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A Plus Handyman Home Improvements

Founded 1995 • With Angi since May 2011


(18) Verified Reviews

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PO Box 260634

Denver, CO 80226


A Plus Handyman Home Improvements offers professional handyman services in Lakewood,CO.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Carla L.

Prompt response and quick to setup an appointment. Steve G. handled the bidding process. He showed up on time and we went through the unit's repairs in a quick manner. He got his crew out the next day, and everything was done in a single day. There was a misunderstanding around what was agreed upon, but Steve handled himself again in a professional manner. I would recommend a quick list of agreed upon items as this crew handles a lot of different clients. I also worked with a Daniel who handles their estimates. Again, Friendly and professional. Eager to make things right for the customer. I would highly recommend this service after countless no-shows and unprofessional crews from craiglist. I hope to contract Steve's crew for an egress basement window soon.

Description of Work
Drywall patches, kitchen sink interior repair, door & closet repair, toilet leak discovered & repaired

Category drywall, handyman service, remodeling, woodworking



Brandon M.

Dan and his team had done an entire flip on my house prior to me purchasing it. They offered a one-year warranty on all their work, and after a few months there were a few minor things that needed fixed and Dan was more than happy to help. His team arrived on time and worked efficiently to fix all items at no charge. I have since used A Plus for additional jobs and they are quickly becoming my GOTO Handyman.

Description of Work
Fix cracked tile, fixed vent fan leak (no cap on vent). Fix roof leak. Fix swollen door. Install smoke detector. Install shower rod.

Category ceramic tile, drywall, flooring contractor, handyman service



Alan W.

I have owed several houses, and have had dozens of experiences with contractors from washing machine repair to rebuilding parts of existing homes. I can say without a doubt that Steve and his crew provided the best service experience I have ever encountered. This experience included courtesy, timeliness, quality of work, attitude, and pricing. Steve is highly professional, and has an excellent eye for design as well. The home he worked on is a second home for my husband and I; the majority of the work took place over a two month period while we resided in our primary home, When we arrived in Boulder (our second residence), everything was up to par and beyond, and Steve was only too happy to have his crew return to complete touch ups. This business is indeed "A+"!!! I highly recommend their services - they can do anything you ask.

Description of Work
* installed hardwood flooring * installed tile in kitchen and three bathrooms * remodeling three bathrooms and kitchen * painted entire house * odds and ends

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor, handyman service, hardwood floor



Michael P.

They were very professional and you could tell they knew exactly what they were doing.

Description of Work
Helped me finish a crown moulding project

Category woodworking



Erin W.

I did finally hear from AL about my dispute regarding the Big Deal. I proposed a solution that was presented to A Plus Handyman and they rejected it. My proposal was to accept that I had received half of the labor that I had paid for in the Big Deal (2 men x 4 hours each = 8 hour) and that I would pay for the materials upon receiving an invoice and copy of the receipt. I asked to receive the other 8 hours of labor that were a part of the purchased deal. This was an incredibly fair proposal that A Plus refused to honor or accept. Frankly I did not even receive 8 full hours of labor, I have no idea where he gets 7 below. If at any point I was offered the option to cancel my deal and receive a refund instead of going ahead with the work I would have jumped on it. I was only told over and over that they would "take care of me" and "make it right". Neither of these things happened. Dan visited our home the day before the work was scheduled in order to inspect the job. I told him that getting the work done would require that I take a day of vacation and that I didn't want to do so and then have any surprises. The day that I did take off from work Dan shows up with the owner who proceeds to tell me that only the drywall work will occur. Nasty surprise. He then tells me that they have spent $174 on materials but will "take care of me". How would any reasonable person take this? I was getting less than half of the labor that I paid for. The demand for $174 in materials was one that I finally accepted as soon as I was able to review the receipt. Again, a very reasonable request. Their refusal to send this to me only confirms my belief that not only did they not honor the deal but they tried to extort more money from me for materials that were not used on my job. Very disappointing. Please avoid this company at all costs. The 2 men that did the work showed up with 1 ladder (so only 1 man was actually working). They started at 9:30am and took 2 1-hour breaks (1 for lunch and 1 for the mud to dry) before leaving at 2:30pm. **I want to update my review to include my experience with Angie's List. Good luck getting any assistance from them. They contact me constantly to sell me things or request my feedback or reviews. However I have requested assistance from them 4 times now in getting this situation taken care of. No response! Please keep this in mind if you are considering buying a "Big Deal" or renewing your membership. I dealt primarily with Dan to schedule the work. We agreed to a day that his team was available and I told him I would call back to confirm my availability as I needed to take time off from work. I did so and we were then told that Dan was merely scheduling an appointment to take a look at the job. After some back and forth we managed to get this appointment set up as well and when I called to confirm it (Dan said he would call me back but did not) I received a lecture from Dan. He went on and on about how he hates the deals on Angie's List, how they never authorized this deal, how it was unfair that I'd purchased it and now expected to have it fulfilled. It was awful. I had to interrupt him to ask him how this was my fault. After that he kept saying he'd "make it right" and "take care of us". The day the work was to be done Dan showed up at our scheduled time and was accompanied by Steve, the owner. Steve asked to see the work and then told me that they do not have 2 contractors on staff. Frankly he said that Dan is the only contractor and he doesn't do anything aside from pull permits. He tells me that they will get the drywall repair completed and that they spent $174 on materials for the job (including purchasing drywall) but that they will "take care of me". He looks again at the crown molding and bids me $9 per linear foot to install it (since I have already purchased the materials). He estimates 40-45 linear feet so my total will be another $360 - $405 in labor. At this point I've taken the day off from work, it's almost 9:30am and I believe that they are offering to get the drywall repair work done and not charge me for materials. I wasn't happy but I agreed to the work. It was completed that day. The work was primarily done by 1 man, not 2. They only had 1 ladder set up so it would have been impossible for more than 1 person to work at a time. The drywall they used was already cut and dirty and came from another job. The work was done ineffeciently. When there was only 15 minutes of mud work left the crew took a 1 hour lunch break. After that they did the 15 minutes of mud work and then waited 1 hour for it to dry, just standing around talking. This is a huge part of why I paid for 2 general contractors so that the time could be used efficiently. At best the work took 3 hours and only 1 man for most of that time. The next day I receive a phone call and a text message from Dan asking me to pay for the $174 of materials. We went back and forth where I told him that I had not received the labor I paid for and now they wanted more money for materials that they had led me to believe were taken care of due to their inability to complete the work. I finally agreed to pay for the materials and take my issue up with Angie's List for resolution. I asked for a copy of the receipt to show what the cost of the materials were for my job. A quick search on will show you that they spent nowhere near $174 on materials for this amount of work. All of a sudden Dan tells me that they will not collect money for the materials and will "let it go". At this point I know that the material cost is being hidden from me so I ask for a copy of the receipt to show the cost. Steve told me that they purchased drywall for my job but Dan later admitted (when I challenged it) that they drywall was leftover from another job. I wonder what else would have showed up on that receipt that was never used on my job. On Friday I'm told I'll have the receipt "first of the week". Wednesday night I haven't yet received it and follow up. Dan responds to tell me that "it's not a priority" meaning that I'm not going to get it. I explained to him my feelings on the issue and he still won't provide it. No attempt has been made to actually make this right. I was prepared to let it go because frankly I was tired of dealing with Dan. That is until I received a demand for an additional $174. Not only did I pay $400 for labor that I didn't receive (there is a 3 hour drywall repair "deal" currently offered for $99 that I would have purchased if I just wanted drywall) they are trying to get more money. I have a history of text messages to prove all communications. Please avoid this company at all costs. I do not believe they are operating ethically.

Description of Work
I purchased a "Big Deal" for 2 general contractors for a day at 8 hours each. The work I asked that they perform was to repair a section of drywall in my ceiling (approx. 3' x 4') and hang approximately 40 linear feet of crown molding. I had already purchased and painted the crown molding, it just needed to be hung.

Category drywall, remodeling

Service Provider Response

In response to the complaint,We have a great rating with angies list and the BBB.I also had no idea how the coupon worked and that you kept a percentage of the money.But i talked to my REP. and he told me we used to pay a monthly fee for your service..and you stopped that.I also had the ads removed the minute i heard about this,We will put more but we have to rethink this.I get alot of calls that are referred by angies list.THANK YOU As for the complaint i called the customer at the time i got your e-mail saying she paid for a service.I wanted to meat with her and see the job.Because some people think more can happen in a day than we can do.So as i told her i wanted to see the job so she knew what was up.To give her a chance to get her money back. I took the owner of the job with me and we let her know that drywall guys and trim guys are two different trades,And that the materials were extra.She agreed and let us start working.When i asked about picking up material money.In which i would prove a reciept she said that she assumed the materials were included.I told the owner about it and he said to let it go and she Won just like that.Then she wanted the reciept for the money she wasn't going to pay,We don't owe her a reciept so she can use that against us.The drywall was left over from another job.So what I tried to call her numerous times but she prefers to communicate by text.And i still have those too.We did a drywall repair on a high ceiling that required a tall ladder.Our guys work in pairs.We also told her the guys would have to wait for the mud to dry.and would be sitting around,We told her this before the job started If we would have done her crown moulding too it would have taken two guys to do that.So it wasn't possible for both jobs to happen at once The add said 2 licenced contractors for a day.I am the only licenced contractor at this company.So i don't know how that happened.I just have a licence.For the use of pulling permits for jobs that need it.I framed new houses for 20 years.i've never been a drywaller or interior trimmer.I use other people for certian trades This was all explaned to her before starting,So she would feel comfortable.But she was upset so we gave her what she wanted.Labor and Materials For the same price,she got 2 guys for seven and a half hours.and the job she agreed upon got completed Check our record with you and the BBB.It's great We try to make everybody happy and we lost money trying to make her happy THANK YOU


Sheila G.

When I called they were prompt and responsive. The work that was preformed on the garage door will have to be done again as the substance used to hold the metal plate for the door is not holding. The technician was polite but seemed as though he was in a hurry to get the job done and move on. The garage door that he fixed cost me $65 dollars for "glue" which seemed overpriced but I needed it done. Now I will have to have someone else come out and fix the same door again.

Description of Work
Performed work on two doors, the first door was to move the door jam and did a nice job, the door now closes. He cleaned up after the mess and was prompt. The second door which is outside was fixed with some sort of glue and is now not holding and something else will have to be done. It will require another handyman.

Category flooring contractor



robert H.

He did very good. He understood what I wanted almost immediately and was able to do it very well. The communication was a little lacking or part of it was. I thought he was asking me questions that didn’t relate to the contract. I would advice others to try to keep up the communication with him.

Description of Work
I used A Plus Handyman Home Improvements to remodel some closets and put some windows into a shed that I turned into a greenhouse.

Category closet systems, replacement windows



Tom H.


Description of Work
The installation was top quality. I couldn't see the seam and they went up to the wall with no gaps or tears. My objections were that I had to buy the flooring ahead of time and they miscalculated and I had to return and get more. Also they wanted to be paid immediately upon completion instead of billing me. Minor details I admit but still not quite worthy of a full "A".

Category flooring contractor



Gabriel F.

They did a nice job on the floors and they fixed their mistake so that's good. Their price was reasonable, so that's good. But they left handprints all over my walls, that's not so good. I will use them again in the future.

Description of Work
I used A+ Home Improvement to fix a mistake they made when refinishing my floor.

Category flooring contractor, hardwood floor, woodworking




He fixed my chair. I was satisfied with the work. He was a good worker. It was just one guy who came out to do the work. He is quick and is on time.

Description of Work
I used the services of A+ Home Improvement for carpentry work. I last used them in winter 2010.

Category woodworking



Gabriel F.

A+ gave me an estimate that was lower than their competitors. They also didn't charge extra for a water-based finish, unlike some of their competitors. They completed the job in the time they stated. I returned to find floors that looked virtually new. There were some odd marks in the wood beneath the finish, but A+ came out the following day to explain that these were due to wear in the soft fir and not the result of spills of liquid on the wood during remodeling. My only complaint was that one of A+'s workmen left dirty handprints on our walls. However, the exceptional quality of the work performed by A+ in refinishing our floors, combined with their attention to our questions and concerns, makes me feel that I was fortunate in hiring A+. I recommend them to others and will hire them again.

Description of Work
A+ sanded and refinished my wood floors.

Category flooring contractor, remodeling




It went OK. They burst a water pip with a nail. They got right on top of it. They fixed that at their own cost.

Description of Work
They replaced and hung some drywall for me.

Category drywall, plumbing



Peggy L.

The actual work performed was fine, but have tried twice since then to schedule work and have not received a call back. The date of the work doen is approx - can't remember exact month it was perfromed.

Description of Work
In the past, this company did some ceramic tile work & plumbing. I was pleased with the work performed.

Category ceramic tile, plumbing, home remodeling



Lawrence W.

They worked promptly and handled unexpected issues very well.

Description of Work
They did a full remodel on 2 bathrooms.

Category home remodeling



Jyl S.

I found A+ in Angie's List and called on a Sunday. Steve answered the phone and set an appointment for the next morning. Many other places set an appt. out a week or more or didn't p/u the phone. Steve quoted me on prepping and installing a hardwood floor (extending from kitchen/entry into hall and dining room). He was able to get a good price on the wood and other supplies. He also quoted finishing our stair railing (stain and adding a coat of urethane), which unfortunately was a very difficult job because it was already installed and only the posts and rail were to be stained. The balusters were painted white. They started the floors the next day and also installed a very high ceiling fan and new storm door for me. Both my husband and I work so it was great that they were insured and bonded. They used a lock box and the crew were very diligent about tidying up after themselves. They did a very professional job on the floors including new trim and paint. We then decided to have them do the railing and it turned out really well. We will definitely use them again for upcoming projects.

Description of Work
Installed hardwood floors, trim and paint. Installed new storm door. Installed ceiling fan in cathedral ceiling. Stained, sealed and added a coat of urethane on the stair rail. Cost does not include materials

Category remodeling




Wow! Steve is a total character. We have a small house and it was too small for his personality. PROS: Steve was willing to stick w/our budget, get things done in a very short amount of time (relative to others), has his own crew for everything and doesn't work with subs, and doesn't ask for money up front. CONS: Totally disregarded some of our concerns, was a bit of a scofflaw when we asked about certain environmental concerns, can't imagine there's a lot of recycled materials or green building practices here (did some serious eye rolling when we mentioned that building sustainably was a concern of ours), very steamroller-y (felt like we'd end up with a house that wasn't necessarily as much us and him). Am sure Steve and his services are just what the doctor ordered for certain projects, but not ours. Appreciated his time and consideration.

Description of Work
Have an older home in need of some repairs and remodel.

Category home remodeling




I don't know how I found out about your service, but I'm glad I did. Although it was scary to pay amount because of previous bad experience in the past, I kept saying "He's on Angie's List".

Description of Work
Finished walls, ceiling, installed new countertops, laid new ceramic floor tile in kitchen, installed new toilet & ceramic tile on bathroom floor. Finished & painted stairway area to back door. installed new wood railing, installed ceramic tile on stairs installed new wood work in stailwell-stained & varnished. Installed new dishwasher in kitchen. Installed new ceiling fan in kitchen Installed ceramic floor tile in washroom (laundry room), moved one kitchen floor cabinet into laundry room to accommodate dishwasher. Stained cabinet to match existing kitchen cabinets as best as they could.

Category appliance repair, ceramic tile, electrician, handyman service, plumbing, woodworking, ceiling fans, home remodeling




I give A+ Handyman a great overall plus. My experience with him was very positive. He literally is the jack of all trades and did an awesome job on getting my gutter fixed in time for me to sell my house. His prices cant be beat.

Description of Work
A+ Handyman did some gutter replacement on my house when I was preparing to sell it.

Category gutter repair, handyman service

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about A Plus Handyman Home Improvements

    How is A Plus Handyman Home Improvements overall rated?

    A Plus Handyman Home Improvements is currently rated 4.3 overall out of 5.

    What days are A Plus Handyman Home Improvements open?

    A Plus Handyman Home Improvements is open:

    Sunday: Open All Day

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    Does A Plus Handyman Home Improvements offer free estimates?

    Yes, A Plus Handyman Home Improvements offers free project estimates.

    Does A Plus Handyman Home Improvements offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, A Plus Handyman Home Improvements does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does A Plus Handyman Home Improvements offer a senior discount?

    No, A Plus Handyman Home Improvements does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by A Plus Handyman Home Improvements?

    No, A Plus Handyman Home Improvements does not offer warranties.

    What services does A Plus Handyman Home Improvements offer?

    A Plus Handyman Home Improvements offers the following services: Home remodel, kitchen contractor, bathroom contractor, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel