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Canty Brothers Construction

Founded 1990 • With Angi since July 2010


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322 Lincoln St

Marlborough, MA 01752


Canty Brothers Construction is a veteran owned & operated company specializing in high quality home remodeling, commercial renovation, custom home building and design. We serve the Metrowest / Greater Boston / Central Massachusetts area. Allow our dedicated Canty Brothers team, led by owner John Canty, including project managers, carpenters and designers, to bring their extensive knowledge and expertise in delivering complete customer satisfaction and exceptional service in making your dream home a reality....
Framingham Custom Home Build project
Framingham Custom Home Build

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Verified Reviews

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Jennifer Q.

Overpromised, underdelivered Any renovation project has its ups and downs, but there are a few cornerstones that ensure an overall successful project for the client and contractor: Open communication, Transparency, and Follow Through. While we greatly appreciate the work of the carpenters, plumbers, and electricians who worked on our home--and there are some features of the home we very much love, I would not use this company again. Canty Brothers has a great sales team. They know exactly how to approach a client and provide the information to make a prospective client excited about the possibilities, however the follow through once the contract is signed is very different from the sales pitch. Once we signed the contract, we found communication became difficult, unless they were looking for a payment. We paid 650k for a complete renovation of a 1963 home south of Boston. The 1963 home was about 2700 square feet. We had an addition put on over the garage. The main living space is closer to 3200 square feet now. We also finished the basement. First, we were assured they would begin the project on time. The project was delayed starting by over a month. We were told initially that materials would be "middle of the way," but if we chose anything that wasn't builder's standard, we were charged extra. Many of the things we agreed upon in an email prior to the contract and in person, were not included in our final project. For example we were shown Master Cabinets and told that was what we would receive, but were downgraded to Fabuwood in the contract. It's difficult to push back when you are trying desperately to get them to complete work. We often felt we had to just accept whatever was happening because we worried they would simply stop working. In addition to the aforementioned, the construction crew caused a significant leak in our basement by damaging the water meter. We were charged for the repair. There was no leak prior to the crew working in the basement. The prior owners did not have an issue with this meter, either. Aside from incomplete or poor/sloppy workmanship, Canty Brothers did not care for our yard. There was significant debris, including glass and lead shingles from the previous house exterior left along the property. I have taken pictures of some of what I cleaned up personally. Once we moved into the house, we experienced a water leak in main bathroom through to the first floor, a gas leak due to a poorly sealed pipe, and our AC was not properly hooked up. These major items were addressed, but a better attention to detail could have prevented this. The design flaw with the gas vent, which vents out toward our patio, rather than up through the roof, means we can't have the back windows open unless we want the house to smell like natural gas. It is a design flaw that another company might possibly not have made, in my opinion. In addition, we now have water in our basement. When I called to ask that the sump pump I had originally asked be installed be included, John Canty, the owner, became incredibly belligerent. He assured me water would not get into the basement, and now that it has he wants to charge us for the sump pump that should have been originally installed when I first requested it. Almost three months after providing our final payment (despite agreement at walk-through that all work would be complete in thirty days), there are items that still haven't been completed or addressed. Our main gas fireplace insert has not been installed, despite being part of the contract. The backfill that was used to fill in damage to the yard contained broken dish fragments, large pieces of glassware, and other debris. It has been a struggle to grow grass, as a result. We will have to redo it in the fall. The house wasn't sealed completely, despite being told that we would rate "like a brand new home." I have yet to see that information, despite asking for it. I have maintained pictures of some of the workmanship. We have found vendors who can complete the work left incomplete by this builder, but we should not have to considering the premium we paid. Use this company with caution.

Description of Work
Home Renovation

Category home builders, architect



Victor V.

The Canty team was great from initial discovery, design and scoping, to sale/close, the actual work, and post project. The process was transparent and without surprises. Curveballs thrown by our old house or suppliers were dealt with responsively and cost consciously. The project ended up beautifully and beyond our expectations. We have worked with Canty Brothers on several projects and it has been a pleasure each time.

Description of Work
Basement and powder room remodel

Category custom cabinets, electrician, lighting, remodeling, replacement windows, home builders, woodworking, interior painters, doors, basement remodeling



Maria T.

We bought a home built in 1972 which never had the kitchen updated. We hired Canty Brother's for the job. Very thorough and professional. His crew was extremely polite, punctual and never left a mess. They knew what they were doing, it was impressive how knowledgeable they were. Definitely would recommend Canty Brother's to everyone. My kitchen is now beautiful!

Description of Work
Kitchen Remodel

Category home builders, home remodeling



Harold G.

Canty Brothers provided full service for the remodel of our Kitchen. They managed all aspects of the project beginning with full design services in which we were involved at every step through demo and reinstallation and construction. They provided a complete CAD drawing of the new kitchen along with a 3D model which we could view by computer. They have a really nice on-line project tracker that allowed us to see where the project was, what the next steps would be and when the estimated time of completion was and this was updated at least weekly and sometimes more. We met weekly in person with a Project Manager who explained what was happening currently, what was next and answered question we had. The kitchen turned out fantastic and I would not change a thing. Thanks,

Description of Work
A full remodel of our Kitchen

Category home remodeling, doors



Drew O.

We have waited to provide a review because we wanted to see how they would respond if issues arose after the work was completed (that is almost 18 months ago now). Unfortunately, issues did arise (water coming into the basement - more on that below) and Canty Brothers was not helpful about identifying a long-term solution for us. Our remodel was a very big one which took quite a long time to complete. Canty Brothers offered competitive prices and was able to initiate work within the timeframe we wanted - they do, however, tend to spread themselves across many different projects which meant their would be days/weeks we would not have any work being done at the house. They do not work weekends/holidays, so if there is an urgent rush for your project, take those pieces into consideration. For us, this was not such a big issue and is actually not the reason why we give them a "C". The "C" grade comes from the water issue. We knew ahead of time that we could have issues, so we wanted redundancies built in (and were willing to pay for them w/o shortcuts). Canty suggested a system built under the new concrete slab that we placed down, which would direct water towards a sub pump (with a second sub pump that could work off of battery power). Terrific!!! Large amounts of water would stream into the well and the pump would kick it out to a pit that was dug in the front yard - this worked (and continues to work) very well. So 99% of the water is taken care of. Unfortunately, we live on the side of a hill and have a small brook which appears to run under the house during heavy rains. During construction we saw water coming in at two spots, one of which we believe they took care of with a significant amount of waterproofing at the new entry where the stairs came in. They did not provide any solutions for the second spot. We were sufficiently concerned that we brought in a water basement specialist who recommended a french drain system in addition to the drainage system already installed. Canty Bros. strongly suggested that this was a waste of time/money and that the system would work fine and, most importantly, that THEY WOULD TAKE CARE OF US IF WE DID HAVE WATER. Well, fast forward ~2 years, and our basement has had water no less than 6-7 times coming in from that one spot. Fortunately, it is a matter of puddles, rather than full flooding, but when we IDd a problem before work was done, and we still have it after construction was done - this is unacceptable (especially when we paid almost 200K for the work). In the spring of 2018, Canty came by to talk with us and stated that he would do some work on the exterior of the house to improve drainage where we believe the problem is. So what happened? 1) excavation occurred in the fall of 2018 and they waterproofed that side of the house 2) I requested pictures of progress and, despite repeated requests, NONE were provided 3) They stated that there was a small crack in the foundation and that this is where the water was coming in and that this was now fixed (none of this was told to me DURING the process, only after the entire thing was backfilled - I would have liked to have seen this with my own eyes, or at the very least, a picture 4) they billed us for the work even though they said that they would take care of us. The rationale given was that this was not part of the original work for the project, even though we did have excavation done there during the original project? Overall - not a very pleasant experience... So how did that work go for us? Well, we have water coming in again and that 'fix' didn't do anything. Most importantly, when I called Canty Brothers to let him know what was going on, he did not get back to me. Birds Chirping... We will not be going back to them for this work as this particular problem is clearly over their heads. In hindsight, we should have listened to our instincts (and not Canty Bros. advice) and gone with the additional system to avoid water in our new basement. They were fine outside of this issue, but this issue is a biggie and does greatly influence our rating of them. This is all very unfortunate, as I do like Canty on a personal level (he is a very personable man) and his crew is very professional and does good work (for the most part). We simply have had a bad experience with this very particular important issue which remains unresolved.

Description of Work
Complete remodel of basement (including changing the location of stairs) and sunroom.

Category home builders



Thomas G.

We were very impressed with their iterative design process and the end result was fantastic! The project gave us an outdoor living space that blends in beautifully with the house, a gorgeous master suite and updated guest bath realized with creative use of existing space, a new office space and a number of other improvements. Their quality is excellent from materials used to workmanship. The team is considerate and responsive. There were no real surprises during the project aside from some unexpected rot beneath the old deck so the initial quote was very accurate. They were very accommodating with change orders and remained focused on getting everything finished with great quality right up until the end. I can't imagine what else we would do to the house but if anything comes up we will absolutely use Canty Brothers again.

Description of Work
Renovation to add outdoor living space (deck, sauna, hot tub, grill), master suite with new bathroom, office area and other smaller improvements. Challenging design given existing space constraints both outdoors and indoors.

Category contractors, decks, drywall, electrician, picture framing, insulation, lighting, remodeling, home builders, woodworking, architect, home remodeling, interior painters



Barbara R.

Could not have gone better. All workers were prompt, tidy, professional and personable. The work was completed on schedule (never had this happen before) and was beautifully executed. The creative input of John Canty and his team was exceptional and beyond my expectations! The crowning glory on my property is a clover lawn (John's suggestion) - no maintenance, beautiful, and attractive to bunnies.

Description of Work
Knock down and rebuild of a family cottage on a lake.

Category contractors, decks, drywall, electrician, picture framing, heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, lighting, roofing, siding, replacement windows, home builders, skylights, woodworking, architect, interior painters, doors



Tim N.

Responsiveness and professionalism very poor. They talked up a good sales pitch to get the contract, but then once signed, rarely delivered on any verbal commitments. They were very punctual with sending us invoices for progress payments, but very slow in responding to requests, if at all. We were especially disappointed at their lack of professionalism and their need for constant reminders to deliver what they promised. The job was fairly simple and we were verbally quoted 2-3 months for project completion. They took over 1 year to finally complete all the requirements of the contract. (The contract was signed in 9/2015 and job completed 11/2016). The amount of time their subcontractors were actually in the building doing actual work was less than 2 months. The rest of the time was us waiting for progress without hearing anything from Canty. It required countless, repeated inquiries to find out where things were during the project (they promised a Project Manager to oversee the project and to constantly communicate with us, but that never happened, so we were relegated to dealing with their front office/receptionist). Canty does a lot of big commercial office/lab projects, so little folks like us are low on their priority list, and thus receive corresponding customer service. Had we known that this would be the case, we would have chosen a different contractor, and even paid more for acceptable customer service. If you are a large corporation, then you may have a better experience with Canty, but if you're a small player, then please be warned. You will have to wait, you will have to manage the project for them, and the job will take a long time.

Description of Work
Interior renovation in a small commercial building.

Category contractors, drywall, electrician, picture framing, insulation, remodeling, interior painters, doors

Service Provider Response

This project started 18 months ago. The clients initial deposit was 3 weeks late. We would not schedule any work or apply for any permits without a deposit. Even though this was explained to the client they kept insisting we pull permits. After they finally made the deposit we went right to work getting permits and ordering materials. Their first payment was then 3 weeks late. We let this slide and kept working. They made their first payment and their second payment was 1 month late. When we asked them for updates on their late second payment and their now due third payment we were told " we would get the payment when we get it". At this point I decided to stop work on the project and informed them we would not be back until they were caught up on their payments and a guarantee that future payments would be paid on time as per the contract they signed. This apparently is asking too much because the relationship went sour after that. Even after all this we performed our scope as agreed and the guys did a great job. The client had a couple of issues that came up after construction and we were right there to repair or replace as needed. The project was completed in early spring and it took some time to get final sign offs from the city. This was not November. November is when the church finally decided to make their final payment. We work for a lot of clients large and small. We don't base our responsiveness on the size of your project but we will absolutely stop work on a project when the client doesn't pay their bills. I'll let my 40+ A ratings/reviews speak for themselves.



We hired Canty Brothers to complete an in-law addition to our existing home. John and his team did a fantastic job from start to finish. In addition to providing quality craftsmanship and professional service, they were incredibly responsive and resourceful throughout the entire project. On several occasions we needed an off-hours response for different aspects of the project - John and his team were always available to support our needs. We enjoyed working with John and his team, trusted them with our home and this important and expensive home improvement, and would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Description of Work
Built in-law addition

Category decks, drywall, electrician, picture framing, heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, lighting, remodeling, roofing, replacement windows, home builders, skylights, woodworking, architect, home remodeling, doors



Andrew P.

We engaged Canty Brothers for a complete reconstruction of our ranch-style home. Having heard the horror stories from friends and colleagues about similar projects, we were apprehensive going in. From the first meeting with owner John Canty, however, our fears were allayed. John brought a unique combination of creativity and professionalism to the project. We had floor plans in mind but John provided good guidance on what we could do to achieve the maximum out of our space while having the resulting house fit into the neighborhood and within the constraints of the zoning rules (we live abutting conservation land), and our budget. John created the blueprints for the house, organized all of the paperwork with the town (a very complicated and time-consuming process), managed all of the subcontractors, and worked with us to achieve the vision we had for our new home. John?s crew is extremely professional and hard-working, and are true craftsmen. Their work was exceptionally high quality and they tore down our ranch house and built a colonial house in the course of 3 months during the worst winter Boston has ever experienced. Bitter cold and double-digit feet of snow did not deter John?s crew from building a house of exceptional quality. We have been living in our new home for over 6 months now and are thrilled with the way it turned out. The quality of the work and the materials used has resulted in a solid, comfortable, and good-looking home. We will happily use Canty Brothers for any other projects we will have and can?t recommend them highly enough. They are not the least expensive contractor but the quality of work, the ease of project management, and the fact that John took care of everything from start to finish was well worth every penny. Canty Brothers provided excellent value: Excellent quality, on time and on budget.

Description of Work
Complete knock-down and reconstruction of home.

Category home builders, architect



Sandra G.

John Canty and his team (Kevin, Tracey, Lisa) were all excellent to work with. John provided us with a reliable estimate and worked with us very closely during the design phase of our project which included a first floor renovation (completely gutting the kitchen, new windows and floors in the dining room, and fireplace remodel in the living room). His team was very professional and communicative during the whole process. Our on-site project manager (Kevin) let us know what was happening every step of the way and always left the job site clean at the end of each day. As the job progressed we added additional scope to the project and John's team was excellent at providing us quotes for the work (some of which we did and some we did not) and mainly keeping within our original timelines, even with the additional work. John and his team went above and beyond, even fixing minor issues with our house that were outside the scope of our job. It is never easy to be without a functioning kitchen but John and his team made things as easy as possible for us. We would highly recommend Canty Brothers to anyone and will definitely hire them again for additional work on our home.

Description of Work
Complete kitchen remodel, window replacement (including skylights), built-in shelving, painting, new electrical fixtures, reconfigured plumbing

Category electrician, remodeling, replacement windows, home builders, skylights, woodworking, home remodeling



Jesse S.

`If you have ever had a remodeling project, or lived through a construction project, you probably know that communication is probably the most important aspect of ensuring customer satisfaction. We have had previous renovations which failed on many counts, but communication was probably one of the biggest complaints. Let me say that Canty Bros absolutely excels in communication. This is probably one of the biggest reasons that we chose them, and one of the biggest reasons why we would recommend them. Not only is John Canty a proponent of communication but so is his staff. They always respond in timely manner and pay attention to the questions that you have. They are honest, up-front and timely with regard to communication. John's administrative staff, such as Jean and Lisa, are incredibly helpful in coordinating activities. They helped us pick out all of our fixtures and appliances. They were also amazing in coordinating any problem-solving that was required. I particularly like the fact that they gave us optionality... that is, they informed us on situations where we could choose to spend a few dollars more (or not) and what we got (or not) if chose to do so (e.g. insulation, heating systems, etc.). My previous contractor was so adherent to budget that he would be blind to giving us optionality. It doesn't hurt to tell people what they could choose to do or not do. Also, I would say that Canty Bros does not try to nickel and dime you. When you are spending significant money on a big project, they want to ensure that you are getting a product that meets your satisfaction, and therefore, they willl work with you on work-order changes, modifications, etc. Next, I would say that Canty Bros stresses professionalism. John insists that his staff is polite and attentive. His people respect the fact that they are in your home. He makes sure that they clean-up the work site and that they are respectful of neighbors. John is a Marine, and he runs his operation with military precision. You can tell that he is a natural leader. On execution of the project, I would say that there were so many obstacles dealt to the Canty Bros team. It was the worst snowfall in decades. Also, our previous contractor (for an addition) screwed up so many infrastructure matters. And finally, we had at the token problems with the building department. Despite this adversity, Canty Bros delivered in a professional, high quality, and timely fashion. They went above and beyond in correcting the problems that our previous contractor had left us with. John, Tracey and Lisa were so helpful in getting through this project. At the end, they worked around the clock to get us back in the house before our rental house agreement was up. We will probably never know all the small details they did to help with that. Even on move back in date, Kevin was here and helped us problem solve moving some furniture back in. Additionally, they continued to communicate with us when the job was done. There were a few things that we wanted to follow-up on when the job was finished. John and staff were very attentive to our questions and needs even after the job was done. On the finish product, I am very satisfied. We worried that the house was going to look too boxy or look like a McMansion. It is neither of those. It looks fantastic on the inside and out. Our neighbors have come by to ask us, "who did this project?" We are very satisfied with product. We could have opted to move to a different location to get a house that met our needs, but we love our neighborhood and wanted something that would meet our space needs but maintain compatibility with neighborhood. I'm very satisfied with Canty Bros' product. I love this house. In summary, I would highly recommend Canty Bros as a general contractor.

Description of Work
We own a cape house in Waltham. We decided to convert it to a colonial with a fully livable 2nd story. This was a major renovation that required us to move out of the house for 4-6 months. Canty Bros had an excellent plan from day one. They provided us with us full services as a general contractor. I was very impressed from the very beginning with John Canty's organizational skills, communication and his very up-to-date virtual reality software, which allowed us to have a pseudo 3-D picture of what our addition would like (it's actually amazing how dead-on the software rendering is compared to final product). John has the mind of an architect. His ideas for this addition were just fantastic. Canty Brothers headed up all work to procure permits, coordinate our choice of fixtures, obtain our input on design, and deliver the final construction product.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, insulation, remodeling, home builders, architect



Devon M.

John Canty and his entire team have been fantastic. While we're not complete with our addition yet, I wanted to share our experiences thus far. I can't say enough good things about his team including the sub contractors we have worked with so far. We're confident the rest of the process will go as smoothly as the first half. I'll provide a more detailed review once the job is complete but would highly recommend Canty Brothers.

Description of Work
We are in the middle of a two story addition. Canty Brothers are scheduled to be complete in the next 6-8 weeks.

Category home builders



Jon C.

Canty brothers is a great company to work with. They installed 2 large dormers on my cape. John Canty is very easy to work with and very accommodating. I never had any issues getting in touch with John. His office staff is very in tune with what is going on and they are easy to communicate with. Everything came out great and i had no issues.

Description of Work
Installed 2 dormers on 2nd floor of cape

Category roofing, home builders



Lisa C.

We are doing a sunroom and asked a few companies for quotes. Canty Bros. came out and said he had to have the plumber and electrician come out to quote their portion first. Ok, fine. Unfortunately I never heard back at all and this was 5 or 6 weeks ago now. We ended up going with the first contractor I contacted who has been amazing with communication, punctuality, professionalism, and our project is almost half done! It will also be done in half the time Canty Bros. estimated. I wonder if I ever will hear anything. I am not sure if they were too busy or just not interested in the job.

Description of Work
Came out to give a quote

Category electrician, home builders



Sally P.

This was the best experience. John Canty was professional from day one, arriving exactly at the time he said he would be there. John understood my feeble attempt to explain my problem, made suggestions as to the finished product, (which I had not thought through) and provided a detailed estimate of work to be provided including building permit. All contact with John Canty and his office assistants Jean and Lisa were professional, helpful, and very responsive to my questions and concerns. Work started on the date agreed upon. Adam and Joe worked their magic daily - even in the rain.. despite finding more rot than anticipated, they were able to complete the repairs and reshingle before the snows came.... it looks like the chimney and fireplace were never there. The interior moldings were matched perfectly, and the painting crew gave the entire room fresh coating - again, professionals and artists at their craft. I am very pleased with the outcome and will not hesitate to call Canty Bros for future work. Thank you.

Description of Work
demolition of outside chimney, inside fireplace, reframe, rebuild, inside and outside; paint

Category remodeling, roofing, woodworking



Sandra L.

The men they sent were great. They showed up on time, worked neatly and cleanly and were very courteous. When the door first came, John Canty came over to tell me personally that the manufacturer sent the wrong color for the cladding and how they were going to rectify this problem. They installed the wrong door as a temporary measure and reordered the door immediately. As soon as it came in, they set up a new appointment and again showed up on time and the work was done neatly and cleanly. Throughout the process they kept in touch with me via email to let me know the status. And, their price was fair. I got 3 estimates and every one was higher. I even got estimates from Home Depot (who were horrible) and Lowes (who told me that they could not match the price). I plan on using Canty Brothers again for other work.

Description of Work
They replaced the french doors leading to my deck.

Category home builders, doors



Kenneth C.

They say putting the words "Contractor" and "Trustworthy" together is an oxymoron. Well, John Canty and his crew proved us wrong. We found Canty Brothers here in Angie's list and a number of other contractors. We met with John and we talked about our plans to buy a fixer-upper. We started by looking at old houses and John was kind enough to come with us to look at a couple of houses. Mind you that we were not under contract at that time and he just went out of his way to make sure that we pick a feasible project. None of the houses made sense to buy and fix so we ended up buying a vacant lot and we built a house from scratch. We did not have a hefty budget but John worked with it to give us the house that we wanted. His budgeting is spot on. We went a little over our budget but that was completely our decision with the upgrades in our selections. If an allowance comes in at a lower cost, they will inform you about it and will use the money in other areas in the house. Whenever we are spending too much money on something or whenever we want something that we can't afford, he will bring us back to our senses. He just wants you to enjoy the house and not be house-poor in the end and we appreciate that very much. My wife and I both work 8-5 shifts so we were not able to come to the site as often as we would like. We will just drop by in the evening to check on the progress when everyone is already gone. We did not have issues with John's crew and the Sub-contractors. We trusted that they will take care of everything and we were not disappointed. I know that Sub-cons can be a pain sometimes but John and Tracy made sure that the kinks were fixed. There was one instance where John did not like how the HVAC unit in the attic was laid out so he asked the sub-cons to redo it and push it further to make the attic more functional. These are things that you won't see or use often but I think attention to those kind of detail tells you what kind of company John runs. Towards the end of the project, we had a huge issue with our sewer. John made a ton of effort driving to meetings and meeting with people in an effort to convince the town to not dig the street. We ended up losing that battle but we appreciate all the effort. You will not get this effort from 95% of the contractors out there. This project was not at all problem-free but we were able to iron out the issues and in the end, both sides were satisfied. It was a very long journey. If we were to do it again, there is no question that we will call John to build our next house. Thank you Canty Brothers for building our beautiful house!

Description of Work
Built new house from ground up.

Category contractors, drywall, electrician, heating & air conditioning/hvac, lighting, roofing, replacement windows, home builders, woodworking, doors



Kevin A.

I went with a different contractor due to the lack of response. My timeline is below. Over a month I was not able to get a final quote. My plan was to move forward and have Canty Brothers to do the work, but after the frustrations below I gave up. I understand being short staffed in August but I felt that I was pushing just to get some time for someone to answer my questions and to delivery what was promised at the time it was promised. Canty could have saved both our time if you just told me up front you were too overloaded to handle the work. ==== Timeline * questions sent 8/12 call 8/21 with no follow up 8/21 Call. said he would get me a updated quote + pictures. No response for a week afterward. 8/19 back from vacation 8/12 "As of right now, if you can send your questions in, I can go over them when he gets back in. He is very busy this week." **no response to questions/calls (contact out: August 13th and returning August 19th. ) 8/7 initial quote more than a week after it was promised. Does not include everything that was discussed on site (front stairs/pictures of other work). 8/6 contact on vacation 7/29 john at my home, said would get me a quote + pictures by 8/1

Description of Work
quote for siding, replacement windows, front door/sidelight, sliding door and 3 season porch.

Category decks, replacement windows, home builders, doors



Glenn D.

It's been two years since the work was done, but it still looks great! Canty's crew did a really nice job, with great attention to detail. They made some suggestions which enhanced the overall look. I would definitely use them again, and I've recommended them to others.

Description of Work
Replace decking and railing on existing wood deck with Trex. Also replaced the back door and some other exterior trim work.

Category contractors, decks, home builders, woodworking, doors



bernard R.

The contractor was right on schedule with a very capable crew. Although the repair of the family room ceiling took a number of redos by two different crews, (a very difficult match job) they kept at it and, in the end got it just right. We are still trying to determine the source of the leak in the dining room, so that ceiling has yet to be fully repaired and repainted, but nonetheless, John Canty is a pleasure to work with. He is a very talented, caring and responsible contractor who I would not hesitate to recommend.

Description of Work
There were 3 parts of this project. Repair of deck, removal of skylights, replace shingles and repair ceiling, and inspect water damage in diningroom ceiling and wall.

Category decks, drywall, roofing, home builders, skylights



Julie C.

They were prompt, neat and courteous. Responsive to our needs and helpful in every aspect . They kept the place tidy and they warranty their work. My husband went into this major reconstruction with some trepidation, but came out of it with a healthy respect for John and his crew. They were there every day ready to work by 7:00am. The major part of our beautiful new home is over. And they were done on the date that they gave us 3 months prior. We have a small punch list. John and his crew have been very diligent in making sure that the entire list gets done in a timely manner. He is one of the few contractors who stays in touch after the job is over. An example today: My husband had an electrical problem in his office and could not find an electrician. He called me and asked me to call John for a referral. In 5 minutes John had called me back with a name and the electrician will at my husbands office in a few hours. He is there to help his customers long after the job is over. Steve and I would happily recommend him.

Description of Work
We had extensive upgrades to the interior of our home. New Kitchen, bathrooms, new hardwood floors, rugs, appliances and new windows. All new molding was installed and each of our rooms was painted.

Category home builders



Thomas G.

They were very prompt with the initial meeting when we were looking at possible contractors; and their suggestions for what work needed to be done based on our criteria were the best of all of the vendors we talked to. They were very busy so the work could not start for nearly 6 weeks; however, once the date of the work approached they were in frequent contact with us letting us know when deliveries would be made, when work would begin and coordinating the efforts of several teams (roofers, their own construction crew and painters). All of the teams were extremely professional and thorough. The entire project was completed in less than 2 weeks - and there were no issues at all. We're extremely happy with the completed project and highly recommend them.

Description of Work
General contracting for roof replacement, repair/replacement of clapboards and exterior trim, and two coats of paint (2 colors - 1 for siding, 1 for exterior trim)

Category home builders



Wesley S.

I thought they were very professional but I thought their price is a little high.

Description of Work
I had a quote for CANTY BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION for our upstairs bathroom and basement remodeling requirements.

Category home remodeling, basement remodeling



Rina M.

Great. Punctual, professional, neat. High quality work.

Description of Work
Install windows, fix previously botched job by other provider, fix rot where deck meets house.

Category replacement windows, home builders, woodworking

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    Veteran Owned & OperatedVeteran Owned & Operated
    Family Owned & OperatedFamily Owned & Operated
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    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Residential New Construction, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels, Home Additions, Commercial Renovations, Handyman Services........... REPAIR & INSTALLATION SERVICES: Windows, Home & Garage Doors, Bathroom Vanities, Ceiling Fans, Lighting, Kitchen Islands & Backsplash, Deck & Patio, Weatherproofing, Exterior Siding, Insulation, Caulking, Gutters, Sinks, Drywall, Carpentry, Fences, Cabinets, Paint, Blinds, Curtains, Drapes, Kitchen Countertops, Misc Electrical, Crown Moulding, Flooring, Picture Mounting

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Canty Brothers Construction

    How is Canty Brothers Construction overall rated?

    Canty Brothers Construction is currently rated 4.7 overall out of 5.

    What days are Canty Brothers Construction open?

    Canty Brothers Construction is open:

    Monday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

    Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

    Thursday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

    Friday: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

    What payment options does Canty Brothers Construction provide

    Canty Brothers Construction accepts the following forms of payment: Check

    Does Canty Brothers Construction offer free estimates?

    Yes, Canty Brothers Construction offers free project estimates.

    Does Canty Brothers Construction offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Canty Brothers Construction offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Are warranties offered by Canty Brothers Construction?

    Yes, Canty Brothers Construction offers warranties.

    What services does Canty Brothers Construction offer?

    Canty Brothers Construction offers the following services: Residential New Construction, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels, Home Additions, Commercial Renovations, Handyman Services........... REPAIR & INSTALLATION SERVICES: Windows, Home & Garage Doors, Bathroom Vanities, Ceiling Fans, Lighting, Kitchen Islands & Backsplash, Deck & Patio, Weatherproofing, Exterior Siding, Insulation, Caulking, Gutters, Sinks, Drywall, Carpentry, Fences, Cabinets, Paint, Blinds, Curtains, Drapes, Kitchen Countertops, Misc Electrical, Crown Moulding, Flooring, Picture Mounting

    Are there any services Canty Brothers Construction does not offer?