we could see how corroded the original valve was. The plumber also helped find us the right parts (again old plumbing meant it was hard to find what we needed). We did pick them ourselves - only because it saved us money from him doing it.

Description of Work
They replaced our shower valve and faucets.

Category plumbing



Stephanie H.

The employee arrived and verified the diagnosis of a cracked tank. There was still water leaking rapidly, but we were told that it was due to water remaining in the tank. It wasn't, as a different plumbing service was able to correct he issue after the bathroom reflooded due to the shut off valve malfunctioning. Because these repairs were all through a home warranty, the toilet was still replaced by this company. If we had been able to change, they wouldn't have been allowed back.

Description of Work
Failed to stop a leaky toilet causing further damage. Ultimately replaced the toilet almost a week after the leak occurred.

Category plumbing



Sarah M.

I used my 1st year home warranty to contact Halshall. Under the terms of the home warranty it was my responsibility to locate the cause of the wet spot and then the warranty would pay for the repair of the leak. I explained the situation to the plumber and he understood my circumstance. It took him less than 30 minutes to locate the exact location on the leak and communicated all billing with the home warranty association. I was only responsible for the 30 minutes of his time and he was very conscious of the time keeping as to not over charge. After the leak was repaired he discussed options with me on ways to dry the wall, carpet, and hardwood floors as well as repair the damage to the drywall he had to cut away. He then called Mr. Restore to arrange all drying methods. This happened all during the week of Thanksgiving and all parties were responsive and sympathetic to my situation. The only thing I was upset about (other than having a leak in my pipe) was I had asked the plumber to look at a few outstanding plumbing situations within the house to get his opinion. He was not at all interested in fixing the items I pointed out. He must have misunderstood that I was willing to pay him for those items and not trying to piggyback off a service he had just completed. They were small problems that I would not be willing to pay the base price for the plumber to come out again. I'll give him the benefit of doubt and think maybe he had another appointment shortly after mine but I was never contacted or marketed about my outstanding issues.

Description of Work
There was a leak in a hot water pipe in the wall between the guest bath and guest bedroom. I had called Halshall and the wait time was shorter than another plumber. The plumber was able to locate the leak quickly and had to cut away at the drywall to repair the leak. He replaced a piece of copper pipe about 2-3ft long.

Category plumbing



Dennis L.

Excellent and fast

Description of Work
Pressure test plumbing following slab elevation foundation work. Very professional and prompt. Full explanation of process performed.

Category plumbing



Randall T.

I have found the plumbing company that I will use from now on. They are highly skilled, prompt, professional and reasonably priced. They found a small leak in my outside and quot;cleanoutand quot; that will cost $250 to fix. They also found some slight and quot;bowingand quot; in a couple of pipes from our master bathroom under the slab but did not recommend that I spend the $4,500 to fix them at this time. They said the pipes could last another 20 years without breaking and suggested that the pipes be rechecked in 6 to 12 months. They could have just as easily told me that the pipes needed to be fixed and made $4,500. This is a plumbing company I can trust! It makes sense that they have been in business for 30 years.

Description of Work
After our home underwent some foundation work an inspection found a problem in the sewer lines. Halshall ran cameras through the pipes to look for cracks and leaks.

Category plumbing



william S.

Explained in provider info

Description of Work
My toilet was not flushing? Halshall came out thiughg I had a tree root issue, had to make apt to have all my pipes looked a via camera. I was told the job would be 75 for the camera and 95 per hour for labor. Made apt and theycame out. Took about three hours to complete the job. I was told up front that if I did have a root issue it could be 3 to 5 thousand dollars. Well, thanks to halshall plumbing and their honest employees I did not have a root broke pipe issue and they assured me that my pipes we all ok. Well they had to pull my toilet and once pulled I had a crack in the back. Had to replace it. They quoted me a price and it was so good I had they replace the master toilet also. Bottom line is I would recommend Halshall for. All you plumbing needs. They are HONEST and will not take you for a ride. I know ntghing about plumbing, they could have taken me for thousands but they did not. They are the best. Thank you Halsall I will use u again if I ever need a plumber.

Category plumbing



Howard C.

Halshall had a plumber at my house within 2 hours of my first calling them. The plumber was very professional. However, he informed me that his company did not replace shower pans beneath the tile if such was required. We didn't go further and I was not charged for the call. I have since found that few plumbers do replace the shower pans. I thought it odd that plumbers did not replace shower pans, but apparently replacement is fraught with problems. My tile setter said he will replace the pan if needed when he repairs/remodels the shower.

Description of Work
Checked shower floor for tile leaks causing mildew odor. Found two leaks.

Category drain cleaning

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    How is Piper Plumbing overall rated?

    Piper Plumbing is currently rated 4 overall out of 5.

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    Piper Plumbing is open:

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    No, Piper Plumbing does not offer free project estimates.

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    No, Piper Plumbing does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    Yes, Piper Plumbing offers a 10% senior discount.

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    Yes, Piper Plumbing offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Piper Plumbing?

    No, Piper Plumbing does not offer warranties.

    What services does Piper Plumbing offer?

    Piper Plumbing offers the following services: Specialize in under the slab repairs. Tankless and standard water heaters. All plumbing problems inside and out.