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NC Home Solutions

Founded 2007 • With Angi since September 2009


(61) Verified Reviews

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3926 Cumberland Rd

Fayetteville, NC 28306


North Carolina Home Solutions has been offering a wide-variety of quality home improvement to homeowners in North since 2007. We consider ourselves to be the best company in the area, and take pride in our customer satisfaction. North Carolina Home Solutions home improvement team offers window

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Michael A.

It really couldn't have gone worse.

Description of Work
Not sure why my review vanished from the site, but these rip off artists did a remodel on a bathroom in my house a while back, and it was a nightmare from start to finish. The bathroom is an embarrassment. When we tell people we paid $9,000 for what we got they laugh at us. Words can't begin to describe how horrible these people were during the job. Adam refused to even acknowledge that we had issues with the job or the time line. I'm now in the process of paying someone an additional $6,000 to rework the bathroom and it is already WAY better than the $9,000 job done by this company.

Category home remodeling



Camera K.

The provider had a flooring group come from Pembroke. These gentlemen were super nice... however, their work was poor. They took long breaks, came late on occasions... and you can tell now that the work they did was completely rushed. There are gaps in the flooring, the flooring is not all clicked in together so there are areas where it bounces. I asked them to come out once before and they fixed problems that I told them about. However, I've caught more problems and I just don't want to see them in my home anymore. I can't believe how much money I spent and how poor of quality work they provided with my money. I've given up on this company, especially if they still use these same people that installed my floors. I was told that they use the best quality laminate but since their installation I've learned a lot about flooring and I was told that their 8mm planks were good but in reality they are not... especially when they are not all clicked in together properly. There are shoe moldings that are not completely installed correctly. And they tried to hide the fact that they cut the bottom of the door framing way too much... they used cocking glue to fill it in up even that wasn't cleaned up properly.

Description of Work
The provided came to complete flooring on the first and second floor.

Category replacement windows, woodworking




First there apparently was a "miscommunication" and not getting a return call, it took me emailing the website to get a response. After the appointment was set up they no called - no showed. I love taking time away from work for nothing.

Description of Work
No call - no show

Category replacement windows



Nicole R.

The remodel did not go as planned. After receiving the deposit, it took the contractor several weeks to schedule the work. After the work was scheduled, it was rescheduled at the last minute (the day of supposed arrival) due to the "custom" vanity not being completed. The project manager even called us at one point for us to get a measurement for him for the custom vanity. He did not "feel" like driving out to our house to do the measurement himself. Once the demo started, a valve for the toilet was broke during removal and the water had to be shut off abruptly. The water was shut off at the well by removing the power to the well. Therefore, the well lost it's prime. The original vanity was removed and the new vanity was put in place only to find out it did not fit. This is due to an uneven wall and this actually worked in our favor. There was a slow leak at the hot water line of the bathroom sink. It was not going to be repaired, it was going to be hidden by the new vanity by the contracting team instead of addressed by a licensed plumber. At this point, the well was broke, the bathroom was damp from the broken valve, and the drywall behind the sink was moldy. None of this was addressed to the homeowner at any point. The contractors left for the day after they could do no more work as they awaited the new vanity to be refit in the shop. They did not turn the water back on. I returned home from work only to find my infant daughter and babysitter were without water for almost the entire day. I called the contractors back only to watch them struggle with the water, at this point, we didn't know the well lost it's prime. I decided at this point to cancel the services and have the contractors leave the premises as soon as possible. I called the project manager and he got very angry with me and explained that the water wasn't turned on because my well was unusual and I didn't give him enough time to look up a solution for his team at my property. I explained that I also knew how to use google and I no longer required their services. Unless their business model has changed, I would not recommend this general contractor to anyone in Fayetteville or surrounding area. I did receive my deposit back and we ended up finishing the bathroom ourselves. It took us several weeks due to family/busy work schedules and we didn't have a fully functional bathroom until the new year, but we learned a lot in the process, saved 6500 and it looks pretty good.

Description of Work
This provider was paid a deposit for a bathroom remodel but did not finish the work. The provider has changed their name since the work was complete but still has the same address.

Category countertops, remodeling, home remodeling



Michael A.

Nelson came to our house on 9/30/14 to speak with us about the possibility of adding a shower to the bathroom. The room had a washer and dryer previously, and the washer had leaked on the floor many years ago, but the damage was never completely repaired, so we agreed to have the entire sub floor removed, and we agreed to have the bathroom redone from the sub floor up. The House Doctor (now known as NC Home Solutions) was to remove our old vanity and toilet and reinstall them. They were to install a new sub-floor, new tile, a new prefab corner shower with shower control and shower head. They were to paint the bathroom and reinstall the preexisting items like the toilet and the vanity. The entire job was pretty much a nightmare from start to finish. First of all, Lisa called from the contract department and scheduled with me to come to the house with the project manager, Adam on 10/2/14 to sign the final contract and the loan paperwork. They were scheduled to be here at 9 am, so I had to stay home from work to sign the paperwork. At 9:45 there was no sign of either of them, so I called their office, and was told they were on the way. They finally showed up 50 minutes late, with no apology whatsoever. I should have taken this as a bad sign. We signed the paperwork on 10/2/14, and were told it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get the materials and start the job, and that they hoped to start it sooner, but that they can never tell the lead time on the materials. I've been in the construction industry, and I fully understand setting customer expectations, but after nearly 6 weeks of time we had yet to receive a call from Adam, nor anyone else at The House Doctor. We started to call Adam to try to get an idea of when they might start, but he gave me no indication, and he acted as if I was putting him out by asking him about my job. I left my house on 11/18 to make a trip to the grocery store, and I got a phone call from the House Doctor wanting to know why I wasn't home because it seemed the plumbers were at my house to install the shower. Note that no work whatsoever had been done to the bathroom, and the plumbers didn't have the shower, nor were they even aware of where the shower was, so to allow them to do some sort of work, they needlessly removed the toilet and the vanity. Note, no other work was scheduled at this time. I won't go into every detail, but they never did replace the sub-floor in the bathroom, the shower control was misaligned the first time they tried to install the shower, and they cut a hole in the shower wall in the wrong location, and tried to blame me for the mistake, and they had to order a whole new shower, which mysteriously was received in about a week. The shower pan is not level on any side at all, the floor is not level. But Adam blames it on the "old house walls." They had to paint the bathroom three or four times, and when we gave them a final punch list of several items like paint dripped on our new shower door and new tile Adam basically said it was my fault, but he relented when I told him I was not going to sign for the release of funds without the punch list being completed. The subcontractors were not supervised by anyone from the contractor's firm. The entire job was never looked at by anyone from the contractor's firm except when I contacted them when I noticed the subcontractors shoddy work, and the contract really was not honored. The floors were supposed to be removed to the joists, and new flooring was to be laid and secured. This was in the contract in writing, but the work was not performed. The job was "completed" on 1/7/2015, so it took them nearly two months from the time the toilet and vanity were removed in November, to the time we released the funds for the loan. We also thought this was very excessive because we were down to one bathroom which was only accessible through the master bedroom in the house while the construction was going on. In summary, I have a working shower in my bathroom, but I am totally dissatisfied with the workmanship, and the professionalism of Adam. He belittled me and talked down to me every time I tried to present an issue to him, and I tried to explain to him that I'm a retired Vietnam Veteran who has been diagnosed with the worst form of PTSD on the books, but he completely frustrated me through the whole process so badly that in the end I simply gave up and relented and signed the paperwork to release the funds, but there are flaws in that bathroom that are completely unacceptable. I've just taken it as a lesson learned, but I will NOT be giving my future business to The House Doctor, and I hope to never see Adam again. This was some of the most shoddy construction work I have ever seen, and I couldn't be more disappointed in the finished product. Not one aspect of the job was completed to my satisfaction.

Description of Work
Installed new corner shower in existing half bath 94 square feet. Installed new floor tile, installed new bathroom door, stippled ceiling, painted entire bathroom. Removed and reinstalled fixtures. Closed off existing door between two bathrooms.

Category countertops, remodeling, home remodeling, doors



Jose R.

Mike and his guys over at NC Home Solutions took great care of us. They screened in my patio, and gave it some real character. From the 18 in. kick plate with the built in doggy door, the screens, to the ceiling fan installation; all the work was top notch. The Aluminum material has a lifetime warranty, and will not rot or warp like wood will with this humid NC weather. My wife absolutely loves it! and all of our friends that have come by and seen the work love it as well. Adam and the work crew were great as well. This is an awesome addition to our first home, and will also bring up the property value! It was a win, win for us. I would definitely recommend NC Home Solutions to anyone interested in having quality, dependable work done on their homes.

Description of Work
NC Home Solutions upgraded my Patio to a Screen room/Sunroom and window.

Category electrician, replacement windows



Dorothy H.

They did a good job, were professional and prompt from start to finish. They takes pride in work they did an excellent job.

Description of Work
Built a screen room and sun

Category sunrooms



Kayla W.

It went great and they were only here for one day when I thought they would be here for several days. We actually left the house and had nothing to worry about. It is absolutely gorgeous! I was so happy when I came home and almost everything was done. It was breathtaking!

Description of Work
Cabinet refacing and kitchen remodeling

Category home remodeling, cabinet refacing



Doris B.


Description of Work

Category replacement windows, doors, sunrooms



Kendra J.

It went awesome and they worked great with the concrete stamper. Everyone had their own space and did not overlap each other great timing.

Description of Work
Convert my screen patio into a beautiful sunroom.

Category replacement windows, sunrooms



Gloria C.

It went up very well. It was super. No problems whatsoever besides a leak that they had to come back a few times to fix. They did not have to put down flooring. The work they did was excellent. Once we reported the leak they came out immediately and thought they fixed it but the rain caused it to leak again and they came back a second time and the third time they came it was okay. It was just a drip so it was just a minor flaw that they never hesitated to come out and see what was going on when it stopped raining. It has rained a lot since and it is perfect. The windows are beautiful. I look forward to enjoying it. It is absolutely beautiful and it was a great investment and I am glad we did it. I referred them to do my girlfriend's bathroom.

Description of Work
They did my sunroom.

Category remodeling, replacement windows, home remodeling, sunrooms



Darlene P.

It went beautifully.. very smooth sailing.

Description of Work
Put in a Bay Windows and replaced sliding door.

Category glass repair, replacement windows



William T.

Excellent. Very professional and quick. Did not have to call them back to fix anything

Description of Work
Installed windows and storm door in my screened porch and wrapped all exposed wood with aluminum.

Category siding, replacement windows, doors



Debra P.

My husband and I are very pleased with the outcome. Our house was built in the 70's and the windows were in very bad shape. Everyone involved in the process was very professional and courteous. We love the windows and the house looks great. Thank you!

Description of Work
Replace all the windows in our home.

Category replacement windows



Patricia S.

Every thing went great. The area is well enclosed, there's no chance of bugs, frogs or any other animal getting in there. The windows can be open for air without fear of flying bugs. I can leave my plants on the front porch in this area. The House Doctors clean up every thing, even the front yard of nails or any thing.

Description of Work
Enclosed one end of my front porch. I purchased a seasonal screen porch from the house Doctor and they installed it. They took down the half rails and prep the area by drilling holes in the brick area of porch for installing of the frame, they removed small sections of the siding for attachment of frame, Completed the install by sealing up all seams inside the enclosed area and the outside of area. Making the enclosed area air tight and bug free.

Category siding, replacement windows, sunrooms




They were absolutely wonderful! They were on time and extremely courteous. They answer all your questions, clean up very well and are so easy to work with. They did all the work in one day and came out the next to do some little touch ups!

Description of Work
They put in 15 new windows on my home.

Category replacement windows



Cleta B.

Well I like the fact they were telling me what they were doing as they were doing it they were very thorough of cleaning up, they didn't mind my questions, and they made sure I knew how to use the windows when they were done installing them. I was so pleased with the service, now I'm having cabinets done from the same company and they turned out great as well. The kitchen remodeling and window replacements are great!

Description of Work
Removed old moldy windows, replaced with new vinyl windows, absolutely love them, already got the heat turned down!

Category remodeling, replacement windows, woodworking, home remodeling



Queen H.

tment, First encounter, their focus was to get us to sign papers. They tried to get us to accept a prefab shower which was not what we wanted. We wanted a tile shower with a shower door. Of course the price went up. We did not want the traditional white vanity and commode. Plus the commode had to be at least 17 inches because of problems with my knees. We continued to insist on seeing samples , colors for vinyl flooring, vanity, etc. It took 3 visits to our home before we were able to make our selections. It was communicated to us that they had other jobs and these items were not available for us to view at that time. So we continued to insist that we needed to view actual samples so we could choose colors, designs etc. We started the process in June, but because of having to order materials and to give us a open slot; the construction started in August. The workers showed up without complete work orders. There was an addendum to the contract that they did not get until we brought it to their attention. They forgot the grab bar and only installed 1 recessed shelf versus, installation of 3 recessed shelves. This was corrected. They went to Lowe's to purchase the vinyl flooring which we were informed would come from the company (we had already made our selection). The workers were very nice. We were told someone would come to inspect their work during the project which did not happen. However, the Project Manager did come out on 8/8 after we called to voice our concerns regarding the inspection. We discovered after the workers were gone, the shower door was too small for the opening and had about 1/2 half-3/4 inch gap which was reported. They returned with a metal extension that took care of the gap between the doors.The vanity door was off about 1/4 inch and the light fixtures was placed too close to the top of the mirror which interfered with the door of the cabinet opening and closing. When it was pointed out to the Project manager; an appointment was setup and they returned to make needed changes. Towel rack was loose and fell; this was corrected. Later a bottom attachment to the shower door fell off, which they returned and repaired. The sho wer door shakes back and forth. Of course they say this is the usual. I already have a problem with black mold (for past 30 days). I was told the grout had at least a 5-year warranty! I have to get down with a tooth brush and scrub brush to scrub the corners. I'm not sure how we can remedy this! After the return trips, it was the 19th of August. However, we are thankful for the discounts we received because my spouse is a veteran and our BJ's membership. We later experienced a problem with a valve in the reservoir in back of the toilet leaking water onto the floor. The project manager came to our home about 2 weeks ago; made an adjustment; informed us he would have to order a part to remedy that problem. We are still waiting......

Description of Work
Remodeled existing bathroom. Removed old flooring and replaced boards. Removed tub, back wall,& fixtures. Constructed a tile shower made of floor tile; installed shower doors, shower head and faucets, painted the bathroom; inserted new vanity; mirror and light fixtures. Installed vinyl flooring.

Category replacement windows



Gloria C.

My husband and I love the SunRoom. We had a few leaks due to heavy rain but the leaks were taken care of immediately each time we called! We highly recommend House Doctor of Fayetteville!

Description of Work

Category replacement windows, sunrooms



Steven D.

No work was performed just the estimate.

Description of Work
Give estimate for remodel of kitchen area.

Category remodeling, replacement windows, home remodeling



Delois j K.

The man that came out was great, I enjoyed working with him, he was thorough. The financing process was pleasant, it went very easily. The installers were courteous and polite. They worked fast and professionally and cleaned up their mess when finished. There were some smudges on the ceiling, and I submitted a complaint, the house doctor came out and fixed it promptly. Overall it was a great experience!

Description of Work
Windows, screen rooms, kitchens

Category remodeling, replacement windows, home remodeling



Richard C.

The contract to install a sun room on an existing deck was signed on July 28, 2012. Work started September 20th, but it soon became evident that the design wasn't what we thought we were sold. Initially the plans did not include shingles even though we were adamant with the sales representative that was what we wanted. We were also told that all required building permits would be obtained and personnel doing the job would have contractor licenses. The work also appeared to be substandard and not up to building codes. On September 30th, we hired an inspector to check the work in progress and he noted several violations of local building codes, such as: 1) Stairs not properly attached to the deck; 2) The slope of the roof was too low for a shingled roof and where it tied into the existing roof, the workmanship was shoddy; 3) the support for the deck was insufficient (this was a pre-existing condition, but it should have been identified and corrected since it posed a structural deficiency with additional weight of the sunroom); and several other non-structural problems. On October 1st, we stopped them working on the sun room until the problems could be resolved. The building permit was not obtained until October 10th. On October 10th a new work crew removed the stairs and they poured a concrete slab for the base of the stairs. The slab looked very unprofessional because it had trowel marks and was uneven. After seeing this as an example of their quality of work after they were put on notice for "Shoddy Workmanship", we stopped all work on our house. No work was done to the sun room since then. On October 17th, we had a meeting with the management from the Fayetteville office to resolve the problems and had another meeting on October 30th where they presented their recommended fixes. The first recommendation of lowering the existing deck would not work because it would cover foundation vents. The second recommendation was to remove the overhanging eave and alter the existing roof structure and tie the sunroom roof into it. The third recommendation was to tie into the existing roof about three to four feet up from the eave (which was the original concept that was sold to us), but that would cost $3000 more than the original price quoted to us. The Harnett County building inspector came out on November 5th and he wrote up damage to the shingles, the slope to the roof, the external door improperly installed, and no Electrical Permit. We decided to not have them correct the problems because we lack the confidence in their ability to complete the job in accordance the local building codes. Personally, I would not trust them to build me an outhouse.

Description of Work
Put a sun room on an existing deck

Category concrete repair, electrician, remodeling, roofing, replacement windows, sunrooms



Henrietta M.

The House Doctor called, Jamison was very policed and asked me if there was anything I needed done around the house and I said YES I NEED A BATHROOM. He said yes I can do that for you. The salesmen Mike came out at my convenience with me and my husband there at 10:30am cause my husband would be home by then. The installation was wonderful they did a good job, the work environment in my home was very nice, you could tell the guys worked good together. The job was beautiful it was everything I wanted.

Description of Work
New cabinets in bathroom and remodeled. Added handicap accessible bathtub. Installed some windows as well over top of my bathroom.

Category custom cabinets, remodeling, replacement windows, woodworking, home remodeling



April P.

Mike came to our home and provided us with a free estimate. Initially the estimate was more than we anticipated, but we value in the products that we're going to be used and the lifetime warranty. Mike was very courteous and friendly and provided us with several options and suggested we get a kick board to help yard debri from coming inside. It was also a great idea since we have a dog that likes to jump. The estimated time to have the installers come was about 3 weeks, but Derek called and was able to set up installation in one week. The installers were able to work with our schedules so we didn't have to take time off. We bought a ceiling fan and the installers put it up for us. Adam met me at the house to review the finished screen porch. Was pleased with how fast The House Doctor was able to provide us with an estimate and install the screen. We are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer and fall in our new fly free screened room!

Description of Work
Screened in vinyl porch with doggy door with windows.

Category electrician, replacement windows, sunrooms



David H.

He came out and took measurements; seemed professional, knowledgeable, and willing to do the work. He wanted to have his flooring guy come out to look as well (as flooring was part of the job), and after a bit of delay and several phone calls, we met up. I was expecting to get a quote or have some communication after that, but never heard back from him. Eventually found someone else to do the work. I gave him a 'C' overall because there was no 'N/A' option; no work was preformed.

Description of Work
Had him out to get an estimate on wall removal and kitchenette renovation. No work preformed.

Category remodeling, replacement windows, home remodeling

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about NC Home Solutions

    How is NC Home Solutions overall rated?

    NC Home Solutions is currently rated 4.2 overall out of 5.

    What days are NC Home Solutions open?

    NC Home Solutions is open:

    Sunday: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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    NC Home Solutions accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard, Discover, Check, Visa, American Express, Financing Available

    Does NC Home Solutions offer free estimates?

    Ask NC Home Solutions for details on free project estimates.

    Does NC Home Solutions offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, NC Home Solutions offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does NC Home Solutions offer a senior discount?

    No, NC Home Solutions does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by NC Home Solutions?

    Yes, NC Home Solutions offers warranties.

    What services does NC Home Solutions offer?

    NC Home Solutions offers the following services: Cabinet Making. Cabinet Refacing, Restoration. Carpentry - Woodworking. Concrete - Pouring & Repair. Countertops. Doors. Electrical. Glass & Mirrors. Gutter Repair & Replacement. Heating & AC. Insulation. Lighting. Remodeling - General. Remodeling - Kitchen & Bathroom. Remodeling - Sunrooms & Patio Enclosures. Roofing. Siding. Windows.

    Are there any services NC Home Solutions does not offer?

    Here at The House Doctor we do not offer repairs, except on our own work.