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Sloan's Home Solutions LLC

Founded 2011 • With Angi since December 2011


(12) Verified Reviews

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10891 SE Stevens Way

Happy Valley, OR 97086


We are a small family owned company dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service and catering to the individual needs of our customers....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Tony D.

After having some scheduling issue Chris and his team was unwilling to work with me I cancelled the order but since it was an Groupon voucher I was still charged the full amount that would have been if he did the work I will be putting a claim with the BBB buyers beware !!!

Description of Work
Clean gutters and roof

Category gutter cleaning

Service Provider Response

To clarify the scheduling issue: We arrived as scheduled to do the guttter cleaning, roof blow off and moss treatment. Upon arrival, we found windows open and cars parked in the way of our completing work. With no answer at the door or by phone, we were unable to complete the work. I spoke with the customer and explained why the work was not done. He rescheduled. We arrived as scheduled for the second time to find cars in the way and a window open. Again, no answer at the door and no answer on the phone. When the customer called me back, he insisted there was not a window open and became belligerent. We do our best to prepare our customers for their service appointment by sending an email with details on how to be ready. In that email, we advise that we will charge for a service call if the location is not ready. It is not often that we arrive to a job that is not ready for work to be done. Groupon has issued a full refund for this customer. We do not receive money from Groupon until a job is completed.



Chris was very upfront as to what he could do and the reason why he could not power wash my handrails. I appreciate his honesty

Description of Work
Power washing deck and stairs. Gutter and rood cleaning

Category gutter cleaning,pressure washing,roof cleaning



Rafael C.

Purchased a reduced rate coupon from a website. The service was schedlued, Chris arrived promptly, cleaned the gutters and left the yard looking great. Punctual, quick, efficient. Will definitely use again.

Description of Work
Gutter cleaning

Category gutter cleaning



Gina J.

Job well done

Description of Work
Gutter cleaning and roof treatment

Category gutter repair



Amanda B.

We LOVE supporting small businesses, and Sloan Solutions was FANTASTIC to work with!! Jamie (the office manager), was so easy to talk with and got us right on the schedule when we were in desperate need of our gutters being cleaned. The owner (Chris), did an AMAZING job!! He showed up ON TIME and got right to work. I loved that I didn't have to worry about being home for my service. Our gutters were horribly clogged and he got them looking brand new again and in tip top shape! I can't say enough WONDERFUL things about this company! The prices were extremely fair and VERY AFFORDABLE compared to other companies Ive gotten estimates from. Sloan Solutions is a TRUSTWORTHY company, and I RECOMMEND them to everyone that has a home, and honestly, 5 stars isn't enough...I give them TEN STARS ALL THE WAY!!

Description of Work
Gutter cleaning and moss treatment

Category gutter cleaning



Sally W.

Description of Work
Cleaned my gutters and blew off stuff from my roof.

Category gutter cleaning,gutter repair




The siding was done pretty well, but the front walkway and the deck were done poorly. I contacted Chris Sloan to let him know I wasn't happy with the work and I was told they wouldn't redo the walkway as they were concerned about the quality of the mortar but they would come back to redo the deck. This was last week, and this morning, when I contacted Chris via text, I was told I needed to email the company with my name and address. That was the last straw, as I should have been told to do this last week so I asked Chris for a refund so I could hire someone with whom I had some confidence in to do the work correctly. Chris offered me $40 from what I paid $125 for them to do the work. He said that based on the square footage of what they did this was a fair refund amount. However, I guess he must be basing this on the siding as that was the vast majority of the work when based on square footage. But, it is the walkway and deck that need to be redone and that is more detail work. I have photos showing the moss that remains on the walkway and of the deck where there are lines showing where the washing stopped. It looks very unprofessional. I bought the service through Groupons and after mentioning the quality of the service I was given a full refund from Groupons.

Description of Work
They pressure washed the front walk, some of the house and the back deck.

Category gutter repair,pressure washing

Service Provider Response

(removed member name) is correct in that we would not pressure wash the walkway again. We washed the best we could on the walkway without causing damage. Additional washing of the walkway would result in damage. We also agree that the wash job on the deck was not great. We offered to come back and wash the deck. (removed member name) was not interested in us fixing the work, he would settle for nothing less than a full refund. We offered a partial refund, which he declined.


Noelle G.

The Groupon package deal was for a "Inspection, blowoff, roof treatment, gutter cleaning." I had to wait 2 months for an appointment. In making that appointment, i alerted the employee that the main area of concern with our gutters was "up high" and would need special attention and equipment. Once the appointment actually rolled around, the team was two hours late, and upon inspecting my home, they said they could not do the work - BECAUSE OF THE AREA THAT WAS UP HIGH. Gee, great news. I could have told you that!? In fact, I DID. So, now, I have phoned this company no less than four times, trying to get this work down, trying to hire their person to install these anchors they require, and still they seem to be blowing me off. I have already paid them for work they have not performed and they are clearly in no hurry to see this through. You'd be fool to use this company. Hire the Neighbor Kid before you hire Sloan's. Jeeesh.

Description of Work
The Groupon package deal was for a "Inspection, blowoff, roof treatment, gutter cleaning" on March 6. I had already waited 2 months for the appointment. When they arrived, they refused to do the work, citing safety. They said I would have to have anchors installed on my roof in order for the work to be performed safely. I have phoned them four times, asking for a new appointment and a reference for having the anchos installed. Still, I wait. This was a Christmas gift, and now it's SPRING, and still nothing from this company.

Category gutter repair

Service Provider Response

It is our goal to provide an excellent experience for every customer. In this case, we were unable to complete the work without proper safety measures. This is a safety issue. If a roof is not walkable, fall protection is required.The Groupon deal excludes roofs with excessive pitch.We would normally advise the customer that their home does not qualify for the deal and advise them to get a refund. This customer wanted to have hooks installed and have the work completed. We did provide the customer with the name of a roofing contractor and also advised that she should make contact with other roofing contractors who could install permanent hooks. When the customer contacted us explaining that she was unable to find a contractor that would install hooks for her, we advised her to contact Groupon for a refund. The customer wanted to continue to look for a contractor and have us find her a contractor. In the end, we were unable to provide service to this customer's satisfaction.



Chris was very responsive and did a great job. We were getting a rental house ready to sell, and in addition to the gutter cleaning and moss treatment, he was willing to do some paint touch-up while he was up there. Not only did he do the painting we asked him to, but while he was up there he noticed some areas we didn't and did those areas as well at no extra charge. What a work ethic!

Description of Work
Gutter cleaning, moss treatment, paint touch-up

Category gutter cleaning,gutter repair



Marla K.

I purchased a deal on Amazon Local for "Gutter Cleaning and Moss Treatment for up to 2,500 Square Feet" for $99. I left 2 or 3 messages, spaced 1-2 weeks apart, and I never heard back from them. I requested a refund from Amazon.

Description of Work
I actually did not receive service from this provider because they would not return my phone calls.

Category gutter cleaning,gutter repair



Keri S.

Sloan's did a great job. They were puntual, responsive and very professional. I highly recommend them for pressure washing services in the future.

Description of Work
Sloans Home Solutions provided pressure washing services for my 2,500 square foot stamped concrete pool deck, and 1,200 concrete patio. We explained to him that we needed pressure washing to prep our concrete decks to be re-sealed. He gave us advice and proceeded to meticulously pressure wash the concrete to prepare for sealant. The decks turned out great!

Category pressure washing



Anna S.

REBUTTAL TO COMPANY'S RESPONSE: -After the botched paint job occuring on 2-7-12 with bubbles trailing all around the fascia board I elected to obtain the opinion of a professional painter. I called multiple painters yet once I explained my situation as having a problem with a current contratcor- gutter company, no one wanted to come to my home to quote me on just this small job of fixing fascia board bubbles especially in the rainy season. So, I began to call other painters asking to come to my home as I would like projected work done to my home in the summer and then to please look at the fascia boards while they were hear to give me a quote on this small job. I finally was able to have a painter scheduled to come to my home on 2-15-12 at 0930. Chris Sloan called me 2-14-12 on my cell phone telling me he will be at my home in the morning at 0830 to finish this job and get it done as he thinks the weather will be nice. I said no I have a painter coming to my home to look at the fascia board to let me know everything that needs to be done and the correct way to proceed- your company did not caulk the old big nail holes and has bubbles all along the fascia. Chris stated he wanted to meet with the painter and talk to him and I said absolutely not. I told Chris this is between me and my other contractor who is here regarding my home for other reasons and you are overstepping your bounds. I let Chris know he can begin on the caulking they never did and finsih up the overhang work he never completed yet we will see if painting conditions are suitable in the morning and for that day and proceed as the weather alows for fascia painting and then gutter hanging. That morning I called Chris on his cell phone 0800 around that time and he was on route to my house with his gutter machine and extra worker. My cell phone records would prove this. I explained my fascia is sopping wet and actively dripping -the wood is not appropriate to fix the bubbles this morning so I do not see how the bubbles could be repaired in one day and then paint dried and then gutters hung. DO NOT CUT GUTTER when you get here. He responded well I will see when we get there. Again he was not listening to what I was saying. I explained I do not want to be responsible for your gutter material left at my house in case of theft and I have a small dog who lives in the back yard and he will likely go to the bathroom on this and I do not want this on my house after. There was also sharp edge on the gutter material and I was concerned my dog would hurt himself. Chris told his guys to cut gutter that day anyway and they cut ONE piece of material and he put it in my back yard despite me telling him no. I am 5ft. tall and there were 3 men around me already shaking their heads giving me angry glares when I told them to please come back on a drier day to paint. Chris Sloan and this company came to my home on three different days for work 2-6-12 pulled gutter off and sanded fascia, 2-7-12 botched paint job to fascia and 2-15-12 Chris insisted they were coming to and quot;finsish the joband quot; despite me telling him no you will not if weather does not permitt. -I would like to point out in Chris's response he stated on 2-15-12 he writes he had already hung gutters earlier that day- He arrived to my house at approximately 10:00 am in February in the Pacific North West it was foggy and damp and barely any light- my house was sopping wet. Is this truly accurate? Where and which property did he hang gutters at dawn? Chris made verbal agreement with me on several occasions admitting they overestimated the paint and would buy it back and now denies this. Chris also made a verbal agreement to come to my home 3-8-12 give me $310 cash per my request for cash as I do not trust him at all and pick up his ONE piece of guter material. Aaron his partner later called me and told me this would not happen. Chris later denied this meeting and making the verbal agreement. Chris did receive my certified letter early March which Angies list has a copy of and was well aware he would no longer be coming to my home to do any work what soever as he had already created futher damage with a spray can of primer to my steps. Yet he writes in his response he keeps trying to call me to come to my home to fix my steps and fascia. I could not be any more clearer in refuting Chris sloans response and pointing out his discrepancies. I did contact WA state dept. of labor who provided me with his insurance info and bond number. They instructed me to call the insurance agent if Chris was unwilling to take responsibility. I gave Chris more than ample time and courtesy to take responsibility and he has now chosen to deny any of his verbal agreements and deny respsonsibility for his actions, workmanship and behavior. The insurance agent did tell me only Chris could make a claim and instructed me on how to make a lean against his bond. $432 is the amount on the estimate from this company to do the fascia board- this needed to be redone- hence the $270 I was asking for this. The repairs for the steps was $60- a very reasonable estimate and the extrapaint only 1 gallon I asked to be reimbursed $41.36 (I did not even include the tax in this). Also Chris was to receive this gallon of paint- hence I had never intended this custome matched paint to be used elswhere on my property. I am sticking to aking for $371.36 and would like to see Chris take responsibility for his actions. The tangeable costs Chris Sloan and this company has costs me is about $371 yet having to deal with the fabrications and Chris going back on his verbal agreements has been overwhelming. Not only did this company overestimate the paint for the job, botch the paint job, damage my steps with a spray can paint of primer, they have taken a toll on me in other ways especially my time. I would not trust them with the most menial of tasks and would not believe anything Chris Sloan has to say.

Description of Work
I needed gutters on my house. When we first started, I gave him $500 and cashed it, b/c he said he needed money to purchase stuff. He wanted to paint the fascia board, after he pulled the gutters off, he pulled the paint off. I said ok. I told him I have paint from when we painted the house. They said they wanted to custom match the color. They gave me a color swatch, to drive and buy paint to match. They told me two buy 2 gallons of paint. My house is only 216 feet. I went to the Miller Paint, and gave them their color swatch, and told them that what they wanted to match. Miller Paint said they need the color swatch to keep to match the color. I spent approx. $89.51 on custom colored paint that is non refundable. They only needed less then half gallon. That's money I lost on the paint. I wasn't happy with that. Then, they painted the fascia boards on Feb.7th, and it began to rain while they painted, which left bubbles. So they came out again to hang gutters on Feb.15. The quote also included the overhangs that were damaged. He only worked on one part. They were coming out to hang gutters, and I told them that there were bubbles in the paint. I had a painter tell me there was water was under the paint and that the nail holes needed to be caulked over. Which Sloan's didn't do. Sloan's consulted their own painter, and they agreed. I told them again about the bubbles. and he wanted to hang the gutters over the bubbles of paint. Sloan's Home Solutions returned on Feb. 15th to finish the work and wanted to hang gutters over the bubbles of paint. I requested the paint be repaired on a drier day, as the boards were dripping wet that morning. When I asked him to wait to complete the painting, he wouldn't listen. His workers started giving me angry looks and shaking their heads at me; I became very uncomfortable. He told his workers to pick up and leave. He wanted to store his materials at my house, I told him no. He talked over me, said he was going to store it anyway, and left it there. I consulted a professional painter, who suggested to mark where the bubbles are to fix it, and to repaint on a dryer day. Sloan's took a spray can of primer to mark the bubbles and sprayed multiple places around my house. This stained the steps around my house from dripping of primer. The steps are now permanently damaged from the dripped primer; the cost of this repair has been quoted at $60. I have notified Chris Sloan of this via certified letter. I have emailed him a picture of the damaged steps per his request after our phone conversation. I have sent him an estimate of the repair from a professional painter in the amount of $60. He has not agreed to reimburse me for the repair of the damage he has done. Sloan's called to finish up work, and I told him I didn't want them to come back out. Sloan's wanted to fix the steps and fascia board themselves. I refused saying, "I've lost confidence in you and your company." They also suggested they would hire their own painter, I was not agreeable to that because of the association with their company. I told him I wanted the money back for the non-refundable paint I had bought. In my opinion, a professional should have been more accurate in his estimation of paint usage. He verbally agreed to buy back the paint on two separate occasions, and then later refused to buy it back; stating this was not his responsibility. I sent a certified letter with quote to fix the steps, the paint, and the bubbles totaling $371; $270 to fix the facia boards. He refused to give me back any of my $500, stating that this money had been for the labor involved with tearing off the gutters. However, his quote for painting the fascia board was $432 and this job needed to be completely redone. No gutters had been hung on my home. On Monday, March 5, Chris Sloan called and stated he acknowledged signing the certified letter receipt containing the refund request, and wanted to negotiate down to paying $310 and picking up his spare gutter material. I had the gutter put out by the street to be picked up. He said he would call me with a time to pick up the materials on Thursday, March 8. We made a verbal agreement on March 5 for him to reimburse me the $310. On March 7, a reputable gutter company hung gutters on my home. An hour later, Aaron, who is Chris Sloan's business partner, called me and asked for an explanation as to why Sloan's owes me money. In his opinion they owed me nothing. I explained to Aaron that I had been speaking to Chris about a refund, and that he should speak to Chris about the details. Aaron stated that he represents both Chris Sloan and Sloan's Home Solutions; that they owed me nothing and that I should expect nothing. I explained to Aaron that Chris had agreed to come to my house Thursday, March 8, and give me a refund. Aaron informed me that would not happen. Chris then sent me an email in writing stating that our conversation never happened and that there will be no refund.

Category gutter repair

Service Provider Response

On Monday February 3rd, I went to the member's house to give her an estimate on some work she needed done on her home. She explained to what she had already gotten a few quotes on gutters and painting for her home. When I got there she requested an estimate on Installing new gutters, hauling away and disposing of the old existing gutters,Painting the fascia boards behind the gutters because they were cracking and peeling due to wear and tear, Sanding down and repainting one section of her home where her soffit was damaged and Clean Outs for the bottoms of her downspouts. The quote did not include the actual paint. It was to be purchased by customer. She agreed that day to have us do all of the work I gave her a quote for, minus the clean outs for the downspouts. Together we picked out the colors for her downspouts and gutters. The member decided upon my recommendation to use paint that was paint matched to the gutter color I was to install since it was only a few shades off from her existing trim paint. She asked me the quantity to purchase for the work she hired me to do and also for the rest of the trim on her house and door, because she said she planned on having them painted in the spring. While I was doing work she had a painter come to her house while I was there to give her an estimate on the additional painting she had in mind for spring.I started work on her home on Monday February 6th. The work that was completed that day was removing and hauling away her existing gutters and downspouts and sanding down the wood behind the gutters. I also sanded down the soffit area that needed to be repainted. The next day Tuesday February 7th, I finished the painting of the fascia boards. They were sanded, primed and painted. As we were cleaning up it began to sprinkle. We were both concerned and I told her that if there were any bubbles we would be able to easily take care of them. We agreed to come back on Thursday February 9th to install the gutters and downspouts. When I arrived at her home she pointed out that there were approximately 5 small bubbles on the 70’ section In the back of her home and 1 medium size bubble on the 30’ section on the right side of her home. We agreed to touch up the few bubbles and complete the project. I started to touch up the bubbles and and had my partner prepare hang the gutters on the rest of the house where there were no bubbles. About an hour later the member came outside and asked if I would please do the painting and hang the gutters another day. She claimed that she was not personally comfortable to have us paint that day. It was not raining and suitable for painting, so I tried to comfort her and by explaining everything would be fine and the work could be completed that day since I had just hung a set of gutters earlier that day for another customer. She said again that she was not comfortable and I decided to come another day so that she would feel comfortable since customer service is always my number one priority. Since I had already run out two pieces of gutter in anticipation of installing the gutters which we had previously agreed upon completing that day, I asked the member if I could store them in her backyard because one of them was too long to fit in my trailer and I did not want to risk damaging it. She agreed and later as I was packing up my tools, the member said that she did not want that piece of gutter to be installed on her house. The section of gutter she was referring to was $280 worth of material and perfectly fine. I explained that it was a perfectly good piece of gutter. She was concerned of it getting damaged if it rained. I explained to her that water will not damage it if it rained since a gutter is made to handle rain. She said she refused to have it put on her house. Regardless of how ridiculous the request was, in an effort to maintain exceptional customer service, I agreed to run out another new piece of gutter and eat the $280 cost. The next day I had a conversation with the member about the paint bubbles and she was understandably concerned about the rainy weather. I explained to her again the temperature specifications on the paint can, and that it was fine to paint in the temperature forecast. She said that she wanted to make a few phone calls to her ex husband and another painter. She did so and decided to have me come back out the same day she was to have a painter come out and look at my work as well as give her a quote for the additional trim painting she was planning on for the spring. We decided on 8am, Wednesday February 15th and were in agreement that I was coming to her home with the intention of finishing the project. I received a phone call from the member at midnight the night before where she said that she did not want me there while she was talking to her painter and asked me to arrive at 10am. When I arrived at the member's house at 10am on February 15th, the painter was running late. I asked the member if it were ok to go ahead and get started since the sun was out and that I was already starting 2 hours behind schedule. She told me to wait in my truck. The painter finally showed up, and at around 11:45 they were done with their conversation. As the painter was leaving he came by and talked with me. He told me that what he told the member was “it was a minor issue with the bubbles, very easy to fix and if it were his home he would go ahead and make the repairs and install the gutters that day”. I heard this and went straight to the back and started to repair the paint bubbles. I had my business partner start on making the gutters. The member came out and informed me that she did not feel comfortable with us painting today or hanging the gutters. I explained to her that I can not afford to keep coming out to her home and need to make the most of my time. She told me that the painter she had out said he did not recommend doing the work today. When I asked her why he told me a completely different story, she said “the conversation between her and the painter was none of my business”. She was afraid it was going to rain. I was confused because the weather forecast was not calling for rain. I packed up all my things and explained to the member that I will have to charge her for time and gas if the next time I return she will not allow me to finish the project. We left and around 3pm that same day I received a phone call from the member asking me to come back to her house because she was now comfortable. I explained to her that it was not possible because I had gone to take care of another job I was working on and my partner had gone home for the day. She demanded that I return and began to use a threatening tone. I explained to the member that I have done everything in my power to be accommodating to her as well as working around her schedule. She continued to be unreasonable so I decided that I was going to finish touching up the painting which was 95% complete and asked her if she would please find someone else to install gutters for her. On february 29th I received an email from the member with a couple of pictures saying that I spilled paint on her steps in the back of her house. When I asked if i could come by to take a look at them she said that it was not necessary and she would like $60 for the permanent damage. I said that I need to see it in person to make sure that it was indeed my fault and permanent damage. She insisted on me not looking at the steps but agreed she would call me when a time worked for her. I asked her again when I could come by and repair the paint bubbles and look at the steps. I received a certified letter from the member in the first week of March, where she was asking me for $310 for fixing the minor paint bubbles and the paint on the steps. On March 5th, when I spoke to the member on the phone I asked her again when I could come by to look at the steps and fix the few bubbles. I explained to her again that the bubbles were an easy fix not only in my professional opinion, but also the professional opinion of the painter she had out for an estimate on February 15th. I also explained to her that we had already unnecessarily wasted 70’ of perfectly good gutter material at her request and done $216 worth of gutter removal and disposal for a total of $648 worth of work. If you factor in not fixing the 5% left on the painting that needed to be corrected that would put us at a little over $600 in completed work and I had only received $500 from Anna. I agreed to come by on March 8th to take a look at the steps and fix the paint bubbles. On March 7th I asked my business partner Aaron to give the member a phone because I was not going to be able to make the appointment on the the 8th and was going to send Aaron instead. Anna told Aaron that I had told her I was going to bring her money which was not what we agreed upon. After hearing of the member changing her story for the second time I decided to deal with her in writing. I sent her an email asking when I could come and take a look at her home and fix the bubbles. She sent me an email back on the 7th claiming that I agreed to bring cash to her house in the amount of $310 and stated she was going to complain to the BBB and threatened to now include her time to her bill. She also stated that she did not want to deal with Aaron and did not want me on her property. Later that day, I received a phone call from my insurance representative informing me that the member had made an attempt to file an insurance claim with my insurance. They informed her that she did not have the authority to do so. I sent her another email asking her how she would like to proceed and have had no response. I have made every humanly possible attempt to make the member a satisfied customer and with completing $920 worth of work and waste of perfect material upon her request, not including my time and gas. I am also confused as to why there is also a discrepancy in the stories that the member has has written on Angie’s list and the BBB pertaining to this situation. Based off the facts, I do not owe the member any money. I have made multiple attempts and lost money dealing with the member.

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    Business Highlights

    Emergency Services OfferedEmergency Services Offered
    No License Required for Trade
    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
    General Information
    Free Estimates
    Eco-Friendly Accreditations
    Payment Options
    Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express
    Senior Discount
    Emergency Service

    Services Offered

    Tile roof cleaning,pressure washing, low pressure washing, gutter cleaning,new gutters, gutter repair, Moss removal,moss treatment

    Services Not Offered

    We do not install new roofing. We specialize in roof and gutter maintenance and specialize in tile roofing.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Sloan's Home Solutions LLC

    How is Sloan's Home Solutions LLC overall rated?

    Sloan's Home Solutions LLC is currently rated 3.8 overall out of 5.

    What days are Sloan's Home Solutions LLC open?

    Sloan's Home Solutions LLC is open:

    Monday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Thursday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    What payment options does Sloan's Home Solutions LLC provide

    Sloan's Home Solutions LLC accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express

    Does Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offer free estimates?

    No, Sloan's Home Solutions LLC does not offer free project estimates.

    Does Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offer a senior discount?

    Yes, Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offers a 10% senior discount.

    Does Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offer emergency services?

    Yes, Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Sloan's Home Solutions LLC?

    Yes, Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offers warranties.

    What services does Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offer?

    Sloan's Home Solutions LLC offers the following services: Tile roof cleaning,pressure washing, low pressure washing, gutter cleaning,new gutters, gutter repair, Moss removal,moss treatment

    Are there any services Sloan's Home Solutions LLC does not offer?

    We do not install new roofing. We specialize in roof and gutter maintenance and specialize in tile roofing.