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Carolina Restoration Services

Founded 1997 • With Angi since April 2008


(151) Verified Reviews

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3401 Gateway Centre Blvd

Morrisville, NC 27560


85 employees. Additional contact name - Travis Bailey Additional DBA - Carolina Restoration Services - Service areas include Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill in North Carolina .

Verified Reviews

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william S.

I was pleased with the professionalism of the staff, particularly Mr. Chris Flantos who coordinated every phase of the project and kept me informed along the way. Damage included kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, and roof. All repairs were executed in a timely manner and with great skill.

Description of Work
Extensive renovation due to fire damage

Category drywall, hardwood floor, remodeling, roofing, water damage restoration, woodworking, home remodeling, interior painters, asbestos removal, mold removal



Keith K.

It was absolutely awful - the kind of home improvement project that gives you nightmares. The project was poorly managed, and a proposed 3-month job took roughly 9 months. They used very sub-par subcontractors, and we had many instances of work that needed to be done over. The majority of the work was drywall and tile work. The grout is crumbling after 12 months, and drywall has nail pops and ridges that were never sanded. We had some electrical work & HVAC work done, and CRS never filed for permits (note: HVAC permit was filed AFTER unit was installed and we insisted that a permit was needed - HVAC unit failed initial inspection). It's also the little things like light switches installed upside-down (turn switch down for on, and up for off) that quality contractors should know. This is the kind of work that CRS did in my home. In the pictures provided, one is of the drywall work with grooves and ridges that are clearly visible, and the other is of tile work they did in a tub surround. Notice the distance between the tiles near the tub vs. between the rows of tiles. It looks terrible, and we're not quite sure what substance was used to do that, but we're not sure its waterproof. The tiles in that surround are uneven and the accent tiles are "wavy". It's a really poor job of tiling. We also had them install a floating floor, which is already "gapping" in multiple places. At the end, we never approved the last projects on the contract, and CRS just walked away without us being satisfied or signing off change order items. We escalated concerns up many levels in the company, and the CEO was the least customer-focused of all of them. We tried many times to work with them on any type of resolution, and they were intractable. I've never experienced any company that puts their customers through **** and then expects full payment for sub-par work. Not only did they expect full payment for the work they did, they placed a lien on my house for non-payment when I objected to the kind of treatment we experienced. Now, in addition to poor quality work, I have the pleasure of spending thousands of dollars in additional legal fees trying to clear the lien on my house. Lawsuits are on record in Orange County, NC.

Description of Work
Drywall, Paint, Ceramic Tile, and Flooring

Category ceramic tile, drywall, remodeling, water damage restoration, interior painters



Paul & Kerry S.

Promptly responded to request. Work was very thorough and professional.f

Description of Work
Cleanup and removal of damaged hardwoods from water leak

Category water damage restoration



Charles J.

The job was excellent. However, tarps were left on the grass for a few days which damages parts of the lawn.

Description of Work
repair of roof

Category roofing, water damage restoration



Christopher T.

Last September, a hail storm caused over $30,000 worth of damage to my home. CRS was at my house that same night tarping my roof and drying things out. I had to have a new roof installed, all of my gutters replaced, ten windows replaced, and a lot of painting inside and outside of my house. Chris Flantos from CRS was meticulous and made sure his workers completed all parts of the job to the highest standard and was in constant communication throughout the entire process. My house looks better now than it did before the storm. I highly recommend CRS because they get the job done right!

Description of Work
Home Restoration

Category flooring contractor, hardwood floor, water damage restoration, interior painters



Brian B.

These guys are amazing. They handled everything with our insurance company for multiple redos based on what our insurance company told them to do. Their follow up is amazing and the work quality was excellent. I hope i never need them again but if i do, they would be the one to call.

Description of Work
Floor was damaged from fridge that leaked.

Category water damage restoration



Randy M.

Excellent responsiveness, customer service, promptness. Their subcontractors were equally as professional and did quality work restoring our damaged home to near original condition. They were at our home as soon as they could the night of the storm, to cover damaged windows and roof. I think our home was the first one on our street to have all repair work completed.

Description of Work
Repair hail storm damage.

Category roofing, water damage restoration



Arvind R.

All work quality was good but should have been better project management between various contacted they use - lots of delays were avoidable and overall project time could have been shorter

Description of Work
Water Damage restoration in master bath

Category ceramic tile, drywall, water damage restoration



Beth K.

Carolina Restoration Resources put together a thorough estimate for us and explained what they would do, noting that the price could change if they encountered anything unexpected. They showed up when they said they would, performed the work, cleaned up afterward. All was as they had anticipated and we paid exactly what they had estimated for the work. We were very happy with their work and would engage them again if needed.

Description of Work
We had ceiling damage in our first-floor family room as a result of a second-floor washing machine malfunction. We also had a previous leak in our kitchen from an upstairs bathroom that had never been addressed. We wanted them to take a look at the ceiling to be sure that the issue had resolved itself and that there was no problem with mold.

Category drywall, water damage restoration, interior painters



Beth T.

From the first phone call, everything went like clockwork. Calls were returned immediately, action was taken when necessary. The procedure was explained at great length so I had comfort in knowing what was going to happen and the approximate cost, the time length and all that was involved in the process. The company is on call 24 hours in case you need someone to come out. Response was amazing! The 2 project managers Garrett and Keith were very informative and were available with any questions along the process. The two guys Ben and Edwin were very courteous and did an amazing job. I would recommend this company for any restoration project you might have.

Description of Work
Mold remediation in a bedroom closet.

Category mold removal



Stan G.

It was really a lack of communication, and failing to come through on time commitments. The project manager was just a very poor communicator. Things did not always happen we he said they would. That was the main problem. Generally speaking I was satisfied with the end result. I ding them because they took two days and had work done that was shotty, and they had to redo it. I didn't even ask them to do it but they came in and did it again. The end result was good and acceptable. The fact that they had to do it twice didn't warrant a solid B.

Description of Work
Drywall repair, re flooring, interior painting.

Category drywall, hardwood floor, interior painters



Casie H.

We chose CRS to repair roof and interior damage after last January's ice storm. They were highly recommended by our insurance company, and the reviews on here gave us a lot of confidence. I wish I could say it was an overall positive experience, but it was not. I'll start with the positives: The emergency services and dry-out crew were prompt and pleasant. They were the absolute best part of the experience. After that, things went downhill fast. There was little to no communication between the company, the project manager, and us. Project Mangers were NEVER on site. Subcontractors would show up randomly, without warning, to complete work that wasn't ready to be completed. Subs would ask me, the homeowner, what they were expected to do that day because of the lack of communication. The work that was completed was of such a low quality that we've already had to redo much of it. We'll use the roof as an example: We had tree damage to our roof, resulting in the roof needing repaired and reshingled. Even after pointing out to CRS that the repair was incorrectly handled, they signed off on it. We've already (less than one year later) had to contact our insurance company to file a supplement to re-repair the work they signed off on as repaired, because the leak they say they patched was not addressed, leading to additional damage. The list of other poorly completed repairs is too long to include here, but for the sake of illustration, I'll include one more: The subcontractor replaced a tongue-and-groove ceiling with flimsy bead board. We pointed out the error, and they reluctantly replaced it with an appropriate material. When they stained the ceiling, they dripped polyurethane down the freshly painted walls and left it. We've had to redo that entire room, going behind the subcontractors. Further, the subs left a trail of damage behind them: a (brand-new) mattress torn when they moved it by dragging it across the floor and our French doors wouldn’t close and lock after they used them. We attempted to resolve the issues with the VP, but the quality of the work remained so poor that we terminated the relationship. CRS did lower the cost of the services, so credit where it’s due there. But because of how much work we had to re-do, there was almost zero value in having them involved in this project at all. We ended up paying twice for work.

Description of Work
Roof repair, water damage mitigation, drywall repair, painting, woodwork

Category ceramic tile, drywall, flooring contractor, roofing, water damage restoration, interior painters, mold removal



Richard B.

I really don't know where to begin. These guys are awesome and they are professionals. I have found it extremely difficult to find someone that is a professional, shows up ON TIME, and comes in ON BUDGET. These are the people you are looking for. I worked directly with Scott on several projects ranging from plumbing, roofing, electrical, HVAC to framing, you name it. The job got done right, on time and on budget. Any time I needed something or had a question I could call them or email them and get a response back almost immediately. I will only be doing business with these guys from now on for everything.

Description of Work
Fixed lots of things on my house ranging from plumbing, roofing, electrical, HVAC to framing, you name it.

Category drywall, picture framing, hardwood floor, insulation, plumbing, roofing, water damage restoration, home remodeling, interior painters, asbestos removal



Randy O.

I had a small leak from a Moen shower valve that was leaking down the backside of the valve into the wall cavity and subsequently onto my subfloor. The leak had been going on for some time, but since it only leaked while the shower was actually running, the overall damage was contained to some extent. Once I found this (by finding some drips of water in my crawlspace) I called Carolina Restoration to assess the damage and mitigate. The company was very responsive and sent someone to my home the next morning after I contacted them. The recommendation was standard drying techniques using dehumidifiers, fans, HEPA filters, and tents to contain the hot air. The drying process took much longer than they expected, but eventually it 'worked'. It was quite intrusive, but then again, probably not as intrusive as ripping out a bathroom and replacing tile/shower/etc. I think that the company did a good job, but there were a few surprising things along the way - they showed up a time or two with moisture sensors that were barely working due to battery issues and that was really surprising to me since this would seem to be a key tool of the trade in this business! Still, the guys I worked with seemed to want to do a good job and they were concerned and focused on providing a quality outcome, so I would definitely consider bringing them in again, but I hope I never have to! They also provided an estimate on reconstruction, but I ended up going with my own

Description of Work
Provided water leakage mitigation and drying related to a shower valve leak in my master bath.

Category water damage restoration



Roger W.

CRS sent a representative to do an estimate for checking out the possibility of mold. They were on time and had some very cool equipment to measure moisture. They did an assessment and told us we do not need their services and that they do not think there is a mold problem. They suggested a strategy for tracking down the leak and told us how we could do it ourselves. He was at our house for almost an hour and didn't charge us anything. They were punctual, courteous and very helpful. I will definitely use them in the future if the need arises.

Description of Work
We had a leak from our upstairs bathroom that caused discoloration in our family room ceiling. We thought we had fixed it and painted over the stain, but then it came back and we were concerned about possible mold.

Category water damage restoration



Dorothy C.

They came out to assess some water damage and were really helpful. They checked everything, answered my many questions, and gave me great advice. I would definitely hire them in the future!

Description of Work
Assessment of extent of water damage

Category ceramic tile, water damage restoration, mold removal



Dan M.

Well. We fired Emergency Reconstruction and hired Travis' team. They completed in days what ER was unable to do in weeks. Highly recommend CRS.

Description of Work
extensive demo work from water damage

Category water damage restoration



Michele M.

It was not a good experience. They started a project for me in August 2015 and completed it in March of 2016. It was supposed to be a three week job. It was paid through the insurance company. They were recommended by the insurance company. They were supposed to replace flooring, sheet rock, replace carpeting, and they were supposed to test for asbestos when they were done. They cut a trench around the slab and was supposed to test for asbestos. Eight weeks after we moved back into our house, they tested again for asbestos and there was asbestos in the floor. They gave me the run around on who was to blame and then said that they don't treat for asbestos. They put up my sheet rock, but didn't put in a plug for my washer and dryer, so they had to come back and tear out the sheet rock. They redid it and it was a nightmare. A three week job turned into a eight month job. Then he tried to make me sign something saying that I wouldn't say anything negative about them. The supervisor had an attitude, but the workers were good and polite. Half were really good and the other half were sneaky. The workers were here when they said they would be.

Description of Work
Carolina Restoration Services fixed a slab. It cracked and leaked down into the basement.

Category concrete repair



Heather R.

It wasn't until we went all the way to the top of the chain and started working with Travis when things started going better. I wish I had a glowing review for Carolina Restoration because Travis is an absolute pleasure to work with. Unfortunately some of his staff in the field still have a lot to learn from him.

Description of Work
Tree damage on May 3rd. Structure, roof and water damage.

Category carpet installation, ceramic tile, drywall, flooring contractor, home inspection, insulation, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, woodworking, interior painters, asbestos removal



Ken H.

I called one evening after office hours and the answering service took my message to request a call back and potential visit the next day. I was called promptly in the morning of the next day with a visit from Keith that afternoon. Keith was very courteous and got right to work assessing the damage and helping to determine potential sources. He did an excellent job and was even helpful at identifying potential sources of moisture damage that were not related to the problem at hand. Keith's assessment skills and tools were awesome and did a great dealt to give us peace of mind that we didn't have any current moisture areas. To be honest, I was shocked when I was told that there was no fee for the entire assessment visit. I wasn't expecting that in this day and age. Should we require any future remediation and reconstruction, we will definitely be using Carolina Restoration Services.

Description of Work
We needed to have someone come to the house and assess potential water damage and determine extent of damages and potential source(s).

Category drywall, home inspection, roofing, water damage restoration



Brian B.

From the moment we contact CRS, we had an amazing experience considering the circumstances. They responded to our initial call within hours and begin the drying process to try to minimize mold and additional damage caused by all the water that leaked. The follow up from this company is absolutely amazing. They were on time with every follow up phone call, check in, scheduling of a sub to begin work, and completion of work. The quality and care they put into making sure our home was not only repaired, but taken care of during the repair, was incredible. The attention to detail and willingness to fix even the smallest of issues was awesome. They even let us change some paint colors and floor stains at no additional cost! Although it has taken almost two years to complete the project, no fault of CRS, they have continually checked in to make sure that things were to our satisfaction. They also handled everything with our insurance carrier to ensure payment was processed accordingly. Although I hope to never have to do business with them again, water damage is never fun, they would be the first I would call to handle any restoration issues. If you are panicking about water, fire, or wind damage and are currently looking for someone to fix the problem and get your house back in order, this is the company that you need to call. If you are reading this review, it is probably because something tragic just happened to your home. I understand what you are going through and the uncertainty you are facing. Trust me, call CRS, they will get you taken care of and get your house looking better than ever. Sorry for your loss but with CRS helping you out, it will get back to normal.

Description of Work
We had water damage that needed to be repaired due to a leak caused by our refrigerator

Category water damage restoration



Teresa S.

5-05-16, McGrath sends email to sign off on flooring change. I sent reply email asking about what change and go over flooring order I had discussed with previous project manager (PM). 5-09 thru 5-12-16, emails regarding flooring. McGrath says my flooring request was not in budget, and previous PM had sent email regarding this last year. I replied that previous PM should have called me to advise. Previous vendors approved budgeted items, including flooring. 5-13-16, McGrath sends email previous PM sent in December regarding flooring change. 5-18-16, McGrath called. 5-19-16, I return call. Advise new flooring request, ask if within budget He says he will call company for price and call me back. At this time, I have been ill, and unable to work or cope with Carolina Restoration. 5-29-16, I have not heard from McGrath. I send email asking about 5-19 call. He sends reply email saying he will honor initial flooring order at no additional cost to me. 5-30-16, I am unable to open front door at house. Key does not open back door. 5-31-16, I called locksmith to open front door. Door was painted shut. Work done was very shoddy. I have locksmith install better security locks. I had to scrape off paint around door frame and door so it would close. Unable to turn on AC because electrician still not through, switches in panel still had tape across so would not turn on. I decide that I must be there while any work is being done and McGrath can call to advise me of schedule. 6-01, McGrath calls saying crew unable to get in. I am at appointment and sent text to him saying I needed to change locks and will call later to explain. He wanted to have flooring crew, plumbing, and painters come at the same time. 6-02, I called/emailed McGrath of 5-30 and 5-31 events. He wanted to bring all crews back next day. I said no, only person that can come is electrician. I need AC on for painter to repair/finish work. Flooring crew cannot come till all work is complete. The cabinets were three different finishes. Installed too high off the countertop. Some of the cabinet doors did not open or close properly. Doors on either side of oven space are installed backwards. Sidewall countertop too short, doesn?t come to edge of countertop. All should be uniform. Cabinet should be lined up with edge of wall. Painting: Cracks and peeling paint in the kitchen and living room. Needs to be repainted with proper paint for kitchen, bath, and other rooms. Bathroom: Vanity was installed off center of the mirror. Vanity door does not open because installed improperly. Sewage hole in bathroom after commode removed should have been capped. Front door was not sanded and painted properly. He said, ?This is not a Cadillac job, nor was it at the beginning.? I told him that has nothing to do with it. Any type of job should be done properly. A disrespectful, insulting remark. I should have ended my involvement with the company that day. 6-03, Met with McGrath at house. Talked about shoddy work. He did not see anything wrong with cabinets. He did not believe front door was painted shut. He said he would call electrician today or on Monday. He mentioned cabinets were discontinued. 6-06, Spoke with cabinet specialist at Lowes in Rocky Mt. Nothing is discontinued as McGrath said. Once installed, have to deal with contractor only. 6-14-16, No word from McGrath about electrician. I decide I will not work with this company any longer. Sent email to John Rowe, Production Manager, want list of work that has been done and the cost. McGrath calls regarding email.I sent to Rowe. He said he was confused about the email. Said electrician may come next day and is waiting for Lowes representative to call about cabinets. After such dissatisfaction discussed on 6-2 and 6-3, he is not expedient getting electrician to house to complete work. 6-15-16, McGrath called. I sent email to Rowe and McGrath advising project is on hold. Need to see work/cost report. 6-15-16, Rowe sent email with attachments of initial and supplemental estimates only furnished to State Farm. States that work is 75% complete. Need only to install flooring and mechanical trim outs and work will be complete. Lowes is in process of scheduling representative to come look at cabinets. He also states, based on the level of completion, I will receive an invoice for a second draw in the amount of $20K to be paid upon receipt of invoice. He has no comment regarding all my concerns. I have copied him all emails to McGrath at the time I sent them. 6-15-16, Accounts Payable sends draw invoice for 20K payable upon receipt. They did not send requested work done and cost list. My consultant and I went over both estimates, and determined that only $11,385K worth of work has been done. They did not furnish the report I requested of work done and cost list." 6-20-16, Went to Planning Department in Rocky Mt. to speak with plumbing and electric Inspectors. Harry Threatt, plumbing Inspector said sheetrock goes up after trades complete their work. New plumbing company needs to get a permit. Initial plumbing company stopped work soon after work began. He said he will tell new plumber where to cut hole in ceiling in kitchen to make sure that pipes are insulated all the way to the end. He could only partially go into attic and could see insulation with flashlight, but could not see all the way to the end. He said insulation was an issue. He had told foreman a couple of visits ago to get the pipes insulated. Electrician Inspector, Wayne Lassiter, said work is inspected when complete. He has only approved rough in. He explained his process, and agreed that tradesmen complete work before sheetrock. 7-5-16, Rowe calls trying to schedule time to finish work. McGrath has attempted to also, he says. I haven?t heard from anyone since 6-15-16. 7-12-16, Rowe calls and sends email to coordinate schedule with McGrath to finish work. 7-13-16, McGrath sends email to contact him to schedule work and that permit is due to expire. He also called and left message regarding scheduling only.

Description of Work
5-15-15, First met with Alex Lamont, Production Manager. Suspects lead and asbestos in house. 8-24-15, Abatement performed, completed that week. 9-16-15, Met with Scott Jones, Project Coordinator. Advises he hopes to finish the rest of project by 10-30-15. 10-10-15, Scott Jones finally returns my calls for an update of status of project. Advises he needs permits for electric; frame quotes for plumber and electric, permit for new wiring. Will get pricing the next week, and will call every few days to give update, but he never did. 11-19-15, Called and talked to Scott Jones about status of all. He advises permits are ready. If I have asked for something that will require more funds, forget it, I said. He said no, upgrades have to be done, explains what they are, and says he is waiting for approval from State Farm. Permits not requested until March and April 2016 per County Inspector report. 11-23-15, State Farm Adjuster, Michael Wilkins, calls and wants to know what?s going on with the project. He will call Production Manager. 12-16-15, New Project Manager, Jeff McGrath called. Wants to go over job schedule. and go over everything all over again. Will call to confirm. He did not call. Permits for electrical and plumbing were not requested until March and April 2016 per County Inspector report. 1-19-16, Jeff McGrath called. Advises he met with Production Manager. 2-2-16, Met with Jeff McGrath at house for repair, and went over everything all over again. Has no information on prior work or discussions. 3-9-16, John Rowe, new Production Manager called. He asked for entire information as if I was just beginning with Carolina Restoration. I was extremely distressed. He said he would have Jeff McGrath call.. 3-9-16, Jeff McGrath calls and tells me work has already begun. I was not advised when work had begun. I began to discuss selections I had made and already advised him of. He said he was going to choose paint and cabinets similar to what I wanted. I said that I want to make all selections, and went over everything all over again. 3-10-16, Frame in kitchen up, sheet rock is up, painters there. Electrician arrived same time as I did. I expressed beforehand that I wanted to make sure pipes that had burst in kitchen had been insulated before sheet rock went up. Electrician was perplexed that sheet rock was up before he completed his work. Painters had begun painting with wrong color. A worker said she asked Jeff McGrath what color and he told her to select a beige color. He later said he picked up the wrong color. I had selected a specific white. He also said he ordered a new commode because he didn?t trust the old one. I asked him why the sheetrock was already up. His response was that where the electrician and plumber need to work was not sheetrocked. Actually, sheetrock covered work that needed to be inspected. We met at Lowes to choose everything all over again. In a previous meeting with Jeff McGrath, I had agreed to go through Lowes instead of previous arrangements with previous project manager. McGrath said it would save time and money. 3-19-16, McGrath sends text that plumbing in house may have to be replaced. 3-30-16, McGrath sends update that work has stopped because plumbing upgrade is needed. He says he had difficulty reaching inspector. 4-01-16, I am disgusted. I thought plumbing issue taken care of late last year. I send McGrath email asking for inspector?s telephone and address information. 4-01-16, McGrath sends email saying Inspector called, and good to move forward. (Isn?t that a coincidence) 4-04-16, McGrath sends text to meet. After the plumbing done, can get on with everything, he said. 4-05-16, McGrath called to schedule time to meet. Prioritizes his schedule, not mine. Disrespectful attitude. I want to know what is going on with house. 4-06-16, Met with McGrath. Went over everything to be done. We discussed paint again. He said I had told him a different color. I had to refresh his memory about what actually happened. 4-15-16, update from McGrath. Plumber will finish by 4-20-16, flooring installed by 4-26-16. Project should be 90% complete by 4-22. HVAC will be inspected and cleaned as I requested because of abatement.

Category asbestos removal, lead paint removal



Kim F.

I had a pipe leak from the upstairs bathroom into my living room downstairs. There was mitigation and mold removal. This part was quick and professionally done. The rebuild to put my house back together was a frustrating and a long horrible experience. It took 3 months and everything they did was poor quality or unfinished and still is to this day. My lights and towel holders weren't attached to the walls in the bathroom. The bathroom vanity was damaged at mitigation and when they hooked the plumbing back up the sinks don't hold water. They also charged my insurance company for items that weren't performed such as painting trim work and adding a door stop. If you do use them for water damage, make sure you check under the house for insulation. Mitigation might remove this, but the rebuild won't have it on their list to add back. The bathroom needed to be painted twice because of water streaking after taking a shower. The ceiling in the living room had to be repainted and drywall fixed twice. There was popcorn ceiling on my windows and window frames, drywall down in my duct work and pretty much drywall dust everywhere (messy contractor), even my kitchen cabinets had drywall dust in them.

Description of Work
Mitigation and Rebuild for water damage.

Category drywall, water damage restoration, interior painters, mold removal



Sheila B.

When a water heater in the attic leaked, our insurance agent recommended we call Carolina Restorations. They responded very quickly. For example, after the initial damage inspection and estimate, they had mediation workers out within minutes. Water had seeped under two separate tiled floor areas. The moisture level was 99%. They were able to get the moisture levels back down to normal levels and thereby saving the hassle of having to tear up and replace tiled floors in high traffic areas. After mitigation, the restoration worked started roughly 2 weeks later. Chris Flantos organized and coordinated all the repair work. He coordinated multiple contractors and schedules to make the process go as smoothly as possible -- which was not an easy task! When one contractor's work was not completed properly, Chris made sure it was fixed. This process is one that we hope we never have to repeat, but if we do, we'll call Carolina Restorations.

Description of Work
- Removed insulation and drywall damaged by a leak - Dried areas damaged by the leak - Replaced insulation and drywall - Painted - Removed carpet stains caused by the leak

Category water damage restoration



vickie C.

Carolina Restoration North Carolina (CRNC) was professional from the minute we first contacted with them with water damage to our home. They worked extremely well with our homeowner insurance company. Tom Earman and Jeremy Snyder worked as project managers and handled all questions and scheduled all repairs promptly. The coordination with our insurance provider was very smooth. All required paperwork was submitted and approved in a timely manner. Would also like to thank Santo and Andrew who did an outstanding job on the punchlist of repairs to trimwork,plumbing and painting. They returned our home to us like the water damage never happened.

Description of Work
Carolina Restoration North Carolina (CRNC) provided full repairs to our home due to a water condition from ice daming which occurred this past winter. CRNC handled the entire project from drying the affected areas to making all the repairs needed to make our home like new. This included removal and replacement of wet sheetrock and insulation, painting, new trim work, replacement of buckled wood flooring in one area, sanding and refinishing of entire level of wood flooring. Carolina Restoration also packed out the entire first floor of all furniture and area rugs and the move back in when the floors were completed and dry.

Category water damage restoration

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    Thursday: Open All Day

    Friday: Open All Day

    Saturday: Open All Day

    What payment options does Carolina Restoration Services provide

    Carolina Restoration Services accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard, Check, Visa

    Does Carolina Restoration Services offer free estimates?

    No, Carolina Restoration Services does not offer free project estimates.

    Does Carolina Restoration Services offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Carolina Restoration Services offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Carolina Restoration Services offer a senior discount?

    No, Carolina Restoration Services does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Carolina Restoration Services offer emergency services?

    Yes, Carolina Restoration Services offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Carolina Restoration Services?

    Yes, Carolina Restoration Services offers warranties.

    What services does Carolina Restoration Services offer?

    Carolina Restoration Services offers the following services: Residential and commercial water, fire & storm damage restoration, emergency water extraction, structural and restorative drying, water & sewage mitigation, mold remediation, deodorization, contents cleaning.