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Prime Cut Landscaping and Lawn Care

Founded 2003 • With Angi since October 2013


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Locally owned and operated Prime Cut Landscaping and Lawn Care was started in 2003 by Matthew Corbeau in Scarborough, Maine. Matt has grown the business from a small company providing lawn mowing services to 30 local residences to a continuously growing company providing a long list of services to more than 200 local residential and commercial customers. His focus has always been on providing the best quality possible for a competitive price. Matt is now accompanied by 6 full time employees. They pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service while making personal connections with their customers....

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Verified Reviews

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Description of Work
They removed snow from my house and barn roofs and removed that snow from the path around the house.

Category landscaping,roof snow removal,snow removal



They left the area great and they completed the work very promptly. They are great; we use them for our regular service. They are going to start for us shortly as soon as a spring cleanup is needed within the next, probably, three or four weeks.

Description of Work
We use Prime Cut Landscaping and Lawn Care for landscaping. Our last service was fall landscaping last year. They picked up all the leaves, any branches and cut back some of our flower beds.

Category lawn service



Description of Work
They took the snow drifts and snow off my roofs. They were very professional and all the men were polite. The owner gave a good estimate of how many men and how long it would take.

Category landscaping



It went well. They were on time. They were very endustrious while here. They cleaned up after themselves. They came back to reseed where it didn't take.

Description of Work
They re-loamed and re-seeded lawn. Removed some wood, and debris from back of lawn. Removed a split rail fence in front yard, filled in holes.

Category landscaping,lawn service,lawn treatment



What a nightmare. Matt was fast to return my inquiry and came by quickly to view the job but slow getting us a quote, even though I was clear from first contact that I I desperately wanted this done ASAP... He told me, on July 26, that he could do it in 2-3 weeks. I said, lets do it, but lets do it now... My biggest concern was the availability of quality plants in late July. He assured me that he could get excellent stock... No problem at all he said.... As we walked the job, on July 28th, he quoted $40-50 each for the forsythia, and $100 each for the Arbors, which we agreed would be at least 5-6 ft tall...I wanted as tall as we could get since these trees grow so slowly. We agreed on container plants to avoid the need or damage from an excavator. I wanted a fairly small root ball as this was to be a boundary plant, set very close to my neighbors walkway. I initially requested 3-5 plants, he went with 6. The estimate was $2100- $2400, which seemed really high, based on the plants we had discussed. I assumed this meant a LOT of labor, and a lot of soil.. I questioned him on this. He said it would "probably be less" if they encountered no problems like ledge. The contract was remarkably ambiguous about the price breakdown between labor and plants, but I was highly motivated and just wanted it done, and we had already discussed the price for the plants.... I thought, if you want premium work, you pay the premium price, expecting rapid, turnkey service. I signed the contract and sent him the $700 deposit on the 6th of August, the very day I received the contract. And then I waited. And then the bait and switch began... suddenly my $100 trees are $129 trees, then $150 trees but $165 trees with his markup.. Not what we discussed at all.. My confidence begins to fade, as does my trust. On August 14th, frustrated, and deeply concerned about price and quality, the challenge of finding 6 well matched trees this late in season, I send an email requesting we cancel the trees until next spring, but go ahead with the back yard. He starts arguing and berating me that they are "already dug" and I would have to pay at least $200 to replant them... Dug? What dug? I didn't approve burlap... Expressly discussed and declined burlap. I agreed to containers which can be easily cancelled or returned, so his attitude was surprising and alarming. Again I express, if you are charging top dollar, please understand I expect excellent quality. I put everything in writing, hoping against hope to avoid any misunderstandings. If I'm paying for a Lexus, you had best deliver a Lexus. I ask for an install date. He is evasive. The following week I again ask for an install date...After all, I need to schedule my time and there was no way I was going to let this guy dig before I saw the plants. He says it's all waiting on Digsafe. He tells me it will be the 22 or the 25th ( now a full month has passed since he quoted me 2 weeks) On Friday the 22, I personally call Digsafe to find out when to expect them, knowing that for a Monday job, they would have to be here on Friday. I am told they have no such job order, nor are they running behind. They ask if the yard is flagged in preparation. It was not. I email Matt to ask what gives. Again he calls back and leaves me yet another nasty message, how dare I call Digsafe, blah blah blah. Demands I quit contacting him, quit checking up on him, that he'll " get to me when he gets to me". Without question he is the rudest, most condescending, arrogant, belligerent contractor I have ever dealt with. Total Jekyll and Hyde. Pleasant until he has your money... The next contact, Tuesday August 26, he calls, leaves a VM telling me he will be here the following Monday, which was Labor Day. Not ideal, but I want it done. Surprise surprise....he does not show - no call, no text, no email. The same thing the next day. It is now September 2nd... almost 6 weeks from my initial contact. I contact Angies List for advice, hoping for a solution. Exhausted, I send another email saying lets just cancel the whole thing, return my deposit, lets go our separate ways... He adamantly refuses, saying he would absolutely not return a dime of the deposit ( contract does NOT say deposit is non refundable BTW ) that it wasn't HIS fault O'Donnels Nursery took 2 weeks to dig the plants ( I called - they deny this) it wasn't HIS fault Digsafe was slow (again - they claim they were not behind ) When I tell him I have contacted Angies List for advice, I receive yet another nasty voicemail saying it was "outrageous" that I would do something like that over something as" frivolous" as scheduling delays. He even criticizes my email communication format demanding I call him rather than write, somehow completely missing the point of a paper trail when one feels that we are not on the same page. Honestly, at that point, I did not believe he had any intention of actually doing the job, so I was shocked when he suddenly announces his intent to install the very next day. Impossible for me. No advanced notice. Then he wants the install the next day, on September 4. I had a Dr's appt that I was forced to reschedule. Incredibly unprofessional. Needless to say, the plants were not what I was expecting or hoping for. It was the worst case scenario coming true. The forsythia was thin and reedy... it looks like it was a throw away at a nursery. They do not appear to be the same as the plants they were to match and blend with. Only time will tell, as he gave me no details,documentation or care instructions on any the plants. The arbors were healthy but very small. Disappointingly small. Not the size we agreed on. Not the thickness we agreed on. Not the look I was going for. If only he had arranged for me to preview the plants, none of this needed to happen. I did not know what to do... It was an ambush install. He was very clear that if I did not let him install this crap he was going to drive off with my money and nothing would get done. He has a very snide and dismissive personality... said mere minutes ago we were having "an adult" conversation" but now that I was AGAIN expressing concern and disappointment, well, I was exasperating. I felt completely bullied and intimidated. He and his assistant convinced me to let them install everything, that the forsythia would eventually root and fill out. That they would build up a berm to raise the height of the arbors, to look taller, because NOW he finally admits that if these trees aren't good enough, we would have to wait until next spring.... but he makes it clear, I get no refund whatsoever. Every time he speaks, he says something new... I've got $800 into this, I've got $1000 into this, I've got $1500 in this.... Nothing is ever the same, nothing is the truth... And so they lined up the trees, spaced them out well, planted them looked OK from the house, until they drove off at 2 20 pm, ( they had not brought the mulch even though it was in their quote) finally moving their truck away from the front of the trees... And that's when I finally got a good look. And it was bad. They placed the trees (which looked somewhat like bushes, some as small as 4-4 1/2 ft ) a good 2 1/2 - 3 ft from the boundary. They look ridiculous. They need to be pushed over to closer to the border...I know they are going to grow. And I am willing to trim if necessary, but right now they are floating in the yard. It looks like my neighbor just got a big slice of our front yard. In fact it looks like they are my neighbors trees, not my "green fence", designed to protect me from their snow removal, their leaves, etc... All the reasons behind the install, explained to provider on initial walk through. The plants need to be moved at least 8 inches closer to the boundary, and because they are totally not OK. I immediately call Matt, who was supposedly out getting the mulch.... He starts yelling at me that he has returned the excavator, ( no one needs an excavator to move these plants 8- 10 inches) and they were only partially in the ground to boot. He said he would not move them without additional pay, which I refused. He claimed I had walked all around the plants and approved the location. I had not. ....In fact I expected them to knock on the door to consult with me before finalizing anything. Rather than move the plants, or stopping altogether until we came to an agreement, unbeknownst to me, he returned with the mulch, went ahead and put it down, deeply carved a horrible rectangular bed ( wrong) then called the police on me saying I was guilty of "theft of services", that I was refusing to pay him. OMG. At that point he hadn't even asked for payment. He called the police on ME to force me to pay him for work I told him I was not happy with. Standing on my front porch, in front of the police officer, he threatened to dig up or kill the plants if I did not pay him on the spot. Again, feeling even more hopelessly bullied then I did in the AM when he showed up with sad plants, I wrote him a check for $1000, with he threatening to sue me for the balance. Unbelievable. I now must spend more money, more time, racing against the calender to find someone to move the plants to their proper position. Even out back, he merely smoothed out the boundary, spreading soil well into my neighbors yard rather than build it up the foot or so high we discussed, building a sharp dropoff into my neighbors yard. Nothing was done in accordance with our walk through. Nothing was satisfactory. In addition, I have ordered additional forsythia, doubting these will be anywhere near OK.... This guy is an absolute nightmare. I found him dishonest, manipulative and untrustworthy. He has an attitude problem. I strongly advise you to look elsewhere.

Description of Work
Provider was to excavate invasive weeds and shrubs out back. Remove a patch day lilys, then add loam to level the entire border area and plant 4 ft tall forsythias to blend with existing plants. This area was then to be seeded. They did NOT excavate any of the invasive weeds and plants, rather they dumped soil ( filled with rocks I might add) over the existing plants, which may or may not break through. The new forsythia plants were a terrible quality, which he admitted- on the day of the install, but never once in the 5+ weeks prior, while I was waiting. They do not appear to be the same variety as the existing plants, which he promised to match. Out front, a row of arborvitae was to be installed as a boundary plant. Despite numerous concerns over the height and quality of plant, he showed up with disappointingly small shrubs... They were planted in a raised bed, which was a compromise based on the height of the plants. The bed was partially mulched, and then sadly cut into a giant sarcophagus-like rectangle even though the discussion was for a more rounded, kidney shape.

Category landscaping,lawn service,masonry,mulch,tree service,snow removal,hardscaping

Service Provider Response

Dear [removed member name]: I am very sorry that you believe the services provided to you by Prime Cut Landscaping and Lawn Care to have been so unsatisfactory. Prime Cut has provided superior service to Southern Maine residents for over 11 years and has never received a complaint quite like yours. Although I truly believe in and base my company’s values off of the notion that the customer is always right and do anything in my ability to keep valued customers pleased, I too have never had such a dissatisfactory experience with a customer. I am pleased to have the opportunity to address each of the concerns that you have expressed. I am pleased to have provided you with a timely estimate, although I am confident that I notified you upfront on July 26th that despite the fact that you were looking to complete your job immediately I keep a very busy schedule and am usually booked out at least a few weeks. Also, I do not include jobs into my schedule until I have a signed contract in hand. I apologize that I was not more clear about how my scheduling works, and I’m sure you understand that as a small business owner it has become nearly impossible for me to schedule work without a signed contract because I have run into situations in which customers decide to change their minds or delay projects, ultimately leaving me to scramble and find filler projects to keep my employees busy so that they are sure to get the consistent pay check that they depend on. While we are addressing scheduling concerns I would like to note that there are some delays that happen in this business that are out of my control, but my goal has always been to keep customers in the loop. I cannot control weather, especially to the likes of some of the severe rain and wind storms that occurred in the month of August, or scheduling conflicts with DigSafe. As you will remember I did not evade any of your phone calls or emails regarding the scheduling of your job, I found myself to be prompt and courteous in responding. When we spoke about DigSafe visiting your property on Friday, August 29th I did say that I would be there with my crew on Monday, September 1st. However, while still on the phone with you I came to the realization that Monday the 1st was a holiday (Labor Day) and informed you then that I would be coming Tuesday the 2nd or Wednesday the 3rd. I apologize if this message was not more clearly conveyed. A few things that I took note of during that time that we took to walk your property: your concern for the quality of plants and shrubs/trees that you would receive because of the time of year and our discussion about the need for a front-loader/tractor because of the amount of ledge there seemed to be, even on the surface, in the area that you wanted to plant the arborvitaes. I do not feel as though I withheld any information regarding the use and need for a tractor as we discussed it in person during our property walk through and it was very clearly outlined in the contract that you signed. If at any point you found the contract to be ambiguous you had my phone number and email readily available to call and ask questions or voice any concerns before signing. As far as the quality of your plants and shrubs/trees, in my 11 years of business I have always used a very well-known and respected nursery located on Route 114 in Scarborough. I have found that their plants, trees and shrubs are of superior quality and many come with a guarantee so that if for any reason the shrub/tree were to die due to some kind of natural cause, both the customer and I are covered. You had a strong concern about all the shrubs/trees being the same size, shape, and color. For this reason I’m sure that you will understand that it was impossible for me to choose potted plants and trees/shrubs that had been sitting in the lot all summer long. I personally took time to go there in advance and hand-pick the shrubs/trees so that they could be dug out of the ground to guarantee freshness as well as being as close in size, color, and shape as possible. For this reason the root balls came wrapped in burlap so that the roots had maintained their structure and would easily spread and re-root themselves once planted. I took your request for quality and uniformity seriously; however, we need to be reminded here that we are speaking about nature and tree/shrubs and plants are just that, natural. I believe that I did the best that I could do with my extensive knowledge as a landscaper to provide you with the best quality materials that I could. Once I had walked your property with you I gave you a verbal and written (which you signed) estimate of $2,100 - $2,400. This estimate included the cost of the plants, tractor rental, loam, seed, mulch and labor. As we were walking around I told you that forsythia usually runs between $40-$50/plant and arborvitaes usually run around $100/plant depending on the quality. I apologize if it was not clear to you that these numbers were estimated and the reason that both the verbal and written estimate have a buffer of $300 give or take is to account for any differences there may be in material pricing. Once I gave you the estimate and we had a signed contract I never told you that the estimate would be raised to go above and beyond $2,400 to account for the plants and shrubs being slightly more expensive in order to meet your request for quality, I believed I could still complete the job within the parameters of the estimate despite the increased cost of plants and shrubs/trees. I pride myself in being fair with customers and honoring my pricing. From time to time I have found myself in a situation where a job has cost me much more than anticipated in either materials or labor, often for reasons beyond my control, but more often than not I am known to take the hit walking away having a better understanding of what was miscalculated and feeling better prepared for the next time. The same goes for jobs that may unintentionally get overpriced, I am known to let customers know that something didn’t cost as much as planned and relay the price break to them. I have gained the reputation of being fair and honest on pricing with customers, so much so that some of my customers no longer feel the need to ask for quotes. They let me know what they are looking to have done, schedule a time for me to do it and trust that I will treat them fairly. I sincerely apologize that you found me to be rude and I will be sure in the future that I am careful about my tone of voice no matter how upsetting a situation may become. At no point in time did I tell you to stop contacting me and that I would “get to you when I got to you”. I have never, ever, conducted business with customers in the manner of pushing them off and making them feel unimportant, and I do not plan to start now. Every time you contacted me I believe myself to have been friendly and apologetic about any delays that had occurred. I am sorry that you disagree with my manner of requesting that you call me to discuss your concerns. I am not by any means stupid or slow and I did fully understand your method of creating a paper trail (which behooves me as to why someone would sign a contract and immediately feel the need to start creating a “paper trail”, but I also feel myself to be a more open minded and understanding individual), however, sometimes speaking on the phone is a much easier way to diffuse a situation or better understand each other’s needs, concerns, and plans going forward. In a lot of cases email tones are misunderstood or misguided and being a small business owner I am often times in a position where I am wearing all the hats, working from 7am – 5pm and giving estimates until 8pm and then playing office manager after then. It is often easier for me to have a phone conversation with customers while driving between estimates or jobs and quickly resolve any issues or concerns than it is for me to quickly try to respond to your email through my phone or start an email conversation at 8 or 9pm at night that will most likely be continued into the next day and again fall to my to-do list at the very end of my day. I apologize that my method of communicating with customers was not what you were looking for. I am going to have to agree to disagree with you about your “lack of approval” of the services as they were happening. I feel as though my goal throughout the project was to get your opinion and approval before each step of the job was completed. At one point when reviewing the placement of the shrubs/trees before they were planted you noted that when viewing them from the road the shrub furthest from the road was slightly out of line, but you thought it may actually be better to leave it that way so you could still fit a vehicle or piece of equipment between your house and the shrubs to access your backyard if need be. I personally spoke directly with you multiple times throughout the day to discuss the progress of the project and you never voiced any concern for the quality of materials or work at any of those times. My intentions are never to make a customer feel “threatened” or “forced” into any situation. You and I made a verbal agreement at the beginning of the day that you would be paying me the remainder of your balance at the end of the day. I made the decision, a decision I have NEVER once had in my 11 years of business had to make, to have the Biddeford Police Department accompany me to your property at the end of the day because I felt as though your demands were beginning to be unreasonable, outside of the scope of work that had been agreed upon, and frankly unfair. I asked the police to assist in mediating an agreement between you and I, and to be a witness to the situation unfolding. I too am unhappy that it was necessary to involve the police; I don’t believe it helps my company’s reputation when your neighbors and passerby’s see me in your yard speaking with the police while standing next to my lettered company vehicle wearing a lettered company shirt. I apologize that we were not able to come to a mutual and fair agreement, but I need to make difficult decisions from time to time to stand up for myself, my business and the quality of work that I am confident that I provide on a daily basis and truly feel as though I provided for you. I hope that you have gotten all of your concerns aired, I appreciate the opportunity to respond to them, and I hope that we can both move forward and avoid any additional slander at this point. Thank you, Matthew Corbeau Prime Cut Landscaping and Lawn Care


Fast response and turn around. Crew was professional and competent.

Description of Work
Thorough spring clean-up of yard that had been neglected for months by previous owner.

Category landscaping



I came home from work and was blown away at how nice my yard looked. I really had no idea it could look that good. They had done everything I knew needed to be done and so much more that I didn't even know needed to be done. For example, I have a slate walkway that I thought was about a foot and a half wide, turns out it's actually three feet wide, Matt and his team uncovered the extra feet under the overgrowth. Matt cleaned out all corners of my yard and actually made my yard look so much bigger. My dogs were thrilled to be able to go into spaces they had never been before under trees that were previously overgrown. I have a pool and they did an excellent job cleaning beds around the pool and making sure nothing ended up on the pool cover. They do my mowing as well in the summer and I can always count on them to make sure to keep lawn debris out of the pool. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with my spring cleanup and the services they provide for mowing in the summer. I appreciate the level of professionalism and respect they show my property and I recommend Prime Cut to all my friends and neighbors.

Description of Work
Matt's team did a complete overhaul on my yard. They cleaned out and mulched all of my flower beds, cleaned out years of pine needles, trimmed bushes and trees all over the yard, and cleaned a slate walkway. My yard is huge and there are 7 flower beds to clean out and mulch, two of my beds stretch the length of my yard. They were there for a day and a half working the whole time.

Category landscaping,lawn service,mulch,tree service



We have been happy with both lawn and plowing services. Specific to the snowplowing, they are always very timely with their plowing (arriving just at the point where I wouldn't be able to get a car through and not after, for example; and making sure I can get to work) and their attention to detail is excellent. They are also very nice people and Matt Corbeau is very responsive to all concerns. They clear the line right between the plowed area and our garage door, and they also clear our front path and access point for oil and other fuel deliveries

Description of Work
We have a year-round contract with Prime Cut to provide lawn mowing and snow plowing.

Category lawn service,roof snow removal

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