Reports & Market Analysis

HomeAdvisor’s research team is making comprehensive research, analysis, and insights into the home service marketplace publicly available.

True Cost Report 2021

True Cost Report: 2021

This report looks at the distinct levers adjusting the cost of common home projects including how and why they have been impacting pricing at the consumer level. It also takes a deep dive into understanding the most important and most complex of cost factors: labor quality.

Skilled Trades in America: 2020

Skilled Trades in America, a report that examines America’s home service professionals and identifies the ways in which the industry can strengthen, grow, and diversify its labor force.

Home Service Market: 2021

Home services is a $500B market in the United States. This report makes available the first approach of its kind to estimating the total size for remodeling, maintenance, and improvement spending.

State of Home Spending: 2020

Comprehensive analysis of consumer spending, priorities, and underlying demographics factors that determine home services spending, broken down by spending category across home improvement, home maintenance, and home emergency spending.