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A1 Plumbing, Inc

With Angi since October 2008


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1940 McGilchrist St SE

Salem, OR 97302


A-1 Plumbing, Inc. serves the greater Salem, OR metro and beyond with top-notch plumbing, drain and sewer cleaning services. We guarantee your satisfaction or redo your job for free. We are service and repair specialists who can help you with much more. We've seen it all and dealt with it all.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Catherine G.

Do not use this company. I would give them a negative star if I could. They charged us $683 to change a shower faucet and caulk around one edge of the tub! This did not include the faucet and having to fix the dry wall that was torn out. We had a leak so they installed a new shower faucet (not the matching faucet so we had to buy another one), cost for this visit was $483. It still leaked so we called them out again for the same leak and they said that the caulking needed to be replaced and the cost was $200. I expressed our dissatisfaction with the cost with the plumbers. They said to call the office and that the costs were determined by their computer. I called the office and complained about the cost. They said that the costs aren't up to them in the office they are up to the plumbers. So, is this problem the computers fault?! The office would speak with the plumbers about this. I had to call 6 times before I got an answer (terrible customer service). They said that the original plumber would have charged $200 for the caulking too. So, the $683 cost stands! If you want to pay a lot and get terrible customer service use this company.

Description of Work
Replaced shower faucet and caulked around one side of the tub.

Category plumbing



Marilyn M.

Arrived within appointment window, called when he was headed my way: he was courteous, professional, and did a complete, quality job within the time he said it would take. The amount of time was very important to me because I have only one bathroom, plus I am a person who prefers my own company and doesn't like people in my home all day. The technician did what I asked and also what he saw was needed (replacing old water lines) for the original price quoted and was done within an hour. It was easy having him there and I'm happy with the job and immediately scheduled another job.

Description of Work
Replaced toilet

Category plumbing



Pat K.

The leak was fixed and they felt nothing further was needed.

Description of Work
fix a shower leak

Category plumbing



Robert B.

They did a very good job. The price was comparable to everybody else I contacted. They did fine.

Description of Work
I bought a hot water heater through another company and they sent the plumbing company out. I paid the other company for the equipment and this company did the installation. He hauled away the old one.

Category plumbing



Kimberly H.

It went perfectly. Took roughly 20 min and done.

Description of Work
Main drain line plugged. Pull the toilet, run a power snake through 50'-100' out. Didn't have the equipment and called someone that did set it all up for us.

Category plumbing



wayne E.

Poorly. They failed to correctly adjust the length of the chain down to the valve. This resulted in the lift rod/bar breaking, by hitting the tank lid, the next day because the flush handle had to be depressed too far. When they came back on a warranty basis, I thought they would simply take care of the problem. I offered up front to pay for the part. But no, I was to be charged again a full $283. After much discussion, they proposed replacing the entire toilet at my cost less $140 - just under $500. Fortunately they did not have a toilet on their truck and prepared to go get one. They then had second thoughts about the whole matter and shared with me where I could get the part (cost = $6.43) and install it myself. That's when I learned what had gone wrong with their original repair efforts. I did their warranty work for them. Their improper installation of the new valve caused us to break the rod, all unbeknown to us. I actually came here to Angie's List to find an alternate plumber, and lo, and behold they are a member of Angie's List! That gives me pause.

Description of Work
replacement of toilet tank parts

Category plumbing




They were very professional and got the job done.

Description of Work
They scoped the sewer line and unclogged a difficult drain for a house that we were selling.

Category plumbing



carol H.

Highway Robbery! Hope you don't ever use these guys, incompetent, hugely overpriced and if they have good ratings somewhere as our renter claimed, they are likely from themselves and their family members. Disgusting to work with someone like that. Our renter wanted to use this company because they could be there 4 hours sooner than our efficient, fair and reasonably priced plumber. We agreed. They charged $283 for about an hour's worth of work changing the sink basket, and wanted to charge approximately $140 to change a shower head, renter talked them down to $87.00. They also charged $59 to drive from Salem to Silverton. Within 6 weeks the sink connection began leaking and of course we didn't call them back. Handiman confirmed that the job they did on the sink would have taken only an hour, i.e., less than $50 instead of $283.

Description of Work
Replaced sink basket, changed shower head

Category plumbing



Susan S.

It was very expensive. I saw him talking about doing some work across the street and I was worried about the one toilet upstairs so I went over and asked him to come over. He came over and instead of just looking at that toilet he walked through the whole house and looked at all the plumbing. He ended up replacing that whole toilet and improving all the other toilets. He replaced some parts of the other toilets in the house but I really didn't want him to do half the work. He went through to look at everything and told me, "That should be done and that should be done." Anyway, I ended up spending a thousand dollars. The same thing about what he suggested but he sounded to me like he probably didn't need to replace them. I do think he was expensive. One of the other neighbors said the same thing. He did a good job. As for punctuality, it's an A because I just picked him up from across the street and brought him in here.

Description of Work
We used the services of A1 Plumbing, Inc. I had some toiletry and some bathroom work done.

Category plumbing



Margaret A.

We needed a gas line plumbed for an appliance.

Description of Work
We last used A-1 Plumbing in January of this year.

Category gas leak repair




Called on weekend evening. Flat rate charge would be $297 or $767 depending on complexity. 30 minutes of work cost $767.

Description of Work
Repair clean out plug that cam e off flooding under sink and onto floor.

Category drain cleaning




Called A-1 Plumbing on a weekend evening and was told they did work on a flat rate basis. They came promptly and gave an estimate of $297 or $767 depending on work necessary. Work was complete quickly and professionally in approximately 30 minutes and was billed $767.

Description of Work
Replace a popped off clean out plug. Waste water from sink and dishwasher was draining from plug to cabinet under the sink and onto the floor.

Category plumbing



Kevin H.

They're very good. The bid amount is $2000 and I would stick to how much I'm going to pay unless I add on to it 5.44, then it would be more. They're extremely prompt and they have very competitive prices. They're very flexible in working with change in orders. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Description of Work
I got an estimate from A-1 Plumbing Inc. The owners name is Alex.

Category plumbing



Michele A.

I called late afternoon on a Sat. and they had someone out within 1 1/2 hours or less. This gentleman worked for almost four hours in the dark before he called it quits because he didn't want to leave me without service until Monday, but ended up having no choice. Monday morning, bright and early, another gentleman came out with bigger equipment and had it cleared in no time. And they did not charge me a cent for coming back out on Monday! Very professional and throrough!

Description of Work
They cleared a blockage in the line from the house to the main sewer connection.

Category plumbing



Theresa G.

We have had these guys out 2 other times. Once to fix a leaky toilet (needed a rebuid) a couple years ago and again to install a new insta-hot in our kitchen sink. Those experiences were both also good. The plummer sent to our house was on time and very nice to work with. Seemed very knowlegdable and professional. We got to talking while he was repairing the leaking toilet and I asked for a quote to just go ahead and fix the third toilet in our house before it had the same problem that I had in the other two toilets. The price to fix the first (leaking) one was $267 and the second one was $200, so I went ahead and had him do both. He was fast and didn't leave a mess. Afterward, especially when I told my husband how much it was, I started questioning whether the price had been too high, so I got a couple over-the-phone quotes (sorry for wasting anyone's time since I didn't admit the work was already done) and it seems I could have had the same work done for maybe $250-300. It is hard to know for sure without having someone actually come out, but I did explain the problem and had them quote and quot;worst caseand quot;. I gave the price a and quot;Cand quot;, after giving them some benefit of the doubt about the validity of my phone call quotes. What is done, is done, and I am very happy with the result and everything else about A-1.

Description of Work
Called for a leak in the inlet part of the toilet tank to be repaired. The repair was called a "rebuild" and we had a second toilet rebuilt while he was here.

Category plumbing



Anita R.

My husband called this company because he found a coupon in the phone book and I was furious with him after reading the negative reviews from others on this website. HOWEVER, once the tech (Kevin) arrived and unclogged our sewer, I did a complete 180 degree in my opinion of A-1. Not only did he solve our problem, but he provided information (with proof) that corrected an opinion we had received from a competing company that would have cost us hundreds of dollars if acted upon. We received same day service from a tech who was extremely professional. Apparently, the company has adjusted its rates which were very reasonable and competitive for the service provided. We will definitely use this company again for our plumbing needs.

Description of Work
Cleared sewer blockage.

Category sewer cleaning



Vonah T.

They only put in two little washers and charged me $250.

Description of Work
The bathroom sink faucet was dripping.

Category plumbing



Stephen B.

Horrible. The contractor arrived. The worker, had no idea on how to replace the cartridge, and spend 3 hours back and forth to his van getting advice on his cell phone. The original problem was the toilet ran for 15 minutes before shutting off. The other toilet in the house with the same sloan fushomatic ran for 20 seconds before shutting off. After he left the toilet ran for 15 minutes. Not a success. We paid 267.00 for this visit.

Description of Work
On 10/12/2011 we had a complaint that a toilet was running excessively (compared to the other toilet) and we wanted it repaired . We called a1 , and they replaced a cartridge for 267.00. This did not fix it .. We had him return a week later. He told us at this point we needed the toilet replaced. Not sure of the quote at the time. I took the day off work on 3/16/2012, and had A1 return on 3/16/2012 to get a realistic quote on the repair. We were quoted 598.00 for a new toilet. I decided to purchase the parts online and repair it ourselves, which we did. The total cost was 99.00 for the replacement pieces. This is the BBB complaint. You are more than welcome to access it on their site . case number 22334906 password x6j47u

Category plumbing



Lauralee H.

We just thought they were terrific.

Description of Work
A-1 Plumbing did work for my daughter in her bathroom sink.

Category plumbing



Marilynn L.

I was buying a 1993 manufactured home, and when I called for an inspection was told to first research polybutylene pipe, then decide if I wanted to go ahead. It is bad piping that was supposed to last forever, but instead was springing leaks in the fixtures and bursting pipes within 10-15 years. I talked to my RE agent who called a contractor she knew to come take a look. He confirmed my pipes were polybutylene and gave me a quote of $1200 to repipe the house. I called for an inspection to see of it was worth the cost. When it came back very good except for a couple small repairs and the piping, I called A-1 Plumbing to get another estimate. The man who answered said they would send their expert, and oh, by the way, we have a Diamond Club that will give you a 25% discount. The estimator came out that same day, walked through the house and then pulled out a glossy sheet with the cost of repiping different sizes of homes superimposed over images of houses...very artsy. He wrote up an estimate that included the price from that sheet for a 2 bedroom house and then wrote down all the work and upgrades they would do. The "estimate" did not take into account the square footage of the house or the fact it is a manufactured home with the piping underneath as opposed to a stick-built with the piping in the walls! While searching for a house I saw 2 BR 2 BA manufactured homes that ranged from less than 900 sq ft to over 2,000 sq ft! And the pipes in this house were all on one side. The Estimator did not go under the house to look at the pipes. The estimate" was over $5,000: $4832 with a 10% senior discount. The Diamond Club was a $7.98/mo joke--"limited to only 22% of customers" --but they offer it to everyone, and the 25% discount would have been reduced by the 10% senior discount!! The bottom line: the estimate could have been made over the phone just by looking at that sheet! But instead they got my $39 for a service call. And, imagine that, the information flier about the Diamond Club disappeared with the Estimator. I will not recommend them to anyone...quite the contrary.

Description of Work
The Estimator came to give me an estimate on the price to replace old, leaky polybutylene pipes with new piping. After walking through the house and looking at the two bathrooms and the kitchen, he explained some of the upgrades in fixtures that could be done, then gave me a written estimate from a flier based on the number of bedrooms in the house.

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

I was sorry to read the response posted. We are a company that strives to be the best in our area that means we pull permits and do the job to code the first time. Our plumbers are licensed, drug test and back ground checked to ensure the safety of our customers. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. I don’t know the person or the company that she received an estimate from and I can’t speak for them. I can tell you that I would be very concerned about what she is going to get for her money. Most people know that if a company comes in with a bid at ¼ the cost of other company bids there is likely going to be some major differences in the end product. I really do believe that you get what you pay for. As far as our pricing goes, we give prices and options up front for all our jobs. We have re-piped many homes and mobile homes, it isn't necessary for us to crawl under the house or to know the square footage in order to price the job. What’s important is how many fixtures we are dealing with and how much access we have to those fixtures, whether or not we will need to cut open walls or not. This and other information can be received by a good inspection from the walk through of the house by someone who knows what they are looking for. We have friendly happy people that are ready to answer your calls, you don't have to leave a message and wait for us to get back to you. We have plumbers that are ready and willing to take care of your plumbing needs that wear shoe covers and use rugs to protect your home so give us a try, you will be pleased that you did. Thank You, A-1 Plumbing Inc. Carl Hagan Manager


Rollin T.

We had our tub and shower refinished. We needed new fixtures for the shower, but couldn't find any because the builder used a certain type. Our house is 30 years old. They also got the parts and had someone bring them out. He fixed the tub drain in the main bathroom. The plug wouldn't work.

Description of Work
Supplied fixtures for shower and put on. Installed new toilet. Repaired drain in tub.

Category plumbing



Mary Ellen T.

I was not terrifically happy with A-1 PLUMBING INC. The technician was not good at communicating with me. The service was worse than before.

Description of Work
A-1 PLUMBING INC repaired a bathroom sink. There was a leak at the bottom of if. They replaced the hole that was at the bottom of it. They also fixed the sprayer on my faucet.

Category plastering, plumbing, drain cleaning



James Y.

We were not pleased with them and our experience with them was not positive. We forgot as to what exactly they did but they were very expensive and we were not very happy with them because of the extra expense rather than their lack of expertise. They charged us on per job basis and charged us more than the per hour rate unlike some of the other plumbers in town. We were not too happy about it. We have moved from that house since then. They were quite good at what they did. It was a little unusual about how they charged. Their work was fine and we did not have any problems with it. Instead of buying a new faucet, they offered to re-finish the old faucet. They charged $120 to put in a $2 part which we thought was a little excessive. We were upset because they were getting $500 for an hour for their service. The faucet was still leaking and we could have bought a new one for what they charged in repairing the old one. The quality of their work was good.

Description of Work
We have used the services of A-1 Plumbing Incorporated six months ago for plumbing work in our house. They also re-finished a faucet.

Category plumbing



James S.

3 spigot heads + 1 hr. labor = $500? I think next time I'll call a cardiologist to do my plumbing. They charge less.

Description of Work
Replaced three spigot heads (hose bibs)

Category plastering, plumbing



Daryl S.

Well, other than the price issue, it was ok. But, we're going to look for a more upfront, honest plumber for the next time.

Description of Work
They came quickly, but after telling us it was $200 to snake the kitchen sink, they said it was really going to be $239 including the 'dispatch fee' but that they would 'waive' the dispatch fee. The work they did was fine, but they were expensive and a bit shifty with this 'dispatch fee'.

Category plumbing, drain cleaning

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