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Founded 1921 • With Angi since July 2006


(656) Verified Reviews

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6 Simmons Ln

Albany, NY 12204


We've called Albany its home for close to 100 years! We know this town, its people and its homes. We are unique -an older community with specific needs when it comes to heating and cooling. We appreciate the tradition and history of Albany’s older homes. But just because our residences come from

Verified Reviews

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Paul C.

Professional, courteous, and efficient.

Description of Work
Water service line replacement

Category plumbing



Alan S.

I needed to replace my hot water heater and wanted it done ASAP. As usual, I checked reviews on Angie's List and called several area plumbers. Most could not get to me for a day or two. When I talked to Benjamin Franklin's contact person, Chris, she took my information, gave me an exact and guaranteed price quote and said someone would get there later in the day. Within 30 minutes, she called back and informed me she found a plumber who would be over within the hour. The technician, Mike S., also called to let me know he was on his way. The replacement required some creative problem-solving, and Mike S. answered the challenge in a calm and intelligent manner. He worked quickly without rushing and explained to me much of what he was doing (I tend to ask a lot of questions). All went very well, including a thorough clean-up, and a careful removal of the old heater. I found the experience as stress-free as a plumbing emergency can go. Next plumbing job I need, I'll most assuredly be calling Benjamin Franklin.

Description of Work
Replaced hot water heater.

Category water heater repair, air duct cleaning



michael C.

Very Happy with the service and serviceman. Anieve was on time, professional and neat. I will call in the future if any plumbing issues arise.

Description of Work
New shower set installed.

Category plumbing, air duct cleaning



vijay K.

I got water leaking from my A.C. And I called these guys these guys came and did perform 20 mins service and charged me $400. These guys are very expensive.

Description of Work
AC Service.

Category air duct cleaning

Service Provider Response

I am glad we were able to stop the leak from your A/C to prevent further damage to your system. I am not sure if you were confused by our invoice but the charges incusrred for repairing the problem was $278.00 plus sales tax which came to total of $300.28. The system needed a stage 2 cleaning an a condensate drain flush which I am not sure how my technician could due in 20 minutes but sometimes we lose track of time so I understand - just wanted to clarify and correct the over $400.00 statement that you made. We appreciate you business and in the future to prevent having to pay for stage 2 cleanings we recommend purchasing one of our service plans and that would prevent problems like leaking A/C due to lack of service. Thank you Randy Rowe President


John and Mildred S.

Great! it was fixed and the clean up was complete within an hour

Description of Work
replace seal on toilet

Category plumbing



June B.

Fine. He knew what to look for and didn't waste any time. Was very pleasant to me. All plumbers are expensive. It's difficult for seniors to pay large amounts out of pocket. But trade people are necessary. Now I'm looking for someone to do pruning and clean up my shrubbery in the front of my home.

Description of Work
Clogged garbage disposal going into my dishwasher

Category electrician, plumbing, water softeners



andrew F.

called told them what i needed done they told me they would have to ask if they do this type of work and would get back to me guess they lost my phone number..e-mail address

Description of Work
well pressure tank

Category plumbing, wells



Kenneth R.

I’m taking the time to writing this review with the hopes that no other family has to have the experience we had with Farrell Brothers (now under Ben Franklin Plumbing). In the fall of 2016 we were undergoing a major kitchen renovation. It was a complete gut job and very costly (as these things usually are). Because it was going to be an open floor plan there ended up being a baseboard radiator we didn’t really need. If we kept it we’d be limited to cabinet placement so I searched for a company to handle this. I went online to the various review sites and choose Farrell Brothers because they were local to me and had a decent reputation. They were a common name and I ignorantly assumed an established company would be a safe bet. When the employee l, Ron, arrived to do the work he was very chatty. My contractor and I exchanged glances because this guy just went on and on about random stuff. In hindsight I should have realized this lack of attention was a red flag. When he finished his work and left I noticed water pipes hanging down from my laundry ceiling and a plug labeled “DO NOT UNPLUG” was, naturally, unplugged. I called my contact at Farrell and was told the guy planned on coming back bc he just knew I’d want more work done; that’s why he left things unfinished. Since I only wanted done what I contracted them to do Ron came back the next day to clean up his mess. Little did we know it was only the mess we could see. Jump ahead to October/November 2018. Our 50 year old boiler dies and it’s cold. Luckily we had a contractor at the house and he does HVAC work so we had him replace the boiler. As soon as the system gets turned on something isn’t right. Some areas are warm, some are cold, and there are strange puddles of water in the kitchen and, directly below, the laundry room. No one could figure out where this water was coming from! It wasn’t the windows, no pipes were wet, it wasn’t from outside. It was baffling. We opened walls, soffits...nothing. Nothing until all **** broke lose. About a week after the new boiler was installed I was cleaning the kitchen and heard a loud gurgle. Next thing I knew water was flooding out from under the baseboard trim but above the floor. It wasn’t a “leak”; it was as if a levee had broken. My contractor rushed over and started putting holes in the wall and tile floor while I gathered every towel we owned to stop the water from reaching the wood floors in the dining room. As the tile is coming up we start to see what the issue is. The pipe I paid Farrell Brothers to remove had never been capped. The pipe was sticking out from the subfloor, but under the tile floor, essentially giving the water unimpeded access across the entire floor. The damage traveled across the kitchen and under the base cabinets. It flooded basement and ruined the carpet. And, no surprise, there was mold. As the tile was ripped out we found another leak where another portion of the radiator had been removed. Again, these pipes weren’t capped. Part of the estimate included turning the system on and checking to make sure the work was done properly. This was never done. If Ron HAD turned the system on the pipes he didn’t cap would have shot water out like a fountain. Remember we were mid-renovation and had a gutted kitchen. There was no floor. All the pipes were easily accessible and visible. What Ron DID do was turn off that zone so that when I turned my heat on no water went into those pipes. As soon as my new boiler was installed and all systems were all turned on and truly tested, the negligence became clear. Luckily my contractor had the wherewithal to record with his phone’s video camera what was happening under the tile floor. It’s plain as day the root of the problem. Over the next several months my PERFECT, 18 month old, kitchen was gutted in order to mediate the mold the water damage caused. Half the floor was removed, cabinet and counter tops pulled out. Did I mention this was two weeks before Thanksgiving. Did I mention things still weren’t fixed until well into the new year? Needless to say the holidays were ruined. In addition to that upheaval, the kitchen just isn’t the same. The tile was no longer from the same lot so the size was off. If you’ve ever installed tile you know that a small difference at the beginning will turn into a huge issue at the end. I essentially have one kitchen floor with two different tiles. The only way to truly fix it is to do the entire floor over. This will cost thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars I guess Farrell Brothers thinks I should be responsible for because they have yet to respond to our certified letter, calls, or our insurance company. Not a single communication. A business should be judged not only by the work they do but also by how they handle problems the create. Apparently Farrell Brothers doesn’t adhere to this. They have merged with Ben Franklin Plumbing so maybe they think they can hide behind that. Maybe they think I’ll just be too burned out and let it go. That’s not going to happen. These unscrupulous companies need to held accountable for the consequences of their actions or lack of due diligence. I paid $900 for a pipe to be disconnected and the work to be verified. What I got was an absentminded employee who didn’t do the job he claimed he did (probably because he thought he’d be back to do more work that I specifically said I didn’t need or want). I have a company that refuses to acknowledge the situation. And I’m up to 20k in repairs. I don’t want this to happen to ANY of you.

Description of Work
Eliminate a heating pipe in kitchen.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Shelby H.

James was a terrific. He was the very professional and explained everything he was going to do prior to execution. What impressed me most was the fact that he went to Home Depot twice in the same day to resolve the issue. Not only that he also came back to fix an additional problem he noticed when he was fixing the original problem.

Description of Work
There was a leak in our kitchen and we couldn't determine where the leak originated. We requested 7 quotes via angie's list and they were the first response.

Category plumbing



Derek S.

went very well. Tech arrived on time, completed work quickly and when I had questions later on the team was very responsive.

Description of Work
clogged sink and tub

Category plumbing, drain cleaning




Even thought the job was found to be more involved and take longer than anticipated the company stayed within the initial estimate. The technician did an excellent job.

Description of Work
Replaced hot water heater$179

Category plumbing, water heater repair



Virginia W.

The service was very good. And Randy, the owner, is very nice .We got what we wanted. It is a bit pricey, but we got what we wanted.

Description of Work
They did the floor, the toilet, the vanity is smaller than what we had and the walls for $7300.00.

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

I am glad you are happy your bathroom came out looking great - glad we could help !! Randy


Just G.

These guys had my respect, they've been doing this forever and Angie's list backed them, so that was good enough for me. When I requested a quote, it was actually for another company that never called me, but Farrell Brothers did. So I figured I'd go with them. There was another company that called right away too but I didn't see as many reviews and the Angie's list coupon was better. Which speaking of, when I mentioned the coupon to the office lady, she said no problem, they'd accept it. They actually called yesterday to let me know they'd be later than anticipated because there was an emergency job. Good communication. I asked again about the coupon and she said just show the screenshot, you don't have to print it out. I thought, cool, don't have to go to Kinko's. The service ran later than anticipated, but there was good communication about it and the job was done quickly and professionally. When it came time to settle up he wouldn't take the coupon because the office told him to look for a promo code or bar code, but it didn't have those and never did. So don't expect this company to honor the Angie's list coupons. Other than paying more than expected, these guys are great.

Description of Work
Drain cleaning

Category plumbing, drain cleaning

Service Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to tell me about your experience with my company and I will have my office send you a gift card for $50.00 for your next service call sorry about the coupon confusion. Randy


juliana A.

I asked Farrell Brothers to come by for a potential leak in my basement. The man that showed up was pleasant and friendly, and knew this house well from being here several times before with the previous owner. He spent a total of 3 minutes in my basement and knew right away that it wasn't a plumbing issue. Nevertheless, he still insisted on charging me $103 just for showing up. If Farrell Brothers wanted to keep customers loyal, they should have waived the fee since he did absolutely nothing and it took less than 10 minutes of his day. I will never use this company again.

Description of Work
Leak in Basement

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

I am not sure how long we could stay in business if we payed our employees to drive our trucks that cost a lot of money to keep insured and maintained to customers houses and waive any charge for that service? Hopefully my technician was able to steer you in the right direction to solve your problem if not contact me directly and maybe I can help. Randy 518-462-5454


Tumi C.

Pros: Showed up same day, on time, to provide an estimate Cons: Ridiculous pricing, non-disclosed estimate fee, generic estimate that did not require a visit I had 3 items requested for service: (1) installing two new faucets I had already purchesed in my master bath vanity, (2)replacing a broken outdoor spigot and (3) adding a condensate pump to my ice machine. I offered to send detailed pictures of the repairs needed and the parts I purchased but the receptionist said they don't take pictures and they could send someone out within a couple of hours to take a look at items needing repair/replacement. After coming to my home on an unbearably hot day, the tech estimated $299 for each faucet and recommended an overly complex draining system to add the condensate pump to my ice machine. The total work for installing 3 replacement faucets would have cost $800-900. I told them not to bother to bid on the condensate pump. I did not know they charged for estimates and when I told the tech I was not interested in replacing 3 faucets for $900, he asked me to pay $99 for the estimate which I refused because it was not disclosed ahead of time. I ultimately decided to replace the condensate pump on my own, and called an independently licensed plumber at $75 an hour to do all three faucet/repairs for $225 total. I got the sense that the tech was really as salesperson who made commission on selling the most expensive repair they could get away with. Excessive charges like these for mundane repairs make maintaining a home unaffordable, particularly for the elderly trying to age in place and keep their homes. Farrell pricing may actually be in line with similar large entities in the area, but are not in line with reasonable costs for a homeowner in this area. If they were the only choice, I would have to be on Youtube to figure out how to do these repairs on my own. Thank goodness for independent plumbers.

Description of Work
Requested Estimate for 3 items

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

I am sorry that you thought our prices were not in line with your expectations and I am glad you were able to find someone to take care of your repairs. I would like to point out that all of our customers are informed of the the service/trip charge fee and it is customers like you that cause our prices to be higher than the independent contractors out there because you refuse to pay the service call fee but we still need to pay for the truck, gas , employee, insurance etc. to come to your house.


Michael J.

I had a sewer backup that flooded a room in my home. I had roto rooter dude out to my house 3 previous times in the course of a year to unclog my lines. I tried to reach out to rooterman but he was too busy. I hopped on Angies List and looked up plumbing. Farrell bros is what i decided to go with but was hesitant due to the F ratings. Their plumber Mike, i think it was mike (Marine Veteran) was at my house in less than an hour. He snaked and cleaned out the line, but he found what rooterman had missed! He saw that the trap plugs were rotted out and replaced them. Then he used a camera to scope out the line and i found out i had a broken Trap and a belly! How did the Rooterman miss this three times?? Mike ordered me a part and replaced the broken stuff and was very kind. Both of us were Marines so we bonded a bit over that i think. Anyway, he offered to get me an estimate for digging up and replacing the sewer line and told me about the financing. I may or may not go with them for that big job, i haven't decided yet and am trying to find a cheaper solution such as getting a excavator in there and exposing the pipe then calling Farrell in to replace. One thing is for sure, i wont call the rooterman anymore! Mike from Farell is a great plumber. Ignore some of these other crazy sounding reviews, i can tell you first hand that these people are legitimate.

Description of Work
Snaking, fixing my plumbing.

Category plumbing



Fred F.

Very well, in and out quickly with no mess.

Description of Work
Close dryer repair

Category appliance repair, plumbing

Service Provider Response

Thank you


Thomas B.

Farrell Brothers was able to schedule a plumber the same afternoon I called. We were getting backup downstairs. Consensus that house main was blocked somewhere. Mike was very thorough in researching the problem and was able to clear the blockage that was between my house and the street. Excellent service. Did feel that the price was a bit high; however, I needed a plumber the day I called and Farrell Brothers was more than accommodating.

Description of Work
Plumbing blockage in house

Category plumbing



Jaclyn and Jason N.

The work was done efficiently and turned out very nice; however, it was absurdly expensive. They charge $99 just to show up. Another $299 for the work. For a simple faucet, that is just unbelievably expensive. We will never use them again I'm sorry to say.

Description of Work
We had a simple faucet install.

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

I am pleased that you were happy with our services and it turned out nice as you stated! You will find that our prices are in line with all professional insured contractors in the area and yes we do charge a service call to come to your home but we waive the fee if the repairs are over $500.00 .


angela S.

They did a really good job and the prices were not bad. As a first time home owner I didn't have alot of money to work with and they were able to help me finance the repairs.

Description of Work
I had my main plumbing line replaced and my gas boiler serviced.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing



Joyce C.

The plumber came in one day and gave me a quote and then came two days later and installed the gas line. It went very well.

Description of Work
Install a gas line to new stove

Category plumbing



Nancy P.

Easy to work with. Honored Angie's List coupon. Didn't try to oversell; could have sold a second toilet but agreed to simply repair and replace which saved money.

Description of Work
Downstairs toilet needed replacing. Upstairs toilet needed repair.

Category plumbing



Demarest S.

The tech came out, gave me a very vague idea of what's happening to the tune of $3400. He said that the break was around a fairly specific point underground. They scheduled the repair, came out in a fairly timely manner. They excavated where they said that they would and "repaired" the pipe (this is just what they told me). They put a camera through the line again to be sure that it was repaired and they said that it was broken in another spot. I called the city to see if it was covered and it turns out that they never got the required permits from the city, they just tried to do a rush job and hide the fact that they were doing anything here. Aside from that they said that there was an additional $6000 in repairs that they had to make, but we could use our plumbing in the meantime until we gathered the money for the 2nd repair because it "wasn't going to be any worse than what it was before". Fast forward 3 weeks (everything working great) we walk outside and there's sewage spewing from the section of sidewalk that they dug up to "repair" the section of pipe. I called Randy (the man that I had been communicating with) to ask if there was any possibility that the pipe had come loose and started leaking. He was EXTREMELY RUDE to me and pretty much brushed off my concerns told me that "our work is always quality and doesn't break" and gave me an "I told you so" and rushed me off the phone. I called the office to request that someone come out and dig up the work that had been done to show me that the pipe was in its proper place and fitted the way it should be moreso for piece of mind that our money didn't just get thrown out the window for shoddy workmanship. The halfway decent office guy "Tom" told me that they would be out with a camera (which had been attempted 7 times before but with no success). So the tech came back out and of course, the camera didn't work. I called Randy back and in so many words he refused to come back out and dig this pipe up to show me that his work was not the problem. Can I just add that this hole is about 3ft wide, 3ft. Long, and 3 ft deep, so it's nothing that would be a huge deal to do, in fact I'd do it myself but I'm pregnant. So as of now we have paid $3400 to be worse off than we were to begin with. We've been told that the work was done but no proof, no photos, no consults through the job. This is just the crappy tip of the iceburg when it comes to this job, there were several times during my interactions with Chris, Randy, Tom, and the tech where they were very short, rude, unorganized, and unwilling to provide any sort of quality customer service. My advice to you is to go with an insured, reputable contractor. It may be more expensive but this has not been worth the money that was "saved" because we still need to replace the entire line also to the tune of $7200.

Description of Work
Sewer line break repair

Category excavators, plumbing, sewer cleaning

Service Provider Response

We performed all of the work that we proposed in our proposal and also indicated on the proposal that there may be additional problems beyond the first break in the line and the customer was aware of that but that seems to have been forgotten now. Most of the review is exaggerated and I will let the rest of my 750 plus reviews speak for themselves I am sorry that things did not go as this customer had hoped and there are additional problems with her sewer line but I have no control of how many breaks there may be underground and we can only fix one thing at a time.


Donna P.

Just give them an A for everything.

Description of Work
They replaced a sewer line.

Category plumbing



David A B.

Had some trouble finding drain "cleanout" but blockage was found at 60 feet out.

Description of Work
Cleaned out sewer line.

Category plumbing, sewer cleaning

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    How is BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING overall rated?

    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

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    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check, Financing Available

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    Yes, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offers free project estimates.

    Does BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offer a senior discount?

    No, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING does not offer a senior discount.

    Does BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offer emergency services?

    Yes, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING?

    Yes, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offers warranties.

    What services does BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offer?

    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PLUMBING offers the following services: Repair & installation of plumbing, faucets, sinks, toilets, water heaters, heating and air-conditioning, furnaces & boilers, duct cleaning, sewer & drain & sheet metal fabrication.