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Tier 1 Construction

Founded 2009 • With Angi since March 2011

We perpetuate our growth and well being by providing an unmatched level of service in our industry with the highest quality of products paired with the industry's leading professionals. We sustain this achievement through complete dedication to the founding principles of our company; INTEGRITY, QUALITY, and INNOVATION

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Jackie S.
I was living in a home that this company was hired by the landlord to provide a new roof. They dumped a trailer in my driveway and left it there for 4 days blocking my driveway during a holiday weekend and refused to move it. When they finally started the work on Tues, they removed the old roof and left. Wednesday the storms hit and the house was left un protected. It was 10pm and it literally started raining in the house! It was coming out of the light fixtures, the AC vents, the ceiling fans and the ceiling. I had a to buy tarps ($250) to help protect my belongings. Went back the next day to assess the situation only to have it happen all over again! This happened in June and to this day he has refused to provide us his ins. Info. We had to hire a lawyer to help and he still refused. We finally were able to obtain it from the building dept. We had a lot of damage and were put out of the home and had to find a new place to live, pay movers, etc. No compensation for damages yet.
Description of Work
New roof
William D.
Rain damage to sheet-rock, set off fire alarm, some nail damage to sheet-rock. Just done at wrong time and we did not have to replace at that time. Could have waited until drier time.
Description of Work
New roof and some wood work
roofing, woodworking
Sheila F.
They did not finish their job, stopped responding to calls, left unfinished and unpainted walls, sent their worst people to do the work, laid down carpet going in at least two different directions. I could go on and on. Do run away from these people. Do not hire them.
Description of Work
Repairs after water damage to a kitchen, garage area, living room , bathroom, bedroom and foyer.
carpet installation, flooring contractor, roofing, water damage restoration, interior painters

Service Provider Response

The above complaint was submitted by a repeat client several times over. Tier 1 completed 5 projects for (removed member name) and her husband (removed member name) during the time frame of May, 2011 till December, 2011. All of which were completed with nothing but praise of how amazing the projects were not only completed but how efficiently they were completed. The complete value of all 5 projects in total was exactly $53,445.86. On the final project which was completed on approximately January 31, 2012. (removed member name) were completely happy with the project which was originally signed at 14,602.85. They were so happy with the project at the time that they added more work. The new work consisted of a complete repaint of the interior of the property (adding 2,068.00 to the value of the contract) as well as a hallway bathroom remodel (adding 4,000.00 to the value of the project). Upon completion of the project we walked the project and no issues were brought to our attention verbally or in writing. We were praised on our great work and were told that as always if they have any further work that they would be calling us. At this time we are in litigation with this client for nonpayment of the final change order of the bathroom remodel in the amount of 4,000.00. (This most likely being the reason that this client is displeased with our service) Our company provided a high quality service and high quality product to these clients; we only wish to be paid for these services. Upon institution of our law suit against Mrs. Fox and her husband we received this complaint and nothing before. We here at Tier 1 strives to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction. We feel that we provided (removed member name) the best project that could have been provided and enjoyed working with both of them during the projects. We just wish to be paid for the products and services provided. We hope that anyone that reads this review will overlook the negative comments made by (removed member name) as again we believe that if there truly was any issues with our service or product the complaint would have been made within a reasonable time after the completion of the project. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
Walter B.
In spite of a weeks worth of terrible weather, they not only did a good job but stayed in contact with me at every step. All issues (mostly weather related delays and such) were handled in a timely manner. HOWEVER (several weeks later) - When several issues arose and I tried to contact Brent, he would not return my phone calls. I met with him face to face at the Home Show and he made an appointment to come to my house to inspect and hopefully repair the improperly installed dryer vent duct work. He did not show up for the appointment or call me to let me know that he couldn't make the appointment. This shows a total lack of respect for my time and concerns.
Description of Work
Re-roof the my house.

Service Provider Response

I would just like to say thank you very much for the great review! We strive to provide a high quality project from start to finish. It was more than a pleasure to work for [member name removed] and hope that if you need anything in the future for your self, family, or friends you'll contact us. Thank you very much for everything!!
Timothy I.
This review is written about nine months after the project was completed. I am a licensed professional engineer with 30+ years in design of architectural structures (commercial, multi-story, institutional, educational, and military structures. We interviewed five or six contractors for this work, all of whom had their own unique approaches to the work and limitations to their scope. We finally spoke to a contractor who wanted to take on the entire project, and offered a reasonable price. We explained that we weren't interested in cheap, but high quality was our expectation. I told him Mike Holmes (of Holmes on Homes fame) was my standard, that I had 30 years in the construction industry, and that I would be his toughest and most demanding customer. He replied that he welcomed the challenge. Contract was signed 11/03/2011 with 50% deposit, with the other 50% due upon completion. Due to holidays, travel plans, and time required to obtain materials and permits, work commenced first week of January 2012. Job was estimated at 4-6 weeks, but we requested the new foundations which added a week to the schedule. The contractor presented an invoice for the foundations, which were done as a change order to the contract, which we promptly paid. The porch design we requested required aluminum structural posts to eliminate all wood below the window headers; to his credit, the contractor's design concept was ingenious, and was allowed by the building inspector. Rough framing proceeded efficiently with an experienced and highly competent carpenter and one or two helpers. The roof profile exactly matched the existing hip-soffit-fascia-overhang profile and the pitch of the existing roof, as specified. We selected T1-11 plywood on a pitched interior ceiling. Once the porch was framed, another crew arrived to do the re-roof. This crew worked rapidly, and the entire 4000 square feet roof was stripped, sheathing re-nailed, underlayment, and shingles installed in about three days. The quality of the roof work was high, but the clean-up was poor. I collected several large handfuls of shingle fragments, cellophane, tar paper and nails. Nine months later I still find more. At this point the interior work began, and that is when problems arose. I requested the paint on the porch doors to be rolled instead of brushed, and when my instructions were ignored, the contractor justified it by telling me I wouldn't like it that way anyway (believe me, I have no problem knowing what I want). They had cut out a section of the concrete pool deck to install the foundations, and wanted to fill in with gravel. When I insisted that they pour concrete back with a tinted knock-down finish to match the existing, they complained and argued but eventually complied. In doing so they placed the edge joint form in the middle of the slab instead of the edge, and when I pointed this out I was told I didn't know what i was talking about. (I have designed, constructed, and inspected eight story buildings with concrete framing systems) The exhaust fans were then cut into the new roof - I had specifically requested them to go in before the new shingles were installed, but this was ignored. Then we selected a stain finish on the porch ceiling. The contractor explained that the plywood would stain darker than the samples we had picked from, and true it was darker than we wanted but we accepted the color. It was the uneven joints in the plywood that became unsightly. One of the workers suggested applying batten strips to cover the pints, and I said this would be acceptable as long as the batten strips were spaced evenly throughout the ceiling as a design feature, and not just covering the joints. This became a fiasco, as the employee began installing the strips in both directions and at seemingly random spacings to cover the worst of the joints. When the contractor arrived on site to find out what was taking so long, he immediately began complaining about the extra work and wanted to charge extra. I explained that this was suggested by his own employee, whom he had assigned to manage and complete the project, but he would not accept this. From this point forward, everything became a problem. Ceiling fan hanger rods, mismatched window heights, caulk joints, rain deflectors, gutters, electrical work became topics of dispute, punctuated by demands for early payment. I had to remind him that it was his contract we had signed, and that we had already advanced payment to 75% as a compromise. One telephone conversation descended into a shouting temper tantrum, at which point the relationship we had previously enjoyed was replaced by mutual contempt. In summary, the first 70% of the project went very well, the next 20% was problematic, and the last 10% was difficult when quality was abandoned for expediency and insults. We did have one call back when part of the skylight frame became detached from the ceiling (it had been glued, not nailed) and they did send someone out to fix it after a few days. We still have issues with a door that won't latch, a stone step that came loose, and I'm eventually going to roll those doors with paint the way they should have been.
Description of Work
1) Demolish existing porch including screens and flat roof, keep existing concrete slab and 36" high brick sill. Construct new enclosure with screened windows and pitched roof structure to match the profile of the rest of the roof on the house. Install concrete underpinning for foundations. 2) Strip existing roof to sheathing and replace with new shingle roof system. 3) Install new exhaust fans in bathrooms. Remove existing tank water heater in attic and replace with point-of-use instant heater for garden tub in master bath. 4) Excavate drainage bed beside porch, install perforated drain pipe, fill with rock, and construct 3' high retaining wall.
remodeling, roofing, sunrooms, hardscaping

Service Provider Response

To say the least Quality was our number one concern on the (member name removed) project. As (member name removed) said early on in his review of Tier 1 Construction we did everything within our power to design the project in a manner in which (member name removed) desired. Tier 1 Construction, in a completely unconventional design that (member name removed) was not a part of as a “design professional” for over 30 yrs, included a masonry knee wall which would support an all-aluminum upper wall and window structure which would then support a wood frame joist and rafter system. We completed the design and permitted all the work to be completed per the state and local compliance codes. (mem asked if it would make for a better project if we installed new footings under the perimeter of the existing patio slab, after long thought and discussion he decided it would be better if we installed the new footer. We did so as requested. We then began demolition and framing of the new rear porch structure. After completion we did begin the new roof system of which both (members names removed) were ecstatic over. Once we began installing the interior finishes problems did begin to arise, we tried to the best of our ability to provide the (member name removed) with ideas of the way finishes would look. They clearly had no idea what real world application of certain products would look like. (member name removed) at no point before we painted the doors asked for the doors to be “rolled”. It is industry standard to hand paint flat panel doors with a paint brush. Tier 1 Construction evenly applied a bronze paint to the doors per the (member name removed)’s request. (member name removed) requested that we apply the paint again in a rolled application at which point Tier 1 Construction told the (member name removed)’s that that would be a change order should they want this done. The (member name removed)’s opted not to move forward with the change and was clearly a bit disgruntled with the fact that we would not bear the cost of this change and did remark that “he would just do it himself after the completion of the project”. We continued to move forward and at some point came to the gravel back fill of the project, there was a clarification issue with the back fill gravel, we had originally scoped to remove the pool deck concrete and back fill it with gravel in the area that we installed the new footing. We did so and (member name removed) made us aware that he was under the impression we were going to pour this area with concrete. After little discussion and no arguing we told the (member name removed)’s that if this is what will make them happy then we will do this. We then completed the pour and textured the concrete to match the existing. At the completion of the concrete work (member name removed) brought no complaint to my attention so I am unaware of this matter and did no such thing as tell a client “they didn’t know what they were talking about”. That is a false allegation and extremely unprofessional to say the least. (member name removed) request to have the fans go in at the same time as the roof was not ignored; the schedule of the electrician simply did not coincide with ours. We as the contractor are charged to complete a project and do so using the means, methods and schedule we deem necessary. We did not want to hold up the progression of the roof waiting on the installation of vent fans. We proceeded and simply installed the roof vent fan accessories as agreed. There are no compliance issues with the vents at this point nor are there any nor were there any warranty issues with these vents since they have been installed. This complaint simply sounds like (member name removed) wanted to be in charge of the project. Before we began moving forward with the ceiling finish which was a t-111 styled plywood, we made (member name removed) aware that he was probably not going to like this finish as it has un finished edges that would be seen.We recommended that he proceed with a tongue and groove wood finish that would look much better. (member name removed) after being provided a price for this product opted not to finish the ceiling in tongue and groove because of the cost. (member name removed) verbatim replied “Let’s just move forward with the t-11 and I will just do the tongue and groove later on myself to save cost”. We proceeded with the t-111 of which (member name removed) as told by Tier 1 Construction did not like the unfinished edges where the sheet ends were touching. (member name removed) then behind our back began discussing probable cosmetic fixes for this unsightly issue with an employee of Tier 1. The employee doing what he thought was the right thing by making the client happy made some suggestions which were acceptable to (member name removed). After the employee and (member name removed) came to an agreement on the fix the employee contact me to make me aware of the issue and the fix. I came out to look and discussed with the (member name removed) that this was not a part of our original scope and that this was going to be an additional cost as we had already made the (member name removed)’s aware of how the ceiling would look before they authorized the plywood installation. After long debate we just installed the battens. At this point ot was very clear that (member name removed) was more of what I would call an “after installed visual person not a “conceptual visual” person. From this point forward everything did become a problem, the (member name removed)’s were constantly standing over every workers back not allowing them to finish one thing before harassing them about another. The fan hanger rods that were provided by the (member name removed)’s weren’t long enough so they wanted us to reinstall them again with new rods. Caulk joints weren’t “smooth” enough however the caulk joint were between a flat surface and a brick surface so how could they be perfectly smooth?We refused to install rain deflectors because they void the manufactures warranty which the (member name removed)’s were made aware of and decided against them after the information was provided to them. Gutters were never a topic of discussion and neither was electrical work, though there were some items that (member name removed) was demanding be installed at our cost that simply was not a part of our contract. We informed him that we could install them however; they would be an additional charge. Once we completed the project to 99% completion (member name removed) began to allude to the fact that we may or may not be seeing our final payment for the project. (member name removed) began demanding that items be installed per his request that were not a part of his original contract and he would not be paying extra for these items. Should these items not be completed then we would not be paid our final payment. After a very heated conversation on the phone, we made (member name removed) aware that our intention was to move forward with legal action and leaning the property immediately. Only after this threat did (member name removed) agree to make a “final punch list” of which after was completed he would make final payment to us. We agreed upon a time and date, completed the final punch list and (member name removed) issued final payment. (member name removed) as stated called us for one warranty issue of which without hesitation we repaired. (member name removed) had not made us aware of any other issues on the project to this date. This was one of the worst clients we have ever had to deal with as they have unreasonable expectation and no concept of how items they choose to have installed on their home are going to look once they are installed. It is my personal opinion that (member name removed) simply hoped that we would complete the project to 90% or so then become so frustrated with his demands that we would default on our contract and simply walk away without payment after which he could get someone else to complete the project for mere pennies compared to what he owed our company. In reading this review we here at Tier 1 feel that (member name removed) would have certainly been satisfied with his project would he have simply let us complete the project using our means and methods and actually paid for the CHANGES he and his wife desired. Unfortunately we all have a client every once in a while that just won’t be satisfied no matter what you do for them. I am deeply disappointed in this review and hope that whoever reads this rebuttal understands that there are always two sides to every story. Please keep in mind that while this was a difficult project for both parties, unlike a great deal of other contractors Tier 1 Construction stuck to its original promise not only per Tier 1 Construction’s contract with the (member name removed) but to Tier 1’s vision of Integrity, Quality, and Innovation. The (member name removed) received an innovated designed, built using the highest quality products and craftsmanship served with the upmost integrity that this or any other Contractor has to offer. Please feel free to read our company “Vision” below. Our Vision To perpetuate our growth and wellbeing by providing an unmatched level of service in our industry with the highest quality of products paired with the industry's leading professionals. We sustain the achievement of this mission through complete dedication to the founding principles of our company: Integrity, Quality, and Innovation. Integrity The foundation of Tier 1 is the relationship we build with our clients, our suppliers, and each other based on trust. Tier 1 is fully committed to the highest moral and ethical standards that we set for each and every project. We feel that uncompromising honesty and a forthright approach towards our clients, each other, and our community is essential to our success. Quality Quality is a goal we feel can only be measured and defined by the success of each project and 100% satisfaction of our clients. Supreme quality can only be achieved with complete dedication and commitment from conception to completion of each project. Combined with the industry's premium products, trained professionals, and proven refined internal management systems, results will prove to be an unmatched service our company is able to provide our clients. Innovation To maintain the ability to provide the level of service our clients expect and we demand. Tier 1 is fully committed to ongoing training, maintaining a positive/proactive relationship with the industry's leading manufactures, and providing our team with the latest and most effective systems, from operations to production, to enable the success of the complete Tier 1 family. This paired with the founding principles of Tier 1, Integrity and Quality, completes the formula for our success now and years to come. Thank You for your time in this matter Tier 1 Construction Inc. Brent Parrish
Larry D.
Overall work was completed as contracted, working through rain delays. The contractor said that since they were a preferred Owens-Corning contractor that I would get a 50 year shingle warranty through Owens-Corning. I assumed I would received something in writing from Owens-Corning to have written proof of the extended warranty. After several phone calls and e-mails I have never received a response from Tier 1 nor anything from Owens-Corning. If this had been handled properly I would be more than happy to recommend Tier 1 for roofing services. In fact I did recommend them to one of my neighbors who ended up contracting with them. He has had the same issues trying to get a document for the extended warranty.
Description of Work
Replaced roof tiles, renailed roof boards, installed Peel n Stick, replaced drip edge, replaced siding on chimney with Hardie Board planks, painted new Hardie board.

Service Provider Response

{Member name removed}, It was great to see you again at the Home & Patio show. I was not aware that OC has yet to send you any warranty Info. We register the warranties through their web site for contractors. I know close to the time of yours and your neighbors projects they were changing the web site to a little more user friendly layout. Please contact me If you still Have yet to receive the documents.
Lauri J.
They were very friendly and very easy to talk to. I would recommend them to others.
Description of Work
Tier 1 Construction gave us a roofing estimate.

Service Provider Response

[member name removed], Thank you very much for your Business. It was a complete pleasure to help you and your family
Lauri J.
The workman was courteous, forthcoming, and even took pictures of the exterior damage for me. The work was done quickly and efficiently, without overcharge from estimate.
Description of Work
Tree removal from roof/hole; temporary tarp of roof

Service Provider Response

{Member name removed}, Thank you very much for your Business. It was a complete pleasure to help you and your family

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