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Gutter Helmet by Classic

Founded 1981 • With Angi since January 2012


(7) Verified Reviews

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1824 Cargo Ct

Louisville, KY 40299


Gutter Helmet by Classic is known by the First, The Best, The #1 in the Gutter Protection on the market today. We have been doing it for over 35 years and back up our product 100%. Gutter Helmet is designed to fit over your existing gutter system and protect your home from damage caused by clogged

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Kenny R.

The service person was very cooperative & capable. This product's durability is awful! Whenever I have workers getting on my roof, you can bet that there will be damage to the panels nose( the most important feature). When the nose is dented, water flow will not go into the gutter. To get a single 5ft. panel replaced, it will cost well over $100.......ridiculous. What's even worse, is if you are going to replace your roof, GH and only GH can remove and replace the Helmet, if they don't do it the warranty will be voided. However, I'm not sure what the warranty gets you. I've never had any warranty work done and I've had it for many years. For me to put a new roof on I will have to pay over $1300 to remove & replace it.

Description of Work
replaced damaged Gutter Helmet sections and rusting screws

Category gutter repair

Service Provider Response

I want to thank you, Mr. [Member Name Removed] for the comments posted. We strive to do a good job and take care of our customers when needed. We appreciate the good things mentioned as well as welcome the negative comments. While we do not apologize for the cost or our products, we hope you understand that you did not purchase just another "gutter screen" from the big box stores. You actually invested in a "Lifetime" system, that will help protect your home. Hopefully you wouldn't take a "Cadillac" that is under warranty to just anyone who is cheap, just to save a dollar. Getting a roof is not a cheap thing either, and I am sure you do not trust that work to just anyone, because they are the cheapest. You pay more because you want good service and materials installed and someone to back that up for however long the warranty lasts. The Gutter Helmet when installed, becomes a part of that existing roofing system, and needs to be removed to install a new roof properly. Incidentally, in most cases, if the roof is being replace for reasons the homeowners insurance covers, the cost to remove and reinstall the Gutter Helmet is usually included in the payment of the new roof, minus the deductible. This is also true if damage, "Acts of God", occurs to the roof, like hail or storm damage. The Gutter Helmet comes with a Triple Lifetime warranty. Meaning after it is installed by a "Certified Gutter Helmet Installer" we will warranty the product for life. The main part of our warranty and our slogan "NEVER CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS AGAIN" are a big part of this. Once installed we GAURANTEE that no debris will get into the system and clog it up, "IF" this were to happen, we "WILL" come out, "AT NO CHARGE" to clean that out and adjust the panels to prevent this from happening again "For a Lifetime". The tampering of the system is part of this. The system was created using five foot panels to "CUSTOM" fit the system over a customers "EXISTING" gutter(s) or newly installed gutter(s). Once we install it we warranty the work done by approved "Certified Gutter Helmet" installers ONLY. If someone other than us, works on our system or adjusts it, and / or damages it, (such as putting a ladder against it, causing dents), we cannot warranty this. Until we have corrected the issues which cause the system not to work, the product's warranty is suspended, on all areas this occurs. Most people find this logical and understand from a warranty stand point. The rest of the warranty or second part is the manufactures warranty which protects the homeowner from defects in the finish and / or product itself. The third part covers the ability to transfer that warranty to a new homeowner for a minimal cost and once an inspection is completed on the system to verify no tampering has taken place. However, because the nose is slightly in front of the edge of the gutter, it is not recommended that anyone rests a ladder on the nose of the Gutter Helmet to get onto the roof. The panels, made from aluminum will dent with the weight of the ladder and the person climbing up onto the roof. (Gutters will do this also). The Gutter Helmet is designed with a nose forward patented design, and is also made from aluminum. The panel, while strong enough to withstand years of normal wear and weather, has limitations. The patented nose forward design along with other patented designing, combine together to keep the water flowing into the gutter but the debris in the water stream will eventually fall to the ground. Thus preventing the debris from making their way into the gutter system and clogging the system back up. Part of our warranty and our slogan "NEVER CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS AGAIN" are a big part of this. Once installed we guarantee that no debris will get into the system and clog it up, "IF" this were to happen, we "WILL" come out, "AT NO CHARGE" to clean that out and adjust the panels to prevent this from happening again. AND/Or if their are problems due to installation, such as adjustments needed and or defects to the material. All included. However, because the nose is slightly in front of the edge of the gutter, it is not recommended that anyone rests a ladder on the nose of the Gutter Helmet. The panels, made from aluminum will dent with the weight of the ladder and the person climbing up onto the roof. This can be prevented with the use of a ladder accessory called a "LADDER STABALIZER" or "LADDER STAND OFF". These can be purchased at any of the hardware stores selling ladders or specialty ladder shops also, even online, if preferred. Gutter Helmet has been using them since the beginning of the installation of our product. (Over 35 years). All Roofing companies are aware of this product and most "professionals" utilize this tool as it helps stabilize the ladder and keeps it from tipping left to right, when climbing, at the same time keeps the ladder from touching the aluminum gutters surrounding the home. Even without Gutter Helmet on the home this is good practice, because ladders resting against the aluminum gutters potentially, will dent or warp from this weight and/ or scratch as the person is climbing the ladder, making the ladder move slightly as the their weight shifts from left to right. As I said the "PROFESSIONAL" roofers, who care about your property, utilize this tool. The necessity for the panels to be removed during a roofing process is usually pretty logical. Simply, they are in the way. The panels are installed under the 2nd shingle. While no screws penetrate the roof in our installation, the panel is over what is called the "starter row"and the "first row" of shingles. Our brackets supporting the infrastructure of the panels are also located in this area. Removing the panels accomplishes a number of things. Number one and most importantly, this "PREVENTS" damage being done to the system. While there is cost involve in the Removal and Reinstallation,(mainly labor and materials), of the Gutter Helmet system. This is very "INEXPENSIVE" compared to the damage I personally have seen after the roofers are through with the Gutter Helmet product. Even if they say they can do it, or never intentionally mean to do any harm. Example: (The damaged, panels, the system "roofed over", reinstalled in-correctly, out of alignment, allowing debris in, or installed in such a way that the Gutter Helmet cannot be serviced at all without cutting the material off and starting over with new material, the debris left in the gutter, the cost for a whole new system, the head ache to the homeowner to try and get the roofer to "pay for the damages"...etc.). Gutter Helmet is not another "CHEAP" product. Customers buy this product because it is a lifetime product, to help prevent costly damages to their homes caused by clogged gutters and also to prevent them from having to get up on the roof themselves, saving time also, and it "KEEPS THEM OFF THAT DANGEROUS LADDER". It is designed and sold as a "LIFETIME" product for a reason and homeowners seeing the value and advantages to this are careful "NOT" to let others who are unqualified deal with the gutter protection system. I mean you wouldn't have just anyone work on you, would you, and you wouldn't expect another doctor to warranty another's work. While this isn't brain surgery by any means, you get the point. The other reason for Removal and Reinstallation by our certified installers, has to do with putting the product back on correctly. We initially custom installed this to fit your home. When we remove it we make sure to map how it came off and should go back on. We replace the support brackets new at reinstall and, once again, make sure all the gutters and downspouts are aligned properly and free of debris before reinstalling the product. Doing this allows us to put it back under warranty, and should give the customer a piece of mind, knowing the system has no damage and has been put back on in a professional manner and will work properly. This takes time and money in labor and materials on our part to help the customers system remain working and doing what they purchased this for. The last reason... You usually only have a roof installed every 15 to 50 years, depending on materials used. Why not make sure the product you purchased to enhance your home and protect your investment, continues to work properly? You invested good money up front, Why would you not want someone familiar with the product and how it works and is willing to guarantee that, to make sure it is Removed and Reinstalled properly in a roofing situation? You paid a higher cost for a better product to do a better job, shouldn't you protect that investment? Thank you, I hope this explanation helps ease your worries on the "COST" of what your have invested in. If you have any further questions, please call us anytime. Michael Pearce General Manager Gutter Helmet by Classic


Kenny R.

Description of Work
Replaced 4 barely damaged gutter helmet panels. They do not repair, just replace. Their prices seem excessive and their product isn't very durable.

Category gutter repair, roofing

Service Provider Response

I investigated this information. We sometimes can repair the panels but when the panels have been dented or damaged as our pictures show this product was we generally replace. Customers always have the option to not replace the material but in order for the product to work correctly, having a dent free system is required. The products warranty does not cover storm damage, as was the case in this particular incident. Because this is a part of the home, the customer always has the option to turn damages into their homeowners insurance. Minus the deductible, of which a lot of times the damages do not even meet, but it is always an option, for the homeowner. The product was purchased in 2004, and with the exception of damages done to the panels on occasion, the product has been very effective at doing what it was purchased for, which is keeping the water going where it is supposed to and the gutters free of debris and clogs. Not to mention keeping the customer off that ladder and having to clean the gutters sometimes up to 3 times a year. This particular home has gutters completely around the home, or continuous guttering approximately 241 feet of material. With the Gutter Helmet product we are considered to be the #1 Gutter Protection in America, due to the fact that "It works", for over 35 years we have been able to keep the homes it is on from leaf build up and protecting that expensive investment from being damaged due to clogged gutters. Gutter Helmet by any means has never been the cheapest, and has always been one of the most expensive products on the market. Customers try numerous other, "cheaper" products and sometimes even more expensive products in the industry over and over again to get failed results. We provide a product that actually works and we stand behind it. This customer has had this product on their home for over 12 YEARS. Removing and Reinstalling it once in this period of time for a new roof. That is a long time to not have to clean out your gutters or worry about the dangers of being on a ladder. Yes their are costs associated with having an outdoor product such as this on your home, but the panels are designed in 5ft sections so we can remove them in sections, as needed in case of damage. The gutters are usually spared from damage due to the product being on top. This is usually not an everyday event, and happens unfortunately only every so often.


Sharon V.

Category gutter repair

Service Provider Response

Thank you very much for the great review! Very much appreciated. :)


James S.

Description of Work
Gutter Helment by Classic rep showed up on time for estimate. I e-mailed request for copy of the quote. Rep sent e-mail quote, it was hand written, hard to read. I sent e-mail to rep for further clarification and suggested if possible a follow up meeting at their Louisville office to discuss details. Rep did not reply or follow up. I assume GH has lots of quotes and it appears if you don't sign up immediately or ask for specifics they are to busy to answer.

Category gutter repair



Harvey S.

GH was removed and stored on premises. When technition replaced GH he cleaned all the gutters and repaired end caps. Outstanding service!

Description of Work
Removed GH prior to installation of new roof and replaced GH when roof completed.

Category gutter repair

Service Provider Response

Thank you, very much for your review. The service we provide to our customers when they are getting a new roof, regarding the Gutter Helmet is to remove the Gutter Helmet before the roof is installed, and replace it when the roof is finished being installed. We do this for a minimal price which covers the labor to remove and reinstall the product and we also add new updated brackets, make sure the gutter is properly cleaned out and the Gutter Helmet is installed back on your home exactly how it should be. This process protects the Lifetime warranty that comes with the product and insures you the ability to transfer that warranty when or if you ever sell your home. We want this to be a Lifetime product on your home and help protect you from having to clean out those awful gutters ever again, while also helping to protect the huge investment you have in your property. Thanks again we really value you as a customer. Mike Pearce GM Classic Home Center" i.e. Gutter Helmet


Judy P.

I did not have a good experience with them. The installation was wonderful and I had a lifetime warranty, but they refused to do anything about it when it faded.

Description of Work
I used Gutter Helmet by Classic for gutter replacement and repair.

Category gutter repair

Service Provider Response

[removed member name], I have just read your statement here on Angie's list, and will look into this further. I know on the older Gutter Helmet (Before 2001) in the warranty it specifically mentions that Uniform fading of the product is not covered under the warranty, due to the fact the technology at the time was not available for a U. V. protectant to be added to the paint. With the new and improved material, the paint that is being used today is indeed covered by our Lifetime Warranty from fading. I will however see what I can do to remedy this situation for you, because we want you as a Lifetime customer, not just a one time sale. Yours Truly Mike Pearce GM, Classic Home center.


Carla L.

They were very friendly. I talked to the salesperson and they explained everything that I needed to do to keep it working correctly. I paid a down payment before the work begins. I talked with the General Manager of the company, and he helped me by letting me save up the money so I could pay for it all at once.

Description of Work
They came out and did an estimate for gutter covers on all my gutters. They also offered to do other gutter work for me and add some dirt around my home for basement proofing, and checked the downspouts.

Category gutter repair

Service Provider Response

Thank you very much!! We appreciate your business! Michael Pearce GM

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    GUTTER HELMET, the First, Best #1 gutter protection, New Seamless Aluminum Gutters. We also do Vinyl Replacement Windows, Vinyl Siding and Soffits, and New Doors.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Gutter Helmet by Classic

    How is Gutter Helmet by Classic overall rated?

    Gutter Helmet by Classic is currently rated 4 overall out of 5.

    What days are Gutter Helmet by Classic open?

    Gutter Helmet by Classic is open:

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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    Gutter Helmet by Classic accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing Available

    Does Gutter Helmet by Classic offer free estimates?

    Yes, Gutter Helmet by Classic offers free project estimates.

    Does Gutter Helmet by Classic offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Gutter Helmet by Classic does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Gutter Helmet by Classic offer a senior discount?

    No, Gutter Helmet by Classic does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Gutter Helmet by Classic?

    Yes, Gutter Helmet by Classic offers warranties.

    What services does Gutter Helmet by Classic offer?

    Gutter Helmet by Classic offers the following services: GUTTER HELMET, the First, Best #1 gutter protection, New Seamless Aluminum Gutters. We also do Vinyl Replacement Windows, Vinyl Siding and Soffits, and New Doors.