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Kitchen & Bath Galleries

Founded 1997 • With Angi since June 2006


(59) Verified Reviews

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8411 Glenwood Ave Suite 107

Raleigh, NC 27612


DBA: Kabcorp Inc. Kitchen & Bath Galleries is a local company offering quality products and customer service. We deliver and install appliances. We sell cabinets, stone, tile and have installers/subcontractors available to install these products. We also sell plumbing fixtures and hardware. We have

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Margaret G.

It went great. We won't use them again because we're done in renovations but they did an excellent job.

Description of Work
They did a kitchen renovation service.

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

Ms. [Member Name Removed]: We are delighted that you are happy with your project. Thank you for your business!! Kitchen & Bath Galleries


Christine H.

We worked with Rebecca to design bathroom. We are thrilled with it. She had many good ideas and suggestions. It is overwhelming to select all the items needed.

Description of Work
Complete bathroom remodel

Category custom cabinets, ceramic tile, countertops, glass repair, plumbing, marble & granite, home remodeling



Gary W.

Everything was fine. We got good information, good service and a good price. We had gone to another source and were told the manufacturer did not allow a discount on these premium models but Kitchen & Bath gave us a discount.

Description of Work
We purchased a wall oven, wall microwave and cooktop from this company

Category appliance sales, home remodeling



Anne H.

I took a long time to make final decisions and I got pretty particular with specific layout issues and cabinet interiors. For all the size issues and custom order cabinets I don't think we had a single cabinet order mistake. Her design sense for knowing my style was really good. I am thrilled with the result. The installer, Ron, was much more skilled than necessary, and who can complain about that? It was also nice to buy appliances from the same place. Matt was knowledgable and prices were good.

Description of Work
Designed and installed new kitchen cabinets and helped select new appliances.

Category custom cabinets, remodeling, appliance sales, home remodeling



Kathleen P.

We love the design of the new area. The cabinets are a very good quality and installation was excellent. Our designer, Rima, was wonderful to work with.Our contractor ,Frey Building and remodeling was always in time and did an excellent job including cleaning up the area every day. We ar very happy we did this project.

Description of Work
Remodeled entire kitchen including moving the refrigerator to a new location, installing all new cabinets, flooring, island and appliances.

Category custom cabinets, flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling



Angela K.

We thought this was a full service company, and used the KB Galleries in Chapel Hill. However, it became clear that this is a group that primarily sell things, but they don't truly design spaces, or have expertise in putting a kitchen together. A simple example - the designer we worked with incorrectly measured the size of our refrigerator 3 times. He would also forget to order pieces that would delay installation. His schematics did not reflect the final dimensions of the cabinetry (eg a space that was designed to house cookbooks ended up being only 8" tall). When we asked for opinions or options for many things normally found in a kitchen (eg sinks), the designer told us to google them or go on and find ones we liked and buy them directly. We also had a horrendous experience with Absolute Stone. We chose a countertop from this vendor, who was part of KB Galleries list of providers. However, Absolute Stone's countertop templating did not take into account a wall that was not square. But at the same time, we were told by KB Galleries that unsquare walls are very common in houses - so it's unclear why an experienced vendor would not consider this. At any rate, this improper templating resulted in the counters being at an angle to the stove, leaving large dark wedges of space on either side of the stove. It also resulted in the stove being placed at an angle to the wall. Rather than being our advocate, and helping us get the counters templated correctly, our KB Galleries designer tried to solve the problem (to our horror) by suggesting jerry-rigging metal pieces to cover these wedge-shaped spaces. Because Absolute Stone was going to charge us over $9000 to re-do the countertops, and they threatened that they would damage all the cabinetry and tile backsplash in the process, we resorted to having our contractors tear down the installed cabinetry, hood, and tile backsplash and re-plumb the wall in order to use the countertops as-is and fix the problem. This was done at our additional expense - there was never an offer of compensation. When we suggested that there should be, as the countertops were not templated correctly the first time, we were treated to a email tirade of how good they all are, how we don't understand how things work, and how our values are not aligning with theirs. On the appliance side, we purchased a Uline refrigeration system from KB Galleries. The first unit looked like it had been dropped and was not working properly (misaligned doors, glass coming away from the frame, feet that would not raise and lower, and large grinding and whining sounds from the motor). We were told by KB galleries that the customer always gets a better response from the manufacturer than they do, and they put us in the middle of getting the unit fixed. After three separate service visits, when it was determined that the unit was not able to be fixed, a second unit was installed that didn't cool on one side and overcooled on the other. At this time, KB Galleries completely abandoned us and left us to contend with the manufacturer and a local contracted repair shop (which has been a nightmare - we have taken an additional 3 days off work to get the unit fixed, and it is still not working...this saga continues). Finally, we provided KB Galleries with a budget up front, and assumed that they were keeping this in mind as we were selecting our options. Only at the end of our selection process, when some of the ordering had already occurred, did we find out that the budget wasn't being considered at all, and that in fact we had gone overbudget. SInce the selection process had been about 2 months in length, it was too late to try and re-select all of our options and needed to spend this money, along with the extra money to fix the wall. Overall, this should have been a joyous experience, and it turned into a nightmare - 6 months and counting. We would not recommend KB Galleries to anyone who is interested in a full-service kitchen remodel. They were not accountable, were not our advocates, and rose to only a mediocre level of excellence and attention to detail.

Description of Work
We contracted with KB Galleries in Chapel Hill for a kitchen remodel.

Category custom cabinets, ceramic tile, countertops, plumbing, remodeling, replacement windows, appliance sales, home remodeling



Geoffrey L.

Well organized, good advice, good customer service, professional organization. Very pleased with the end product.

Description of Work
Kitchen & Bath Galleries worked with us to design a new kitchen and provided cabinets and countertops.

Category countertops, remodeling, home remodeling



Richard K.

It went great. We have picked out everything and are now waiting for the installation. As with every remodel project, it is taking longer than expected but that is not the kitchen and bath gallery's fault. They were pretty efficient.

Description of Work
The provider designed the kitchen remodel and the bathroom remodels. That included cabinets, tile counter tops mirrors, plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinet hardware, appliances. Jennifer was wonderful to work with. She returned my calls within a reasonable time. She made great recommendations for everything. My wife works out of town most of the time, and we could not have done this without Jennifer's help and the ability to have all the necessary choices virtually in one place. She even checked on the general contractors I was considering.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling



kimberly B.

Sales people know a lot about their products and have strong communication skills. The price of our washer and dryer was extremely competitive due to a large order for another large client. There was an issue with a new model for Bosch and they were very helpful and responsive.

Description of Work
Dishwasher and washer / dryer install

Category home remodeling



Nancy B.

I was updating old white appliances and my contractor uses Robbie Watson at Kitchen and Bath Galleries in Cary. There happened to be a special rebate promotion from GE so I got a good deal on stainless steel dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and stove, and they replaced the garbage disposal, too. Robbie was helpful and patient, especially since I am not a fan of stainless steel. To take advantage of the promotion, I had to buy the appliances before we were ready to install them so Robbie stored them for us. I am still not a fan of stainless steel, but they look great and were necessary if we are going to put the house on the market. The only problem we encountered was with the refrigerator doors. One door was higher than the other by about 1/2". Every effort was made but, even though GE says to just turn the screw to level them, it was not an easy task. The man from Kitchen and Bath Galleries turned the screw with all his might and got it to move only a little so he ended up pulling down on one of the doors as hard as he could. That was successful in moving the door down a little more but that was the best he could do. The doors are still uneven, but now by only about 1/16". I am okay with that as opposed to pulling the door off its hinges. There was a small glitch (misunderstanding, really) with the garbage disposal. They installed it but when I went to turn it on, nothing happened. Turns out that Kitchen and Bath Galleries just installs it and the electricians have to hook it up. Apparently this is some kind of code or contractor's law or something because I was told the installers are not allowed to hook them up.

Description of Work
Provided GE stainless steel appliances for a kitchen update (stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator, microwave).

Category plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling



Sid S.

I'm very pleased with the work performed by Kitchen & Bath Galleries, specifically Kimberly Coombs, Designer. The project was extensive starting with the design spec --- then tear-out --- then tile, plumbing, glass doors, fixtures, sub-flooring replacement and painting and trim, and it did take a few weeks longer than originally projected, BUT in the end we are thrilled with the result. Hats off to Kimberly Coombs who drove the process to completion --- professionally --- and in a way that seemed simple to me, streamlined and free of headaches! I would highly recommend.

Description of Work
Designed renovation of guest bathroom. Coordinated work of subcontractor.

Category home remodeling



Sanjay A.

Very well. We worked closely with one of their associates that helped throughout the project. She helped with the design with mock-ups etc, and helped with picking out the cabinets. She also coordinated with the granite company that did the counter tops. We hired a general contractor for most of the other work for the remodeling project. We are very happy with the end product.

Description of Work
kitchen remodeling, specifically the cabinets and counter tops.

Category countertops, remodeling, marble & granite, home remodeling



Garrett Y.

It was all handled through a company called Kitchen & Bath Galleries. They coordinated it as they sell kitchen stuff, cabinetry and everything else. It had to be custom made to fit and they did a good job. They made an error on one dimension and they had to make another piece of marble or cut another marble and came back. After they had it cut, they installed it correctly. They were very good. They kind of subcontracted out the marble work to a marble cutter. They are the ones that did the installation also. They were good. They were reasonably priced. Kitchen & Bath Galleries put things together like a general contractor would. I am very pleased with them for the professionalism.

Description of Work
We have dual sinks in the bathroom and actually 2 separate counters. We pull out the molded counter sink and we had marble tops put in. They installed new dual sinks and marble counter tops about this time last year, in March of 2014. They had to come in, tear out the old ones and put in the new ones.

Category countertops, marble & granite



Erik G.

Went well. Very easy to work with. Went extra mile to provide good service.

Description of Work
Install countertops

Category home remodeling



Kamala P.

The design and work by Kitchen and Bath Galleries was top notch and I am very pleased with the process of selecting fixtures and the design of the bathroom. It was more expensive than if I had selected everything myself, however, my designer made the process easy and the outcome was far more beautiful than anything I could have done.

Description of Work
Designed a new master bath, completed millwork and connected me to a contractor for construction and installation of new fixtures.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Leah F.

They were certainly very professional. They just were quoting me more than I wanted to spend on that.

Description of Work
I believe that we consulted with them about tile work.

Category ceramic tile



judy S.

We had a Remodeling Contractor redoing our bathroom because we had a water leak that had rotted the floor and damaged the ceiling below.. They (Blue Sky, Raleigh) insisted that I put down a tile floor - $$$. We did not want tile floor, not did I want that expense. We had the flooring contracted by Kitchen and Bath Galleries and they were fabulous. Even after Blue Sky totally messed up the sub-flooring, and it had to be completely torn up and redone, Bill at Kitchen and Bath found the discontinued product we had chosen and had it shipped from another state to make our project what we desired. I am so sorry we didn't contract with them in the first place. Blue Sky had our 3 week project completed in 8 months - they were terrible. Kitchen and Bath Galleries was wonderful!! I highly recommend them for any of your needs.

Description of Work
Provided the flooring we desired for our bathroom redo.

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling



Jason S.

Numerous errors in measurement of kitchen cabinets resulted in multiple reorders and long delays. Had trouble with two appliances that were ordered through KBG. One appliance that was dead at install was repaired rather than replaced despite our protests and multiple requests for new rather than repaired equipment. I would not recommend or use KBG again.

Description of Work
Kitchen Remodel

Category remodeling, home remodeling




The sales person that I have worked with took a lot of time with us to personally know what we wanted to do when they did our kitchen and she would drop by with samples and she was just very helpful.

Description of Work
We've used Kitchen & Bath Galleries.

Category flooring contractor, home remodeling



Lyndsay S.

I did like them a lot, they did a good job. The price was divided between them and the contractor. They came in and helped me figure out what kind of flooring and tile I needed. They were always available; I could always reach somebody if something did not seem right with the work. They were able to find a product that I wanted; they did not push me to get something that was more expensive that I wanted to pay. They were convenient to where I live so I chose them but they certainly were not cheap.

Description of Work
I got my bathroom remodeled by Kitchen & Bath Galleries. They basically did design services, helped me pick all the materials, and over saw the job getting done. They also re-did small things in the kitchen.

Category home remodeling



Sigrid H.

I contacted Christy at Kitchen and Bath Galleries after initially deciding on Home Depot for my counter tops. I had such a bad experience with HD that I canceled my order with them and started looking elsewhere. Kitchen and Bath Galleries was well rated on Angie's List so I decided to check them out. I was very pleasantly surprised at their prices, which were lower than Home Depot's - and the service I received from Christy was spectacular. She was very patient throughout my uncertainty on exactly what I wanted. Once I picked my material and sink, it was a simple process. Only 50% is required upfront - also a pleasant surprise, with the rest due after installation. The template process went very smoothly and the installers were true professionals that obviously take pride in their work. The sink is perfectly even in the cutout and the one seam is perfectly aligned. A very pleasant experience and I will be using both Christy and K&B Galleries again when I do my bathrooms!

Description of Work
Supplied and installed quartz countertops in kitchen

Category home remodeling



Linda G.

They had good pricing and the sales person was very knowledgeable.

Description of Work
We ordered new countertops from Kitchen & Bath Galleries.

Category countertops, home remodeling



Peter M.

We purchased a discontinued floor model at a significant discount. They arranged for delivery and installation. We had to have the gas line run before it was installed. Everything went smoothly and we love the stove.

Description of Work
Kitchen & Bath sold and installed a Viking range in our home.

Category appliance sales



Gwen W.

Kitchen and Bath Galleries were wonderful to work with from start to finish. We are very pleased with our new bathroom!

Description of Work
Bathroom Remodel

Category home remodeling



Rafael N.

It was a complex job with a number of hiccups but Anne from K&BG did everything they could to make us happy with the final product.

Description of Work
Remodel kitchen and 1 bath.

Category remodeling, home remodeling

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    How is Kitchen & Bath Galleries overall rated?

    Kitchen & Bath Galleries is currently rated 4.8 overall out of 5.

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    Kitchen & Bath Galleries is open:

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    Yes, Kitchen & Bath Galleries offers eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Kitchen & Bath Galleries does not offer a senior discount.

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    Yes, Kitchen & Bath Galleries offers warranties.

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    Kitchen & Bath Galleries offers the following services: Kitchen & bathroom remodeling & new construction, cabinetry, appliances, countertops, plumbing fixtures, glass & mirror, marble & granite, design services.

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