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Premier Landscape Supplies INC

Founded 1993 • With Angi since May 2010


(7) Verified Reviews

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1566 Ebenezer Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45233


All of are services are fully guaranteed. All of our services are provided in house with no sub-contractors. Our trained staff with years of experience consist of employees with a background of general contracting as well as a master carpenter on staff. We are fully insured and bonded. We have an A+ rating with BBB and are members of The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association. We are a Preferred Hunter Contractor and Certified Reading Rock Installer. We are a TruStone Distributor and carry a full line of landscape materials. We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as checks with proper ID. We do offer discounts on certain projects. Inquire for more details. DBAs Premier Landscape & Irrigation Service, Premier Landscape Supplies Inc. & Premier Landscape Supplies LLC....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


linda B.

Owner/provider does not pay his employees, except with a rubber check.

Description of Work
The owner and provider wrote payroll checks to all of their employees that bounced! He refuses to pay his workers!

Category landscaping



linda C.

Went to their place early Nov 2014 to set up appointment. Bob was not there so left message. Two days later left another message. Reached him a week later and set up appointment at my house. He no showed. Set up another appointment and he called last minute to cancel & wants to reschedule after Thanksgiving. Called to set up appt in December and he was out of town and now wants to reschedule after January. Called Jan 4, and he wants to reschedule for spring. At this point I decided to go with someone else. He obviously isn't interested in my business......surprisingly, Bob called End of March 2015 to meet with me. No thanks.

Description of Work
Landscape job

Category landscaping



Russell R.

December 3, 2014 Written by my wife, Michele Rice. We picked Premier Landscape because of their A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau. We hoped to get a landscaper who would do a great job without problems. Our experience? Still waiting to get our deposit back? I called on Monday, October 27, and on Tuesday, October 28 Robert Martini, the owner, called me back. I explained to him what we wanted to do and specifically asked if they could come SOON because we had recently planted some trees that needed to be moved. He said that would NOT be a problem and they would be able to come SOON. We made an appointment for him to come the following day, Wednesday, October 29, to do a free estimate as stated on their website. When he came on Wednesday I could immediately tell there would be communication problems because Robert wouldn?t even look at me so I could introduce myself. I was able to hand him a list of things we wanted done with a pen so he could take notes. As we walked around the yard, Robert would pay attention to some things and not others. The things he didn?t pay attention to, I just scratched off my list. It wasn?t a perfect meeting but I thought he would be able to do the things left on the list and I believed they would do a good job because of their excellent rating at the Better Business Bureau. I thought I would be able to deal with the communication problems, as you can?t pick everyone?s personality, you know. As Robert was leaving our house from doing the estimate, he said he would email us an estimate by Friday, October 31. I looked for the estimate on Friday but it didn?t come. It did come on Saturday the following day. My husband and I discussed the estimate over the weekend and agreed to the price, and on Monday, November 3 (two days after we received the estimate) we drove to their place of business to put a deposit down. The estimate stated, as soon as they received a 30% deposit, we would be scheduled for service. The estimate also stated they had an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau and had excellent ratings on Angie?s List. We paid the 30% deposit of $798 and Robert said he would try to schedule us for the following week. I told him to make sure and call before they come so I would be available. During that week of November 3, I emailed Robert with a change we wanted to the gravel we had picked. He showed us two gravel sizes and said they were the same price. We changed our minds and wanted the smaller gravel and I wanted to make sure they got the change before they came the next week, but he did not respond to my email. I thought we would hear from them sometime during the week of November 3 to let us know what day and time they were coming the following week, but we didn?t hear from them and he didn?t respond to my email either. So on Monday, November 10, the week they said they would try to come, I called their place of work to make sure they got my message about the gravel and to find out when they were expecting to come, but I got an answering machine saying they were with another customer. It was a nice day so I decided to drive to their place of business, but when I got there, about 10:30 am on Monday, November 10, I found the door locked and no one there. There was a delivery man in the parking lot and I asked if anyone was around. He said someone should be there soon, so I waited. I waited for quite some time, not sure how long, and finally a Premier Landscape employee showed up. I told him I needed to talk to Robert about the gravel they were bringing to our house and also needed to know what day they would be here so I would be home. He said he would get Robert on the phone so I could talk to him. When he got Robert on the phone it was obvious Robert didn?t want to talk because the employee said, ?But she?s standing right here?. I said ?I need to talk to him?, and he handed me the phone. I said hello and told him who I was and he said? very loudly and rudely? ?I?m in St Louis!? I told him we changed our minds about the gravel and wanted to make sure he got my message so he wouldn?t bring the wrong gravel. He responded rudely and sarcastically, like? yeah? I know? what are you calling me for? But I didn?t know if he knew because he didn?t respond to my email. I didn?t know if he got my message and I was afraid they were going to bring the wrong gravel. Robert was very rude on the phone, acted bothered by me, and didn?t give me a day as to when they were coming. That week - the week they said they would try to come - came and went. They didn?t show up or even try to contact us with an explanation or another expected time. Just left us hanging? wondering when? or if ? they would ever be here. I got tired of sitting around waiting and wondering? not being able to contact them or communicate with them through email, phone, or at their place of business. So on Monday, November 17, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I told them Premier Landscape had not done any work and we wanted our deposit back of $798. I got a message from the BBB on the morning of Tuesday, November 18 saying they had sent a notice to Premier Landscape. On that morning - the morning Premier Landscape received the notice from the Better Business Bureau - they showed up at our house unannounced. There was 4-5 inches of snow on the ground and near 10 degrees outside, and I just happened to look out the window and saw two men walking around on our property. It was quite startling to see them out there with the weather and all. I didn?t recognize Robert Martini because it was very cold and they were bundled up with hats and sunglasses on, etc. I yelled out the door and said, ?Who are you???? He said Robert Martini. I told him I had filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they needed to go through them, and I told them to get off my property! I was pretty angry because I specifically told him to CALL BEFORE THEY CAME! We had other changes we needed to discuss with him, also, but did not want to go out there in that kind of weather, and my husband and I were still in our pajamas! It was around 9 am on a very?VERY?cold and snowy morning!!! And there was NO WAY they could have done any work on that day anyway. So WHY were they even out there?! At that point I was DONE trying to communicate with them and I told them to contact the Better Business Bureau! This is Wednesday, December 3. I have sent 4 or 5 - or more - emails to the Better Business Bureau and left a voice message with them, also. But all I?ve heard so far is they have had contact with the business? and that is it! This has been a very disappointing experience and I would NOT recommend this landscaping business to anyone. They pretty much just take your deposit and disappear. Then if you complain to the Better Business Bureau, they show up? unexpectedly? even if you have told them to CALL FIRST. This business is very hard to contact or communicate with and is NOT the kind of business I want doing work at my house! They stated on their estimate that we would be scheduled for service when they received a 30% deposit, but we were never scheduled. They said they would try to make it the following week but never showed up. We want our deposit back of $798. THEY HAVE NOT DONE ANY WORK! NOR DO WE WANT THEM TO! I have found two websites for this business? One states they do ?free estimates?? the other posts their days and hours of operation. But I have not been able to contact them on the days and hours they have posted. I want to add, too, that at first we were unable to find this business on Angie?s List because the business card and estimate they gave us had their name as ?Premier Landscape Supplies, LLC.?. But we called today, Wednesday, December 3 and found out they are listed as ?Premier Landscape Supplies, Inc.? on Angie?s List. Robert Martini lied in his response. We offered to take his partial refund as long as he gave us the tree he said he purchased but he declined. He is a dishonest person.

Description of Work
PREMIER LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES INC took a 30% deposit then did not show up and became impossible to communicate with.

Category landscaping,masonry,pavers, gravel

Service Provider Response

I am writing in response to the complaint filed by [member name removed]. To begin [member name removed] contacted my office and spoke with my office manager Deborah Lawhorn and requested my return call to schedule an appointment. I am the landscape designer and sales representative with the company as well as the chief executive officer. I returned her call in the order it was received and she explained to me the issues she had with a prior contractor that recently worked for her. We discussed the issues and then she asked if I would be willing to come to her residence in Rising Sun, Indiana. She told me that she had contacted numerous contractors that declined on traveling that far. In order to meet her needs I said I would drive to her residence and scheduled the appointment to meet with her. She was so appreciated and very thankful for my response and willingness to travel that far. My company is based on the Westside of Cincinnati and her location was outside of my work range for the volume or extent of the project we initially discussed but I wanted to make her happy and fix the issues she had with the prior contractor. My goal was not only provide a service for her but also to reassure her that there are contractors that do the work as contracted to meet the clients needs. Upon meeting both her and her husband thanked me again for coming all the out to their residence to meet. We discussed the issue of transplanting trees that were recently installed in the wrong locations by a prior contractor as well as other small work items she provided a list for. We discussed the entire list of things she wanted as well as her “wish list”. We discussed the different work and me being a designer, I offered ideas and solutions to things they wanted accomplished. They were very impressed and liked my suggestions. It was then that I explained to her my work load. I was scheduled already but in order to meet [member name removed] needs I told her I would extend the start time to my other clients that had contracted work well before her and already scheduled. I explained to her it would be 2-3 weeks after she agreed to the estimate I submitted and paid the deposit as outlined in the estimate. During our initial meeting I presented my business card to her and informed like I do with all my clients that I am out of my office most of the time. My business cell number is on my card and that is the best way to contact me. She did email me and we did discuss the project. I put together an estimate which outlined all of the various small projects they were interested in and mailed and emailed them a copy. [member name removed] and her husband did visit my retail center and I did happen to be there. I typically work by appointment like most other businesses operate. I do have a busy schedule with long hours. My office manager handles my calls and schedule for me like most businesses operate. I discussed the project and showed them some of the materials that would be used as well as the materials that needed to be ordered. [member name removed] requested a Yoshino cherry tree that she wanted since she was a little girl. I informed her I would try and locate one for her. They agreed to the work and made a down payment. I called several commercial nurseries and located the tree for [member name removed]. I had an employee of mine travel quite a distance to not only purchase but pick up her tree. Most clients don’t realize all the work and effort that goes into each project from clerical work, coordinating materials, scheduling and installation. This time of year we are at Mother Nature’s mercy. [member name removed] did make revisions as well as changing the gravel option. That was not a problem at all and I told her not to worry. It created additional clerical work but not a problem. She did call and request that she wanted an additional evergreen tree moved and transplanted and I did talk to her and discussed the work. She informed me she would pay for the additional work. I explained to her that would be a problem either. Once we began work at her property we would move the additional tree as well and we would add the work to her invoice. All in an attempt to meet [member name removed] needs and to provide her with the service she expected. [member name removed] did show up to my office and there weren’t any personnel present. There are times we are closed temporarily for running errands such as bank deposits, dropping of mail at the post office and picking up office supplies or materials for projects, making scheduled deliveries or working on contracted projects themselves. Typical things that is required for a business to function properly on a day to day basis. Once my employee Dan Re arrived he spoke with [member name removed] and he explained to her I was out of town on business. She insisted on speaking with me. To appease [member name removed] he called me while I was in a meeting with a potential commercial client in St. Louis. My work does take me to other cities such as St. Louis, Missouri, Cleveland, Ohio and Evansville, Indiana to name a few for large residential and commercial projects. I did talk to [member name removed] to discuss her project. I explained to her she was next on the list weather pending and that I finally located her tree she requested. I have always been polite to [member name removed] and so has my office manager Deborah Lawhorn as well as my employees. Once again it is hard to plan work with the recent snow and rain we are having. In our industry for every day of inclement weather it puts our schedule off by three days. Trying to keep up and meet our client’s needs is challenging at times but we always have managed and always will. On November 17, 2014, being the coldest day of the year to date with snow on the ground. I as well as my foreman for the project Doug Colvin traveled to [member name removed] residence to go over the project and discuss the work. We were preparing to complete the work as soon as the weather broke and the snow melted in order to meet [member name removed] needs. While discussing the project [member name removed] opened her door and verbally lashed out at not only me but my foeman. She asked who we were and what we were doing on her property. I tried to explain to her who we were and what we were doing there. She didn’t even recognize me as the person she contracted the work with. I was wearing company clothing with my logo present on both my attire as well as my foreman’s work attire. We even arrived in the same vehicle as my initial appointment with her and her husband. She requested we leave her property immediately. Both myself as well as my foreman were both in shock and confused as to her behavior when we only there to evaluate the work to be done. We honored her request and while leaving she instructed me in a vicious way how she was filing a complaint with the BBB and not to come back. We left the property completely confused as to what just happened. As soon as I returned to my office with my foreman and my supervisor present I contacted the BBB and being pro active discussed the issue we were just involved in. The BBB representative informed me that the issue wasn’t valid for a formal complaint and would be noted. I was informed by the BBB representative not to worry about it. That ultimately helped relieve the stressful morning and dismiss the confusion. Later that day I received a complaint notice from the BBB stating [member name removed] had filed a complaint. Once again found myself as well as my foreman, supervisor and now office manager completely shocked and confused. I have been in business since 1992 and am very proud of my work and professionalism as a contractor. I am also proud of my A+ rating with the BBB. I as well as my company have always strived to do the right thing and have always treated our customers with respect and have always resolved any issues. My rating and complaint history proves this with the 22 years of outstanding service to our clients. I am still willing to proceed with honoring the contract as agreed upon. I am professional and this is something that can be resolved. In fact the project for [member name removed] would have been completed by now well within the 2-3 week time frame I promised her accounting for the snow and rain days. I would still be interested in performing the work to meet my client’s needs. I find it unfortunately if [member name removed] would prefer us not to do the work. I have always honored my work as a business man and followed through no matter the circumstances. It is the right thing to do and that is what reflects our rating and strong desire from my clients to work with my company. They know I am nice, reasonable in price and honor my word which I have shown [member name removed] or she would have never agreed upon the work. I now feel that there our issues with the BBB and issues with [member name removed] that need to be resolved in a professional and honorable manor. If [member name removed] would prefer to not proceed with the contracted work due to her lack of trust which is not valid in my opinion I would honor a partial refund to her deposit. I have taken valuable time to locate and purchase a tree for her as well as other materials for her project all in an attempt to complete her project. In closing, I find it quite confusing that a client that solicited my impeccable services and then agrees to the contract has the authority to dictate when or if they want the work accomplished when all I was trying to do was clean up other contractor’s mistakes and meet her needs. I have always prided myself as well as my business in doing the right thing and have succeeded with countless clients before. Sincerely, Robert W. Martini Landscape Designer & CEO


Brian C.

It didn't go. PREMIER LANDSCAPE stood us up after setting to appointments for an estimate.

Description of Work
Bob with PREMIER LANDSCAPE scheduled an appointment, which required someone to be home, to provide an estimate for the installation of an irrigation system. On June 2nd, Bob never showed up, and never called. After calling him, he was rescheduled for June 3, 2014. Once again, Bob at PREMIER LANDSCAPE did not show up, and has not called. Needless to say, hiring a company with such lack of regard for others' time would be a serious mistake. Thankfully, we have bids from other companies and will never consider PREMIER LANDSCAPE, nor recommend to friends and neighbors.

Category landscaping



David B.

I called to find out why a particular sprinkler head was not working. I had had it turned off for a while due to the fact that it was not working. The gentleman came out and when we turned it on it was working fine. At that point, he was free to go, but he stayed and looked at all the sprinkler heads on about 10 different stations. He showed me the way to find a leak on another station and how to replace heads on the ones that needed to be replaced. He offered his services for general yard maintenance and said that they would be happy to come out and help with any repairs that I did not want to deal with myself. He spent about 45-60 minutes there all together. I was expecting to pay him for his time and expertise, but he declined any offer of payment stating that he did not really do anything. He was very helpful to me. He was very nice. He was not pushy at all.

Description of Work
evaluated existing irrigation system pointing out needs and ways to find leaks

Category landscaping



Anne S.

Great - they were very careful - very consistent and left NO trace that they were here - completely cleaned up. My yard looks amazing - I have received a number of compliments. The owner came out to review the job and check on its quality.

Description of Work
Mulched all the beds (around entire house); cleaned up rock area under AC and payed down new rocks; laid down new rip rock edgin on back flower beds; cleaned edge of all front flower beds, treated for weeds. They workers very quickly and were extremely meticulous. The mulch was laid down evenly with a consistent layer - I have had my yard mulched for several years - this was the best job so far.

Category landscaping




He was very meticulous. He made sure the mulch was laid just perfect. He made suggestions. He cleaned up when he left, and it looked better than when he came. He did a very good job. He gave me a lot of good information about my flowers. The price was very reasonable.

Description of Work
I had five bushes that needed to be removed. They replanted one bush at a different area. They also planted a rose bush and a butterfly bush and put new mulch around it.

Category landscaping

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Premier Landscape Supplies INC

    How is Premier Landscape Supplies INC overall rated?

    Premier Landscape Supplies INC is currently rated 3.6 overall out of 5.

    What days are Premier Landscape Supplies INC open?

    Premier Landscape Supplies INC is open:

    Sunday: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

    Monday: 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM

    Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM

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    Premier Landscape Supplies INC accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard

    Does Premier Landscape Supplies INC offer free estimates?

    Ask Premier Landscape Supplies INC for details on free project estimates.

    Does Premier Landscape Supplies INC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Premier Landscape Supplies INC does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Are warranties offered by Premier Landscape Supplies INC?

    Yes, Premier Landscape Supplies INC offers warranties.

    What services does Premier Landscape Supplies INC offer?

    Premier Landscape Supplies INC offers the following services: Design, Landscape, Irrigation, Lighting, Maintenance, Supplies. Home remodeling and renovation as well as exterior structures.