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M & M Construction LLC

Founded 1965 • With Angi since July 2010


(73) Verified Reviews

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49 Brown St



Servicing the Greater Hartford area for over 60 years, M&M Construction and Landscaping, LLC has provided home owners with new drainage systems, pools, driveways, and all outdoor needs. We have completed successful sub divisions and satisfied many Connecticut residents. We also specialize in yard

Verified Reviews

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Martin E.

He told me how I could do it myself.

Description of Work
AJ came right over (he was doing a job nearby), told me how I could fix the problem myself, with no charge. That's a quality organization.

Category drain pipe



Kelly C.

I paid M & M Construction and Landscaping all but $900 of the $17,500 fee to install drainage around my pool and to have Gimo's Masonry (a subcontractor) put in a stone patio around the pool. M & M never finished the job and told me do it myself to save money. I paid THEM to for the job. It's in the contract!!! They took my money and ran. Same with Gimmy's Masonry. I have the contract, I have the texts claiming they'd finish the job and because I refused to pay the last bit until the job was finished, they told me they weren't going to finish it and good luck suing. My guess is that they have too many LLCs under the same name. I now have to pay close to $5k to finish the job I already paid them to do. Also need to pay to repair the sinking patio they told me they'd fix. They also never filled behind the retaining wall nor did they put any kind of mesh behind the wall to prevent the dirt from coming through onto the patio like they said they'd do. I also need to repair the damage they did to the electrical system in my pool. Oh and the newly installed drainage clogged and my pool liner is floating again as a result of it. I am worse off now than I was before handing over close to $17000 to these clowns. Don't be fooled by the friends who wrote reviews on Angie's list here. WORST COMPANY EVER!!

Description of Work
Drainage around p

Category excavators, fencing, landscaping, lawn service, masonry, drain pipe, hardscaping

Service Provider Response

This job is 3 years old, went back 4 times. Lady was put on a payment plan and couldn't make her last 3500 payment but also wanted the topsoil and fence post completed. We did not return do to insuffient funds and waiting for 14 months to be paid, she did get a complete job other then 500 worth of topsoil and one fence panel, overall we took a loss as a company


Charles B.

The work performed was incredible. AJ and his team are real pros. The cost for all of the work they performed was more than reasonable. AJ came out for an estimate and explained the work he was going to do and gave me options on what different things he could do to help me out. He kept my wife and I in the loop every step of the way during the project. In addition, the crew didn't rush the job. They made sure the job was done right. Before the work was performed our basement would flood very easily when it rained. After the work was performed it rained and the basement was bone dry. This was a huge relief. Not having to mop up water every fifteen minutes was wonderful. Our sump pump doesn't run half as much as it used to. Basically, my wife and I are thrilled with the work performed and highly recommend AJ and his team to anyone

Description of Work
Sawcut along the right side of the driveway butting up the foundation of the house. A new 4 inch channel drain was installed The drain was set in mortar for stability. The new channel drain outflows with 4 inch pvc drainage pipe and ties into the new drainage line installed. Along the left side of the garage a 4 inch perforated pvc line was installed to pick up all water from the neighbors yard. The pipe will be backfilled with ¾ inch trap rock and wrapped in filtration fabric. All down spouts along the side and driveway area will be tied into the 4 inch line. The line will cut through the driveway and pick up the channel drain. The 4 inch line will be solid through the front yard picking up all downspouts along the front of the house. A line will be installed along the rear perimeter of the house, picking up all downspouts along the back. The line will wrap the perimeter of the foundation and tie into the line along the front. All drainage will outflow through one single line and distribute through a 4 inch pop up emitter in the front yard. All areas of excavation will be properly backfilled, graded, topsoiled, and seeded. All areas along the garage will be topped with decorative stone to help drainage.

Category excavators, landscaping, masonry, mulch, plumbing, water damage restoration, wells, drain pipe, sewer cleaning



Erin H.

We had contacted Anthony to try and solve an issue of getting water in our basement during heavy rainstorms. Anthony was extremely quick to respond to all emails and made time to come out to our home not only once for an initial consultation and quote, but again a second time to do a final run through with both my husband and I. He was extremely knowledgable about the work that needed to be done and seemed 100% confident in his proposed solution. I was impressed with how quickly he was able to identify what was wrong and he took the time to clearly explain it to us. He was also willing to discuss price and tried to really work with us. Unfortunately, I am expecting our second child any day now and, after receiving the final walk through, we had some complications that forced us to rethink our immediate financial needs. We are frustrated with the timing but had to put priorities in order. We were extremely impressed with Anthony's professional attitude and wonderful customer service and are hoping to hire him to do the job later in the year!

Description of Work
Came out to our home twice to evaluate our situation and give us a quote on an outdoor drainage system to solve our basement water issues.

Category plumbing, basement waterproofing, drain pipe, sewer cleaning



Pippa E.

I was very happy with the service provided by Anthony and his crew. They communicated with me constantly, were easy to approach with questions and they worked quickly. There seemed to be a lot of attention to detail. All the debris and asphalt were carted away and the job was left clean. They will be back in the spring when the trenching can be regraded and reseeded. I waited to do this review until we had one good freeze and one good soaking rain and this was the week it happened. No water in the window well, water eliminating where it is supposed to be, and no water near my foundation. Thanks AJ! .

Description of Work
I was having a major amount of water entering my basement through a window well. Water would pool up from underground at a fast pace and I temporarily placed a sump pump into my window well which was eliminating the water ever 7 minutes for a week after it rained. That's how much water there was! I was given a couple of options by different contractors but I went with M&M because of the guarantee and their method seemed better to me. The right perimeter of my house was escavated, a bush was removed in front of my window well, the window well was replaced and downspouts and the window well were tied in to a 4 inch perforated pvc drainage pipe that ran down my property and across my front yard to the storm drain. The pipe was backfilled with trap rock and wrapped in filtration fabric. The original plan was to have the drainage pipe run to the front of the property and ithe water there, but during escavation it was found that the bulk of the water was coming from an old tile city pipe that was backed up with water coming from the neighboring streets on the hill behind me. The water volume was so great that I decided to have the pipe extended across my property under my driveway and eliminate near the storm drain.

Category excavators, landscaping, plumbing, basement waterproofing, wells, drain pipe, sewer cleaning, driveway pavers, drain cleaning



Judy C.

Our property has a low spot, and when it rains it creates a huge puddle (pond!) on one side of the driveway. Because we will be doing some driveway work, we needed to remedy this situation first. Using both Angie?s List and other sources, we obtained estimates, many of which were quite high and the proposals seemed to be overkill for our situation. We contacted AJ (M&M Construction) and he responded quickly to meet with us to discuss the project. We had sent him pictures of the issue after a rain so he could better understand the problem. He listened to our concerns, discussed options and give us his best solution and sent us a proposal the next day. Based on our meeting with all the contractors, we decided to accept AJ?s proposal. He was very knowledgeable, professional and willing to listen to what we had to say (which other contractors were contractor came without pen or paper, asking us for some, even called his office several times asking how to use the equipment to measure the job!!). AJ stayed in touch concerning the scheduling of the work. The job needed to be coordinated with the driveway job and AJ worked with the contactor to ensure the drain would be placed appropriately. That saved us a lot of phone calls between contractors and left us feeling confident there would be no issues between the two jobs. The crew arrived on time, got right to work and worked to get the job done in one day. AJ and his crew worked very well together. During the digging of the trench for the drain pipes, they ran into a huge buried tree stump that must have been left during the house construction. AJ offered to remove the stump, rather than work around it, noting that, as the stump rots it might cause sagging of the new driveway. He gave us a fair price to remove it and after some effort, he removed it and dragged it away. Even with that disruption, the job was completed in one day and completely to our satisfaction. After the drain and drain pipes were installed, they raked out the area, leveled it and left it ready for the driveway contractor. They even reseeded the area that was affected by the dragging of the stump. We have had a number of construction projects done at our home and often we never saw the supervisor or person in charge on the job. But AJ was there from the beginning to the completion of the project. To us, that is important. If there is an issue, we know it will be addressed immediately. As another client said in their review, I would not waste any time with other contactors. M&M Construction did the job from the beginning estimate to completion (and them some!), exceeding our expectations. Before leaving, AJ made sure we knew to call him if there were any issues so he can come out to remedy them. Thanks to AJ and his crew for a great job. You can be sure that we will use them again and will definitely recommend them.

Description of Work
Install drain and drain pipes to alleviate ponding of water in our yard.

Category drain pipe



Peter S.

Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about Drainage Pros. They are professional, competitively priced, trustworthy, and - most importantly - excellent at what they do. We moved into a 1920s home with major drainage problems. Four of the six original underground drains that collected water from the downspouts were nonfunctional. Our home also sat low on the property, and when it rained water flowed across our driveway, over the patio, and into our basement by seeping over the foundation. It looked like a small river coming toward our home and disappearing underneath. AJ responded quickly to our initial inquiry and met with us on site to discuss the project. He listened carefully to our observations while assessing the driveway, patio, and grounds before sending us a detailed proposal the next day. The proposal listed several different stages and options, which we continued to discuss with him at every step of the project. AJ was always very knowledgeable, communicative, and professional, responding to our many questions and concerns thoroughly and patiently (even when we asked the same question multiple times). Ultimately, Drainage Pros stood by their original proposal, working within budget, and they even guaranteed their work (although we don?t expect we?ll be needing the guarantee). They tore out and had the old driveway re-graded and repaved, installed a channel drain behind part of the home, and laid pvc pipe along the entire perimeter to collect water from all six downspouts. They ran the pipe under two bluestone patios and walkways, all of which they reset carefully. They connected the pipe to our main sewer line, which required six foot plus excavations. Lastly, they reseeded the lawn (which returned nicely), and basically restored the grounds to their original condition. The paving company they coordinated with was also excellent, and they worked hard at communicating with each other to ensure that the project was completed to our satisfaction. Personally, what I most appreciated about working with Drainage Pros is that AJ did not trouble us with all of the things that could possibly go wrong while performing such a major job like excavating and tapping into the main sewer line. He simply assured us calmly and professionally that he and his team could do the job, and they did. Perfectly. We had previously discussed the job with a completely different (and also highly rated) contractor who appeared flustered by our drainage issues and, after charging us >$1,000 for an assessment and cleaning, was unable to offer us a written proposal or estimate without further ?diagnostics?. Do not waste your time and money, like we did. Just hire Drainage Pros, and they will get the job done. We now have absolutely NO DRAINAGE ISSUES and strangely even look forward to when it rains so we can see how beautifully the water flows down the driveway, into the drains, and away from the house. If you are on this site searching for a drainage specialist, perhaps you can appreciate this.

Description of Work
Installed channel drain, installed pvc pipe around perimeter of house, connected pipe to sewer line, regraded and repaved driveway

Category excavators, landscaping, basement waterproofing, drain pipe, sewer cleaning, driveway pavers



Hillary G.

Company took advantage of me and robbed me of my money. It's impossible to work with companies who are dishonest and unwilling to work with me to fix the issue with sinking of the asphalt, it's also going everywhere and water is coming from the road and into the garage. The provider that was sub-contracted for the paving work used the wrong base, to save money, he also used a shovel to put asphalt on my driveway. They have excuses regarding my home being the issue and not the poor work.The company is unwilling to fix my issue or provide me with a refund so I can have another company do this work correctly for me. The provider had even admitted to the issues regarding the asphalt and at this point I would just like to have 75% of my money refunded from the paving job and find another company to do the job. I am very dissatisfied with the lack of professionalism, disrespect and poor workmanship by both companies involved.

Description of Work
I originally had a Big Deal for a drainage evaluation and then had additional asphalt paving work done after the evaluation.

Category driveway pavers

Service Provider Response

Homeowner was 100% happy with all phases of work until final paving. Paving looks great and there were no issues. Homeowner tried saying water was holding which was false. Home owner never paid for paving job and we took the $2,500 loss. She also short paid the deck company and chimney repair.


Jeffrey B.

$49 for a Drainage Evaluation with a 10% DiscountM & M Construction LLC Print Voucher Jeffrey Barr 9/12/2015 Dear M & M Construction LLC, I just purchased a service from your company. Please review the details below and respond within 2 business days to schedule the service. SchedulingMember suggested dates to schedule service:Morning (AM) on 9/16/2015Morning (AM) on 9/17/2015Morning (AM) on 9/18/2015Note from Jeffrey BarrI am retired, so any date is fine. I do take my wife to work in the morning, but I an also back by 8:30. $49 for a Drainage Evaluation with a 10% Discount Order Number: 2273548 Ordered On: September 12, 2015 Item ID: 279839 Member Info: Jeffrey Barr 65 Hepburn Road Hamden,CT 06517 Coupon Code: Landscape-2273548-1 M & M Construction LLC 9/17/2015 Jeff I will be in the area next week. I will contact you this weekend to schedule a time. Thanks AJ Jeffrey Barr 9/17/2015 We will be in and out this weekend, but there is an answering machine on the phone. Thanks, Jeffrey Jeffrey Barr 9/23/2015 AJ, I have not heard from you yet. I did have a landscaper come in and remove the ivy in the back. We discovered that what I thought was an underground system wasn't! I have no idea where the other pipes go nor how big they are. Best, Jeffrey Jeffrey Barr yesterday AJ, I have still not heard from you. M & M Construction LLC11 hours ago Jeff, I will contact you this morning Jeffrey Barr 6 hours ago I will be out midafternoon, but there is an answering machine. My main concern is the back, the other drains appear to be working. Jeffrey Barr4 minutes ago Again, I have not heard from you. Forget it. Just refund my $49.

Description of Work
Nothing. Contacted me through email, but nothing else and never contacted me by phone when he said he would.

Category excavators, landscaping



Judy C.

AJ quickly assessed the drainage problem and suggested a solution. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. The job needs to be coordinated with a driveway job as well. Come to find out, the contractor I have chosen to do the driveway works along with AJ and his crews on other jobs. So this was a plus! I is important to me that, when more than one contractor is involved, they work well together to get the job completed correctly. I have confidence that will happen with my job. AJ has, in my opinion, gone over and above what a contractor would do, handling a lot of the coordination needed so far with the other contactor. I am looking forward to having him complete the job.

Description of Work
Assessed the property and suggested a fix for my drainage problem.

Category landscaping



Cammi O.

We did some ourselves and we hired another contractor who was so detailed and spent lots of time at the estimate seeing what the actual problem was. He found the problem and proposed a solution which was NOT what M+M suggested or, proposed.

Description of Work
came over for an estimate. Recommendation was to do the expensive route as compared to others who suggested a much leass costly alternative measure.Very nice but did not get into the details of our issue and therefore, their recommendation was not the best solution

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

I am not sure why you would write a negative review about our company, especially when you did not contract us to see the quality or outcome of our work. We always take pride in our product. It Looks like you didn't need to hire a drainage professional if you were able to complete the project yourself with a laborer. Our prices are competitive and our company comes highly recommended, especially in the town of West Hartford. Hopefully your project is the long term drainage solution you were looking for.


Lisa M.

I talked with several contractors regarding a flooding basement problem, and received a wide range of contradicting proposals from sump pumps to new interior footer drains to various exterior solutions. I chose M&M because their proposal was straightforward, along the lines of what made the most sense to me. M&M's price was comparable to some other drainage and landscape companies, and significantly lower than one of the older companies. Anthony from M&M answered my questions directly, and included additional work such as grading of the property in the quoted price as well as things I'd forgotten to mention, "sure, no problem." He guaranteed the workmanship and offered sound advice, i.e., not to include a sump pump at this point since the outside work would likely solve the problem. While $4000 might seem high for 2 days work, the operation was substantial and impressive, as were the skills of the crew. They worked hard and efficiently - excellent work ethic. They did everything as promised, plus took out an old shrub (with permission) in order to create a better drain route, and leveled an odd hump in the yard that indirectly effected drainage. Everything was cleaned up and finished with topsoil and grass seed. They returned on a later date to address an issue with a walkway slab, no problem. We are happy with the results. For the first time since living here, the basement hasn't flooded during heavy rains. Our drainage issues seem to be solved - money well spent.

Description of Work
Corrected yard drainage issue that caused basement flooding. The work involved connecting all downspouts underground from the back and side of the house to distribute near the front edges of the property. A yard box was added to the system to collect and move surface water from an area that pooled near the house.

Category landscaping, mulch, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, wells, drain pipe, drain cleaning



Eric M.

The sewer line was very deep and hard to find. The new sidewalk had to be replaced due to subsidence - a second sidewalk was poured after a long winter. Despite all of the difficulties with the job, AJ kept at things until everything was completed to my total satisfaction. He's a good guy. He treats his customers with respect and he honors his word. Also, the guys he uses to pour the sidewalk are easy to work with and detail oriented.

Description of Work
A complicated job. It involved demolition of a cement front stoop and sidewalk, the digging out and replacement of our main sewer line to the street, and then re-pouring the sidewalk after a new front stoop had been built.

Category excavators, landscaping, sewer cleaning



Daniel E.

AJ texted me to let me know that he was 15 minutes out and arrived exactly when he said he would. I walked him thru the problem - he quickly ideated a solution and let me know what was the most cost effective solution. AJ was professional, clean, timely, and just a great guy. We were able to negotiate with the buyer and we ended not having to do the maintenance. I felt kinda bad - as I want to make sure companies like M&M succeed. He had me at showing up on time - and totally won me over with his approach and vision. You would be an unfortunate person if you didn't give these guys a call and at least quote on your project. I know for my next project - in our new home - they will be the company I call.

Description of Work
We are selling our home - and the inspector found a drainage issue with our front yard and recommended to the buyer that we have it fixed. I called several landscaping companies that all specialize in drainage. We had a crazy turn around time to get quotes. I called M&M on a Saturday morning (7A) to leave a message - and AJ picked up. Not only did he pick up - he said he could stop by in 40 minutes and give me quote. HOLY CRAP - I would have never expected to get that kind of customer service from a landscaping company. EVER.

Category landscaping



David B.

AJ and his team were responsive in every way, from initial proposal to final cleanup. Though initially hired for the drainage system, AJ uncovered (literally) other drainage/water issues that we've been dealing with since the house was built 12 years ago. Ultimately, what AJ delivered was peace of mind. After two basement water events and countless sleepless nights, we are so happy to stand over that catch basin at the foot of our property, umbrella in hand, and watch the water go where it is supposed to go.

Description of Work
Installed downspout/yard drainage system around entire house. Connected foundation drain to street catch basin. Arranged for other trusted contractors to re-pave driveway and install new walkway. Separately hired by abutting neighbor to remove/replace defective footing drain that crossed under our driveway. All of these services were performed professionally, courteously, and promptly despite a full calendar on his side. AJ has a "guy" for every need.

Category excavators, landscaping, drain pipe, driveway pavers, hardscaping



Stuart G.

A.J. was great to work with. His team graded my backyard and it looks fantastic! They were fast and reliable. I definitely recommend M&M Construction/ Drainage Pros. They have also helped put me in touch with other colleagues for tree work and plumbing who are reliable and cost effective.

Description of Work
Graded backyard & drainage.

Category landscaping



Stephen Z.

AJ & Neal were awesome. They were professional, considerate of the surroundings, and always willing to stop and pause their work if I had any questions. We really haven't had any significant rainfall, but after watching them perform the install of the downspout tie-ins and perforated pipe...I have no doubt my issues of water seepage should be gone. I definitely recommend AJ to anyone, and will be sure to use them again in the future.

Description of Work
Lawn drainage, re-grade,

Category landscaping, drain pipe



Sarah B.

First and foremost, I would recommend AJ and M & M Construction LLC to those who are having drainage issues or looking to build or upgrade their backyard/patio. My wife and I bought our house a little over a year ago and the backyard was in various states of neglect and disrepair. The neglect and disrepair lead to drainage issues, particularly with water pooling up on our house and leaking into the basement. AJ came in and was able, right off the bat, to assess the issues and come up with the best solution for our backyard. The drainage and pooling was due in part to the crumbling retaining wall that lead the backyard to slop towards the house. AJ proposed that we fix our drainage issues by installing drainage behind a rebuilt retaining wall that would pick up surface water, install 60 feet of pvc pipe to pick up our 3 downspouts, and the drainage system behind the retaining wall, as well as install 20 feet of channel drain between the rebuilt patio and the house. Not only is our drainage issue resolved but our backyard looks amazing. As previously stated we had the retaining wall rebuilt and we also had our bluestone patio that had been ruined by the pooling rebuilt (we extended it an additional five feet) as well as added a new second tier bluestone area that we now use for grilling. The craftsmanship on the retaining wall, the new bluestone patio and second tier look fantastic and we could not be happier with the finished product. Finally, we also had major overgrowth in the yard that AJ and crew cleared out, which creating a much more usable space in our backyard. Our backyard is completely transformed. AJ is knowledgeable and professional. From start to finish AJ was clear on what needed to be done, and keep the cost down. He kept us updated throughout the whole process and any questions I had was met with a quick response from Anthony. I cannot recommend them enough.

Description of Work
Drainage installation, rebuilding of retaining wall and patio.

Category landscaping, lawn service, masonry, water damage restoration, basement waterproofing, drain pipe, hardscaping



Leslie A.

Anthony and his crew did a fantastic, professional job converting our ancient septic system to public sewer. The new sewer line he installed ran about 400 feet across our yard and then into the street to the town's manhole. It was amazing how fast and smooth the job went. Anthony handled all of the town permits and requirements and kept me informed regarding any possible issues. He added gravel and graded our driveway which it really needed. He also worked with our bank by providing his estimate of the job directly to them. I highly recommend Anthony and his company!

Description of Work
Converted septic to public sewer

Category landscaping, sewer cleaning



Diane H.

The drains were done in one day. Due to very sandy soil, he came back the next day with topsoil and then was able to put in seed. The job was done professionally and the installers were friendly and knowledgeable. The site was cleaned up and all I have to do is water the seed. He assured me that if there were any problems whatsoever, I should let him know and he will come out and see to it. I am very pleased and it all went smoothly.

Description of Work
He put in a drain across the driveway, near the house, and ran it underground out on to a low point on lawn where he installed a dry well. He put a drain grate at this point also. He ran the nearby downspout into the system. He added topsoil and seeded it.

Category landscaping, mulch, wells



Bill K.

The garage and office are perfectly dry after a rain storm now! They were very responsive, even though busy with others, to get my project done so I could put my house on the market. The guys were quite professional. The price was great when i combined both phases into a one day job. The yard even looked pretty normal when they were done with their equipment too! Great job!

Description of Work
They plugged a leak (and sealed it) in the foundation by a water pipe and tied that into 65 feet of a new curtain drain. They installed a pop up emitter and ur down top soil and grass seed

Category landscaping



Hebe G.

I am writing this review to acknowledge the power of Angie?s list as well as to express my satisfaction with the work done by M & M Construction at my home in Hartford. We have a 100 year old house which one rainy day flooded in the basement ? the first time this had happened in the 15 years we have owned the house. The flooding was not rainwater, it was backed up sewage!!! We had a local plumber, suggested by friends, check it out as an emergency and after hours and hours of expensive manipulation managed to cause the backed up sewage to drain and identified that a main sewage line had partially separated. The problem was however not solved and with the next rainstorm flooding repeated in the basement as well as through the kitchen sink, which caused the entire hardwood floor to buckle. A repeat visit by the same plumber claimed that this was an entirely new problem! Repeated calls to have this and another plumbing services to address the problem were futile. Searching Angie?s list for service providers to replace the sewer line led us to M & M Construction. On line reviews of them were very favorable, but we did not know anyone for whom they had done any work. We got in touch with Anthony (Principal with the company) and he immediately came out to examine the site and provided us with an estimate and work proposal. We took a chance on the fact that reviews of Anthony?s were a reflection of what to expect. He promptly began the work as proposed. Searches at the MDC for layouts of the sewage line turned up negative. The only record on file was the point at which the house connects to the city sewage system. They began work from the property edge and found a drain line. Went through the entire process of replacing the line but when tested the problem had not been solved! So Anthony and his crew after putting a camera down, identified the brake point of the sewage line and it turned out that the house has two lines that tie into the a single line under the sidewalk. So they re-dug, found the second line and replaced it at no additional cost to us! It was a lot of work, and during this process Anthony kept us fully informed. During this ongoing work, our trust in Anthony grew, and knowing that we needed a new roof, we asked Anthony if he knew anyone who could redo the roof. To our surprise, he collaborates with a roofer on roof work. We visited sites where they were replacing a roof and had good opinions of their work from the homeowner. We contracted Anthony to redo the roof! The roofers did a very good job and we are very happy with the work. As we also needed a new driveway due to flooding in the rear of the house, and knowing that Anthony had the heavy equipment necessary for excavation work, we engaged him on another project to redo the driveway and redesign the parking area behind the house. Working with him we designed a permeable paver parking area, with permeable pavers lining the driveway. The layout of the pavers and the driveway was completed before the winter snows and now what is left is touch ups to complete the project and grow grass in the permeable pavers. Heavy rains in the Fall that would normally have resulted in major flooding in the rear of the house are a thing of the past! The snow melts that have recently occurred resulted in no flooding giving us confidence of a job well done. Planting grass where the work was done and other minor touchups still remain for the spring which we are fully confident will be completed. Anthony is trustworthy, a perfectionist in his work, and very responsive to questions we raised during all aspects of the work he has done at our home. I have told Anthony that he is welcome to bring any client to see the work he has done for us at any time. Thank you Anthony.

Description of Work
1. Main Sewer line replacement 2. Driveway and rear parking area with permeable pavers 3. Roof

Category excavators, landscaping, water damage restoration, sewer cleaning, driveway pavers, drain cleaning, hardscaping



Nancy M.

Drainage of water in back yard - draining to street and working well

Description of Work

Category landscaping



Michael B.

AJ was very professional and responsive. I would highly recommend him for this type of work.

Description of Work
Site work related to filling in pool

Category landscaping



James C.

AJ was very professional. He helped us refine the design and provided sample pictures of other similar jobs so that we could visualize his ideas. He is demanding of his subcontractors to the point of having them redo sections that he was not satisfied with. AJ's crew did the digging and drainage work while he subbed out the deck, masonry work and asphalt paving. He was flexible on the timing of the final payment which allowed us to expand the project. He was fairly easy to get a hold of via cell or text msg. He was typically on-site about every other day to check on the work and was always willing to answer questions that popped up along the way. He is very concerned about customer satisfaction and his reputation due to services such as Angie's List. I found his prices to be in line with other contractors I spoke with about the job.

Description of Work
AJ and his crew built retaining walls using field stone and a multi-level blue stone patio. The largest section was 13' x 28'. He installed new drainage and built a Trex deck off the master bedroom. He also paved the driveway and installed a blue stone walkway in the front of the house. The final step was topsoil and seeding. The work tied together our guest house and main house including four entrances. We love our new outdoor room.

Category excavators, landscaping, masonry, mulch, driveway pavers, hardscaping

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    All skilled traders and home improvement contractors operating in the State of Connecticut are required to be licensed or registered by the State Department of Consumer Protection. License or registration identification is required to be on all advertising, business cards, signage, and contracts. You can check to see if a contractor or tradesperson is licensed or registered by going to:
    General Information
    Free Estimates
    Eco-Friendly Accreditations
    Payment Options
    Check, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Financing

    Services Offered

    Drainage. Excavation. Re-grading. Basement waterproofing. New construction

    Services Not Offered

    Ask for details

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about M & M Construction LLC

    How is M & M Construction LLC overall rated?

    M & M Construction LLC is currently rated 4.8 overall out of 5.

    What days are M & M Construction LLC open?

    M & M Construction LLC is open:

    Monday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Wednesday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Thursday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Friday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Saturday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    What payment options does M & M Construction LLC provide

    M & M Construction LLC accepts the following forms of payment: Check, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Financing

    Does M & M Construction LLC offer free estimates?

    Yes, M & M Construction LLC offers free project estimates.

    Does M & M Construction LLC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, M & M Construction LLC does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Are warranties offered by M & M Construction LLC?

    No, M & M Construction LLC does not offer warranties.

    What services does M & M Construction LLC offer?

    M & M Construction LLC offers the following services: Drainage. Excavation. Re-grading. Basement waterproofing. New construction

    Are there any services M & M Construction LLC does not offer?

    Ask for details