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MTD Services

Founded 2000 • With Angi since January 2010


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Locally owned and operated. Additional contact name - Melissa Disharoon. Social media: Facebook:

Verified Reviews

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Kevin C.

Totally scammed. Quoted price for floor installed to add a small bedroom and loft and adding a bathroom off garage and a FROG. Did one portion of job, never applied for permits, and then decided to breach contract for just small room and loft after we provided 30k (half the total) with In the first month! Guys finally installed bedroom door today after 5 months and not painted and no handle or lock for bedroom door. Picture is his professional response to my issue with this Addl pic is the paint job we had to do over Check BBB and don’t be fooled by accreditation look closely at pending violations Todd Disharoon has a bad history of violations and civil litigation BEWARE

Description of Work
Floor installed with bedroom and loft-bathroom and a FROG

Category appliance repair, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, plumbing, ceiling fans, interior painters



Barbara A.

We hired Todd in July of 2019. Work actually started in August with demo; nothing happened for 3 weeks after that; it took forever to get kitchen completed; flooring was overpriced but Mike, installer, was great. Painting subs were a nightmare. The walls were not properly prepped, terrible priming and caulking job, ceiling had missed places, baseboard was painted over sloppy caulking job. These guys came back at least five times over 6 weeks and couldn't get it right. We are paying to have another company repaint downstairs area. Awful experience. Todd didn't come out to CK in work from Oct. to March. We decided against using him for upstairs bedroom and bath remodel because first part took 6 months. Most of the time we didn't know if or when anyone was coming to work. Todd was advanced more money than was actually used to complete work. He has since reimbursed us some of that, but it took 3 cancelled appointments on his part to finally get him back over to see what our concerns were. The project was poorly managed, the subs not always the best, and the time it took was just unreasonable. Todd is a nice enough person, but this is about getting the work done well and being reliable. We hired another company and they remodelled our master bath, built a custom tiled shower, redid floors, repainted there and guest bath, redid plumbing and added granite vanity tops, removed popcorn from ceiling there and in bedroom, kilz the ceilings, new carpet in master bedroom and on stairs for less than MTD estimate. This company started in late April and is finishing next week. Hired them to redo terrible painting downstairs. They also did our backsplash in the kitchen in one day and it looks incredible. That would have been extra with MTD. I am fine with Todd as a person, but wouldn't recommend him to do anything in my house or that of friends bc it was just such a long, drawn out negative experience for us, with the exception of Mike, Sean, and another of his employees who were great.

Description of Work
Remodel of kitchen, flooring, upstairs

Category ceramic tile, countertops, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, hardwood floor, plastering, remodeling, garage builders, home builders, home remodeling, interior painters



Michael B.

Description of Work
Replaced some missing shingles. Took care of it quickly and inexpensively. Everyone else I spoke to could not come for weeks and were a lot more expensive.

Category remodeling



Jennifer B.

MTD Services completed a master bathroom remodel which included installing a new shower pan and tile for a walk-in shower, replacing the tile floor in the shower and throughout a mid-sized bathroom, and reworking the cabinet and sink. The entire project took approximately one month and was originally estimated to take two weeks. A 10% retainage was withheld, and was utilized in the end because the project was not completed to satisfaction and Todd was unavailable -- he would not return calls or review his final work. Upon completion of the project, the homeowners had to complete their own construction cleanup which included removing grout film that covered the entire area. The final product looked good on the surface; however, approximately 15 months later the grout and caulking showed signs of leaking on the bathroom baseboards and underneath the shower location as viewed from the crawlspace. Todd from MTD Services was notified of the problem and he visited the site to look at it. He stated that he only has a 12 month warrantee on this work and 18 months had passed since completion of the project. Consequently, he would have to think about it and "work with us to fix it at cost". He never followed up to resolve the issue. After consulting with a more professional company, the base of the shower area was removed and revealed significant water damage and standing water underneath the shower floor tile. The homeowners showed the new construction company pictures of the original project (daily photographs were taken to document progress) and it was revealed that MTD Construction failed to properly seal the shower pan area prior to tiling. As a result, the homeowners have to replace the entire shower pan area due to the significant water damage (down to the joists). The homeowners also have to retreat the area for bug infestation because of the moisture problem. Fixing the faulty work by MTD Services is estimated to cost the homeowners an additional $3,000 about 2 years after the original project completion.

Description of Work
Master Bathroom Remodel

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

This job was done correctly. I did indeed go out and look at the damage. Yes it was out of warranty. I offered to pay a portion of repairs. I don't believe the damage was my companies fault. We have done thousands of showers with no problems. I really don't see what else I could have done. As far as another contractor, of coarse they'd say that. This situation could had been handled better on both sides.


Bruce H.

We have chosen not to use them again. The foreman of the company would never show up on the job site. His employees would come and they were just not very skilled. All in all, with everything that we had them do, we have had to call someone else in to repair it so it has cost us a lot of money. We had them put a door in for us that led out to our pool and at one point, within a few weeks, the door lock stopped working and it was not leveled when they put it in. My toddler could actually just push the door open and wander out to the pool so I called the foreman and let him know that this was a problem and a month later, he still had not sent anyone to repair it. I sent him a note and told him, "Do not worry about it. I have had someone else repair it. I paid somebody else to do it." And he said, "Oh, I am sorry about that. How much do I owe you for the repair bill?" And I said, "Nothing." We had used him quite a bit previously and at this point, the tile that he laid, we are having it replaced because it is cracking. With the door lock that failed, I told him, "This is something that needs immediate attention because of the toddler in the home." It was not a good experience. They were fairly punctual, clean and respectful but everything else from plumbing to the tile and to the door, we are in the process of having them redone. There have been times that they had been somewhat responsive but this last time with the door, they were not.

Description of Work
We used MTD Services a year ago for putting in a door, laying a tile and doing plumbing work for us.

Category remodeling





Description of Work

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

Thank you so much for your feed back. Its always appreciated. We look forward to future projects. Thanks.


Stacey K.

Many of them were very nice but our overall experience was I don't know my husband would say, "Well, we ended up finally with the final product that we wanted mostly but getting there was painful." I probably would not and in fact I did not actually recommend them to somebody who asked me if I would recommend them. It was this summer that they worked on our house. They were here longer than they were supposed to be. There were parts of them I would recommend. I would recommend their electrical and plumbing, their plumber was good. He was messy as he could be but he was good. Their electrician was good. The roofers, I think the guy that came out and diagnosed the problem I don't think diagnosed the right problem on the roof. I think that the guys that came out and did the repair that he told them to do did a good job of doing that repair but I don't think that's what was wrong with the roof. It was Todd, the guy that owns it, who came out and diagnosed the roof and that's his business. He is primarily a roofer by trade. He himself is but he did not get up on our roof and diagnose the problem. He listened to what we told him about what's happening and made a guess at what the problem is and that's what he had the roofers fix. While I think they did a fine job the roof still leaks! We thought it was a reasonable cost. The only cost I felt like was too much was installing the counter tops in the kitchen because my kitchen has like no counter top. I'm talking like a 10 foot run and a 4 foot run and then we already had the build on the surface surround for the dish washer up. We just needed them to fortify it and they charged like $1200 for that and I was not, not, not, not impressed with the counter top guy. We almost had a falling out over that. The guy that they had out here I don't know what he was. I guess he was like handyman/project manager. There was no manager. He was a sweet man. He was truly a sweet man but I would not let him do work at my house again. I'm really kicked that my roof is leaking! Eventually things did get done and we came to an agreement with Todd about the counter top fiasco. We live in an old house and we've lived in it for 15 years and ever since we've lived in this house our drains have been slow in our bathrooms and their plumber went above and beyond. I don't know what he got paid but that man went above and beyond. We have two water heaters under the house and he realized one of them was leaking and on its last legs and he replaced that as well. They had a team of guys come out here and finish up the electrical and they were good. We liked them. They put some kind of a box. Our house was not up to code electrically and they put some sort of a little box thing on the outside of the house out there to help fix it. I think the price was good. That's why we picked them mostly. I read their reviews in Angie's list and thought, "You know what nobody can beat that" They had a little tile guy come out, young, young guy. I don't think he worked with them all the time. He did my back splashes in my kitchen. He was able to do in between the upper and lower cabinets in an enclosed space. He did the entire back splash, he did a great job with that. He also did my bathroom. We tiled the floor and we did floor to ceiling tiles and there are somethings that could have been done better in there but all in all I think he did a fantastic job because he was so goddamn young he could not have had a ton of experience. I really like the tile guy too. The things that we like we really really like and the things we dislike we really really dislike. I do like the plumber, electrician and the tile guy. Honestly, we don't want to call them back here. I mean, we would not recommend them. I don't want them to come back and do my roof because I don't trust them to do my roof. They had their roofing opportunity. Another issue with the roof was that we had shingles to fix that roof and they were told that and Todd knew that and they still turned around and bought new shingles which is fine, they bought it in case they needed more, but they used the new ones before they used the old ones. So we still have a bundle of old shingles in our house. The other ones could have been returned because they only used ones. So it's just stupid stuff like that. In my yard I have a huge bald spot. We told them not to put trash there. He said, "Oh! it will just be a couple of days." Put it there anyway and it was there for like two weeks and we have a huge bald spot in our front yard where that stuff sat, where the guts from my bathroom sat on my front lawn. I mean, all those kinds of stuff just frustrated the heck out of me. I understand that Todd is running a lot of projects, he is the guy that earns the business but he never told us that this handyman guy that we thought was a handyman doing odd jobs was kind of like a project manager. Well, he couldn't manage a project. Getting a response from Todd, especially if he knew you weren't happy about something was rather difficult. He wasn't very responsive until I got ugly. I don't like to get ugly. I don't feel I should have to get ugly. It was a weird process because he said it would be done in two weeks. So he started off sending the handyman guy and he said that he was going to do some initial work and demolition on the bathroom and then the guys would be in there and they would have it whipped out in no time at all. So he came and he did all the stuff and then he was kind of out of work, yet he was showing up almost everyday. Well, there were couple of days he didn't show up. There was one day he showed up and talked and then left. My husband works from home, we couldn't do anything while he was here. It was weird just because if it has to do with expectation of them being here or not being here. That was a little bit hazy and confusing. The plumber was very professional, the electrician was very professional, the tile guy was very professional. This other guy was a lovely man. He was just a sweet and gentle soul. He truly was, didn't have a care in the world but he was not a professional that you would want representing your company. We didn't have a problem with any other guys except for the project manager, the owner of the company and the counter top guy who we didn't have any problems with until he messed up my counters twice. He did it twice. He cut a hole for the sink wrong and had to go buy a new piece to put back. He messed up the second piece which we didn't make him replace. I'm just living with it!

Description of Work
MTD Services gutted my master bathroom, which is a teeny tiny little bathroom, replaced our countertops in our kitchen and installed a dish washer. They built a surround for dishwasher and installed it. They changed out the sink, the stove top and put in a new hood. We changed all of our doors in our house. They put in all the doors and replaced all the knobs and locks and things like that. They put down some thresholds for some home projects that my husband and I had started and not finished. They sort of fixed our roof.

Category appliance repair, countertops, electrician, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

In response to this complaint. Or review rather. This is an unfair one. We went above and beyond for [Member name removed]. We fixed any mistake we made. No job is ever the same. So we start fresh on each one. We would've been glad to fix her roof. And still would be. [Member name removed] was a very nice lady, her husband as well. We did have issues that came up. The error is human,to fix it was the right thing to do. All my guys are great at what they do. II'm sorry that we weren't all you wanted us to be. We tried real hard and your house is beautiful. We did that. Sorry it was rough. And for anybody reading this review, please consider the volume of work we do. We did a great job here. [Member name removed] wouldn't give me a chance to fix it. Thanks.


Abbas T.

I called several plumbers and give me different quotes. MTD quotes and another company were close. When I checked their record it seems they were fine and I decided to go with them. They were suppose to replace all pipes from meter to house and under house. Also, They were suppose to replace one pipe from one of my toilet drainage which i had problem. The plumber came on time and he did the job underneath. He finished the job in two days. However, from meter to the house he did not go the route that we discussed. When I asked this is not acceptable he tried to put blame on me . When I talked to Mr Todd ( the owner) He give me some discount. He told me when he replace my main sewer line ( which i asked for quotes) they will fixed it. I have not replace my sewer line. Also, They did not replace the drainage pipe . The plumber told me the toilet will sank which was not true because i had to hire another plumber to replace and cost me around 200.00. Overall with the money i paid I am ok with the job. However, I wished they would complete everything as we discussed.

Description of Work
I used MTD to re-pipe from meter and all pipes under house. My pipers were copper and old. Here what was suppose to be done: For waterline from meter to house: Installation of a new 1 inch pvc (sch 40)water line. The new line will have a 45-degree angle to avoid exiting oak tree. The line would be installed d18-20 inches deep and include a ball valve stop in valve box on the exterior of the home. For interior work : he would replace the new waterlines for the existing water heater, the kitchen sink/dishwasher, the washer machine , two outsides hose and full bath. All connection will have shut off valve. Also, for bath a new tub/shower and overflow will add. The bath tub access will be from two closet and will repair after complete the work. Regarded the sewer line beneath the home. Also, reroute the toilet drainage.

Category home remodeling



Dan C.

These guys were absolutely wonderful! They were courteous, honest, knowledgeable, and very hard-working. I wasn't even concerned about locking my house up when I had to leave. The roof and ceiling look GREAT. Plus, they cleaned up every single nail and shingle. They gave us a few pointers on some other work we need to do, and offered to help us out in the future. If I ever need any kind of home improvement done, Todd and his crew will be the first I call. I'm very sorry for those who feel they've had a bad experience. I can't imagine this company doing anything less than the absolute best for all customers.

Description of Work
Replaced our Roof and fixed a hole in the kitchen ceiling.

Category drywall, roofing, home remodeling



Crissy C.

Tim and the crew did a fantastic job. They were very prompt and clean with their work. They kept us informed with what was going on with the job. Todd, the owner, was able to work with us on a payment options. I will definitely call them for any other contracting job we might have in the future. I believe they are a trusted company. I would recommend them to do any work in the Columbia area.

Description of Work
They replaced the windows throughout our home and the vinyl siding.

Category siding, replacement windows



Bruce H.

We have used MTD several times in the past few years. In fact, they're one of the few companies we trust to do work in and around our home. The employees are always clean, dressed appropriately, extremely polite, and most of all - considerate of our family and our dogs while working in our home. They even pushed back their lunch break to coincide with when our baby napped so the hammering and noise wouldn't keep her awake. You won't hear profanity, you won't have cigarette butts left on your lawn, you won't be left with any sort of mess. Any time they leave the work site they make sure tools are put away and the area is clean. When they say they're going to be there - they'll be there. I do believe that the owners of MTD hold their employees to a higher standard as to how they conduct themselves when in a customer's home. That's something you don't experience a great deal these days. The electrical line was installed without a hitch and the deck is a thing of beauty. The owner of MTD, Todd, has kept in touch with me throughout the entire process. I've never had a problem of not being able to get in touch with him. The project manager, Matt, always let me know what he intended to get done on a particular day, what was accomplished at the end of the day and what time he'd be returning the next day to begin work again. Like I said, it's just a level of consideration, of honestly wanting and making sure a customer is happy and genuinely pleased with the work. My wood floors are gorgeous, my granite vanities and tile look great (they were installed 2 years ago). And the custom built deck around the pool...WOW...did I mention how beautiful it is? :)

Description of Work
Installed new electrical line and fuse box for pool pump. Custom built deck around above ground pool. Previously used for wood floor refinishing and installation, painting, installing a new door, installing new tile and granite vanity.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, decks, electrician, flooring contractor, hardwood floor, home remodeling, doors



Rhonda R.

MTD services was very professional from the beginning to the end of the job. The roof was replaced quickly with no mess left behind like other roofers I have dealt with in the past. The people here on the job were also well mannered and clean and made sure all of my items around the house were moved and not damaged in the process. I would highly recommend this company.

Description of Work
Replaced the roof on my home.

Category roofing



Stacy L.

I was very pleased with the work that MTD Services did in my home. The tile floor is beautiful and well done. My master bedroom is exactly what I designed and the work is well done. I only had one issue, several of the tiles in the kitchen did not match as well as the others, I asked Todd to remove them and that was done the next day. Overall I am extremely happy with MTD Services and will use them again should I need repairs done in my home.

Description of Work
Replaced tile floors in kitchen and bathroom. Added room and bathroom.

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor, home remodeling



Sarah H.

The personnel are very good.

Description of Work
We use MTD Services for our general home improvements and plumbing.

Category plumbing



Roger H.

First of all, do not be tricked as I was by looking at their FAKE website. MTD Services only employes two people, Melissa and Todd Disharoon. The workers who will come to your home are self employed unlicensed and unskilled. You can find these people the same way MTD Services does by looking on CRAIGSLIST. These people are selfemployed,unlicensed,unskilled and will be sent to your home over the phone by MTD Services. All the work preformed by these people will go unsupervised by MTD Services. As I write this I am continuing to have plumbing leaks. The walls which are now only two weeks old are cracking in the corners. I have decided to go ahead and fix all the problems myself rather than wonder which "skilled laborer" will be sent to my home next.

Description of Work
Remodel Bathroom

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

In response to this complaint. Hello my name is Todd Disharoon. My wife and I run MTD Services. We have 6 fulltime employees, and several subcontractors that we have used for years. The guys are skilled in several different trades. MTD Services LLC is a licensed and insured company. We try real hard to satisfy our customers. We also makes mistakes. I did try every avenue to make things right with [member name removed]. The job was $4,000 and he kept $800.00. I would still be willing to make things right. I also didnt appreciate the craigslist reference. We dont hire anyone that is not skilled. We also dont discriminate from hiring craigslist or the unemployment office. I also have a project manager. Before making this kind of judgement call to bash my company, maybe I should have had a chance to fix the problem. Any potential customer should ask my company for references and proof of insurance before moving forward with a project. I will be happy to provide them. Thank you for taking the time to read my side of this complaint.


Chyresse L.

The agreement was to pay Todd $5000.00 for Labor and we did. We are seeking $3000.00 settlement from Todd because the errors his company made is going to cost us double to fix, not to mention if my husband did not check the fan and light install our dream home might have burned to the ground.

Description of Work
On 10/11/2012 my husband and I hired Todd to renovate our small garage bathroom. We provided all the materials and Todd provided the labor. He was to demo shower, vanity, toilet and bathroom floor. That did not go to well, part of the vanity was left on the wall and the used toilet was left on the front lawn of our house. Install solid shower base. That went well because a different company did that. Install new plumbing in shower. That went well because my husband and I worked very closely with Todd's plumber Bob. Todd never showed up again after we signed the contract on 10/11/12. Hook up all fixtures when complete. That did not go well, the soap dish and rail for the shower is still sitting on the bathroom floor. Install new durrock, tape, waterproof shower, tile shower and grout. That did not go well, the cuts of tile in the shower are suppose to be on the bottom instead they are at the top, uneven and my cause mold build up. Install subfloor to level floor with or close to hallway entrance. That went well because my husband worked very closely with the guys. Install new tile on bathroom floor. That did not go well, the tiles are uneven. Install new baseboards and shoe mold. That did not go well, we ask them to cut the marble tile we purchased in half and use as baseboard. The tile is uneven with dips and they did not repair the sheetrock behind the baseboard after we asked them to several times. Install shower door. We still do not have a shower door. Install new toilet. That went well because my husband worked closely with Bob the plumber. Install new vanity. That went well again because my husband worked closely with Bob the plumber. Install new fan, light combo. That went extremly wrong! My husband took down the fan and light to inspect and found they used blue painters tape instead of black electrical tape. THIS COULD HAVE CAUSED A FIRE! Install new vanity light in same spot. Again, extremly wrong install and fire hazard. These are serious issues we had with MTD Home Improvement after checking them out. Please document our complaint.

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

My Guys and I were beside ourselves when we saw this complaint. We always go above and beyond on all of our jobs. If the Member wasnt happy why didnt she say that? Why did she pay us? We are a full service remodeling company we always have several jobs going on. I have team leaders on each job to ensure customer satisfaction. As with all my customers she has a warranty I will be more than happy to meet her at the job site to correct the problems she is having.


Melissa B.

My A/C unit went out the night before I called MTD Services. When I talked with Todd the next day, he sent someone out there that day! The service technician was very professional and got straight to work. Not only did he quickly determine the issue, but he took the time to inform me on how I can avoid some costly repairs in the future by doing some simple maintenance now. Before the service technician left, he made sure that everything was working properly. The unit is running cool now that MTD Services has fixed my issues! Thank you MTD Services.

Description of Work
MTD Services replaced the capacitor on my A/C unit. They also added coolant to the A/C system and tested the system for leaks. In addition, they cleaned the inside coils and the outside coils for me.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Stacey P.

company was fine, but angies list has them under large appliance repair which is incorrect. i believe they only do plumbing

Description of Work
Please note this company does not provide appliance repair as listed on angies list

Category appliance repair

Service Provider Response

We are a full service Remodeling company. I'm so sorry that it stated we did appliance repairs. Have a blessed day.


Michael C.

.They are definitely honest folks. They are not the best with time management. You have to give them very specific instructions of how you want everything. They don't charge a whole lot for services.

Description of Work
.I had them redo a bathroom.

Category home remodeling

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