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Founded 2009 • With Angi since September 2009


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1679 Springdale Blvd

Fenton, MO 63026


We do basement waterproofing, crack injections, concrete work, install windows and much, MUCH more. We offer FREE estimates! We have a list of references, just ask!...

Verified Reviews

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Craig M.

After finding a leak in our basement Steve came out reviewed the situation and proposed a solution. He explained what was going on to cause the leak and how the repair would remedy the problem. He contacted his staff and setup a repair for two days out. The repair itself went very well. The service person was on time and repaired the issue and cleaned up after himself (taking away all the old concrete and some dirt/mud that he had to pull out). I would highly recommend Steve and his staff.

Description of Work
Repair leak in basement

Category concrete repair, basement waterproofing



Kathleen I.

I am a real estate agent in the St. Charles County area and have had the opportunity to work with quite a few people in the foundation repair/waterproof industry. I just can’t say enough good things about Waterproof Solutions. The owner Steve, has several years experience, is very knowledgeable and for lack of a better term "a straight shooter". I had a client that was in the process of inspections while buying a new home. At that time there had been an extreme amount of rain in the St. Charles area, and understandably so, most foundation repair companies were very busy. After calling seven different companies and leaving messages to try and get someone to come and evaluate the foundation on the house she was in the process of purchasing, I was still unable to get anyone on the phone or even call me back for that matter. I then was referred to Steve Burton of waterproof solutions who not only answered his phone on the first attempt and made an appointment with me the very next day to come evaluate the property, but scheduled that appointment on his day off so that we could meet our inspection deadline! This was more fortunate for us then we realized as the properties’ foundation was not sound and my client was able to walk away from a potentially expensive situation. Although it was disappointing for my client to lose out on this house after paying for her other required inspections, the disappointment, had she gone through with the purchase of the home, would have been unmeasurable. Steve was genuinely disappointed for my client and made sure to let her know that he would be available to come and look at any other property that she found in the future prior to any other Inspections so that she could avoid any further frustrating and expensive situations in the future. Integrity is something all too often lost in this industry and in the real estate industry as well for that matter, and it is truly comforting when you find someone that understands it's importance. Steve is that someone, andAlthough I did not realize it at the time those other companies not answering their phone or even returning my phone call was the best thing they could’ve ever done for me and my clients. I feel blessed to have found a company with such a strong set of core values and would strongly recommend Waterproof Solutions to any of my friends, family, or clients!

Description of Work

Category basement waterproofing



Demetria H.

I set up an appt to have the work done, 2 days before they were to come out and do the job I received a text that they needed to reschedule for the following week. I called and explained how much of an inconvenience it was since my husband had already taken the day off work and my family was coming into town for the holidays but agreed to reschedule because ultimately it needed to get done. A few min later I receive another text informing me they were just not going to do the job! This company is completely unprofessional!

Description of Work
I needed some spots in my basement walls plugged due to water coming in.

Category basement waterproofing



Chris H.

Waterproof Solutions is the Best! The basement flooded in our new home 5 days after we closed, we had no idea what to do. It just happened that our agent knew of Steve Burton and Waterproof Solutions. She made a call and Mr. Burton came out himself, on time and extremely professional. He met with myself, our agent, the builder and his waterproofing consultant. Mr. Burton, (Steve), handled the conversation and provided all of the information with the utmost courtesy and professionalism far surpassing any other provider that I have had contact with in years. He listened to the points of the builder and their "specialist" and then pointed out, respectfully, the issues at hand. The builder was on his heels the entire time, at no point did he expect someone with this much knowledge to be present or even available. After all was said and done the information was passed with a letter drafted by Steve for all parties involved. We still have not resolved anything with the builder but we know that the Waterproof Solutions Team and Steve Burton are on our side. Thank you all so much, The Harris Family

Description of Work
Site inspection and consultation

Category basement waterproofing



Stephanie P.

I called a couple weeks ago to set up an estimate for basement repairs. The receptionist said that they would call me back with their availability. They never returned my call after taking down my information. I am just upset that it was a complete waste of my time.

Description of Work
I went with another provider

Category foundation repair, hardscaping



Phil H.

A crew arrived on the scheduled date and time. Heavy equipment was used to remove dirt and expose the foundation for evaluation. Exploratory excavation revealed that the foundation was resting directly on bedrock, thus rendering pier installation moot. They thoroughl cleaded the exposed foundation face and waterproofed it with a high-tech compound and fabric, repaced broken foundation drian tile, covered the tile with fabric and stone, and backfilled the hole. It was suggested that a tremor may have introduced the fascia damage, but that was not something that they would be able to confirm. They did not find what they expected to find upon excavation. They adjusted their scope of work to do what was available to them to perform. They adjusted their price accordingly and it was very fair. The overall experience was thoroughly professional and the work was competently performed. Company management was responsive to any and all queries before, during, and after the work was performed. On-site personnel very courteous in addition to their fine work. I highly recommend this company.

Description of Work
Waterproof-Solutions evaluated a damaged brick fascia that appeared to shifted as a result of foundation stress and/or movement and recommended visual inspection of the foundation and the installeation of pier supports to strengthen the foundation.

Category foundation repair



michael G.

He did a good job. When we were looking for a house, he also checked it out for any problems. He did that at no charge. He was honest and trustworthy. He did an excellent job.We wouldn't use anybody else.

Description of Work
We used Waterproof-Solutions to do some waterproofing in the basement for a house we sold.

Category basement waterproofing



Lisa P.

I d id not use there service. However, they came out to ch eck a couple areas in my foundation. THEY WERE PROFESSIONAL AND KNOWLEDGE OF FOUNDATION AND CRACKS EXCEPTIONAL. |If I have problems in future I would call them back.

Description of Work

Category foundation repair



Jonathan T.

Crew was friendly and punctual and initially I was happy with the work until I got a second opinion that pointed out issues. The plastic piece that sits on top of the concrete and is supposed direct the water into the drain tile was never set correctly at multiple points and continues to leak. At some points there is no plastic piece or drain tile connected. I discovered this when I had to recently have sewer lateral work done by another company and we had to dig around their work, we found the drain tile tube not even connected, so in the event I did have a massive leak, it would have never made it to the sump pump. Multiple cracks continue to leak, I have called various times to have them come out and the first time they did come out but subsequent calls were no shows or I would hear that someone would get back to me but then ever hear anything back. I will never use them again and definitely tell my friends and family to steer clear.

Description of Work
Drain tile system w/ sump pump and one glass block window.

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

Sir we have contacted you and tried to rectify this situation. If there is anything we can do for you to fix the problems you are having then please give us a call at (636) 343-4379. We want all of our customers to be more than satisfied with our work, and would welcome an opportunity to discuss this matter with you at any time. Regards, WPS





Description of Work
Waterproof basement and put in drainage ditch

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

Hey [Member name removed]! Thanks for the positive feedback, we really value our clients' opinions. Please let us know if you need any help with your home in the future! Regards, WPS



Theresa W.

These guys are great. They are very knowledgeable and we feel they are extremely trustworthy. We were about to begin a remodel of our basement rec room and they gave us a few suggestions regarding the framing of the rec room so if the foundation needed repairs in the future, we wouldn't have to tear down any walls. The small cracks they waterproofed were in a different section of the house and behind drywall, they answered all our questions regarding how to best ensure water wouldn't penetrate the drywall in the future. In addition, While they were repairing our basement wall, they discovered a hollow spot in our basement floor. They came back to inspect the hollow floor the following week using a camera scope and discovered it was a small space (less then a few inches) and it was nothing to be too concerned about. As far as we're concerned, these guys are the only foundation company we'll call in the future.

Description of Work
Waterproof solutions provided 2 different repairs for us. They waterproofed two smaller cracks for us ($300.00) as well as provided structural support for a foundation wall that had become slightly displaced. They applied carbon fiber straps to about 35 feet of basement wall, it was a large job and it took the better part of a day, but we were surprised and pleased that it only took one day.

Category basement waterproofing, foundation repair

Service Provider Response

Hey [removed members name], We appreciate the positive review and your client loyalty. We are always happy to hear from you and welcome any feedback. We're glad you found our work satisfactory and hope you enjoy your home for years to come. Best wishes, WPS




The job went smoothly and quickly. Very professional. Kept work area clean after they were done for the day. Overall amazing company! Polite and friendly. Definitely took a lot of stress and worry off of our backs. I'll definitely be recommending to people. I can't say enough great things about them. Just amazing!

Description of Work
Corrected and installed sump pump.

Category basement waterproofing



Rich C.

The salesperson was excellent on selling but terrible on service. They gave a lifetime warranty on the repairs. It leaked the first year and a wall moved 5 inches. We called and had the salesperson, the owner and a service rep there. The sales person said did you really believe the life time warranty. DA!!!! They agreed to the repairs. They started the repairs. We haven't seen them in 3 months. They don't respond to calls, texts or emails.

Description of Work
Waterproof Basement.

Category basement waterproofing



Richard P.

Below I have bulleted a few of my issues with waterproof solutions - I would have prefered a more thorough analysis to determine that the water was not only leaking from the crack but also from the area of where the wall meets the floor. . - The owner of the company came out to do the initial estimate and told me that he would be my only contact and that he would not pass me off to one of his other estimaters. He explained that customers like to deal with the same person each time. After his initial visit his company sent out another guy to do a follow up when the epoxy injection didn't fix the problem. - The owner mentioned when providing me with an esimate on the crack that his estimaters normally charges $400 but since he doesn't get commission on sales he would only charge me $350. When they guy came out to fill the crack he asked me what I was quoted and suggested that it would be around $300. My integrity led me to tell him that I had agreed to $350. - After scheduling the a time a few weeks out for the sump pump to be installed, and taking a day off of work, they ended up telling me that they couldn't make it that day and that I would need to reschedule. When I suggested on the phone that I thought the date was set in stone the person that called me laughed and told me that this was the construction business and that nothing is ever set in stone. I'm not sure when folks started excepting that excuse but I work in a world with deadlines and I am expected to work around challenges and have contingencies in place to meet my deadlines. Apparently Waterproof Solutions doesn't agree.

Description of Work
I have had Water proof solution work on two houses for me. On the first house they filled a crack and recommended improvements to slope the driveway away from the house. In addition, they replaced an old sump pump. I was happy with that work. On another house they recommended that I repair a crack to solve the issue. After paying $350 to fill the crack the water was still leaking in. Next they recommended a sump pump. I scheduled the work several weeks out and on the scheduled day they told me that they couldn't make it as they were running behind on another job.

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

Sir, When I first came to your properties , you were given the advice that drain tile and a sump pump may be needed in addition to the injection. The twelve inches of rain came and set us behind. We work hard to honor date's given. We should have let you know we were running behind. Given the amount of calls and very major problems so many people were having at that time, unfortunately you were not the only one. We are sorry for that. Changes have been made to handle such a load in the future. We are sorry for any trouble this caused you. We are good folks ,sometimes we make mistakes. Your still under warranty, should you have any further questions, Please Call. Thank you.




I found them to be honest. The guys who came out to do the job were very thorough and easy to work with. Their bid was the most reasonable. They explained everything that they were going to do. They were quick. They cleaned up after themselves, where they had to dig up one side of the yard. They were very accommodating and I’m very pleased. I would use them in future but let’s hope I don’t have to as it’s too expensive.

Description of Work
Waterproof-Solutions repaired and did the water-proofing of the basement of my house. During an inspection of the house sale process, I discovered that there were some broken footings and foundation issues. They came out promptly to do the work and discovered the problems on both sides of the house. They put in the pouring and filled it in and got it all done in three and half days.

Category basement waterproofing



Gary F M.

.They were here on time with the labor and required materials to get the job done on time. The sales rep and installers were polite and professional.

Description of Work
They installed new drain tile and water proofed one side of our home in one day

Category basement waterproofing



Alaine D.

They came out numerous times to try to figure out why it was still leaking but every time I called, I could tell they were losing patience with me as i had with them...but I feel I paid good money to have a dry basement and garage and neither are. I could've used that money to put toward a drain system in my basement.

Description of Work
I had them come give me an estimate to get my basement dry. They brought the thermal gun and was unable to find a crack. To avoid removing my drywall, Brian told me that he seemed to think that if got the water away from the house, it would keep it dry. I paid $3000 for a new drain installed in front of my garage (I already had one there but they replaced the drain and repoured new concrete), had new gutters installed and some bushes removed and replaced with concrete to get the water to the drain. My basement still leaks and my garage still floods. I had had them out on multiple occasions to try to fix it and after the last contact, I was told that if they come out again, that I won't be able to get it fixed for nothing. Mind you...I paid $3000 to keep my basement and my garage dry. Neither of which are. My garage after the last flood still had standing water in it. After taking the drywall down, we discovered a HUGE crack that runs the length of my basement. I have quit responding to the company. They have made me feel like I am bothering them. I do not recommend them. I will have a new drain tile system put in my basement and it appears that I will have to have some structural work done too. I will go to another company and this time, I will do my research and my homework and hope I find a better company this time around.

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

This matter was handled and closed in the favor of Waterproof Solutions with the Better Business Bureau.




He was very professional and on time, but it just did not work in a manner that we wanted it done. It wasn’t the price or anything; we just opted to do something different. The person who came out was very personable and gave us a good opinion about what to do for our problem. Their estimated price was $2500. We may consider getting another estimate from them in the future.

Description of Work
We got an estimate from Waterproof-Solutions for a French drain to be put in the basement along two walls and to be connected to the sump pump.

Category excavators, basement waterproofing, drain pipe



david R.

Stephen was 1 of 3 bids received. His level of knowledge and professionalism greatly surpassed his competitors. His crew was on time, professional and performed high quality work. The Stephen helped us meet a strict schedule on a complete home renovation and followed up 24 hours after completion to ensure our satisfaction.

Description of Work
Complete evaluation of damp lower level. Installed sump pump system.

Category basement waterproofing



Anne B.

Steve Burton gave me the estimate and we scheduled a time through his office for Scott to come out and repair the wall.

Description of Work
The company repaired a crack in my basement wall that was a 4' long vertical wall crack.

Category basement waterproofing




I liked the solutions they came up with. They were very inventive on what to do to solve my problem. They were extremely cooperative and listened to my issues. The customer service was over the top and I could not have been more pleased. When I checked the references they gave me they were just glowing.

Description of Work
They waterproofed my basement. They filled in foundation cracks and installed a sump pump and drain tile around the inside of the walls. They extended drainage in the yard to take the water away from the house.

Category basement waterproofing, drain pipe

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Waterproof-Solutions

    How is Waterproof-Solutions overall rated?

    Waterproof-Solutions is currently rated 4.4 overall out of 5.

    What days are Waterproof-Solutions open?

    Waterproof-Solutions is open:

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    What payment options does Waterproof-Solutions provide

    Waterproof-Solutions accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Financing Available

    Does Waterproof-Solutions offer free estimates?

    Yes, Waterproof-Solutions offers free project estimates.

    Does Waterproof-Solutions offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Waterproof-Solutions does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Waterproof-Solutions offer a senior discount?

    No, Waterproof-Solutions does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Waterproof-Solutions offer emergency services?

    Yes, Waterproof-Solutions offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Waterproof-Solutions?

    Yes, Waterproof-Solutions offers warranties.

    What services does Waterproof-Solutions offer?

    Waterproof-Solutions offers the following services: Basement waterproofing, carbon fiber, crack epoxy injections, downspout installation, french drain and drain tile installations, concrete work [including driveway repair and install, and patios.]

    Are there any services Waterproof-Solutions does not offer?