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Parker's Workshop

Founded 1982 • With Angi since August 2012


(48) Verified Reviews

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1581 Nesting Dove Cove

Cordova, TN 38016


Mr Allen Parker (Owner / Manager)...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Jessica R.

aAllen Parker worked quickly to remodel my kitchen after a flooding incident. I was very impressed with both the responsiveness of Mr. Parker, the timeliness of the project, and the precision of the tile work.

Description of Work
Kitchen remodel

Category ceramic tile, countertops, home remodeling, interior painters



Mark P.

Angie’s list review of Parker’s Workshop Allen parker is a delight to work with. We have used his company for three major projects in our home since 2014. The level of expertise and care he provides us is extraordinary. He goes the extra mile for us in regards to dust control and clean up, knowing our need as we are a growing family with babies in the home ever since we started working with him. We trust his workers completely, even leaving them in our home as we go away for the duration of the demos. Allen is a perfectionist and really goes over his work with a fine toothed comb. Another amazing thing he does is stays in frequent contact with the home owner during the entire planning and building process, followed by a follow up session a few weeks later to make sure the home owner is completely happy. He uses good design input as well as functionality.

Description of Work
Bathroom remodel and bedroom remodelAngie’s list review of Parker’s Workshop Allen parker is a delight to work with. We have used his company for three major projects in our home since 2014. The level of expertise and care he provides us is extraordinary. He goes the extra mile for us in regards to dust control and clean up, knowing our need as we are a growing family with babies in the home ever since we started working with him. We trust his workers completely, even leaving them in our home as we go away for the duration of the demos. Allen is a perfectionist and really goes over his work with a fine toothed comb. Another amazing thing he does is stays in constant contact with the home owner during the entire planning and building process, followed by a follow up session a few weeks later to make sure the home owner is completely happy. He uses good design input as well as functionality.

Category ceramic tile, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, picture framing, handyman service, plumbing, remodeling, skylights, woodworking, marble & granite, home remodeling, house painters, interior painters, cabinet refacing, doors



Marla S.

As always, great job by Mr. Parker & team. I highly recommend this business - very professional, responsive, and easy to work with.

Description of Work
Painting - Interior

Category interior painters



Charles G.

Went beautifully. The contractor talk to me about what I wanted. Gave me options. I originally wanted a shed roof not gable. The framing crew convinced me gable addition would be easier and it wouldn’t cost anymore or compromise my square footage. I was even able to have the addition skinned in aluminum siding that matched my existing siding.

Description of Work
Added on an addition to existing shop. The addition was 6’6” x 20’.

Category concrete repair, remodeling, siding, woodworking



cynthia W.

As always Allen and his crew did an amazing job! On time, cleaned up beautifully, and most importantly - stands behind his work. They have done several jobs for me over the past 7 years - both interior and exterior - and have always done a great job. I can recommend this organization without hesitation!

Description of Work
Chimney Repair (exterior)

Category fencing, gutter repair, handyman service, remodeling, wallpaper removal, fireplaces, woodworking, interior painters, doors



Nicki B.

He talked over my husband and I when we were speaking about what we wanted. He’s focus was on matters that don’t concern him instead of why we asked him to come out for a project we were ready to start as soon as next month. It seriously rubbed my husband and I the wrong way. Not listen to what we were need to have done for our house and taking down to us is never an options. Over it. Will never use his unprofessional services again.

Description of Work
Allen came out to do an estimate for a pitching of a garage roof and a new non insulated garage door projects we wanted to start in the coming weeks.

Category garage doors, roofing

Service Provider Response

I was contacted to come out and provide an estimate for adding a pitched roof onto an attached garage. I met the customer and looked at the property, which is a two story residence with an attached garage, both of which have flat roofs. The customer wanted to pitch a new roof over the garage from the edge of the second story house roof. I advised that this would not be in keeping with the architectural style of the house and would likely negatively impact the resale value and curb appeal of the home. The customer became upset when I mentioned resale value and told me not to worry about that because it wasn't my concern. I gave them an estimate of $10-12,000 to add the roof they wanted and ended the meeting. The customer later texted me saying that they did not appreciate our interaction and that they would be going in another direction for their project. I apologized, said I was just trying to give them my professional opinion, and wished them good luck on their project.


Robert F.

Mr. Allen Parker showed up for the walk through estimate for a house rehab / flip. He said he could do everything (rehab-wise) that was needed. We needed a "ball park" estimate, nothing too specific. After two days of waiting, we never heard back and he didn't return text or voicemail. Looks like we'll have to go with a different contractor. Hope this doesn't cause us to lose the deal due to delays in submitting an offer.

Description of Work
$20K + rehab

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

Mr. [Member Name Removed] contacted me to look at a property, and we scheduled a time to meet at that location. I arrived for that meeting and met with his wife and daughter, even though my understanding was that I would be meeting with him. I reviewed with them the state of the property both outside and inside, and the things they wanted to upgrade or renovate. It was my professional opinion that the property required extensive renovations, and that their proposed budget would be insufficient to accomplish all the renovations they wanted. I communicated this opinion to them and gave them a "ball-park" estimate of what could be done within the budget communicated to me. I followed this meeting up with a text message giving a more detailed and itemized estimate for the work we discussed. I sent this message at 8:30 AM Friday March 30, the day Mr. [Member Name Removed] left this review. He responded saying that they would be going with a different contractor. Having worked in this profession for over 30 years, customer service and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me. I was on time for the scheduled appointment, gave my professional opinion free of charge, and followed up with a detailed estimate via text message. Given that, I do not appreciate this unfair and dishonest characterization of myself and my business.


Garrett B.

Very professional. Allen discussed all the work in detail, which would be performed, and everything turned out perfect. He also gave some really great advice on some other projects that I am very likely going to have him and his contractors help with. His contractors were also very professional and nice to work with. Overall I am very pleased with the work that was done, it turned out to be the best rate($) out of 4 other quotes that I received from A list rated companies, and he had the quickest availability. Definitely an A+ rating in my book!

Description of Work
Put up an interior wall to section off a room. (Framing, drywall/sheetrock, baseboards/moulding, and painting)

Category remodeling



Christi P.

Went well. Mr. Parker was very professional and the workers worked well.

Description of Work
Outside siding repair and paint and new gutters.

Category gutter repair, remodeling, siding



Marla S.

They did very good work at a reasonable price. They are also prompt, reliable, neat, friendly, and fast - I highly recommend these guys.

Description of Work
Mr. Parker & his team have done multiple improvement projects at my house, both inside and outside. Examples include gutters, windows, doors, painting, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures and switches... the list goes on.

Category gutter repair, handyman service, remodeling, replacement windows, woodworking, home remodeling, house painters, interior painters



Bill K.

They were great and much cheaper than other bid we received. Very pleased.

Description of Work
Siding on end of home was rotten. They replaced with a better siding and painted. They also caulked around Windows and repainted.

Category remodeling, woodworking, house painters



Mike L.

The repair crew showed up two days after I first contacted Parker's Workshop and went to work at 9:30 a.m. By 1:30 p.m., the work was completed, including a trip to a lumber supplier to buy siding and trim board. (I supplied the paint which was left over from the last exterior paint job, so everything matched perfectly). The crew cleaned up completely and when it was done everything looked like new. The price seemed a little steep, but the soffit it is on the second floor and required some ladder work, which is something I was not prepared to do on my own. It was worth it to have the job done properly, including replacement of the damaged siding and trim board (which I had not been aware of when I made the initial call). The crew was obviously very professional and knew what they were doing.

Description of Work
Repaired soffit (in one eave of the house) where squirrels had clawed most of the way through. Also replaced a piece of 30-year-old siding and a trim board which had rotted. Those repairs were then repainted. Also, replaced two broken boards on the gate of my fence.

Category contractors, woodworking



Sandra P.

He re-plastered the walls, replaced a shelf, light fixtures, medicine cabinet, light switch, grab bars, a door and door knobs. He then painted the bathroom. It was an excellent experience. Mr. Allen and his crew are very professional. They did excellent work, were courteous and maintained a clean work area. They communicated with me very well. Overall it was a very good experience.

Description of Work
Remodeled the bathroom.

Category home remodeling



Jing H.

I called Mr. Parker for the repair. He answered my call promptly and made an appointment to come to survey the job. He came on time, did all the measurements professionally and told me that he would get back to me soon. After the initial appointment, he never got back to me his estimate. I called him several times, he picked up the phone every time and promised me courteously that he would get me the estimate by the end of the day. And he never did! After four weeks of waiting, I texted him to give him the last chance to respond, he simply texted me back saying he was too busy and had no time to work on my project. What a professional!

Description of Work
I have a leak in my basement need to be repaired.

Category flooring contractor



Cesar V.

We decided not to do it. He came in as scheduled. He was about an hour late when he called. He sent me the estimate a couple of weeks after that. It was fine. I did not have to pay more than the deal. If you come in here to do something and you're not shaking my hand, you're not going to get it back. The pricing was great. I did not see a desgin. We just talked about it. I did not see any paper.

Description of Work
I purchased a"Big Deal" for Parker's Workshop. It was for a kitchen and bathroom design consultation. They gave us a quote.

Category home remodeling



Leslie S.

The crew was very good and the schedule went very well. Only three days to do my whole house. I am so happy everyday when I walk in and see my beautiful floors.

Description of Work
Mr Parker came out and measured my house for new flooring. He was very nice while still being professional. This was something I wanted for a long time. I was indecisive as to the product I wanted. He took me shopping three times for me to decide. He advised me as to each product and what to expect from that product. He allowed me to make my own decision in the end I must say I made the right decision based on his input. I have recommended Parkers Workshop to my friends and I would highly recommend if you want a hometown guy who is honest and trustworthy. He cares about you getting what you really want. I will call him when I am ready for my new countertops and anything else I need. He took my calls and answered all my questions.

Category countertops, flooring contractor, remodeling



Dayna S.

Although we were initially satisfied with the installation, within a couple of weeks the seams in the floor began to separate and the floor buckled. The attempt to fix the problem by his worker was not successful. Parker will not accept or return numerous phone calls. Our next call is to the Better Business Bureau. I know they will answer the phone.

Description of Work
Installed hardwood floors.

Category flooring contractor, remodeling

Service Provider Response

I, Lewis Allen Parker, would like to begin by apologizing to the customer regarding this issue. During the majority of the period that the customer was unable to contact me I was on an extended vacation. I apologize for not yet returning the customer’s calls and voicemails; I have been looking into a possible resolution regarding this dispute, which will be detailed later. I would now like to take a brief time to provide background and a timeline in regards to the services purchased by the client, and my attempts to address his issue. The customer initially contacted me March 13th, 2015, a Friday morning at 8:10 am. He had received my contact information from the retailer which he had purchased flooring material. The customer asked about installing hardwood floating flooring which he had already purchased with the intention of having my company deliver it to his residence for acclimation purposes prior to installation. Once this material was on site however, the customer changed his mind and decided to return and select a different brand of flooring. This second material, purchased by the customer, is the one that my company installed. The type of flooring he selected is a solid hardwood 3/4 inch floating floor manufactured by TimberClick out of the United Kingdom. The flooring installation was completed April 18th, 2015. A floating floor is a floor that consists of multiple planks that hook together using a tongue and groove joint. These planks rest on a cushioned moisture barrier and are in no way permanently attached to each other or the existing subfloor or concrete foundation (hence the name ‘floating’). The customer first contacted me regarding the issues he was experiencing with this flooring around the middle of August 2015. This initial issue was that the individual planks of the flooring were bucking in a single area. To address this issue, I sent a worker to the customer’s residence shortly thereafter around the end of August. The buckling issue was addressed by trimming some of the planks on the perimeter of the flooring around the area in question. This solution was successful in resolving the buckling issue. The next time the customer contacted me was approximately one month later. The issue this time was not that the planks were buckling, but that in several areas the seams were coming apart due to the planks contracting, which caused a noticeable gap at the tongue and groove joint. The process of the planks expanding or contracting is an issue much more typical of and associated with floating floors as opposed to a floor that is glued or nailed down. This process is usually not a major issue because it is accounted for by the floor manufacturer. To address this seam issue, I sent workers to the customer’s residence on a couple of occasions with the intent addressing the issue in any way possible. The last time, I accompanied my worker to the customer’s residence to better evaluate the issue. It was at this that I explained to the customer that I had no control over the seams because it is a locking floating floor. I am confident that the flooring was installed correctly, and that the seam issues the customer is experiencing is due to a defect in either or both the design and manufacturing of the product. At this time I would like to detail my proposed solution to this dispute as mentioned previously. I first contacted the manager of the retailer that the flooring was purchased from. It was at this time the manager said that for a product dispute to move forward, a certified floor inspection would have to be conducted by a certified flooring inspector. That inspection would then be sent to the flooring retailer, who would then decide a course of action.



Mr. Parker was one of several companies I called about getting a quote. He responded to my request within 24 hours, and had scheduled an onsite visit within a few days. In discussing the project with him it was apparent that he was qualified, and had a number of good suggestions to help make the improvements better. He provided a verbal bid the next day, and a written bid within several days. I received a wide range of bids from several contractors, and Mr. Parker's bid was one of the most affordable. I decided to go with his company because he was always responsive, and willing to help. We scheduled a start date, and the employees showed up on time, and completed the job within the timeframe discussed. They did a good job, kept the worksite clean, and was easy to work with. I will call Mr. Parker first when we need more work at our house.

Description of Work
This was a exterior remodel and addition of an outbuilding (shed).

Category remodeling, garage builders



Carla M.

I worked mostly with Allen Parker on my project to remodel my townhome. I did about 75% of the demo myself and then Allen stepped in to finish the job and put Everything back together. He handled everything including the layout of the kitchen, purchasing items directly from the store, drywall for many areas and much more. He was always easy to reach and he made several trips with me to the design stores to make sure we were on the same page as well as going on his own and selecting option for me to look at when I was busy. Overall I've had a wonderful experience with Allen and his company and I would (and have) recommend him for any type of remodel you plan on doing.

Description of Work
Parker's Workshop handled a complete remodel top to bottom of my townhome

Category remodeling



Jessica R.

He was punctual and took his time to explain in detail what were the priorities in the home's repair versus what could wait.

Description of Work
Came to 2 different prospective homes I was looking to buy and renovate to give me an estimate of what it would take. He was honest and I will be using him once I make a decision on a fixer-upper.

Category remodeling



Gus P.

They said they had had everything to do it. He came and drilled a wall in my wall and jack the price by 600 bucks or he will not do it. He then called and said he is not going to do it so I said ok and the he should patch up back my wall and clean up the mess. He left a huge hole in my wall. The original bid was a grand and he wanted $1600. I would not use them again, not ever.

Description of Work
I used Parker's Workshop. They hang the TV over my fireplace.

Category handyman service



Dayna S.

Mr. Parker did an excellent job! He arranged for an excellent team to come and do the work. They completed the work earlier than we had anticipated and did an excellent job. We did have to have them back out to work on the thresh holds, but that was not a problem. We love our new floors!

Description of Work
Replaced tile in foyer with slate. Put in hardwood floors in master bedroom, great room, and dining room.

Category remodeling



Dorothy R.

Mr.. Parker came out to the house and gave me an estimate and we set up a date for the installation. I purchased my tile from Floor Décor and his crew picked up. Even though the weather was bad (8 degrees) his crew was here on time to start the three day project. The men were very professional, courteous, and answer any of my questions. Old flooring, toilet, and quarter rounds removed and hauled away the first day. The tile floor looks great. All the trim was replaced. I am quite pleased. Proud to show it off. I am glad That I listen to Mr . Parker regards to doing a block pattern when laying the tile. I had a problem with a few doors closing correctly but he sent another crew a few days (2) later to solve the problems. While his crew was here they built a small cabinet above my microwave. I was impressed that they tried to keep the mess limited and they cleaned before they left each day. Thanks again for a job well done.. Plus my daughter asked for Mr. Parker' phone Number... DLR

Description of Work
Installed tile in kitchen, laundry, bathroom and entrance hall.

Category remodeling



Megan P.

I had completely gutted our upstairs bathroom when a family emergency and the realization that I didn't know what I was doing brought the job to a complete halt. Mr. Parker responded quickly and was willing to work with the materials we had on hand, but saved us about a thousand dollars by suggesting some changes in material choice. His ideas helped us come up with a great design that turned a dingy, leaky, 1973 bathroom into the nicest room in the house (according to my daughter). His crew and subcontractors did great work, which included rough carpentry, drywall, tiling, trim carpentry, cabinet and counter installation, painting, the electrical work and shower door installation. The family emergency had us running back and forth to the hospital for most of February on top of our normally busy schedules. There were several days that we just had to leave a key since we wouldn't be at home. I felt completely safe doing that. Bottom line: a great price for excellent work by skilled professionals I could trust.

Description of Work
Completed an upstairs bathroom remodel that I started, but didn't have the skill or time to finish.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, glass repair, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters



Lise W.

The contractor was always prompt, very attentive and pleasant to work with. He completed the field work measurements and sample selections timely. His prices are very fair and reasonable. His field crew are very skilled and during the entire project were very careful not to damage any furnishings while working. They were always prompt, hard workers and completed the project on time. They do a good job cleaning up after the job is completed. Their workmanship is superb! This is our second time using their services and we are very satisfied.

Description of Work
Removed carpeting and Installed wood flooring and also installed oak wood stairs with custom stain to match flooring.

Category flooring contractor, remodeling

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    How is Parker's Workshop overall rated?

    Parker's Workshop is currently rated 4.8 overall out of 5.

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    Parker's Workshop is open:

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    No, Parker's Workshop does not offer warranties.

    What services does Parker's Workshop offer?

    Parker's Workshop offers the following services: Home Improvements, Repairs, Custom Kitchens and Baths "From the Ground Up"