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Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc

Founded 2003 • With Angi since June 2007


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20 Central Ave

Ayer, MA 01432


Installation, sales and service of heating and air conditioning systems for homes and businesses....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Karen H.

I am very disappointed in the chimney inspection they did and the results. There was only one guy doing the job so it was somewhat hard to get a hold of him to understand his results and what needed to be done. We were told our two chimneys were not acceptable to use and we needed to spend thousands to get them fixed. Since then, we have had at least two other professional opinions and do not need to do repairs to the extent they described. I am not sure they are fully qualified to do chimney work. Given I totally lost confidence in them, I no longer do any work including chimney, AC, etc

Description of Work
Chimney inspection

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac,chimney repair

Service Provider Response

Dear Ms. [Member Name Removed], I am happy that you have found a company to come out to do the repairs that you felt were needed for your chimney. As a homeowner myself, I can understand the frustration and disappointment when hearing that your home is need of a costly repair. That being said, I also strongly believe that my companies' rates are competitive. As being in the chimney industry for over twenty years, I know that costs are high not only for the company but also for the homeowner as well. I can say with full confidence, that we keep all of this in mind when we are pricing out our jobs. I also know that I would not recommend any repairs to my customers, that I wouldn't do to my own home or anyone in my family's home for that matter. We do not make unneeded recommendations - we care about our customers and their families' safety. As an experienced chimney sweep, I am continuously furthering my education in the industry, and go annually to seminars. I know that things are constantly changing and want to provide my customers with the best repairs that I possibly can. I will continue to conduct myself and represent my company and the chimney sweeping industry. Thank you for the chance to earn your business, Jon Metcalf


William M.

TAG technicians and office support staff are outstanding! Replacement of our furnace took less than 2 days due to the talented and knowledgeable technicians. they were personable and professional and outstanding problem solvers. The response of office staff to questions and their knowledge and initiative in financing options was outstanding! I highly recommend TAG and commend them for their outstanding work.

Description of Work
replacement of 24 year old furnace

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

Service Provider Response

Mr. [Member Name Removed], Thank you so much for this positive feedback! We truly appreciate it! Stay Warm!


Diana H.

TAG was recommended by a neighbor who had them install whole house air conditioning a few years ago. They stood by their work and she was very satisfied. As she had also evaluated a number of contractors, I didn't bother with obtaining multiple quotes but went right with them which is why I put N/A for price. Company is very responsive and pleasant to work with. They established high credibility with me with knowledge base, experience, and good description of work scope, timing, costs, etc. Financing was delayed and they demonstrated a great deal of flexibility which helped me to obtain the desired loan. The installers were careful, communicative, punctual, pleasant, super hard workers - all I could ask or expect. I expect to contract with them again shortly to replace furnace and water heater.

Description of Work
Installation of whole house air conditioning unit.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Sarah P.

I left an inquiry on the website, and they got back to me within a few days. We scheduled a time for an estimate. The day of the estimate, I got a call asking to reschedule as the employee who was scheduled to do it was feeling ill. We rescheduled for another time, about a week later. Tom came out to do the estimate arrived on time and well prepared. He took measurements of the spaces, and I explained that we weren't sure whether we wanted to do the bedroom in addition to the two areas we definitely wanted done. He took a full tour of the outside of the house so that he could see how the spaces we talked about related to the outside architecture. About a week later, I got a quote in the mail. (Their attention to detail in the quote packet is phenomenal! It included information about TAG and full information about the proposed system.) My email address was misspelled on the quote. I emailed the company asking them to fix my email address in their records and also to ask a question about the quote (quoting only the two areas we wanted done rather than including the bedroom, and providing a quote so that the head units would have individual compressors (not combined on a single compressor with refrigeration lines running through the basement)). I got a reply from TAG stating that Tom was out of the office and would get back to me the following day. Nobody ever followed up on that, and nine days later we decided to use a different company's services.

Description of Work
I wanted to install ductless minisplits in my house.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Sandra A.

It could not have gone any better! A fast professional response, on time service and honest people... Quality all around.

Description of Work
Installed a ductless mini split.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

Service Provider Response

Thank you so much!


Elaine J.

We originally contacted TAG Heating & Cooling for an estimate to replace our condenser which has been smashed by ice last winter. When they came out, they identified some other issues that should be addressed and said that they would need to schedule another appointment with more time to assess everything. We had no problem with that and said yes we wanted to do that. I had to call to follow up and schedule an appointment. There did not seem to be any notes regarding the visit or what he suggested needed to be done. However, we got it figured out and done. Another person came out and went through everything and explained where there were issues (how things were set up, things weren't really up to code, etc.). He was then suppose to give us a detailed estimate outlining what needed to be done to improve our air conditioning (we did mention that it was always freezing in the basement and not cool enough on the 2nd floor). It has been several months and I do not have an estimate yet. I called once to follow up and was told that they have just been really busy and he would get to it soon (by the admin). I was okay with it for the most part as we were not in a huge rush or anything. I just wanted to be sure it was still on someone's radar and would get attended to soon. I followed up again today with an email. During this time, we had TAG come out to clean all the ducts in our house. We have two AC units - one for the majority of the house and a 2nd one for a finished third floor. The first visit there was only one person. He thought he was only doing the first floor. I had asked them to do the WHOLE house and told them about the person that came out to check out the whole AC set up, assuming he could provide them with what ever info they needed to complete the job. The man that came out to clean the vents said it was really a two person job but stayed for several hours to do almost the whole house. He ran out of time for the finished third flood/second AC unit. We scheduled another appointment for that which was completed in November. The original appointment had been in October. I believe they did a good job cleaning the ducts. They were friendly and professional. The man that had to do the majority of the house alone was pleasant and thorough. I am happy with the service.= for both visits. In regards to the AC followup ...I received a call back this evening apologizing and explaining to me what had happened. And we are back on track! Overall though, I think they are honest and want to be responsible in their work. I felt they were knowledgeable and would not cut corners with their work. It would be done correctly. UPDATE: So, TAG came out to look at everything again, to "refresh" their memory. It is now, the end of January and I have yet to receive a quote back. They have had NO communication with me since they came out. I am very disappointed by this because the work that they have done for me so far has been good and I like the people. I thought I had found a good company to work with. But obviously, there is an issue with my AC job. I am not sure if they really aren't interested and just don't say so, if they are so overwhelmed with work they don't care or can't get to my job, or are so understaffed that they can't get to it. Whatever the reason, I can not wait any longer. I will be looking for a new company to fix my AC issues. (fyi - In rereading my review, I notice that I haven't mentioned any where when I first contacted TAG - June 2015!! Its been 7 months since I first called them.)

Description of Work
Cleaned ducts. Also, had them out to check out our AC set up and give us an estimate for overall improvement and replacement of condenser.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac,air duct cleaning



Elaine J.

We have not had our ducts cleaned since we moved in two years ago and I do not know when they were done before that. I figured that they were probably pretty bad and needed a lot of attention. We have a 2600 sq ft house. The man that came here did both floors, all registers. He was very nice and very thorough. They had misjudged how much work it would be and he did comment that it really was a two person job, however, he did it all that day and got it done for us. I have already scheduled them to come back to do the ducts on the third floor which has a separate unit. We have also had them come out to look out are AC unit. The condenser was damaged last winter by ice. While here looking at that, I commented about how our cooling is very uneven, really cold in the bsmt and then progressively warmer as you head up each level. In looking at our system, they found several things that might be causing that, as well as some things that were not really up to code. I feel that they like to do things the right way, not "jimmy-rig" things which is how I prefer things are done. They are honest and straight forward and do not pressure you to do anything you do not want to.

Description of Work
Cleaned ducts and dryer vent. About 20-25 vents/ducts.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac,air duct cleaning




This is an extremely complicated process because it involves Mass Save, rebates and 0% financing. All the government standards and requirements need to be adhered to, and there are a lot of paperwork involved. As a homeowner unfamiliar with the process, I had to spend a lot of time researching and filling out paperwork. So first thing I want to point out is the outstanding work that Kelly and her office staff has done to keep all the paperwork straight and the rebates coming. No matter how great the technicians are, if you don't have knowledgeable office support staff who are on top of things, there is no way you can have a satisfactory outcome. My A/C unit was 17 years old and wasn't working well. When it ran, one room could be as much as 10 degrees cooler than another room on the same floor. There was plenty of leakage in the terribly laid out duct work, resulting in a cool attic and high electricity bills in the summer. We had five bids and chose TAG because Sean (the head guy who came out and gave me the estimate) came across as a very knowledgeable, impartial, flexible and no BS kind of guy. Their price was the second lowest, but I had more confidence that they would do the job successfully. He made several recommendations that seemed to make a lot of sense at the time, and he was proven to be right during the last three months of summer. These guys can be very busy so we scheduled 3 weeks out for the job. On the day of the job, a large delivery truck pulled up and dropped off the air handler and condenser units, along with all the necessary hardware and plumbing. An hour later, three vans showed up with 5 guys who started the work promptly. First, they took out all the old air handler, condenser and duct work. Then they spent two days installing, calibrating and adjusting the new system. They worked fast, these guys instilled in me the confidence that they really knew what they were doing! Their teamwork was excellent, each of them knew what they were doing and collaborated well with each other. They pointed out to me all the things that was done wrong on the old units, and what they would do to remedy the problems with the new units. They really bend over backward to accommodate my needs. For example, our sun room is always too hot even with the A/C on, so they made the return bigger, from 6" to 8". It was great to have Sean there directing the work, so that there was no misunderstanding as to what we had agreed on in the contract. When they found problems, they communicated with me promptly so we could remedied the situation right on the sport. Overall, they did a really fantastic job with the new A/C. Everything went smoothly, except for the thermostat touch screen not responsive. After several phone calls, Sean called me back and gave me instructions on how to fix it over the phone. I did and it has been working ever since. Kelly got all the paperwork done in time so I was able to get a no-interest loan under the Mass Save program and also a $250 rebate. During the last three months of summer, the new A/C works so much better than the old one. It's extremely quiet, very energy efficient, and the sun room is no longer the hot house it was and the temperature is pretty constant throughout the house. We are very happy with the our new American Standard A/C, and very happy with the work that TAG did.

Description of Work
Replace existing central air system. Install one new American Standard Series 7 HE air handler in the attic and matching American Standard Gold XI condenser on side of home. Install all necessary electrical work and a new programmable wi-fi touch screen thermostat. Redo all duct work in the attic, as well as adding return grills & duct work to 3 bedrooms and a sun room. Pressure test and calibration of the system. Complete removal and haul away of the old A/C and duct work.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac,plumbing,air duct cleaning



Gordon H.

I was very pleased with the work done for me by TAG Heating and Cooling. The price quoted me by Tom Gamble in his proposal was very competitive and so I chose this company based on price and reputation. The price included everything, even taxes, except for the electrician, which was clearly stated on the proposal. No surprises. The 2-man installation team, headed by Al, showed up exactly on time. The office had called ahead to give us the time. They worked tirelessly, were obviously experts at their job, and were a pleasure to have around. There was a slight mix-up with one of the indoor units but they were able to exchange it for the correct model promptly. They completed the job in about 8 hours and as far as I can see the installation was flawless. I can find no fault. When they finished, Al gave me thorough and concise instructions on operation of the system. I received a follow-up call from the office the next day to ask how it went. A few days later I got a follow-up letter thanking me for my business and included a $25 gift card to Amazon. The TAG office is filing the rebate application to Cool Smart for me and also registering the product with Mitsubishi. The equipment is operating as intended but we are currently between the heating and cooling seasons so it has not really been used much. I have been slightly disappointed so far with room temperature fluctuations being a little more than expected but it is much too soon to make any permanent judgment. These units are supposed to be very smart and also very efficient. Time will tell. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to others.

Description of Work
Installation of a Mitsubishi ductless air source heat pump whole house heating and cooling system with an MXZ outdoor heat pump/condenser and three MSZ indoor air handlers.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



David L.

Pricing is little bit on the higher side, but in terms of service and knowledge of the people who come over to do the work seems to be pretty good. I also had them to put a whole new furnace earlier and I've been dealing with them for around 4 to 5 years.

Description of Work
They did annual maintenance on the furnace.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac

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    Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc is currently rated 4.7 overall out of 5.

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    Yes, Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc offers free project estimates.

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    Yes, Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc offers eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc does not offer a senior discount.

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    Yes, Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc offers emergency services.

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    No, Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc does not offer warranties.

    What services does Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc offer?

    Tag Heating & Cooling, Inc offers the following services: Residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, chimney services, duct cleaning, installation, service and maintenance.

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