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Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating

Founded 2013 • With Angi since June 2013


(9) Verified Reviews

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835 W. 22nd St. 101

Tempe, AZ 85282


Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating is a full service HVAC company servicing all Brands of equipment!

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Tim W.

NO BUSINESS ETHICS. AVOID. I bought a Groupon for an A/C tune-up, which was falsely advertised. I was given a diagnostic instead of a tune-up and nothing was tuned-up. I called the company and was told that “tune-up” means “diagnostic”, even though the words “diagnostic” and “inspection” were not mentioned anywhere on the Groupon. I was told that “tune-up” was a “dirty word” in the industry (why use it, then, when advertising services, unless the company is deliberately trying to deceive consumers?). I was told by the technician that I would need to make an appointment for the repairs, which I did. I verified that the issues would be taken-care-of during the next appointment and he affirmed I reaffirmed that the repairs would be done for the quoted price he had stated ($80) and he affirmed again. I called the company and they told me the new appointment was actually for ANOTHER diagnostic. When I stated that the servicer told me the repairs would take place, I was basically called a liar and was berated by a supervisor for not understanding the way the industry works. I was blamed for not understanding the costs of A/C repair and the availability of parts, and told that the servicing that I was affirmed by the technician would not be honored/completed, and that it’s ridiculous that I thought it would. Also, no discount was extended to make up for the miscommunication. If everyone’s supposed to be an HVAC pro, we wouldn’t need the services! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. They do not honor their word.

Description of Work
A/C Tune-Up

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Jan M.

They have always been reliable, punctual and professional. I feel confidant in their honesty. I wanted to give a shout out to Jeremy who did a great job this last time and was kind enough to change my filters because I had injured my hand. It's really peace of mind to know who to call and know they'll do a good job.

Description of Work
For the last 2 years I've had them do the annual inspection of my AC and Furnace.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Sandra R.

They have come out several times, whenever I've requested them. I have three properties in Arizona and they have come out for all of them. It was under warranty, so it was $45 only. That's what the warranty company charges and then they pick up everything else. They were punctual and they got the job done. They were nice to my tenants.

Description of Work
They worked on heating & A/C unit.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Sandra R.

They're very efficient and they're honest. Their pricing is average.

Description of Work
They unclogged my air conditioning line in one of my rentals.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Richard R.

It now is?14 days later since the first work order was submitted and 2 days after they replaced our coil to our ac unit?and these under trained?worthless careless people finally admit that there is a leak in our system and not our coil being burned out! From the beginning of all of this I have had friends from within the business side of the?hvac industry?and family and even I thought and told the hvac tech that there was a leak in our air conditioning system. Repeatedly they (Dan 6 year hvac tech especially)?were told that they needed to check the system for a leak and what do you know? its a LEAK! Roland a Senior tech at Just Air LLC ?who supposedly has 16 years in the hvac industry and Dan who has 6 years experience 22 years combined?supposedly and yet these jokesters from "JUST AIR LLC" ?company couldn't even?diagnose a leak?!?! From what I hear a leak in the system is the number one most common occurrence when freeon is disappearing as fast as it was in the system as well as most likely?to occur?in Arizona and most hot areas across the nation this spoken from multiple other hvac techs that I have spoken with from multiple companies and they all?have said and also these techs I spoke with?said that this is a rookie mistake and that for this guy to be a "senior technician" and for them to have as much experience as they have that they dropped the ball big time on this! Now hearing this I am speechless! Yesterday 08/03/16 the tech named Dan (6 years exp. hvac tech) would not go in the attic and down right refused to go in the attic and said all the psi gauges all read normal ?were pressurized so he called his boss Roland the "senior tech" (16 years exp hvac lead tech) and Roland said to add two pounds of freeon to the 6 pounds that was in the unit left over from the 8 pounds the day before when they supposedly fixed the problem and made it "tolerable" (83 degrees with the unit set on 72 degrees on the cool mode)?in the house?and call it a day and that if we wanted them to come back out they wanted a new work order so that they could get paid for it even though they didn't fix the issue whatsoever well guess what the "SENIOR" tech named Roland said today... that there was no pressure in the system whatsoever! They charged us a $250 freeon disposal fee when they both stated that the ac unit was empty the day before when they put in a new coil (their original diagnosis) so what freeon did they dispose of if the unit was empty? they were repeatedly asked to check for a leak in the system for 3 days after the coil they replaced and from the get go but they refused to and thought they knew better because they were the techs and we were the customers. Well today is 08-04-16 and that 8 pounds of freeon that they added just yesterday was already empty and the system was not pressurized (words from Roland 16 year hvac lead tech's mouth)... hmmm doesnt that sound like a leak? ?And yet?finally after 14 days we are going to have cool air supposedly Roland says hes going to fix it so I start to have confidence that at least they figure the problem out and then they walk back in and tell me instead of replacing the unit from two bars in the unit rubbing together and causing the massive leak they now want to weld it shut! WELD IT SHUT!? Can you believe this? 22 years between the two of these techs and they are going to N. rig the unit before they even consider ordering a new one! Now I don't have a clue if this is going to fix the problem but I can guarantee this there is going to be legal action taken because of how careless and irresponsible these people are and obvious to me they have no place anywhere in this industry and should probably go back to the school they got their training at and start over. Please be aware of this hvac company! Just Air LLC. Now?they are N. rigging the ac unit as I am typing this and not even going to replace the unit that they said is "way overdue" and "outdated" they are going to instead weld the leak shut what a joke these people are ridiculous I have a disabled and chronically ill father and this took 14 days to diagnose after they declared it a top priority and a emergency and now after all this time this is their solution?! What a rookie mistake to miss a leak for crying out loud it took them 14 DAYS to find it! Buyer beware JUST AIR LLC. is a joke and tell your friends and family these people should be no where near yours or any of your families ac unit doing any type of maintenance on any of your ac units please spread this word around learn from mine and my family's experience these people are far from professionals and careless!

Description of Work
Fixed a leak in the system by rigging it instead of professionally fixing or replacing the unit.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Boji M.

First: tried to oversell The home warranty company hired them to replace the indoor air handler unit. However, the technician told the warranty company that the new unit wouldn't fit the attic space without measuring any dimensions and knowing what unit the warranty company would provide. They would sell me their unit for $6,000. Over charging the cost After talking to them for over 3 or 4 hours, they agreed that the warranty company unit would fit. However, they will charge me for $1850 in addition to the . The duct work they did was only two 20"x20"x20" duct plenum and it cost me $1,200. I asked for the cost break down and here it is: supply plenum: $250 (this is about Return plenum: $250; labor to corrdinate duct modifcations =$ 125 lead technician #1 labor x4 @$125 = $500 helper techician #2 labor x4 @$50 = 200, Warehouse driver labor to pick up materials for duct modifications $125; Misc. However, the RSmeans mechanical cost data book listed the material and labor for the work is below $500. They overcharged for more than two times!! Please aware this contractor!!

Description of Work
Replaced air conditioning with home warranty.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

Service Provider Response

The customer here is way off base in his assessment of what transpired regarding the work and pricing of his install of an air handler in an attic at his rental property. 1st: the job was not $20,000 2nd: We did quote him a retail replacement of $6000, (in the event he wanted to "cash out" with his home warranty company to replace a complete system, not just the air handler.) What "cash out " means is: the warranty company would figure out how much cash they will give customer instead of repair. Apparently [member's name removed] did not understand this, I don't know if this was due to a language barrier or not, as [member's name removed] first language is apparently not English. So I am sorry for any miscommunication for this. [member's name removed] set up a claim with his home warranty company, our technician found a leaking evap coil. The evap coil is located in the air handler, up in his very tight and cramped attic space, the technician that was at his home has over 15 years experience, and was concerned the unit would not fit in the really restricted attic space, our tech explained that a new air handler may not fit with out doing major modification to the structure of the attic trusses. Also, his existing air handler was installed improperly from the original virgin install, the duct work transition was missing on the return side and too short on the supply side. We explained all of this to the home warranty company. The home warranty company even sent out another Air Conditioning contractor for a second opinion to [member's name removed] rental property. The second company out verified the leak in the attic, and turned away the repair job as they did not want to take on this really tight attic job. So the warranty company asked us to revisit it again. So we sent out our unit estimator to look and see what we could do to make an air handler fit in this attic. After our estimator's assessment, he researched a few different air handler manufacturers to see what we could fit without having [member's name removed] have to do any structural modifications, we found a piece of equipment we could fit in the attic space, but may require us to enlarge or cut open the ceiling. We then contacted the warranty company letting them know we found something that would fit, we explained all the charges to the warranty company. The warranty company informed us that they would only be covering the costs for the air handler and labor to install it. The warranty company also informed us of the items that the customer did not have warranty coverage for, which were: Non Covered Costs explained to homeowner by the Home warranty company: Recovery charge: $100 Disposal charge: $100 Duct Modifications: $1200 Upsize return duct: $200 Secondary drain pan: $250 T-stat: $75 for a total of: $1925 [member's name removed] was not happy that the home warranty company did not cover these items, he asked us to remove the all the items and just install air handler. (He wanted us to install an air handler improperly) We informed him that we could not install this air handler with out the items, as it would not meet Code or manufacturer requirements without the items except for the t-stat, so we removed the T-stat from the list and adjusted the non-covered amount to: $1850. [member's name removed], was still being difficult with us and the home warranty company not wanting to accept any non-covered charges and demanding why he had to have all these non-covered items. We explained to him that we operate with an Arizona Registrar of Contractor's license and that we have to do all work according to code and manufacturer standards, we explained to him the system would not work properly with out these modifications and we would not install it without them. He reluctantly agreed to all non-covered costs with the a representative from the home warranty company on a recorded line. We took a 50% deposit of $925, with the understanding the remaining balance of $925 would be due upon completion of install. We completed install of air handler and duct modifications on 5/6/15, [member's name removed] was conveniently unavailable that day to pay remaining balance. (We did have option of leaving system disabled until payment received, but chose against it, as this was not his renters fault that [member's name removed] could not be available to make payment.) When we did get into contact with[member's name removed], he now wanted to have the duct modifications itemized, (we don't break down costs like this for our customers as it confuses too many people, but did so in this instance for [member's name removed].) Here is the breakdown of the DUCT MOD non-covereds as I sent them to him. supply plenum $250 (we custom order these, we provide measurements) return plenum $250 6 duct collars $60 1 bag Panduit straps $25 misc mounting hardware and screws $10 1 gal duct sealant $30 3 chip brushes $15 1 silicone $15 1 roll hard cast tape $60 labor to coordinate duct modifications x 1 = $125 (person who sets up the install needs to get paid) lead technician #1 labor x 4 @ $125 = $500 (the job has 2 install techs, the lead installer needs to get paid) helper technician #2 labor x4 @ $50 = $200 (the helper install tech needs to get paid) Warehouse driver labor to pick up materials for duct modifications $125 (our shop driver needs to get paid) Expected Retail cost = $1665 Just Better Air Conditioning's Retail cost = $1500 Discounted customer price = $1200 [member's name removed], claims there are double charges based on what I have sent him. It is clear there is no double charging or over charging to [member's name removed]. If [member's name removed]a had a problem with pricing, he should of requested another company to give and estimate, so [member's name removed] could get a real understanding what the real costs that are associated with this type of work in the Phoenix Metro area, as costs for HVAC here in Arizona tend to be more expensive then other parts of the country. So to use a generic cost estimator for him use as a reference is only there to help him with what to expect the cost to be. How ever, many of these cost estimating software and books, don't take into account difficulties in the structure that component is housed in. If his attic was wide open and accessible, it may have cost a couple hundred dollars less. Our installers were at the home and started work at 8:30 am and completed the job at 5:00pm, the warranty company paid COVERED WORK 4 hours labor at normal rate for our Lead Installer 4 hours labor at half normal rate for helper installer it took the lead installer 4 hours to install the air handler it took the helper installer 4 hours to install the air handler NON COVERED: it took the lead installer 5 hours to perform the non covered work it took the helper installer 5 hours to perform the non covered work Total labor for non-covered items: $700 Total parts for non-covered items: $500 In closing all agreed services were completed on 5/6/15, [member's name removed] still has not paid his remaining balance of $925 and has since been sent to collections. I am sorry [member's name removed] did not have the warranty coverage for these Items he is disputing.


Perry H.

We were very impressed with the promptness of the service and the diagnosis. However, the only issue we had was with our own warranty company, that misinformed us of what the cost would be. However, after speaking with the manager of Just Better A/C we came to an agreement and understanding, that while the charge for the diagnosis was more than we expected at no fault of our own, they were quite understanding and agreed to except from us the cost of the service fee of $45.00. We appreciate that they heard and understood our concerns, about the miscommunication that came from our warranty company. This shows true professionalism on this companies part. I would highly recommend them to family and friends. Thank you Just Better A/C.

Description of Work
Referred by my home warranty company to check on the air conditioning unit at the house

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Nelson A.

Description of Work
Changed AC compressor

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Robert R.

He did a fantastic job. Will have Just Air and Him back next year to service it.

Description of Work
Under our home warranty plan Kyle came out and serviced our a/c. He found a outside air leak which He fixed. Because of this leak the outside coils were dirty so He came back to clean them. A/c works much better. Kyle is very good at what He does and very polite,

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating

    How is Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating overall rated?

    Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating is currently rated 3.4 overall out of 5.

    What days are Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating open?

    Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating is open:

    Sunday: Closed

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    Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing Available

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    No, Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating does not offer free project estimates.

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    Yes, Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating offer a senior discount?

    No, Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating offer emergency services?

    Yes, Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating?

    Yes, Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating offers warranties.

    What services does Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating offer?

    Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating offers the following services: Maintenance, Repair, Installation!

    Are there any services Just Better Air Conditioning & Heating does not offer?

    All services are offered!