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NillaWood Construction

Founded 2007 • With Angi since August 2012


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4405 Sherlock Court

Coeur D Alene, ID 83815


Additional DBA: nillawood construction...

Verified Reviews

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Teresa & John R.

My remodel included every facet building a home would require from concrete work in the foundation where dirt floors once lay to the electrical and plumbing work needed for the additional three rooms I added to my home. As far as how the entire job went? Very smoothly, from start to finish. Mr. Kloos went the extra mile for me on this job, he assisted me in acquiring the necessary permits to remodel at the beginning, and was there every step of the way from permits to picking carpeting to paints. Another plus was he did not charge any mark-ups for any of our flooring, appliances, or special ordered tile. We got his contractors price from day one with a smile to boot! Since we occupied the home during the remodel, we were worried about having alot of strangers in and out of our home since sub-contractors would be hired as well by Mr. Kloos. We were happily surprised with his selection of subs, their professional appearance, and most important, the professionalism they displayed while completing their jobs. They were brought in like clockwork, at the perfect time, and we never noticed them as they worked. I noticed Mr. Kloos had a great working relationship with each of his subs, and in talking with them I was told they have worked with Mr. Kloos several times in the past on jobs and find him to be honest and fair in their dealings with him. Payment for services always on time was mentioned by each sub contractor I visited with during their work on my home. Another plus was Mr. Kloos was almost always on the job site. Regardless if he had work to do at that moment or helping a sub with his job, he made a point to run his crews as a working contractor side by side with every worker who worked on our home. I could always reach him regardless of the time, day or night to discuss anything I needed to share with him. Last, his custom work in making my cabinets was terrific, he hand made from start to finish, raw wood to detailed stained cabinets at a fair price as well. The tile work on our floors and counters was probably the best work I've ever seen done. Mr. Kloos worked side by side with an employee of his laying the tile. His talents far exceed any advertisements I've read or any recommendations I got when given his name as a possible contractor for my remodel. How did it go? Excellent from start to finish!! I would recommend Mr. Kloos and his company, NillaWood Construction, for any job within his expertise. He definitely spoiled myself and family while doing our remodel, I would recommend him 100% to all in need of his services!! John, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Description of Work
Dustin Kloos, owner/operator of NillaWood Construction did a remodel in the unfinished basement of my home and turned it into a large family room, added a full bathroom with tub/shower combo, and an additional bedroom. We agreed on a price fair to us both and for the first time ever, he completed my work under the bid and saved me a $1,000.00! I have worked with several contractors in my life, I found Mr. Kloos and his work to be excellent in craftsmanship as well as his superior choice of sub-contractors he hired as well. As a whole, Dustin worked with his subs side by side completing each task in a timely manner as well as A+++ in craftsmanship as well.

Category custom cabinets, countertops, drywall, lighting, remodeling, garage builders, woodworking, doors



Brandon V.

This was the most horrible business experience I have ever been in. He gave me a quote of $21,000 to be paid in three parts for the addition and roofing job. I have paid out to him well over $21,000 and all I got was a new roof, the carport demo, hung and ran a gas line for the hot water heater and windows installed in the main part of the home. When it came to poring the foundation I gave him an additional $4000. He claimed he forgot about the cement work in the bid and never saw him again. He had the cement and foundation people come to my home and put in the stem wall, but never paid the sub contractors. The cement work ended up costing me $6,000 + the $3400 of mine which is still unaccounted for. I would never recommend him to any one. He never completed the structure. Some of his workers stole electronic devices from my home Most of his sub's were on drugs He stole $3400 from me Was paid in full to install a thankless hot water heater, but only completed half the job

Description of Work
He was suppose to demo a one car port and build a 2 car garage. In addition he was to reroof the entire house and install a thankless hot water heater.

Category contractors, drywall, remodeling

Service Provider Response

Let me first start by saying that I have now completed over 130 jobs. It is inevitable that I will have an issue with clients. Some people are impossible to please and I do make mistakes as I am human. They have been few and far between. Every contactor has similar issues. However, this review is a complete lie and the guy that left it is a pathological liar, and as I learned recently also and accused child molester. I am thankful for the good reviews that have been left and any that may still come, but I do not support this site and I will not send my clients here. PLEASE READ BELOW TO UNDERSTAND WHY. AND ALSO PLEASE, IF ANYONE WANTS SOME REAL REFERENCES YOU CAN REACH ME AT 208-964-6577... I am finding that the problem here is not as much the individuals leaving these reviews but also Angies List. I have called them twice, tried to send them information and documents showing that this is a lie but I was told repeadedly by the senior manager that they would not remove any reviews regardless of the truth. She told me that "they do not fact check".... Their comercials run all day and thousands of ads everywhere. I see them at least 5 times a day. Under the name Angies List it says "reviews you can trust" . How can they advertise this when they have absolutely no oversite or regulations governing the information on the site. Anyone can post anything about anyone at anytime. After a short research session I found multiple sites and articles that had very serious claims and complaints against Angies List. Here are 2 links of many that I found that are an example of the irresponsible and unethical management of the site. (link removed) (link removed) As for this review I can say with certainty that this guy is a pathological liar on medication and an accused child molester. His name is [member name removed] from Hayden Idaho. He runs a credit card processing company from his disgusting house where he processes very private financial transactions for multiple large companies. Next to his dust filled and broken deck and his computer is a bed in which he lets his guests stay. there is no lock on the door, nor are there locks on his file cabinets. The floor is covered in old dust filled papers, random nicknacks, boxes and more. If his clients could see this im sure he wouldn't be in business for long. He admitted to me that one of the companies he represents was in serious trouble with the feds, and that because of this there was over a million dollars in limbo in an account that he had access to. He stated that him and his partners were going to be using the money for something. I had no comment and left it at that. I didn't really know what to think. As for the work that I did for him. Let me first say that I have ALL documentation proving that this review is 100% a lie. He has not persued court because he knows that I am right. If anyone reading this wants to see them I will be 100% transparent with all the invoices, estimates, bank statements and whatever else is needed. I was initially called by him for an estimate for a reroof. while I was there he also wanted me to bid a grarage addition. I did an estimate for both. I am looking at the estimate with attached signed contract as I am writing. the total estimate was for $20,383.62. Yes [member name removed] has spent over 20k and yes I did do the work that he listed. BUT, I also did a number of other very large jobs that he had conveniently left out. HE has twisted lied about all of this. We signed contracts for the reroof and the garage addition on 6-22-12. [member name removed] Gave me a $6,000 deposit and we began planning and work immediately. in planning the garage addition We hired an engineer because we needed a geo-locate done to find the property lines. Soon after that we had a big issue. [member name removed] learned that he could not build his garage as close to his property as he had wanted and thus his new garage would not be as big as he has planned. The county told us that we could apply for a variance which is a 6 month process/ application to have the setbacks on his property changed so he could build closer to his property line and his neighbor. It was a very lengthy task. Many applications and processes had to be undertaken. So [member name removed] decided to go forward with the variance application> We were forced to put the garage addition on hold until it was completed and the decision was made. [member name removed] instructed me to move forward with the reroof, and use all the funds from the 6k deposit for the roof job. I did as instructed and completed the roof. The original estimate for the reroof was roughly $5500. During the reroof [member name removed] had made multiple large scale additions and change orders to the roof job. One of the biggest additions he made was adding a very expensive spray foam insulation the entire 3000sq ft area of the roof. this was over $2,000.00 above and beyond the $5500. He added some new ridge cap to his old roof, different larger sub fascia and fascia. He also made a few expensive changes to his chimney. The reroof ended up being roughly 10k which was 100% [member name removed] decision. I had his 6k in my possession for almost 2 months and every cent was accounted for. [member name removed] was very happy with the roof and the work. The part where he says my subs were on drugs was from the roof job. I had hired an extra guy for the roof early on in the job in order to speed things up. I hired a man from craigslist who checked out to be a very experienced roofer. He was a very experienced roofer but he was also a pain in the ass. He was very weird. He demanded to be paid every day and threatened not to show if he didn't get paid. After 2 days of this I told him not to show up any more. [member name removed] does not know for sure that the guy was on drugs. He just assumed. Based on the guys behavior I would say that it may have been possible. But I don't allow that behavior on my jobs and that's why I fired him quickly. So now over a month has gone by, ive had 6k of his money as a deposit and more by now and every cent accounted for. [member name removed] is happy and decides he wants more work done. Now he decides that he wants to have all of his windows replaced and half his house re-sided. again another few thousand dollar deposite for materials, another few jobs successfully completed and thousands more spent during another month of work. So now over 2 months and thousands of extra dollars spent above and beyond the original reroof and garage addition bid. [member name removed] is still happy and keep s adding jobs. He next added an complete remodel of his living room area. All 4 walls had ugly waynes coating on them. We tore that down, re drywalled, textuered and finished the area. This job is where is states that my employees stole electronics from him. Again another lie. During this job My normal drywall guy was busy. I decided to reach out again and hired another drywall contractor off craigslist. This guy actually came with good references. His prices were very fair so I hired him. However after the first day he had completed most the work and I was not happy with it at all. I paid him and sent him on his way. However, I did not think it was right for [member name removed] to have to pay for the sub par work so I credited the $300 to [member name removed] and paid for it myself. We hired a new drywall guy and all was well. The job was done well and [member name removed] happy. Now as for the stolen electronics, this is where [member name removed] claims that he had this electronic voltage reader type of tool made by Fluke that came up missing. He said that because it came up missing during that time that it must have been that first drywall guy is what he told me. Again, I assumed responsibility. Even though I didn't thing that guy took the tool, I still the next day went out and spent $200 on a brand new Fluke Voltage reader for [member name removed]. My relationship with [member name removed] was Great I thought so I didn't want one single doubt or thought that the missing tool had anything to do with me. I was doing what I thought was the right thing. [member name removed] then after all this added more and more work above and beyond the original bid for reroof and garage addition. He then had me build a complete new custom entertainment wall/center. This was a huge job that involved everything including electric and gas lines. About this same time [member name removed] again added another HUGE job and thousands of dollars. He decided that he wanted natural gas to his property. He had purchased a $2,000 gas insert / stove for his living room. We had to have avista come out and install meters. Then I undertook the task of running gas lines from the street. Lots of heavy equipment and digging. Lots of money too. My own father was the excavating contractor for the work. Another job successfully completed and thousands more dollars through my hands and every cent accounted for. And now, yes even more work months later. a $5500 remodel of [member name removed] rental property that he just purchased which included an entire new bathroom, master bedroom and more. And again [member name removed] was very happy again. About this time [member name removed] variance process was done but unfortunately his request was denied. His neighbors showed up at the public hearing in dispute of the variance. They all had very terrible things to say about him, one guy looked like he wanted to beat [member name removed] Up. SO YES [member name removed] YOU DID SPEND OVER 20K AS YOU STATED AND YOU DIDNT GET THE GARAGE ADDITION. BUT THATS BECAUSE YOU ADDED OVER A DOZEN LARGE SCALE JOBS ABOVE AND BEYOND TH




Description of Work
We've had Dustin come out with us to many houses while we were searching for a home to buy, he pointed out things the realtor or even the inspector missed or that they were trying get by u for the sake of the sale. We appreciated his time, cause he didn't charge us for that all. We finally bought our house and he was the one we called first for our bathroom remodel. And boy he has been super helpful, he's helped us cut costs, he's even fronted his own money to buy some materials that helped us save $500+ so overall the reviews left by this previous customer obviously has some personal agenda against this company and/or Dustin, and maybe their experience was bad but our experience had been nothing but helpful, cost efficient, and Dustin is a pleasure to work with!

Category home remodeling



Fred H.

(. Hired Dustin Kloos to update our kitchen, smaller bathroom, and change a photo darkroom into a 3rd bedroom (enlarged). Part way through this work we also hired him (and gave a $2600 advance on another bathroom) he stopped showing up. He didn't finish the work he was hired to do and it cost us an extra $2000 to have someone else come in to finish that work. He just skipped on the work that we had advanced him money to set up. Eventually took him to small claims which went in our favor. He refuses to pay and there's not much we can do since small claims don't actually force much of anything to happen. Google his name before you think about hiring....wish we had. He has been in small claims before, he doesn't seem to pay his debts. Towards the end of the time he was with us we discovered he was also drinking on the job.....if we had only known ---------------------------------------------------- My response to his (NillaWood/Dustin) response. ------------------------------ And now he states I am lying with his response. We were going to let things just sit as they are, not going to get our money back from him anyway. After we told him we were going through with the small claims....he states that we will never get any more of our money back. (see first bold below, I have adjusted both of our email addresses only) Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 08:36:14 -0700 Subject: RE: Money. From: To: I'm sending you a copy so you know why you will NEVER see another dime from me. You handled this well. Great choice shmuck. I warned you. Now you know what's going on for sure. Your decision not mine. You can trust me there. I promise. Any more issues with you and I will dig up my records of change orders and you will be billed for every change order made. No wonder you guys have no friends and your kids don't talk to you. (we do have friends...not hundreds....and our kids do talk to us) ---------- On Jul 6, 2012 9:49 PM, "Fred Hicks" <> wrote: OK. Didn't think you would show up for court....again. Why on earth would you want to send me a copy of your bankruptcy papers? You have already proven you are not honest. Why (if we were in the wrong over the small claims) did he not show up to prove that we were wrong? That's what I would have done. After calling Angies List again today, they state that the review is fine......and were even more sure of it when I brought the small claims to their attention. I was going to add a lot more of the emails that we have going back over a year.....but thought I would just leave things with this comment. "Google his name...Dustin may see things like......" Records September 3, 2011 - Coeur d'Alene Press: Public 3, 2011 ? Dustin C. Kloos, 32, Dalton Gardens: 90 days in jail with 70 days suspended, work release, $109.99 in fines and two years probation for petit .. This will be it for us....just wanted our review to be up on the site for others to see. Fred Hicks (retired school teacher)

Description of Work
Hired to update kitchen and spare bathroom. Also to change what was the old garage into a spare bedroom. Spare bedroom was completed. The kitchen and spare bathroom were left unfinished and refused to complete. Also hired to update our master bathroom which he took the advance on and didn't do anything.

Category decks, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

This review is absolutely ridiculous... These people are abusing this site and telling lies. I was in contract as a sub contractor to do the work outlined above for the members. 2/3 into the job the company that was the general began to stop supplying all the necessary money needed for both materials and also to pay their laborer... I decided that it would be best to finish what was being worked on and push any small un done work into a new separate contract between the clients and I... The clients agreed and thus put a deposit down. That deposit was quickly spent on a large bath tub unit, valve w/trim kit & vanity... A portion of the money also went pay the laborer there helping me me for past unpaid hours...At this time I was also into this job over $500 of my own personal money. I was driving 3 hours a day spending almost $30 a day in gas. The job fell apart toward that last 5% and I asked the clients to be patient as I work out my schedule and the financial situation between me and the general contractor. They were understanding and ok with the delays for a short while. They soon grew impatient and ridiculously hard to deal with. It's during these hard times that brings out the ugly in people...emails and threats and impatient followed for awhile...He conveniently left out the part about me giving them $500. I did my best to keep things fair and just but the client made it very hard. Constant harassing emails with personal insults... The part about me drinking on the job is absolutely ridiculous and untrue. The whole incident happened over a year ago and they are just now posting this stuff. He emailed me today just to tell me that he posted a few more comments.. It's a game to him... To men this is my life and how I support my beautiful wife a 4 boys. I am an Idaho native and have been in cda for over 15 years... I have been in business for myself now for over 3 years and I have never had an issue like this. I have had regular repeat business and refer all for awhile now.... I haven't had to advertise for over 6 months now.. It's dead of winter and I'm so busy I'm looking to hire more help. I take full responsibility for the outcome of this project but there was nothing I could have done as soon as these people became to ignorant to talk to. The money that they sued me for was spent on materials for their job and un paid labor for their job. It's not like I took the money and ran. I would never do that. If I did I wouldn't still be in business.. It's ridiculous to even think of doing something like that. I have offered to give them the materials that I purchased with the deposit but they refused for some odd reason. I have had over 12k in deposits alone made in the last 4 months and have had excellent end results on every job... Most of these recent jobs are posted on my Facebook page where you can see pics. I contacted the angie's list fraud department about these lies here. All I can do while they investigate is post this response and have my happy clients get on here and Post a review as well. I have been in touch with a few and there will be some more reviews soon. And hopefully this ridiculous review will be removed too. If you have any questions further or you want some positive reviews please check back here soon or contact me through my NillaWood Facebook page. As for the comment on paying my debts and small claims court. I have some old debt that has been around for a long time... I have student loans, and LOTS of medical debt. I've been in small claims a few times.. Once about 10 years ago with a landlord when I had roommates and the carpets had to be replaced. We had to break our lease early too. Other than that it's just a debt collection company.. All my debt is very very old. I don't have anything to hide. I apologize for these people's irresponsible posting. Please look for more positive reviews and the removal of this review.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about NillaWood Construction

    How is NillaWood Construction overall rated?

    NillaWood Construction is currently rated 3 overall out of 5.

    What payment options does NillaWood Construction provide

    NillaWood Construction accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Financing Available

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    No, NillaWood Construction does not offer free project estimates.

    Does NillaWood Construction offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, NillaWood Construction does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does NillaWood Construction offer a senior discount?

    Yes, NillaWood Construction offers a 20% senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by NillaWood Construction?

    No, NillaWood Construction does not offer warranties.

    What services does NillaWood Construction offer?

    NillaWood Construction offers the following services: General contractor, home builder, remodels with extensive irrigation experience as well

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