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Woodfellas Construction

Founded 2003 • With Angi since November 2010


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PO Box 71953

Eugene, OR 97401


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Angela B.
212k spent to rebuild a home insured for 141,000. A dangerous building report was submitted to the City of Eugene Building Department (Report #10-01516) for the following defects/negligence: Areas of significant danger include but are not limited to: Missing Pier Pads in front and back of building have left the support posts in those areas bearing a load while they are not level. This has resulted in significant bulging of supporting posts, with the concave side deteriorating as chunks of the post sluff off. Framing: Underfloor Open correction memos on file with city of Eugene for underfloor framing. Support methods used were thick stacks of asphalt roofing shingles (2"x3" cut strips stacked 2-3" high) were used for leveling support. These stacks have now melted or shattered, leaving underfloor joists unsupported, and areas of melted tar visible on stemwalls. Underfloor joists are not connected to stemwalls, rim boards are no longer vertical and in some areas, are crushed. Joists and main crossbeam are twisting, creating waves in flooring as well as obvious signs of 'rolling' in the crawlspace. Joists sizes are smaller than plan specifications. Subflooring is rising off of mudsill visibly in areas, crawlspace can be seen between wall base and mudsill from garage. Walls Shearwall corners not built to city code or specification in some areas. Missing anchorbolts visible. All anchor bolts installed for construction of deck area are now pulled and are visibly pulling through the deck framing at angles other than optimal. Photo documentation reflecting wall sheathing below cabinet grade (weyerhauser has no control over products once they are distributed) Also, sheathing not per plans or code, with strength axis broken 8' above base of wall. On entire structure, above 8', sheathing is scabbed together from small pieces. Photo documentation (and apparent via visual examination) of inadequate wall blocking. Photo and now visible instances where construction grade lumber was not used. Header with dangerous knot dead center opely visible, with subsequent cracks and lifting of header ends. Documentation of insufficient Permanent wall bracing. Variance of wall widths from plan design. Apparent via Photos and visible inspection. Trusses: Roof on structure not inline (general design) with approved city plans. Roof Engineered for wall widths of 2x4 in areas, when walls built to 2x6 widths instead, no revisions of truss engineering took place. Chris Latini and Noah Lacey 'made them work' Primary bottom chord bracing is pulling out, with large gaps between top plate and rat run. Insufficient permanent gable end bracing. (visible) Engineered Roof trusses disassembled onsite and scabbed together, resulting in loads not bearing on designated points. (visible and photos, also sworn court testimony) Trusses pulling apart, structure completely cracked in half north to south, clear evidence in visual examination of truss plates r&r in many areas. Trusses cracked in many areas from end to end. Cracks are widening. Missing hangers onto Bull trusses. Moisture content of lumber used in areas of stick framing questionable. Visual inspection reflects large amounts of pitch pooling in attic areas. Multiple areas of drywall deterioration where attached to frame. Chris Latini broke all contracts with other contractors, as he misrepresented himself as my 'General Contractor'. Not only did he break the agreement with Me, he ordered work I did not approve, and in most cases, charged me double of other bids I had secured. The dangerous areas are: Electrical: 17 documented (via manufacture documentation as well as Oregon Residential Home Inspectors report) fire hazards installed in recessed lighting fixtures. Multiple areas where wires emerge from walls directly through wooden frame. No electrical box installed. Wire protrudes from wood, disallowing the installation of an electrical box. Wire for branch Circuits passes through bottom plate at juncture of floor joist. Wire passes through metal plate. In attic, wires pass through metal truss plates. Wires are taught, as trusses pull apart. Overhead service of newly constructed utility wires pass directly through center of Hawthorne tree. I signed a contract for a top of the line high efficency HVAC system. Latini broke this contract, substituting an electric air handler for 1000 less than the original contract. No heat pump, nothing, first month electrical bill was $589.00. This man is dangerous. Not just his work, but his attitude towards customers. I paid directly to him, or for materials he ordered, more than $70,000.00. When he was approached for warranty work, his response was 'If I do any warranty work my wife will divorce me.' Interesting and costly for any customers who put their trust or money in his direction. After 14 months of avoiding me, refusing to refund anything and ongoing threats, Mr. Latini's last communication to me was: From: Chris Date: September 28, 2010 12:18:33 PM PDT To: Angela Bayliss Subject: Re: Directive We have no business, it's no longer your home. The funds were not yours and your lawsuits are at an end. You are not in a position to ask for funds(as they are NOT yours and if I gave them to you I would be in direct violation of ors) or to ask for work to be performed at 255 Baxter( as it is not in your legal posession). It's over angela, move on Sent Chris Latini/Woodfellas Construction's iPhone On Sep 28, 2010, at 12:08 PM, Angela Bayliss wrote: Mr Latini, Until you follow the orders of judge mitchell, and provide me with a representative authorized to act upon your behalf in dealing with the business we engaged in, Oregon law requires that as a business, you must address my concerns. Your unwillingness to honor your own contracted warranty and services do not negate the business laws of Oregon. Kind regards, Angela Bayliss On 9/28/10, Chris wrote: Sent Chris Latini/Woodfellas Construction's iPhone Begin forwarded message: From: Chris Date: September 28, 2010 11:45:04 AM PDT To: Angela Subject: Re: Directive Angela, Please be advised that all future contact is unwanted. With yesterday's legal outcome the comunication between the two of us is at an end. Any further comunication will be grounds for legal action as this email is to notify you that I have no wish to speak with you again. Please stop emailing, texting or calling. Thank you, Chris Sent Chris Latini/Woodfellas Construction's iPhone On Sep 28, 2010, at 10:06 AM, "Angela Bayliss" wrote: With each hearing, the facts-undisputed, prove what you've done. Attack me all you want, you can't change the facts. They are going on record, Chris. Its never been about money, and ill happily admit the truth of my own actions. All of them. It isn't me I want you to answer to. Be well and good luck. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
Description of Work
This Builder, Chris Latini, (Woodfellas) was the worst. I interviewed him for the framing only of construction of my home following a total loss house fire. Initially, he offered a clear, well written, detailed bid, and was exceptionally businesslike. While his bid was the highest, I chose him because of his professionalism. In the first week all professionalism went out the window. His abrupt and domineering attitude became clear the moment the contract was signed. Before it was over, Mr. Latini threatened my family, my own life, and 'everything I hold dear' if I filed a complaint. He was fined for using unlicensed subcontractors by the CCB, and is still under investigation for criminal behavior by the Oregon Construction Contractors board. A wealth of documentation includes a letter written on attorney letterhead stating that if I come into the presence of Contractor, Contractors family or others, I will be 'seriously injured or killed'. Reports to EPD were rebuffed as a 'civil' matter. Voicemail threats specifically relating to the filing of any complaints against contractors also available. the safety of Myself, my children or any other family members was deemed outside the CCB or Eugene Police Department jurisdiction due to the civil nature of the situation, according to the ccb DRS team, and SGT Kathy Flynn of EPD. On 9-27-10, in a small claims court hearing, Chris Latini admitted that I was influenced to pay Noah Lacey, an unlicensed subcontractor, cash $6,900.00 for framing under threat of physical harm. It was openly admitted by both men that no taxes were paid on this money, and Chris even stated that technically, I should owe him this amount again. Oregon State Law says that any home must be warrantied for one year. Mr. Latini changed his telephone number and attempted to secure a stalking order against me for unwanted phone calls and e-mails. He was not successful, so he changed his phone number. This man uses dangerous, unsafe building practices; and calls any contracts or business practices 'technicalities'. Mr. Latini takes no pride or honor in any of his work, as my example proves. I moved 60 miles away from this home, had a total loss of more than $350,000.00 from the fire and as a direct result of Chris Latini's shoddy workmanship, broken contracts and blatant fraud. After escaping the original fire on 10-10-08 with our lives (my children and I), I gave up, walked away, and found a new home to bring my family to. After 2 years and 17 days, we finally got to go home.
decks, remodeling, water damage restoration, garage builders, home builders, basement remodeling

Service Provider Response

I am the contractor she is refering to. As we all know there is 2 sides to every story. Just as a peek into the mind of this person, she filed a complaint withe the Portland Oregon department of the FBI stating that, 3 building inspectors, 2 of their bosses, the city planner of eugene, a detective with the CCB, the Eugene police dept, THE MAYOR OF EUGENE, 2 engineers (one city and one private) and yours truly all conspired to defraud her of 75,000.00. The funny part is that the 75 includes a 22,000.00 check that she bounced on me. The funnier part is that my profit on this job was about 4500.00. So as you can see, an even split between ALL the members of this conspiracy was sooo profitable that it makes perfect sense for us all to risk our livelyhoods. Right... What this is really about is the fact that the member is a mentally ill person whom was sooo smitten with me that she has made it her lifes quest to ruin my life for not spending the rest of it with her. She also fails to mention a couple of things. 1: I am not the only general contractor whom she has had such a problem with. 2: She did this same Fatal Attraction bit to the designer and 3: She has sued me personally 5 times in small claims court and lost all 5 times, filed a civil claim that she lost and filed 2 contractors board complaints that were both judged in my favor. If I am such a wolf how do I have such powerfull friends? Or, why has there been no judgement against me??? The only thing I did wrong in the construction of her home was misunderstand a labor law called "Casual Labor". This was the reason the CCB finned me for using an unlicsensed contractor. I made a mistake and I paid the fines. Lesson learned. The unfortunate part of me even responding to her post here is that it will give her the attention she sooooo badly wants from me. This comment box will certainly be her new best friend as she does her best to use it to communicate with me. For that reason I will not respond to any further insults within this forum. As a parting thought.... If a person describes the ENTIRE WORLD as being in cahoots against them, what is the actual likelyhood of that? chris latini woodfellas construction

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