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HOC Construction LLC

Founded 2007 • With Angi since May 2012


(161) Verified Reviews

Business Details

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8400 Menaul Blvd NE Ste A Box 614

Albuquerque, NM 87122


We strive on great customer service. Our goal is to complete a task correctly and promptly the first time out on a site. Give us a call today! We also give a repeat customer discount.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Nanette W.

They were professional and knew what they were doing. They did a good job and I was happy with them.

Description of Work
I bought a Big Deal for work.

Category plumbing



Jack N.

I gave several dates for service and was not contacted by the last one. I called and got a full voice mailbox; texted and no response. Finally, I called Angie's List who had similar luck in contacting them. So Angie's List provided a refund and helped me contract with a new provider.

Description of Work
I contracted an outdoor faucet replacement.

Category handyman service, plumbing

Service Provider Response

I'm sorry this has happened. I am looking for a new person to respond to email. And specifically for the members at Angie's List.. I am I'm truly sorry for the service you received.. call me so I can make it up to you ... we do much more than just pluming.. 505-506-6122


Lea A.

It took over a month for me to get an initial call to schedule a day for them to come out. But after speaking with the contact, I had an 8-10am appt... but when the day came, I was stood up. After waiting till 11am, I was finally able to contact the person through repeated texts and phone calls, but was told sorry, he "forgot to write my name/# on his calendar". We rescheduled for 3pm. NO SHOW. I finally texted st 5pm to say I wanted a refund. The response was "sorry, I was in court, there was nothing I could do". While I do understand that things happen and life gets complicated, I did not feel confident that I could rely on this individual. I waited literally all day, more than 7 hours, all for nothing. Very disappointing.

Description of Work
Drywall repair

Category drywall



Bethe O.

Their price was fine. The price was reasonable. They were pretty good. It took them a while to figure out that they could go under the house and fix it. Punctuality was very good. The only problem is I have trouble finding them on Angie's List.

Description of Work
I've had Hands On. They did plumbing work for me.

Category plumbing



M Laurence R.

I contacted the company and had a list of what needed to done. I knew the cost was $45 an hour, and I estimated the work could be finished in 1 or 2 hours at a maximum. The company sent two workers, instead of just one. I didn't expect at all. I didn't hear that I'd need two people, especially since I gave the list of what needed to be done. They was supposed to be here at 1pm, and the boss called to say they were running behind. He said they would arrive between 2-3pm. They called at 3:07pm to say they were lost, and and arrived at 3:20pm. When he presented the bill, they said that they arrived at 3pm, but they did not. They arrived at 3:20. After two hours, the men left, and claimed that all the work was done. All of the work on the list, including the pantry door, were supposedly fixed. Later that night, I went to slide the door and it didn't work. When they gave the receipt it said I owed $192.60. He said to me, it was $45 dollars an hour, but it was for two guys, for two hours each. This is very frustrating. When I called the owner, and explained the work, I didn't hear that he was going to send two people. He insisted that it had to be two guys, and they both have to paid equally. The job was done, but it was not done well. The pantry door still isn't sliding very well. Can't open it with out damaged the top of the door. i was trusting that it would be fine, but it's not. When you're working with a company or purchasing offers on Angie's List you need to know how many people are coming and what the price is per person. You want to be very clear with what your getting. For instance, I didn't hear that it was $45 per person, per hour. I didn't hear him when he said he would be sending two men.

Description of Work
Handyman service around the house. They changed the doorbell and the box inside, fixed the window blinds, fixed a bedroom door, replaced two garage door hinges,replaced the front door sweep, and replaced the pantry door sliding mechanism.

Category handyman service



Karen W.

It was very interesting because they turned around and they were supposed to be doing some drywall and some filling for me. All they needed was one piece of sheetrock and they turned around and charged me 20 pounds of texture, 25 pounds of screws and everything else we got into it with them. At the end I had them adjust their bill because they told me that they were going to charge me $149 because of the extra materials I needed. I can buy a piece of sheetrock for 15 bucks and 20 drywall screws so it was just pretty bad though. I remember the incident with the billing which was bad. I won't do business with them again.

Description of Work
I purchased a Big Deal for Hands On Co for $121 for 4 Hours of Drywall work.

Category drywall



Catherine S.

Very well. Nice people; professional and the paint job was excellent. We had only bought one small brush for the job, so they used their own small rollers. They also put down their own tarp.

Description of Work
Painted wood trim around the 2-car garage door. If we had finished our prep work in the house, they would have also installed a faucet in a bathroom sink.

Category contractors, handyman service, plumbing, remodeling, woodworking, home remodeling



Adele D.

They did a great job. The wall hangings were straight and hung exactly as I wanted them. The team was prompt and professional. They worked quickly and efficiently.

Description of Work
Hung wall hangings on very high wall.

Category handyman service



Jannett S.

Purchased 2 hours of handyman services for $79. The gentleman who came out was on time, and very friendly. He was very quick and got all my odd jobs done in under the two hours I had purchase. He asked if I had anything else, so just had him do a few quick things that I justed had not had time to do. Thinking contacting them again to do some yard and electrical work. Will see how that goes.

Description of Work
Installed some weather stripping. Fix latches on gates. Replaced batteries in smoke detectors.

Category electrician, handyman service



schea F.

Carlos and Nathan were hard workers, refusing to take a break and making sure they cleaned up any mess they made. They worked for 4 hours and I am very happy with all they accomplished. Thanks so much!

Description of Work
Carlos and Nathan were extremely competent and used their heads to think of alternative ways to fix some unusual problems my house offered. They fixed the 1/8" gap on our large 42" front door that's been allowing cold air to slip through; they were able to fix some antique Old El Paseo Import doors that were never closed correctly; they patched a hole in our wall and installed a door jam; they put extra weather stripping along a casita door; they installed a difficult-to-reach faucet in a bathroom.

Category drywall, handyman service, plumbing, doors



Marie M.

They took forever. I mean I would go out and check on them and they were taking a break, I mean they didn't even finish the job. For a half a day they should have cleaned the whole yard. Partially they cleaned the back yard and that it wasn't that big of an area so I would say they get a D on that one because they just took forever. They came out in May. The price was an outrage. The guy got in a fight with me on the phone. I wanted them to finish the yard. A half a day is like four hours. In half a day they should have finished the back yard and covered a lot of the front yard but because they were taking forever I went and kept them for two hours longer. He charged me like four hundred and something dollars and then he told me I was suppose to give the check to the guy and I never got a receipt. I told him to please tell them to give me a receipt and they never sent a receipt. I ended up paying almost six hundred dollars for them to do nothing. Plus what I had already paid. I mean they're not paying attention, not only did he not respond to my request for a receipt but he got rather rude and nasty and said just give him the dam# check and get the hell out of there or something like that.

Description of Work
They cleaned my front and back yard.

Category lawn service



Debbie E.

Excellent! Very pleasant and considerate! Patient !! Very happy with what they accomplished!

Description of Work
Caulking, painting, smoke alarms, put lights in for the garage , looked at toilets, hauled a huge TV up winding stairs and more ! Very patient!

Category electrician, handyman service, lighting



Ray and Su K.

I called them before I purchased the deal to make sure they service my area and they confirmed they did. We made an appointment for them to come out on 11/11/15. They came out to do the work, looked at what I needed done, and stated I needed a special support bar. They did not have those support bars with them at the time, so they had to reschedule my appointment for 3 weeks out. I believe those bars are materials they should have brought to do the service in the first place. They stated it would be $40 extra for the bars I needed. They started the work and spent a lot of time reading the instructions. They partially installed the first fan, but had to take it down to correct somersetting, and installed it again, but got it finished. When they went to work on the second fan, they damaged the glass globe. They stated they would take care of this and I ordered another globe and the owner reimbursed me in cash for the bulb replacement. After the service was complete he charged me an extra 1.5 hours of labor (he initially wanted to charge me for 2 hours). They charged me for labor because the job took longer than what they thought, but on the deal it does not state there is a time limit and that the labor is included. I asked them for paper work regarding the warranty on the labor and they stated there was not a warranty. I do have to give them credit that the were on time, nice, and cleaned up after themselves, but the extra costs I did not appreciate.

Description of Work
I purchased a Big Deal for $119 to Install Two Light Fixtures and/or Ceiling Fans

Category handyman service



April B.

Provider dry-walled my garage wall and ceiling; looks brand new.

Description of Work
Provider dry-walled my garage wall

Category handyman service



Robert G.

This was a big deal purchase. They have been here a couple of times.

Description of Work

Category handyman service



Richard L.

Went very well, they came on time and picked up all the materials and cleaned up after. Very pleasant to deal with

Description of Work
Picked up carpet and other materials from a remodeling job

Category handyman service, remodeling



Mary Anne B.

The worker kept complaining that he "hated painting." I wanted the trim to be painted a different color from the walls; this was not done throughout. I had to repaint the trim. The faucet and garbage disposal leak. I had to contract with a real plumber to repair/redo the work.

Description of Work
Painted kitchen. Installed new faucet and new garbage disposal.

Category handyman service, plumbing, interior painters



Steve E.

All drywall work was performed correctly. Because of the need to insulate water lines in the wall where the damaged drywall was being replaced, the crew from Hands On let me know that I needed six feet of one half inch pipe insulation which was not part of the original scope of the task to protect the pipes from freezing in the winter. They let me quickly go to a plumbing supply store to pick up the needed six feet of one half inch pipe insulation material at my expense of only $2.35 and come back home, and then they installed the insulation on the water pipes as well without slowing up their overall task to replace the damaged drywall. All final sealing and plastering of the joints between the new drywall and existing adjacent drywall was performed correctly. The crew was able to disconnect, relocate, return to their original location, and reconnect the existing washer and gas dryer before and after their task correctly. I checked both the washer and dryer afterwards and they perform correctly. They properly cleaned up the work site and placed all construction waste in a trash bag which I will be able to dispose later. In conclusion, their work was very professionally and efficiently performed. The total cost of the repair job was the prepaid labor time of $121 plus $33 paid at the end of the job for materials plus $2.35 paid by me for materials during the job for a grand project total cost of $156.35.

Description of Work
The two-man crew of Hands On Incorporated repaired damaged drywall on the wall behind my washer and gas dryer in the garage of my house. Because they finished the task in slightly less time than the scheduled 2 times two man-hours labor time established for it, they also spent a few minutes repairing a loose door lever on my house's front door and caulked two cracks in the mortar of the outside wall of my house at the entrance to the garage.

Category drywall, handyman service, masonry, plumbing, doors



Loretta R.

They arrived on time, were professional and caring. They did a super job and cleaned up afterwards.

Description of Work
Repaired and replaced dry wall damaged by roof leak

Category drywall, handyman service, roofing



Catherine A.

Brian understood exactly what I wanted and and went directly to work! I was impressed.

Description of Work
Clean up yard. Tear down vines. Tear up dead roots of lavender plants. Bagged all items and put them in the trash.

Category handyman service, lawn service



Paula W.

.2 guys showed and began work on garage ceiling where a leak had seeped through (lead had been fixed ahead of time0.The project took much longer than 1 hour, and I as charged for the overage. They were very professional and did good work. My onlly complaint is that I thought I paid $65 for 2 hours of work by one person, and I got instead 1 hour each by two people. Not sure the labor cost for the project really needed 2 people.

Description of Work
repair a dy walk garage ceiling

Category drywall, handyman service



s A.

The main reason I called them (it was one of Angie's deals) was to have my fridge moved back into place -- after I had pulled it out to clean, then couldn't get it back. Turned out one of the wheels was broken, and they improvised putting 2 pieces of wood under the fridge. Works fine! In addition, two men did all the above work within one allotted hour.

Description of Work
Moved fridge back into place, repaired poor connection in garage light, sanded & painted trim around garage.

Category contractors, electrician, handyman service, lighting, house painters



Alayna S.

As a Realtor, it is important for me to work with local companies who are competent, affordable, honest and responsive. Unfortunately, Hands On Company missed the mark on several of those requirements. The roof repairs went fine. However, two of the items inside the house were substandard once complete. The initial quote was higher than originally discussed, so, to the owner's credit, he did bring it down to an amount that worked for my client. Once the repairs were complete, the buyer of the house was very disappointed with two items: A threshold needed to be repaired, but Hands On just reinforced the rotting wood instead of properly repairing that item. When discussing this with Hands On Company's owner (Peter), he indicated that the only real way to fix that item was to replace the entire door frame, at a substantial additional cost. In addition, a new disposal was installed on the kitchen sink, but the failure to properly tighten fittings left the sink with a leak. Ultimately, I hired another company (at my personal expense) to fix the two items that were not repaired properly. The threshold repair in particular was a night and day improvement over the shoddy work by Hands On once the new company completed it (without having the replace the door frame). From the beginning, responsiveness with Hands On Company was a big issue. In real estate, time is truly of the essence; in order to meet deadlines, you must turn in paperwork in a timely manner. I had to chase down Hands On Company for the initial invoice, which didn't contribute to a smooth experience. The invoice didn't include the company's trade license number; when I asked for that, I was met with resistance and eventually supplied with a number registered under another company's name. Lastly, after the sale of the house closed, I was surprised one morning to receive another invoice for an additional $2,220.25 (addressed to me) for work that was never done. Once I challenged the owner of Hands On Company on this, he replied, "Yes please disregard d bogus invoice. It was my mistake thank you".

Description of Work
Repairs for a home in Cabezon (Rio Rancho, NM), including roof repairs and miscellaneous indoor projects that needed to be fixed in order to pass re-inspection.

Category handyman service, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling, doors



John W.

The two workers did an excellent job and the ceiling now looks like it was the original. It was obvious that the two men took a pride in doing quality work. This was the "big deal" and as had been indicated in the agreement, there was a reasonable additional charge for the materials. Because this company is popular, I had to "wait my turn" to have the work done and was kept advised by Peter. My only complaint is NOT about this company. It is about the horribly small print on Angle's List's on-line forms (such as this form, and the reply forms used when writing ). I have a MacBook and usually can adjust print size on fill-in forms, but not on Angie's forms.

Description of Work
Fixed a hole (irregularly shaped, about 4 sq. feet) in the ceiling of a small utility room.

Category handyman service



Peggy H.

It went well. Good job.

Description of Work
Caulked around all windows.

Category handyman service

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    2022 Super Service Award

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about HOC Construction LLC

    How is HOC Construction LLC overall rated?

    HOC Construction LLC is currently rated 4.4 overall out of 5.

    What days are HOC Construction LLC open?

    HOC Construction LLC is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Saturday: Closed

    What payment options does HOC Construction LLC provide

    HOC Construction LLC accepts the following forms of payment: Check

    Does HOC Construction LLC offer free estimates?

    Yes, HOC Construction LLC offers free project estimates.

    Does HOC Construction LLC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, HOC Construction LLC does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does HOC Construction LLC offer a senior discount?

    Yes, HOC Construction LLC offers a 10% senior discount.

    Does HOC Construction LLC offer emergency services?

    Yes, HOC Construction LLC offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by HOC Construction LLC?

    Yes, HOC Construction LLC offers warranties.

    What services does HOC Construction LLC offer?

    HOC Construction LLC offers the following services: Kitchens & Bathrooms. Stucco. Plumbing. Electrical. Roofing. Metal. Concrete. Landscaping. Irrigation. Drywall. Painting. Iron Work. Carpet. Tile. Fencing. Gates. Security. Garage Doors.