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Bradley Landscaping

Founded 2010 • With Angi since October 2013


(8) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


PO Box 33665

San Antonio, TX 78265


Sub-Contracting - Irrigation, Outdoor Lighting, Asphalt/Concrete Billing Procedures- 50% upon contract approval; 50% upon project completion...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Debbie L.

At first, I was very comfortable with Brad. I had previously hired a small family man to help with these projects, which turned into a nightmare. He assured me he would take care of me and I would be very happy. While completing the job (which took forever because of rain and his other jobs), he communicated and checked in frequently. He gave false verbal promises and even told my now ex-husband that he would “teach me a lesson” when I opted to go with a tree company other than his outrageously priced vendor. Kept telling me I didn’t cut back enough of the tree when I had 2 other companies come take a look and tell me not to cut back anymore, for the sake of the tree’s health. His invoice are vague with estimates on amounts of material but the cost shown on invoices never went down- it always went up. Would tell me he was going to do a small job here or there without charging, to make sure the yard was draining properly, but came back and charged me anyway. It was as if he couldn’t remember his agreements with whom he made them. After pretty consistently checking for me to write a review, and after a few times telling him I want him to replace the things that didn’t make it, I finally gave in and made the review thinking he would, in return, come back and honor his word. That did not happen. Instead I got a bunch of bs and excuses and him offering to replace items that died in AUGUST OF 2020 for a price. Don’t let his confident, smooth-but-pushy talk fool you and don’t let their responses to bad reviews make you think everything is the customer’s fault. Yet another company that cannot make good on their promises.

Description of Work
Level and sod backyard, flagstone patio, help fixing fence work done wrong, landscaping

Category landscaping,hardscaping,outdoor lighting

Service Provider Response

Initially, the client repeatedly expressed verbally and via text that the project was on a "tight" budget from the commencement of the project. The client also had a previously negative experience with a handyman that was not able to complete the project the client initially requested. Our company not only repaired the mistakes of the prior work performed (i.e. fence), but also provided complimentary services, to include re-mulching of landscaping beds and additional plants at no cost. In reference to our estimate, not invoice, it stated a brief description of the project's details to include warranty of any landscaping (i.e. plants). The client also requested multiple change orders, which were not invoiced, due to her "budget" of the entire project. Our company also kept frequent communication with the client, to include various text messages and phone calls. After the client's project was completed, we humbly requested a positive review on Google, which took approximately 5 months to complete on the client's end (which was also removed by the client after recent communication did not appease her. Our recent communication with the client included correspondence that would accommodate to her requests (i.e. sod replacement in certain areas and some plant replacement at no cost). We mentioned to the client that there was no mention ever that our company would warrant all her landscaping plants for an entire lifetime - this was stated in our contract the client signed which stated that "all plants are guaranteed for 1-year if proper care is given (i.e. watering), to exclude freezing temperatures and flooding. The client fails to recall that she declined the option of installing an irrigation system to accommodate to all her new landscaping that was installed by our company; therefore, our company suggested soaker hoses as a temporary means of watering. Our communication with this client was concise and straight forward from the beginning. We attempted to resolve the issues and come to a fair agreement - she refused.


George W.

My wife and I are both retired US Air Force. When we decided to obtain professional Christmas lighting for our yard and house. We searched various lighting companies, pest control companies, and landscapers. We knew when we saw Bradley Landscaping they were who we wanted. Their work is as much artistry as light design. You pay a very reasonable cost for putting up and taking down the lights. You also own the lights purchased the first year, but they have a no cost replacement for the strand. Of course, you can expand your lights. We have proudly been with Bradley for three years. This past year, there was a cold front that had up to 60 mph winds that disconnected a strand on the roof. They restrung the lights the next day – no charge. Bradley Landscaping prides itself on details and doing it right the first time. Of course, we highly recommend Bradley Landscaping!

Description of Work
Yard and roof Christmas lighting

Category landscaping,outdoor lighting



ismael R.

The owner shows up to give me an estimate, didn't have a measuring tape and stepped off with leaps. He took a phone call and was talking to an an employee telling him to get a 15,000.00 check from customer and when the customer refused he hung up on his employee. He quoted me 18,000.00 and i kindly said that was to much, he went down to $12,000.00 and when i said i would let him know he got upset at me and called me crazy and walked away and drove off with an angry attitude. He kept saying i could never get a better price. Unprofessional , no credentials wanted money right away, and with no references. Please beware with this company i feel they will take your money and won't perform the job

Description of Work
full landscaping on new construction

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

In response to Mr. [Member Name Removed]' complaint, we would like to commence that the estimate was given completely last minute and as a courtesy since Mr. [Member Name Removed] had not scheduled a consultation. As I arrived at Mr. [Member Name Removed]' residence, I noticed that my measuring wheel was left behind in my other work truck; however I gave an approximate measure to Mr. [Member Name Removed] (i.e. distance measured in footage). In reference to the phone call, I politely excused myself to answer the call from one of my employees, whom at the time, was purchasing materials from one of our suppliers. During that time, there was never any discussion between myself and my employee regarding a "$15,000 check from a customer." This allegation is completely fabricated by Mr. [Member Name Removed] and never took place during the visit. In response to the purported "quote" of $18,000 for the project, there was discussion of the total estimated cost, which estimated between $15,000-$20,000 (dependent on the intricacy and elaboration of the entire project). From that point, Mr. [Member Name Removed] continued to discuss the details of the preferences for his project, to include omission of certain plants within landscaping beds and installation of a new irrigation system throughout the entire property. We, then, attempted to inquire on whether Mr. [Member Name Removed] had a budgetary expense for his project. At that point, Mr. [Member Name Removed] became extremely agitated and appeared to have been offended by a common standpoint of any conversation between contractor and client during a routine consultation. We then suggested a total estimated cost for the project ($12,000), which did not include the cost for the installation of a new irrigation system for the entire property. Mr. [Member Name Removed] misinterpreted the estimate of $12,000.00 and repeatedly said $1,200.00 between a continuous banter. We ensured that the estimated cost of $12,000 was heard correctly and that there was no misinterpretation of the total cost, which would be considered competitive, if not undervalued for the services Mr. [Member Name Removed] requested. Mr. [Member Name Removed] then proceeded by "laughing" and commented that "I was a good salesman." He then shook my hand and we thanked him for the opportunity. I then proceeded to my truck and left Mr. [Member Name Removed]' residence. There was not one instance of unprofessionalism from Bradley Landscaping and in terms of "credentials," we have our company's logo displayed in all of our company vehicles. On that note, Mr. [Member Name Removed] insisted on a presentation to be sent to his HOA in order to "get the HOA off his back" (Mr. [Member Name Removed]' exact words during the conversation). We were in compliance with his request to send the presentation to Mr. [Member Name Removed]; however Mr. [Member Name Removed] utterly disputed having any further discussion of the total cost in order to proceed with the presentation. There was no mention or discussion of any "money right away" or "references" - That was yet another fabrication by Mr. [Member Name Removed]. This complaint is completely devised with false information and insinuation from Mr. [Member Name Removed] and his apparent discontent of the total estimated cost given upon the visit. It is absolutely incredulous and insulting that a member of Angie's list could result in affecting the rating of my business based on his false allegations and misguided information. We are requesting that this review submitted by Mr. [Member Name Removed] be thoroughly examined and deleted due mostly to the inaccuracy and misrepresentation of information reported by Mr. [Member Name Removed].


William M.

Description of Work

Category lawn service



William M.

Smooth from start to finish. Hardworking crew who kept to schedule & budget & very responsive, always did what they said they would.

Description of Work
Total landscaping of backyard. Removed shrubs and outdated features - replaced with many various species of weather related plants and shrubs - also - added landscaping to front yard.

Category landscaping




Brad's crew was outstanding. They were courteous and professional and did a super job. My wife and I are pleased with the results.

Description of Work
Replaced 260' of fence, installed flagstone patio in yard, removed five trees and planted new shrubs, trimmed remaining trees and shrubs.

Category landscaping,hardscaping



Ron & Tina M.

Going into this project there was nothing but bad landscaping in front and side of house. So when I say this was a complete makeover this is no exaggeration. In front we had wandering Jew growing and we were all in agreement that needed to be removed. Here we are 3 to 4 months later and the wandering Jew is taking over one side of our landscaping. I contacted Bradley landscaping and he informed me there isn't anything he can do about that. So I reminded him he didn't place any weed control material in front landscaping even though he put that in the bid. He said we can try that so sent his guys over to place weed control over a small section. They did not pin it down! So the wandering Jew traveled and popped up everywhere. I contacted him again and he said he did everything he should have done and he would be more then happy to accommodate me with a more aggressive attempt to remove the wandering jew at an additional cost to me. Also said he removed all visible pieces and used roundup before installation. This whole project took about a month to two months to complete. So I believe he should have done his research and been more aggressive with the removal of the wandering Jew at the very beginning of this project. He should have dug it out and used something more effective other then roundup to kill it. The removal of the wandering jew should have been #1 on his list at the very very beginning! I only wish I could post pictures so every one could see how the wandering jew is taking over my landscaping. I full heartedly believe a professional landscaper should have known that better and more aggressive steps were needed when dealing with such an invasive species known as the wandering jew. Also included in this project was cement work in the front atrium. The cement crew used splattered cement on all 3 sides of the house and on window screens and front door. We were told that this would be cleaned when project was complete. This was never cleaned and the cement is still there.

Description of Work
A complete front yard makeover and one side of back yard. They first had to cement the atrium area, which was all dirt and cement a walk way from front of house to the back patio. Then they flagstone the entire area. They did a full landscaping in front and both sides of house. Then removed all old grass in front and replaced with zosia grass. In the back by the pool they leveled and removed tons of white rock. They placed sod and landscaped by the pool.

Category landscaping,hardscaping

Service Provider Response

In response to the dissatisfaction of the recurring issue concerning the "Wandering Jew" species, our company has offered to remedy the problem via communication prior to this review, which in fact was altered from an initial review submitted which stated positive remarks and complete satisfaction of the entire project. The project did not entail specifically the removal of the invasive species (i.e. Wandering Jew), but more so the redesign & installation of an existing bed(s), installation of a flagstone patio & walkway, & installation of Zoysia turf, to include native plants, commercial grade fabric, mulch, & metal edging. The client(s) were informed verbally, after mentioning of the removal of visible invasive species prior to any project commencement, of the difficulty of complete eradication of the species within any landscaping. As discussed via text communication per response from client, a potent commercial-grade weed killer (Round-up), was in fact utilized on the invasive species prior & after any excavation. Therefore, all visible remnants of the species were removed and soil(s) were saturated with Round-up prior to the installation of landscaping fabric within the specified area(s) and/or redesign of bed installation(s). As previously stated, our company made a conscientious effort in providing the client(s) with an opportunity to re-attempt to alleviate the proposed recurring issue of the Wandering Jew within their landscaping. It is neither stated within the landscaping contractor estimate, which was in fact agreed upon prior to project commencement, or stipulated elsewhere that the removal of the invasive species was included within the project. It was verbally mentioned by the client(s) and as a good faith attempt to assist in the client's overall satisfaction with the project, the removal of the visible species was in fact performed with the client's comprehension and understanding that that particular species is in fact difficult to eradicate from any landscaping unless repeated aggressive attempts are made to remove the species if new growth evolves AFTER the project has been completed. This recurring issue with this invasive species is NOT a component or stipulation within the contract, however we made an attempt to remedy the issue at an additional cost to the client simply due to the fact that it was NOT included, nor mentioned to be included prior to agreement, within the project contract. According to the contract, all landscaping services were performed and received. If there was dissatisfaction of any of the proposed landscaping project, it is highly recommended that client(s) disclose that information prior to project completion, particularly if an issue stated within the contract is in fact not addressed accordingly. Once more, an attempt to remedy the issue of the "Wandering Jew" was communicated and offered, however the client(s) chose to not allow our company to alleviate the problem. In regards to professionalism, all possible attempts at the time of services were made to fulfill the client(s) request to remove the visible portions of the invasive species, however it was also communicated and understood by the client that the species may erupt after the landscaping project had completed. From my experience and with confirmed correspondence from fellow landscaping colleagues and undisputable research, the "Wandering Jew" species is in fact considered highly invasive and challenging to eradicate completely from any landscape regardless of numerous attempts, to include varying depths of soil(s) where the species demonstrates growth. At the time of services, the attempt to remove and eradicate the visible aspects of the species were undoubtedly performed. This cannot be disputed simply because the client(s) did not experience and/or communicate issues with the species recurring until 4 months after project completion. Clearly stated upon the contract, this was NOT a landscaping service agreed upon, but performed according to the client(s) verbal request, which was adhered to prior to project completion. Moreover, any and/or all services stipulated within the contract were performed, received, agreed upon, and thoroughly understood by client(s). Therefore, the dissatisfaction with an aspect of the landscaping project, which is NOT stated within the contract, holds no validity to making our company accountable for "fixing" a problem with an invasive species that was repeatedly communicated as being virtually impossible to eradicate without aggressive attempts by the homeowners if new growth appears after project completion.



They are over priced. They didn't fix anything I had on my list. They sold me a maintenance plan for $1900.00 and they didn't show up when they were supposed to when I even took off work for them to come. I told them not to come back anymore. I would complain and he would never make it right, just reply with "Ok". With the backyard installation, I told them that I needed something pet friendly as I have a dog. They put grass in and installed a sprinkler system - I now have a mud hole. I also asked them to replace the wood trim on my privacy fence. They replaced it with stained wood timber and it does not match.

Description of Work
Landscaping Installation

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

First and foremost, we were not aware of or furnished with a "list" as proposed within your review. A maintenance contract was indeed mutually agreed upon with an itemized agenda which in fact contains a description of the services provided during routine scheduled maintenance visits (i.e. time off from work was never necessary and/or requested). In reference to the services contracted to the backyard, a natural flagstone patio along with turf/sod in specified areas was installed (as requested and agreed upon prior to project commencement) to accommodate to the requests for a "pet friendly" environment. On that note, the installation of an irrigation system was not installed by Bradley Landscaping and/or noted as a additional service as per services contracted. Moreover, in regards to the replacement of wood trim on the privacy fence, the existing wood trim was replaced, however the stain was in fact provided and purchased by the customer, as per customer request and services contracted. Furthermore, we regretfully express our apologies if any services contracted did not meet and/or exceed the customer's expectations at time of services; however any and ALL landscaping services that were rendered within your residence were explicitly discussed and mutually agreed upon prior to any project implementation, to include maintenance services and total projected costs. If miscommunication of services/cost was indeed a contributing factor of this review, Bradley Landscaping would have been more than willing to accommodate to further clarification of services contracted prior to project commencement.

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    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, hardscapes/stonescaping; xeriscapes; landscape lighting, irrigation - sprinkler system design & installation; wooden structures - decks, arbors, pergolas, gazebos;

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Bradley Landscaping

    How is Bradley Landscaping overall rated?

    Bradley Landscaping is currently rated 3.6 overall out of 5.

    What payment options does Bradley Landscaping provide

    Bradley Landscaping accepts the following forms of payment: Check

    Does Bradley Landscaping offer free estimates?

    Yes, Bradley Landscaping offers free project estimates.

    Does Bradley Landscaping offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Bradley Landscaping does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Bradley Landscaping offer a senior discount?

    No, Bradley Landscaping does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Bradley Landscaping?

    Yes, Bradley Landscaping offers warranties.

    What services does Bradley Landscaping offer?

    Bradley Landscaping offers the following services: Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, hardscapes/stonescaping; xeriscapes; landscape lighting, irrigation - sprinkler system design & installation; wooden structures - decks, arbors, pergolas, gazebos;