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Affordable Restoration & Remodel

Founded 2009 • With Angi since August 2009


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PO Box 821974

Vancouver, WA 98682


Specializing in crawlspaces and attic restorations, we've provided our customers with peace of mind for nearly 10 years in the Portland metro area. With services ranging from compromised foundations and water damage, to attic and roof repairs, our team of specialists will help you protect your

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


susan C.

No call back to my inquiry. so who knows

Description of Work
wanting to insulate a crawl space

Category insulation

Service Provider Response

Hi [Member Name Removed], I sincerely apologize for not being able to respond to you in a timely manner. I care a great deal about my Angie's list rating and I would like to explain my situation in hopes that you would reconsider the grade given. I understand your frustration with not getting a response, but I've been out on medical leave for a few weeks while my wife recovers from numerous hospitalizations. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and the news and uncertainty has absolutely devastated our family. Eventually, I will be back in the swing of things, but for now I am simply trying to give her anything she needs and help our 4 kids be prepared / understand the situation. Again, my sincerest apologies and if you still want a quote from me in a few weeks, I'd love to set something up. Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best for you and yours. Sincerely, Richard Stubbs Affordable Restoration and Remodel


Dan A.

We had a raccoon invasion in our crawl space. If you've never seen it you would not believe the damage Rocky and friends do. We got four estimates and went with Richard and Affordable Restoration. During his inspection Richard discovered some structural problems including cracked foundation, sunken footings, some rot, standing water and a gutter downspout issue. Work began on a Monday. The crew of Andres, Kevin, Cruz, and one who's name I did not get were terrific. Andres kept us updated on what they were doing every step of the way. The crew was very professional and made sure we were comfortable with the process. They were very careful to to protect our furnishings as they came in and out with debris and supplies. All the work was completed as expected and beyond. The job took four days. I would definitely hire Affordable Restoration again and recommend them to you.

Description of Work
Crawl space renovation

Category pest control, insulation, basement waterproofing, foundation repair




Richard and his crew were fabulous—punctual, hardworking, thoughtful—good communicators throughout the several days it took to replace all the insulation, pipe wrap, and vapor barrier in the crawlspace. They spotted four posts that were rotting, three leaks, and a crack in a foundation as well and fixed those too. We highly recommend them!

Description of Work
Crawlspace work

Category insulation, foundation repair



Terry C.

Discovered insulation damage in our crawl space. Contacted Richard, he determined the damage was caused by raccoons. He assisted me in my insurance claim. They arrived at the agreed upon time. He and his crew were very porfessional, respectful, and informitive. They perpaired and protected a pathway (plastic sheeting on the floor, walls, doorways) to get the damaged material out of the house. They were very careful to keep any contamination out of the house. They dressed and undressed in the crawl space entrance to minimize the possible spread of contamination. They spent three long days completing their task. Any questions that we had they would answer honestly. They even made suggestions about how to better weatherize our home. It was avery possitive experience. I would not hesitate to hire him and his crew again. I have even passed his cards to a couple property management companies that I have contact with.

Description of Work
replaced crawl space insulation, vapor barrier, and duct work ,

Category pest control, insulation, basement waterproofing



Claudia M.

It went well. Our only issue is that he does not always respond promptly when contacted. They did arrive when he said they would and did a great job. The workers were very nice. They left the place clean and were very respectful.

Description of Work
We had our crawl space insulated and a vapor barrier put down they also cleaned out a lot of garbage and the old insulation and plastic left by previous contractors.

Category contractors, insulation, foundation repair



Greg M.

Satisfactory. They made suggestions for other repairs that needed attention

Description of Work
Foundation cracks filled

Category remodeling, foundation repair



Raiza S.

They explained everything they were doing, no surprises. The work took 3 days to complete. They left the house very clean after.

Description of Work
Crawl space remodel.

Category pest control, insulation, remodeling, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing



Heather S.

Went well, fast and efficient. Richard went over the job with his team then they went to work. They were very respectful of our home and me.

Description of Work
Outer vent covers to crawl space needed to be replaced, old insulation be removed and vapor barrier replaced.

Category insulation, remodeling



Eran U.

Got an honest opinion of all my options.

Description of Work
Foundation repair.

Category foundation repair




Insulation out Remove and replace soiled/damaged insulation with new un-faced R30 sub-floor insulation. 48" framing. 15 HVAC Remove the old insulation from the heat ducts, and replace with new duct wrap. This includes repairing all disconnected ducts found during the restoration process. Water pipe insulation Replace/install insulation on all water pipes Vapor Barrier Remove and replace all vapor barrier with new 6 mil black vapor barrier Exclusion Seal / reinforce foundation vents and other access points. Including the hole to be filled with cement. Sanitize Sanitize and deodorize the entire crawl space 22 Specialty Install Sump pump in the lowest area of the crawlspace. This will include all electrical and plumbing connections necessary for proper installation. 06 Floor Frame Jack up the the area of the house near the Sump pump, in order to replace the post with the damaged base. This will include installing a raised pad and positive connections to the beam for proper support. TOTAL $8,960.00

Description of Work
The job resulted from our feeding birds etc and eventually rats (but not by choice!). The rats destroyed the installation in the crawl space under the house (a miserable space to work in) along with the plastic vapor barrier. There were numerous entry points in the foundation that were not visible to someone from the outside that allowed access for the rats. In addition, there were two posts that had rotted out due to dampness (and standing water at times) that needed replacing. The full list is on the page below. The job was exceedingly well done and I would recommend Richard Stubbs for any job involving attics or crawl spaces which are his company's specialty.

Category pest control, handyman service, insulation, wells, foundation repair




It went well. All work was completed in one day. Installers were friendly and professional.

Description of Work
cleaned and removed old insulation in crawlspace. Installed new insulation and vapor barrier. Sealed vents.

Category insulation, remodeling, basement waterproofing



Tram N.

I found these guys on Angie's List along with two other companies I was comparing to. I had to do a massive clean up and repair in my crawl space. Out of the three quotes, Richard gave me a reasonable quote and a timeline despite the peak season (July). I liked the fact that he wasn't a sales guy and actually went down to the crawl space and pinned point the damaged areas. He's someone you can trust. He got the job done on time and left my house clean as it was found after the job. Overall, I am very pleased with the customer service and response time. Recently I heard noises from underneath due to a clog in the sump pump and he drove out within 20 minutes to take a look and fixed it at no cost. I highly recommend if you have a crawl space issue you to need address.

Description of Work
Crawl space repair

Category plumbing, remodeling, basement waterproofing, wells




There was sometimes a communication gap between us. I felt he lagged somewhat in getting back to us, and when he did arrive to do the work he was quite late. He'd called the day before to say he would be at our place between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. and yet he arrived after 10 a.m. We'd had to get up quite early in order to be ready but no Richard. Thus, I didn't get to my fitness class. I called him at 8:40 a.m. and felt he was not that approachable. He said he was "in traffic" but we didn't see him for an hour. On the Monday after the Friday that the work was done, we reminded him at 9 a.m. that we needed the photos of the work he did, and he did get them to my email account so I could forward them to our realtor, who forwarded them to our buyer, thus assuring the sale of our house. The photos clearly showed the work that was done. They were professional photos with enough light and detail.

Description of Work
He went into the crawl space under our 1085 sq. ft. home to provide an estimate and ultimately to do the work. We needed a new vent system installed for the clothes dryer, and there was a bunch of insulation batting that had become detached during a previous project (a few years ago) and it needed to be reattached. He did this work after two estimates and in a couple of weeks, and some woodwork in the garage as well. We needed a spongy piece of wood frame dug out and repaired, and we asked him to retack the framework on two doors. Considering that he had to go into the crawl space about three times, $888 wasn't too much money. He also brought several of his own machines and was precise in the way he handled machinery and tools. I felt his perfection level was about 90 percent. Part of the dry rot repair could have been smoother.

Category contractors, insulation, remodeling, basement waterproofing, woodworking



Kathy C.

We were just getting our home on the market when we discovered that critters had been getting into our crawl space and demolishing our insulation. Richard came over immediately to view the damage & to provide an estimate. We were literally only 5 days out from our first Open House, so we're worried about timing. He brought in extra crew and turned the job around very quickly for us - and it was wrapped up in time for the first potential buyers to view the home. We really appreciated his quick response. They did a very good job and were very nice to work with. I would definitely hire him again.

Description of Work
Removed & replaced damaged insulation from under entire house, removed & replaced vapor barrier, installed screens over vents where rodents were getting into the crawl space.

Category pest control, insulation, basement waterproofing



Mark W.

Richards crew came on 9/15/14 and did everything but the insulation. By July 7 of 2015 I was able to afford to have them come back and, while still honoring their original bid, installed all of the insulation. Richard came back on the 8th to fix one of the vent screens that one of his workers didn't like the look of while working on the insulation. All and all, I was very happy with the installation of the vent screens. I was also impressed with the quality of the floor insulation they used. I took note the name of the manufacturer when they carried the batts in so I did some research while they were working. I found that the product was VERY eco-friendly and superior in all ways to the standard fiberglass insulation that I thought I was getting! My only regret is that I didn't have them take pictures of their work under the house. I can't get through the floor hatch and I know all of that insulation didn't come back up, (also, the house is a lot cooler) but I would have liked to see more of what they did! I highly recommend Affordable Restoration and Remodel!

Description of Work
Cleaned my crawlspace and installed new vapor barrier and foundation vent screens...Install R30 unfaced insulation between floor joists...Installed insulation on all of the furnace ducts and water pipes.

Category flooring contractor, heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, plumbing, remodeling, basement waterproofing



David M.

Richard responded quickly to look at the problem and was polite and professional. Once we were on the schedule, workers arrived promptly and worked consecutive full days until the project was complete. The quality of the tile work was very high and unexpectedly beautiful - having a real pro made all the difference. We were very pleased with the polite service and end result.

Description of Work
Replaced soft bathroom subfloor, installed tile floor.

Category contractors, flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling



Douglas K.

The work was done pretty well but I now believe that I should have used another company who did nearly the same on the quote they gave me for a lower price.

Description of Work
worked on crawl space

Category remodeling



Sharon B.

I noticed some of my floor insulation hanging down in front of the crawl space vents. Richard responded right away to have a look at the issue. It turned out to be damage from rodents having gained access to the crawl space. While under the house Richard also noticed one of the shower drains was leaking. After the crawl space was treated (by a separate pest management company) Richard responded very promptly again and the work outlined above was completed in two days. In addition, he fixed the leaky shower drain as well as patching a piece of concrete that had broken apart enough to allow rodent access to the garage. Since the work was being done in the crawl space, I requested the old dryer ducting be removed (it vented out a foundation vent) and rerouted to a new installation through the outside wall. Richard listened to what I wanted and did an outstanding job of rerouting the dryer vent that exceeded my expectations. And he didn't charge extra for this work. He was extremely good about answering my many questions about the job. The crew was very polite and cleaned up the site each day when they left. I am comfortable that I know what I got for my money. The job came in at estimate. The cost of this job was competitive with similar work I have had done in the past. I feel that all issues were addressed and I now have a clean, secure, crawl space. I am very happy with the way this job went and would call Richard again.

Description of Work
Removed and replaced subfloor insulation and vapor barrier, installed additional wire reinforcements for foundation vents and sanitized crawl space.

Category concrete repair, pest control, insulation, plumbing, remodeling, basement waterproofing, foundation repair



phil L.

Affordable Restoration had done a complete re-insulation of the crawl space. I had mentioned that we were going to have the exterior painted too, and Richard asked if he could bid on it. Because of the addition work needed before painting, we were looking for a contractor who could provide a turn-key solution. This included replacing some dry-rot siding and trim, calking, and sanding cedar panels. We also wanted two coats of paint. And we want the best paint available. We received three bids and only one could provide the full solution we were looking for which was Affordable Restoration. The other 2 bids were from companies also listed on Angie's. We specified, the paint, and the calk so there were no misunderstandings as to the quality of product and scope of work. Affordable met all of our expectations on the quality of work done.

Description of Work
Replaced some dry-rot exterior molding; sanded, sealed and calked surfaces, pressure washed house, painted exterior and exterior trim.

Category insulation, remodeling, pressure washing, woodworking, house painters



phil L.

Richard Stubbs did a visual inspection. He determined that because of water, pests, and rodent damage it would be best to replace all of the affected components. We agreed and he provided an estimate. Sticker Shock!!!!! We did not get a competitive bid, because after checking with a couple of contractors, we couldn't find one contractor that could provide all of the needed work. We could have broken down the project into a couple of smaller projects, but we wanted a turn-key solution. And with only about 2 feet of clearance between the joists and the vapor barrier, and an underfloor water pipe heating system, we knew this would be a difficult job. When he was finished, the contractor didn't test his work by turning on the furnace. and checking air flow. But we did, and found that the return air and heating vent ducts were reversed. This required a second visit, which was done the same day. It took a few more hours to correct his mistake. Um, stuff happens! Workers showed up late morning or early afternoon and worked well into the evening. Very dedicated. Mr. Stubbs expected the work to be completed in a week, but it took a couple of extra days, because of other commitments. He refunded us $200 because of the delay of the work. He didn't have to, but it does tell you something about the kind of service Affordable Restoration is trying to provide. And if you have tried to get contractors out just to get a bid, then you know what we are talking about! We are satisfied with the quality of work, and would hire Affordable to do this kind of work again. Note: We are looking at Affordable to paint the outside of the house---Sticker Shock deja vu!

Description of Work
Removed crawl space insulation, vapor barrier, and duct-work. Installed new insulation, duct-work, vapor barrier, and door access.

Category pest control, heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, remodeling, basement waterproofing, house painters



Rima and Paul G.

I would like to deal with him anytime about almost any problem.

Description of Work
Came very promptly on a Sunday and devoted much time and thought to considering and discussing my serious drainage problem. Didn't try to sell me anything - advised me to get the county to clean the road ditch before doing anything further.

Category remodeling



Marsha P.

After he came out, he never called me back.

Description of Work
I had him come out and do an estimate for me.

Category basement remodeling




We had a bad combination of problems in our crawlspace that affected our basement, then impacting our life indoors: a possum, raccoon & rat infestation was compounded by a plumbing failure leaking onto the creatures' excrement. This then began to leak into our laundry area, which then sent the scent of stench through the basement & into the upper floors of our home. Richard Stubbs examined the situation here clearly. After having a plumber fix the failed line, & beginning a program with a pest control company, Affordable Restoration & remodeling had a small crew begin by removing many bags of waste from the crawlspace, then thoroughly sealing up animal entry points, removing the strong odors, & fixing minor damage done by animals. They finished the job by putting in new insulation throughout the crawlspace. At one point when I complained that the waste removal was spreading heavy dust , Richard bought a HEPA filter to put into our furnace to clear the air effectively. That effort was much appreciated. Overall, our home now feels beyond restored, from the bottom up, as it's much better than it has ever been.

Description of Work
Richard Stubbs & crew repaired, resealed & renewed our home's crawlspace, vastly improving our quality of life indoors!

Category insulation, remodeling



Renate L.

My son and girlfriend, since moving in less that a year ago, managed to totally trash the second (guest) bath with water damage. I used Affordable Restoration and Remodel to gut/ replace most of it (we left the bathtub intact). They had to take out the floor, subfloor, toilet, sink, and vanity. Got all-new replacements and installed within 3 days. Also added shower door so the water would be less likely to get on the floor when they showered, which is how the problem started in the first place. Work was well done and fast. I had previously used this company to do a crawlspace restoration and was pleased with that work as well.

Description of Work
Bathroom gut/remodel.

Category flooring contractor, glass repair, remodeling, water damage restoration, home remodeling



David N.

Raccoons got into our crawl space over the winter by going through a broken foundation vent. We knew something was wrong when a bad smell came up through the dryer (the vent duct had broken and was heating the crawl space. The pest extermination company recommended Richard after making sure there were no living animals still under the house. We ended up getting three estimates: two from large companies in addition to Richard's. He was the only one of the three who actually went under the house and thoroughly evaluated the problem ( he spent 1/2 hr down there). The others just looked in the craw space access opening, took some measurements, and gave the estimate. In addition, Richard's estimate was for the entire job including removing the dead animals, and removing and replacing the contaminated insulation and vapor barrier, repairing the ducts, and insulting the pipes. The other companies would not remove the dead animals and one company only would remove the insulation and vapor barrier but we would have had to hire other vendors to do the replacement. Richard and his workers arrived on time, the work was done ahead of schedule and they were meticulous with cleanup. Richard's estimate was not the lowest but we felt like we knew what we were getting into with Richard, and I suspect we would have had cost overruns with the other companies. I would recommend without reservation

Description of Work
Remove and replace all floor insulation Remove and replace vapor barrier Rewrap ducts and pipes Remove remains of dead raccoons (2) Sanitize crawl space House footprint is about 2500 sq feet

Category pest control, heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, remodeling

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