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C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC

Founded 2002 • With Angi since June 2012


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2024 Washington Road

Spartanburg, SC 29302


Small local business with three employees. For larger projects we require 1/3rd at the start, a second equal payment at mid project and final payment upon completion.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...



*********************************************************************************************************************************** THIS WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD WITH A CONTRACTOR AND WISH THAT SOMEONE HAD TOLD ANGIE'S LIST ABOUT HIM BEFORE I BLEW $3,000. AND WAS LEFT WITH AN INCOMPLETE AND POORLY DONE JOB. *********************************************************************************************************************************** During this job I sold Mike a $10. book that he ask to buy from me. He was to take it off his bill---he didn't. I sent him an invoice and he paid---still a hassle. Mike would tell me when he and his men would be back---if he said 8am you could depend on him being there around 9am, etc., etc., etc... Bought and charged me for shoe guards---I would't let him in my house because of his poor quality work, so he never used them--did I get credit on my bill?---NO. Bought and charged me for 3---20x20 Micro Allergen 2pk. from Lowes----don't know what that is but I bet it wasn't for me---I just don't know. He used white caulk instead of clear caulk next to red brick and then painted it tan---did he cover all of the white caulk?--NO. MY OVERALL EXPERIENCE WAS AWFUL--AWFUL--AWFUL--AWFUL!!!!!!!!! Mike does not have the skills to do the work he contracted to me to complete, would argue with me when I complained, didn't supervise his people, did not pay attention to my instructions, and overall left me with a NASTY taste in my mouth.

Description of Work
I hired Mike McNelis owner of C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC to perform 26 home improvement items on my home to prepair it for sale. Mike gave me a quote of $30. Per hour for himself and two helpers. He promised to get these items done very quickly since I was leaving the state and wanted the repairs done so that my wife didn't have to deal with a contractor. Only a portion of the work was completed and I had to watch him and his people like a hawk to get the work done and to see that it was done correctly. Even with my supervision I am UNHAPPY with everything he did and, of course, I am unhappy that he represented he would complete the job on time and he onlly completed a portion of my list. Ultimately, towards the end of my time frame I took the remaining work away from him and made him concentrate on completing what he had started and what was not to my satisfaction (which was everything). Mike is a very nice guy, but he cannot follow instructions, does poor quality work, and the people that work for him do not have ANY skills--they are just day laborers. Mike does not supervise his crew--he just tells them what to do and then goes off and works on the projects he is doing himself. One of his employees is WORTHLESS. He throws trash and cigarette butts everywhere, b****** about having to work and what he is told to do, attempts to stand around and supervise the other worker with him, and does the worst work I could imagine--his name is William--you should not allow this man on your property. I told Mike about what he was doing and Mike talked to him on several occasions and nothing improved. Mike is not a leader or supervisor and this guy walks all over him--oh yea, he likes to talk on his cell phone when he should be working and can't wait to leave the job when it is close to the end of their very short workday. Mike told me that William had been with him for several years and that he was rough on his equipment and that he had complaints about him from other past customers. The other helpers just did what they were told to do and they had no skills or even the right tools. I loaned them many tools while they were there. Here are the facts about the results of this work: 1) Red mulch put around house and trees--they did this job early in their contract with me and then proceded to trample it the remaining time they were there. They did not order enough mulch and had to go back and get more and they charged me for the trip with their dump truck. Then they forgot to do two trees and had to steel mulch from other areas already mulched. I told them to do a 3' ring around the trees and I got about 6'. Then they missed patches under the shrubs and had to go back and put in more--because I told them to not because the caught it themselves. 2) They replaced boards in my fence and managed to miss doing several boards and had to go back and buy more material--because I told them--not because they knew it on their own. 3) They pressure washed the wood fence which had a decorative butterfly on it (hanging by one screw and easily removable) but William just pressure washed the fence with the butterfly on place---it was a gift from my daughter to my wife and had colorful, sparkly paint and was very pretty. It was pressure washed right down to the bare metal and was then quite ugly. The butterfly outline was then left on the fence. This was not replaced or repaired or even credited to the bill--I had to tell Mike it was done because he didn't even notice. Then he took it down and had the butterfly outline removed. Ok, are you getting the picture----there is so much more for me to gripe about but I am going to shorten my descriptions 4) Installed new vent covers in foundation of home--16 total--told him to not let William do the work so he used William and the quality sucked and the cement work was ugly. Told Mike to fix it and he said he would use a grinding tool to remove the excess cement but that he could not guarantee the he would not cut the screens on the vents--I told him no way, so he agreed to smooth out the morter with a fresh, neat layer on top of the sloppy job. So, he took dry mortar and smoothed it over the old mortar--it looked good and fooled me until the wind blew and the rain washed of off. And, William left chunks of mortar under each vent that dried and mucked up the mulch---No, he didn't clean it up. 5) Repaired rotten wood at frond door--had to go back and do a better job. 6) Repaired trim around front door--had to go back and do abetter job==still sucked. 7) Pressure washed concrete around pool--was told to use bleach---didn't. And only did 1/2 around the pool--because it was poor work and I fired him. 8) Pressure washed brick entry way to home--was told to use bleach--didn't---crappy job---William again (with no supervision). 9) Put new mortar in cracks of entry way brick---did about half the ones that needed it---crappy job---Unsupervised William again. 10) Trimmed new growth from hedges---didn't remove all of the trimmings and just covered it with mulch---William and no supervision. 11) Repaired rotten threshold at sliding glass door to pool---the ugliest job I have ever seen--caulk everywhere and then painted on top of it. Used big ugly board and covered up weep holes for water to escape so that water would build up in track and come into house. Mike did this poor work and I told him before he started the job to make sure he didn't cover up the weep holes. He repaired the sloppy work, after I told him I wasn't goin to pay---It still looked like 3rd grade work. 12) Removed trash pile I made while cleaning out attic, garage, and storage building. William and his helper spent a lot of time going thru the stuff and kept it instead of throwing it away---still charged me for it and still left a big pile and old picnic table that I told them to remove. 13) Dug out wells around foundation vents and put in rock for drainage to keep water out from under my house. Told them to dig down to cement footer---didn't dig that far and put in the rock to try to hide it from me----I told them to use 1'' rock and he brought in a ton of pea gravel and dumped it in the yard---ignored my request to do 1''---once again Mike had to be told that the job was not to my satisfaction because he didn't supervise his people. 14) William re-grouted a water drain next to my pool and left excess mortar in chunks for someone else to clean up (my dad did the work). 15) Replaced rotten wood on sunroom windows. Covered up these weep holes too and did a really poor job of repairs--Mike himself. 16) Reattached shutter to home at pool house---it was green so he bought and used black plastic plugs---looks like crap. 17) Was asked to make shutters look new again. They were weathered and old. He tried Armor All--it didn't work (my idea) then he pressure washed them and did and left me with a crappy unattractive job. 18) Had a helper try to trim my trees with a hand sheer meant for indoor plants. The suckers on the trees were up to 1'' in diameter. I told him that was not cost efficient and he said "what would you like me to do" I told him to use the right tools for the job---so he went to his truck and got a large set of trimmers and gave them to the worker.--oh yea, lots of these cuttings got covered up with the mulch too. I COULD TELL YOU MORE BUT I AM TIRED OF TYPING-----DON'T HIRE THIS GUY IS MY MESSAGE TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Category concrete repair, handyman service, lawn service, mulch, remodeling, pressure washing, woodworking, doors

Service Provider Response

Comments relative to the negative review of our services placed on Angie’s List I will respond to his charges as he presented them: I talked with him the day before we went to the job. He said he had work for a week. I told him we were booked but he insisted he needed help immediately. We arrived the next day at the appointed time. We went through a list of projects that would have taken four men two full weeks. I told him “we would do the best we could”. It is true we did not complete the work. He instructed me by phone on the second rain day after five days of work to come to his house alone to “settle up and part ways”. I did that. I presented an invoice based on our agreement, modified for ”inefficiencies”. He would not accept it. I argued for the first and only time that his proposal to pay what amounted to the materials and fifty six percent of the labor was unreasonable. We agreed on me returning to rework the items he was dissatisfied with for no additional compensation and reduce the invoice amount another $192.68. While our objective is to “thrill” our customers with high quality work, performed on time and for a reasonable price, we failed to meet this customer’s expectations. I had every tool on my truck to perform all the jobs, but he did push his tools and some materials on us. My response to “the facts about the results of this work”: 1. Legally my truck will only carry 10 cubic yards of mulch. We put that much down and had to return for another three yards to complete the work including the 2 trees with a ring sufficient to cover the bare soil only. I offered to move some of the mulch or buy more, and he wanted the added mulch. 2. We purchased and installed seven pickets. He inspected the job and insisted that we did not install all 7 but that 4 were installed by him. Our original 7 were installed with screws—his were nailed. We later purchased 4 more pickets and placed them where he wanted them. I had the receipt and presented it to him at the end of the job. When he wrongfully commented about being over charged for some items, he failed to note that we purchased not seven but eleven pickets. 3. Guilty as charged—we washed the fence with the butterfly in place and paint was removed. I asked him what he wanted me to do, and he told me not to worry about it. I did have words with the employee about respect for another’s property. 4. I believe we installed 19 vent covers that had to be mortared in place. The mortar was smooth but not slick enough to satisfy him. I reworked the mortar with material he provided. I had no idea of its age or the conditions under which it was stored. There is simply no truth in the claim I had applied dry mortar. If the joints failed, he should accept a degree of blame. 5. My repair of rotted wood above the threshold did not satisfy him. After we replaced the rotted wood, primed and painted it, resin in the old wood stood out so we reworked the joint again. 6. The trim was an inexpensive plastic that had been long neglected. It cracked in four places and was twisted badly from the sun. The points where the pieces were joined would not line up exactly because of the twists. He insisted the job would have to be redone. I spent another four hours with carpenter’s putty and sand paper in attempt to make the joints seamless. Finally from a distance of four feet the repairs could hardly be seen. 7. We (two employees and I) pressure washed 2/3 of the deck around the pool but did not use household bleach for fear the nearby plants would be damaged. He claimed some stain was not removed because of my failure to use bleach. I showed him the “stain” was merely fines from the pressure wash process that had puddled in a low spot in the concrete. It washed off with a garden hose. I did not finish the deck at his insistence. 8. There was nothing wrong with the manner in which the front walk bricks were pressure washed or the results. I would hate to think what would have been said if any of the plants along the walk had been damaged by bleach. 9. I filled all the gaps in the mortar but did not fill cracks due to time restraints and to keep excess mortar off the bricks adjacent to the cracks. 10. The trimmings were removed and placed at the exact spot on a neighboring lot where the customer directed. We pulled weeds from underneath the bushes. I don’t know how we missed any branches. If we missed some, I am sorry. 11. I used a piece of pressure treated wood according to code to replace a piece of rotted, white pine trim lying on the concrete deck. Track drains were not visible when I pulled away the rotted wood. I beveled the board to provide an attractive transition, anchored it directly to the concrete slab with masonry screws, then went back, provided drains for the track frame, primed and painted it. 12. We removed only the debris from his shed and the driver did keep two basketballs from the trash. Some items were sorted so the truck could be easily loaded and unloaded at the landfill. There was no more room on the dump truck for the table. Had we been allowed to stay on the job it would have been removed using a low trailer. The trash from the garage and attic were not part of our agreement. Had he asked us to remove it, we would have. He generated trash long after our dump truck left the jobsite. 13. I re-dug 1 of the 19 wells as part of our rework agreement. I found rocks, concrete waste and tree roots that my man confused with the foundation. Due to the excessive depth of the new pit and the lay of the land, I was forced to purchase a plastic 55 gallon drum, quarter it and use one piece to serve as a retainer for the dirt below the original metal retainer all for no compensation. I used premium white ½” granite chips to cover the bottom of the pits rather than the 1” rocks he claims were his spec. 14. The father was not around when my employees re-grouted the drain and removed the excess grout. I supervised this project myself. 15. Yes, I repaired the rotted brick mold at the sides and the bottom of three patio doors. I pointed out how I would make the repairs before I even started the project. I told him I could have replaced all the side brick moldings, but we were on a budget. I did the best I could under the circumstances. 16. Black shutter retainers from my truck were used at no cost to him. Green plugs are a special order item. I told him they could be touched up with a matching paint but he was satisfied with the black retainers at that time. 17. I suggested we take the badly weathered shutters down and paint them, but he wanted to use ArmorAll. It failed. We tried pressure washing without improvement. He did not want to pay to remove, paint and reinstall the shutters. 18. We started to trim suckers from trees using ratchet style trimmers meant for the job. He told us to use his brush saw, but we completed the job with large pruners from my truck. I didn’t ask him what to do. Suckers up to a couple of feet in length were taken to the neighboring lot for disposal. The mulch was applied two days before the suckers were trimmed. They were not covered after the fact with mulch. I forgot to deduct $10 from the final bill for the book I agreed to purchase; however, a check was mailed the same day his bill was received. We meet at the shop at 8 o’clock and then leave from there to purchase supplies on our way to a job site. There is no way we could have been at his house by 8AM. Two mornings I serviced faithful customers who called with emergencies prior to arriving at his home. Copies of all receipts for materials were given to him at his request along with a daily spending log. He should have noticed he was only charged for the concrete sealer on a receipt that also included filters, carpenter putty and shoe guards. He never mentioned that there were eleven pickets purchased and charged to him after he claimed I had lied to him about number of pickets installed. Remember, he said he installed four of the first seven pickets I purchased. Yes I used white caulk and not clear. He never requested this. I removed the caulk from the brick and painted over the remaining caulk as we painted the trim with the green paint he provided. I am sorry for any embarrassment this customer may have brought to Angie’s List, and I am extremely disappointed this man has the mechanism to slander my good name through Angie’s List.


Pat P.

Everything was done excellent. I have no complaints about his work whatsoever.

Description of Work
Today he covered a cat door and made it conform with the rest of my living room to make it look natural. Now hes putting a bar outside to hold my gear and tools. He has done ceiling for me and installed windows for me, he has tiled the porch, he has done alot of work for me. He has installed some cabinet shelves as well.

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    Specialize in carpentry, roofing repairs, sheet rock. Kitchen and bath upgrades, room conversions, decks, porches, sun rooms are normal projects. We will do complete remodels from supporting sagging structural, replacing floors, adding/removing walls to convert bedrooms and baths into Master Bedroom Suits, repairing problematic roof leaks as well as the resulting sheet rock/plaster damages. When remodeling is slow, we will deliver and spread mulch, or maintain your yard.

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    How is C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC overall rated?

    C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC is currently rated 3 overall out of 5.

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    Ask C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC for details on free project estimates.

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    No, C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC does not offer a senior discount.

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    Yes, C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC offers emergency services.

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    Yes, C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC offers warranties.

    What services does C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC offer?

    C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC offers the following services: Specialize in carpentry, roofing repairs, sheet rock. Kitchen and bath upgrades, room conversions, decks, porches, sun rooms are normal projects. We will do complete remodels from supporting sagging structural, replacing floors, adding/removing walls to convert bedrooms and baths into Master Bedroom Suits, repairing problematic roof leaks as well as the resulting sheet rock/plaster damages. When remodeling is slow, we will deliver and spread mulch, or maintain your yard.

    Are there any services C.A.S.H. Builders, LLC does not offer?

    We don't build homes.