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Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc

Founded 1925 • With Angi since July 2012


(14) Verified Reviews

Business Details

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1512 Lebanon Church Rd

Pittsburgh, PA 15236


No matter whether you are moving across the country or just down the block, you can rely on our experienced moving professionals to get your belongings there quickly and securely. Count on us to help make your move as smooth and convenient as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services. With us, you can rest assured that your personal belongings will be treated with the utmost care and respect as we transport them to your new home or office....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


John S.

I would give zero stars if I could. This company is absolutely terrible. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A SMALL MOVE, DO NOT BOOK HERE! I had a small move (approx. a studio apartment’s worth) from PA to OH and booked my move over a month ahead of time. I was told that since I had a small move, my stuff would have to go on a truck with a larger shipment - understandable. They gave me the “standard” 3-week delivery window, but I was told by Luke that they would “work with me on dates” and that they would have “no problem getting it there within a week”, most likely 1-3 days. Those were complete lies. I also tried to be as flexible as possible and gave them multiple options for days for pickup. As the weeks went by and it got closer to my moving date, I periodically asked for updates on dates. I got no answers. One week away from when I was supposed to move, I still didn’t have any idea when my stuff would be picked up or delivered. All Luke would tell me was “no update yet”. At this point, I had to scramble last-minute to book a different company. LESS THAN ONE WEEK before my move, I cancelled with Allied and only AFTER CANCELING did they FINALLY give me POTENTIAL dates. Terrible communication and customer service. Book somewhere else!

Description of Work
moving household goods

Category moving companies



Michael D.

Move out went excellent; move in is still pending

Description of Work
Moving into storage and subsequent move to new house

Category moving companies

Service Provider Response

Thank you so much for your review.


Stephen G.

Terrible. Horrible. First they were two hours late,they brought a shuttle truck that was not part of estimate. owner assured us they would be able to get a tractor trailer in our driveway they could not.The driver walked off the job because he was so upset that he could not get tractor trailer in the driveway (His boss/owner of the company said it could fit). We told the ownerof the company three times that a tractor trailer would never fit in our driveway) The driver /crew leader was arrogant and rude to point my wife threw him off the property because of truck driver's attitude to point almost got physical. They started the move after 1:00 pm my wife and me and sister in law carried all the boxes out to the garage to get it done.the closing and walk through was the next day. They finally finished at 10:00 pm We had to put our stuff in storage owner said that would be fine as long you good get a tractor trailer in the next day we met the movers there they unloaded in a six hours and hired a third party to help while driver/leader stayed in the the truck the whole time, no supervision. They stacked boxes do not crush /nothing on top on the bottom. My wife and I unloaded the storage ourselves and found 40 to 50 broken dishes damaged furniture. The manager at the storage said that he has never seen so much damage .We took pictures he said he would be a witness if needed it was terrible When this all started owner gave us and estimate and said it it was on the high side said probably go down it did not in fact it went up. When we contacted owner about the damage she said she was not Liable because we went to storage owner new we going to storage. The company owner is an agent does not register the move with the company she represents. I called the Allied Corporation they told me they could not help me for that reason. Caution....what they say and what they do is completely opposite. Unprofessional company on every level

Description of Work
The provider, Allegheny Valley Transfer Company, the owner broke her verbal contract with us. She had us sign papers and we talked through them about liability coverage, her company service and highly recommend team and their responsibility and everything she said did not happen. A disaster move on so many levels with numerous broken items and scratched furniture. I do not want anyone else to experience what we did and to be taken advantage of financially.

Category home & garage organization



Richard B.

Very poor communication! Very unprofessional! Did not honor their commitment!

Description of Work
Moved us from Pittsburg to Florida

Category moving companies



Raj N.

We hired them to do a full service move, which included packing and moving. The person who did the initial estimate was roughly $400 below the final costs. The team of three men arrived on scheduled day to pack up, and moved us the following day. In anticipation of the move we had packed up some of the stuff (about 1/5 of the total number of boxes). Note: they charge by the number of boxes to move. So, the team was unnecessarily liberal in their use of packing materials.They used excessive number of boxes, wrapping paper and tape (for example, tape could be found laying all around the house in full unused rolls; they threw in a few books in a 3 foot high box fully stuffed with packaging paper; meanwhile a laptop was thrown in with no wrapping paper; etc.). Their labeling of the items was horrendous, and we are still trying to unpack our way out of the ridiculous number of boxes that were left around the house with no good markings (e.g., two of the room items were labeled master bed room). In past week, I have taken out thirty 35 gallon bags full of just packaging paper. The three members were professional and courteous to your face--but they smoked ciggarattes , and had no problem using racial slurs when they talking amongst themselves of their frustration with various issues such as welfare, SSI/SSD and health care, as they unloaded the truck. They end up charging us for the boxes we packed ourselves (because the total number of boxes packed and moved were the same on the bill). When we brought this issue a week later with the assessor, she was curt in her email response and said we lost our chance to challenge this issue. I have used two men truck in the past and had a great experience with their professional crew and customer service. Unfortunately we moved during graudation week for U of Pittsburgh and CMU and we were unable to hire others companies with a good reputation on Angie's list. I would definitely not use them again --just think whether its worth? $3250 to move a mile away for a small house (1300 sq feet), poor customer service and their unprofessional staff service introducing you to your new neighbors!

Description of Work
Move us from Regent Square to Point Breeze

Category moving companies



Missy A.

From the first day when Mr. Owens came to estimate my move I felt comfortable and that I would be taken care of very well. Due to our situation of selling our house in Butler before finding a house in Fredericksburg we were in the position that we were unsure if storage for a length of time would be needed or not. We were fortunate enough to find housing a week before our move and they were able to move us directly. The first driver, Joe, was on time and very professional throughout the process. Our household goods unfortunately did not all fit on the first truck (on Tuesday), therefore causing an overflow issue. This meant that Joe had to come back the following day (Wednesday) to finish packing up our house and then these items went into storage and would be transported at a later date on another truck, which was the only negative in my entire move. Joe then drove the first truck down and that truck was unloaded on Friday with the beds being put back together and mirrors put back on the dressers. Even through the whole overflow issues everyone was upfront and honest about all the issues that arose which I truly appreciated because I did not get any false information/reassurances about when the second shipment would arrive. I realize now after talking to my second team of movers (Alvin and Lenny - who were fantastic as well) that this networking and undertaking to ship households is very complicated and especially with overflow issues. Because of this I truly appreciate Tammy (at the home office) and Mr. Owens (my estimator) work in keeping me informed and having my second truck come within two weeks of the first delivery (this actually gave me time to unpack the first shipment before I had to deal with more boxes). The movers were wonderful and considerate that I had two young children in the house during all the loading and unloading (except for today) and I truly appreciate the way they acted!! They took care with my items and treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy that made this move a good one. The only grade that was not an A was the punctuality and this was a B because I was not prepared for the overflow situation that occurred, but the way the company handled it was very professional and honest. I would definitely move with Allied Moving Company again!!! And a huge thank you to Allegheny Transfer for all their hard work and their honestly and professionalism throughout this move.

Description of Work
Allegheny Valley Transfer Company (Allied Moving) moved us from Butler, PA to Fredericksburg, VA. This was our first time moving with a moving company (had always done uHaul, etc) and we will definitely use Allied Moving Company again. I packed the house, but they did have the option for packing and moving as well.( I was trying to stay within a reasonable budget for my family which is why I chose to pack myself).

Category moving companies



Milton K.

Everything was positive.

Description of Work
Allegheny Valley Transfer Co delivered the goods we had shipped here.

Category moving companies



lisa K.

In April of 2012 I rang Allegheny Valley Transfer to say that I would like to have my possessions released from storage and delivered to me here in Pittsburgh. I was told that there should be no problem with that occurring before mid-May, before my next monthly invoice for storage was due. The billing clerk then said it would simply be a matter of checking with dispatch and confirming the delivery cost. When I explained that my contract included delivery cost, the problems began...and never ended. The billing clerk had no experience dealing with international moves. Unfortunately, after two months of phoning the billing clerk every Monday morning to see what was happening, the issues went from "nobody has the original paperwork" (when I had mine and was willing to hand-deliver copies out to Allegheny Valley Transfer) to the REAL issue - Allied International had not paid Allegheny Valley Transfer to deliver my goods, so will not release my goods until they do, and the billing clerk has gone away on vacation now. At this point, my patience and goodwill came to an immediate end. I asked to speak with the owner, Mary. She ignored my phone messages. I ended up finally having to hold for her. When she finally took my call, she said she knew nothing of me or my problem but then proceeded to tell me "Congratulations, we have an answer for you. You cannot have your goods released because we have not been paid by your transfer company. Until we do, your goods will not be scheduled for delivery. Your business is not with us." i protested and said that I had been waiting two months while her billing clerk tried to sort out whatever dispute the two companies had, and that this dispute had nothing to do with me or the $12,000 I has faithfully paid to Allegheny Valley Storage. When I began reading from my contract with Allegheny Valley Transfer, Mary hung up on me. An immediate phone call to Allied International in CHICAGO took literally 60 seconds to sort out the problem; put on a speaker phone with Mary by the Allied Intl rep, I had a delivery date for 4 days hence. Even then, Allegheny Valley Transfer did NOT phone to confirm the time of day they would be coming, even though they promised both the Intl rep and me that they would. They then arrived four hours late on the day. At least the young moving squad, headed up improbably by a 21 year old, were hard working and got things done right!

Description of Work
I moved suddenly from the UK to the US IN 2001 when my parent suffered a horrible accident and I came back to be the caretaker. All of my possessions from my home abroad were shipped across by Allied International and subsequently transported to Pittsburgh, where they were stored by and at Allegheny Valley Transfer. Due to the nature of my parent's life-threatening health problems, my possessions remained in storage for 11 years until June 2012, for which I paid a monthly fee of $76 since 2001.

Category moving companies



Stephanie S.

We agreed to a morning move, from one house to another, just 3 hours down the road. I called Mary Jessup the night before to confirm the move and the time that I could expect the movers. She confirmed that we would have a morning move and the movers would be at our home no later than 9am. At 9:30am on moving day, I called to see where the movers were and low and behold, they were sent on another call. In addition, when they finally did show at 1:30pm that afternoon, they did not have boxes for our mattresses as promised. They didn't finish our move until well after 5pm, making me late to pick up my son from daycare, still needing to get dinner and to set up our new home well enough to sleep in that night. When I called Mary to ask for another moving team, as we were promised a morning move, she was not helpful and suddenly became "unavailable". At 11pm, when my family and I finally fell into bed the evening of the move, we were exhausted and surrounded by boxes. The delay cost us substantially and Mary Jessup could have cared less. When I move in the future, I will never use this service and have spread the word among my family, friends and neighbors to use an alternate service as well.

Description of Work
Moving, one home to another, less than 3 miles apart.

Category moving companies



Edward C.

I have moved more than a ten times. By far, this was the best move experience I have ever had. The move was on time at both ends. This is the only moving experience I can ever remember where nothing, not a single thing, was lost or damaged. Amazing! The person who estimated our move did this accurately. He was punctual and capable. We were comfortable dealing with him. He also helped us to choose the right amount of insurance for our move so that we were well covered without wasting our money. I appreciated his honesty. The packing crew arrived on time and packed us in one day rather than the predicted two days. The packing work was done carefully and quickly. At our request, the truck loading crew was able to be mobilized a day early. This was very helpful for us. The driver who picked up our furniture was also the driver who unloaded our furniture. He was obviously well-respected by his crew at both ends of the move. We were comfortable working with him. The driver who picked up our two cars (on a separate truck) was also the driver who delivered our cars at the other end. He too was courteous and good to work with. The furniture arrived in Boca Raton FL only 4 days after it was picked up in Pittsburgh PA. The cars arrived a few days later. (All of the arrivals were exactly on the schedule of what we were told they would be.) After moving many times, I am confident in saying that this move was as close to "perfect" as we could imagine. I'm very grateful and would definitely recommend this company to others.

Description of Work
We worked with this Allied agent for a whole-house move from Pittsburgh PA to Boca Raton FL. This service included complete packing and the moving of two cars.

Category moving companies




I thought they were alright. They low-balled me on the price; they estimated fewer cartons than they really needed so that added expense. I cannot find the extension boards for my dining room table and I don't know at what point they disappeared. Nothing was broken or damaged in the moving which is a mark in their favor.

Description of Work
I used Allied Van Lines when I moved about 10 miles away. They packed and moved my things to my new apartment.

Category moving companies



James H.

I spent $11,800 to move 14,700 lbs. They quoted $9,500 to move 12,000 lbs. I chose another company to personal service and because I guessed that their estimate was closer.

Description of Work
Surveyed, estimated, called back to followup; was disappointed that we chose a higher bidder; said, "Sometimes you get what you pay for." I agreed.

Category moving companies




They movers were in no hurry to get me loaded and unloaded. They gave me an estimate of $2600 but the final bill was $3600 because they charged me by the hour. It took 12 hours to move me 10 miles. I would tell everyone do not use them, they are not honest or trustworthy.

Description of Work
They moved me 10 miles. They did some packing, loaded and unloaded boxes and furniture.

Category moving companies




We had a tight time frame for our move, and they did well accommodating that. The movers were capable and careful, wrapping furniture as appropriate and loading the truck well. They worked hard the whole time and had a good work ethic. Nothing seemed to be heavy for them, not even our queen-sized sofa bed on the second floor! The packer came the day before to pack everything we hadn't gotten to ourselves, and the salesman had underestimated how many boxes he would be packing. He ran out of boxes, and the movers had to finish the packing on moving day. The move took a little longer, therefore, and cost a little more (local moves are charged by the hour). It was worth it to not have to lift those boxes and furniture ourselves! Everything arrived in good condition, and they were willing to move things around as we decided where we wanted the furniture in the new house. They are an Allied company, which gave us more confidence working with a national company.

Description of Work
They partially packed our three bedroom house and then did a one day local move.

Category moving companies

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc

    How is Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc overall rated?

    Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc is currently rated 2.9 overall out of 5.

    What days are Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc open?

    Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc is open:

    Monday: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

    Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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    What payment options does Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc provide

    Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

    Does Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc offer free estimates?

    Yes, Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc offers free project estimates.

    Does Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Are warranties offered by Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc?

    No, Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc does not offer warranties.

    What services does Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc offer?

    Allegheny Valley Transfer Co Inc offers the following services: Local & Long Distance Moving. Planning. Packing. Containerized Storage. Commercial Moving. Piano Moving. Exhibit Moving.