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Adams Disaster & Restoration

With Angi since August 2011


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2120 E 6th St Ste 7

Tempe, AZ 85281


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Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Karen M.

It was TERRIBLE.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NO ONE USE THEM. They take your money and don't finish the job. I've been dealing with them since APRIL.. It's November...STILL NOT DONE

Description of Work
Bathroom restoration

Category drywall



Deborah J P.

Great, I had a good experience with all the people involved!! Thanks

Description of Work
Dry out & demo

Category water damage restoration



Yukon T.

I liked that they did the job. We bought the house brand new. This sort of stuff wasn't supposed to happen. They brought the dryers in and they have to go for 2 or 3 days. Adams was pretty good.

Description of Work
They did the kitchen drain. Straightened out the pipes. They did mold remediation but there was no mold. They still brought in the dryers and stuff like that. They did the plumbing work. It was probably about $2300.

Category plumbing, mold removal



Kay M.

They did the dry out part and left their equipment in my kitchen for 4 days. They made an appointment to pick it up and was a no show. When I called the office number, they said they were busy. They cashed my deposit check the same day, which is not normal. I was afraid to go forward with them to do the construction, due to poor reviews on Yelp.

Description of Work
Basement dry out

Category water damage restoration



Jim P.

Adams Restoration coordinated the moving out of our furniture for carpet replacement, and the removal of the kitchen cabinets, verbally stating we would have the cabinets repaired and back in two weeks. They cleaned up most of the water problems to prevent mold, and tested for asbestos and lead. They talked a good talk and gave us encouragement and hope for getting all this done with minimum stress. Then after three weeks of living without a usable kitchen, no rebuilding work had been started, so we cancelled the contract and went with another contractor.

Description of Work
Water damage cleanup and repair of walls, floor, and kitchen cabinets due to a drain line leak that destroyed the cabinets, drywall and floor.

Category drywall, plumbing, remodeling, water damage restoration, interior painters



Andrea L.

They were called to mitigate a water leak in our home. We were not happy with their work and did not hire them to do the remodel work. I wish I had checked this company out before we called them. The reviews on Yelp and other online websites are not good. I would not use them again.

Description of Work
mitigate water damage

Category mold removal



Andrea L.

They removed kitchen cabinets that were not even damaged by the water leak. They removed the cabinets and threw them away so the cabinet maker was not able to use the old cabinets. Since the cabinets were 15 years old, the cabinets could not be matched. This increased the cost of our insurance claim. If they had removed the cabinets in whole instead of breaking them apart (which was not necessary to remove them), we would have been able to re-use the cabinets that should not have been removed in the first place. Needless to say we did not use them to do the remodeling .

Description of Work
The service requested was water damage mitigation after a water loss.

Category water damage restoration



eric P.


Description of Work

Category ceramic tile, drywall, plumbing, remodeling, water damage restoration, interior painters



Diane R.

Their estimate and the estimate from my home owners insurance was 90% apart. Have called them approximately once a month to see. They say their supervisor will call and hasn't to date. Latest call overheard him say in the background that he could do the job for the amount the home owners insurance sent to finish the job. Never called back and they have known for three months I have a time line to meet and it is just about upon me. This leaves me with an unfinished kitchen, an appraiser and mortgage company giving me a deadline or I am stuck.

Description of Work
Only one half of the job. They were very responsive in coming out to clean up the water leak (number 3) with a call from my plumber. Very professional in this portion of the job. The restoration part, no communication.

Category water damage restoration

Service Provider Response

I have contacted our customer. I would have loved to finished her job, but she went with someone else. Once she did that, I have no chance to finish the second half of the job. The job is done in two separate billings and stages. We were waiting on Insurance approval. Now we cannot finish like she ask with someone else doing the job. I did tell her I would contact her Ins. And try to get her granite covered for her, even though we aren’t doing her job. I contacted the Ins. As promised. I spoke with [member name removed] and told her I wish she had ask for an owner. I would have contacted her ASAP. I have a program that shows we tried to contact her. We had to wait on Ins. For approval to do the recon. The difference in the estimate was we wanted her granite covered because it can break. It took the Ins. A while and they did not cover the granite. That means if I broke she would have to pay or us. Neither one of us could afford the granite cost. You can go with who you want for recon. We could not afford t pay for her broken granite, which is a pretty hefty price. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I want to Thank, Jessica, for contacting me and taking the time to listen and talk to me. I am so sorry for the time that you have had to spend regarding this situation. I feel that a lot of this is from a misunderstanding of our industry and how it works. We are a credited business with the BBB. We were asked to be a part of the BBB. We feel it is important for customers to know we are a business who cares and looks after our customer’s interest. We use a program called Job Nimbus that we enter information in regarding the job. This information that is entered cannot be changed. We also use an Insurance program to bill from that has insurance prices set for our industry to bill from. We use this program so that our customers get pricing set by the Insurance and not us. WE feel that this is important so that customers know they are getting industry standard pricing. I have contacted [member name removed] and she was a delight to speak with. I wish she had tried to contact an owner. I would have responded to her asap. I did not know there was a problem until I received your letter. I then looked at Job Nimbus and our file that we had for the job before contacting [member name removed]. I like to make sure that I have all the facts before I contact a customer. I did see in our report in Job Nimbus that we tried to contact [member name removed] several times without being able to reach her. I will include all of our notes from Nimbus for you. [member name removed] said that she was happy with the water mitigation portion of the job. The insurance requires us to do two bills in our process if doing recon for repairs. When water mitigation is completed and the customer decides to go with us for recon a second process is taken. Sometimes the insurance provides us with an estimate for recon, we walk the job and submit our estimate. Sometimes the Insurance just goes by our estimate. WE have to wait for approval from the Insurance before we start recon to make sure everything is covered. We do this to protect our customers and ourselves from having to pay unexpected money. Sometimes the Insurance does a supplement if more is needed than expected. Sometimes the damage is more extensive than realized or flooring can’t be matched and has to be replaced. [member name removed], said that our estimate was way more than the Insurance quoted. The reason was because there are granite countertops to be considered. Granite can break very easy even when you are being as careful as possible. The Insurance had not included the granite countertops in the estimate. We included them in ours so that our customer or we could not have to cover them if they broke. The Insurance had not covered the granite countertops. The Insurance took a long time to approve an estimate…again not approving the countertops. Sometimes the Insurance is backed up and can take a while. This is out of our control. Still we cannot start recon until approved. [member name removed] could not afford to pay for those granite countertops and neither could we. When I called [member name removed] and explained the process she understood how our industry works. I would have loved to have done the recon repairs. Her request in your letter was to finish the job. The problem is that she already has someone else to do the job, and not it is out of our hands. I understand she had a time line to get completed. Again, the holdup was the Insurance. When I spoke with [member name removed] last Friday, I told her I had tried to contact her Insurance and was waiting for a call back. I told her I would call her as soon as I heard back and if not by Monday, I would call again. I did not get a call back Monday so I called the Insurance again. I spoke with someone in claims. They did not realize the one cabinet had to be rebuilt and that is why they had not covered the granite. If the cabinets have to be rebuilt then they would cover. I called [member name removed] back as promised. I told her that even though she had gotten someone else to do her repairs that I would try to get the Insurance to cover the granite or do a supplement if broken. I did not want to see someone do the work and if her granite broke she would get stuck covering it. I did call her Insurance and let them know why I was calling and trying to get her granite covered for her. I told them we were not doing her recon but that I didn’t want her to end up paying if broken. The claims department told me to tell her to have the company doing her work to submit an estimate to them. I doubt that they will do that since she has hired to them do the work already. Hopefully they will do it. The Insurance only gave her 2000.00 for the job..that will not cover granite. The Insurance thanked me for calling and watching out for [member name removed], even though we were not doing her recon. I also have the same Insurance and it is a good Insurance. We take pride in helping our customers. We will go above and beyond for them. Some people can’t afford the deductible and we will help them. We don’t have to do that, but it is the right thing to do. Today, we had a family that cares for foster children. They could not afford the deductible so we covered it, the plumber put in a free water heater. We are a family owned company and take great pride in our service. We truly care about our costumer and want them treated fairly and to get the best service possible. I have tried to help [member name removed] the best possible way that I can even though we are not doing her job. She did tell me that once her job is completed that she would write back to you. But now it is out of our hands since she went with someone else. I am hoping she will still contact you and let you know that I did try to help her. She is a very nice person and I appreciate the time she took to talk with me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question. Regards, Cindy Adams 480-895-4848



Tim B.

I have a rental house in Buckeye and there was a water leak from a busted supply line in the upstairs master bathroom. The water went throughout the master bath and master bedroom as well as leaking through the downstairs ceiling. Adams did the remediation and subsequent repairs to the house. I live in Seattle so I was doing all this from long distance. When the job was finished which appeared to go as planned, I asked the tenant if they did a good job and the tenant said it looked ok to him. I should have had an inspector go out and inspect. I went to Buckeye and visited the house in April of this year (3 years after the work) The flooring in the master bedroom is terrible! It creeks loudly with every step. It obviously wasn't dried properly or should have been replaced. The carpet leading into the bathroom is tattered and the tenant said that it has looked like that since the repairs were done. The carpet at the other end of the bath leading into the master closet is the same way. The ceiling downstairs is bowed and you can see where the paint didnt match the existing paint. I called Adams as soon as I got back to Seattle and was told they only warrantee their work for 2 years but they would look into it for me. I called back after hearing nothing for 3 weeks. I was told they were having a hard time finding the file and thay thought it might be at the owners home. They were going to have Cindy (owners wife) look for the file. I waited another three weeks and called today. I asked for Cindy and the receptionist asked my name and put me on hold. I stayed on hold for about 7 minutes until someone finally picked upi the line and quickly hung up. I would not do business with these people if I were you. There are a lot of remediation and repair companies out there and you want one that will do the job right and stand behind their work. Adams Restoration is not the company in my opinion.

Description of Work
Adams Restoration did the remediation and repairs after an upstairs water leak in my master bedroom.

Category water damage restoration




I believe this company to be less than reputable and committing fraud. I filed an insurance claim which is my right as a homeowner since I had a foundation leak in a bedroom. I pay all my premiums and felt that I should be in control of "MY" insurance check and made sure that my homeowner's insurance company sent the claim check to me and not to any contractors. I wanted to be in control of who I hire to repair my home. I believe because Adams D & R could not bill the insurance and that I scrutinized every item on their itemized bill that they were relentless at getting every penny they could and even charging me for services that they did not render. Their invoice lists items that they did not perform. I believe this company owes me $148.91. (I should have just been charged an hour of monitoring for March 30, April 2nd, and April 5th not 1 1/2 hours, the general clean up fee should be deleted, and the contents - move out then reset price should have been deleted.) Money or paying their invoice was not the issue. I planned to pay the bill but only for what was provided. It was the principal of the situation and that the company was dishonest charging me for items they did not render. I have documented the entire claim process (complete time line) of my foundation leak in my home from the minute I called to have a plumber come out until all the repairs were corrected. I took notes, pictures, saved emails, documented all phone calls, wrote names of anybody I spoke to or came to my, & wrote length of time contractors spent in my home which I have attached. If you would like to be provided the email conversations, I can supply that on request. I made several calls and sent emails to Gwen with Adams D & R to remedy the situation and have these items deleted from my invoice. Their company tries to intimate clients by having other people call from their company wanting payment or saying they are adjusters for their company. This company is so insistent about wanting a copy of my insurance claim which doesn't pertain to them. What difference does it make to this company to see "my" claim or know what "my" amount of the claim check is? "My" claim should not pertain to their company at all. Their business should be just to bill me for services they provided. I told them from the first day that I had my claim check and that they just need to deal with me as a customer. I believe 80% of people who file insurance claims and just let their adjuster pay the bills get taken advantage of by these contractors. The adjusters do not know how often these remediation technicians come out to monitor their equipment, or if they did haul debris away, or if they did remove contents. Claimants need to be vigilant at reviewing every charge on their statement. After much frustration, I simply gave in and paid the bill after I got them to remove most of the items (so $500 off the original invoice.) This company is by no means a reputable company because they did not delete the last few items which I requested be removed since they were not rendered to me. Anybody filing an insurance claim, beware of this company. I have also sent a complaint to Better Business Bureau and am waiting a response.

Description of Work
Remediation company/contractor for a foundation leak in one of the bedrooms. This company was referred to me by the plumber who came out first to assess the situation. Adams Disaster & Restoration was called in to set up their air mover and dehumidifier so that their equipment/fans would help keep the floor board and wall board from getting warped. This would help dry up the wall and tile. They also sprayed some anti-microbial agent on the walls and floor board to keep fungus and mold from growing.

Category mold removal




Very well. Everyone they sent was excellent. Excellent, professional people. They offer 24 hour emergency services. I highly recommend them.

Description of Work
Recovery after plumbing disaster.

Category water damage restoration




I was doing some very fine plumbing work on changing my ballcock assembly, and was just about done when the feeder line to the toilet tank ruptured and I had a full-out flow from the wall spigot. The water was starting filling my bathroom and flowing out into my bedroom. I pictured my whole condo filling with water. I was in a panic. I got my neighbors over and we could not turn off the water to my unit. My neighbor, Pam Mills, knew of a plumber and called them. In the meantime, my daughter and grandson came and we squeegeed the water from the bedroom back into the bathroom, caught it there with a bowl and tossed it in the tub. We did this until the plumber came. I was frantic. The water was flowing and we were fighting it. The plumber fixed the problem and then told me that from his experience, I shouldn't wait until morning to take care of the water in the bathroom and bedroom. He gave me the number for Adam's Disaster and Restoration Inc. I called Adam's Disaster. Everybody I dealt with, including the lady who answered the phone, were extremely nice and supportive. Tony Rannochio came within the hour, which by now was 10pm. He extracted the bulk of the water that night and was back the next morning by 8:30. I didn't have homeowner insurance and he was extremely helpful and understanding in finding the optimal way to fix the problem within my budget. Within two days, the carpet was completely dry. Again, Tony is exceedingly nice man. I very much appreciated the service above and beyond all expectation.

Description of Work
Floated Carpet for 2 days Sprayed Antimicrobial Fan and Humidifier for 2 days

Category water damage restoration

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    How is Adams Disaster & Restoration overall rated?

    Adams Disaster & Restoration is currently rated 2.7 overall out of 5.

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    Adams Disaster & Restoration is open:

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    No, Adams Disaster & Restoration does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    Yes, Adams Disaster & Restoration offers emergency services.

    What services does Adams Disaster & Restoration offer?

    Adams Disaster & Restoration offers the following services: Water restoration, fire restoration & smoke, mold remediation, cleaning & odor removal.