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Dale's Remodeling

Founded 1978 • With Angi since November 2006


(22) Verified Reviews

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5514 Commercial St SE

Salem, OR 97306


Dale’s Remodeling specializes in Additions, Kitchens & Bathroom remodels as well as aging in place remodeling. With 30+ years of experience in residential & commercial remodeling, we have become experts in removing barriers and designing to fit each clients’ needs. From small jobs to large jobs and everything in between, we ensure three simple things: We will be on time, we will be on budget, and we will make sure you have a great experience. After all, it’s not about us, it’s about you....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Howard H.

The work seemed fine until approximately 9 years later. When they did the work, we paid Dale's $500 extra to repair dry rot they found behind the original siding. The new siding Dale's installed was showing signs of rotting again. We called an Elite Preferred James Hardie siding installer (jForrest) and they said the siding would need to be replaced. We hired them to re-side our house, which is 11 years after Dale's Remodeling sided it. After the new remodeler removed Dale's siding, they said the problem is that the dry rot was repaired with a lot of caulk and that the kickout flashing wasn't installed properly. When the caulk got old, it cracked, which let moisture in behind the siding and the kickout flashing also allowed moisture to wick behind the siding from the gutters. I called Dale's to let them know that their siding job failed within 10 years, and asked if they expect siding to last longer than 10 years. Dale told me that maintenance is necessary in the moist NW. He suggested that we should caulk every two years. I told him we did caulk regularly around the windows, but this problem was behind the siding and we couldn't caulk there without removing the siding. He said he felt that Dale's did their best and that they rarely get calls for failed work.That may be true, but they didn't understand why there was dryrot, so when they fixed it, it didn't last. I would expect a remodeling contractor to understand what is going on when they are fixing a house. If they understand the problem, when they fix it, it will stay fixed. The rest of their work is holding up so far, but we have to replace the kickout flashing on the gutters that Dale's installed as well as the siding. I would not recommend their work and especially any siding work.

Description of Work
They re-sided part of our house with Hardie plank, built a glass porch roof and replaced all the gutters.

Category contractors, gutter repair, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, replacement windows, woodworking, home remodeling



Sheryl W.

They were very good. The estimate was very good. The scheduling was good. They were very friendly. They gave excellent ideas from high range, middle range and low range of cost and time that you would need to do certain remodeling things. They were very open to coming back and helping out and doing a small portion as well as doing the rest of it. It was just very open, honest and close.

Description of Work
We checked into Dale's Remodel. They did an estimate.

Category home remodeling



Elwood and Loree F.

Category custom cabinets, plumbing, home remodeling



Brenda T.

,,I was assigned a lead carpenter as my contact. He coordinated all the workers and subcontractors. He did an exceptional job. Usually he would contact me if there was a delay for any reason. However, any time I had a question or concern I could contact him. He actually answered or responded to my message within a reasonable time -- every time! When a problem or delay arose, he did not make excuses but found a solution. All of the people who worked directly for Dale's and all the subcontractors they hired were good at what they did, considerate about keeping me informed about what they would be doing that day, cleaning up before they left and locking up if I was not home. I was happy with the way they contained the dust and protected the furniture so everything didn't have to be moved. The kitchen was completely enclosed during the cabinet sanding and painting. Every person who worked on this job did excellent work in their field. I was very pleased with every piece of the project and the overall final result. The project did take a little longer than expected, but not substantially. During the final walk through I pointed out a few small things that needed to be done. They were all taken care of to my satisfaction. This company was a pleasure to work with from my initial contact, during design choices and throughout the entire project. Very professional, yet personable.

Description of Work
Kitchen remodel. Removed drop ceiling and florescent lights; did framing; installed drywall; textured ceiling. Painted ceiling and walls in the kitchen and family room. Wired and installed new can lights. Replaced current outlets and installed two additional outlets. Installed drip pan under the dishwasher. Removed all drawers and doors; painted existing cabinets inside and out; installed new doors, drawers, pullouts and hardware. Removed current backsplash and installed subway tile backsplash. Customized two cabinet doors on reverse side of island. Installed transition strips between vinyl and wood flooring. Installed three pendent lights. Installed gas stove.

Category drywall, home remodeling



Marie J.

Situation changed. Did not have work done.

Description of Work
Did not use this provider.

Category contractors, roofing, home remodeling



Lorraine R.

Troy was very pleasant to deal with on the phone and in person. Although I had not decided what do to about the cabinets in the kitchen, he guided me in choosing the best option based on my needs and the condition of the cabinets. He was prompt in providing me with an estimate. Although I have chosen not to do the cabinets at this time, I would most certainly call Dale's Remodeling again for any home improvement project. Overall, a very good experience.

Description of Work
Gave advice and estimate regarding kitchen cabinet redo.

Category custom cabinets, home remodeling



Janet T.

That experience went really well. They did a good job. Their service is prompt and they told me exactly what they're going to do, and they did it and fixed the problem. It didn't take a lot of time, they were here for just a couple of hours.

Description of Work
I used Dale's Remodeling for chimney repair services.

Category chimney repair



Harry D.

He is a general contractor. His general contracting services are more competitive and super reasonable. He has a fantastic staff. He has about 20 people working for him. He does what he says. His people clean up at the end of every shift. His work lasts.

Description of Work
Dale's Remodeling fixed some things that weren't working right. He has done a bathroom, a wood shed and a deck. He also did a full kitchen remodel.

Category decks, home remodeling, cabinet refacing



jon D.

See above

Description of Work
replaced corregate roof with tiled rood and sky light and repaired rotted wood in walls, also put up sheet rock onto cieling and repaired walls. Did fast and excellent job. Cleaned up afte work was done. Work was inspected and okayed by Dale. I was happy with the work done..

Category drywall, remodeling, roofing, skylights, home remodeling



Marilyn K.

Driveway, paving: Estimate was 30% higher than others. When we told them that, they matched the lower price. Siding: good Foundation: Major problems. Shorted deck by 4 feet. Overcharged (in our opinion) $3000 for concrete pouring back patio. They did not first go down to virgin soil, causing cracking in patio, foundation, walls and ceiling on new addition on upper floor. Job looked great initially, we were thrilled. Then problems appeared and they tried to run out the clock to get things fixed. Dale kept promising to do whatever it took to get it fixed. We finally hired an expert out of Portland to discover and prove the problem, which cost $2800 (which we didn't get back) The originally work was so shoddy underneath. Cost us $10,000+ in attorney fees over 2 years to get a settlement to get it fixed. It would have cost at least $25,000 more to go to court. Estimate cost about $30,000 to fix. it was beyond Dale's expertise to fix the problem, we had to hire another company. In our opinion they appear very professional but slick! Watch out for overbidding and hidden short cuts. Top employees told us they left the company because of unethical standards and practices. Probably work is fine if they don't go outside the original foundation or add a weight-bearing patio. Yes the work looked great initially and we were featured in all their advertising. They oversell their professionalism but have no expertise for custom work and repair. This is our first hand experience with our opinion added. We knew all there was to do to avoid problems but the professional smoke and mirrors hid underlying major problems.

Description of Work
Expanded master bedroom and bath, added decks, siding, , refinished inside, replaced windows and trim, paved driveway. We got 3 quotes and were willing to pay to get the best job. His references seemed impeccable. Original work done in 2001, but problems reappeared and ongoing work continued until 2008 when we had to contact an attorney.

Category decks, remodeling, home remodeling



Bryan C.

It seemed expensive to spend $500, which is nonrefundable if you don't have the work done. He had an actual designer come in and go over everything. They measured and drew up the plans, then had us come in to the office to meet about the work. We put it off for a while and they kept calling us to find out if we were going to do it. In the process we had another person give us an estimate that was about $20,000 cheaper. I felt like Dale was a little pushy about selling the job in the process. I didn't feel comfortable. We did get to keep the plans because we paid for them.

Description of Work
I received an estimate for a kitchen/bath/dining area remodel and also paid to have plans drafted.

Category ceramic tile, remodeling, marble & granite, home remodeling, house painters, interior painters



allison P.

We loved their ideas but they missed the first appointment and then took SO long to follow up after the second that we went with someone else.

Description of Work
Did not get past initial consultation.

Category remodeling



Peter L.

Excellent working relationship. Good communications. No surprises. Quality workers and workmanship. Dale is experienced and very easy to work with. Have used on few projects without any problems. Will continue to hire for any additional projects.

Description of Work
Resided and repainted house exterior. Redesigned kitchen and installed new sinks, faucets and counter tops.

Category countertops, remodeling, siding, home remodeling, house painters



Marshall B.

They actually charged about $950, which we realized later was way too high, but I put $2,000 as amount we spent because it cost over $1,000 for us to fix their damage. They came out about six times to "fix" the way the tub calking wouldn't hold. They simply didn't re-fasten it before putting in the tub surround, but actually told us at one point they'd said we would need to re-calk now and then. About once a week? Really? Found that comment unnecessarily insulting. Finally, filed against their bond. Dale came out with the salesman. When the arbitrator from the CCB arrived, couldn't help but notice they were on a first name basis. Not a good sign. I confronted Dale with the fact that the man who did the actual work quit his job because the salesman told him to crawl under our house and report the problem as being dry rot. I grabbed my flashlight and suggested they crawl under the house to look at the supposed dry rot with me. They wouldn't. They knew there wasn't any. Then they suggested the calking wouldn't hold because my wife was overweight. I asked them how much a gallon of water weighs. (Approx. 8 lb.) And how many gallons to fill a bath tub half full, enough for me, at 190 lb. to sit in the bath. Comes to far more than my wife weighs when she stands in the tub to take a shower. (She doesn't like baths.) After a full day of dealing with Dale, his salesman and the arbitrator, an agreement was made for repair of their repair. It amounted to shooting foam insulation under the tub to make it stop moving around when I step in to take a shower. They also put the new floor down such that one corner had no underlayment. They didn't fix that at all even though it was part of the arbitration agreement. In the end, I spent a lot of money to fix their damage and re-do the whole thing. The cost altogether wasn't as bad as the dishonesty from Dale during the arbitration process, making suggestion after suggestion that my wife and I just don't understand home repair while he referred to himself as "A professional expert who's been done hundreds of bathroom repairs every year for years." Doubtful he's done the actual work for years and years. I didn't notice a scar or callous on his hands. He's good at making excuses, but we would never, never recommend this man or his company again to anyone. Ever. BTW, if you ever want to see a remodeler's eyes but out and hair stand on end, say you want a cash settlement. They know if you agree to repair, their reputation with the CCB is intact. If they agreed to a cash settlement, it affects their CCB standing which is public info.

Description of Work
New bathroom floor and tub surround installation.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Donna M.

I would recommend them. They were on time and did what they were scheduled to do in a certain time period. My overall experience with them was excellent. Their quality was good.

Description of Work
They redid the ceiling in the kitchen and family room. He added lights, put in a center island, new countertops, sink and a drop in stove.

Category countertops, lighting, plumbing, home remodeling



Roger R.

They are a great company and are very professional. They treat their employees and their customers very well and do what they say they will do.

Description of Work
They've done a lot of work for us including new siding, painting the house, and refreshing our family room.

Category ceramic tile, remodeling, siding, home remodeling, interior painters



James T. P.

He had his

Description of Work
Dale's was one of three I contacted for a quote. His early response was very good, but he was very focused on HIS suggestions as to what we wanted. While I did say I wanted to go with high end plumbing FIXTURES, I also wanted the rest of the job, furnishings, tile etc. to be within the reasonalbe match for the house. I told him my approximate budget. His first response was over that by 20%. I told him that his price was still high. he had his estimaor work the price. His estimator called me to find out if I could change my budget to about 25% higher still!!!. I told him I had quotes at at 60% of my original budget, and unless he was willing to drop considerably, we had no more to talk about. My last contact was to let him know I had selected another contractor. I still felt that he was not listening to my concerns.

Category home remodeling



Roger R.

My experience with them was excellent. It cost us about $15000 for the kitchen. I would definitely use them again.

Description of Work
Dale's Remodeling did some changes to our kitchen in March of 2011. I used them for siding couple of years ago.

Category siding, home remodeling



Sandy W.

I don't really recommend them. The man who made the counters used a caulk that was non-paintable. The paint wouldn't stick where we used the caulk. I thought he would've known better. The men wore shoes that put black marks all over the floor. Seams were also lined up right next to each other, which was a problem. They were not good. I didn't like one of the ladies; she wasn't very nice. They did come when they said they would, and the price was okay.

Description of Work
They put in countertops, a backsplash, hardwood floors, and vinyl in the laundry room and bathroom.

Category countertops, flooring contractor, hardwood floor, plumbing



Nancy D.

I knew there was room for the upgraded plumbing but could not see how it would be designed. Dale's design work was outstanding. They worked with me to reuse materials as much as possible to minimize costs. I arranged for some upgrades independently (painting, kitchen counters) and they were happy to coordinate that work. Communication was daily and very clear. The lead carpenter coordinated subcontractors smoothly and very timely. All workers in and out of the house were meticulous in keeping the mess contained and left the house clean at the end of each day.

Description of Work
Designed and installed a large tile shower to replace a fiberglass shower; designed and installed a half bath on second floor; added a utility sink in the garage; added smoke alarm and miscellaneous electrical wiring.

Category drywall, plumbing, home remodeling




Took twice as long as quoted. Very unprofessional people, had item stolen from home work not done as shown in blueprints. Countertop never finished correctly. Just a headache, and did not feel we were treated good at all. Beware, this company looks good on paper, and in their cute office, but once you sign on the dotted line and start shelling out money, you're in for a bad time.

Description of Work
Removal of old bathroom fixtures, replacement of rotted wood, new fixtures and tile installed.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, woodworking, home remodeling




We were quoted 4 to 6 weeks. It ended up being 10 weeks and 1 day! Mistakes were made almost daily. We were not listened to when we had questions or complaints. The workers made a horrible mess in our garage, and we got stuck cleaning it up. The bathroom was drywalled 3 times, the first two were terrible jobs. Each time after the drywall team did their drywall mess, the painters came in and painted over the bad drywall job. Instead of waiting, and correcting the drywall first! This means our bathroom also got painted 3 times! There were days and days that no one would come by and work...making the unfinished job last way too long. And this is our main bathroom! Communication between us, workers, and managers was just lousy. We were given a big brush off when we had comments on the work. Finished work was not as in the plans. Our toilet is off center, our countertop is not what we ask, or paid for, and also does not align with tile on backsplash. Overhang not right either.

Description of Work
Tear out old master bath, remove water damage from leaks in plumbing. Tear out old bathtub shower combo, install new tiled walk-in shower. Replace old cabinets, sink, toilet, and flooring. Replace with new cabinets, sink, countertop, toilet, and tile flooring. There was drywall and painting too.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, drywall, flooring contractor, plumbing, woodworking, home remodeling, interior painters

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    Dale's Remodeling strives to make the remodeling process as easy as possible. From the first initial meeting to the end of the project we want to ensure you have a great experience. We try to remove barriers by eliminating the middle man & offering everything you need in one place. With an in house designer, estimator, interior decorator, long term lead carpenters and long lasting relationship's with our subcontractors- Dale's offers the complete package for all of your remodeling needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Dale's Remodeling

    How is Dale's Remodeling overall rated?

    Dale's Remodeling is currently rated 3.7 overall out of 5.

    What days are Dale's Remodeling open?

    Dale's Remodeling is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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    Dale's Remodeling accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Financing Available

    Does Dale's Remodeling offer free estimates?

    Yes, Dale's Remodeling offers free project estimates.

    Does Dale's Remodeling offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Dale's Remodeling offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Dale's Remodeling offer a senior discount?

    No, Dale's Remodeling does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Dale's Remodeling?

    Yes, Dale's Remodeling offers warranties.

    What services does Dale's Remodeling offer?

    Dale's Remodeling offers the following services: Dale's Remodeling strives to make the remodeling process as easy as possible. From the first initial meeting to the end of the project we want to ensure you have a great experience. We try to remove barriers by eliminating the middle man & offering everything you need in one place. With an in house designer, estimator, interior decorator, long term lead carpenters and long lasting relationship's with our subcontractors- Dale's offers the complete package for all of your remodeling needs.

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