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ElkStone Basements Inc

Founded 2001 • With Angi since May 2010


(33) Verified Reviews

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17174 Knollside Avenue

Parker, CO 80134


ElkStone finishes custom basements in five to six weeks!...

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Ben R.

We never got to the point of Elkstone actually building our basement. We found a company with better reviews, a cheaper price, and the same fast timeline. However, the main reason we bailed on Elkstone was the extreme arrogance and condescension of salesman Keith. His first draft layout for our basement completely ignored our request for a large storage area. Instead, he added a play room we never requested. When we asked him to fix this, he acted annoyed and gave us a plan that blocked off the only window that looks out on the backyard from our walkout basement. He also forgot to get a key measurement regarding where to place our bathroom. Instead of apologizing and getting the measurement himself, he tried to pawn off the job on me and acted bothered when I asked for him to make sure things were assessed correctly. From Day 1, he was bragging about how many deals he’s made instead of paying attention to the customer in front of him. Snide comments insulting everything from the speed of our internet to our ability to care for the workers coming to our house were nonstop. One day, we spent two hours emailing back and forth to schedule a time to view his proposal and close the deal. Frustrated with the constant emails, I asked him to call me. He emailed back to say his phone was on the charger. Also, that he doesn’t work weekends. Two days later, he never called. I get that Keith and Elkstone do a ton of business, but I felt like a cog in his machine. If you don’t fit into Keith’s schedule or if you don’t fit Keith’s expectations, you’re just a bother to him. Let me be crystal clear. It wasn’t scheduling conflicts that ruined our experience. It was Keith’s incredibly arrogant, condescending, and passive aggressive nature. I’ve never had a worse experience as a customer.

Description of Work
Finish Basement

Category basement remodeling



Beau G.

I hired Elkstone to finish my basement (about 1700 square feet) in March 2016, so this review is a bit late but can speak to the longer term quality of Elkstone's work. They were very responsive, quick to answer questions that I had, and willing to make a number of changes to the proposed floorplan. Their personnel had some very good--and stylish--recommendations on how to obscure overhead venting, pipes, and a radon mitigation pipe. They worked closely with local suppliers to match my existing house's trim, wall colors, and design motifs. You cannot tell that it was added four years after the house's build date! It's now been three years, and I have had zero problems with any of Elkstone's work. They use quality materials and employed quick, reliable personnel who clearly had the expertise needed to get the job done and done correctly. There are two areas that I feel the prospective client should be aware of prior to hiring Elkstone. Neither of them are reasons not to hire them, but just some minor inconveniences that I encountered. First, if you choose to use another supplier or subcontractor for an aspect of the work (I decided to use Costco for carpet instead of Elkstone's contractor), you will need to be there and coordinate that work. I assumed the Elkstone project manager would be there to let in the carpet guys, but that didn't happen. Second, their overall electrical engineer had some definite ideas about what he wanted in terms of lighting. I had to argue with him to get what I wanted when what I wanted went against what he felt should happen. The man was an expert in his field, and the quality of the electrical work was fantastic; he just was a bit stubborn at times if he didn't like what you wanted to do. In the end he did do what I wanted. This was three years ago, so the gentleman may not even be there anymore. Again, neither of my cautions are reasons to avoid Elkstone. They were very competitive in their pricing (indeed, about $15000 less than another bid for a very similar floor plan), their workmanship is fantastic, and they were a joy to work with. I heartily recommend them to anyone looking for basement finishing services.

Description of Work
Finished basement.

Category basement remodeling



Rox S.

We selected Elkstone based on the their statements of delivery in the 5-week time frame and our requirement to have it completed in a timely fashion. They gave us a 7-week schedule, finished in 11+ weeks (we didn't do anything fancy and had approx. 1600 sq ft to finish). Bidding process / Design - Over all went well, but they underestimate your variable costs, so add 10-15%. Once selected and initial walkthrough never heard from the sales team. No follow up on project, during and after. Material Selection - To be a full basement provider, they should be creating design center with all their subcontractors in place to allow for a single point of selections (pictures on the internet are not enough). Having to go to businesses all around Denver and beyond makes if very difficult to see what you are buying and putting together, (many business only open M-F from 8-5, pretty difficult to get to. Construction process - The project manager was a nice young man, but either the company put him in a position of failure by promising something that could not be delivered or he just missed on too many things and scheduling resources. They have a nice portal with a published schedule, but I would have to say it was only correct with the start date, everything else is out the window. Not by a day or two, but weeks and we had to continually ask for updates and when the next contractor was coming. Note: if you are going to publish a schedule, keep up to date! We did have a minor foundation leak, stated on day one and showed it to them. Pictures weren't taken for two weeks to send to the engineer, received fix recommendation from engineer 1 week later. However they didn't do the work for another 4 weeks and it took them about an hour to fix. They entered and change order to add 10 days for the one hour fix to the schedule (I did not accept since it sat without any effort for weeks). Had broken window and discussed with them on Day 1 and that they stated they could fix when their "glass guy" came out. Change order for window received in week 7 and tried to add 18 days to the schedule for that (I did not accept). There were way too many things that could have been done while items sat idle and then caused delays. The whole thing was the most frustrating and stressful process I had ever been through. They will try to state that the delays were the homeowners caused, but don't be fooled and stand your ground. Had two sump pump that we set below ground (included in project bid). Plumber finished about the 2nd/3rd week, holes not covered until after carpet was installed, requiring the carpet contractor to come back multiple times. First cover was just a piece of metal over the hole, not shaped, cut, etc. and you could feel under the carpet once placed. They worked hard to correct in week 9-10, cut should have been done many weeks prior. Project finally completed after 11+weeks - No follow up by their management, sales team or anyone. We are finally able to enjoy the space, but did not enjoy the experience. Final note: If the management / ownership really cared about the customers, there would be follow up during and especially after completion. They have chosen not follow up in any way. Just adds to the frustration and experience.

Description of Work
Finished basement

Category picture framing,remodeling,architect,basement remodeling



Mary P.

We met with four contractors for our basement project. ElkStone was recommended by a friend and we are so happy we decided to have them finish our basement. We were impressed with the thought of a five week project, we were a little skeptical that it could be done that fast, but that was the biggest factor in choosing them. Not only was every single employee friendly, knowledgeable and professional, all of the contractors that they used were also. Our finished basement looks better than we anticipated and they were on time, even with a few hiccups along the way. I cannot recommend them enough!

Description of Work
We needed a complete basement remodel, it was nothing but concrete walls and floor and we had it finished.

Category basement remodeling



Jeff E.

Not well, elk stone never responded to several inquiries.

Description of Work
Complete basement refinish

Category basement remodeling



Dave B.

With the exception of the purchase of our house itself, finishing our basement is the largest investment we have ever made. We knew we would have to completely trust the company we chose. Looking back, we are thrilled we chose Elkstone! They never betrayed our trust. From day one, Keith was honest, informative, helpful, and sincere. He didn't say or promise anything to try to and quot;close the saleand quot;. In fact, Keith was very up-front about realistic costs and timelines. Once things got started, Elkstone's online project management system was very helpful. All documents, schedules, contact information, change orders, and much more, were always just a click away! Our project managers, Troy and Phil, always responded to phone calls or text messages almost immediately - even after hours or on weekends. The crews that Elkstone used to do the work were very smart guys who really knew their trades well. The level of professionalism from the workers was surprisingly high. Many of the guys who worked on major systems (like plumbing or electric), did not simply come in, do their work, and leave. On the contrary, they served as expert consultants for us - offering advice and guidance, educating us on the nuances and specifics of our home, and helping us to make better decisions. When the very few, rare problems came up, Troy and Phil fixed them immediately. The end result is truly amazing. The quality is unprecedented. We are absolutely thrilled with our basement! We will be forever grateful to Elkstone for making this process not only painless, but really fun! Thank you, Elkstone! You rock!

Description of Work
Elkstone did a complete finish of our basement - from bare concrete to completely finished. The final basement has two bedrooms, a bathroom with steam shower, a family room, game room, pantry, and mechanical room. They were amazing!

Category basement remodeling



Valerie B.

The whole process went extremely well. Keith was the one with the eye for design and saw opportunities that I would have missed. Phil was the best and most pleasant Project Manager who kept things exactly on track. All of the subcontractors were pleasant, mannerly, and professional. There was only one time that I had to call to discuss something that wasn't to my approval. One of the subcontractors had arranged to have a porta-potty placed in my driveway. I had specified in early discussions that I did not wish to have that on my property. It was not the fault of Elkstone and they had the mistake taken care of asap. The estimate and budgeted cost was within $100 of the final expenses! The ongoing work was often ahead of schedule even with the holidays. The project was finished in exactly 5 weeks. I highly recommend their services!

Description of Work
They completely finished my basement (387 sqft).

Category basement remodeling



Kimberly O.

REVIEW DATE: 4/9/16 (Work was done May/June 2015, and I'm well-overdue to give this great company a review!) LOVE ELKSTONE!! I HONESTLY CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS COMPANY. I found them through Angie's list. At the time the reviews all said they did a great job on estimating, but pricing was too high, so another contractor was hired. Well, we got estimates from 3 companies, and found Elkstone's to be not only the MOST REASONABLE, but as promised, the most detailed. If you want to know exactly what you're getting, and to be able to pick out the finishes that YOU want, then go with Elkstone. They definitively answered any question we asked, whether technical or otherwise, raising our confidence in them. We can't say the same for the other 2 companies we saw. We also liked that they proper permits for the job. David Eskins, our Estimator, gave us the most detailed and well thought-out walk through, especially pointing out venting & piping to be rotated or tucked up to provide for a clean sheet rock/ceiling outlay. (The other 2 contractors didn't make note of those items at all!) We felt we could trust David's judgment, and there was good review/discussion of the final estimate to make sure we'd get exactly what we wanted. David was highly available for these conversations, and highly professional. As Elkstone's website promises, the estimate is very detailed, so you know exactly what you're paying for. There are 2 parts to the estimate: (1) The work Elkstone performs is a fixed amount. So during the project, if you want to add an extra light here or other detail there, they'll give you an estimate and you can decide whether to proceed. On our project, thankfully they pointed out that we didn't have a sump pump in the well, so we added that on. (2) Variable Items - these are the finishes that you pick(tile, carpet, cabinets, wall sconces, etc. We were even able to pick up gym mat flooring for our gym area!). You receive a "to do" list that's very detailed, so you know exactly what you need to be ready with and by when. (I strongly recommend you get a jump on it from day 1, as you'll want to do some viewing/comparing before actual buying.) The list includes suggested vendors and price estimates. The variable estimates are based on moderate price-points, so you may go higher or lower depending on the quality of finishes you ultimately pick. We found ourselves going in both directions across the items, largely coming out even except for the carpet. We wanted a much higher grade carpet then what most people want for a basement, so that's on us, not Elkstone! Once estimating is done and a contract signed, the project is handed off to your Project Manager (Justin for us), and you receive a detailed calendar of progress for the project. There's a kick-off meeting with Justin & David, to check final details, and set expectations. David was still very available to help with any vendor questions/issues that arose. The men, and just about all the materials, come/go through your basement egress window the stairway to the upstairs is tented off, so there's no dust and mess upstairs in the house. Workers were pretty timely, I never felt uncomfortable even when they arrived as I showered upstairs getting ready to go to work (and that's unusually for me. I come from NY!!). I left them in my house alone all day and had no problems. And when Elkstone says they're done in 5 weeks...they were done down to the exact day. We were nervous about the 50% upfront payment at the job' start, but Elkstone explained that the job moves so fast that the deposit ensures their contractors get paid, and continue to show up for their jobs. That sounded like a good explanation, and the job proceeded smoothly. We never looked back after we paid it! Also, when they say "construction projects never go perfect and we want to know about it and fix it so you're happy" they are NOT lying!! I tortured myself for 1 1/2 days because the bathroom floor tile got laid wrong. Finally I called Justin to confront the issue. He was so mellow, helpful and accommodating. Basically said, "If you're not happy, we fix it, and that's it. No worries." I'm paraphrasing, but that was the gist. So awesome! We had 2-3 other minor problems which were equally, easily addressed. The project came out beautiful. Our friends have raved repeatedly to us. I know they're not lying to be nice because the other day I had an AC Contractor down in the basement, and just as he got down there he commented on what a "really nice" basement we have, and that par for the norm. One friend who's still in an apt., told me that her husband dreams about our basement, wishing they had one. And finally, Elkstone also makes good on it's 1 year warranty. (The advantage of posting so late is that I can share this tidbit with you!) We had an electrical breaker go bad (not the box, just 1 breaker), and they sent someone right out to fix it. We also had some settling in the shower grout, which I understand is normal and not necessarily under warranty. We were going to try to fix it ourselves, and wanted to make sure we wouldn't be invalidating a warranty, but again I heard "We want to make sure you're happy with your basement", and so they sent someone out right away to fix it. Again, I can not say enough good things about Elkstone. We were impressed from start to finish with their professionalism, attention to detail, and overall handling and outcome of the job. You probably can find someone cheaper (although we didn't). BUT, you may not find someone as thorough, properly licensed, the job properly permitted, and entirely customer satisfaction oriented as Elkstone. I strongly, STRONGLY recommend them.

Description of Work
Built out our approximately 1,700 sf basement.

Category basement remodeling



Amy P.

Overall, a great job. They give you an online schedule which allows you to know what will be happening when. They give a fixed estimate with variable costs outlined and the fixed costs didn't change except with a few changes we made. The estimate for the items we had to purchase was pretty low. Great communication and they kept on schedule. My only complaint was wanting to meet with the trim carpenter in advance and not getting to which led to some confusion during the trim phase regarding built-ins. We do love our basement and feel Elkstone did a great job.

Description of Work
Full remodel of our basement and one bathroom.

Category basement remodeling



e C.

They were responsive and polite when called.? Unfortunately, they do not work on partially finished basements.? If the completed work was done by a fully licensed contractor and passed all inspections, they still won't touch it.? There are lots of flakey contractors that lead to lots of partially finished projects.? They are missing out on a good source of business by not evaluating the existing work before making a decision.

Description of Work
It didn't go.

Category picture framing,remodeling,home builders,architect,basement remodeling

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    Basement finishing; basement design. Our specialty is taking an unfinished basement and turning it into a completely new finished space and our niche is doing this three times faster than anyone else.

    Services Not Offered

    Although we provide basement finishing we don't necessarily provide all construction services that are located in a basement. For example, if your basement is already finished and you want to add a feature like a theater or wet bar then we don't provide that service. We will however demo an existing basement and then re-finish it. Or if your basement is partially finished we can finish the unfinished portion.

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    How is ElkStone Basements Inc overall rated?

    ElkStone Basements Inc is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

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    ElkStone Basements Inc is open:

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    No, ElkStone Basements Inc does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    Yes, ElkStone Basements Inc offers warranties.

    What services does ElkStone Basements Inc offer?

    ElkStone Basements Inc offers the following services: Basement finishing; basement design. Our specialty is taking an unfinished basement and turning it into a completely new finished space and our niche is doing this three times faster than anyone else.

    Are there any services ElkStone Basements Inc does not offer?

    Although we provide basement finishing we don't necessarily provide all construction services that are located in a basement. For example, if your basement is already finished and you want to add a feature like a theater or wet bar then we don't provide that service. We will however demo an existing basement and then re-finish it. Or if your basement is partially finished we can finish the unfinished portion.