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Founded 1976 • With Angi since January 2000


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Indianapolis, IN 46227


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Ivan I.

I did not get top brand but I saved a lot of money with similar quality product. Carpet instal was fast and perfect. Tile instal not so much.

Description of Work
Carpet and tile install

Category carpet installation



Andrea G.

Installers were found kicking it into place. Later learned head contractor had left new hire alone to finish job. $3000 in flooring was ruined (sides buckled from rough instal). Floors to go refused to replace and floor boards ended going in trash. $3000 of kindling.

Description of Work
12 mm laminate floor

Category flooring contractor



Stephanie S.

This company is an EPIC FAIL. The products that I ordered seemed to be quality. I just hope they hold up to wear and tear like they are supposed since I paid a premium price for a premium product. I'm sure if I have any problems they will not stand behind it. The installation was supposed to be 3 days for laminate and 2 days for tile. Installation was supposed to start on March 25th around 1:00pm. Installers (2 guys) didn't show up until 6:00pm and stayed until 10:00pm. The next day they were supposed to be here at 8:00am with a full crew (2 guys) and they were and they were gone by 9:00am they were taken away from my house to go do another job . Whats a full crew? I'm assuming more than one...I assumed wrong. One guy came back around noon to start working and worked until about 10:00pm. The next day they were supposed to show up and one guy did and worked until late in the night AGAIN. Floors to Go said they shouldn't be installing late at night but it was about the only time they would come to my house. I think I was pretty tolerant but then my house was a wreck. I just wanted it done.They needed to come back the next week to finish because the tile was not in AND they were short flooring and some tile which had to be ordered. One day they didn't show up at all (April 3rd) and no one had an answer why. So this continued on for 6 weeks...yes 5 days turned into six weeks. They would sporatically come to my house usually late at night and have one guy working. Now i took vacation time to be there when they were working on my house but they would not show up and finish this job. They screwed up my fireplace and Rick, the owner of the installing company blamed Floors to Go and went on and on about how screwed up Floors to Go is. Rick and I came to an agreement about how to complete the fireplace and have it look nice only to get home the next day and he had told the installers something completely different than what was discussed. I called Rick and he said he did what we discussed...lie. I told him we only talked (for 2 hours) about what to do to make the floor even and he said "oh it will never be even, you need to call Floors to Go." He didn't want to do what we had discussed because he would have to eat some material cost. I contiunally got the run-around from everyone at Floors to Go...."oh I don't know anything about that you have to talk with someone else' and " that's not my job you have to speak with another person." You think after all this they would make me a priority but they never did. I'm not the project manager and apparently Floors to Go didn't feel they were either. The last day they were going to come and finish the job I wasn't even notified they were going to be at my house. I came home about 7:00pm and they are waiting in my driveway. REALLY! There is not enough space on this sight to tell you in detail all my problems I encountered with this company. I would never recommend them. The installing company was a mess but Floors to Go really didn't care whether they were getting my job done or not. Very unresponsive about everything!!!

Description of Work
They installed laminate in the main part of house, tiled laundry room and tiled fireplace.

Category ceramic tile,flooring contractor

Service Provider Response

We have resolved the issues with this consumer. We will gladly support our customer with issues related to product and also we give a 2 year warranty on our installation.


Patricia R.

They ruined my recently (last month) finished stairs. The tops of the stairs were stained an almost black to match railings. They now have drag marks from the carpet being pulled up the stairs. The risers were painted white and the installer wore black soled shoes and scuffed every single stair riser countless times! There are a multitude of scuff marks on each stair. I have had white risers on my stairs for years and NEVER had more than one or two scuff marks over the years raising a teenage son, so I am not sure why this guy had such a difficult time? The railings were painted white with black accents. The paint on the railings is scraped off due to the way the carpet was hauled up the stairs. When the installers left the first day I notcied the mess and I immediately called Floors to Go. I tt my sales rep Chris, and he said they stand behind the work, not to worry, and he connected me w/Bev "Customer Service". I left Bev a message and when she called back I explained the situation. Bev asked me to send her the pics that I had taken and let her know how much it was to do the stairs. I emailed the pics and I asked her to respond to let me know that she saw them, she never did and she is "Customer Service"! I had also placed several calls to her in addition to a couple of emails and she did not reply or return my calls. I went to the Floors to Go store on Wednesday, 5/15/2013, after no one returned my calls and I spoke with Chris again. Chris apologized that no one had gotten back to me yet and then he placed a call to Bev and interestingly enough he was able to get through to her! Bev told Chris that she was to meet w/her boss on Friday am and that she would get back with me Friday. As of 4:30 pm I had not had any response to my voicemail or email so I called again and the lady at the store put me on hold and called Bev and ironically she got a hold of Bev??? Employees can reach her easily, customers, not so much! The lady told me Bev woould be calling me back today, that I was on her "list". Bev called me and stated that I had signed a waiver that there might be some minor scuffing of baseboards and that was to be expected. I'm not sure where she thought she was going with that, but I explained my stairs are not baseboards and neither are my walls that have scuff marks! Bev asked me how I expected them to get the carpet up the stairs? I responded that 2 men should have been carrying it and I reminded her that I know one of the men fell or almost fell carrying a roll of carpet up the stairs by himself. When that happened on the 1st day, I got up from the room I was in and went to check on the noise and I asked what had happened, the installers assured me everything was alright, but I saw the smaller man struggling with the roll of carpet on the stairs. Bev stated "you never told me that!" Bev wanted to argue with me that I had not told her that point???? I am thinking that this is incredible! Bev felt it was important to reiterate that I had signed that waiver......for BASEBOARDS, not stairs, spindles and walls! Bev stated that they were not going to pay the $1000 price I had originally paid to have the stairs redone by my contractor, a great contractor, A & J Painting, also on Angie's list! Bev said the scuff marks can be rubbed off simply with a cleaner and I told her she could come over and do it and see if it works, but I am not! That the stain needs to be redone as well as the painting even if the scuff marks come off! Bev also indicated that my painter (stair finisher) was high priced! I said he would be here Monday and that she could come talk to him herself. She again told me that they were not going to pay to have the stairs redone. I told her I would see her in court after she REFUSED to tell me who her boss was, she stated "he pays me to do this"??? I called the store and asked the lady that answered the phone who was Bev's boss and she told me Mr. Anderson??? (I forget) but his 1st name is Randy, he is the owner and manager. I asked to be transferred to his voicemail since he was not available and also left a message with the same lady to leave Chris a message to call me 1st thing when he gets in. Unfortunately, for me, I did not even think to look on Angie's List when I went looking for carpet......otherwise I would have seen that they are not top rated. Live and you learn, check Angie's List FIRST!

Description of Work
Purchased carpeting to replace ALL carpet on 2nd floor. They were to remove carpet, padding and install carpet and padding in four rooms. They did first 2 rooms on 5/8/2013 and the 2nd two rooms on 5/15/2013.

Category carpet installation

Service Provider Response

We are in contact with the consumer and are waiting for the the estimate from the consumers painter. The consumer asked me to wait until her other rooms of carpet were installed before addressing her concerns. She also asked that we did not mention the problem to the installers until after there work was completed. I am sorry for any stress this may have caused our consumer. I am required to get approval by submitting a written quote, invoice or estimate before any compensation will be approved. I have not received any necessary paper work to date.



Only complaint was an unexpected cost for quarter round we had to pay to a subcontractor.

Description of Work
Carpet and Vinyl were installed carefully and look great.

Category carpet installation



April S.

When I ordered the sales person, Paul Howcott called the distribution center to make sure the flooring was there, and he confirmed that they had the amount of flooring that we needed that day. He told me I would have the floor by the middle of the week, that it would take about 3-4 days to get in. I didn't get the order in until about two weeks later, and I didn't even get all of the order, it was just a partial order. Then, two weeks after that I got another part of another partial order, still not getting the complete order. I had to call and call several times, they told me they would give me the rest of the order the following week, and I still didn't get it. Again, two weeks later I got another partial order. Now, its January 14, and the order is still not complete! I have had to visit the store a couple of times to try to talk with someone above the sales person. The sales person refused to give me the owners name and he said there is no otehr person that I could speak to except for him. He said I would have to write a letter to the company to speak with the owner and they would give it to the owner, which we know will not happen. There was also a piece of flooring that we didn't need that we were talked into. I asked if they could then take back that part, he said no all sales are final, but he then said he would refund this back. When I brought the piece back he said he couldn't refund the money but I could get in store credit which I did not want! I don't want to order anything else from them! They refused to make any restitution for the undeliverable pieces that were supposed to be delivered to me.

Description of Work
I ordered pergo laminate flooring.

Category flooring contractor

Service Provider Response

Her product is being delievered after 3:30 pm today as she requested. Unfortunaltely we cannot control the Floors To Go is a retailer and we purchase goods from the manufacturer. We can not control there ability to produce product and they can not ship what they do not have. Obviously we were given misinformation. We called our supplier repeatedly trying to get her product. It was not received onto our docks until Friday January 11,2013. Her purchase was material only based on her measurements and it is noted on our invoice that all special ordered goods are non returnable and credit will not be issued. Customer signature indicates that she was in agreement with terms on the invoice.


Vincent M.

Picked out Carpet to replace old carpet in Family Room. Everything went as planned, Carpet was instock and installed in all within a couple of days. Installer was polite and friendly and even asked if I needed help to move the couches back. I would use them again. Great deal since I paid cash.

Description of Work
Picked out Carpet to replace old carpet in Family Room. Everything went as planned, Carpet was instock and installed in all within a couple of days. Installer was polite and friendly and even asked if I needed help to move the couches back. I would use them again. Great deal since I paid cash.

Category carpet installation



Chris O.

Working with Floors2Go was great at the beginning. Their sales people were friendly and informative. Particularly when discussing my options, their representative educated me on the importance of using duroc backer board under the kitchen and bathroom tiles, as my house is on a wood crawlspace. He'd said that the wood can shift as the house settles and this can cause the tile or grout to crack. He'd said it's the standard with this type of installation and I agreed to pay the extra money for it. Only a few weeks after the installation, I noticed that the grout was cracking in the kitchen tile. One place in particular, it was crumbling apart daily and the tile was starting to give a bit when you stepped on it--you could hear it becoming looser. Based on the conversation about the backer board, I called them and was concerned that maybe they hadn't put it down. They had their guy come back out within a short period. He re-grouted it and blamed it on the fact that Floors2Go forces them to use cheap grout, it will continue to come apart, but left me a bag of dry grout and told me that if it continued to happen I could re-grout it myself, as needed. This seemed a little strange, but it was my first home improvement project so I just hoped that it wouldn't crack again. Needless to say, the grout started cracking again only a few weeks later. It wasn't the worst thing and I certainly was not going to keep re-grouting it, so I just dealt with it. As time went on, the tile became more and more loose until, recently, I wondered if I could just pull it out. Not to mention, the grout is cracking, to a lesser extent, in several other places in the kitchen and bathroom. Sure enough, the loose tile came up with little effort. Not only that, but so did the piece next to it that actually had seemed secure. I then noticed two things--first, the putty that was under the tile that was supposed to hold it to the ground was only sticking to the tile (I shouldn't have been able to just pull it right out even if the grout hadn't held) and, second, there was wood under the tile!! I checked my receipt and confirmed that I'd paid for the duroc to be purchased and installed. I then called Floors2Go and their initial response was that my warranty was only two years and that it had expired. I told them that they didn't do a fundamental part of what they were supposed to and how was I supposed to know that they'd left out the duroc. He came by the house to confirm that there was, in fact, no duroc and told me he'd get back to me about what the management of his company intended to do about it. I got a call back only a couple of days later with his response that they intended to only credit me for the duroc and the installation of the duroc. And that I should then take that money to pay an independent contractor to come in and fix the tile. If I want it done to the quality that I paid for, I'd have to pay the contractor to come out, remove all the tile, put the duroc in and then re-lay the tile. Which, I'd imagine, would actually cost me MORE than the original installation did, due to the removal costs. If it was so important that the company insisted that I buy the duroc, I can't imagine why they would not have laid it. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like if they installed it incorrectly, it's their responsibility to come back and do it correctly. However, that was not an option that they seemed willing to try. I highly recommend that if you use this company or have in the past, that you check to make sure that they did what they were supposed to (apparently, that may mean actually removing a piece of tile to make sure they put down the backer board!). Otherwise, if you don't realize it until after the warranty is up, they won't take responsibility for it.

Description of Work
Replaced carpet in living room with hardwood floors and ceramic flooring in downstairs kitchen and bathroom with ceramic tile.

Category ceramic tile,flooring contractor,home remodeling

Service Provider Response

customer was given credit. Also a check was issued on March 18, 2011.


Matt C.

We paid around $8000 for both the installation and materials. They did a good job because the flooring looks good. The installation went very well. They were very professional. They had good pricing. We will definitely use them in the future.

Description of Work
We hired Floors To Go for hardwood flooring. They installed the carpets and hardwood flooring, about a month ago.

Category carpet installation,hardwood floor



Linda D.

Very pleased with the responsiveness and attentiveness of the sales person, Chris Campbell. He worked with me to find the best grade of carpet and pad while staying within my budget. Was very pleased that I was able to set an appointment for a specific time/day for the measure and installation, unlike the "big box stores" who wanted to schedule ranges of time. Installers were respectful of my home, cleaned up after themselves and were in/out in no time. I will be working with this company again for a laminate installation in my living room/dining room.

Description of Work
Installed 1000 square feet of Stainmaster carpet and pad in four bedrooms/closets, hallway and stairs.

Category carpet installation,flooring contractor

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