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2 4 1 Construction LLC

Founded 1995 • With Angi since February 2009


(16) Verified Reviews

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4235 5th Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55409


When it comes to home remodeling and other renovations, RU Remodeling Inc offers comprehensive experience uniquely designed around your goals for the twin cities and south minneapolis. We provide high quality work and extremely affordable prices. Fifteen year’s of loyal customers is the unique

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Elizabeth S.

The kitchen remodel was completed with quality work and on budget. It is beautiful and we love it. We'd work with Perry again in a minute.

Description of Work
Kitchen remodel

Category ceramic tile, drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling, house painters, cabinet refacing



Swati A.

It was a nice to work with Perry and he was very accomodating.

Description of Work
I was referred to Perry by a collegue who had engaged him twice in her extensive home remodeling projects and I can see why. Perry was professional, reasonable and good with provide us with an estimate for a fairly complex and extensive remodeling project for multiple bathrooms and a kitchen. He had some personal and work related issues that delayed his estimates but he communicated with us throughout the process and was quite responsive to the multiple changes we were making to the scope of projects...all this while providing us with just a free estimate.

Category remodeling



Jennifer D.

What I would tell my family and friends about this company is to run the other way. They lie.

Description of Work
R U Remodeling Inc. did roof work and some painting.

Category roofing, house painters



Janet P.

Do not do business with this company. We made the mistake of signing a contract with Perry Ruedy back in summer of 2009. We were new to Minnesota and looking for a company to complete a significant amount of work on a new home we had just bought. RU Remodeling came highly recommended by our real estate agent so we moved forward and signed two contracts, totaling about $32,000 worth of work. The experience was a nightmare from the beginning so we ended up amending the contract after just a small portion of the work was completed. We had already paid Perry Ruedy more than $9,000, and expected final billing in the amount of about $1,800. We e-mailed RU Remodeling?s billing person, Colleen, and she said she?d talk with Perry Ruedy and they?d be in touch with the final invoice. We did not hear back from her. Fifteen months later, we received two sets of demand letters from RU Remodeling?s attorneys. The first one said we owed $24,000, and the second one said we owed $15,000. We responded immediately in writing but never received any further communications. Eight months after the demand letters, we received an arbitration notice stating that we owed nearly $13,000 plus another $5,000 for interest. Because we had (stupidly) signed contracts that included an arbitration clause, we had no choice but to hire attorneys and go to arbitration. At the arbitration hearing in our home, Perry Ruedy didn?t even show up. Instead, he sent his operations manager, a woman named Heidi Bachum who we had never heard of or communicated with. He also sent his field supervisor, David Scott, who had been on the job site. Heidi basically lied and said they had been billing us monthly for two years, and since we didn?t pay they were now entitled to two years worth of interest at 18% APR. She also insisted that RU Remodeling had completed work that they never did, such as installing a new sink. Even though one of our witnesses was another contractor who had actually installed the sink, and even though we had invoices and copies of checks from when we paid the new contractor, Heidi still insisted that RU Remodeling did that work and that we owed them money for it. Do not hire this company or sign any paperwork with them.

Description of Work
We hired this company to rebuild our porch, fix our siding and gutters, replace doors, point our chimney and basement foundation, and perform numerous other projects that were not seen through to completion.

Category gutter repair, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, home remodeling, doors



Gunn C.

The project went well and finish on time. However original estimates were low balled. At the end of the project we were nickel and dimed, unexpected costs showed up causing a lot of stress. Contractors were either late or never showed up.

Description of Work
Kitchen remodel.

Category home remodeling



Jeffrey E.

I spent about $20,000 for the job. They were okay. I knew the guy who owns it. The service and cleanup was really good. I would not use them again in the future.

Description of Work
I used R U Remodeling Inc., two years ago. They remodeled two bathrooms.

Category remodeling




Not enough time to list ALL the issues, but the biggest were: Ordered the wrong color shingles for one plus, it took forever to get them to do work. I had to threaten to hire another company to do the work in order to get them motivated. It seemed like they came by whenever they had "spare" time (I felt like they thought they were doing the work at little, or no pay), so took many months (Sept-09 to March-10) to do the few projects they did. They also made the assumption they were going to do ALL the work I needed done, even though I stated to them that I was going to do some of the repairs myself, and my bro was helping me with some of them, plus doing other repairs by "piece-meal"... meaning I was signing seperate contracts for each phase (which I HIGHLY suggest you do, for any large or multiple step projects involving "general" contractors). My original plan was to hire seperate experts to do each phase. This was a storm-damage project (tornado of 2009), so my insurance was backing the costs. Once they finished the repairs that I hired them for, and after having to call them numerous times to complete them and for clean up, I excused them from doing anymore work to my home (I still had siding and some interior work left to complete) they threatened me with emails and letters from their "legal advisor" (and eventually a laywer) and actually emailed my siding contractor (who set a sign in my yard) claiming there was a lein on my property and that they had a contract to do the siding job (which they did not). Then they sent me numerous invoices saying I owed them $12,000, then $15,000, for the siding job they never got, or did... not to mentioned the fact I had 5 project managers within a 6 month period, so communication (and maybe their ability to hold employees) was not good. Their threats went on for months, which I finally just got my laywer involved, sending their telling them this was considered haressment and the letters and emails finally subsided. On a somewhat good note... They did do a "small" project (drop-ceiling in basement and a bit of framing), previously, for me, where the owner Perry Ruedy actually project managed & did help with the project himself and that went pretty good, thus my interest in hiring him again (after his solicited letter in my mail-box after the storm) and he is also a neighbor. But that was a "small project". All-in-all, I think this company took on more then they could chew with the storm work of 2009 and got in over their heads. I feel bad about the "bad-air" between my neighbor and I but I wanted to let others know to be sure to take care when signing contract, such as I did, and maybe seperate large projects so you are not tied in to a bad general contractor. He seems like a GREAT guy on the surface, but I am started to wonder about his business practices. Buyer beware... of any contracts. Glad I was cautious about this larger, multi-phased project. Also, I guess I should mention that they did install two windows (only one was suppose to be replaced-per insurance) and although that took until the day before Christmas Eve to complete, they did not charge me for those, because of their mistake in ordering two, verses the one, plus the amount of time it took to actually get them installed. I was starting to have to crank up the heat just to keep the upper bedroom at a decent temp for my 7year old son. I threatened to send them the heating bill. Sorry Perry. I just don't want others to go through what I had to, with any contractor. It cost me a lot of time, money and head ache. Overall, if you stick to doing smaller projects with them, you probably won't have to many issues.

Description of Work
New roof & interior sheet rock, plus mudding in upper room.

Category remodeling



Gene R.

Smooth. Perry kept me informed and monitored the progress along the way. I had no worries....

Description of Work
RU Remodeling understands my goals. Unique to RU Remodeling is Perry's ability to allow me to design, dream,and do as much of the work myself for my home improvement project. Most other contractors want to do it all - mark up their prices significantly and don't allow the homeowner to share in the project. RU Remodeling offered the choice to do it all, or have me work on the parts I wanted to and we ended up with a beautiful finished project I'm proud of. I saved money, and together we are planning, designing,and preparing to rehab my kitchen and dining room with all new elements from cabinets to doors. I strongly recommend RU Remodeling to anyone looking for a great contractor.

Category gutter repair, remodeling, deck cleaning, home remodeling



Thomas D.

It went great! The handyman who came (Matt, I think) arrived exactly on time at 7am, and even got on his hands and knees to clean up the very fine dust left from his work. After he finished some of the caulk didn't hold so I called. The owner, Perry, came right away and recaulked it. He thought the problem was the caulk froze in the truck. This was when we had a lot of very cold days. It is a beautiful job to this inexperienced eye. Their hourly rate was not the cheapest, but they were the only ones to call promptly (I always left a message for the different firms saying this was an emergency. One whom I'd used before and liked didn't return my "emergency" call for 3 days!) They also showed up as promised. (Another made an appt to see the project, was late by 15 minutes so I called and he said "Oh, sorry, something came up," without calling to tell me.)

Description of Work
The wall in the shower above the tile needed to be completely replaced. When I bought the house it had some cheap fiberboard panel in the shower that was failing, so I finally took it off and saw it was hiding ruined plaster and some ancient efforts at a quick fix with plywood. They removed everything down to the studs and installed cement board ending with final caulking. They also were under a time limit as I had guests coming in a week and had to have the shower available to them.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Ann W.

This is a company of novices. Nice folks, but from the draftsmen to the electrician....they made changes to the original plans without consulting me. Dimensions were altered "to save money". The work did not pass city inspections for basement block or electrical on the first time. Flooring, door hanging, and interior/exterior trim work had to be redone several times....each! This company can NOT hang doors or level floors to save their own lives. They need to invest in a functioning commercial grade level....and use it! Get someone else to hang doors, please. They did eventually get it right, but if you want someone to do the work right the first time, do not rely on this company to deliver. Resulting delays and redoing of work made this project last over 4 months. Even though I am enjoying the final product (with an accommodation for an area of non-level flooring), the thought of them on my property makes my blood pressure rise. I will compliment the subcontracted cement, landscape, and drywall men....excellent job! As I have stated above, the final product is very nice and I spend most of my waking hours in my new kitchen. It is just that that 4+month period was like a very pain filled pregnancy. Glad it is over!

Description of Work
Kitchen addition. Gut original kitchen. Add 8x17 plus full depth basement. Work began in May and was estimated to last 8-10 weeks. All new flooring, including sand/refinish of entire first floor. New sidewalks from side of house to the alley. New sod in backyard. 8 by 10 deck added at new back entry. Install of cabinets, doors, windows, and lighting.

Category drywall, electrician, flooring contractor, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, water heater repair, replacement windows, home builders, home remodeling, house painters, doors, hardscaping, driveway gates



Gwen S.

The range was between $3904-$5030. He included the demo work as an option. He seemed very thorough, checked all the places where we need work and for the plumbing and electrical. He took all the measurements. He was in range with the other estimates we've received so far, no surprises there. Once we get our finally estimates then we will decide. We looked at people on Angie's List to find people who were near and had high grades with prices in our price range.

Description of Work
R U Remodeling gave us an estimate for not a full bathroom remodeling, but replacing a tub and tile surround. Also, for installing a fan. We would do the demo ourselves.

Category ceramic tile, electrician, plumbing, home remodeling



Jill J.

We began our remodeling project with ideas I had been thinking about for years. Perry was a good listener and his plans and initial bid included everything I wanted plus some more insightful ideas. It was a good process to plan with him, and we wanted to participate in many ways with the work of the remodel. The building got underway and we were pleased every day as the carpenters kept us posted with their plans and let us know next steps. Our project manager from the office told us when other subcontractors would be here, and for the most part they were right on schedule. As the back wall was removed, they were careful to work to keep out dust and cold, and to maintain the security of our home. We were impressed with the quality of the work. We were pleased with all aspect of the remodel. We were impressed with the abilities and professionalism of all the subcontractors we came in contact with. We liked being able to do some of the tasks ourselves, as well as making some of the materials purchases. . The total outcome is a beautiful enlarged family room and a porch/entry that we love. The addition doesn't look like a modern add on, but is space that feels like it has always belonged as part of our 1935 home We would certainly have RU Remodeling work with us again if we had another remodeling project.

Description of Work
We had a two part addition built onto the back of our house adding extra space to our family room and a small entry/porch. RU Remodeling did all of the exterior and most of the interior remodeling work. We were part of the planning and often purchased building supplies ourselves. We were able to take advantage of sales and special purchases.

Category remodeling



K E.

R U R was conscientious, thorough and I loved having them work for me on my home. They did a great job. R U R will continue to get all of my remodeling business...

Description of Work
My 1907 house needed some great handywork. Caulking on the roof, patching the older plaster walls, adjusting the doors and hinges and weather proofing my windows, and fixing some plumbing in the bathroom.

Category handyman service, plastering, plumbing, remodeling, replacement windows, doors



Jennifer A.

Smooth from start to finish. 15 years of experience at R U Remodeling payed off when I needed their creative expertise.

Description of Work
R U Remodeling skilled craftsmen repaired my wood fence and decking after the October Minneapolis wind storm knocked our fence over. R U R was able to remodel the existing fence with quality woodworking skills to put it back together, saving me well over $20K that a new fence would have cost. They were great about even working all day in the cold weather until the job was completed. We are really happy with the outcome, the price and will be using R U R for our next project. Tile work and Kitchen remodeling.

Category fencing, flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling



Janet P.

We had problems from the beginning and never should have signed the contract, but RU talked a good talk and were recommended by our real estate agent. In terms of pricing, their estimates were reasonable, but when it came to actually signing the contract the prices suddenly jumped. For example, the flooring costs jumped from a high estimate of $3,800 to nearly $9,000. When we asked for a breakdown of the costs because they were more than we anticipated, so we could decide whether we would do the sanding and staining ourselves, RU never provided it. Instead, weeks later, the RU owner sent an e-mail to us and the flooring subcontractor saying we, the homeowners, had agreed to have this work done and that he didn?t want any ?hard feelings.? In terms of scheduling, they told us they would work Monday-Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but they only followed that schedule for the first few days. Then they stopped showing up for long stretches at a time. They would tell us they would be there on a certain day and just not show up. After removing the old flooring on our front porch, they left our house up on stilts for five weeks while the new materials sat on our front lawn waiting to be installed along with RU?s leftover concrete and a garbage bin. (All our grass died as a result.) They had told us the front porch would take a week to complete and instead we went most of the summer without being able to use it. The entire job was supposed to take 7-8 weeks, but after that period of time they hadn?t even completed the exterior work. In terms of their subcontractors, RU?s subs were unsupervised, worked late into the night, and left our house a disaster. The tuck point guys ruined our basement floor and rain barrel with excess concrete. One night we came back home at 9:00 p.m. to find our back door wide open and unlocked ? the subs had left without locking up. Another night we came home to find a window removed from our third floor and the hole was uncovered, and the RU person on site had no idea if the sub was going to come back and finish the job, or even cover the opening. And this was after we had amended the contract so that RU would not be doing this portion of the job. In terms of ordering materials, they gave us wrong information about some doors so we ended up with the wrong thing and had to re-order, which cost us additional money. They also told us we would have to special order a door because of its unusual size, but the contractor we?ve since hired pointed out that since they had to re-frame the door anyway, it didn?t matter what size we got. So we could have ordered a standard size door for a lot less money, but RU didn?t know that. Overall, the experience was a disaster and I would not recommend them to anyone. RU takes on more projects than they can handle and their workers are stretched too thin. Their numerous ?project managers? are constantly changing and do not know how to communicate or even keep track of the projects they have going. They also pull a bait and switch with the pricing in order to get people to sign contracts, but then the actual costs escalate. At one point they were nickel and diming us in front of our house over a $250 increase in the fascia work ? and this was after we had signed contracts with them totaling more than $30k. Working with them was a nightmare.

Description of Work
RU Remodeling provided a new soffit and fascia, reinforced the foundation of our porch, installed new porch decking and columns, and tuck pointed our chimney and basement walls. They were also supposed to complete a large number of projects on the interior of our house, including rebuilding a staircase, patching and finishing all the hardwood floors, installing new bathroom tiles and sinks, and removing a heater, but we had to amend the contract to exclude these projects because they were doing such a terrible job on the exterior.

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

We were hired to complete a plethora of projects for member's. Our estimates were accurate as well as our contracts. Due to city code requirements, there were additional costs involved due to unknown & unforeseen work and material needed to complete the reinforced foundation of the porch. Member's were fully aware that there may be additional cost which we provided in writing and these were also expressed verbally to them. After we began the demo they were notified that the existing footings could not be used or salvaged and they were provided with the additional cost of labor and material that would be required to complete this task. Members approved these change orders which were in writing prior to us starting this work. At no point did R U R ever change the contract or its terms with the client. 7am to 5pm were our operating hours and not the times that we would be on site daily, we hired subcontractors to be out at certain days and certain times. The client was notified of the upcoming weeks schedule in advance via email and telephone as well as there were daily reminders of the following day schedule and same day follow up to the client. There were at no point any miscommunications on our part to our client of whom and when someone will be out to do certain aspects of the project. To preserve cost we gave the members the option of purchasing their materials as we do with all of our clients. We did not give any inaccurate measurements nor did we install any interior or exterior doors. If in the event that we did give miss measurements and there was a restocking fee then we would credit our client that amount and would reflect on their current billing statement. Currently there remains a significant unpaid balance that members owe R U Remodeling, Inc. As a professional corporation we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, our communication to our subcontractors and clients, project management, creative edge for design, and work performed at our job sites. We work with all our clients to make their remodeling dreams come true since 1995 and have a 95% repeat customers who trust and value RURemodeling.



RUR and its subcontractors did an outstanding job. They took the time to give us a very detailed bid and offered some useful suggestions at the start of the project. Once work began they were very professional and quick to respond to phone calls and questions. Even though our project presented some unplanned obstacles due to the bad state of our old walls, RUR went the extra mile to get the project done in a timely fashion. And the work itself was excellent -- all we could have expected and more including some very thoughtful carpentry.

Description of Work
Removal of panelling and old, crumbling plaster walls in basement stairwell and on kitchen walls. New drywall installed. Improvement of molding and fixtures in kitchen.

Category drywall, remodeling, home remodeling, basement remodeling

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    How is 2 4 1 Construction LLC overall rated?

    2 4 1 Construction LLC is currently rated 3.5 overall out of 5.

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    2 4 1 Construction LLC is open:

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    2 4 1 Construction LLC accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check, PayPal

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    Yes, 2 4 1 Construction LLC offers free project estimates.

    Does 2 4 1 Construction LLC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, 2 4 1 Construction LLC offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does 2 4 1 Construction LLC offer emergency services?

    Yes, 2 4 1 Construction LLC offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by 2 4 1 Construction LLC?

    Yes, 2 4 1 Construction LLC offers warranties.

    What services does 2 4 1 Construction LLC offer?

    2 4 1 Construction LLC offers the following services: Floors, Dormers, Garages, Sheds, Porches, Patios, Decks, Pergolas, Arbors Gardens And Sun Rooms, Concrete, Fences, Cadd Drawings, Remodeling Kitchen, Bathrooms, Basements, Attics, Interior, Exterior, Roofing, Siding, Custom Finish, Trim, Cabinets, Gutters, Painting, Drywall, Floors, Windows, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC