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Archer Exteriors Inc

Founded 1984 • With Angi since November 2010


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341 Harding Hwy

Pittsgrove, NJ 08318


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Verified Reviews

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There was no charge for the estimate. I have never had a problem with them.

Description of Work
They came out to do an estimate on roof and siding.

Category roofing, siding



michael P.

Category replacement windows



Maria T.

My experience with them went fine. The service was good and the roof is great. It was quite a mess. As far as clean-up, I'm still finding roofing nails. I stepped on one in the flower bed and had to go to the emergency room. But I don't blame them, because it's nearly impossible to get every nail. I wouldn't give them a bad review because of it. I picked them because their reputation is good and their price is competitive.

Description of Work
They put the roof on my home.

Category roofing



Jeffrey M.

I set my mind on buying Okna windows for my home and was having trouble finding companies that dealt with Okna windows....for a responable price. After a long search and MANY estimates, I chose Archer Exteriors (division of Better Homes Building Products) to do the work. I decided to have half of the windows done at that time and then the rest done later. I wanted to make sure the work was done correctly before I gave them the entire job. In retrospect, this was a GREAT idea. They sent out a Father and Son team to install 8 of my 17 windows. I'm pretty sure it was a "sublet the work" situation and not any full-time Archer employees...if there is such a thing anymore in the construction business. They were nice. The son seemed to be new at window installations. He didn't know as much as the Father did about the install. I don't know if Archer uses the same people now but I am sure the son is a lot more knowledgable now. He seemed to have the ability just not all the knowledge yet. I watched them throughout the install and I noticed them making a few mistakes. They weren't insulating the frames against the house correctly. They shoved a few pieces of fiberglass in the corners and that was it. I could actually see inside my house while looking from the outside...down the edge of the new window frames. I explained that capping the windows is not going to keep cold, heat, moisture and bugs out of my house. They didn't fix the problem and continued to cap the windows. When they left I did some research which confirmed that they did not do the install correctly. I called Archer and said need to come back out and do this correctly. After a couple of weeks of ignored phone calls and e-mails and arguing when we did talk, they came out, pulled off the capping and sprayed foam around the window frames and re-capped. At that point, I was OK with the job. I didn't make a fuss about the fact that they put the window retention screws in the wrong place. Now I have visable screws when the windows are open. It is strange that Okna provides an opening in the frames where the retention screws should go and they put them everywhere but those holes. A few months later I gave them a call about the other 9 windows. I wanted the capping on those windows to match the first 8 (and they now knew how to do the job correctly) so I figured I'd give them the job. Not surprisingly, the price went up considerably. I guess they figured they would make some money back from the foam they had to buy for the redo of the first add on money for foam for the second set. Their price was a little higher than 2 other companies I said...I wanted to make sure the capping matched on all the windows so i gave them the work. The same Father and Son team came out. They did the work correctly this time. They even put the screws in the correct holes provided by the manufacturer...hmmmm...strange. I didn't say anything. Someone else must have or they figured it out. They ran out of daylight and didn't get the shutter removal and reinstall taken care of...which was part of our contract. I ended up doing it myself the next day. The Father did come back that next day but it was supposed to rain and I didn't want to let water get in the exposed holes. He showed up when I was close to finishing and helped me by holding the ladder and handing me tools. I should have asked for a $100 or so refund. In the end... Their price was good and the work eventually was done to my satisfaction. I do have visable screws in 4 windows when they are open but those windows hardly ever get used.

Description of Work
Installed new windows in my house.

Category replacement windows



Geraldine H.

I had a contract with them but they sent a sub-contractor. They ruined an exterior plug in. They never gave me my warranty paperwork. I had to have the inspector out three times before it would pass code. The back of the permit said do not pay until the work has been completed but they kept asking for payment in full before the work was done. They would come out around 10am and work in the dark at night. My insurance company says I need another new roof and dropped me because I can’t afford to have a new roof put on.

Description of Work
New roof.

Category roofing



Charles F.

As with so many high cost jobs such as replacing all windows, replacing siding, or replacing roofing one can expect the inevitable "Hard Sell". My wife and I married in 1998, and bought our first house. We had our windows, siding and roof replaced at different times over the 13 years we lived there. During this time we learned all about the "Hard Sell". If you don't know, this is where companies ask to schedule an appointment for an estimate when you AND your spouse will be home. The sales rep. will show up with all his goodies and show you why his comp. stuff is the best (dog and pony show), then he will give you an estimate $4,000.00 above a heart attack. BUT! He knows you want these windows so he calls his manager and discusses what can be done to get you into these windows tonight - a one time exclusive offer!! You see, good thing you and your spouse were there to make decisions together for this one time offer ... Manager Bob ask "what price would it take for you to sign the contract tonight - one time offer?" ... Hook, Line, Sinker!! The "Hard Sell" is a very effective tool! ^^ I've learned to live with it in certain industries but my wife refuses to play nice. For this project we contacted 3 companies (3 of the larger well known & often used comp). We wanted an accurate estimate, a brief overview of technology (I knew the technology very well), any other info. they would like to add. My wife told me she was not sitting through a "Hard Sell", especially since I already knew all the details of the technology. The first 2 companies that called for an appointment (we did not use either one) talked to my wife. She set up the times they ask for but told the person on the line that we would not be signing a contract under any circumstances - estimate only. Company (1) came out early after work (Sales Rep.). When he arrived, my wife introduces herself and proceeds up stairs to read. He was nice enough to go through dog and pony show which helped me visualize the frame setup of the windows. The technology was quite superior to anything I would see - probably too superior for the PA climate; more suitable for New England or Arizona. He wrote up estimate at which time my wife came down stairs. His chance - calls manager. Start the process and wife shoots it all down. The est. was not a valid number as the cost would be lower, but it was still very top heavy @ $19K. Possibly due to the energy ratings / technology (i.e., U=0.21). ^^ Company (2) Sales Rep. arrived at about 5pm. As Sales Rep. arrives, my wife introduces herself and explains that this is for an estimate only as explained over the phone as well as getting info on products. She notes that I know a lot on the technology and physics of the windows and she doesn't; thus, I would be the one to talk to. She was leaving to take our daughter out to dinner as promised and return in approx. 1 hour. Sales Rep. goes apoplectic after wife leaves and rants for 30 minutes then leaves. ^^ Shortly after that Archer Exteriors Inc. Called for an appointment. Unlike the previous two companies, and much to my surprise, the administrative assist. asked if 1 pm, Xweekday, the following week would be good for me. My wife was never mentioned. When Erick Perez SR., Accounts Manager, arrived he was not driving a nice family car or company car but rather a work truck. He was wearing clean but obvious work style cloths and had a clip board rather than a suitcase of goodies. I heard him drive up but no knock at door. He was outside surveying the wood around 2 large bay style windows. When he came in he continued surveying and measuring, opening windows and sticking his body out to check how the window is hung and the siding/wood. This is a big plus!! The Sales Reps are good with the techno end of the windows you are buying but they know nothing about installing them. Erick spent a good 30 min. checking the windows, frames, sliding patio doors and all exterior covering the windows. He knows both the technology and the working side of the business. He wrote up a ticket with the prices - through in a few minor incidentals. Within ~15 min. I had a real number estimate @$13935.00. Even though Company (1) would come down, I'm not sure they could come down $5000.00. Was very happy with Erick!! ^^ Without further negotiation, I got things going with Archer. It took several weeks to have custom windows made and shipped. After the July 4th vacation time, work started. Rather than a small army descending on my house, just two arrived each day at 9 - 9:30 am sharp, Steve and his son, Brandon. These two guys worked fast, took the work seriously and when I was around, could still have a little fun. Steve is a perfectionist and will do it right if he sees it wrong. The only thing that will slow them down is a good chance of rain - don't want rain with an open window frame. After 2 days watching, I knew I didn't need to worry. Work was beyond satisfaction! Also, the last two days, both guys worked from 9 am until 7 pm with an hours + drive home - they live in NJ. The job was completed in 5 days. ^^ I can't say enough about how hard Steve and Brandon worked in the hot July sun. I will part by saying if they come to work for you and it's a hot day, have some cold bottled water on hand for the guys!!!

Description of Work
Archer Exteriors Inc. is a very large company with offices across 23 states and associated with Better Homes Building Products. They provide almost all exterior and some interior remodeling projects (see web site for details). I had (all) 19 windows, 3 half rounds, and 2 patio doors replaced. Originals windows were single hung, double pane unsealed, and calked around edge only - not insulation. Very breezy in winter! Work performed on a 3 level house (very high). OVERALL JOB DESCRIPTION: Remove total of 19 windows, 3 half rounds, 2 sliding glass doors. Inspect all wood framing for integrity and replace any rotten wood as needed. Installed (19) OKNA Precision Weld 400DX Series Double-hung, Double Pane, 0.26 U-factor rated Energy Package (Low-E, 98% Argon gas filled - Heat-seal spacer) foam-filled frames and sash, 0.70 MIL thick vinyl, 0.05 Air Infiltration - All windows, half rounds, and patio doors contain full flat white grids between two panes. All new windows, half rounds, and patio doors are Energy Star Compliant. Install (3) half rounds (same energy specifications as above) with sunburst flat white grids, mulled to bottom of double hung window unit. Install (2) OKNA 8800PD Sliding Glass doors that match window configuration and energy specification (U-factor, Low-E Argon filled, etc.). Installation will include the removal of siding, etc., to gain access to windows and replacement as good or better than it was previously. Installation will also include insulation around windows including foam wrap on windows and exterior sealing of windows. Once hung, the use of 1/4 round shoe molding on interior side edges and top of windows held by small nails from nail gun and calked on both sides of 1/4 round. Lifetime Warranty on frames, sashes, seal failure, screen frames. Lifetime Warranty on service, installation and labor - transferable (1) time to next home owner.

Category replacement windows



Stephen L.

We hired Archer Exteriors to install 33 replacement windows on our 90-year-old home. Though their price was higher than some others, we chose Archer because they promised us a "lifetime" warranty. The warranty was useless. In the past year we've had two issues with the windows. On one, a clip that holds the window broke. They sent a repairman out, he inspected it, and, after several weeks, he informed me that the company that made the windows is out of business. He told me he could not fix our window. I said we have a lifetime warranty and suggested they just replace the whole thing; he said he'd look into it and never got back to me. This summer I thought there was dirt on one window but it turned out to be inside the double panes of glass, suggested the seal broke, so now the two-paned window is dirty on the inside. I called Archer to see about getting it fixed and they did not return my calls. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ARCHER EXTERIOR. THEY PROMISE A LIFETIME WARRANY ON THEIR PRODUCTS BUT THEY DO NOT HONOR THEM. AVOID THEM!

Description of Work
33 new replacement windows. BEWARE THIS COMPANY.

Category gutter repair




It turned out very well. Weather permitting, they were on time! They did a good job.

Description of Work
They did a whole new roof job, gutters, downspouts, the whole 9 yards.

Category gutter repair, roofing



Justine F.

High pressure sales tactics by salesperson, Eric, from the start. Sold my husband and me on a roofing job that was priced about two thousand dollars higher than other estimates from other reputable roofing companies. The day after signing the contract we did more research and talked extensively with other roofing professionals and decided to cancel our contract with this company. This is when the sales tactics became even more pressured. Eric tried at length to convince us we were making a big mistake and when we continued to insist we wanted to cancel, he became angry and rude.. He refused to confirm that he received fax canceling contract. I will never do business with this company again. Sales tactics made me not trust this company.

Description of Work
Estimate only for roofing job. Contract signed but then cancelled after getting other estimates and doing research.

Category roofing



Marlene G.


Description of Work
We had a total window replacement job done (26 windows). This company was so good to work with in all ways, from the salesman that came out to see us down to the work being done. The quality of the windows we purchased is excellent. The workers were on-time, friendly, helpful and very neat. The work was finished so fast. This was an excellent company to deal with.

Category roofing, replacement windows



Debbie W.

I had originally contracted with another company (Dream House Windows) to do the job, however I got cold feet after signing the contract for over $8500. I called and cancelled within my 3 days period, and called another vendor, which happened to be Archer siding and Windows also doing business as Better Homes. The sales person (Eric) came out, was upfront no BS sales pitch showed me the product and gave me the price which was over $2000 less than Dream House, and was the lowest of 4 vendors. I told him I wanted to think about it. He said fine and left, and didn't try any shiffy sales tactics. I called the next day and hired them, Eric came back out, I signed the contract and am glad I did. The men that came out to install the windows were professional and skillful, and worked hard until all the work was done. They ripped out all 13 windows and installed the new windows with more than adequate insullation in one day, and came back the next morning and did all the outside work like capping and caulking. Expert job on their part and I love my new windows. Not only have the windows made a big difference in energy costs but have nearly obliterated all the outside sound when closed Best decision I ever made to get the windows and they look good too.

Description of Work
I had 13 windows replaced with 100 percent virgin vinyl triple panes, completed with capping on outside. Only problem was manufacturer had given me my large LR window with dividers and I had ordered it without, but the company has ordered the correct window and will be replacing it when it comes in. The only B I gave the company had to do with responsiveness. This is because I don't think Scott, who I believe is the owner, is as responsive as the installers and Eric the salesman. I have usually had to call him to find out the status of my windows before installation and am still waiting for the front picture window replacement.

Category replacement windows



dannelle G.

I loved the Representative. He was courteous and knowledgeable. He even help me fix a leaked in my basement that I was not aware of! I would definitely hire them if needed in the future!

Description of Work

Category siding, replacement windows



Claire G.

They were wonderful. They were incredibly fair. They did a wonderful job. I had 21 windows replaced by them and new gutters installed. Everyone that worked here were fabulous. I would recommend them without any hesitation. They also do roofing and general exterior improvements. They did roof inspection for me, and they did not find it necessary to replace the roof right now. They are not in the business to just do a job and earn. They are honest to say no if they don?t find the job necessary. The person who came to do the measurements was lovely and the two workers that actually did the work were great. All around they were good and professional. I was comfortable with them. I rate them high overall.

Description of Work
I used Archer Exteriors Inc for windows, siding, and gutters over the last two years.

Category gutter repair, siding, replacement windows




They were wonderful. We spent about $16,000 on that work. We have already noticed the savings on our electric bill like they promised. They came exactly when they said each time and did exactly what they said they were going to do. There was one little minor thing that they missed and they came back and fixed it. We would recommend them very highly.

Description of Work
We used Better Homes Building Products in the beginning of June and they took off our 26 year old roof and replaced it and put in E-shield in the attic for energy efficiency.

Category roofing

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    Services Offered

    Replacement windows & siding. Asphalt roofing. Gutter protection. Exterior doors. Energy attic barrier.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Archer Exteriors Inc

    How is Archer Exteriors Inc overall rated?

    Archer Exteriors Inc is currently rated 4.2 overall out of 5.

    What days are Archer Exteriors Inc open?

    Archer Exteriors Inc is open:

    Monday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Wednesday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Thursday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Friday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

    What payment options does Archer Exteriors Inc provide

    Archer Exteriors Inc accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check, Visa

    Does Archer Exteriors Inc offer free estimates?

    Yes, Archer Exteriors Inc offers free project estimates.

    Does Archer Exteriors Inc offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Archer Exteriors Inc offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Archer Exteriors Inc offer a senior discount?

    No, Archer Exteriors Inc does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Archer Exteriors Inc?

    Yes, Archer Exteriors Inc offers warranties.

    What services does Archer Exteriors Inc offer?

    Archer Exteriors Inc offers the following services: Replacement windows & siding. Asphalt roofing. Gutter protection. Exterior doors. Energy attic barrier.