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Lynch Construction & Remodeling

With Angi since February 2010


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41 Oakland st ext

Natick, MA 01760


Lynch Construction & Remodeling is a full service residential remodeling company. We are a fully licensed and insured quality driven company that focuses on customer service while providing quality craftsmanship. Owner, Michael Lynch has been in the remodeling business for 15 years. Michael runs the business and supervises all on site production, utilizing a strong subcontractor base of professional tradesman. Michael will complete most carpentry jobs personally while bringing in the right tradesmen for all areas of the construction process. The process starts with a phone conversation to determine the type of project the homeowner has in mind. We may be able to give a rough idea as to the cost of similar projects to determine if the work is within the homeowner’s budget. We would next meet at the home to go through the proposed work so a full and accurate estimate can be created. Most project costs can be fully determined before the start of construction. See our facebook page for photos of recent kitchen, bath, and basement remodels, examples of custom features that are a speciality of LCR, as well as updates on current projects....

Verified Reviews

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Robert A.

I worked with the owner and principal of the company, Mike Lynch, who saw to all of the job estimation details himself. I had gotten two other estimates and found his to be the most detailed and straightforward. He provided a line-item cost estimate, divided into project areas, which I found easy to understand. Mike was patient with my questions and always responsive and forthcoming with further information and adjustments when required. Of the three estimates I received, Lynch Construction came out ahead based on the following factors: 1. The thoroughness, organization, accuracy, and presentation of the written estimate. 2. Perception of contractor expertise and reliability. 3. Price range. 4. Responsiveness. 5. Thoughtfulness and enthusiasm during the site visit and subsequent communications. 6. Apparent comfort level with the use of technology. 7. Proximity of the contractor to my location. In addition, in the time that I'd been corresponding with Mike (we first started communicating in October 2012) he had increased his company's profile on Angie?s list and had received the Super Service Award for 2012. Upon moving to the contract phase, I found the ten page contract easy to follow and that Mike was patient with and responsive to questions and adjustments. At the advice of Angie's List, I had requested documentation of license, three references, proof of liability insurance, and warranty, each of which were provided and passed muster. Angie's List had also recommended that there be a bond for the project and that the contractor provide proof of workers' compensation insurance in addition to liability insurance (Angie's List had shown Lynch Construction as being"bonded"). I inquired after these things and found Mike to be a bit evasive, but later he indicated that a bond would be overkill for my project. I asked my brother-in-law, who works in the construction business, about these things and he said that Mike was right in that (in Massachusetts) bonds are typically issued to contractors working on large municipal jobs. With regards to workers' compensation insurance, he said that because Mike's company appeared to be a sole proprietorship, in Massachusetts such entities are not required to have workers' comp. However the worker?s comp would protect against injury to Mike's employees if he has any. I asked Mike about this and he said he'd be hiring a full-time carpenter soon and would send me the comp information once he's hired. I never received this information and in addition to what appeared to be the full time carpenter, I did notice one or two additional workers (apprentices?) at various points in the project, so I may have assumed some additional risk here. The initial estimate had included about a $5000 allowance for the kitchenette cabinetry and bar materials. Mike referred me to a Kitchen & Bath company in Woburn, MA with whom he had worked in the past to help me with the design and materials. I worked with a person there for about a month, initially via e-mail and culminating in a visit to their showroom, but the budget I'd established proved to be a limiting factor and I felt the interest and attention of the person I was working with had begun to wane as a result. What was most important to me was in getting the right design with quality materials, so in hindsight I probably should have downplayed the budget constraints a lot more. As it turned out, I spent three times the initial allowance to get the design/materials I wanted. Having lost faith in the company in Woburn, I contacted a friend of mine who worked for a K & B company in Bedford, MA. As a result Mike removed the allowance from the estimate. Mike was willing to work with this other company, but I found I had to play a more involved role as go-between. In the end I was happy with the design and installation of the kitchenette/bar. The project got underway and moved along fairly quickly and we were soon faced with a decision about what to do with the hardwood floor. The original estimate included only labor and material involved to use the flooring pulled up from the bar area to cover the gap in the floor left by the wall that had been removed, tie in the remaining hardwood floors, and sand and finish the entire room floor. The front hall, on the other side of the wall/entryway on the same floor, was to remain untouched. Upon inspection of the condition of the existing hardwood, Mike advised that it may not stand up to a full sanding as there was little surface depth to work with. It appeared the floor had been sanded once or twice before, and to sand it again might create holes and weaknesses in the surface. It also appeared that the only way to patch the gap would be to lay the boards in perpendicular to the existing boards, which did not seem a very appealing design. What I did not realize and what Mike did not point out to me (not sure if he realized either) was that there was another full floor of (pine?) underneath the hardwood, which appeared to be the original floor. The floors upstairs have all been restored to this same flooring. The gap would still have had to have been repaired to use this older floor, but it may have been a simpler and more appealing alternative. I suspect that restoring that floor would have been cheaper than redoing the entire hardwood floor. In the end we decided to redo the entire hardwood floor in white oak. It was only later, in hindsight, that I realized there may have been the alternative of using the original flooring underneath the old hardwood. Given the excellent results of the final project, I don't think that restoring the pine floor would have looked anywhere as good as what's in place now, nor would it have been as durable (the pine is a bit soft and prone to marking). However, I would have preferred to have had the option to consider at the time. Following the decision to replace the hardwood, we had to increase the estimate to include the front hallway, which I felt was necessary given the condition of it and how it would contrast starkly to the new floor. Mike then informed me that because of the direction and uneven nature of the pine board subfloor, that we had to either a) run the new flooring perpendicular to the pine subfloor, opposite the exiting pattern and counter to the recommended design of running the lines in the same direction of the light from the front and rear windows, or install 3/8'' plywood underlayment so that the flooring could be installed parallel with the existing subfloor. The latter was the right way to go, but it cost an additional $1025 to do. At this point I was becoming a bit skeptical of the hardwood floor project and having done my own research I put Mike through his paces with questions about the proposal. Mike was patient and forthcoming with details about his plan so I conceded with the proper plan. In the end the hardwood floor went in fine, and I had left town for several days to allow the crew to work and stain/finish the floor (the fumes required I vacate the house for at least 24 hours). When I returned I was well impressed with the results. The fireplace installation was a bit tricky in that I had purchased an antique hearth which required significant modification to fit the fireplace. Mike's crew did an amazing job with this. In the process it was necessary to replace the original mantle top. I was not happy with the initial replacement choice and expressed a desire to replicate the original as closely as possible. The original had a beaded trim along the perimeter which was challenging to recreate. Mike stepped up to the challenge and they came up with a terrific solution that's even more attractive than the original. As part of the fireplace project, I had engaged a company that makes mosaic tiles using computers for the design and robots for the manufacture. This process makes it affordable to create attractive custom mosaic tiles for your home. Mike's tile guy did the installation, which is done in numbered sections, but in the process he installed one of the final sections backwards. I pointed this out to Mike and he agreed to absorb the cost of replacing that tile section, which was done in good order. All other aspects of the project went well and I'm quite pleased with the results. The only other significant issue arose around the final inspection. The inspector noted that the exterior vent from the gas fireplace seemed to protrude over the properly line (my house is build right against it). I went to City Hall to obtain a Plot Plan and learned that there was none on file for my property. Having obtained a copy of the one used when I purchased the house in 2010, I learned it was insufficient for construction/remodeling purposes. I also learned that it is the Contractor's obligation to obtain a Plot Plan when obtaining a permit for projects of this kind, which apparently had not been done. Because of this I withheld final payment to Mike pending the resolution of the issue. In the process of resolving this issue I was required to hire a lawyer and pay for a surveyor to create a certified Plot Plan, which added another $2000 to the cost of the project. I then had to engage my neighbor over who's property the vent protrudes on signing an easement, which had been prepared by my lawyer. It turned out that although the neighbor did not object to the placement of the vent, they were planning to sell the property and would not agree to the easement for fear that it would impact its value. My lawyer advised me that it would be fine to leave matters alone and we'd have other recourse should it ever become an issue in the future (which both he and I seriously doubt). With the vent issue finally settled, about 8 months following the completion of the project, I remitted final payment to Mike, and I remain very pleased with his skillful work and good service overall.

Description of Work
Remodeled the first floor living room which included the removal of a partition wall and the installation of a corner bar/kitchenette, gas fireplace, and new hardwood flooring. Also replaced temporary structural braces with permanent lally columns in the basement.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Ellen B.

never returned my initial call

Description of Work

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

I'm Sorry that I missed your call [removed member name]. I try my best to get back to everyone that calls, emails, or stops by one of my jobs. I apologize for not responding to what I assume was a voice mail that you left. One follow up call might have been helpful, however, instead of an F rating on Angie's List.


Eric S.

I have hired Mike to work on three different homes and in every instance he delivered on time and within budget. In addition to the quality of his work, his professionalism and responsiveness are second to none and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.

Description of Work
Installation of handrail, balusters, and newels Crown molding/window moldings/base board Reworking of kitchen cabinets to make room for dishwasher Installation of a deck Renovated a patio including columns and ceiling

Category remodeling




Mike is the owner of the company and works with a manageable sized crew. In my opinion, the best part of working with Lynch Construction is working with Mike. All of the discussions regarding plans, budget and billing are directly with Mike. He is a great guy, is a great communicator, extremely responsive and is just easy to work with. He is patient and he listens. On top of that, I felt very comfortable with his crew being inside and around our house. All of Mike's guys seem like nice guys, and they make the overall experience much more pleasant than a typical contractor experience. Another positive aspect of Mike's work is he is very transparent about the costs of his project. His estimates are very detailed and make it easy to understand the costs involved. He was careful to check with me before committing time and materials to additional work that was outside of the budget. The projects that Mike's company did at our house were not overly complex, so it is difficult for me to do a complete assessment of the quality, including his team?s ability to complete difficult or challenging carpentry tasks. However, I would say that for the work done, Mike used quality materials and everything he did has held up well over the past couple of years. There were two "issues" that led to me calling Mike. One was that the water was not falling cleanly into the gutters, but come to find out, the reason for that was that the original roof wasn?t installed correctly. He came back that week and created a makeshift solution that solved the issue involved with the original roof installation. Second, I called Mike to request his team move the position of one of the downspouts from the gutters. Again, Mike, responded and sent his team over that week to move the position of the downspout. Overall, I had a very positive experience with Mike. He is one of the most trustworthy individuals I have dealt with when it comes to home projects. I feel 100% comfortable dealing with him and as a result, wouldn?t hesitate to contact him again.

Description of Work
Miscellaneous Home Improvement Projects - Mike's crew did a couple of smaller projects for us over the course of the course of about a year. The first project included replacing a large rotted window with a new window, re-trimming the inside of the window, and doing the painting touch up work. It also included trimming out an entranceway from our dining room into our living room. Finally, it involved replacing a bunch of rotted trim on the outside of our home. The second project involved replacing two rotted basement windows, installing cedar shake siding on our shed and installing gutters on our home. Note: the price included above is just a rough approximation. Mike's team completed several different projects over a couple of years and this is just a rough estimate of what I spent. I would not rely on it.

Category remodeling



Kate M.

We found Mike through a friend of a friend while we were at the tail end of interviewing contractors. I'd never dealt with a small remodel, let alone one of this size. We were pretty nervous. We had heard just about every variation you can think of as to price from different contractors. Mike was honest and upfront from the start and that never changed throughout the duration of the project. He worked h****** getting an accurate estimate and said he would likely come in higher than most because of it. It came down to 2 contractors and Mike was higher. I am an extremely detail orientated person and knew that we'd be better taken care of in the long run by someone who was so diligent in his estimate. I have no doubt that in the end we would've paid close to the same with either contractor regardless and we got a much better quality job done with Mike. My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Mike and his crew (neither can anyone who's ever seen his work in our home). Ultimately the job took roughly 5-6 months, a little longer than first estimated. However we weren't surprised by this considering the size of the job. I didn't stress throughout the project that we were being neglected in any way or that we weren't being listened to - that is worth a whole lot to me. There were very few days when no one was here working on getting the house done. Mike is also extremely particular about details and it really shows in his work. I wanted to preserve as much character as I could in our old, family home I've been visiting my whole life and now live in. Mike worked hard to figure out how to make that happen -- even when it wasn't easy. He worked with original wood doors that were in the house and customized them to fit, he helped us make sure the trim and details in the new living space in the attic matched the rest of the house, he helped us to repair a chimney so we could have exposed brick, the new staircase was thoughtfully placed where it feels like it has always been, and about a million other details that make the whole job remarkably well done and feel seamless. We lived at, and I also worked from home throughout the entire project. I wasn't sure what to expect- but besides the obviously loud demo days there were barely any disruptions to my day to day business. Because we didn't move out the whole job was done in 2 big chunks. This way we would never be without a bathroom and the work was contained to one floor at a time. This could have been an absolute nightmare and was far from it. The entire crew and all subcontractors were extremely respectful and very clean. There were very few surprises along the way due to Mike's fantastic estimate and honesty. Any surprises we DID find were ultimately not that shocking as we were well primed and because of Mike's great communication skills. The number of people or incidents that were negative in our experience with the whole job is extremely limited. We weren't a huge fan of the kitchen designer. However, we didn't go with custom cabinets so what we were really dealing with was a kitchen salesman and Mike did a phenomenal job of helping us navigate the many options and cutting through the BS. In the almost year since the work has been completed we have almost no complaints or cases of anything not working. We did have some initial issues with our new AC system (not found until probably 5 months after renovations were completed last winter) and I was floored by how speedy Mike's response was. He does not mess around and we really appreciated it! The bottom line: Mike is worth every penny not only for the quality and dedication he shows in his work but for the ease of communication and speedy resolution of any issues that arise. If you hire Mike you will not be disappointed.

Description of Work
We live in my Great Grandparents home that was built in 1918 and hadn't quite been fully modernized -- ever. We were looking for a new kitchen (gutted - walls removed) and a new bathroom (gutted) as well as making our extensive attic space into real living space. This meant adding a staircase (attempting to incorporate it seamlessly), a dormer, a brand new bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a little living room. The project was huge! And a bit daunting. It felt like a whole home remodel (90% of the house was somehow affected, one single original bedroom was not). We also took the opportunity to add central AC and remove and replace all of the knob and tube wiring.

Category remodeling, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

Thanks for the kind words Kate. It was a pleasure working with you and member. I'm glad I was able to be a part of making a great home for those two little girls when they get here.


Megan B.

Great job. Mike is very professional & punctual. High quality, especially with custom woodwork / built ins. We are very satisfied.

Description of Work
Basement remodel / refinish.

Category basement remodeling



Neil M.

Was highly recommended by former customers. Mike was very communicative, both before and during the process. Very knowledgable, pointing out areas of potential concern - and some design suggestions. He and his crew were very clean, and professional. Only downside would be pricing. Job was relatively small - and price was a bit on the higher end of what we would have expected. But would defiantely recommend him, and look to have him for other projects

Description of Work
replace tub, vanity, tile in smaller bathroom

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Jonathan R.

Mike was great working with us in the planning stage, helping us to understand what was possible and what wasn't, to offer ideas (many of which were excellent and we used) and to really understand what we wanted to use the space for. The project was completed on time and exactly on budget. There were no surprises. One thing that stands out about Mike (and there are many) is how considerate he was of our property. When he'd wrap up for the weekend he'd store all of his equipment tucked away (to the extent possible) in the workspace, and would almost obsessively clean the entire area to ensure that the house was in perfect shape for us. During the work he was very conscientious about laying down paper or plastic so our rugs and floors wouldn't get ruined with people coming and going and tracking sawdust, etc. around. After this project, we used the office constantly. It was functional, comfortably, and beautifully done. Ever detail was perfect. We have since sold the house where he did this work, but the buyers told us the built-in office was a major reason they loved (and bought) the property. This was our 3rd or 4th project with Mike. His prices are extremely reasonable, he is always dead on with estimates. Projects are always completed on time and when he says they will. Occasionally things have come up where parts were delayed or he encountered an unknown obstacle - in cases of these delays he would always do his best to get things done as quickly as possible and to get back on schedule. Mike always answers his phone or calls right back if he is with another customer. When we'd agree to meet in the morning, he would send text messages to confirm or keep us posted on his status. This was a nice touch (especially when we were running around in the morning and didn't necessarily need a phone call), just to let us know we wouldn't be waiting for hours (like I have with many, many other contractors). One other anecdote - during the office project, we had a pipe freeze and burst. The damage wasn't immense, but the process of getting it repaired (and getting insurance to cover it) was daunting. Even though Mike was busy, he quickly assured us he would help us get everything repaired. He even talked to a surly insurance adjuster who was trying to refuse our request to replace our front door (which had gotten wet, swollen and would no longer shut) and brought him around. The project was really stressful, but it's incredible how helpful he was. The area looks better now than it did before,and it was incredibly helpful to have him as an advocate and expert. The most absurd tiny detail from the burst pipe repair - the roof over our entryway had to be cut away to remove damaged insulation. This area was painted with some crazy old stain that's apparently nearly impossible to replicate. From other folks we'd talked to, the answer was basically "you'll never get it to look the same, the area you repaint will definitely stand out, you should just get used to it." Mike found a painter (who is essentially an artist) who managed to match it perfectly. This wasn't the painter Mike normally uses (who we love and have done a lot of work with as well) - he found this guy especially for this job (and did not charge us any extra). So not only is Mike great, the people he uses are also extremely capable, and he seems to know the right person for any job (no matter how random).

Description of Work
Mike built an office in an area which was formerly a screened-in 3-season porch. The existing space had odd angles and bizarre dimensions. We were using it as an office, but store-bought desks fit in awkwardly and the space wasn't being utilized because nothing fit properly and the room was really uncomfortable. Mike installed built-in cabinetry, a desk, and a great window seat. He worked with us to make sure that the design met all of our needs. For example, we had a lot of hanging file folders, so Mike found a way to build 5 or 6 drawers for hanging file folders and have a window seat area above most of these. The window seat transitioned beautifully into the desk, which extended and had drawers underneath another side of it. Above the desk Mike built cabinets flanked with tastefully done curved side shelves. He advised us in regards to cost about the total project and was very patient as we decided which price points for lighting, painting, and carpentry were best for us. He gave options, opinions, and advice (when asked for it) and it is his guidance (and his nature) that sets him apart from others. Now the space is not only usable and fully functional, but it is also extremely attractive and has garnered many compliments.

Category remodeling



Ruthann W.

The overall experience with my master bath project was bad. BUT, it would have been worse if I didn't have Mike stepping in to keep the project moving and correct errors.

Description of Work
Mike oversaw the remodel and construction of my master bath. He was not the primary contractor on the job, but he should have been. He stepped in when the contractor was dropping the ball. Mike and team are extremely professional, responsive and talented. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Mary B.

We are very happy with the results of his work. Mike and his crew did a great job. We were given a detailed costing so we know what we were going to spend and it did not change. He was prompt and completed the job on time. Mike personally handled the demands of our local inspector and ensured that the project ran smoothly. Mike and all his subs were very pleasant and easy to work with, and everybody came when we were told they would.

Description of Work
Finish basement including family room and laundry room.

Category remodeling



John L.

It was an odd recommendation (from another GC) , but after speaking with Mike and three other GC's we had a good feeling with him, and my wife and I thought he did an excellent job with the project. Lynch's Mike ended up bringing his team onsite and carefully reviewed things prior to the quote, and he actually recommended a slightly more costly option of building a closet in our kitchen in lieu of in our first floor bathroom at our request if it could be done. He suggested building custom matching cabinets in our kitchen in lieu of a closet and I am convinced it was a superior end result as they matched perfectly. I was impressed with the following which I don't see with smaller contractors: He did high quality work in every area. He and his team showed up on time each day. He and his subs looked like professionals that take pride in doing a great job. If he wasn't going to be there or if his schedule changed, he actually called me (like they all promise, but normally don't). There were a couple small changes with the job, but I had the option of accepting the recommendation or not. I thought it made sense to improve the project and end result (and it did) He was onsite nearly all the time while his subs worked onsite and he checked up on them as necessary (unless my wife or I was around) He left the place clean and did a professional job making it look right. He didn't take shortcuts that often end up with a lesser end result. He cleaned up after himself and came back when we needed one cabinet door altered as it didn't quite hang right. I have hired some good and unfortunately my share of bad contractors over the years, and Mike Lynch is a great one that I would definitely use again. I highly recommend him. John Ledbetter, Franklin MA

Description of Work
They built custom cabinets that perfectly matched our 20 year old custom hand built cabinets for our washer dryer. We were impressed. I initially called another GC for a quote, and didn't end up using them (Britton Homes) but I will say I was very impressed that when speaking with them they confirmed they were a larger company and as we were looking for a smaller enhancement to our kitchen (building a custom cabinet in our kitchen and relocating our basement washer and dryer to the kitchen) and the Britton owner thought they would be too expensive for our size job. That was refreshing - honesty. The owner (Jim?) was however, kind enough to spend a decent time with me on the phone and recommended a smaller contractor Michael Lynch ( who worked for them for a number of years and he was a great contractor and was good for jobs not as large as what Britton normally does.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Hannah R.

Mike and his crew did a fantastic job from the beginning to the end. We hired him to fix and finish some work done by another contractor who had done a pretty sloppy install of a washer and dryer into our apartment. Mike responded very promptly to our request for an estimate. He surveyed the project and was able to flexibly suggest different options based on our budget. He is not only very knowledgeable and skilled at his job, but an excellent communicator. Everything was clear from the beginning and he was able to answer any questions I had immediately. The work began on time and Mike was very accommodating of our schedule. We had to vacate our apartment for a couple of days during the demolition because of the hazard of lead paint. Mike worked his schedule around the days we had childcare away from home. This was wonderful. A major piece of the work that Mike and his team accomplished was to bury a set of pipes in the wall. In doing this, he and his plumber discovered that the previous work had not been done correctly and could allow for sewer gases to come up through the pipes. They managed to fix this and get the pipes into the wall which made our place look much better. They also installed a few safety features that will make it much less likely for us to have a water leak in the machines. Mike was also able to repair a hole in our kitchen cabinets that the previous contractor left. I was shocked that he was able to do this--and do it so well--you would never suspect that there was a hole there in the first place. In another spot, Mike built a storage cabinet which far exceeded our expectations. It was beautifully finished and framed. We had one small problem during the work (the washer briefly stopped working) and Mike came by within a few hours of my call, figured out the problem, and fixed it immediately. I strongly recommend Mike Lynch and his team to anyone looking for a highly skilled, honest, clear, reliable, contractor with a great aesthetic sense and attention to detail.

Description of Work
Converted doorway into wall (demo--including lead precautions, carpentry, plaster) Installed bathroom ceiling fan Repaired plumbing connection for washer/dryer--buried plumbing in wall Repaired hole in kitchen cabinet Built custom cabinet

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Neil M.

Mike was very professional, thorough and communicative - given some of the challenges we threw at him. We had purchased much of the fixtures and items already in anticipation of completing the project ourselves, which we ultimately decided against. But given the limited scope (no framing, re-plumbing), and lack of markup opportunity on materials, few contractors wanted to take the job. Mike was very fair and accurate in estimating the job - both pricing and time (working around the Thanksgiving holiday). He was very thorough in explaining the issues that he uncovered as he worked through the project and made sure that he stuck to all of the small details that he mentioned in the estimate process (ie, nightly cleanup)

Description of Work
Refurbish an existing bathroom - replace tub, wallboard, fixtures, tile, vanity

Category remodeling, home remodeling

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