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Cary Reconstruction Co LLC

Founded 1969 • With Angi since September 2007


(79) Verified Reviews

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2410 Reliance Ave

Apex, NC 27539


Award winning. We understand how it feels. Whether it’s a small leak or a major fire, the worst damage isn’t to the building. It’s to your peace of mind. We've got you covered. At CRC, we're on call 24/7 to help you immediately start the rebuilding process. Whether it's the middle of the day, or the dark of night, you'll talk to a real person-not a voicemail system-one who can dispatch an emergency team to your site within minutes. Our 185-plus member team, with support from a select group of trusted professional partners, is well versed in every phase of crisis recovery. From immediate concerns like securing the structure from weather and vandals or thieves, to tasks of more long-term importance like working with your insurance company to help negotiate a fair claim, we're there to help you. With more than 42 years of experience in fire, smoke, water and mold-damage recovery, CRC has the expertise, the equipment, the facilities and most importantly, the people to ease the burden on you. Additional phones - (888) 501-7824....

Verified Reviews

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bonita M.

Very responsive to come out ainitially and access damage and get fixed as all was paid for by insurance. They also agreed to installing a skylight where the tree came thru (there was not a skylight before). It was installed well and has never leaked. That's all the good news I have folks. HOWEVER we had 'total replacement to original status' insurance coverage and first go around all they were going to do was patch damaged areas of roof. matching tiles "as best they can". After much bickering back and forth, they finally replaced entire roof. 3 times. yes, three times as the first 2 times work was substandard- and eaked. They did not overlap roof tiles and did not flash properly. When insurance overseer finally agreed to redo entire roof to "original" with a 30 year guarantee, she was subsequently fired by the insurance company after the job was done. Inside the house, the subcontractor they hired to fix our wall and ceiling was horrendous. "Johnny" from Mississippi put up a wall that was not linear -nit bowed. He said our house was crooked and he could not fix that. There was a good 2 feet crawl space between inside wall and outside house. We insisted he redo it (multiple times.) till he got it straight, finally, He said "the wife" was being too fussy. Then he replaced smooth ceiling with a popcorn ceiling because he said he couldn't fix the drywall plaster we have the task of taking off the popcorn, replacing the drywall ceiling, and replastering correctly. . We grew weary of him and decided not to have him redo. As for coming "on time", well, we learned that "on time" is a relative term...seems to mean just showing up sometime in the morning. Bottom line: Don't let your insurance company bully you into using this company and certainly do NOT hire them on your own.

Description of Work
roof repair and 3rd floor reconstruction of wall and ceiling due to tree falling on roof

Category water damage restoration



Major G.

The work they did for us was fine. They showed up when they said they would and did what they say they would do. We turned down their contract.. They had a contract that basically said we was responsible for all problems and they were responsible for none. They did work for our neighbors and did a very bad job. They replaced our air conditioner with a smaller unit. They replaced some of our furniture with second rate furniture. They installed a complicated storm door.

Description of Work
They took trees off the house after a tornado.

Category roof cleaning



Casey S.

CRC arrived fairly quickly. The project manager walked through and took pictures, and had me sign the paperwork. He gave a verbal estimate of $4,000 to $5,000. They removed the carpet and drywall that were soaked and placed them in front of the garage for removal. It started raining again, and the rubbish heap they created prevented the water from draining away from the house, and caused the garage and basement to flood a second time. They brought in a team to dry out our belongings. After several hours, they asked if they could take the remaining items to their drying room at their location because they wanted to leave for another job. I agreed, and they left. Later, I noticed that they had thrown out several of my personal belongings, and had broken a picture. I was annoyed and wished that they had asked whether the items should be thrown out, and wished that they had mentioned that they broke the picture frame, but whatever. A little over a week later, they dropped off the items that they had taken back to their drying room. Upon opening the boxes, it appears that they took 2 boxes of CDs and DVDs, and the third box contained a plastic trash can ($7 at Home Depot). Then things started going down hill. They submitted their bill to the insurance adjuster for $14,400. It included over a charge for over $1100 for drying the CDs and DVDs (and the plastic trash can) in their drying room. They also charged approximately $3300 for the second flood that they caused by blocking the storm drain with the rubbish heap. Fortunately, the claims adjuster would not accept those charges, so they were removed, leaving us with a bill for just over $10,000. We asked why the bill was double the verbal estimate, but they would not provide an answer. We reviewed the bill and questioned a number of the charges. For example, they charged us twice for spraying anti-microbial spray. They charged over $1000 to remove a 21'x21' carpet and pad. They charged us for approximately two hours of monitoring the dehumidifier per day. I assure you, no one came and spent more than 10 minutes. We attempted to discuss the charges with them, but they refused. Finally, they accused us of insurance fraud and threatened to call our insurance company. We offered to give them the number of the insurance adjuster we were working with at USAA, but they hung up. On a final note, the sole purpose of the project manager appears to be to schedule a time for their estimator to come and give an estimate for repairs. CRC's estimate was over two times the cost of any of the other estimates we got.

Description of Work
Water mitigation and drying of our basement and garage after a flood.

Category water damage restoration



Thomas P.

First, save yourself time, money and frustration by hiring someone else. USAA, my insurance company, recommended CRC for my water mitigation. They did the estimate for my reconstruction project that was approved by USAA. I should have known when every other contractor I called for estimates had a few week to month wait, and CRC could start tomorrow. Red flag #1. Let's break down their services by job... Water mitigation. Like I said, this affected every room in my home but one. Guess how many people they sent to move my furniture and remove drywall, etc? Two. One guy to get me to sign the paperwork, who left after 30 min or so, and another guy to actually do the work. After about a week, we were still drying out my house. I decided I needed to put my kitchen back into some sort of working order, and when I tried to hook up my dishwasher, I found out they cut the main drain line. They also lost the cap to my garbage disposal. What did they do to fix it? They stuffed a rubber glove into the hole and covered it in tape. When asked about it, the guy who came to change out the fans told me he'd never disconnected one before and thought that's what he needed to do. Project manager. I really think this was her first ever construction job. She wouldn't call with updates, and if i wanted info, I had to call her. She was hardly ever on my job, and when I would speak to the subcontractors, they had no idea who she was. They said they were hired by another construction company. That means my contractor subcontracted my job, who subcontracted that job. No wonder there was no quality control on this project. When I had a major meltdown after she texted me saying the job was complete (as I was standing in my house that wasn't anywhere near complete) she said she get someone out to meet with me. That morning she texted me to see if she should attend the meeting too. Um, yeah... you're supposed be in charge, remember? When the job started, I was told it would take 6 days to complete. After 2 months, I finally removed the lockbox from my front door and told them I no longer wanted them on this project. As far as the subcontractors, less than stellar. The drywall guy was the first one and showed up over four hours late. The plaster guy didn't cover a thing and I'm still finding drywall dust in places that never had drywall repair. The painters did a BEYOND horrible job and they ended up sending another company to fix their mistakes. At one point, I had a punch list that was over 2 pages long... It seemed like every time they would fix one thing, they would break two more things... that's why I chose to end the project. Billing. About 3 weeks after I told them to end the job, I received a bill saying I owed the insurance $$ PLUS another $1100 for a job that wasn't complete. I told them to send me a list of their expenses and receipts and I would be happy to talk it out and pay them if needed. I was told they don't give out their internal paperwork, and they did everything on the insurance estimate, so that's what I needed to pay them. After several attempts to settle this issue (so I could hire real contractors and get my house back in order), we finally settled the bill and they ended up owing me money. Learn from my mistakes, and get multiple estimates and find out why other companies can't start right away. FYI- When I started working with this company they were called "Carey Reconstruction Company". Then paperwork started showing up as "CRC" and finally "Response Team 1". No matter what their called, they need to get heir act together.

Description of Work
CRC provided water mitigation services after I had a leak and then the reconstruction of my home. The leak was extensive and caused damaged in every room of my house except one.

Category drywall, water damage restoration, home remodeling, interior painters



Karen P.

Our neighbor called them about a water leak in our basement/ living area, while we where away. They responded right away. That's the good thing they did. For that reason i gave them a C under responsiveness. They only had a two man crew, my neighbor and son in law did move many of they items out of the water and took the gym equipment apart..which I felt like was CRC's job. CRC set up the drying process. When I returned home the next day... it had tripped the breaker, I moved the outlets around till they would run without tripping off breakers. Several fans had not been running. I called them to tell them about the breakers and that several of my storage boxes where moved on the wet carpet. They showed up that night, they said they kinda "ran out of dry areas". Their plan was to dry one area, move the stuff, then dry another. I asked at that time about getting a pod to store item to get them off the wet carpet, they said that would delay the process. My insurance company gave them the ok to remove the carpet, it was starting to mildew, items setting on the wet carpet where leaving rust stains. I worked a day getting the items we had in cardboard boxes out into plastic boxes because they where soaking up water. Two days later they where still drying out the carpet...stoping by at night to move their equipment around. When I asked about why they where still drying it out, when the carpet was suppose to be out of the house, they said it had to be secluded. Then I asked about getting a pod to put my items in, they said that would slow the process of getting the carpet out, because they would have to wait two more days, for the pod to be delivered. They repeatedly told me, on several occasions that I talked to them ( because I called them, they didn't call me), that "they where very busy", had a lot of jobs. After two days of still drying out carpet that was supposed to be removed, we decided fire them, to tell them to get their equipment out, so I could get the carpet out with another company and stop the mildew from growing and smelling up my whole house. The lead man over the job ...I never meet till he came to my house to pick up his check. I told him that there was a lack of communication, he said we talked on the phone every day...well that's because I called him, with issues. He also said someone came by every night...yes someone did, to look at the equipment that was drying a carpet ... that was supposed to be removed!

Description of Work
Responded to water leak,flooded basement/finished basement.

Category electrician, flooring contractor, remodeling, water damage restoration



Brian A.

My small leak turned into a huge project. A job that could have been done in one day took almost 2 months. I would never in a million years use this company again.

Category water damage restoration



Nancy H.

CRC was on the short list of providers given to me by my insurance agent and adjuster and had good recommendations. They packed my belongings very quickly and began demolition at the house soon after. However, they did not bring a contract until over three weeks after beginning work. State Farm promptly sent me copies of the estimates as they were approved and then mailed me the checks to pay for the work. The permits were obtained but work slowed at my house once the remediation phase was complete. Weeks would go by with no progress. CRC took months to give me a copy of the inventory of my personal property which they had put in storage, and gave me no documentation on expected timelines for progress of the work. CRC was reluctant to provide documentation for the costs of repairs, and unwilling to document change orders unless I insisted. I had three different project managers; not because of my request but because CRC employees kept leaving. My last project manager was a newly hired young man who had never been involved in the completion phase of a home before. I finally learned that CRC had been sold to a company called Response Team One. During the transition they abandoned the project for weeks at a time and rarely managed to get workers to the site more than two days a week. They did not oversee the work of their subcontractors and repeatedly had trouble passing inspections. Many things were lost or damaged and work would often have to be done over because of the lack of oversight. They claimed they were about to get the Certificate of Occupancy soon for over two months! The original estimate for completion was six months, but it took over ten months to complete the work so we could move back home. I had to delay delivery of newly purchased furniture, mattresses, and appliances several times because of their repeated failures of inspections.

Description of Work
Repaired the home after a crawl space fire. Much of the structural damage was to the floor joists, electrical wiring, and plumbing which were near the fire. It was a very smoky, electrical fire which started in the air handler of the furnace.

Category electrician, water damage restoration



Angel Y.

This is my second wonderful experience with CRC. Each time, I've had Sean Baker as my project manager and James as my repair technician. They are both great to work with. James is punctual, friendly, and does top quality work. He was busy doing my drywall when I asked him how I could patch a weird hole in my exterior window trim (totally unrelated to what he was being paid to do). He showed me how and even left some extra supplies with me. That kind of above and beyond service is typical for CRC. Each time I've used CRC, it has been for a small job but I still get treated as if I am a high-paying client with a big job. Sean always follows up to make sure I am satisfied with the work. After all is said and done, they make payment seem like the farthest thing from their minds. Both times I've had to hunt them down just to pay them, haha. But it really does make you feel like they are your friends just trying to help you get back to your normal life. The prices are great too. On this particular job, the work was completed for $250 when I was quoted $550 elsewhere. Thanks to everyone at Cary Reconstruction, I really appreciate the great service.

Description of Work
Repaired ceiling drywall.

Category drywall, water damage restoration, replacement windows



Mike H.

It took them almost 9 months to finish this job (It took my home builder only 3 months to build the entire house 60 years ago). The insurance policy calls for full replacement. The quality of products they used is not equal or better to what was existing. They used particle board siding (grained textured masonite?) instead of real wood on the exterior. Also the siding does not match the siding on the other gable end of the house (smooth solid wood picwick design). The white exterior paint appears very thin. They closed-off the original gable attic venting (now no longer vented to outside). They covered up the vent to the bathroom exhaust fan. They replaced my storm windows (which had existing screens), with windows without screens. Missing drip edge section. Fascia board bottom not cut straight. They replaced the existing carpet (which didn't have a seam) with carpet that was pieced together with two different shades (from different rolls?). On top of that, the carpet we selected was not the carpet we picked out. The interior paneling they put up (wall papered particle board?) was not even close to the quality of the existing birch wood veneered plywood paneling. Ceiling tiles were installed crooked. Molding was used to camouflage off centered alignment of tiles. Finish carpentry workmanship poor. Straight line edges and surfaces are crooked and some cornered areas are not square. They did a poor job cleaning up debris on the ground and inside my home (I still have dirt/dust and debris behind the knee-walls). During the whole reconstruction process, communication and scheduling were very poor. We never knew exactly when they were going to show up to work. We were inconvenienced terribly by staying home each day waiting for the work crew to show up (so we would not cause a work delay). Mike H.

Description of Work
I had a very large tree limb fall onto a gable end of my house causing structural damage. Our insurance company recommended Cary Reconstruction Company (CRC). CRC was supposed to completely fix the damaged portion of the house including: exterior roofing, rafters, wall studs, gable attic venting, exterior siding, soffit, fascia, painting, gutters, drip edge, windows, carpet, interior ceiling, wall paneling, and some electrical work. Job should have been completed in a reasonable amount of time. Mike H.

Category remodeling



Beverly B.

Our home had gotten broken into & I called CRC after they were recommended by my insurance company. They responded quickly and sent someone immediately to board up my window. Since their response was so quick, I decided to use them to replace the window & fix my damaged door. It took over a month before they sent someone to replace the window. And, they were a different company that they had subbed the job out to. The project manager assigned to my case never returned calls or emails. And never sent anyone to fix the door. I ended up contacting someone else to fix my door. Now fast forward to December. I started getting calls on a daily basis because of an outstanding bill which I never received. So, my recommendation to you is if you have a break in and need a quick window patch, call them. For anything else, find someone else.

Description of Work
They replaced a window that had been broken during a break in.

Category water damage restoration, replacement windows

Service Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. CRC strives to provide excellent service and exceptional response time. As you stated in your post, we showed up immediately to board up your window and helped secure your property. After this initial meeting it was very difficult to reach you and in fact it took you almost 2 months to return signed contract authorizing CRC to start repairs. We completed window repair but could not get remaining repairs scheduled. After numerous calls to you without a response we closed job and billed for work completed. I am sorry you could not experience our award winning service but am glad your repairs are complete.



Mark W.

We were assigned this company by our insurance adjuster, and our experience has been a NIGHTMARE! We were given an estimate of 4 to 6 weeks, and the house was in worse shape when we fired them after 5 MONTHS. They recontaminated the house three times, requiring three separate cleanings - and it went downhill from there. CRC made one mistake after another. They covered up serious damage, leaving my home in shambles. Nearly a year later, a new, competent, restoration company is still cleaning up their mess. Stay away from this company! After dealing with several of CRC's managers, I found the group to be incompetent, shady people out to protect the insurance company, not the homeowner.

Description of Work
Restoration of soot damage.

Category water damage restoration

Service Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Cary Reconstruction has been in the restoration business since 1992. We have seen thousands of claims and have restored thousands of houses with excellent results and reviews. We strive to provide complete accurate estimates and excellent craftsmanship to you our customer. Unfortunately there are instances in which requested scope of repairs exceeds insurance companies obligation. Our integrity requires us to report fair and accurate estimates. We are sad you did not get to experience our award-wining service, but are glad you found a contractor that fit your needs.



William H.

The job went very well, from the mitigation of water damage to representing our interests to the insurance company to assure that the resulting flooring was attractive with no sign of the damage to the original flooring. Their supervisors and floor crews knew what they were doing and completed each step of the work professionally. The several crews showed up on time, were courteous and informative, took the time to inform us of any issues, what they would do about them, and to inform us of any maintenance that we would need to do to keep the new flooring in good shape. We were impressed with the process and result. CRC exceeded any expectations we had and, from experience with other contractor groups we have worked with deserves the solid A rating that I gave them in this review.

Description of Work
Our problem was an HVAC drainage system that spread along the concrete underlayment of the surrounding laminate flooring. CRC tore out the damaged flooring, used multiple fans to thoroughly dry out the affected area of concrete, negotiated the required repair with the insurance company, and (because the original flooring was no longer available, replaced all of the condo flooring with new high quality laminate except for one adjoining bedroom where the difference in flooring was not obvious.

Category flooring contractor, water damage restoration



Robert S.

I was out of town during the fix. They did a decent job. They got the job done for what the insurance covered. It took them 2-3 weeks to do the job. However, they didn't clean up afterwards. I've got a lot of rotted timbers and insulation in my crawlspace. They had over-extended themselves, and had to make excuses on when they could or could not arrive. I felt like they were too big for my job.There was no follow up after the job was done.

Description of Work
The cheap copper water pipe that went into my shower developed a leak. It screwed up the floor, the floor joists, and the tile. It was a huge mess & required rebuilding 2 bathrooms.

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor, remodeling, water damage restoration, home remodeling



Cynthia D.

N/A seemed to care only for the insurance business and did not care if the customer appreciated their professional services. I seemed like they just were after more insurance jobs even at the owner expense with cheap materials.

Description of Work
Sent as an insurance contractor estimator but did not know their expertise area. Said wood flooring" is a living breathing thing". Also stated they do not worry about getting permits for work. Suggests substandard work possibility, because it may not pass inspection.-But we never got that far, we refused to have them do our flood damage repair. We just do not trust their work ethics.

Category water damage restoration

Service Provider Response

Ms. (member name removed), thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on our organization. Cary Reconstruction has been in the water restoration business since 1992. We have seen thousands of claims and worked with hundreds of adjustors. We pride ourselves on integrity and honesty. Our integrity requires us to report an accurate scope of work for a property damage claim. Based upon your review, it’s very clear that you didn’t approve of our scope. We are not in the business to report a scope of work to your insurance carrier that we feel is inflated or inaccurate. We do have ethics in reporting damage in areas that we feel isn’t a result of the original loss. You are our customer, and your satisfaction is important, however, we will not risk our good reputation in order to gain a greater review. Thank you again for your feedback.



Lisa M.

I hate having to leave a less than excellent review but I so appreciate the time people take to share their experiences, good, bad, and average on Angie's List. I just joined so I didn't check out this company before using them. I will begin by saying that the water mitigation dept. of CRC was excellent in responsiveness. We had a hot water pipe burst at 3 am above my closet on the second floor. We were awakened by a large picture hitting the floor as it fell from a saturated wall. We quickly turned off the water and put buckets under the dripping ceilings. We called our insurance company the next morning and our agent recommended CRC. We called and they were onsite within the hour (about 8:30am). It was almost too much to believe because there were probably 7-8 guys ripping out the ceiling and moldings and installing huge dehumidifiers, floor mats, and fans. It broke my heart to see my crown molding and wainscoting ripped out and hacked up- what a waste! They said it had to be done to prevent mold, but that they would be sure to replace it just like it was and I had no reason at that time not to believe them. The project manager was very reassuring and explained everything in detail. He spoke with our insurance company and for some reason they were given the go ahead to do the estimate for the reconstruction instead of an adjustor. OK, big red flags should have gone up but they assured me this happens all the time. Their estimator came at the end of the next week. We walked carefully around and pointed out each of the damaged areas. The estimator assured me repeatedly that the work would be done right and we would be pleased and it was guaranteed for three years. After several days my insurance company called and said the estimate was too high so they would need to have an adjustor come out after all. Why they didn't send an adjustor to start with is beyond me. All the insurance adjustor did was basically confirm that the CRC quote was good although we found several areas where the CRC estimator had made mistakes (like carpet replacement for $0.62/sq ft in one bedroom and $3.43/sq ft. in another room for the same carpet). Obviously the adjustor didn't go over the CRC quote carefully. So after that, CRC never contacted us again. I called and was told the structural project manager would be in touch to schedule the work to be done. They even left a lockbox on our door so they could access our house when needed. It is now October and we still have not heard from them. We contacted the water mitigation project manager to ask him to please come get the lockbox. At least he responded. He removed it without knocking (or maybe I wasn't home). He was a really nice guy but the other part of the company he works for is not up to his standard. So, be aware- CRC- great for water mitigation but don't count on them to follow up with repairs. I rated them a C because unfortunately I think this is an average experience when it comes to dealing with home repair. What a shame. No wonder there are so many DIYer's.

Description of Work
Water Mitigation for a burst pipe. We were also going to use them for restoration but they never contacted us following the estimate of repairs. The structural repairs were $20,000 worth of work so I would have thought they would have wanted the work. We were assured throughout the water mitigation that everything they ripped out would be repaired to our satisfaction. This was not the case...details below.

Category remodeling, water damage restoration, mold removal

Service Provider Response

Mrs. (removed member name), Thank you for taking the time to review our company. We appreciate your praises about our Emergency Mitigation Team. It’s truly a joy to read your review in front of all 30 of our mitigation managers and technicians to show them that there efforts everyday are incredibly meaningful to our clients. Hopefully below we can further elaborate on some of your experiences. Some to which were a breakdown in communication, and some of your experiences are standard for the reconstruction process. Hopefully I can explain briefly below: -Estimator / adjustor questions - CRC is a member of a Third Party administrator, to whom 99% of the time would handle the administration and reviewing of the estimating side your insurance claim. This is a standard procedure that would empower CRC to handle the estimating portion with out having an adjuster come onsite. For some reason unknown to us, your claim didn’t partake in this administrator, thus causing an adjuster to come onsite to your house, and increasing the timeline of achieving an approved estimate. We cannot being reconstruction repairs until we have an approved estimate. -Mistakes in the estimate –0.62/Sf for simply for the carpet pad only, then 3.42/sf is actually for the carpet (labor and materials) only. Hopefully, this will answer your question to what the scope was being preformed in one room or the other. -Lack of communicating for several weeks – Please accept out sincere apology as CRC takes responsibility for this action. CRC was under the impression that we were waiting for an officially approved estimate from your insurance company before we were “cleared” to begin the repairs. You had made us aware that you might want to make some changes or preform some of the work yourself. Without an approved estimate neither CRC are the client would know exactly what the insurance company would cover. This is an area in which we should have communicated with YOU, our client. Trust that CRC wanted your business, and hate to see it go elsewhere. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and your opinion is valued. We thank you for using CRC for the mitigation portion of our claim. From your comments sounds like that a better rating would be been an “A” for the positive experience with the mitigation service. We believe your comment of “Be Aware” is an inaccurate portray of our company. Our team will use this claim to reevaluate the claim process to in order to create a smooth process from beginning to end. Again, thank you for using CRC. -Luke Wind – General Manager



Larry S.

Gary is a great guy and very professional.

Description of Work
Replaced Roof and tiles.

Category roofing




There were wonderful. They handled everything in such a professional manner, I was impressed.

Description of Work
I have used Cary Reconstruction Company (CRC). The first time my air conditioner and overflowed and the water ran from the top floor all the way down to the bottom floor and they had to dry all that and they had to put new carpet upstairs. Then the second time, it was a pipe that burst and they had to replace tile on the bathrooms, drywalls, and then they had to replace the hardwood floor.

Category home remodeling



Michelle L.

They were on time on work days, kept us informed of their progress throughout the project, and did a great job with all repairs.

Description of Work
They took 2 windows out, replaced wood that was water damaged, re sheet-rocked partial walls around windows, resided outside of house (one wall) and re-installed windows after new flashing was placed.

Category drywall, insulation, siding, water damage restoration, replacement windows



Georgia G.

It was a shock to us on the day they told us they were coming out to bring a contract and just go over a few things; that they told us after seeing the third room."Oh this looks like JUST a florring job, and we don't do that. It was left that Mike would provide the led back. name of their flooring contractor. Which we called and never called back. This co. was sent to us by our insurance, and they were in shock too. It cost us two weeks of waiting for these appointments, and then having to start over again.

Description of Work
The phone calls sets up appointments to give and estimate. and make a contract. they also Tehy also sent environmentalists out to assure walls were dry and no mold was present.

Category water damage restoration, mold removal



Wortham B.

Marcus Ladd was the initial responder on Saturday afternoon and was fantastic. He explained everything to me and never rushed to leave, despite my many questions. He was quite patient, sympathetic, and informative. They dried for three-four days, removed drywall and insulation and my flooring. Luke Wind was my project manager and I was already planning to be out of town, so they postponed the schedule to move my stuff out and do the repairs while I was away from the home. I come home to a spotless home, beautiful new floors, and an arrangement of flowers that said "Welcome Home". They worked with my insurance adjuster (Erie) to get everything resolved and all I had to pay was my $500 deductible. Erie paid them the rest. That type of experience is something I will tell people about any day of the week! I have dealt with quite a few contractors before but none like CRC!

Description of Work
Dried my home after water heater failed Removed and Replaced Hardwoods Moved my things out and back in

Category drywall, flooring contractor, hardwood floor, insulation, water damage restoration, mold removal




They are still working on it. So far it is going well. They are prompt, proffesional and responsive.

Description of Work
Restored a home that was damaged by fire.

Category remodeling



Melissa S.

The water mitigation side was great! The company sent someone out on the weekend to initially start the process as there was a major leak to our garage that quickly resulted in mold. I quickly got estimates, and the wet drywall was taken out the next day. Drying equipment was set up, and taken care of in a professional manner, and was handled very well. The next part of the process was very difficult ( in dealing with the company.) To be fair, there was some employment changeover during the process of this. Unfortunately, it took over 3.5 weeks for the company to respond to my insurance company, despite repeated calls and emails between our insurance company and me both. It left me frustrated, and took so long that i almost pulled out and had another company finish the job. Finally, after repeated calls back and forth to CRC, the repairs were made in a satisfactory manner. I would not work with this company again, as I had to call and call to get this completed. Hurrahs to the initial process, but serious Boo's to the runaround with the company and lagging on the process.

Description of Work
Water mitigation, and tearout of leaking problem, then reconstruction

Category water damage restoration



Janine S.

Project Manager came to the house to go over the estimates with my husband and myself. I believe his name was John. He was rude arragant. Instead of him telling us what they were going to do for us, he was telling wahat we need to do before his crew would do clean up or pack out for the home to be put back together, Beware this company is on the Statefarm perferred provider list. That is how we were referred to them. We discussed our experience with State Farm and fired them juston their lack of respect and demanding attitute. Beware the office folks talk a good line be careful who is running the job in your house espically after Damage. Emergency Reconstruction was the company we chose and their service was outstanding. So if you find yourseld in a situation with famage to your home do not go with Cary Reconstruction.

Description of Work
We selected Cary Reconstruction after having Water Damage to our hard wood floors caused by a dishwasher.

Category water damage restoration

Service Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback on CRC. All feedback is welcomed and we are sorry you felt the project manager lacked respect and was demanding. Sometimes personalities clash and we do our best to fit you with the best manager for the project. I regret that you did not share or give us the opportunity to address your concerns before selecting another contractor. Had you actually given us a chance to perform the work, I am sure you would have been pleased. Joe's 2012 customer satisfaction scores are one of the most exceptional of our team with an average score of 4.89 out of 5. Last year we performed work in 6 houses on your street in Apex, NC and one has also been a repeat customer in 2013. I am sure your neighbors can attest to the quality of our repairs and our usually exceptional customer service. Three of them returned our customer survey and all scored us highly on quality and service. Joe takes great pride in a tight schedule, and we pulled the file and discuss the specifics. Our notes show we were notified of the loss on 10/22, inspected on 10/23 and had an agreed estimate on 10/26 - at which point Joe made daily contact without response until 11/7 at which point a meeting was scheduled for 11/9 to review the approved estimate, sign authorization, collect the $2500 deductible, and establish a schedule/expectations. Given the two weeks that had passed before your schedule could accommodate reviewing the estimate, Joe felt pressure to expedite the repairs. While he did not realize it, it seems as if his internal drive to get your home repaired quickly translated into what was perceived as rudeness and arrogance. His insistence in collecting the deductible likely only made matters worse. If you felt he was arrogant or rude, whether he was or was not - we failed in training him to perceive and address that immediately. For that we sincerely, apologize. We perform weekly training sessions for all of our offices and will use the example to demonstrate the importance of empathy and the ability to read voice tone and body language to prevent these misunderstandings in the future. If you wish to participate in the training and share your experience - we welcome that as well. Just let us know. We are sad you did not get to experience our award-winning customer service, but are glad you found a contractor that fit your needs. State Farm has many preferred contractors, as do most insurance companies, and all are vetted for quality and financial stability. You cannot go wrong utilizing an approved contractor and we are glad you chose to stick with a PSP vendor.



Michael W.

A-One, Five Star, Outstanding, Excellent, those are the adjectives which come to mind when I think of Cary Reconstruction. Although I have been involved with contractors in the building of two personal homes, and several remodeling projects, I had never had any prior experience with a fire loss. So at first the task seemed overwhelming. However, my confidence was restored beginning with the first phone call made to Luke Wind, General Manager of the Apex location. Although it was after normal business hours he immediately invited me to his office for a meeting. I knew that I would be entering a period of extensive travel and was therefore very concerned that any company could meet my needs. Luke quickly explained that they had all of the resources and experience necessary, and since he exuded such a high degree of confidence I signed with CRC. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was very obvious from the onset that Customer Service is a cornerstone of their organization. Whether I was speaking with Luke, their receptionist, any member of the recovery team, or Nate Mullins my Project Manager I always felt that they put my interests first. Soon after I had signed the contract, I received a short note from Chad Price, CRC Corporate General Manager. He wanted to let me know that if at any time I felt the need to chat with him that he was ready and willing to do so, and he even provided me with his direct line phone number. (I know that it was the right one because as the project was winding down I called him to thank him for the excellent work his team had done). Nate saw to it that the job was finished on time and within budget and that it completely met and in many cases exceeded my expectations. I am quick to tell everyone that if they ever need recovery work of any type done the first group they should call is CRC

Description of Work
On 12/14/2012 a fire totally destroyed the home. Cary Reconstruction was contracted to do a turnkey recovery operation. This involved inventory, removal, and recovery of all of the personal property, complete removal of fire damaged flooring, walls,windows,insulation, wiring, sheet rock, etc, and full restoration of the premises. .

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Jonathan H.

CRC is our insurance company's preferred contractor, and they were able to come to our house to calculate an estimate on the same day our insurance company contacted them. The two staff member's demeanor was professional and helpful, and they provided a timely estimate to our insurance company. Certain portions of the original estimate were not included with the documentation from our insurance company, so I called Scott (one of the two people who came to our house to perform the estimate) and asked that they send us a copy of the complete estimate so we would have a better idea of what the complete repair would cost. Scott said he would send that to us within the next few days. It has now been approximately three weeks since we asked for the complete estimate, and we have never received it. This is unfortunate, because CRC has otherwise provided a good experience. They have called and left messages regarding other related repair matters - just never about the one issue we specifically asked about.

Description of Work
CRC came to our house to give us an estimate for the repair of some water damage.

Category water damage restoration

Service Provider Response

(member name removed), Thank you for your positive comments about your experience with CRC and our professionalism. We are sorry that you experienced a lack of responsiveness in getting a copy of your estimate. In the process of conveying our recommendations of claim-related repairs necessary to restore your home to your insurance company, there are generally multiple versions of estimates (due to revisions). Our typical process is to walk your property with you and discuss any concerns you might have an offer any concerns that we might have. We address any claim-related concerns in our estimate which is submitted to your insurance company for review and approval. This process generally results in some back and forth and minor revisions to the estimate. Your insurance company requests that we allow them to provide you with the final agreed estimate, to eliminate any confusion that can result from having unapproved estimates. We are sorry that your estimator offered to get you a copy of your estimate, as the correct procedure would have been to direct you to your personalized portal on your insurance company's website. This is the procedure your insurance company asks us to follow for any scope/price related estimate items for your covered claim. Any other documentation such as drying logs, photographs, copies of contracts or other documentation we can gladly provide. Any estimates relating to non-claim-related work, we can discuss openly. We make the recommendations for the work to be performed and that recommendation weighs heavily on the ultimate payment of your claim. However, your insurance company ultimately decides coverage and payment for your claim. As such, they ask us to allow them to present you with their final determination of covered work and associated price. As always with CRC, if there are concerns you have or supporting information that you need - we are happy to discuss them and provide whatever documentation we can. One of our program managers will be giving you call shortly to discuss any outstanding needs. Thank you again for sharing your positive experience and hopefully we can resolve whatever informational need remains outstanding! Team CRC

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    How is Cary Reconstruction Co LLC overall rated?

    Cary Reconstruction Co LLC is currently rated 4.2 overall out of 5.

    What days are Cary Reconstruction Co LLC open?

    Cary Reconstruction Co LLC is open:

    Sunday: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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    Cary Reconstruction Co LLC accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard

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    Yes, Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offers free project estimates.

    Does Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offer a senior discount?

    No, Cary Reconstruction Co LLC does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offer emergency services?

    Yes, Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Cary Reconstruction Co LLC?

    Yes, Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offers warranties.

    What services does Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offer?

    Cary Reconstruction Co LLC offers the following services: Residential and commercial repair. Mold testing & remediation, water damage, fire & insurance restoration.

    Are there any services Cary Reconstruction Co LLC does not offer?

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