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Founded 1979 • With Angi since March 2004


(35) Verified Reviews

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PO BOX 353

Elfers, FL 34680


Since 1979 Tom Shell Plumbing has been providing the Tampa Bay area with the highest quality of plumbing services available, at the most reasonable prices. Call us now you will be glad you chose us....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


William W.

Beware of the Tom Shell Plumbing bait and switch scam. I asked for a repair estimate on my GE water softener with low water flow. The phone rep kindly said she would send a plumber to do an estimate. Tom’s plumber came and told me “you can’t get parts for GE, Whirlpool, Sears anymore”. He left shortly after, and sent me a shocking estimate…$1800 for a whole new water softener, when it might have just needed a cleaning. Disgusted, I did some more research and discovered that the parts for these brands are largely interchangeable and widely used, and the truth is that aftermarket parts are readily available on Amazon. I confronted President Tom Shell who then wrote, “We can only work on Clack, Fleck and Autotrol… We never have, nor will we ever work on GE, Kenmore or Whirlpool,” and added, “I would suggest calling a water softener company.” So an implicit admission that there ARE parts available. Thanks Tom for telling me the truth, unlike your plumber. And when confronted about why the phone rep didn’t tell me they only do the 3 brands, Tom wrote, “She does not know the difference between GE or anything else. She is not a plumber” So the conveniently “ignorant” rep lays the bait with the offer of a free “at your home” repair estimate, which really will be a replacement estimate. The lying plumber comes to your home and makes the switch, trying to convince you there’s no option but to replace a 3 year old softener because there’s “no parts”. Finally, the conscienceless president offers no apology for his own company’s wrongdoing, but only for mine, saying about my review, “I apologize that you feel the need to do that.” Then, the smart consumer fixes his water softener for a hundred bucs.

Description of Work
water softener repair

Category handyman service,water softeners



Gerald S.

Monday July 29, 2019, 9:27am, text message from Lauren Brady. Plumber is scheduled to arrive Tue, Jul 30 at 9:00am. For House call job review. Tuesday July 30 10:16am, Kevin Gable is in route now. Kevin G. came over and did a review of what I would need and to give me a price. (I have a hot faucet a cold faucet and a shower converter that was not working.) Kevin check the hot water closet and then got into the tub took all 3 apart and then told me that he could not repair them because of their age. Kevin said that “the only thing he could do was replace them with new Moen’s. He said that “the hot water closet was to small and the only way to replace the old parts, was to cut a hole in the shower wall, take out the old put in the moens ,cover the hole with moens smitty plate. He said that “the work and Moen would cost $607.00 and the Moen Smitty Plat was $100.00 for a total of $707.00.” I told him that I had to get it done so go ahead and do the job. Kevin explained to me that he could not do the work at this time, but would return in a week with the new parts for the job. Tuesday July 30 11:28am. Text message: Estimate from Kevin for $707.00, Tuesday July 30 11:30 am. Text message: Hi, Kevin Gable from Tom Shell pluming, Inc. is scheduled to arrive Thu, Aug at 9:00am till 12:00pm. *note; at no time was I told that the fix would be anything different than what it was, hot cold and diverter. It was very hot and humid so I gave Kevin a $20 for a cold pack. When I went to take a shower the tub was dirty and I had to clean it first. I have a spinal condition and that was NOT an easy task. Monday Aug 5 10:09am. Text message: Kevin Gable from Tom Shell Plumbing is scheduled to arrive on Thu, Aug 8 at 9:00am to 12:00pm. Thursday August 8 10:00am, no Kevin? I called Tom Shell Plumbing and left a voice message: Where is Kevin? Thursday August 8 10:09am. Test Message: Nick Horetski is in route now. Thursday August 8 11:50am, Nick Horetski arrived to start the work. After turning off the water supply Nick Horetski got into the tub and removed the water faucets and shower diverter handles. Then Nick went out to the water heater closet and started to disconnect the water pipes. I said to Nick “It was my understanding from the other guy that it would be best to replace the parts from inside the shower.” Nick replied that “He could get at it from here easer (the hot water closet) and continued to remove parts. After working at cutting out things for a while (about 30 min.) he went inside climbed into the tub and started to saw thru the shower wall around the fixture to remove the old parts, he went back and forth several times between the tub and closet several times. He then went out to the van and was getting out the replacement parts. When I saw what he had in his hands I went over and asked what it was. He said that was the new parts for the bath tub. (It was just a converter valve) I told him that it was not what I wanted. He said “It is better than what I had before and it was what he was given to install and that I would like it better.” Then he continued working with the installation. When he turned the water back on things started to leak! After fixing the leaks Nick said, “The old fittings started to leak and he had to replace them” I really did not think that was true. After the leaks were fixed at 3:16pm Nick gave me the Bill and I paid it. Nick went into the bathroom and showed me how to use the diverter. I told him again that it was not what I expected and it did NOT look right. The diverter handle was too far away from the Smitty Plate and it looked like ****. Nick said that was the way it was supposed to look. Again it was a very hot and humid day so I gave them $20 for cold drinks. After they left I went into the bathroom to take a shower, the tub was left in a worse mess than what Kevin had left. It had taken over an hour to clean up after them. Nick had tossed an old towel in the dive and deep route on the front lawn by the street. When I tried to take a shower it did NOT work. Late the manager came by and told me either fixe it or he would and charge me $50 to do it. Thursday the 8th 7:36pm I sent a photo of what I had before the work and a text message with the caption: This was what I had, a hot water faucet a shower diverter and cold water faucet. 7:42pm I sent a photo of what had been installed, with the caption: This is what was installed. 7:43pm a Photo of the work in the hot water closet. 7:44pm a photo of the towel tossed in the drive 7:45pm a text message: You Should Call 7:59pm a photo of tire tracks left on the front lawn. Thursday the 9th 8:40am, I called tom shell plumbing and told the lady that the job was not right. She told me the job was completed and the only way she would send someone out was if the shower was not working, I told her that the shower had no water coming from it. She said that she would have Kevin and Nick come out Saturday at 9:00am to look at it. Saturday the 10th Kevin and Nick showed up on Saturday and while Nick fixed the tire marks Kevin changed out the shower head it was plugged. Again I told Kevin that I did not think the diverter was meant to look like that. He said again that that was the way it was supposed to look. That afternoon I went to Home Depot and found 2 plumbers that did fixtures and showed them the photos on my phone of the hot water closet and the converter and they both said that was not the way they were supposed to look. The pipes and converter should have been supported some way in the closet and the handle on the converter should have been almost touching the plate. No $20 for cold drinks this time. My Issues are the fowling: The 3-handle tub and shower rough-in was installed around or after 2004. Because that was when the Shark Bites Were first introduced to the US and all of the old connection were shark bites. There were repair kits for it. I don’t like the shower head, I preferred the one I had, and it was a jet spray type. This one just drizzles. There is a 3-hole smitty plate $20.00 there is a 3-hole tub and shower rough-in valve $50.00. It could have been repaired I would of gladly paid $400.00 for that. As it is I have something I don’t like and looks like ****. Each time I said that is not what I expected, wanted or it does not look right they should have stopped the job. I am a 75 year old, handicapped retired person on a limited income. If I was physically able I would have done the job myself. I trusted Tom Shell Plumbing to be fair and honest with me. They were not.

Description of Work
Thursday Aug 8th 11:50am, Nick Horetski and Helper arrived to do the work on the shower. After the introductions, I asked Nick if he could add a small job to the work order. I told him that there was a linking faucet out back and asked him to fix it. He did, when He fixed it I don’t know but He did. We went inside and Nick looked at the shower and then went out to check the hot water closet (hwc) then to the back of the house to turn off the water supply. Nick had the Helper remove the 3 handles and He went out to the hwc and then back out to the van and picked out some tools and went back to the hwc and started working, He stopped and went back to the van got a small electric saw and what looked like a pvc pipe cutter. He then went back to the hwc and did some more work(sounded like he was sawing stuff) he then went to the shower and it sounded like he was sawing the shower wall. He then went back out to the hwc did something and then back to the shower. Then he went to the van to get the replacement parts and some pipe that he put together. Then back to the hwc then back to the van then back to the shower, I lost track of how many times that He made the trip. After putting things together Nick went out to the water supply and turned it on. Went back to hwc got soaked. He went back and turned the water off. He then check the hwc again and went out to the van got some things cut some pvc out went back to the van got some pvc fixed the leaks. Turned the water supply back on check for leaks again in the hwc and shower, put away the tools he used to dry off with a towel that he dropped in the drive. And took my credit cards for payment and left. Saturday the 10th of Aug. Not sure what time it was. Keven and Nick both came by to fix the problems. And take care of my issues. Nick fixed the lawn and Kevin replaced the shower head. Then they left.

Category plumbing



Gayle Z.

I had previously used this company and had a positive outcome so I called them to install 2 bathroom faucets. The person who came was not the person who came the first time. He opened my cabinet and said he hated my plumbing system and continued to tell me how bad a system and all the problems there are with it. I told him I would not have someone work on my system who hated it no more than I would have a vet treat a German Shepherd after informing me he hated that breed and what all was wrong with them. I rescheduled with who was suppose to be the original person who came last time as he was not negative. Two people showed up for the 2nd appointment and one began the same process of criticizing my system. I did not ask any of them what they thought of it they just had the need to tell me. Even children know you don't yuck somebody's yum. We have had our system 22 years trouble free.

Description of Work
Two bathroom faucets installed

Category plumbing



George J.

The job went well, very pleased with the workmanship and knowledge of the Plummer. I have found a Plumber for all my need

Description of Work
I had a leak under my kitchen sink, i could not find where it was. Mr. Tom found it, he explained and showed me the problem and repaired it. I also had a water line put in for my ice maker in the refrigerator.

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to review Tom Shell Plumbing. We appreciate your kind words and are happy that you were satisfied with our services.


Diane W.

Both Tom Shells (father & son) came over and carefully checked the pvc pipe and the area around the suspected pvc pipe. They said the pipe was okay and the accumulated ground water was due to rain, sprinklers and being in the shade. They couldn't have been nicer and didn't charge me anything. I definitely would hire them again and will refer them to my neighbors.

Description of Work
To check a reported leak from the pvc pipe at the water outlet on the side of my house that my lawn care employee informed me.

Category handyman service,plumbing



Andres T.

Punctual, courteous and very reasonable cost. Called him and within an hour was at my home fixing the pipe.

Description of Work
Fixed a broken garden pipe.

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

I would like to thank you for taking the time to review Tom Shell Plumbing. It was a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you, Thomas L. Shell, II


Jeannine S.

Tom arrived on time, was very nice. Completed the work in a timely manner. Was very clean when he needed to come inside the house. Answered all my questions. Highly recommend!

Description of Work
Delivered and installed water softener

Category plumbing,water softeners

Service Provider Response

We are always happy when our customers are satisfied. Thank you for taking the time to review Tom Shell Plumbing.


Eric F.

These guys came out within 45 minutes. they were professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They did the job for what they quoted and there were no surprises. I will certainly use them again.

Description of Work
Replaced the Hot water heater, fixed the water softener and installed a supply line for ice maker.

Category plumbing,water heater repair,water softeners

Service Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to review Tom Shell Plumbing. We are always happy when our customers are satisfied. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Thomas L. Shell, President


Brian J.

The plumbers were actually a little early and acted professionally throughout, including humoring my three-year old son's desire to watch them work. We had experienced a loss of water pressure coming from the hot water heater (the hot water faucets would lose all pressure about four seconds after opening - every time), and my limited troubleshooting wasn't successful, so I called professionals. The team did about 60+ minutes of troubleshooting before dislodging a particularly deep blockage in the cold water inlet - some crud had built up down further than a large screwdriver could reach, but they isolated the general location of the problem and realized they needed to improvise a longer tool to clean out the problematic pipe. Once done, the hot water was restored and we could take hot showers again. Overall - good service that accomplished my goals without a lot of extra drama.

Description of Work
They fixed a balky electric hot water heater to restore pressure.

Category plumbing,water heater repair,drain cleaning

Service Provider Response

We at Tom Shell Plumbing would like to thank you for taking the time to review our services. We are happy that you were satisfied with the job that our technicians did at your home, and look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Thomas L. Shell, II President


Lois T.

Very well - I can't say that I had any problems. He did everything on time, did what he said he was going to do.

Description of Work
He has fixed our water heater, plumbing issues, leaks, etc.

Category plumbing,water heater repair,drain cleaning

Service Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to review Tom Shell Plumbing. This type of feedback lets us know that we are doing something right. We look forward to serving your plumbing needs for many years to come. Thank you, Thomas L. Shell

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    TOM SHELL PLUMBING INC is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

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    No, TOM SHELL PLUMBING INC does not offer a senior discount.

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    Yes, TOM SHELL PLUMBING INC offers emergency services.

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    No, TOM SHELL PLUMBING INC does not offer warranties.

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