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All About Waterproofing Inc

Founded 1996 • With Angi since July 2011


(24) Verified Reviews

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2602 Laurel Brook Rd

Fallston, MD 21047


All About Waterproofing, Inc. is a family owned and operated, Maryland business that offers the highest quality work in the industry. We pay attention to every detail and provide you with the personal attention you and your home deserve. We offer free inspections and estimates performed by the most experienced professionals in the industry. We are dedicated to your satisfaction from your initial contact to the completion of your service. We stand behind all our work with our owners Satisfaction guaranteed. Additional address - 1114 Saddle View Way, Forest Hill MD 21050. Additional phone - (410) 836-8666....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Bryan S.

Craig came to our home and looked at our issue. He said he would write up a recommendation and provide a quote. Craig than disappeared and never followed up. I eventually reached out to him but he ignored me. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Description of Work
Our basement needed waterproofing and mold remediation.

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

As promised, I emailed our recommendation with a quote to [Member Name Removed] the same day as my inspection. Unfortunately, until I received this review, he and I unknowingly had our emails filtered into spam/junk mail. I contracted [Member Name Removed] right away and we both then realized neither of us had received each others correspondence.


Brian H.

Recommended dehumidifier and circulation and no charge for inspection Two thumbs up

Description of Work
Inspected basement for mold and moisture

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

Thank you [Member Name Removed]! I'm glad all you needed was some good, honest advise!


Aravinda P.

Very well. Craig checked all the damp areas and told us how to take care of it ourselves, by adding downspout extensions. He was courteous and professional and if we have a problem in the future we would certainly call him.

Description of Work
Inspect dampness of basement walls and provide estimate for repairs.

Category basement waterproofing

Service Provider Response

Thank you [Member Name Removed]!! I hope the extensions are enough to solve your dampness issues!


Linda P.

The job went well. The crew was courteous and professional. I appreciate them even cleaning out and adding gravel into my window wells.

Description of Work
I needed to have a drain system and sump pump installed in my basement.

Category basement waterproofing



Nicole E.

The experience went exceptionally well. All work was performed as specifically noted on the estimate and contract. The work was completed timely. The workers were polite, courteous and answered all questions that my wife or I had, and allowed us to see the progress of the work. The owner, Craig, was accessible throughout the project and promptly responded to any/all concerns we had. We were thoroughly pleased with the process from start to finish, and will certainly recommend All About Waterproofing Inc to our friends and family. JOB WELL DONE!

Description of Work
The provider installed a french drain system and sump pump in our basement.

Category basement waterproofing, drain pipe



Marvin P.

My experience with them has been satisfactory; I am happy with them. They know what they are doing and do it right as far as I can see. Their price is reasonable too. I am about to use them again.

Description of Work
I have used All About Waterproofing Inc a couple of times. The last time they came, they did waterproofing in a basement.

Category basement waterproofing



Linda D.

All aspects were explained in detail before work started. Crew arrived on time each day and completed the work within the agreed upon timeframe. The waterproofing came with a guarantee, that conveys with the house. I would recommend All About Waterproofing highly.

Description of Work
Had extensive waterproofing done , both outside and inside(in crawl space,as well as some water damage remediation.

Category basement waterproofing, water delivery



Michael F.

They worked very hard.... very diligent, punctual and even finished early-- probably because they worked so hard. We were really impressed as this was serious hard labor, and being out in the cold all day is not easy or fun task. They had to dig up our bushed and replaced everything back exactly as it was initially. Considering how hard they worked, and this project was 3 days of intense labor, I actually feel in retrospect that charging us $5600.00 was steal as they really earned it.

Description of Work
We had water leaking into our cellar, they dug up the ground in the front of the house where water was noted to be leaking. They dug all the way to the base of the foundation of the area of concern, jackhammers, found holes, and sealed it off the entire wall, etc... . All the dirt and bushes they dug up they placed back exactly as it was. They worked so hard, very diligent, very punctual and actually finished early. We were REALLY impressed as this was serious hard labor, and they were out there in the cold. Considering how hard they worked, and it was 3 days of labor, I actually felt that $5600.00 was a steal.

Category basement waterproofing



Crystal B.

Craig was the second contractor out of three to come to conduct a free inspection of my basement. I contacted his company for services after I noticed water coming through holes in the cinder blocks of my basement unfinished wall created by the prior owner having a closet system installed in this area. What attracted me to his company Initially was the personable service portrayed by his website and with speaking with him. I had already pressumed that the sump pump didn't work correctly and the basement needed to be sealed properly due to me noticing a lot of insects and snake skin in this area. Of course I learned it was worse than I thought. The difference with this company service compared to the other compainies that I had come to conduct an inspection was very noticeable. When Craig came to my home he asked me questions to get a perspective of what issues I was really dealing with. Being that I had only been the owner of my home for a year I could only suspect what the issues were. Yet, Craig immediately took a look at the sump pump and showed me that it was definietly not properly working. He also observed all four walls and the current water drain system in place and explain how it was doing nothing for releasing the water pressure in the walls. (The first contractor I had didn't touch a thing!) Craig also listened to my concerns of the house potentially not being properly sealed and advised that he should conduct a inspection of exterior as well. Craig was the only contractor that took the information I provided and showed me how the water tracks on the wall displayed that as I suspected, the exterior was not properly sealed and was allowing water to flow over the wall and not just the holes in the motor joints of the wall. I was told adamantly by first contractor that my issue would be resolved by installing the water drain system to the interior of the house only. But as Craig showed during the performance of the work, my floor board to the basement had rotted away and created a hole to allow water (and the snake) directly into the unfinished basement area. I am greatly satisfied with work performed by Craig and his crew. Since the work has been performed I have not seen a trickle of water in my basement! Additionally, I have to say it was great to have familiar face appear with the crew, in that Craig (whom is also the owner) was in attendance of the work being performed and supervised the entire process. I admit that this display of work ethic reaffirmed to me that the job was being done right! I believe that I was given a fair price for the work and got even more. I was quoted at a $1000.00 more with the first contractor and that was just for the interior drain system on the front wall! I am certain that I went with the right company and that my water issues have certainly been solved. Thanks Craig to you and your crew; and a wonderful job well done!

Description of Work
Provided free inspection of interior and exterior and seperate estimates for repairs. Service provided was the replacement of sump pump and well; replacement of interior drain system (40ft); installation of Miradrain Wall System; mold remediation with IAQ 2500; filling of holes of cinder blocks motor joints; repaint wall with waterproof sealant; excavation of exterior/front flower bed (12 x 18) for installation of drain system to connect to sub-soil drain; repaired seal and recaulked front porch; replace rotten floor board;

Category contractors, decks, home inspection, plumbing, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, wells, drain pipe, mold removal



andrew C.

Very honest guy. Pointed out some cheaper fixes to try (not involving his company) before investing in a major waterproofing. Other companies wanted to charge $3000 to $6000 to implement a solution without clearly identifying the problem. He suggested that I call him if we had water infiltration after implementing his recommendations so he could come out promptly to try to identify the cause.

Description of Work
Came out to inspect basement that has a very infrequent water issue

Category home inspection, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing



Charlene L.

Very professional, tidy, got the job done quickly and efficiently.

Description of Work
Partial waterproofing of basement--installed pressure-relief system and new sump pump.

Category basement waterproofing



Barbara G.

I love All about Waterproofing. They did our French Drain. I have nothing but good to say about them. They have been amazing, they gave me the warranty. They were responsive. We went through Environmental Protection attorneys and they did the utmost, all the extra bells and whistles to help.

Description of Work
I last used All About Waterproofing the end of February or the first of March.

Category basement waterproofing



Amanda L.

I am a Realtor that has been in the business for for over 15 years. I have used a lot of waterproofers. In my experience, there is a huge "sales" push that comes with waterproofing. I've (regularly) seen waterproofers try and "sell" $13,000 "solutions" to my Clients, for a problem that could be fixed with landscaping and gutters. Or I see companies start out great, but, then get so large that they have estimators (clearly on commission) who are kind of running a muck. Or even worse... the company was great, but, grew so large that they became a salable company. Then, once the company is sold/in new hands... good luck with that warranty! Craig and his team are fantastic to work with. I used them in my own home. All About Waterproofing didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. In fact, he found a great way to reduce my cost and offer me a better solution. His construction team lead was well spoken & easy to work with. Everyone on the job from start to finish was respectful & efficient. They gave me a truly transferable warranty. They did a great job, at a very fair price & were in and out within 48 hours. Hands down the best waterproofer I've ever worked with. Hopefully I won't have to use another waterproofer in one of my own homes. But, if I do, I know I'll be calling All About Waterproofing. In my work as a Realtor though, I'll be recommending All About Waterproofing often and breathing a sigh of relief when I see their name attached to a waterproofing job on a home for sale! sPS-I got AAW's info from another friend that is in waterproofing. That's right, his competition recommended him for the job!

Description of Work
They repaired mortar joints, installed fortress kevlar carbon fiber straps & put in a french drain in our basement. They installed a sump pump and extended exterior downspouts as well. They also cleaned up after themselves very well!

Category basement waterproofing



Nancie Wysong M.

If I could use only two words to describe Craig Kripas (owner) I would say trustworthiness and excellence. He and his workers (foreman Edmondo, and the other three) were hard working, honest, and did an incredible professional job for a fair price. They know their business, (Check out their website, it is educational, allowing you to read up and understand what Craig and crew are going to do to waterproof and make your home safe and healthy), and they do not cut corners on doing it correctly. I was married to a subcontractor for 18 years, and this is the first professional (Craig Kripas) whose work-ethic and excellence are comparable to my former husband's- who was without equal in his line of work: cabinetmaking and finish. BEFORE: Craig came and crawled through my crawlspace, took photos, uploaded them unto his laptop, and explained what needed to be done. He sent me an estimate that night via email. My crawlspace had cracks, leaking water, was moist, insulation was wet and falling down, the light plastic that the former owner had laid in the crawlspace was not taped at the seams, and had pools of water where the ground underneath it was not level. There was junk thrown in my crawlspace, no sumppump or electrical hook up, and mold. AFTER: Craig and crew were able to finish in 3 days, which was a window when the weather held out a little less than that time in early February. They leveled the crawlspace ground, reinforced any floor supports that needed (in my 1938 bungalow), dug trenches and laid drain and installed the sump-pump, then went on to shovel and level rounded stone gravel (that does not puncture the 6 mil plastic overlay), to make it easy to crawl through. I went and inspected with Edmondo, and crawled through the crawl space. It was clean, dry, and even cozy, although a little clausterphobic for my taste. They dug window wells, and replaced the old ones, repaired the brick on the exterior around the window wells, repaired the brick around the entrance to the crawl space, built a new hinged hatch and installed it, graded the landscape so that the water ran away from my home, extended the downspouts, and probably a hundred other things that I didn't notice. OVERALL: I have never been more pleased with work done, as well as their polite, thoughtful approach. (I did not feel pressured in any way, Craig is soft-spoken, and explained and gave me choices on how he could fix the problem/ and costs per task, if I needed to do it in stages or only wanted to do the minimum). Kraig Kripas and his crew are professional, trustworthy, do excellent work, and delivered beyond my expectations, which is a difficult thing to do.

Description of Work
A.A.W. subproof pressure relief system w/drain sleeve and fliter cloth A.A.W. mira-drain wall system Install 1/2 hp sump-pump (commercial grade) A.A.W. mold remeidation w/negative air & containment I.A.Q. 25000 antimicrobial disinfectant spray Interior crack repair with hydrolic cement vapor barrier install necessary electricity to crawlspace to run sumppump, and install a light and switch to light entrance and area around sump pump. Replace damaged & missing insulation. replace some floor supports that were missing in floor above. Replace 4 vents with new vents (that open automatically when air reaches 70degrees, and close when air reaches 40degrees) Dig and put in new, larger window wells, repair brick in exterior home foundation Replace/build entrance to crawl space with hinged, wood cover made with treated lumber Shovel stone, dig ditches inside crawlspace, dig out place to put in sump-pump, clean up yard, extend downpours, grade lanscaping away from the house, install vapor barrier (6 mil) Remove and remediate mold, resolve problems of standing water in crawlspace. Haul away debris and clean up all construction mess. Came back and fixed a tripping fuse in the fuse that, after talking with them, I think may have just failed coincidentally, and it was nothing that they did, but they fixed it anyway without charge... But I am going to contact today and insist he bill me for that, as I believe that they were more than fair with me, and I don't want to take advantage of them.

Category basement waterproofing



James F.

It was very hard and noisy work but they brought a full, experienced crew and completed on time with quality results. Craig, the owner, has always been very professional and responsive, before, during, and after the installation of the drainage system. He has stood by the lifetime guarantee that his company offers and has responded quickly the few times I've had questions about the state of the system. So far the drainage system has always checked out fine and it has been operating for roughly 10 years now.

Description of Work
Installed full French drain system with battery backed-up sump pump along entire front and back walls of my town home basement.

Category basement waterproofing



william E.

HORRIBLE experience. They refused to provide me with a breakdown of services being provided and as far as I am concerned never did a thorough enough inspection to provide me with the pricing that he gave me.

Description of Work
This company was called to do an inspection before I bought a home. Craig refused to give me a breakdown of the costs of repair. The only breakdown was :Waterproofing: $5,100Remediation : $3,800Testing : $600.00 There was no breakdown of the cost of parts or labor. He simply told me that "We would have to agree to diasagree." He said that he had done this for hundreds of Realtors. My response was that I was not a realtor, and that as the person who was potentially going to be signing the check I wanted to know what I was paying for. He said he didn't think it was necessary. After that conversation, he called my Realtor and retracted his contract. Very unprofessional and very vague. During his inspection process he never used a meter to determing moisture levels and only based his quote off of the pictures from the home inspection. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND !!!!

Category basement waterproofing, mold removal

Service Provider Response

I inspected the property for an agent with the Core Realty Group. I supplied a written inspection letter which detailed my remediation and waterproofing processes. The estimate portion was detailed in the same manner as I do all my estimates; thousands over the course of 12 years. The customer, whom I have never met and was not privy to his involvement in the process, contacted me first by calling my office. His initial contact with the office was in a less than cordial manner to the operator answering the phone. I then promptly returned his call to address his concerns. The customer, again in his angry, less than cordial manner, chose to tell me my estimate was unprofessional because it was not more detailed and itemized in the manner HE expected. Therefore, knowing the type of personality he was displaying, seeing our conversation was not going to be resolved, I chose to take the high road and end our conversation by telling him we would have to agree to disagree. I am a professional, honest, thorough, detail oriented contractor who tries to surround myself with positive people. Including prospective clients. I chose not to do business with the customer as I do not appreciate his unwarranted anger and we just do not see eye to eye.


Amy A.

They came in and had to install carbon fiber straps on 2 basement walls as well as a new waterproofing system. They replaced the sump pump and installed an additional sump pump with back-up battery. They cleaned up and really did a wonderful job. We are very happy with the work they did for us. We would highly recommend them!

Description of Work
We used All About Waterproofing, Inc. to come in and fix a big mess that the other waterproofing company wouldn't stand behind.

Category screen repair, basement waterproofing, mold removal, foundation repair



Ann Elizabeth S.

They were excellent. I ended up spending $7100 for their service. They were incredible workers. I have never ever seen people work so hard. It’s a mess when you get that done. They jackhammer and break through your basement floor around the entire perimeter of the house. They were very clean and very efficient. The guy that runs the business was very responsive. Overall, they were excellent and everything about them was excellent.

Description of Work
All About Waterproofing Inc. did basement waterproofing for us in October of 2010 after we had a flood and our house is also like 50 years old. Their services included wall drain system, two sump pumps and stairwell service. It was about 122 feet.

Category basement waterproofing, wells, drain pipe



Tara D.


Description of Work
Put i new drain tile and sump pump.

Category remodeling, basement waterproofing



Leslie M.

Mr. Kripas arrived a few minutes early for our noon appointment. He surveyed the damge and the area the water was originating from. After doing a process of elimination he found that our problem has to do with sopmething entirely unrelated to the foundation. He then, at no cost to us, spent time helping us understand what we need to do and the questions we need to ask the company who is going to do the repairs (it was caused by a busted line in our irrigation system). We were so impressed with his knowledge, integrity, and willingness to help us with something he was not going to benefit from. I will recommend him and call him again if we ever do need his expertise.

Description of Work
The owner of the company came out to give us an estimate on what we thought was a water problem related to our foundation. He surveyed the enitrety of the problem and found the source not to be related to the foundation. Whew!

Category water damage restoration




Craig is a great guy - flexible and easy to work with. His crew was fast and efficient. They do great work and I would highly recommend.

Description of Work
Installed 2 new sump pumps, installed new drainange system in basement, installed new drain in stairwell, excavated and sealed leaking areas in the foundation from the outside of the house.

Category water damage restoration




It was a very positive experience. The head of the company is named Craig Kritas. He came and did the assessment and it was a thorough review. We ve had other contractors come in who just said if you have a wet problem to just put some pump over there. He basically did a good review of the setting and what was needed. He described exactly what needed to be done and when he could do it. I had to reschedule and he was very easy to reschedule with. They came and they were both very tidy and quick. He performed the job in exactly the time frame he said he would. He was very good.

Description of Work
We had one corner of our basement that was wet and they dug a trench in that corner. They then to connected that trench to a pump that we already had. This involved having to tunnel under a bathroom. They installed a larger drain in our basement under the stairwell.

Category water damage restoration





Description of Work

Category water damage restoration



Karen P.

We were very impressed with the company, their pricing, knowledge and availability. The estimate was very reasonable and he could have done the work within about a week. We actually called and left a message to start the process and then found out that a competitor could do the job the next day for about the same price. Since we were anxious to complete the project as soon as possible, we went with the other company but we would hire All About Waterproofing for another job.

Description of Work
We had Craig estimate our basement for a french drain.

Category basement waterproofing, drain pipe

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    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about All About Waterproofing Inc

    How is All About Waterproofing Inc overall rated?

    All About Waterproofing Inc is currently rated 4.9 overall out of 5.

    What days are All About Waterproofing Inc open?

    All About Waterproofing Inc is open:

    Sunday: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    Monday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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    Saturday: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    What payment options does All About Waterproofing Inc provide

    All About Waterproofing Inc accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Financing Available

    Does All About Waterproofing Inc offer free estimates?

    Yes, All About Waterproofing Inc offers free project estimates.

    Does All About Waterproofing Inc offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, All About Waterproofing Inc offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does All About Waterproofing Inc offer a senior discount?

    No, All About Waterproofing Inc does not offer a senior discount.

    Does All About Waterproofing Inc offer emergency services?

    Yes, All About Waterproofing Inc offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by All About Waterproofing Inc?

    No, All About Waterproofing Inc does not offer warranties.

    What services does All About Waterproofing Inc offer?

    All About Waterproofing Inc offers the following services: Interior & exterior waterproofing systems, certified mold inspections, certified mold testing, certified mold remediation, fha/va certifications, sump pumps & battery back-up pumps, crack repairs, stairwell drains, structural repairs & fortress kevlar carbon fiber system.