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Rod Layman Masonry

Founded 1972 • With Angi since August 2008


(22) Verified Reviews

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321 Stonegate Way

Lexington, KY 40503


Additional DBAs - Layman's Masonry Estimator, Rod Layman Mason Contractor....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Alex K.

Totally unprofessional. I regret using this company. Rod quoted the work, but the kid doing the job seemed to have never done it before. The chimney needed repair to the top 15 or so brick rows. I had to point out from the ground bricks that still looked (and were) loose after he was "finished". He failed to tuck point one whole side of the chimney. The chimney still leaked after they finished. I went up on the roof to inspect where water might be coming in. The poured concrete cap looked like a someone just spilled a whole bucket of concrete. It slopes toward the chimney vent and water pools on top. Completely useless. The work was "guaranteed" in word by Mr. Layman, but he has not kept his word. I have been calling about the continued leaking for two months and no one has come out. I also found a broken 6 ft extension pole in the gutter which they were too careless to remove after dropping it.

Description of Work
Chimney repair and waterproofing

Category chimney caps, chimney repair




We waited about 3 mo for Rod to schedule the work. I get it, not enough contractors and lots of work. There was a misunderstanding on capping the chimney that jacked up the price. And there are still mortar problems and mismatched mortar all over my brick. I am fairly certain nothing got sealed. Rod may know this was a really bad job if he bothered to show. They would just drop a guy off with some materials and come pick him up later. Basically, Rod took money from me in getting paid for a job very poorly done.

Description of Work
Tuck pointing and sealing entire brick exterior, repair of masonry cap on chimney.

Category masonry, chimney caps

Service Provider Response

Im sorry, I don't have [Member Name Removed] On my scedual


Geri G.

One of Mr. Layman's employees stole family heirlooms (gold/diamonds) from us. He was indicted with the local police. His name was Isaac and the year was 2015. Numerous police reports have been filed and Isaac served time.

Description of Work
Stone Wall around home

Category masonry

Service Provider Response

I have no ideal what Mrs [Member Name Removed] is talking about I do not have deserve to get a bad report from something I know nothing about


steve C.

Looked super, but four years later it has been falling apart despite annual weatherproofing treatment. Stones falling off side of house. Etc. He's a Christian man. But he hired in my opinion cheap unexperienced beginners for my job as I have learned since the work was done. In my opinion the job had serious problems.

Description of Work
Laying stone over concrete

Category concrete repair, decks, masonry

Service Provider Response

This job is much older than 4 years old more like 12 years ago, If he would have called me and spent a little maintenance money on it, I would have been glad to repair any work done for him. We did a very nice job, I was there working on it too. I guarantee my work for 2 years as most masons do. I don't know whats going on with his stone., It Could be water getting under [Member Information Removed] stone after all these years, mortar does get old especially if you had stones put on [Member Information Removed] sides of [Member Information Removed] porch and they are exposed to freezing rain and snow etc, He can call me I will be glad to look at [Member Information Removed] porch. No serious problems, just a lack of maintenance. Sealer is not [Member Information Removed] cure all ! I remember we were all very proud of [Member Information Removed] porch. BBB will not take complaints after a year of masonry jobs completion, and you have to meet and go over job together, That's how you do it!


Chris M.

Rod Layman and his crew just completed three Kentucky Limestone flower -beds for my my home. I am very pleased with the workmanship. We used his services a few years ago for the garden in the front yard, and now just completed the back. I called around and had several estimates placed. Although he was not the cheapest, his price was very competitive and we knew the work would be done right. Rod finished before the agreed date and the cleanup was amazing. His crew was very polite and punctual. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking to make home improvements.

Description of Work
I had some stonework done in my back yard this spring.

Category masonry



Jonathan S.

The job went smooth and quickly. The materials and stone were all delivered to the house and it only a week to finish. The crew was Helpful in answering all questions and concerns and even adjusted the height from six feet to seven upon my request. Would definitely recommend Layman Masonry for any local residential work needed!

Description of Work
Layman Masonry was helpful in building a stone post and retaining wall on a house's backyard in down town Lexington.

Category concrete repair, masonry, basement waterproofing, chimney repair, fireplaces



Walt P.

Transformed uneven broken down cement steps and sidewalk into a masterpiece of brickwork.

Description of Work
They put in a new brick sidewalk and reinforced the steps and bricked over the steps.

Category masonry

Service Provider Response

Thank You [member name removed] God Bless you!!!


Susan K.

He/his worker did not show up when they said they would and I had to keep calling back to see when they were coming because I needed to leave the garage door open and had to know when to be here. One fellow was angry with me when he returned the second day and was obviously not speaking to me because I told Mr. Layman that he left without finishing the work from the day before. I also had to keep asking them repeatedly to come back and remove the broken pile of old concrete. They left piles of sand/mortar mix on the grass, which killed it, and on some of my new landscaping, and spilled on the driveway. Fortunately most of it washed off in time before it set up after we came home and found it that day. Also, the work was sloppy. I showed it to a home builder that I have hired to remodel my kitchen and they were surprised because Mr. Layman is known for good masonry work. Mr. Layman is a nice man, and I tried to be nice to him in return, but his worker was a nightmare to deal with, and this was not a good experience for what I paid them.

Description of Work
Replaced a section of sidewalk, repaired some cracks in driveway, filled in crack where step had pulled away from front porch, and did an overlay repair on garage floor.

Category concrete repair

Service Provider Response

It's hard to believe they gave me such a bad report, after I talked to her she said everything looked good and paid me with a check. She wanted me to put another coat of cement on the concrete and I did. She was very nice to me and my workers. I had no idea she was dissatisfied. She should have told me. I did not know she had issues with one of my workers about the garage door either


james W.

Requested quote and ideas. got a quote and had work done.. Due to some tree stump problems in work area, work took longer than expected and price increased.. Work was really good, but somewhat disappointed in final cost.. A problem developed with the brick walkway and it took about 2 weeks to get it corrected.. They did correct the problem and everything looks very good ..

Description of Work
Laid a large brick patio and planter with a brick walkway...

Category masonry, hardscaping, patios

Service Provider Response

Ty (removed member name) God Bless you!


James J.

To begin with, three men arrived at my house without any tools. I had to provide saw blades, a shovel, hoe, buckets, a wheelbarrow, plastic, scaffolding, etc. The job was supposed to take three days. Owner Rod Layman and I agreed on $5,400. He tried to raise the price even before the job began, but he reluctantly agreed to stick with original estimate when I told him more money was not in my budget. I simply didn't have any more money. At the end of day two, Rod said it would take another day to complete work, plus he wanted me to pay overtime, $1,800 more. Mason was only 1/3rd of the way through. There days later, on day five, Rod Layman stated I owed him an additional $2,962 This was a gross injustice because one of the men were hardly working during the last three days while the mason Sunny was laying the bricks painfully slow. Two days after the completion of the job, when we finally removed a board covering the granite hearth (per Sunny's instruction), we discovered that a huge amount of mortar had seeped out overtop of the granite hearth and dried. Rod's mason named Sunny came back and attempted to remove the mortar. He was able to remove most of it, but the granite is now permanently damaged. Unfortunately, the mortar he replaced on the back side of the granite is crumbling at the slightest touch. The luster is gone and specks of concrete cover the surface. While Sunny was removing the mortar (that he acknowledged was his fault), he repaired some other areas that were problematic. Unfortunately, his mortar mix was not right and I ended up with mortar that was crumbly, plus his corrections didn't match the original terra cotta color. Sunny came back a second time to make corrections to the mortar color. While he was at my house, he redid 17 half bricks that were grossly misaligned. Most of these bricks were where the brick meets the ceiling. He greatly improved the alignment but again, the mortar ended up being crumbly to touch and the color of the newly repaired bricks were way off. I discovered, after he left, four cracked bricks that were damaged as a result of his hammering. Evidently, when he was removing some of the bricks by knocking them out with a hammer and chisel, some of the bricks cracked. If that wasn't bad enough, the mortar splatter and holes the men left all over the ceiling and walls was beyond comprehension. It's now been two weeks, and my mortar from his third visit has completely dried. The color of the mortar ranges from pink to bright red. The mortar joints are not consistent. In some places they are concave and other places they are protruding. Some joints are an inch in thickness and in other places they are 1/8th of an inch. My fireplace is literally a disaster. I contacted the owner Rod several days ago. He offered to send Sunny out yet again. I declined. We've moved two steps backwards for every step forward. I asked the owner Rod Layman if he would consider sending out one of his other masons. I never heard back yet. In final, Rod and his workers are nice people, but the quality of their work is terrible. The mason's skill level is low. If you are going to remove brick from a fireplace everyone knows you can't hammer cemented (S-Mortar) brick out with a chisel and a hammer without doing serious damage to the rest of the brick. Plus, the men never had the proper tools to do the work. They were upset themselves that Rod sent them to my house without any equipment or tools. I wish I had seen Rod's F rating when I looked him up on Angie's list. His rating varies based upon how you look him up. . One search has him coming up with a B rating, but much of that is attributed to work he did along time ago. All I have to say is be forewarned. I wish I had searched harder. Now, I'm paying a very costly price.

Description of Work
Installed foundation block and interior brick for fireplace.

Category masonry, fireplaces, foundation repair

Service Provider Response

.As a member of The BBB an A+ BBB got in touch with him but he would not come in and meet with us in an arbitration because he still owed me money for the job. He promised to pay me in payments after the work was done and he never sent me any money, it's a Shame people can get online and say all kinds of falsehoods about anybody without any accountability.


Julie F.

They did a very good job. It was good. He did his job and that was it.

Description of Work
They did some patch work on some stone on our house.

Category drywall

Service Provider Response

Thank You [Member Name] God Bless you To!!!


karla F.

Category masonry



bryan H.

I received a quote to do the work by the hour which was fine with me. $40.00 an hour i believe. I asked to move forward with the job and Rod indicated he would do it that week. I didnt hear from anyone for 9 days, and then on Thursday night, i received a call from a guy (not Rod) that indicated he would be there in the morning to do the work. Thx for the advanced heads up. Two guys showed up, and appeared to be subcontractors. One guy was the "foreman" which essentially meant he did nothing but watch the other guy work. Of course i was charged for both guys. I can't say this is a total surprise as that's how these guys all seem to operate but i got no heads up on this with the quote. The work that was done was ok, i'll call it acceptable, nothing fantastic but the bricks were fixed. The residue from the brick needed to be "acid washed", and the guys that did the job said they would be back on Monday to wash the brick off, but asked for payment for the job on the spot. Sadly i paid these two on the promise they would return. They didnt. I called Rod several times, no call back. My friend called Rod several times. no call back. It's been 2 weeks and i need to get it done as i am about to list my house on the market. looks like i'm heading to home depot to do the acid wash job myself. I should have used Stone Age Masonry. They seemed professional and were doing the job themselves. Lesson Learned. I do not recommend you use this contractor do to deceptive pricing, poor communication/responsiveness, use of apparent 3rd parties not under the employment of Rod Layman, and in the end an incomplete job that i had to finish myself. Pitiful really. I'm easy to work with and flexible as i have worked with tons of contractors, but i got taken on this one.

Description of Work
I had a couple dozen brick pavers that were loose on my front walkway and needed the bricks reset.

Category masonry, hardscaping

Service Provider Response

I do not know about this job. He mention 3rd party people I do not know about.


Stacy M.

They showed up on time, kept the job site clean, and the pricing was fair. The finish product was beautiful.

Description of Work
He built a brick mailbox.

Category masonry, mailbox repair



Daryl H.

Started on the job promptly and completed in very short period of time by using appropriate number of workers to complete job without delay. We did have some change orders from the original estimate that were due to some unforeseen additional work but I felt like this was an honest oversight in the original estimate and agreed to the revised estimate which was an increase from the original quote but still appeared reasonable in light of work performed and quality of work done.

Description of Work
Repaired and replaced cracked and spalling brick on fireplace and other parts of the house as well as repointed masonary joints as needed.

Category masonry



Terry C.

This was an insurance claim, my chimney was hit by lightening and my house was leaking. I called Rod Layman to give me an estimate. He did show up on time to give an estimate, and did have good prices (I know why now) This was to be a permanent fix - per Rod Layman. He was to tear my chimney down to the roof line, replace the flashing and rebuild the chimney back to its original size. We scheduled the job, and his crew showed up as scheduled. They were at my house for 2 weeks to complete the job. 4 years later my house starts leaking in the same location, I called Rod, he sends a guy out to look at my chimney and leaves me a voice message; he stated " he could see where they did a little work, and that my chimney needs to be torn down to the roofline, and rebuilt for a permanent fix and quoted a price. I told him that this is exactly what I had already paid him to do. Then he says Oh I'll send someone over to go into your attic space to see if there is some other problem. No one showed up to do this inspection and when I called Rod I got no answer ......I'm now on ignore!!! I called my insurance and filed a new claim, I was denied because my chimney issue is caused by workmanship. The mortar is falling out, he got paid for all new brick, he only put about 30 new bricks in. Not only is my chimney in worse condition since Rod worked on it they also shortened it a foot so now my house is not up to code and I can not sell my house until I get my chimney fixed. Now its going to cost me a lot more money to repair my chimney - I've already paid once-. I will be taking Rod Layman to court. STAY AWAY FROM ROD LAYMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Description of Work
Rod was supposed to rebuild my chimney on my home, it's in worse shape now that he has "fixed" my chimney.

Category masonry, chimney caps, chimney repair, fireplaces

Service Provider Response

called last month about a job we did in many years ago ,I do not remember her or remember working on her chimney its been that long ago. I mention I need the estimate to see what we did on the chimney, and we can go from there. I feel like she is trying to get me to fix her chimney for nothing she also mention she was selling her house and probably has no money to call someone and have it fixed. I am willing to stand behind my work but she has not sent me a estimate describing the kind of work I did on her chimney. Nobody gives a permanent warranty for a two story chimney above the roof line. She admits in her complaint I came down on time and gave her a good price and completed the work and she paid me. Now many years later she wants me to re work her chimney thinking it has a permanent warranty. I could say some things about the way she talked to me but I will not go there.I have no hard feeling from her negative comments made about me. I wish her the best.


Diane B.

We have had some other work done by them as well. This particular job was not very expensive. The big job was taking down and rebuilding a wall around our pool which cost close to $15000. In both the cases they did great work and were affordable. He is not very good in returning the phone calls and sometimes, it takes him a while but when he does he is courteous. He is a nice person. He is sort of a classic workman creator wherein he is very good on the field but we are not sure that administration is his first deal. We did not want administration in our yard but wanted a sidewalk. Their quality is good and the price is very reasonable. They were on time and the only problem was to get a hold of them sometimes. He does painting and some handyman things as well. He is a very good resource.

Description of Work
We used the services of Rod Layman Masonry last week in early December 2011 for some concrete work. They put in a sidewalk and re-did our porch.

Category concrete repair, decks



Jonathan S.

Very professional and skilled to work with. They did more than what was ask for and were very nice to work with.I would recommend there services to anybody that needs any kind of home repairs.,the crew was very hard working and spent over time trying to get house ready for sale.They even helped out carrying many boxes from the basement to the upstairs.

Description of Work
There were many home repairs to get the house up for sale,from masonry work,roofing repairs,flashing, carpentry,windows, doors,flooring,foundation repairs,basement reinforcement,and painted the entire house

Category contractors, decks, gutter repair, masonry, replacement windows, deck cleaning, dock building, doors, hardscaping




They really know what they are doing. They were here when they said they would be here. They did excellent work and the cost was what they said it would be, it never changed. They cleaned up after themselves. The work they did looks great, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Description of Work
I had a stair step crack up the back of my brick house and they took that out and replaced about a dozen bricks, they went up the corner of the house which was three stories and replaced the cement at the corner of the house.

Category masonry



Keith S.

They were always polite, respectful and courteous. I never heard them use any foul language. They did good work, and did what they said they would. I thought the price was very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone.

Description of Work
They performed some restoration to our building, tuckpointing, working on the roof, and guttering.

Category gutter repair, masonry, roofing



Elizabeth B.

They came out and did the work, but didn't do it properly so the problem wasn't fixed. The workmanship was poor and they used the incorrect materials. Their attempt at resolving this issue was very poor and handled unprofessionally. I'm having to hire another company to redo the work and resolve the leaking problem. It was a very expensive and bad experience and would not recommend this company to anyone.

Description of Work
They rebuilt my 2 chimneys that were leaking water and also repaired a brick wall.

Category masonry

Service Provider Response

The member was very nice and was very thankful for the whole job, we did extra work beyond what we were supposed to do. We went through the whole job when we were done and she was very happy and wrote me a check in full. She was very rude to me later when she cut down some vines and saw some more brick work I was not supposed to do. I went the extra mile and did it anyway. She was very mean to me and cursed at me and yelled. I think they were in a bad season of life and on medications. I have only been talked to like that a few times in life. I kept calm and walk away


Norman J.

He did last this last year. The porch is cracked again in the same place. The mortar line in the steps has come out. I notified him and he refused to come back and repair it. The caulking in the brick driveway has come loose and is the wrong color. Throughout the negotiations I wanted to make sure that the work was done right, I never requested easy cheap fixes. I wanted high quality work.

Description of Work
Repaired brick sidewalk, repaired brick porch, repaired brick driveway, repaired brick steps.

Category masonry

Service Provider Response

He wanted me to patch mortar on the porch and then showed me he had an underwater spring under his porch. He should have fixed that problem and built a new porch but he wanted to save money and said to patch it. He was happy about the job and paid me. Later the stress crack came back because of the underground spring under the porch he did not want to deal with so he took his anger out on me on line.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Rod Layman Masonry

    How is Rod Layman Masonry overall rated?

    Rod Layman Masonry is currently rated 3.2 overall out of 5.

    What days are Rod Layman Masonry open?

    Rod Layman Masonry is open:

    Sunday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Monday: 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM

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    Rod Layman Masonry accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Financing Available, Visa, MasterCard, American Express

    Does Rod Layman Masonry offer free estimates?

    Yes, Rod Layman Masonry offers free project estimates.

    Does Rod Layman Masonry offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Rod Layman Masonry does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Rod Layman Masonry offer emergency services?

    Yes, Rod Layman Masonry offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Rod Layman Masonry?

    No, Rod Layman Masonry does not offer warranties.

    What services does Rod Layman Masonry offer?

    Rod Layman Masonry offers the following services: Masonry work inspection for chimney, all home repairs, build and repair chimneys, leaky basements, foundation problems, entry ways, concrete work, tile work, roofing, gutter work and cleaning, pressure cleaning & sealing.