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Abby Construction Co Inc

Founded 1986 • With Angi since December 2010


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1319 Lafayette Blvd Ste 100

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


General contractor, kitchen remodel and bathroom, bowed wall, chimney repair, demolition & stabilization, foundation repair

Verified Reviews

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C M M.


Description of Work

Category roofing




I would recommend them.

Description of Work
They've done some major work. They've been here twice. They remodeled my kitchen and did some other things. They did flooring, a new back splash. The only thing they didn't do is put in new cabinets. The appliances was provided by someone else, but all the work was done by them.

Category home remodeling



Billie A.

Terrible!!!! When I came home and I did see where the floor in the wall no longer had the big separation. However to my horror I discovered serious cracks in other areas of the home as well as the whole wall in one of the bedrooms was blown apart look like dynamite went off or an earthquake hit it . There was also cracking in the upstairs as well as Ceiling cracks. Cracks everywhere These obviously were not there before. I got in touch in the foreman who was very nice and most accommodating assured me they will be out the next day to take care of problem. In the meantime we also discovered that they had nailed wiring from our furnace causing damage to the unit. Which resulted in no heat. I was told the reason for the severe cracking throughout the house and other problems was they had jacked the floor too high from the basement and dropped it to quickly causing a big mess everywhere else. They did pay for someone to come and do all the drywall repair as well as fix the HVAC. However since that time a lot of the cracks have reappeared . the HVAC fortunately is still fine. In addition I had to have their work redone. All they had done was create a frame like structure in the basement with a couple of incorrectly installed metal poles. The wood was cut crooked hammer crooked and it was starting to split. They did come back the next day make some repairs to the poorly built structure but they were not the greatest repairs. There are still two metal poles that they put out that I'm afraid to have anybody touch as they are just balanced on a piece of wood and I am scared if their touched it will cause more damage to my home It was also inot up to code. I recently sent the owner Mike an email expressing my disappointment and heard nothing back. If feel he should have at the very least emailed me back and apologized . I did not have trust in Abbey Construction to have them back a 3 red time so I had the whole thing redone by another company who had to came in and installed metal peirs set in concrete Not only was I out $5000 I had to pay someone else to fix it.

Description of Work
I have an older home. Built in 1950. I had a problem where the floor in the dining room and the wall leading into living were separating. Obviously a big problem. I called Abby construction as I know they have been in business a long time and thought they could take care of it. I had them come in 2016

Category contractors, remodeling, foundation repair



Douglas D.

We purchased a home in 1994 that had a slightly sagging 8 X 14' concrete porch extension. Through the years, this had settled to the point of twisting the overhanging roof structure. After calling three different contractors on Angie's List, I received three different and confusing recommendations. Contacting the county for advice, they recommended hiring an engineer. I did that, and he recommended helical piers be used and further recommended Abby Construction Company in Fredericksburg, VA. I contacted them, and the president of the company, Mike Huie visited my home. I liked him immediately! He looked at the porch and confirmed that helical piers would be the best solution. Although the price was higher than my highest previous estimate, it was the only proven solution that would fix the problem. The math, science, and engineering spoke for itself and would prove to be the best option. Once the county permits were completed, Abby Construction began work. They removed the concrete porch and inspected the footers. The footers were in good shape, but the underlying soil was basically "fill." They ended up having to go down 26' before hitting the resistance necessary to carry the overhead load of the concrete porch and the overhanging roof structure. Abby Construction installed three piers, carefully jacked the porch footer into position to match the builder installed porch footer, installed necessary reinforcing bars, built the forms, and poured a tremendous looking new porch extension. It looks great! I am so pleased that we had hired Abby Construction Company to provide their solution. If I had hired anyone else, their solution would NOT have fixed the settling concrete, and the porch would eventually settle again. This will be a permanent solution to my problem. If I had to do this kind of project again, I would call Abby Construction Company to do the work.

Description of Work
Replacement of a previously homeowner installed 8 X 14' concrete porch extension that was not inspected or county approved.

Category concrete repair, foundation repair



Candy C.

The recommended work was performed from July 2014 through September 2014. The job did not go well (and although I have tried on numerous occasions to communicate with Abby construction about the work completed on my home there has been no resolution. Isues with work completed: Immediately after the back sidewalk was poured it rained very hard exposing the rock in the concrete. Instead of replacing the sidewalk Abby applied a coating of quikrete overtop a portion of the sidewalk. This caused a two-toned look to the newly poured sidewalk. During this process footprints were left to dry in the finish. Also, it should be noted that mortar splatter from brick repair were left to dry on the sidewalk. Upon discussing my dissatisfaction with the appearance of the back sidewalk solution to this mess was to stain the sidewalk. I still expressed that the back sidewalk should be torn up and re-done and that I had no interest in painting my back sidewalk every year. Abby assured me that I would not have to re-stain the concrete every year so I was thinking a penetrating stain would be used. However; a valspar stain was painted onto the surface which did not adhere to the surface. I am left with a back sidewalk that is cracking, chipping and pealing. It truly looks like a homeowner project gone bad as it certainly does not even remotely look like a professional was hired. 2. The patio that Abby had poured actually turned out well; however the new surface was power washed in attempt to remove dried mortar off the surface. This process left swirls in the newly brushed finish patio as the water force must have been too high for a newly poured surface. This process ruined the finish of the newly poured patio. Abby's solution was to stain this surface as well; however the stain did not adhere and is severely peeling off and crumbling. Again, the solution Abby came up with to fix their mistake of ruining the finish to begin with is unacceptable. 3. Front Porch - My main concern with my front porch was the loose stones as some of the mortar was cracked. Abby had told me that I needed piers to jack up my front porch as the porch foundation had shifted over time causing the cracks. However; when installed the piers failed to jack up the porch foundation at all. When I questioned why the piers failed to move the porch at all - Abby told me that this was one of the few times this had ever happened. Discussing the issue further Abby stated that maybe the porch was reinforced by rebar somewhere and this was the reason the piers did not jack up the porch. Well, as a matter of fact my porch is reinforced by rebar and can be clearly seen in the basement wall block. Therefore: the recommended piers seemed unnecessary. All that was needed was a brick layer. Also, regarding my front porch - I had a time getting Abby to fix the loose mortar joints ( so stones wouldn't be loose on front sidewalk). In fact, Abby told me that it wasn't in their contract to fix. However; main concern about the front porch was the loose stone. Obviously, since the piers were not needed; Abby should have fixed the real problem - the mortar. Abby finally fixed a few pieces of the loose mortar but in the process ruined the smooth cut edge of my front stone sidewalk and used some very white compound which did not come close to existing finish. Finally upon very much insistence Abby hired a brick layer to fix a few more places where the stone was loose but that still left many stones untouched and still loose. The two areas Abby had fixed still stick out like a sore thumb and Abby told me those areas were done as a "favor" to me since it wasn't in the my contract. Now, I am left to hire someone else to fix their so called favor. One last thing about the front sidewalk - it was power washed half way and left that way. Maybe a small thing in the overall issue of other problems but still unprofessional. 4. Crawlspace Encapsulation -Water is seeping through the cinder block wall that shares the wall of the crawlspace in my basement. Outside one of the underground vents was left open. The rest were bricked up; however the downspouts that discharge 2 feet from the crawlspace were left alone. Also, Abby did not re-build the foundation up or slope it away from the crawlspace. Now, I have a wet encapsulated crawlspace. Simply stated- Abby has left me $26,000 poorer and it looks like I have to spend another $26,000 to fix the same issues Abby was hired to fix. Before hiring Abby Construction I looked up online reviews and found that Abby had completed many local jobs even historical jobs in the Fredericksburg area. Also, Abby construction was going to complete a kitchen remodel in my home as they are one of the local contractors that Lowes uses for their kitchen remodels. I had put my faith and trust in them; however hopefully this review will deter others from making the same mistake.

Description of Work
Abby Construction performed an inspection of the foundation regarding the crawlspace of my home, drainage issues and front porch and sidewalk as the mortar between some of the stone were loose. To solve the crawlspace drainage issues Abby determined the back patio needed to be replaced -as over time it had settled and was sloping toward the house- the crawlspace underneath the back sidewalk area needed a concrete form to keep the dirt from coming into crawl space as well as moisture and recommended encapsulation of the crawlspace. Regarding the front porch and mortar cracks- Abby determined the front porch had settled and was causing the mortar to crack and recommended six Helical Piers be installed and mortar repair.

Category concrete repair, masonry, basement waterproofing, pressure washing, house painters, foundation repair, stamped concrete

Service Provider Response

member name removed) is correct in her description of the work. Our proposal was broken down in 3 projects and 3 separate areas of work. Front porch helical piers repair with the repair of the slate on the porch. We are an installer for Chance Helical piers and installed hundreds of piers in the past. We occasionally come across a foundation that will not go up. Our contract stated that we do not guarantee that we will raise the foundation but we do guarantee that it will be stabilized. We jacked it up some but then our piers started to bend. We had our team attempt another pier closer together and that did not help. The porch slab is locked into the masonry on the house and would not rise. (member name removed) has our guarantee that it will not drop anymore and that is all we can do. We can not refund for the five helical piers but I will have a mason repair the stone and use the correct color mortar. (member name removed) complained t the county about the front porch and they informed her that there is no guarantee to raise the porch, only to stabilize it. Please see our attached This portion of the work was inspected by Alexcom & Associate Engineering and was approved. We do need to have a mason repair the stone with matching mortar. For the back slab, sidewalk and landing repair, (member name removed) is correct. We did attempt to remove the concrete on the wall too quickly after the pour and the finish was damaged in one area. We have offered to repair this but (member name removed) can not decide if she wants stone on it or to pour it back. The stone would change the elevation of the concrete by about one inch. We have not hears what her decision is. For crawl space, we did a condition crawl space and we missed one vent on the front of the house that needs to be removed and bricked in. We will take care of that when (member name removed) allows us back.


Patrese T.

Description of Work
Abby construction was honest in their appraisal and the difficulties we were looking at. Working to get the permits and proper authorization with Stafford County was very difficult. They jumped through the hoops so I didn't have to. It was an expensive but needed repair. Abby made it as painless as possible.

Category foundation repair



Valerie H.

Description of Work
They came over for a free foundation inspection and determined that the wooden shims supporting beams in the crawl space needed to be replaced- the house was jacked up, guided with a laser measuring tool, and bricks and steel plates were installed in place of the wood. | |There was a bit of a mis-communication regarding the day the work was to be completed, but we were able to resolve that quickly and the work was completed on time the next day. All employees I spoke with were friendly, very responsive and were able to answer all of my many questions about the process. I am very happy with the work that was completed and would use this company again.

Category contractors, foundation repair



Paul C.

They did an excellent job. Once they were able to start the job, they were very quick and it took only two days for them to complete the job. They excavated, installed the brackets of the foundation, and the helical peers on the first day and they raised the foundation a little bit before they filled back the hole. The front loader they used had rubber tracks, so it did not damage to the lawn.

Description of Work
I have used Abby Construction Co Inc. They excavated the foundation and installed two peers.

Category foundation repair



Krista M.

Michael was very flexible on times for coming out to look at the cracks in the foundation. I called to discuss times, then ended up having a morning commitment that prevented me from calling early the next day. I called around 2:45 and he arrived at my house by 3:45. After examining the cracks, the determination was made that they were non-structural and that there is nothing that Abby Construction could help me with. However, he recommended a waterproofer who could do what was needed. We are taking that recommendation to complete the repair.

Description of Work
Consultation on cracks in foundation.

Category foundation repair



Grant M.

See above.

Description of Work
We noticed we were starting to have some gaps between our ceiling and walls in the central part of our house. We were quoted $5,000 for a complex solution for this from Jes Foundations. Abby had a much more simple solution of adding some shims. Unlike Jes Foundations, we felt like Abby actually took time to see what the problem might be before assuming that it was a job that was $5,000 worth of work. We appreciated Abby Construction's honesty and were satisfied with the job. The workers were also on time and got the work done quickly.

Category foundation repair



Katherine L.

Sent note of inquire for services needed. Never got response.

Description of Work
Sent note of inquire for services needed. Never got response.

Category home remodeling



Kathleen Q.

Mike Huie is the owner. He was just wonderful to work with. He did a great job for us.

Description of Work
I hired them to remodeled my kitchen and bathroom. They also did painting and replaced floors in other parts of the house. I was 800 miles away so we had to communicate by phone and email.

Category flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters

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    Abby Construction Co Inc offers the following services: General contractor, kitchen remodel and bathroom, bowed wall, chimney repair, demolition & stabilization, foundation repair