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Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc.

Founded 1995 • With Angi since February 2010


(10) Verified Reviews

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9331 West Broadway Ave.

Forest Lake, MN 55025


Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. has been in business since 1995 and has approx. five employees. We pride ourselves on providing good old fashion customer service and delivering high quality workmanship where the details matter most! We are perfectionists in every sense of the word. If you need a project done right the first time give us a call!...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Mike S.


Description of Work
They did landscaping.

Category landscaping



Kenneth R.

Joe came to our home took pictures, gave my wife and I a complete detailed explanation of what was wrong and causing our water problems. He took his time with us and explained what him and his crew would be doing to fix our problems. I guess Joe and his company might not be the cheapest when it comes to having this kind of work done, but I'm a firm believer, that you get what you pay for, and for what its worth this man does deliver and more. If I need any landscaping work done in the future, he will be my go to company.

Description of Work
Took care of a water intrusion problem at my home.

Category landscaping



katherine F.

Just fine. Done in 2 days as promised. Worked with as plans changed a little. Employees worked very late and hard and cleaned up immaculately before they left.

Description of Work
removed a 'jungle' and landscape rock near our front door and replaced with mulched gardens. Switched another smaller garden to mulch from weeds and rock.

Category landscaping, mulch



Erv F.

Contacted Palumbo about getting an estimate for the complete landscaping for our newly constructed home. Saw their website and Angie's list reviews so decided to contact them. Response was prompt but was told immediately that they charge $75.00 for their consultation. Figure if I am looking to get 3 bids for a $30,000 landscaping project I am not going to pay for them to come out and estimate the project, especially since I already have a professionally designed landscaping plan completed.

Description of Work
Contacted Palumbo for a bid for complete landscaping of new property.

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

Angie’s List may give Mr. ******* a podium to voice his opinion from, but they also give me that same right to reply – and you can bet that I’m going to exercise that right. I hope that anyone reading this fellow’s review realizes what his “F” rating is based on: He did not hire my company. He did not get an estimate from us. We never shook hands or even spoke on the phone. He emailed me to ask if I was interested in his project, and I said I could come out to do an estimate, but that I don’t offer free estimates. They’re just $75. It’s a nominal fee, just to ferret out people who aren’t strongly considering our services. Without it, all I do is drive from estimate to estimate - when I should be at paying clients’ homes, doing for them what I do best. This fellow did not like my policy, so rather than move on, he felt it appropriate to leave me an “F.” Grade for Price (F) – based on my $75 consultation fee (although no consult was ever scheduled). Grade for Responsiveness (B) – His email was sent at 9:19PM on a Tuesday and I replied to him at 9:29PM that same evening. 10 minutes later! Grade for Punctuality (B) – There was never an appointment made to be “punctual” to. If you think that’s crazy, you and I most likely see eye to eye, and would probably enjoy working together. But if you’re not sure what to conclude about my company based on his review, please read on - starting with the email correspondence: ---Begin email correspondence --- Email from Angie’s List user: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 9:19 PM Question or Job Description: We completed the construction of our new home late last fall and are looking to complete the landscaping this spring. We have a landscape design completed. We will need final grading, grading to address drainage in the rear of the property, irrigation, plants/shrubs, retaining wall, rock/mulch, and sod. Please contact me if you are interested in the project. Reply from Joe Palumbo: Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 at 9:29 PM Hi ***, Thanks for reaching out to me in regards to your potential landscaping project. I'll start off by saying that I do charge $75 for an onsite consultation. However this $75.00 fee (due upon completion of our meeting) will be refunding to you in its entirety should you decide to hire me for your project. I think it's important to note that "I" myself will be visiting your property and consulting with you, not an employee or commissioned salesman. I've been in the landscaping business for 20-years, and have played a hands-on role in literally thousands of landscape projects. I think you'll find our consultation to be very helpful & informative. I would plan on anywhere from 30-minutes to a full hour of your time to meet with me and go through your entire project. If you're looking for a top-notch job, you've found the right guy. Let me know if you'd like to set something up and we'll go from there. I'd certainly love to be a part of your project :o) Thanks again for reaching out to me ***! Email from Angie’s List user: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 9:56 PM I'm going to be getting 3 bids for the landscaping for my home. I'm not going to pay for your time to sell me on why I should go with you and for you to understand my project. If you require a payment to review the project to put together an I will look elsewhere. Reply from Joe Palumbo: Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 at 10:57 PM I wish you the very best ***. ---End email correspondence --- Why do I have a $75 estimate policy? (1) For starters, by the time I'm driven to a home, met with my potential client, driven back to the office and typed up a detailed proposal, I’ve invested 3-5 hours in that proposal. Despite that, I never pressure anyone to hire my company. (2) I have been in the landscaping business for 20-years, and "I" myself (the owner) visit each and every property and consult with the potential customer regarding design, the very best products to use, and how those products should be installed correctly (to stand the test of time in our harsh MN climate). I believe this service that I provide is of great value and will drastically influence your buying decision, whether you hire “me” or someone else. Compare this to the majority of my competitors who send out a “salesman” or “company representative”, often times with little to no hands-on experience and/or knowledge of proper landscape design & installation. Not to mention that when the rubber meets the road and your project is actually under way, the person you met with is now nowhere to be found. This happens all too often in this industry! I not only meet with my customers in-person, but should they chose to hire me/us I'm actually on the job making sure that everything is done right and according to what we discussed (every last detail!). (3) To weed out people like this gentleman. Sorry - but life is simply too short to work for people such as this. I'm a happy guy who loves life and looks forward to going to work everyday! I don't wish to be pulled down by surrounding myself with people such as this man. Furthermore, I am not a salesman. I'm a perfectionist with a strong passion for landscaping and landscape design. I am absolutely adamant about doing things once, and doing them right. I see every consultation as an opportunity to help people decide what landscaping work and company is best for them. When they choose my company, I’m thrilled. But they don’t always, and I respect that. If you don't think my investment of time, 20+ years of design and installation experience, and being present on the job (should you chose to hire us) is worth $75, I completely understand – no hard feelings. There are a plethora of other landscapers that pride themselves on handing out as many free estimates as humanly possible. But to leave a venomous review out of spite, and one that hurts my Angie's List reputation, is both unfair, and completely uncalled for. I am pleased that that my $75 consultation fee scared this particular customer away. If you’re looking for some of the best landscaping advice in the business, and you believe strongly in the philosophy that “any job worth doing, is worth doing right”, please contact me. I can promise you that you won’t regret it! I will design and construct a breathtaking display of landscaping that will not only look amazing upon completion, but will also stand the test of time. From something as simple as turf repair, or as complex as a water feature, retaining wall, paver patio, etc. I will, simply put, blow your socks off! And to prove it, aside from your 5% reservation deposit, I don’t ask for a single dime until the project is done and you agree that I’ve exceeded your expectations in every way, shape, and form! I’m tired of seeing good people get ripped off by “dollar menu” landscapers installing cheap products, using unqualified installers, who do nothing but prey on people that simply don’t know any better! Lastly, why did I spend an hour of my life putting this response together? Because I’ve spent the better part of my adult life building a business on integrity, transparency, honesty, and passion for what I do. I certainly hope that has come across. :o)


Lou B.

My yard was 0.75 acres of patchwork: patio, yard, gardens, and overgrown areas that haven't seen the light of day for decades. I also had numerous DIY projects in various stages of completeness. I started by making a list of the projects, added “wish” items and called Palumbo Landscaping. I had driven by their beautiful location in the area for years, and had checked them out on Angie's List, so I was ready to attack my problem yard. My other half is a retired construction inspector, and therefore, very fussy. Finding constructors that meet his exacting standards is always a challenge, but worth the quality in the end-results. For us, quality and local businesses are more important than price. My experiences with Palumbo Landscaping and Joe Palumbo were awesome. He is the kind of contractor I enjoy working with. He was professional from the first call to the last final wrap-up visit. Initially, he visited the site, and we reviewed my lists completely. He didn't criticize our mess of a yard, and as he got to know us better, began making suggestions that meshed with our ideas. He is meticulous, and insists on top-quality workmanship from everyone on his crew. He also utilizes top-quality materials, in fact, he beefed up the fencing posts from the manufacturer's recommendations. Fencing, trees, planting materials, and mulch were all top quality. He always answered phone calls, e-mails, or text messages promptly and with the desired information / response. We worked out the starting dates based on our schedules and around my travel / work and they were there when expected. Once they started on site, they stayed until the project was done, being absent only once when we were waiting for materials. Since the project expanded from an initial 2 weeks to almost 2 months (since I kept adding more work), this was quite a feat. I was quite surprised when I got the initial estimate. Joe had taken the lists, provided prices for each small project, plus added some options where I wasn't sure what I wanted. He also included some of the suggestions we discussed while on site. He also noted items that we couldn't make any decisions on until the area had been cleaned up and we could see what we were working with. I knew exactly what was going to be accomplished, the time frame to do it, and the associated costs. As we got past the demolition / clean-up phase and could see what we had to work with, Joe always took my suggestions, but enhanced with his ideas and experiences. I always had pricing for the options prior to their working, and when unexpected problems developed, they were communicated and resolved to my satisfaction. In fact, it was easy to tell how important that was. My input was often sought, my reaction to the work. If there was anything I didn't like, it was fixed or changed, so that I was satisfied. Examples included changing out plants, reworking some of the grading, layout of the pond, so everything was just what I wanted. His staff was just as professional and easy to work with. They checked in each morning (while I had my coffee on the deck) with what was happening that day, advised if there would be any deliveries or outside personnel on site. They also advised if I was needed for any decision making, so they could adapt to my work schedule. If I had any questions or issues or something I wanted done, we would discuss. They were polite and answered not only my questions, but those of inquisitive neighbors walking by (but didn't allow it to deter them from working). They introduced all workman so I knew who was on the property at any time.His guys are easy to spot since they all wear company shirts, so I could always tell if there was someone who didn't belong. They were neat, cleaned up at end of day, hauled all debris and other materials off-site. Before they left, I would get a quick update and let me know they were leaving. At the end of the project, the windows adjoining the work area were power washed, along with the driveway that had been used as a staging area. Anything that didn't belong was removed, and the site was immaculate. Joe coordinated with local building inspectors, underground utility coordinators, and all deliveries. Although we did not need any permits, he verified fencing requirements, etc. with the city. He arranged to have underground utilities marked several times, keeping safety of his workers and us in mind. Either Joe or his staff were on site when deliveries of topsoil, fencing, trees, plants, etc. were made, and where they were to be placed, so I didn't have to do a thing! At the end of the project, Joe provided drawings of garden layouts, sprinkler systems, buried cable for future lighting diagrams, and aerial pictures! We walked through the entire project for anything that I didn't like, and it was corrected. We actually did this numerous times throughout the project, but at the end as well. As noted, the project expanded from its original scope, partially because we didn't know what was buried in the undergrowth, plus if Joe and his crew did not work well with my inspector other half, we would have limited the scope. Clearly, it was not a problem and the following is a snapshot of my project: - cleaned out overgrown areas, removing old stumps, debris (old fencing, concrete blocks,decomposed wood piles, landscape timbers which are hazardous waste), etc.which was a massive undertaking just to start the project - regraded large areas (including contouring to minimize the impact of an old mound drainfield) and brought in countless truckloads of fill. - removed two small retaining walls - added beautiful pond (removing one of those old partial DIY projects) - added concrete edging around the entire perimeter and several planting beds (ready for lighting to be added next year). They custom colored it to match my antique paver walkway. - placed 2 semi-loads of mulch - designed layout and planted 400 shrubs and (perennial) flowers. - sodded all non-garden areas - installed irrigation system for both yard and garden areas (no more dragging hoses around) including buried power lines for future lighting and electrical needs - power washed, brightened and resealed deck and railings - resurfaced, regrouted and sealed patio and antique pavers in walkway (looks better than when originally installed) - added privacy fencing around part of yard, and ornamental fence around the rest. Placed evergreens along ornamental fence. - added raised garden to replace old vegetable gardens Am I happy with the results? Absolutely! I have a yard that is spectacular to look at every day from my sunroom office, and is the envy of the neighborhood.(I know since they stop and tell me about it all the time.) I can stroll around and look at the beautiful plantings that I have always wanted, but never seem to be able to accomplish on my own. Would I hire Palumbo Landscaping again? In a moment. In fact, I already have them lined up for a few tasks that I did not do last year, so I'm on the docket for the upcoming summer. In summary, great job done by an exceptional local company experienced in all my landscaping needs. If you want a top-quality, professional landscaping project done, call Joe.

Description of Work
Massive makeover of entire yard, clear out undergrowth, regrade and contour yard, brought in fill and topsoil, installed fencing, concrete edging, irrigation system, plantings of flowers, trees, shrubs, sodded rest of yard. Built pond, completed walkways, sealed decks and walks. (See detailed list below.)

Category landscaping, lawn service, mulch, hardscaping



Judith L.

I learned about Polumbo Landscaping from reviewing landscapers on Angie's list,. Joe had excellent ideas and listened to what I wanted. He incorporated my ideas and greatly improved on them. He was very professional and knowledgeable. The quality of the projects completed far exceeded my expectations. He started the work and finished the project according to the schedule we had agreed on. My yard and driveway were left in excellent condition. I have more landscaping to complete and I will definitely be hiring Polumbo Landscaping to complete it.

Description of Work
Joe completely reconstructed my beach - by replacing the old rip-rap (extensive rock work) and cleaning up the old sand and decorative wood borders on the beach. He also put mulch rings around my eight trees and in all four (2 large) of my flower beds.

Category landscaping, lawn service, lakefront landscaping, hardscaping



Helen P.

The foundation plantings in front of my home were in desperate need of a professional facelift. I talked with several contractors, and while all the estimates were competitive, the passion and enthusiasm Joe Palumbo exuded for his work exceeded that of anyone else. Joe was great to work with. He listened carefully to what I wanted and needed, offered practical suggestions and alternatives. He was very focused and thorough with every detail. Joe completed the job sooner than expected and now that the job is complete, I find words do not fully describe how impressed I am; not only with the quality and outcome of his work but also the way he handled every detail of his business. The energy and professionalism of Joe and his crew was without flaw from start to finish. He is truly a man of his word. I would highly recommend Joe Palumbo to everyone. I know he'll be the first person I call next time I need any of his services.

Description of Work
The front of my house was completely re-landscaped (i.e., new edging design, mulch, planting, etc). They also added some large plantings on the side of my house for privacy and both edged and mulched around them. It looks fantastic!

Category landscaping, lawn service



Kenneth H.

I have never worked with a contractor who communicated as well as Joe. He was engaged with this project from original estimate until the bill was paid and even followed up afterwards. He is creative, energetic and skilled. His team is friendly, hard working and trustworthy. We were amazed at Joe's work ethic--he pushed himself and his staff to reach specific goals each day. The final result is nothing less than impressive and stunning. We will definitely use Joe for future landscaping projects. I have recommended him to everyone who has stopped to look at the work he did.

Description of Work
Joe first gave me a detailed estimate of the work we hoped to complete on our lakefront. It involved removing existing rip-rap, shaping the shoreline, adding a sandy beach and building a new shoreline with landscape fabric, additional rock and a river rock border. Additionally, we agreed to have a large cottonwood tree stump and circular mound removed and graded. Improvement of the shoreline and property area required the removal of a number of trees and stumps and subsequent grading of additional fill and topsoil. The final graded area would be hand raked and seeded. Joe and his crew arrived ahead of schedule, worked 10-12 hour days, reported back nightly through detailed emails and made valuable suggestions on improving our original work agreement. The final outcome was a lakefront to die for--Joe left us with a work of true landscape artistry, better than we could have imagined.

Category lawn service, lakefront landscaping



Glenda S.

From the beginning, my husband and I were very impressed with Joe and his team. Our first impression was their website as the company was found via a Google search. We've worked with several other landscaping companies in the past and Palumbo's website far outshines any others we've seen. The comprehensive resources available (customer testimonies, list of services, why their service stands out, etc) as well as the layout, design and ability to contact them via the site all work together to make their website outstanding. We contacted them via the website as well as called. In response to both the web inquiry and phone call, we were told (by an out of office email and voicemail message) that Joe was currently on vacation and specifically when we could expect to hear back. We received a call from Joe the morning of the day we were told to expect to hear from him. Outstanding start to a GREAT customer experience! We scheduled time for him to come over for an estimate a couple days later. We were impressed by the fact that he had specific time already built into his schedule for estimates - rather than stating he'd be over sometime in an evening after he was at a jobsite. He arrived on time, presently himself professionally and easily understood what we wanted to have done. He offered excellent design ideas and was respectful of our and quot;minimalisticand quot; approach to landscaping (meaning he didn't try to sell us on things he clearly understood we didn't want). We had a specific timeline for the work to be completed and Joe went above and beyond to do all he could to meet our deadline. This was GREATLY appreciated as we were having the work done larger due to a party we were having. The job was to be completed in one day. The crew arrived after we had left for work (we leave early in the morning) and were still working when we arrived home in the afternoon. Mitch, one of the 3 person crew, immediately walked up to us and introduced himself and proceeded to give us an update on where they were at with the job, when we could expect Joe to be back and asked us if we had any questions. VERY IMPRESSIVE. The other two crew members (Mike and Dan) acknowledged us with hearty hellos, smiling faces and waves. Right away we felt extremely at ease, which was a stark contrast to other landscaping crews we've had at our house. We could clearly see that professionalism and great customer service are two expectations Joe has of his crew. Joe arrived shortly after we got home and greeted us warmly. He and the crew continued to work until the job was finished early evening. He provided us a comprehensive overview of the work done, explained how/when to water, etc. And made it clear we were welcome to contact him with any questions or concerns. We would highly recommend Palumbo to anyone. Their attention to detail, high level professionalism and excellent customer service make them a stand-out company in their industry. We simply cannot say enough about how impressed we were, start to finish. Joe even emailed us before and after pictures along with a thank you for our business. OUTSTANDING! Thanks Joe, Mitch, Mike and Dan - we appreciate the excellent work!

Description of Work
Joe and team completed landscaping in our front yard including new edging, river rock, mulch and plants.

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

Thank you so much for the many kind words Member! I can't tell you how much it means to all of us to work for someone who notices the pure passion and dedication we have for landscaping. From beginning to end the crew and I do everything humanly possible to leave a lasting impression of our company and its staff. We've been exceeding customers expectations for nearly 18 years now and it's reviews like this that will help propel us into our 20 year in business. You and Member were an absolute joy to work with from start to finish. I can't thank you guys enough for just being who you are - kind, happy, positive & uplifting people! Thanks again for helping to spread the word of our great work! You can be rest assured that we'll make good on your review and treat any future customers in the exact same manner as you were treated. You have my word on that! ~Joe Palumbo



First thing this morning, I felt a 'drip' and then noticed a huge water spot on a bedroom ceiling when I went into the room. After asking my Facebook friends for suggestings on someone that could get to my home ASAP to get the snow and ice removed so the leak could be stopped, were suggested (part of Palumbo Services). I checked out their Facebook page and website, then called right away. Katie answered promptly and said that they could certainly get someone to my home right away. I talked to her at 9:30am and Brian arrived at 11:00am. After a brief consultation, he got right to work and removed all of the snow from my roof, then took care of the ice dams. He ever spread some ice melt on my sidewalks. He was completely finished in 3 hours. I'm so glad this company was recommended to me - and that they had such a complete Facebook page that gave me valuable information that assisted in my decision making during a stressful morning.

Description of Work
Snow and ice dams that were causing a leak inside my home were removed from my roof.

Category snow removal

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    How is Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. overall rated?

    Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. is currently rated 4.9 overall out of 5.

    What days are Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. open?

    Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. is open:

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    No, Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    Yes, Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc.?

    Yes, Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. offers warranties.

    What services does Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. offer?

    Palumbo Landscaping & Services, Inc. offers the following services: Retaining Walls, Paver Patios, Aquascaping (Ponds), Edging (Poly and Brick), Wood Chips, Mulch, Rock Gardens, Shrubs, Trees, Drainage Fixing, Grading, Prep, Sod, Outdoor Lighting, Lakeshore Work, Brush Removal, Bobcat Work, Clean-up, House Washing, Deck & Fence Washing and Sealing, Flat Surface Cleaning, Removal of Black Streaks on Roof or Gutters, Lawn Mowing, Debris Removal, Sod Installation and Removal, Leaf Removal, Complete Commercial and Residential Grounds Maintenance, Buckthorn Removal,

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