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Founded 2006 • With Angi since May 2007


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204 Point East Drive

Nashville, TN 37216


Stratton Exteriors offers the highest quality of products at competitive prices with professional installations - the FIRST time! We service a 45 mile radius of Nashville. Stratton Exteriors specializes in custom building of outdoor kitchens, room additions, porches, garages, stone work, custom

Verified Reviews

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Tami L.
I was initially impressed with Stratton Exteriors and used them for roofing, tile, and a few small jobs. However, after 3 years since the majority of work was completed on my roof it is leaking again. I called for an estimate to repair the job again and was told he would be by to give an estimate. (Never actually came by.) When I contacted him again regarding the estimate the response was "How in depth do you want to go?" Seriously, I just repaired it 3 years ago and from what I've read a roof should last a heck of a lot longer than that. When I reminded him I had the rubber membrane (CORRECTION IT WAS ONLY A PLASTIC COATING) roof three years ago I was told to call him, but I never did. I can't afford $600 repairs that only last 3 years. The tile work done 3 years ago is not only cracking but chunks of grout are coming out. The shingled roof repair is still good.
Description of Work
Roof repair and tile work.
roofing, replacement windows

Service Provider Response

Thank you for your review [member name removed]. The week of Thanksgiving, I asked you to contact me so we could discuss your roof issue as I needed to know what your budget was for the repair. We did seal the roof approx 3 years ago with a rubber coating as it was leaking in the seams where the insulated roof joints connected. That received a year warranty. The roof system was a metal insulated roof attached to a metal sunroom which was done years ago (maybe 10 yrs) by another contractor. The sunroom was attached to the home via a cricket and metal flashing. The 'cricket' and flashing the previous contracters did was less than quality as you mentioned yourself. The shingle roof on the existing home needs to be replaced and I mentioned that about 3 years ago. Id say the 3 tabs shingles are @ 15-18 yrs old. We replaced several shingles that were missing, showed nail pops or were damaged about the same time we sealed the insualted roof panels with a painted on roof coating, not a rubber membrame. In addition, counter flashed the chimney. We did do a tile job for you that you needed done asap as you did not want a 'friend' to complete the job if I am remembering correctly. The floor was already up and had some of the subfloor down. We ran into some water damage issues with the subfloor and it had wall issues due to leaking behind the wall. We assisted in laying the tile & grout. However, before we did so we informed you that a few items should be addressed when you had the funds to fix them. After that, we did come back to regrout the tile per your request as a few cracks did surface several weeks later. These cracks are due to the same issues we recommended fixing. My apoloiges for asking you recently how for you wanted to go with the repair and I wanted to see what your budget was for this repair. It is my recommendation that you have the roof replaced as it has done well and lasted its life span. We wish you the best in fixing the issues and would have enjoyed receiving a phone call like I asked in our email correspondence before Thanksgiving.
Kristina K.
This was the second time I had him come out. First visit was to estimate the roofing, patio cover & gutters. He just matched the insurance estimate. I asked him to come out again, because I wanted ideas on making the patio cover look better, since the vinyl corrugated I have is so expensive to replace anyway. Even if that meant covering less of it, but making it look great. During our conversation, it felt like my job wasn't worth his time, unless I was willing to spend a minimum of $6000 on the patio alone. Before even discussing ideas, he just put a blanket minimum. And I wasn't asking him to build a structure and roof it, like the house, just a simple alternative solution. I went in the house to grab something, and he just left.
Description of Work
Left in the middle of the appointment, after saying he would measure the patio.
replacement windows

Service Provider Response

My apologies for you not knowing I was leaving while being in the home for a while. I was under the impression I was taking measurements for the bid and emailing them to you in a few days. Yes, we discussed several options and gave you a ball park range of each. The metal carport isnt small so replacing it was going to be around the $6000 mark. I was asking budgetary questions regarding what you would like to stay around and mentioned that we would not be able to make that happen due to the size. Hopefully, you have found a company to do the project for you in the budget you wanted. Thank you again for the opportunity!
Melissa B.
Our experience with Stratton Exteriors was fraught with headaches and a lack of respect for us as human beings. Shane, the owner of the company, ruined our opinion of him as a contractor by treating our project to build a detached garage as if it were a bother and responding to our concerns by blaming any problems in quality, timeliness, and planning on others or us, the customers. According to Shane, whenever something went wrong, the workers (chosen by him) were at fault. If work was not completed on time, he said it was because we had not been home when access to our home was required, an issue that could have been easily prevented had he communicated this requirement to us in advance so that we could schedule our lives accordingly. When the framing inspection was to have been completed, the structure failed because of multiple reasons, the simplest of which was that the garage door should have been installed before the inspection was ordered. Even having ordered the door through Shane?s selected supplier and adhering to the given deadline, the door was not even close to arriving and work was halted. Despite this, Shane demanded the payment that was not due until the garage passed its framing inspection. Throughout the project, he sent invoices before they were due. Like a beggar, he showed up at our home to collect money as soon as possible. It was often without regard for the inconvenience his early morning appearances may have caused us and without first soliciting our approval of the work up to that point. As we asked questions, inquired about when workers would be present, and pointed out problems, his anger grew. It became obvious that the smooth talker who said ?no problem? to every request we had prior to signing the contract, suddenly found our project to be a HUGE problem and wanted us and the garage out of his life. The final payment appeared to be the only control we had over anything, but brought out the worst in Shane. Over a course of days beginning even before completion according to our contract, both my husband and me were called, emailed, and texted excessively with attempts to collect money. His desperation to collect the measly remaining ten percent that we owed felt like bullying and gave the appearance of a business that was hanging on by a thread. We sent payment immediately upon completion of the project, but we continued to be bothered until he had actually cashed the check. The garage looks good from the road largely due to the quality, colors, and design of materials that we chose. However, doors do not close or lock properly and the inside has areas that look rougher than we would like. Though we are relieved to have a garage and to be finished with the project, we look back on the overall experience with bad feelings and disappointment.
Description of Work
Built a detached garage with a storage loft and room for two vehicles, bicycles, and garden equipment. The project also involved bringing electricity to the structure and installing a concrete walk.
concrete repair, electrician, picture framing, garage doors, replacement windows, garage builders, doors
Gary D.
Can not say it went well. The last thing I addressed before I never heard from them again was the scuff marks left on the Trex interior decking. Dan told me the worst case scenario for them was to redo it and I think that is why I have never heard back from Dan or Shane. Payment received, customer forgotten even with a lifetime guarantee on the work in which they ruined.
Description of Work
Shane was nice to deal with except when it came to questioning the work. I have to say; as much as I wanted to lay into him when I was calling his crew back to fix mistakes he always took my calls and made sure I was taken care of except a week after work was completed.. His crew was good about finishing as well as coming back to fix things. Now, I am no carpenter and I have a better understanding about Pressure treated wood, especially when it expands and contracts. I have Trex deck materials and PT wood for hand rails and guard rails. As far as expanding and contracting goes, does that include really bad cuts? Cuts so bad that you can obviously see that some pieces were cut so short that there is a gap on some of the baluster connections. I was told that the PT would was carefully selected, so why is there a post that looked like a dog chewed on it? It looks like that one was at the end of the pallet and was ruined by the banding strap. I had another piece that looked like it was dinged and dented by loading and it was still used and answered with caulk. Some of the balusters look like someone ran a cheese grater along it and had a nice garnish for a meal. I have had the crew back several times to address gaps, Gaps that were filled in with caulk. I had a post that met a hand rail on one side that was cut differently than the other. So one was at a 45 degree angle and another had a flat top with an edge cut to meet the handrail. So i was left with a triangular hole on one side. Their answer? To fill the hole with caulk. My stairs have Trex steps which were done well but where the risers met the skirtboard was acute V shaped gaps that were addressed with caulk. I am not master at any of this, but when I spend 16k on a new deck I better get the quality for that price. I could have bought a brand new car for that and one SCHEDULED oil change. Here, I am constantly finding problems. The deck is usable and has its moments. I admitted to Shane I was anal about things and he understood. So am I being a dick? I don't think 16k should be taken lightly. The Trex part of the deck looks great. But I noticed that there were scrapes and drag marks all over the deck. I know that my children’s PLASTIC wheels could not have done it. It was the crew’s equipment. I told the project manager when he was here about the marks and he agreed that they needed to be addressed. He did some research for me to see if Trex had anything that cleared scuff marks he did but I never heard back from him. Dan’s other recommendation was to redo the interior Trex decking since it should not have made marks like that and I never heard back from him. If you want good customer service and a crew that will bend over backwards to fix their mistakes then here is where you want to shop. All the work has a lifetime guarantee; i just hope that is not in place because of the workmanship. I have tried not to post this review for a long time since the installation, but after really looking at the deck and seeing the problems and having to call the crew back, I just can't do that anymore. Just find a pro that concentrates on one trade, otherwise you get a contractor who bites off more than he can chew, spreads his workforce thin and you get spotty work. And a lifetime guarantee just gets you an annoyed contractor who hopes if he doesn’t address it, YOU’LL forget it.
Matthew P.
the windows and roof went great. the deck did not go so well.
Description of Work
deck, windows, roof.
decks, roofing, replacement windows
Elizabeth H.
Roof - OK, but the board they used to replace the damaged section is not as thick as the rest of the roof boards so it looks a little sunken in. Gutters - 1 porch section installed too high so water ran behind it. One roof area installed with shingles trapped behind it so again water ran behind the gutter. Had to call them and have it re-done. Cedar/PT Fence - despite my asking for the fence to be 3 to 4 inches off the ground so I could install weedcloth under it they ran the boards right down to the ground. I asked them to fix that and they cut off some of the bottom along one section -- I didn't ask for more because I thought it would just get worse. I have a large garden and repeatedly asked them to be careful of the plants, but many were stomped and I saw one worker throw boards right on top of plants in a bed. The fence posts were set in concrete, but the top of the concrete varied from just below ground level to 12 inches below ground level, so many of the wooden posts were in bare dirt -- good way to rot off the bottom of the post. I dug out the dirt and topped off the concrete myself. I also had to ask them to haul off some of the construction debris that they left after finishing. Overall - not horrible (I've heard worse stories) and they did come back and fix things when I called, but I wouldn't use them again because I don't want to have to check someone's work and then call them back to fix it - or end up fixing it myself!
Description of Work
Storm damage repairs: Patched roof, replaced damaged gutters, removed and replaced cedar/PT fence.
fencing, gutter repair, roofing
Glen J.
The representative seemed to be knowledgeable about the product and had good philosophy about how the work should be done. We went to another company as we wanted a different kind of window.
Description of Work
We got an estimate from Stratton Exteriors for windows.
replacement windows
David B.
They were on time, they cleaned up, they were very timely, and they did an excellent job. It was a great experience and we are going to use them again in the future.
Description of Work
Stratton Exteriors replaced all of our windows just a week ago.
replacement windows
Derri S.
Stratton Exteriors provided the best service, from start to finish, of any service company we've used; and we've used many over the years. The initial visit was light years more pleasant than with the other folks we contacted. No "lines", no pressure, no long, boring, drawn-out spiel - just a pleasant, knowledgeable and concise presentation. Everything about the job itself was done just as promised, exactly when promised. The price was as good or better than other quotes. Every attempt was made to be sure we were informed and satisfied, with great communication every step of the way. We had 22 windows replaced and the whole process was pleasant and problem-free. They even carried windows that match our odd color wood .... unlike another company we spoke with who tried to convince us we had to use white windows in our dark wood frames. Additional cost was due to odd windows that needed extra insulation and the cost was reasonable and minimal.
Description of Work
Stratton Exteriors replaced 22 windows in our home.
replacement windows
From start to finish, the company was very easy to work with. Shane Stratton came out to give an estimate and was both punctual and professional, answering all my questions, and not applying any sales pressure. I made an appointment the next day for the work to be done. A crew was able to come out the day after. They did the job efficiently and cleaned up after themselves. Shane came by later that day to see the work. They made the process as hassle-free as possible and there were no surprises along the way.
Description of Work
Stratton Exteriors replaced my sagging gutters with new ones that had gutter protection. They also put flashing on the gutters to cover a gap along the eaves.
gutter repair

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