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Green River LLC

Founded 2009 • With Angi since November 2009


(21) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


P.O. Box 52085

Knoxville, TN 37950


Woman owned. Full service general contractors & environmental professionals. Provide interior & exterior repair, remodeling & restoration services to residential and commercial customers. Fully licensed, bonded & insured. BBB A-Rating....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Howard R.

Because of weather problems Lora and crew were here two weeks early. Scot and his helper cleaned out the trash in the crawl space and prepared to put down the vapor barrier. They did this job a bit out of order because of the COLD weather. The morning they started it was 16* ! Their first task was the vapor barrier. After that the spray foam insulation. Then the old insulation was removed and hauled away. Lora did the job in this order because of the COLD weather. She told me she would NOT leave us with no insulation for any amount of time with temperatures this cold. Lora cares about her customer and works very close with them . She even let me work with them a little bit. I'm an old retired Marine and still like to be involved. I don't think I got in the way too often. Her prices are very reasonable; there is no reason for negotiation. I'll definitely be calling Lora at Green River for any other needs around my home. Thank you Lora & Scot Howard, the Troll

Description of Work
Total encapsulation of crawl space.

Category insulation, energy audit



B I.

A++ We could not be more pleased. Lora and her crew were great!! Lora and company went over and above to get us scheduled with short notice due to my husbands work schedule and have animals that needed to be out of the home as well as us. Communication was wonderful, we knew when they would arrive as well as explained all aspects of the work being done. They arrived on time, did an amazing job, they cleaned up everything. We wish everyone we have ever hired was as professional and did as good a job as Green River. We already know we will be hiring them again most likely more then once. If you looking to hire and honest and great company Green River is that company! Thank you all so much for an amazing job!

Description of Work
Insulate/Air seal house Band/Rim Joist

Category insulation, energy audit



Lola A.

Great! They are fabulous and I'd recommend them to everyone.

Description of Work
Lori and her crew sealed a lot of places in my attic that were leaking cold air into my house. They also repaired and replaced some dry wall in the attic.

Category insulation



Eugene H S.

The work initially contracted was not completed: the pavers continue to be covered by a film (despite their contention that it would wear away); mortar splashes on the walls have not been cleaned. Secondly, the cover for the cellar entry is totally unacceptable. Although they claim that we never mentioned that it should be waterproof, that cannot be substantiated: it is clearly written on the paper we initially used to discuss the work to be done; I certainly mentioned it orally and reminded them that it was in the context of being waterproof that I mentioned how silly I was to buy the decking boards since they could not possibly be waterproof; and why would I replace a perfectly good cover, needing only painting, if some other additional quality was not needed. We had several discussions about the plywood and I certainly did sign a contract specifying plywood. However, I continued to believe that it would be waterproofed. It clearly is not since the plywood itself is warping. Furthermore, the workmanship is appalling. In addition, they have charged us for 17 windows, but there are only 16 and it is not clear that the window in the shop has been repairedd The two casements appear to have been repaired, although the material is already cracking; the two fixed windows between them do not appear to have been repaired. Furthermore, the driveway repair is barely acceptable: the surface is rough and is not the same level as that nearby. We contacted them because of an excellent rating on Angie’s List and because they listed their category as masonry. Although most of the remaining work was well done, the items above are far from excellent.

Description of Work
Repaired pavers on front walk; Replaced decking over sub-ground area which allows entrance to HVAC unit; Repaired area in driveway; Replaced seals on double-hung windows; Repaired mortar joints on external wall

Category contractors, decks, masonry, replacement windows, mudjacking

Service Provider Response

Green River does not feel that this customer has been fair in these reviews and disputes what has been said. We also don't think that it's fair for the customer to give two negative reviews for one contract. We have a more detailed explanation of our response on the other review from this customer. We also feel that Angie's List has pressured us to refund the customer's money in order to remove this review. This is wrong. We did the work and did a good job. This customer is not being reasonable. Thank you.


Kourtney D.

I would highly recommend Green River - they were professional, competent, and responsive. Lora Corder, who came to my house to work up a quote, was very knowledgeable and helpful. She promptly emailed me my quote with pictures of other work the company had performed. When it came time to schedule the work to be done, Lora was very responsive. On the day they did the work, they were right on time and finished all the work that same day. As a bonus, Lora was very familiar with the TVA eScore requirements for air sealing and insulation, and she immediately submitted my paperwork so that I could get my rebate. I will definitely use this company in the future!

Description of Work
Blown-in attic insulation, air sealing in attic and crawlspace.

Category insulation, energy audit



Eugene H S.

The work on the walls and walkway were done well. However cleanup was not completed: there continues to be a film of mortar on most of the walkway; wash splashes on the walls were not cleaned and remain. The quality of the work on the driveway is poor, the repair being not much better than the previous status. The "deck" was to have been waterproof so that the area below stayed dry, but is only a piece of plywood, no seals anywhere, plywood is now warped; not, of course, waterproof; and the quality of workmanship is such that they should be ashamed. The window seals appear to have been replaced competently, but the cost seems excessive. They also charged us for one more window than exists. After work had started, the contact person was less than cooperative. The work was done in late summer/early fall. I paid the final bill in September while they were not yet finished (clearly irrational behavior on my part). In late November, we received a letter from them stating that they would not do the "add-on: work, that they had over-charged us for some part of the work but did not charge us for the proper number of windows, and included a check for the difference. I wrote back stating that they were not done for the reasons above and that the original count of the windows was correct. I have heard nothing since.

Description of Work
grouted outside walls; repaired paver walkway; repaired portion of driveway; made new "deck" over access to below-grade HVAC unit, including access; replaced seals on windows

Category energy audit

Service Provider Response

Response to Complaint (Note: Attachments mentioned have been provided to Angie's List, as they cannot be uploaded here). Dear : [Removed members name], Green River is very regretful that you are unhappy with our work. As we do with all our customers, we have striven to provide you with the very best service. It is our belief that our work was in full accordance with the signed contracts and was of good quality and workmanship. However, after beginning work for you, it became evident that we were unable to meet your expectations, and we elected to not perform the remaining contracted tasks as a result. As to your specific complaints, we installed new gaskets on 2 casements and 17 double hung windows. However, there was a billing mistake due to information you provided. You initially told us there were 4 casements and 16 double hungs that needed re-gasketing (copy attached). We used this information to establish the invoice before work was done. After your initial complaint, which was before all work was complete, I came back and recounted each window that had been re-gasketed. I determined we had re-worked 2 casements and 17 double hungs. The invoice was corrected on November 11, 2015 and a refund check was issued along with a letter of explanation (copy attached). As for your complaint about the price for working on the windows, it was provided to you in an estimate prior to your acceptance of the work and you agreed to it. We feel it is reasonable based on time and materials required to do the work and you must have felt so also or you would not have signed the contract. You have complained that the concrete patch on the driveway does not match the existing surface and is not much better than what was there before. Attached are before and after photos of the work. The concrete we replaced in the driveway was cracked and had sunken in to create a big pothole. We sawed it out, and added metal dowels as reinforcement which we tied in to the existing to prevent it from sinking. We gave it a broomed finish as stipulated in the contract document. It would not have been possible to achieve a perfect match due to the age and condition of the existing driveway surface and this was stated in the contract documents. You have complained that the patio area at the entrance to your home was not done to your satisfaction. This area was rejuvenated by first being power washed and then being given a new grout coat by floating the entire area. We were very careful not to get any residual material on the windows, walls or door. However, please be reminded that you had water sprinkler repair men and HVAC repair men and others walking across the area while we were attempting to conduct the repair and after it was complete, and we had no control over their conduct. Before and after photos of our work are attached. As you can see in the photo, we protected these areas during work, and there is no residual material on them. As for the continuing bleeding, resulting in a film on the mortar that you are complaining about, I did not see any evidence of this when I returned to discuss your complaint. You have complained that the cellar cover is unacceptable. Before and after photos are attached. The cellar area was given a new cover in accordance with your specific instructions with respect to materials and method and with the contract documents. Please be reminded the documents called for a plywood cover painted white, with a trapdoor in the center. It was your desire not to install the cover over the top of the brick wall, which we recommended so that water would be kept out. Instead, despite our best efforts to convince you otherwise, you made us install it inside the wall, so that there was a gap. It was also your desire to install a trapdoor in the center of the cover, which again, we recommended you not do because it lets water in. It was also your desire not to install roofing material on the cover, although we highly recommended it in order to keep water out and protect the materials used. We warned you the material would fail as a result. As for you paying us in full before work was done, we were paid for the work we did on the original contract and on the change order work at the times that work was completed. We wish you the very best and hope that these answers help to clarify this situation. Thank you. Charlene Morrow Green River LLC Attach in order: (these have been provided to Angie's List) Email Letter Pics of concrete Pics of patio


Mari K.

We bought a house that we knew had humid crawl space. The previous owner didn't even have vapor barrier. Green River, LLC was one of the crawl space experts we asked to come out to evaluate and recommend remedies. Other companies just looked at the crawl space and recommended costly remedies including encapsulation and dehumidifier installation. Lora was very different in that she spent over an hour evaluating crawl space and house exterior systematically. She suggested that water entering from gutter into crawl space was a factor. She sent me a detailed proposal to extend gutters and encapsulate crawl space (includes spray foam, placing thick vapor barrier, removing humid fiber glass insulation, conditioning crawl space, duct insulation, and shutting vents.) The price was reasonable for such an extensive work and less than what other companies quoted. Lora always let me know when they are coming out to do the work. She spent significant amount of time supervising the workers. She was considerate to have a port-a-potty brought in so they don't need to use our indoor restroom. Everything went very well and they always cleaned up nicely. Duct insulation qualified for $200 rebate from TVA. TVA person who evaluated was very impressed with their work and said Green River always does great job. If we need a contractor in the future, we will be contacting Lora. She is responsible, spends time to explain, and returns communication promptly. I can highly recommend Green River, LLC.

Description of Work
Crawl space encapsulation (spray foam, vapor barrier, fiber glass insulation removal, crawl space conditioning, duct insulation, vent closure), gutter extension

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, basement waterproofing, energy audit



Brandon K.

We moved into a "new" house that only had a few inches of nasty insulation in the attic; the heating and cooling bills were very high. We had Green River give us an estimate that was lower than some of the well-known competitors in our area so we went with them. They did a fantastic job, answered all of our questions, and cleaned up very well after the job was done. We also had no trouble passing the TVA energy right inspection once they were done. Our electric and gas bills are significantly lower now, too! I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Description of Work
Removed old insulation from attic and sprayed in insulation to R-38. Sealed penetrations in attic. Installed attic tent and new attic stairs.

Category contractors, insulation, energy audit



David P.

We recently contracted with Green River LLC to do some energy upgrades on our house that would be applicable to the TVA eScore program. We air sealed the attic and the crawl, insulated knee walls and attic entry door, added attic insulation, sealed ducts in the attic and crawl, encapsulated the crawl (floor and walls), and other miscellany. Let me tell you about our contractor. The quote we got was the most thorough, detailed, and professional I have ever seen. The price was absolutely competitive. I had several questions about the project and the TVA program, so I exchanged a few emails with Lora (one of the principals). Her replies were very timely and answered 100% of my questions. The contract was signed, the work was scheduled, and the crew showed up at the exact time I had been told to expect them. The crew was excellent. They were here every morning and got right to work. They answered all of my questions and were always friendly and professional. The work done was just beautiful. This crew is obviously highly experienced and cares about producing great results. The materials used were of the highest quality. As an example, when I asked Lora about the vapor barrier material, she told me about the ?Stego? that they use. You can look that up - I think it?s some high-quality stuff. In summary, Green River is a company that earns an A+ from me, and I would never hesitate to employ them again or to recommend them to family and friends!

Description of Work
See my comment

Category insulation, energy audit



Paul F.

Description of Work
Installed guttering and downspouts on back side of house. | |Technician showed up during allotted window, hung gutter and downspouts within 3 hours. | |Since this work was done there has been no water infiltration into my workshop/garage. Prior to that, rain and silt leaked into the workshop/garage practically every time it rained significantly.

Category gutter repair, roofing, basement waterproofing, energy audit



Jennifer R.

Very detail-oriented and conscientious crew. They wanted it done right.

Description of Work
Added foamboard, soffit baffles, air sealing, and spray insulation in attic. Additional drywall work to seal extra hatch and old exhaust fan hole.

Category insulation, roofing, siding, energy audit



Jenny T.

Professional and knowledgeable. Very concerned about getting our issues with water in our crawl space resolved. Conscientious and trustworthy people.

Description of Work
We did not have the service done.

Category energy audit



Pete W.

Great. Because of Charlene and Lora's knowledge, we were able to get our house back up to par / code. We've all heard how men hate to ask for directions but being an old, crusty retired truck driver, even I needed to ask for help / directions. I would not hesitate, and will, use them on upcoming projects.

Description of Work
Encapsulated crawlspace, replaced moisture damaged joists,subflloor. floor, blown insulation

Category contractors, insulation, chimney repair, energy audit



James E.

Description of Work
call this provider for information an cost for services. cost for service was reasonable. Even though I did not use the service, they provided me with information that made there service not needed for the situation I was calling about. I respect that fact that they realized other thing could be done and they did not try to hard sell a service just for the money

Category basement waterproofing, energy audit



Barbara M.

Arrived on time each day. Worked very, very hard each day. Cleaned up debris as they worked. Didn't have a mess left behind. The crew was very polite. Everything went according to plan and looks wonderful.

Description of Work
Replaced shingle roof with metal. Replaced rotted plywood & fascia. Replaced gutters.

Category contractors, gutter repair, roofing



Shalom S.

Lora bent over backward to help me navigate the miasma of estimates on additional work for air sealing and insulation. She even went so far as to make an 'apples to apples' chart that explained how the various bids compared. I am looking forward to working with Green River in the not too distant future!

Description of Work
I received requested third party advice about work that had been done by another vendor. Lora was very thorough and professional. She noted that I should request the work be completed properly and took photos, sending me copies with a detailed explanation of why the work was substandard, since I had no way to articulate what her experienced observation had found. I highly recommend this company.

Category energy audit



Carla S.

I was very impressed with Green River's quality of work. They are very knowledgeable about a wide variety of construction issues, not just energy improvements, and they show great attention to detail. They explained all of the steps in the process to me, in a way that was easy to understand, and they presented many options without pressuring me. I own a 100+ year old home, and they understood the history of its construction and the best ways to improve it. The energy improvements made a big difference in my comfort level upstairs during the summer and in my energy costs during the winter.

Description of Work
exterior painting, carpentry, fascia, soffit and siding (cedar shake) installation, energy improvements, spray foam insulation, lighting, plumbing vent stack, new gutters, foundation repair

Category contractors, electrician, gutter repair, insulation, lighting, plumbing, siding, house painters, foundation repair, energy audit



alexandra V.

Description of Work
Lora and Charlene with green river have been a joy to work with. They are very helpful in planning and explaining their process and how it will help the house long term. Green river did rehab work on my basement, including insulating the basement and repairing existing ducts. I would trust these knowledgable women!!

Category masonry, plumbing, house painters, energy audit



Audrine H.

They were very professional and knowledgeable, using state-of-the-art techniques to increase the energy efficiency of my house. They discussed various options and the advantages/disadvantages of each as well as the cost differences. They discussed each phase with me so that there were no surprises. The subcontractors they chose were skilled in their area, respectful of my property, and diligent in completing the work. The TVA inspection following the crawlspace work was highly complimentary of the quality of the work. I am extremely happy with the energy star metal roof that was installed and pleased that the leak around the stone chimney is finally fixed. Overall, this was as painless a home improvement project as I could hope for.

Description of Work
Served as general contractor to seal and insulate my crawl space and seal the HVAC ducts as recommended by the TVA "energy right solutions " program; replace my metal roof and repair the stone chimney; conduct radon testing. Some of the work was performed by them and some was subcontracted but they scheduled, supervised and approved all the work.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, masonry, radon testing, roofing, basement waterproofing, chimney repair, energy audit



Leslie B.

Provided work recommended from TVA energy audit, including replacing vapor barrier, insulation, sealing ducts, replacing a damaged duct, etc. |Lora Corder and her crew did an excellent job. I would recommend this company for this type of insulation work.

Description of Work

Category insulation, basement waterproofing, energy audit



Douglas S.

Project started early on 8/24. Completed initial work on schedule 10/4, with a slight extension beyond to apply another coat of paint because they weren't happy with coverage. Another extension to add roofing work, once this issue was discovered. All work complete as of 10/21. Charlene has 25 years experience as a general contractor and it shows. She and her partner Lora are professional and responsive. They can be tough and will tell you what is and is not possible or practical. They can also take general direction and decide details themselves. But can also accept ideas and details you may propose to them. Communication was handled via phone calls, emails, and texts. Very responsive to all media. This was my Dad's house in Knoxville and I live in Georgia. Most of the contact was remote and they were good at sending pictures so I could keep abreast of action. I needed very few trips to handle this project. Either Charlene or Lora was present at the job site whenever subcontractors were working. The one time this rule was broken, they fired the guy. When we started, this house was not possible to sell. Our initial buyer backed out when he saw the inspection report. I learned of Green River from my realtor who had a positive experience with Lora doing an energy audit and refit for her. So I sent them the inspection report and commissioned a design only. They produced the drainage system design and made recommendations and I ended up hiring them for the entire job. As a result of their work, we are now listing the house at $30,000 more than we were on the first try. I have no doubt we will sell it quickly. Every one of the red flags in the original inspection report has been cleared. Green River specializes in projects with an environmental component--hence the Green in their name. They treated my house to the full measure of EPA rules. Primary concerns were potential for lead paint and asbestos in the wiring. They used asbestos-rated vacuum procedures and took great care to follow the rules regarding lead paint, based on the age of the house.

Description of Work
Repaired long-neglected 1955 house to make it sellable. 1600 sq ft brick ranch. Served as hands-on general contractor for project. Designed and installed complex modified French drain system between house and retaining wall around back and sides of house. Tied roof drain spouts into French drain. Built HVAC berm to shield it from water. Moved HVAC gas pipe to accomodate French drain. Installed square red paving stones as a path on top of drainage gravel. Added gravel and red pavers to revive weedy brick patio. Sealed foundation against water and installed moisture barrier in crawlspace, sealing entry-points for humid air into living space. Stripped wallpaper and painted walls and ceilings with primer plus 3 coats of mold-retardant paint. Applied biocide in crawlspace and house. Replaced entire 2-wire/fuse electrical system with 3-wire/breaker system to code. Installed new and extra lights and fans throughout. Replaced main electrical box and sagging boom on side of house. Ran secondary boom into attic to supply new interior fuse box. Replaced all plumbing in crawlspace with new drains and supply lines and brought all fixtures up to code. Traced mold on one interior wall to lack of proper drip edge installation. Remediated drip edge and flashing on entire roof to fix. Took pictures throughout project and complied them with annotations into a report to provide to prospective buyers. Provided new owner 10-year warrantee for drainage system, 2-year warrantee for roof repairs, and 1-year warrantee for roof itself. Remodeled main bath to level floor damaged by water and reinstall toilet. Removed sagging front flower bed wall and rebuilt with landscaping stones. Left wall unpainted, painting ugly range hood instead. Used extra kitchen cabinet to build custom cabinet for water heater with removable sections for maintenance access.

Category contractors, plumbing, roofing, basement waterproofing, drain pipe, house painters, mold removal

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    Services Offered

    Carpentry, crawlspace & basement moisture control & encapsulation, mold remediation, duct repair & replacement, metal & other roofing, spray foam insulation, vapor barriers, air sealing, siding, windows. Green River is a TVA Energy Right Contractor. We can make your home or business more energy efficient & healthy-energy audits, thermal camera, duct & building tightness testing, lead, asbestos & radon testing & remediation. We perform all types of general contractor services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Green River LLC

    How is Green River LLC overall rated?

    Green River LLC is currently rated 4.7 overall out of 5.

    What days are Green River LLC open?

    Green River LLC is open:

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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    Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    What payment options does Green River LLC provide

    Green River LLC accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

    Does Green River LLC offer free estimates?

    Yes, Green River LLC offers free project estimates.

    Does Green River LLC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Green River LLC offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Green River LLC offer a senior discount?

    No, Green River LLC does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Green River LLC?

    No, Green River LLC does not offer warranties.

    What services does Green River LLC offer?

    Green River LLC offers the following services: Carpentry, crawlspace & basement moisture control & encapsulation, mold remediation, duct repair & replacement, metal & other roofing, spray foam insulation, vapor barriers, air sealing, siding, windows. Green River is a TVA Energy Right Contractor. We can make your home or business more energy efficient & healthy-energy audits, thermal camera, duct & building tightness testing, lead, asbestos & radon testing & remediation. We perform all types of general contractor services.