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Odd Jobs Property Maintenance

Founded 2013 • With Angi since September 2013


(26) Verified Reviews

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700 River Ave Ste 513

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Odd Jobs serves Residential and Commercial properties in the Pittsburgh area. We excel in Drywall Repair/Replacement, Flooring, Painting, Electrical Maintenance, Concrete Repair, General Household Repairs, Handyman Services, and Kitchen/Bath Remodeling. Deck Services are also available, along with assistance with insurance claims. We are honest, clean, and efficient. We get the job done! Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and quality work. Call for a free estimate today!...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Danielle R.

let me start by saying it took me awhile to write this review because i’ve read ali’s replies to other reviewers and he quickly goes low to attack people. also, in person, he tried to tell me i said and didn’t say things that i was crystal clear on. he essentially tries to gaslight his victims. but i changed my mind because costs are adding up, and i just wish i’d had a warning before i hired him. so here’s your warning. DECK REFINISHING: they replaced a few boards, unevenly and everyone notices, but i really am not a perfectionist and that was livable. didn’t even bring it up. sanded the deck. everything looked good. then for unknown reasons, even tho they’d supposedly replaced the bad boards, they used a deck reconditioner instead of stain, which left a pointy texture under my feet and was painful to walk on barefoot. i wasn’t familiar with product, but he should have been. speculated the texture was of a 70s plaster wall because of heat during application versus application tool. they resanded and reapplied the conditioner. was still terrible. the next guy i spoke with knew right away what product this was without my naming it, and that it never looks good, which ali should have known. but after a standoff, ali resanded and applied a normal stain. now, i don’t know why, perhaps that they couldn’t sand off all that old conditioning gunk, but the deck won’t wash clean. i didn’t walk on it for a week, because it looked tacky and i thought the heat was interfering with curing, but it finally settled and ever since, i’ve had to scrub my dog’s pawprints off every week, cuz they won’t wash away in the rain, unlike every other deck finish i’ve ever had. the next guy doesn’t think he can get all that gunk off, so now i need all the boards replaced. WORSE, i had warned him up front i had brand new siding and please tape and cover to not get stain on it. well, they got stain on it. didn’t come off with goof off, so ali suggested steel wool. i was worried that would damage the siding but he said it wouldn’t. well, now my siding is discolored and needs to be replaced. was brand new. ALSO, painted the wrong color on the walls. my mom-in-law could see from across the room that the color was wrong, but ali insisted that it was right because he color matched it. i finally got the right color and they did repaint it. they also rehung the mirror that they placed wrong (despite my directions and availability to check their work via my mom-in-law and cell phone). they damaged the doors and the molding on installation, but covered it up so it doesn’t bother me as badly now. the front storm door is fine. Ali blamed a lot of this on one guy who ended up being fired, but the argumentativeness, the not knowing his materials, the not supervising his guys properly was all him. and now it will cost me about $10k to fix all the damage they caused, not including the $5k i’m out that i paid him before i realized the siding damage and that the deck still looks terrible. i don’t have that kind of money, and i don’t have time right now for small claims court. maybe later. but my house will have to look terrible for the next couple years. PLEASE learn from my mistakes.

Description of Work
deck made safe and restained. was clear that i wanted it just as it was before, same color, etc, just safe. also, interior spot painting, hang mirror, stain and install interior doors, replace front storm door, etc. hired because was personable and confident on first meeting.

Category handyman service,deck cleaning

Service Provider Response

Nice try. Unfortunately for your story, I have facts, photos, documentation, texts, emails, etc. which fill in all of the gaps and outright falsehoods in your "recollection" of July's events. Let's go over a few points you raised: 1) I SPECIFICALLY told you and reiterated in the estimate and the contract (which I wish I could post) when we first saw the deck that in lieu of replacing all of the decking boards due to their poor condition when we first got there, that we'd have to recondition the deck. It was full of splits, splinters, etc. and we literally counted the number of boards which would need to be replaced. You were standing right there. We counted 7 boards, but we ended up replacing 11 of them (out of 34) because we found 4 more of them which just couldn't be saved (extra work for which I didn't charge you extra). We spent days filling in cracks and pits with wood putty, and sanding them smooth, extra days which I neither accounted for nor charged you extra for. That deck was a wreck when we got there, and I gave you the option of replacing the whole thing, but YOU declined. 2) I currently have in my possession photo documentation of the before-and-after condition of the deck and the siding that you claim we damaged, none of which show what you describe above. Anyone who is curious can email me and I'll be happy to send them the photos because I have nothing to hide. I did that because during the job, and even when we first met you, I knew you were going to be a problem (and so did Tim), so I made sure I had all my ducks in a row. I am so grateful that I followed my gut with that level of preparation. 3) With that said, I almost wish you would take me to court because I will enjoy embarrassing you there in front of the judge because of all the stress your job caused us all. I will come well prepared with some of the insane emails and texts you sent me along with our photos, and afterward, I will post your name and address on my website as a vetting process of sorts, in hopes that no other contractor will work for you who sees it. H***, I might do that anyway, because unlike you and others who try to come for my business with bogus claims, I bring receipts. This is not gaslighting, these are facts. 3) Case in point: With regard to the photo that your mother in law showed us which had the distance you wanted your bathroom mirror above the sink. Only that wasn't right after we were done either. Tim installed the mirror using a tape measure to the precise distance and verified the spacing with me afterward, which is what he knew to do because he also knew how this was going to go. When I brought that to your attention that we followed the photo, you told us that (quote) "he needs to get a new ruler" as if it was just inconceivable that your measurements AS DEPICTED weren't what you actually wanted. Tim is someone who had done this kind of work since he was a teen, and worked for me daily for 8 months. I'm pretty sure he and I both can read a DeWalt tape measure... (If anyone reading this wants to see the email where she said this also, please let me know and I'll send it to you. I have nothing to hide here.) 4) You have the added distinction of being the ONLY customer who has personally insulted me out of 300+ that I've worked for. Most people are very courteous, even if they have issues. Not you though. As far as a "standoff", that whole confrontation came as a result of said insult because I was not about to allow you to bully me or speak recklessly to me, especially after we were bending over backward to try to finally make you happy, and hadn't been paid a dime yet for anything at that point. You became defensive as if I wasn't supposed to defend myself. I don't know or care who you think you are, but you're wrong if you thought I'd just let that fly. I give respect because I expect to be respected in return. Problems on a job are one thing, and we can handle that, but I absolutely won't tolerate outright verbal or written disrespect of either me or my employees. 5) The only legitimate thing you said was about the computer color mismatching on the dining room wall paint, which was Home Depot's error, and which was only caught after it had been applied. We reapplied it with the paint you provided and it was fine, so why even bring it up? I have since had that happen with one other customer, and it turns out that some colors can render differently when using different brands of paint from the original. I wasn't aware of that, and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that never happens to anyone else whom we might paint for. With all your changing standards, and unclear instructions, along with forgotten conversations, we didn't know what you could possibly say next, but you invariably came up with something else that wasn't right... THEN YOU SAID "I'm really not a perfectionist". OMG I wanted to laugh out loud!!! We really started to think you just wanted to see us jump through hoops, not because the work was so bad, but because you enjoyed it! It's not like we don't know how to listen to the customer and do exactly what they ask for, because we make our living that way and have been doing it for years. We expected to be on your job for 2 weeks tops. We actually worked on your job for an ADDITIONAL 2 WEEKS over what we intended, sanding that deck and restaining it, or repainting this, or re-hanging that, all of which I financed out of my own pocket just to try my best to make you happy because customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to me, and now this? I was actually late getting to other scheduled work during peak season because of us focusing on your job to get you off our plate, but somehow we weren't responsive or punctual for you? Really? You literally have the distinction of being the most difficult-to-please customer that I've ever dealt with, not only this past season but in the last 6 years. And that's saying something because we've done work for well over 300 people, only a tiny handful of which have had anything negative to say about our work (about 1/10th of a percent). We also have many who we've worked for several times, and for years in fact, from all walks of life. But in working with that volume of customers, one gains a "sixth sense" as to which are going to be easy to work for, or not, and that sense served me well in this case. In cases where legitimate issues are raised, I have always fixed those issues immediately because I run my business with integrity, and pride myself on all of us doing good work. The gentleman you said had been terminated, was fired after only 3-4 weeks because he didn't do work up to my standards (and he actually did very little work on your specific job which is another reason why he's gone). Many employees only last with me about that long for the same reasons, so those who do last are the ones who do good work. Tim was one of those, and I almost had to force him to keep coming back to your job because we were all sick of trying to please you. Note to Angie's List: Since Angie's List does not vet customers at all, I've had the misfortune of working for several customers who are either difficult to work for, are obviously mentally ill, or who argue with the price that was agreed upon and even try to negotiate after the invoice is presented, but yet they all still have a voice on this online platform. Talk about needing an early-warning system... Since I know that Angie's List reps read these reviews, I would suggest that you implement a means by which contractors can see all of the reviews which a customer has posted, so that they can decide whether or not they want to take their job or move on to the next customer. It's a really simple way to vet customers, and the other contractors on this platform would appreciate it. If you need to edit this part of my response out, that's fine, but I think you should really take it into consideration.



The company is very busy, so it's hard to get onto their schedule. But once they arrived, they did a very good job for reasonable price.

Description of Work
miscellaneous repairs

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

Thanks so much for your review! We appreciated the work and we'll be there if you ever need us again. Best regards.


Rosalyn S.

The handyman responded quickly to my phone call and came that evening to see my condo. He seemed professional, competent and willing to do the work. He promised to send an estimate "within 48 hours" but it took two telephone calls and two weeks before he sent an estimate. I emailed him back to say that I accepted his estimate but never heard from him again is spite of another two attempts to contact him.

Description of Work
A variety of handyman jobs such as hanging a chandelier, replacing toilet seals, repair grouting, etc.

Category electrician,handyman service,lighting,drain cleaning

Service Provider Response

We got extremely busy with all the rain we had right around the time you called, and I didn't have the manpower to do your job plus do all of the emergency work that came in. I also don't recall you attempting to contact us twice after I was there, but that's immaterial now. A good portion of the non-emergency jobs that came in (not just yours) was placed on a back burner because we had people call in who didn't have the use of their kitchens or bedrooms because their ceilings had caved in due to all the rain we got over the summer. Plus we had a landlord call us whose tenants had gotten 9' of floodwater in their home and who unfortunately lost everything. I think those types of emergency jobs are much more important than hanging a chandelier or changing a toilet seat. If I were an emergency room doctor and I had to choose between a trauma injury patient, or a sore throat patient, the sore throat would have to wait. Had you ACTUALLY called me twice I would have explained that to you then. In the big scheme of things, and in light of the fact that you gave us a bad review even though we never worked for you, I think I made the right call with the resources I had.



Very personable guys. However, window blinds were hung way off center. A pet gate that was installed fell apart the following week. Some shelves that were to be reinstalled were not screwed back in; just laid in on the brackets. I take partial responsibility since I wasn't feeling very well and didn't bother to examine everything and give explicit instructions, although I don't think it should have been necessary. Light fixture installation and curtain rod installation both seem to be fine.

Description of Work
Cabinet and shelf removal, curtain rod and blind installation, ceiling light installation, etc.

Category handyman service,lighting,window treatments

Service Provider Response

I'm sorry this happened after Tim left from working at your house. I wish I had known you had these issues prior to you writing this review because I would have taken care of these things immediately. We do offer a 6-month standard warranty on all of our work, but we can't fix it if we don't know about it.


Angela M.

This was not the experience I was looking for. I am aware that my home needs repairs. Ali came over to my home and downgraded all the work that others had did. It made me feel upset and very discouraged. He kept saying this was done right and that was done right. But instead of doing what he could to help he rushed out of my home within 2 hours and said he had other jobs that was scheduled. I felt like when he thought it was going to be two people working for 8 hours he would have pocketed 700.00. He made me feel very cheated for the time we had set up for the 8 hours. That's not the way you should do business. There was somethings that one worker could have done for 8 hours. But Ali kept talking about another client. But what about me. I'm am client too. That needed my work done as well. This is sad to see how people treat each other. Be ashamed of yourself Ali Customer service has gone out the window.I paid him 79.00 for 15 minutes worth of work. What a rip off. IF ANY ONE KNOWS OF ANY REALIABLE ETHICAL AND FAR PRICES PLEASW CONTACT ME VIA THIS PLATFORM

Description of Work
A rail going up stairs was installed. His advertisements stated 1 person for up to 8 hours. I spoke with Ali on a Thursday to confirm the work. I told him I wanted one person for 8 hours. He said ok. He came to my house with the one person. I showed him things I wanted to get done. He told me some of the things I needed required two men. I said fine. But I would like to get a much completed as possible Ali pointed out he didn't feel comfortable about doing work that had knob en tub. I said ok I would have my electrical to come and do that. I asked him to put up a rail going upstairs that did get done. I asked him to spray my shower with a high gloss resurfacing paint. And he said he had to go. He was at my home for 2 hours. The worker he bought with him misplaced a bracket But Ali said I needed two brackets anyway. So my daughter took the worker to the store and we got the two brackets. It took 15 minutes to put the rail up and he charged me 79.00.

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

How about we look at the facts one by one and the jobs that you wanted to have done: 1) You wanted cover plates installed over outlets which weren't flush to the walls, most of which had older knob and tube (ungrounded) wiring. Because I'd had a bad experience working with knob and tube wiring several years ago, I declined to have my employee do that for liability reasons. Knob and tube wiring is notoriously prone to cause fires because most of it that still exists has highly deteriorated insulation. I've seen it catch fire right in front of me WITH an electrician working on it. It is dangerous to even handle. At the point where I saw it was present (this was my first time to your site), I offered to have an electrician come out to work on those outlets to make them flush to the walls so that cover plates can be installed properly to help you out, and you declined that saying you'd already had 2 electricians there previously to do the outlets. When I asked why neither one mounted the outlets properly since "they were the ones who had installed them", you had no answer. No electrician I know would have installed the outlets that way. 2) The second thing you wanted to have done was a railing which would have blocked a 12' high French door that USED to have a deck beneath it. That was impossible with the materials that you didn't have on site, plus would have had to be taken down once the building inspector saw it. You would never have gotten an occupancy permit with that there, so I declined to do it because I didn't want to do a job which wasn't going to fly and would have been unsafe. The railing you had on site is intended to go around a deck, not be screwed into the side of a house. 3) The third thing you wanted to have done was for us to re-paint over a tub surround that a previous contractor had already poorly prepped and sloppily painted once. That would have made no sense because we would have had to do so much prep work to get the old spray paint off to even get to the point of being able to paint, and there was no way it would have ever looked right. You would have been better off getting a new surround. 4) I originally had 2 guys scheduled to work on Saturday to get done what they could for 4 hours each. It was a more efficient solution for you because they could have covered more things on your list for the same price as having one guy there for 8 hours. When you called on Thursday you said you only wanted one guy there for 8 hours, so I scheduled the other gentleman off that day because it would have been his 6th straight working day and I figured he could use the rest. It ended up being a good thing I did that... 5) You literally had almost none of the right materials there on site that we needed to do any of what you told me on the phone that you wanted to be done. You only had *one* stair rail bracket there to install a stair railing. Most reputable contractors would have left once they saw that you not only didn't have a clue as to what to buy but that none of the materials they would have needed to do the job were even there. They would have just come back when you had the correct materials, or they would have charged you to go pick them up. I did neither of the above. After you told me your daughter had fallen down the steps twice because there was no railing, I felt sorry for her and had my guy go with her to the store to get the brackets (as I was elsewhere taking care of an emergency plumbing job for one of my landlord clients), and come back to install them. I called myself doing the right thing so she wouldn't continue getting hurt. Then she said that Lowes told her she only needed one bracket to install a railing which is ridiculous - you need 2-3 minimum especially for a railing that long. No one from Lowes or who does this work for a living would have said that. But then she accused him of taking the other bracket (which she evidently must have had but lost somewhere). 6) I specify on my website that we prefer to work in mid-to-high-end properties, just so that we can avoid conditions like what we found at your place (whenever possible). Absolutely everything was either filthy, not done well, not completed, or mishandled. I didn't even want to touch it. My guy said that the car which your daughter took him to Lowes in was one of the filthiest inside that he'd ever been in, and he felt icky when he got out of it. There were unflushed feces in the operational bathroom toilet where you wanted us to re-spray the surround. The basement walls and joists were absolutely covered in black mold. The yard was overgrown to the point where we would have had to cut several tree limbs to even install your ridiculous railing smack dab onto the house. It was just an atrocious experience and he really just wanted to leave, not that I could blame him. However, we would have stuck it out if you'd actually had jobs there that we could have responsibly done. But you didn't. 7) The work that I saw there was done so poorly that after I heard what you'd paid for some of it, I even offered to help you take legal action against the contractors who had done it. You got fleeced for $14,000 dollars for work that looked like someone had their drunk uncle do it. Plus they never finished it and changed their number so you couldn't find them to have them come back. But you're upset that I charged you $79 (which is my minimum charge) for a railing? How about the hour it took your daughter to drive my guy to the store and back? How about the hour or so I personally spent looking at the previous work that had been done there and offering advice on how to go about getting some of your money back. Or is it that you're actually mad that I told you how bad you'd been taken by the SEVEN OR EIGHT previous contractors who've been there since last October? I'm the only one you actually CAN review online because the others aren't on Angie'[Member Information Removed] List and probably aren't even real contractors judging from the work we saw. 8) The icing on the cake was when your daughter accused my employee of stealing her debit card (which she probably lost along right along with the other stair bracket). We were both incredibly insulted. He literally JUST GOT PAID THE DAY BEFORE a paycheck with nearly 100 hours on it! Facts! I pay my guys well, and they usually get weekly overtime because we're extremely busy. They have absolutely no reason, nor proclivity, to steal from you or anyone else. Add to that, we are CAREER professionals and have been trusted to work in some of the most high-end properties out there with NO supervision and NOTHING HAS EVER ONCE COME UP MISSING IN 4 YEARS!!! Just last week we had a client hand us the keys to her house for renovations, and she left town for almost a week with absolutely all of her stuff in the house (and which was an incomparably nicer house than the one you had us working in) just so that we could work without the dogs being there. The bad part is I actually felt sorry for both of you, obviously being gullible and inexperienced female out-of-state investors, but I don't anymore. How DARE you try to come for me and my business, and worse, question our integrity when all I did was try to help you out and advise you the entire time? I will NEVER be that guy who does an irresponsible band-aid job just for a paycheck, and THAT is what you both wanted me to do. Keep on getting Craigslist guys if you want that kind of work. We won't do it. I really wish Angies List would help guys like us vet our clients better at some point so that no one advertising on here has to be subjected to customers like you.


Sharon V.

They were fantastic! Worked very quickly, and I was amazed at how much they got done in the allotted time! The work was beyond satisfactory- they obviously know what they are doing. And they took a little time to explain things to me, so I understood it. I appreciated that. They were also very conscientious in cleaning up. I was VERY pleased, and would definitely hire again!

Description of Work
Hung a number of wall boards in my basement (for hooks and small shelfs/organization). Also, repaired a cabinet door in my kitchen, replaced an outside light, and installed a key entry door lock.

Category electrician,handyman service,lighting,home & garage organization,woodworking

Service Provider Response

Thanks so much for the review! It was a genuine pleasure working for you, and we look forward to taking care of any further needs you might have. Take care.


Eddie B.

Odd Jobs is perfect for all jobs around the home. Ali and Tim were excellent. Both were very professional and knowledgeable. Ali stopped by my house a few days before the work was scheduled to discuss the various projects providing suggestions and recommendationss. The day the work was scheduled, they were punctual and came prepared to complete the tasks. Both discussed the work being completed and made sure it was done to my liking. Work was completed within a reasonable amount of time at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend Odd Jobs for any tasks and look forward to having Ali and his team complete more tasks around my home.

Description of Work
Bathroom vanity, mirror and cabinet installed, various other household projects.

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

Thanks for taking the time to post a review! We enjoyed meeting and working for you, and look forward to handling any future tasks you might have.


Christie W.

The work didn't happen. Ali and Sam came once, reviewed the work to be done. I had to reschedule the actual service date, at which point they became totally unresponsive. They didn't respond to emails or calls over the course of the summer.. Angie's List has also been contacting them on my behalf, ALSO WITHOUT RESPONSE. Since it's outside the 30 day window, Angie's List claims they can't help me and can't refund the purchase. I'm now out $279 with no recourse except suing in small claims court.

Description of Work
I had a variety of odd handyman-type jobs around my house that I hired this provider for.

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

You purchased the special at the end of February, and we contacted you by email to schedule on March 1, an email which you didn't respond to until the end of April because you said you moved to another house. Ok, no problem. We came out to look at the work at the new house in April right after we finally heard back from you, and we told you what you needed to have on site for us to start work, and you said you'd go get it. We didn't hear from you again until June because you still weren't sure what to get, at which time I told you AGAIN what you needed to have on site for us to do the work. I remember the conversation clearly because you called my cell phone while I was on site at another job in Mt Washington, and told me you weren't getting any help from the people at Lowes or wherever. It was literally only a sheet of luan that you needed, and I told you that twice (once when we came out, and again in June), so how much help do you need to pick THAT up? We originally even offered to go get the materials, but as soon as I mentioned an upcharge for picking up your materials, you said you'd go get it yourself. But more importantly, that phone call in June was the LAST TIME WE HEARD FROM YOU. The last emaiil we got from you was in May. Obviously my impression was that you'd contact us when you FINALLY had the materials on site, so I moved on to doing other jobs. Don't make it seem as though we didn't respond to you, when we were VERY responsive WHEN WE ACTUALLY HEARD BACK FROM YOU. I hope I'm not expected to be a mind-reader to know when you finally have the materials on site! And also, the FIRST AND ONLY TIME you contacted Angies List was YESTERDAY, and at that same time you submitted this misleading review without giving me a chance to respond. It's almost like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed (on Friday the 13th no less), and then took it out on us! This has literally been dragging on since the end of February, SOLELY because of your negligence to either contact me to get scheduled, or to go and get the required materials like you said you were going to do. I called Verizon after I saw this review and THEY even confirmed that you haven't called my cell phone since June. It's not like you lost my cell number, and I always answer my phone, so where are all of these supposed calls/emails to me? When were the calls made? You could even have called the office number and gotten scheduled that way, just like everyone else seems to know how to do. This was WAY too much hassle over a 1 day job. Obviously, we're no longer interested in working for you, or anyone else like you, so a refund check for your purchase is going out today.


Randy R.

I have been very pleased with their work. Ali and Sam are great to work with. I have hired them now on 4 different occasions and each time the work was completed on time and to my satisfaction. On once occasion there was a minor issue with a new door that was hung, but Ali had the issue fixed right away as soon as I mentioned it to him.

Description of Work
I own 4 investment properties and I have had Odd Jobs help me with several items including: Hanging new doors, installing electrical outlets, repair a staircase that needed re-enforcement, installing new windows, replace a kitchen faucet, and install a garbage disposal where there wasn't one before, among other things.

Category electrician,flooring contractor,handyman service,lighting,plumbing,replacement windows,woodworking,doors

Service Provider Response

Thanks for your review. We look forward to handling anything else that you need to have done.


Jason D.

The work was done on time and Ali handled himself in a very professional manner. My condo was left clean and the work was exemplary. I would definitely recommend Ali to any friends or family members in the Pittsburgh area. I will be contacting him again in the future.

Description of Work
Ali did a few jobs in my condo. He installed a new garbage disposal and hung 2 flat screen TV's. He also fixed some flooring and repaired a sliding glass door lock.

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

Thanks for your review. Please give us a call if you ever need us again! Take care.

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    How is Odd Jobs Property Maintenance overall rated?

    Odd Jobs Property Maintenance is currently rated 4.3 overall out of 5.

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    Odd Jobs Property Maintenance is open:

    Monday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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    Odd Jobs Property Maintenance accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal

    Does Odd Jobs Property Maintenance offer free estimates?

    Yes, Odd Jobs Property Maintenance offers free project estimates.

    Does Odd Jobs Property Maintenance offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Odd Jobs Property Maintenance does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Odd Jobs Property Maintenance offer a senior discount?

    Yes, Odd Jobs Property Maintenance offers a 10% senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Odd Jobs Property Maintenance?

    Yes, Odd Jobs Property Maintenance offers warranties.

    What services does Odd Jobs Property Maintenance offer?

    Odd Jobs Property Maintenance offers the following services: Home Remodeling and Repair, Commercial Renovations, Painting Services, General Contractor.

    Are there any services Odd Jobs Property Maintenance does not offer?

    Ask for details.