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CamBe Precision Framing & Construction

Founded 1999 • With Angi since January 2011

We have nearly 20 years' experience in construction! Specializing in new projects, room additions, new construction, and remodeling.

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Henry M.
They are wonderful. He was very honest, very upfront with what the costs are going to be and they are reasonable. He communicated well, which is difficult when you talking about construction workers. He stayed on schedule and was punctual and who you expect and wanting to make sure that I felt comfortable with strange men coming to my house. He is fantastic. The deck is absolutely perfect. There is no flaw in it at all. He was not the cheapest and several people come in with bid one guy explain to us that it was a good time because he was just fired. We chose him because he was so professional, very upfront, well spoken. He presented himself well. I would definitely go back to him and I would recommend him.
Description of Work
CamBe Precision Framing & Construction built a duct for us this past summer. He called in and come to my property few months ago. He finished the deck in September.
Deborah E.
Everyone working on the job were great. They were quick and provided quality work. They were very helpful and patient with all my questions.
Description of Work
Framed out my basement.
contractors, remodeling, woodworking
Henry M.
Cameron (owner of Cambe) provided a clear and simple estimate that turned out to be the 2nd lowest of 5 bids. His bid price and my confidence in his up-front explananations are the reason I seleted him. After selection, he gave me an approximate start date that was in a couple of weeks from that point. He started delivering materials a few days early to the job site and began on time. While he does have emloyed tradesmen, he subcontracted the demolition and concrete work for the supports. They performed well, but the excavator punctured one of his hydraulic hoses which then sprayed oil into the house through an open window. Cameron promptly asked for a list of damages and then subtracted that cost from his sub-contractor's bill. His crew then finished the job on time and even below estimate. He passed those savings on to me which I was pleased with. Overall, I would recommend Cambe very highly.
Description of Work
Demolished old concrete front porch and replaced with modern trex deck.
Elizabeth L.
Description of Work
They never called back
contractors, remodeling

Service Provider Response

I apologize for missing your call. We pride ourselves in returning phone calls and communicating with our clients.
anna C.
Cameron and his team were top notch individuals. Their attention to detail was impeccable, alerting of of possible design flaws upon notice. With their help our finished product will be amazing. They were always on time, and cleaned up after themselves when done. Highly recommended!
Description of Work
Framing for a 2300 sf basement finish.
contractors, remodeling, woodworking, basement remodeling
Kevin J.
The best part of working with Cambe is the expectation setting. Cameron spent a lot of time making sure he knew exactly what we wanted before he started the project and again at every step of the way to make sure we were always on the same page. We had plans drawn up by a professional architect before we started. Cameron had several suggestions on design for functionality and cost that we hadn't considered. One was placement of windows, type and the addition of several extra ones to provide a more open look. He was extremely patient with us regarding changes or bouncing ideas off of him. We probably had him do a lot more research than he planned but never seemed to have a problem spending the time. It never changed his fee. He gave the feeling that he was always thinking cost, appeal and functionality as if he were building this project for himself. That spoke volumes to me. Cameron had a unique way of managing cost/pricing. It was completely open book which is something I really appreciated. I knew the cost of each sub and materials (ie electrical, plumbing, stucco, framing, etc) before their work even began. If I thought some estimates were too high, Cameron would get additional estimates. His GC cost was already built into the project and it did not change. I paid the invoices for each sub for their respective work. Cameron did better than expected bringing the project in under the costs he estimated. The only deviations were for work we added to the overall project, such as painting the entire house, doing more window replacement, adding a storm door, etc. And all this was done at prices far below having individual tradesmen come out and me managing the scheduling for each. Cameron was on site to get each of the different tradesmen started on their part. He was familiar with just about all of them. For those he didn't know as well he was on site the whole time they did any work indoors. The back side of my house was open for a time so this was especially important for my wife to be comfortable with all the different folks that were working on the house. She never had an issue with feeling insecure. All the tradesmen were very professional and personable. We had a couple of snags during this 4 month project. One had to do with the stucco match between the existing portion of the house and the addition. Cameron got this worked with the stucco sub and the final product looks great. There were a couple of leaks where water was seeping between the walls and subfloor. Turned out to be the way the flashing was cut during the gutter install. Got that fixed well before I did the flooring. With any project this size I expected there would be delays between getting some tradesmen on site. Cameron explained this ahead of time and continuously kept us updated on the schedule and what was going to happen in sequence multiple weeks in advance. The final product was a dream come true for my wife and me. We had first drawn up plans for this project 8 years earlier. Now it's a reality. It looks great. Thanks CamBe!
Description of Work
Added two level ~800sq ft addition for kitchen extension, dining room with fireplace on upper level and exercise room on lower level; also included ~600sq ft partially covered trex deck, waterproof ceiling with built in drainage system that provides 600sq ft lower level. Included concrete tile roof, complete stucco and low E-366 windows. Job included replacement of approximately 20 other existing windows, painting entire exterior, front storm door and a multitude of other odds and ends. Delivered a phenomenal product.
contractors, ceramic tile, decks, electrician, gutter repair, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, replacement windows, fireplaces, stucco, home remodeling, house painters, doors
Stephen Z.
Cameron came promptly and provided a fair estimate for the work, arrived as scheduled with a two man crew, and worked neatly and dilligently, finishing sooner than planned. He had us check the work before closing the area back up, and the final price was less than estimated. Area was left clean and neat.I highly recommend them for any carpentry jobs you are considering.
Description of Work
We needed the trusses under a large soffit area reinforced, as the original framers had done it improperly and poorly. This was a large job, and required working overhead to carefully remove the soffits, remove and replace the framing and reinforce the trusses to allow for future installation of two large (fourteen foot) awnings.
contractors, decks, picture framing
David S.
It couldn't have gone better! On schedule, on budget, totally professional. Cameron Garner (General Contractor) took my initial call during the weekend and, as promised, set up an appointment first thing Monday morning to come to my home for an estimate. The floor in the master bedroom contained very loud squeaks. The handyman I had previously hired did not even come close to diagnosing/ solving the problem. Additionally, I wanted a mud pan put into my master bedroom shower, as well as new tile put on the floor of the bathroom itself. Within two days Cameron had a "tile man" and a "floor man" ready to go to work. They all put their heads together and found that the squeaks in the floor were being caused by the old shower pan rubbing against the wall in the bathroom. Once the new mud pan was installed, the squeaks were gone. As a result, no work was required on the bedroom floor itself. Additionally, the shower and tile in the master bedroom are absolutely beautiful. I give Cameron and his crew my highest recommendation!
Description of Work
Loud squeaks removed from floor in master bedroom. Mud pan installed in master bedroom shower. Tile installed in master bedroom bathroom.
ceramic tile, flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling
Chad J.
I cannot speak highly enough of Cameron at CamBe Precision Construction and his team. Nothing but fantastic from start to finish! After seeing such great reviews for CamBe on Angie's List, I called Cameron to see if I could get him to come and give me an estimate for our office to bedroom conversion. His reviews on Angie's list were for projects much larger than the one we were needing done so I was not sure if he would be interested in a job of this type but he was quite happy to move forward. We scheduled a date for the estimate and he called back a bit later to say that he had some extra time and that he could come even earlier if I was available. We scheduled the earlier appointment. While Cameron was taking information for the estimate he brought up several ideas about where we could put the closet and told us what might work best etc. When his bid came in quite a bit lower than the bid from the other company who we had an estimate from and since we had some fantastic Angie's List reviews to reassure us, we decided to go ahead and hire him. Cameron and I worked out a start time to begin the first time and he was right on time. He came in himself to do the frame work and was just fantastic to work with. He worked hard but was very friendly and quite the gentleman. When he was outside cutting some wood, I had come home in a hurry needing to get the groceries in the house before running to pick my daughter up from preschool. When he saw that I had a truck load of groceries, he stopped what he was doing for a few minutes to come and help me carry the groceries in. You won't get that kind of service from just any contractor! It just goes to show that he really cares about his customers. Beyond that, he was always very willing to listen to my questions regarding the construction and to come up with solutions. Each of the subcontractors he sent over were fantastic to work with as well. Very nice and very respectful. Not a single one of them ever showed up a minute late and everyone always came prepared with whatever materials they needed to do the job. They all did a fantastic job. Also, after all of the work was completed and much to our delight, the final cost was a few hundred dollars LOWER than the original estimate! Can't beat that! The bottom line is that we are VERY pleased with our final product and as a definite added bonus CamBe was such a pleasure to work with! We are already planning to hire CamBe again for future home projects and wouldn't hesitate for a moment to hire any of his subcontractors if the need arose. In fact, I know that whenever we need an electrician in the future we will call the company Cameron introduced us to (G***** Dave's Electric Service). They also had great suggestions to meet our electrical needs and were reasonably priced (definitely unlike when we had hired Wire Nut in the past). If you need any construction job completed whether large or small - call CamBe Precision Construction. You will definitely be glad you did! A BIG thanks to Cameron at CamBe Precision Construction. We look forward to working with you again in the future!
Description of Work
We hired Cameron at CamBe Precision Construction, along with his team of subcontractors, to convert an office in our home into a bedroom for our daughter. The task included building a small walk-in closet in the room from scratch and converting the entry from the french doors with glass panels used for the office to a single wood bedroom door more suitable for a young child. Work performed included: Framing out closet and new door Drywall Adding shelving and hanging rods Electrical (adding a light in the closet, extra electrical outlets and a smoke detector to comply with city code, moving a light switch from outside of the room to inside, installing a ceiling fan/light) Installing 2 doors and new base boards
contractors, closet systems, drywall, electrician, remodeling, woodworking, doors
Kevin J.
As you can imagine this was a big investment for any homeowner. I did my best to perform due diligence when it came to selecting a contractor. I had plans drawn up by an architect for a couple hundred dollars. This helped my wife and I visualize what the final product would look like but also to set expectations with whoever I selected for a general contractor. I solicited 8 estimates and got 6 responses. Two submitted bids but never did a site visit. Others came more than once to discuss my project. This gave me more confidence that they knew what they were doing and interested. Of the remaining 4 all but one itemized costs and fees very well. This helped significantly during my negotiations. I selected Cameron Garner of CamBe. While he didn't initially have the lowest price he was very receptive and aggressive in soliciting additional subcontractor bids to make him even more competitive. I felt a great deal of confidence in how he would perform because he proved to be a good listener and asked many questions to ensure we were on the same page. He also brought up a lot of issues I hadn't thought to ask during this part of the process. He was upfront and told me which decisions I made would add or subtract costs from his estimate. He wasn't offended when I told him some of the subcontractor costs on other estimates varied significantly in some instances from the ones he provided. Using that information he either renegotiated with subs or found other more competitive bids. This ultimately drove down my costs, probably 10% below what I could have ended up paying. All of the Cameron's subs were extremely courteous. Since my wife was going to be home most of the time this was one of her primary concerns along with how clean the construction site would be maintained. She and I were extremely pleased on both accounts. All the subs expressed appreciation for us giving them our business which I hadn't expected and found extremely refreshing. My wife was very comfortable with every company that contributed to this effort. Cameron was always providing us updates on the schedule which was really only interrupted due to weather conditions (ie pouring of concrete or stucco). In my opinion each sub was very professional and did great work. One of the best parts of this experience was how Cameron handled costs and payment. I asked up front how the payment schedule would work. He told me I would only make payment after each portion of the job was completed to my satisfaction. In some cases this meant paying for the roofing materials after they were delivered and then for the labor once the rood was on. I paid nothing up front. While that may have been risky for CamBe, and any other general contractor, it also enhanced my confidence in the company I was working with. He was asking me to trust in his capabilities but not asking me to write checks before I got to inspect a delivered product. I really liked that. In addition, I was paying the subs direct. CamBe's fee was included in the original estimate and that didn't deviate. If the subs costs were different from what Cameron originally quoted he passed the savings on to me. There were only a couple of instances where the invoice was greater than the original estimate and never more than a couple hundred dollars. He did a really good job of nailing down the costs well in advance of any decisions I had to make. For instance, I was undecided about whether to add gas or electric heat. Both Cameron and I originally thought that either utility line could be run from the side of our house that was closest to the new garage. I decided to go with gas heat because I felt it was more efficient. It ended up having to be run from the far side of the house (because of the gas throughput from existing lines) which added another thousand dollars because of the trenching/pipe cost. I decided to go the natural gas route and added cost but it was something CamBe thoroughly researched (technically and cost-wise) before I had to decide. A lot of the decisions I had to make on this project dealt with what I wanted for a final product. I could have saved ten grand if I had foregone the expense of insulation, drywall and a gas heat. However, I didn't want to regret not doing this during initial construction and have to come back at a later date to add it. The same was true of my decision to install the loft (~$3.5k) down the road. My existing garage and attic were loaded with junk that has now been moved to the new garage. I bit the bullet on these two options and I'm glad I did because I'm now in the process of putting epoxy paint on the floor and shelving/work bench in and don't have to look back and wish I'd have done something different at the beginning of this project. But if it's a matter of budget these are add-ons that I could have foregone to reduce costs. I would heartily recommend anyone that is planning on performing a construction project whether it's a home, garage or renovation project to be sure to get an estimate from CamBe. They did a great job managing schedule, expectations and costs and delivered a very professional product. I would say that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. But knowing I got a very good price also will be something I always remember too.
Description of Work
CamBe built a detached 1,000 sq ft double bay 5th wheel garage for me. The structure included 2x6 framing, gas heat, insulation, drywall (bullnose corners), textured and painted finish. Exterior included acrylic stucco and concrete tile roof. Interior included loft in one bay (~30' x 12') for additional storage with stairwell. Loft was also drywalled. Electrical included 100 amp box with outlets every 12'. Concrete fiber reinforced floor both inside and out with ~900 sq ft apron out front. Garage doors of 12x14 and 9x9 with openers. Garage also includes front and rear access doors.
contractors, concrete repair, drywall, heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, garage builders, home builders, interior painters

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