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CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc.

Founded 2001 • With Angi since August 2006


(20) Verified Reviews

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Las Vegas, NV 89139


Celestial Solar Pool Heating began servicing Southern Nevada and California since early 2001. Our solar panel installers are factory trained technicians with backgrounds in roofing and plumbing. Celestial does not use day labor or subcontractors. Celestial is also the sole Factory Authorized

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Evelyn S.

This company has NO customer service. After the installation, you would find them inaccessible. The business owner, Jon Huneycutt, does not deal with customers, leaving his incompitent office staff to stone wall the customers. They would put you off. They dont honor their warranty. Dont waste your money on celestial solar.

Description of Work
They installed solar on my pool .

Category solar panels



John B.

The schedule was complicated by need to replace all damaged roof tiles, which could only be done after old solar unit was removed. Celestial agreed to send crew to remove old unit prior to roof work. Roofers then restored entire roof, including removal of old tiles drilled to place old system. After roofers completed work, Celestial returned promptly to install new unit. Celestial was efficient in scheduling two-step process. There were no complications, and both the roofers and Celestial cooperated well. The old unit was removed and the new unit was installed by a one-man crew in one day, as promised. All materials from the old unit were removed. Similarly the new unit was installed and the worker cleaned up all debris. Since installation, the new unit has worked well, without problems. The Celestial rep programmed the computer system, so that the solar unit operates automatically.

Description of Work
Following windstorm, required complete replacement of rooftop solar heating unit for pool. No valve or control unit replacement was required.

Category pool cleaners, solar panels



Trish D.

We were impressed with the sales presentation and decided to go ahead when we were told that we could have the system installed the next day - one day install. 6 panels were to be installed on the SUNNY end of the house but there was confusion with the installer and panels needed to be moved from the shade necessitating hole patching in the roof and questions about piping length and pump strength. Lack of Communication has been a real issue for me with this company - I am told they are really trying to improve on that - I hope that is the case. When all is said and done we are very happy with the system and the pool water temperature has raised nicely, wish we would of saved ourselves the hassle and expense of solar blankets and done this years ago. The system is low maintenance and the panels make no noise in the wind.

Description of Work
Installation of Solar pool heating system

Category solar panels



Gloria S.

I've been working with this company for several years now. They installed a new solar panel system for our pool and maintain it for us yearly with the winter shutdown and spring startup. They have been absolutely excellent to work with and always available and respond quickly when I have a question or request. They have even been very understanding and maintained their willingness to continue working with me even through a rough patch with difficulties with our property manager and former difficult tenant. I appreciate their professionalism, understanding, availability and willingness to find a way around a difficult situation.

Description of Work
They initially replaced our solar panels (~$4000) and now maintain them for the winter shutdown and spring startup ($155)

Category solar panels



Daniel C.

Description of Work
Installed pool solar panels and were the utmost professionals, prompt, courteous and great pricing!

Category solar panels



Tina R.

Everything went swimmingly. Went online and requested an estimate. Ben came the following day and was punctual. What was the most convincing is that he had an actual product in-hand and showed the differences between theirs and others. We talked about the issues with products that had EPDM as a component and was assured theirs had none. He provided an estimate and honored a discount that I had received in the mail several months ago. Celestial was not the only solar pool heating vendor we had vetted but were sold on how warranty issues were handled and that no annual service was required to maintain said warranty. This was a requirement of others which adds to the overall cost. They were not the cheapest but also not the most expensive. We scheduled an installation date for the following day and they too were punctual. On the install date the workers were courteous and professional and upon completion showed us how to use it. It's been a couple weeks and so far everything is working great and can definitely tell when the pool is warming up. The temperature control is easy to set as well. As was noted by another reviewer, ensure that Celestial actually uses the vinyl coated aluminum straps to hold the panels down. These were shown as part of the sales pitch but found the crew installing one inch nylon straps, which I believe would fail overtime due to the hot sun. The installer said that the metal straps would cut into the panels within two years but my thoughts were if they indeed did, it would be covered under the warranty. They went back to the shop and brought back the strapping I had paid for. I too feel that with the metal straps, my panels will hold up better under the high winds we can expect living here. Overall a very pleasant experience.

Description of Work
Installed 8 4x12 solar heating panels with temperature control.

Category wells, solar panels, swimming pools




Category solar panels



Kristina M.


Description of Work
Removed and replaced 12 4x12 solar panels, replaced pipes and added a spigot for winter draining. Workers were punctual, cleaned up thoroughly and explained how system works,and explained the work that they did. Happy with the service and quality of the product provided by this company.

Category solar panels



John S.

Very well. Replaced it and everything works fine.

Description of Work
Replaced a Swimming Pool Solar Panel

Category solar panels



Jason P.

Everything was smooth start to finish, I called for an estimate and John came out right on time and provided an estimate on the spot. I was quote by one other place and everything was comparable, price was a little better. On the install date the workers installed the system and at the end of the day showed me how to use it. It's been a couple weeks and so far everything is working great, the pool is warming up. It has a temprature control so I can set the desired temp and so the current temp.

Description of Work
Installed solar pool heating system

Category solar panels



Stephen A.

We were completely satisfied with Celestial Solar Pool Heating. Our initial contact at a local home show was followed up with a visit to our home. After comparing Celestial Solar Pool's product with another highly popular competitor in our area and doing some independent research, we chose Celestial Solar, even though they were slightly higher in price. On the appointed installation day, two Celestial Solar technicians arrived on time. They were neat and professional and the work was completed reasonably quickly. The lead technician gave us a demonstration regarding the care and use of our new system and left us with an assurance that if we had any questions, we need only call. That proved accurate since we did have a few questions over the next few weeks, one of which dealt with the installation itself. Each time we called, Celestial Solar was there and even promptly sent out one of the installation technicians to answer our specific system question. Their customer service for us has been great. For years, we had been relying on thermal blankets that resembled blue "bubble wrap" to heat our pool. However, we'd grown tired of the constant chore of taking it off and then putting it back on whenever we wanted to do anything with our pool, including cleaning it. And then there was the issue of the thousands of little blue plastic dots that separated from the thermal blankets as they aged. After our first swimming season having our Celestial Solar Pool Heating system installed, we were wondering why we'd waited for so long. Our thermostatically controlled heating system maintained our pool at our desired temperature without requiring us to do anything. Simply stated, were thrilled. Great job Celestial Solar Pool Heating, Inc. We would recommend them to anyone.

Description of Work
Installed a pool solar heating system.

Category solar panels



John S.

The job went well, the panels work well, and the company has been exceptionally responsive to fixing a few minor leaks that have cropped up. For example, I called today and they are coming tomorrow (the leaks are not the result of installation but are due to expansion and contraction of the joints in the system due to changes in temperature). Heliocol really badmouthed Celestial and did its best to scare me away from Celestial and its product. I totally disagree and I'm pretty annoyed with Heliocol because they kept pestering me after I made my decision and have been spamming me with mail and e-mail ever since. Aside from that, I picked Celestial because I greatly prefer Celestial's product, it is one piece rather than Heliocol's individual tubes that I see blowing in the wind all over town. Also, when Heliocol basically tells you that Celestial is a crook, that is simply untrue. I researched the matter and there were some problems in the past that were due to a bad partner, as Jonathan will tell you. You have to be careful that you are looking at the right company when researching this issue. In any event, my experience with Celestial has been excellent, and I have no connection with them other than as a satisfied customer. The one caution I have is to ensure that Celestial actually uses the METAL straps to hold the panels down, as Jonathan will show you during the sales pitch. I thought this was a good selling point but found his crew installing NYLON WEBBING, which IMHO will eventually fail due to the hot sun. However, Jonathan and the crew rapidly addressed this issue and installed the metal, no problems and no questions. With the metal straps, my panels have stayed tight in 70-8 mph winds.

Description of Work
Installed 11 solar pool heating panels.

Category solar panels



Conrad T.

I wish I could give more details, but I can't, they never return any phone calls or answer the phone. Big red flag if you're about to spend money on this kind of investment. Tried multiple times to contact them for an estimate, they never called me back.

Description of Work
Tried to get an estimate for solar pool heater.

Category solar panels

Service Provider Response

So sorry [Member name removed] we did switch phone companies around this time period But I really dont have any excuses to give. I see as of January 2015 you do not have a solar pool heater installed please call us ASAP I can promise you will be more than impressed with celestial solar pool heating now and forever in the future


Inge W.

Install was punctual. The problem is fallow up and service. Even though I had a three year warranty on parts and service, they kept on sending me bills for service calls that was their fault. I ended up hiring a different company to do Service. I would never hire them again for anything.

Description of Work
Pool heating Panels

Category solar panels

Service Provider Response

[Member name removed] the two services you are referring to are outside the scope of the warranty December 2012 you requested a winter shut down and drain service special at a discounted fee. August 2011 and June 2012 we had to come and reprogram your thermostat that someone had reversed (twice) we did charge a discounted fee on the second service for this (no charge for the first) . We have many installations in and around your neighborhood [Member name removed] please if you need anything ever, call us first we will take great care of you .


Jimmy B.

The install was scheduled for Friday at 8am. They were there by 7:50, ready to get to work. The work was completed by 1:00pm. The installer explained how the system worked and what I needed to do to get the most out of the solar system. They whole process was done quickly and professionally. A couple of warm days in April and the temperature got up to 76 degrees, nice enough to jump in.

Description of Work
Added 6 solar panels to the roof. Added piping and valves to the existing pool pump system.

Category pool cleaners, wells, solar panels



William L.

I had these people install a pool solar heating system a number of years ago. Whenever I need to have them come out to fix a leak they never return my calls. I am not expecting to get this service for free but I do expect them to repair the unit when it needs repairing and I am happy to pay for it. I called them on 3/18/2013 and they told me they would be at my house on 3/19/2013. They were a no show. When I called again the next day I got the answering machine and still have not had a call back. They are insulting to any reasonable person.

Description of Work
They did not do anything because they never showed up!

Category solar panels

Service Provider Response

This Gentelman has had an outstanding balance for many years


Larry M.

Celestial Solar rep showed up on time, surveyed the situation and gave me a fair price to repair. I had the repairs completed that day. Have not had a problem since.

Description of Work
Excellent job

Category solar panels



Lee C.

I got a good estimate and the work was done on schedule and exactly as agreed upon. At this point I was a huge fan of this company. Then the leaks occurred. The first leak which required the complete shutdown of the system took ten days to repair. During that time I could not get a live person at the office to either return my calls or answer the phone. I got the royal run-around until they finally showed up and fixed the problem. this happened again a few weeks later. Now the system runs perfectly.

Description of Work
They installed solar heating panels on my roof for my swimming pool.

Category pool cleaners, solar panels



John D.

Contractor failed to properly install the solar thermal collector on the roof. Instead of bolting into the rafters, it was just screwed in through the tile and one corner pulled right out with a slight tug. Upon showing their installer the next day, he laughed, saying that I was "not supposed to do that!". The owner insisted the system was installed properly. I got installation drawings and correct part numbers from the collector manufacturer, opinions from roofers and tile manufacturers, all substantiating my position but to no avail. I said the system was not properly attached to the roof and was a safety hazard. By then, he stopped communicating completely. I wrote a letter asked for my $1,000 deposit back and that they remove the equipment and patch the holes in my roof. It took many weeks, several phone calls and letters before they finally refunded my money and removed the system. This was the most unprofessional installation I have ever experienced.

Description of Work
Company contracted to install domestic solar hot water system. The job was not completed due to improper workmanship. Little was done except to improperly mount the collector on the roof. The equipment was eventually removed from the job site after many weeks of delay and letters to their attorney. The salesman who originally represented the company failed to assist in resolving the matter and basically walked away from it.

Category solar panels




Very professional company from the salesman through the installers. The salesman, Robert, was very knowledgeable and fully explained what we were getting for our money. The product was a little more expensive than others on the market, but you get what you pay for. The installers were professional and took pride in their work. The installation was done in a timely manner and the work-site was left the way it had been found.

Description of Work
Company installed 8 each 4x12 foot solar panels for swimming pool heating. Also, tied solar panel system into existing pool plumbing and installed timer system with temperature sensors.

Category solar panels

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc.

    How is CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. overall rated?

    CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. is currently rated 3.9 overall out of 5.

    What days are CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. open?

    CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. is open:

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Saturday: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    What payment options does CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. provide

    CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing Available, Check, PayPal

    Does CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. offer free estimates?

    Yes, CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. offers free project estimates.

    Does CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. offer a senior discount?

    No, CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc.?

    Yes, CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. offers warranties.

    What services does CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. offer?

    CELESTIAL SOLAR pool heating, Inc. offers the following services: Solar pool heater, sales, service and Installation. Solar electric panels, sale and installation. Water filtration, sales and installation, changing filters.