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JP Improvements LLC

Founded 1998 • With Angi since January 2013


(21) Verified Reviews

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312 Prospect Rd

Waunakee, WI 53597


JP Improvements Specializes in Mold Remediation and Elimination of Causes. We also have nearly 30 yrs experience in the building trades and are experts in many areas of home improvements....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Sue J.

John, Bill, and Michelle worked very hard and effectively to remove extensive mold in the basement, and mold throughout the rest of the house. The project took many days. These workers were genuinely concerned about the health and comfort of the family member who remained in the house throughout the project, and were excellent about communicating with the family about what was planned and accomplished for each day. We recommend JP Improvements! This is a trustworthy company with extensive experience in mold remediation.

Description of Work
Mold remediation throughout a single family home

Category custom cabinets,mold removal



Beatriz L.

Lots of work but they got it all and at a more reasonable price than others

Description of Work
Remove black mold

Category decks,remodeling,woodworking,mold removal



Denise F.

Not done yet -so far so good

Description of Work
Basement remediation w mold removal

Category mold removal



Benjamin D.

Work was done quickly and mold has been removed. John worked with me on plan to keep it away. Outstanding work!

Description of Work
Mold remediation in master bath

Category mold removal



Liz V.

He put me in touch with a lab that was extremely helpful

Description of Work
Possible mold abatement

Category mold removal



Douglas O.

Jp improvements got back to me the same day I asked for a quote and scheduled an appointment the very next day to look at the damage. John showed up on time and gave us a estimate. Shorty after we asked John to go ahead with the work. In about two weeks the work was started and was found we had what looked like a toxic mold. John suggested a mold testing company to confirm. We found this testing company very helpfull. After testing it was confirmed to be toxic mold. After the results John could could finish the job safety, and did. This was all done with in five weeks which was remarkable considering a lot of people needed their services during this time period.

Description of Work
We had some water damage in our basement after a lot of rain and needed someone to check for mold and remeadeat.

Category mold removal



Heather C.

John was very personable and easy to work with. The first job was an urgent one and he managed to squeeze it in and get it done on time, even working through some of his previously scheduled vacation time. He was very careful to seal off the work so that no mold was able to enter the living space of the home and gave us lots of options on materials. For the non-rush job, we had to wait awhile to have it done as his schedule was booked out for quite awhile, but once he and his team were able to do it, he made an effort to, again, get it done in time for the deadline we needed it by -- and the new roofline looks great. I'd definitely hire JP Improvements again. They cost more than some others, but they do good work.

Description of Work
Mold remediation under exterior siding/shingling caused by improper sealing by previous contractor; General construction building new roof gable over sunroom.

Category remodeling,roofing,mold removal

Service Provider Response

Thank you [Member Name Removed] for the very kind review. Yo were a pleasure to work with and I really enjoyed building the new roof for you. We don't get to do much building anymore so thank you for hiring us to do your new porch roof. John Phillips


Jana S.

Description of Work
We had discovered mold in our mostly finished basement and called a few places for remediation and to solve the problem of water seeping in. We also knew we had a couple other spots in the basement where we had water come in. So two cracks in the foundation and one landscaping swale problem. We called one company who said they could seal up the cracks in the foundation and replace our sub pump but would NOT get rid of the mold nor replace all the dry wall that would need to be removed. We called a different mold remediation company (took two weeks to get them even call us back and to come in for an estimate) who said they could clean up the mold in the wall and floor but not replace the dry wall nor clean the personal items in the rooms. Then we called JP Improvements on a Friday and John came to do an estimate on Saturday! He gave us an estimate that was lower than the first mold remed co. - he would do everything the first guy promised AND would safely vacuum all the surfaces, books, furniture, toys in the rooms and replace all the dry wall and make it look good as new. And he did. Fair pricing, competent and hard working. My only complaint is that he sometimes arrived later in the morning than promised so I had to leave the doors unlocked when I went to work. Very trustworthy. Yes, I'd work with him again but I hope I don't have to.

Category landscaping,mold removal




This was an eleven day long process. John and Jeff repaired/eliminated things that had been badly installed in the basement as well as the damage caused by years of the basement being damp. They were cheerful, hard working, patient, and knowledgable. John also allowed us to defray costs by helping where we could. We?re absolutely satisfied and would hire them again!

Description of Work
Mold remediation in basement

Category woodworking



Jean S.

Description of Work
Cut out a section of my basement ceiling (it was drywall) where there had been a leak from my refrigerator above - water tube for drinking from fridge - and had grown black mold. They contained it so the spores would not be released and they wore containment suits to protect themselves. Then they sprayed anti-something stuff. They were friendly, and did the job quickly and thoroughly. I had to call him a few times, because he is so busy with this type of work - much in demand - and because he had gotten sick. I said he is professional and I will attest to that. But his manner of appearance is a bit eccentric, mostly because it is convenient for his business.

Category mold removal



Rebecca K.

It went very well. John and his assistant were knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly, and provided an extra suit & mask for me to work in the basement with them, allowing me to sort through which items stored there I wanted to keep and which to give or throw away, and do some of the work myself with them to reduce my costs. They were enjoyable to work with. They installed a blower & created a negative air flow so that any mold kicked up by the carpet removal would end up outside; and ran a giant air "scrubber" on the main floor to help also. They vacuumed every item and piece of furniture with a HEPA-filtered vacuum, and sprayed and wiped with eco-friendly anti-microbial solution, and used the more heavy-duty bleach solution as needed where they found concentrations of mold. They arranged for a dumpster for the larger items that needed to be disposed of, and brought heavy-duty large plastic bags for me to use for the things that would need laundering. They also helped me deal with moldy documents in a fire-proof (but not mold-proof!) safe. My husband was away the whole time (it took two days to do the work) and I felt completely safe, as a woman, with them coming in & out of the house & working together.

Description of Work
Mold remediation in my semi-finished basement

Category mold removal



Joshua F.

Category mold removal



Ryan R.

Description of Work
John did a great job. We called him to remove mold that had grew do to a leaky A/C unit up about 1.5 ft high on the drywall and about 12 ft long. He found a little more mold than we initially called about and cleaned that up for us as well as gave us some tips and tricks on how to keep the mold from coming back. The whole process was much faster and less expensive than I have originally guessed and I feel like we have our basement back again.

Category mold removal



Karen B.

The provider came out to check on the job and agreed he could perform the job. He said he would be back out and at that time, he would be able to provide me with a written estimate. After that, I never received a phone call back,. I waited 3 weeks and started calling him. I called him over a period of 2- 2 1/2 weeks and he still did not return my call.

Description of Work
The service provider came out to inspect the job needed for mold remediation .

Category woodworking



Doug H.

Description of Work
Mold remediation. Well.

Category mold removal



Mike S.

I don't know the first thing about this line of work, but now, thanks to Jon, I do. He gave me a fair estimate, and charged be about 500.00 less than that after all the work that he let me do along side of him. I know more about me home than I ever would have had I went with Service master. Those crooks were gonna tear apart unnecessary elements of my basement and charge me for it. Jon also found mold they would have left behind because it wasn't in their detailed work estimate. I immediately liked and trusted John and I would work along side him any day. He was here two days, both of which I helped. The second day he brought one of his employees, Dustin, who was also extremely likable and thorough . No question that Jon's the guy for the job. I will absolutely call him again for more work or even advise. And I know he'd be happy to give it.

Description of Work
Jon did exactly what I needed him to do. He found the mold, got it out safely and efficiently, and saved me money by allowing me to suit up and help.

Category mold removal



Kenneth W.

After inspecting the affected area he informed us that prior to undertaking any removal/remediation of the basement paneling, we would have to have an inspection by a mold inspector to find out the extent of the problem. For this, there was no charge and he asked us to call him after the inspection. We called the inspector he highly recommended, stating that he was very honest and he had worked with him before. This inspector was very expensive and devoted to upselling us on his services and products. However, the irony of the situation is that he recommended that JP Services be contacted to first remove the moldy paneling so that he, the inspector, could then determine the extent of the problem, which JP services told us was the reason to hire the inspector. I will not be using JP Services in the future as they either don't understand their work or are colluding with the inspector to provide unnecessary services.

Description of Work
He promptly came to inspect our moldy paneling in basement media room.

Category mold removal

Service Provider Response

I drove all the way to your home, gave you my honest recommendations and did not charge you a penny for all of my time. I did this for you because your mold problems were extensive and I knew you needed a professional investigation to determine the exact causes of your mold conditions for your own health and safety and to ensure that the mold would not recur following remediation. I referred you to Dan Schilling because he is the most knowledgeable environmental inspector in the nation (see his credentials on his website) and you were fortunate to live near Madison where he is based out of. He does not upsell but is rather renowned for talking people out of services he offers unless they are truly needed. Dan Schilling did indeed make proper determinations for you and He wisely did not expose the interior of your wall because he discovered it was contaminated and should only be opened under hygienic containment conditions by a profession remediator to prevent the spread of billions of mold spores around your home. This is why he referred you back to my company. I apologize that you do not understand safety protocol but in my opinion you should be thankful that you were treated honestly by both parties.



The service provided was good. The quality of the work was good, they are friendly and on time.

Description of Work
We used JP Improvements LLC for mold testing and remediation.

Category mold removal



Mark A.

l really can't say enough about the overall experience I had with John. I had been warned several times that some mold remediation people do a poor job and then overcharge you for the privilege. This was definitely not the case with John. I had had a a situation where the fiberglass insulation in my basement was starting to show a lot of mold splotches and about 1/3 of the OSB behind the insulation was darkening from mold. Also the insulation in the sub-basement (tri-level home) was starting to show the same black splotching. John came to my home and looked at the situation and said he thought that it was mold but the best thing to do was make sure that it actually was mold by have an inspector come and make sure. Also he said that the inspector (Dan Schilling) would be able to tell me what caused the problem and how to remedy it. Dan came and said that, yes, it was indeed mold mostly caused by improper dehumidification and poor grading away from the foundation. John came back and said he would be able to do the job for 2500.00 to 3500.00. The price was a litle more than I wanted to spend so he gave me the option of helping him with the work. The idea being the more work you do the less he has to do and thus a saving on the hourly rate. I said that was a great idea and we set up a date for the work. The day before we were to start John dropped off one of his HEPA vacuums for me to use to clean my things before I pulled them out of the basement. He advised me that cleaning the items before moving them would prevent the mold spores from being spread throughout the house. Then he left me rolls of plastic to cover the things I couldn't move. Finally he told me that the better job I did of preparation (getting things away from the wall, covering stuff, etc.) the less time it would take to complete the project. Lastly he ordered a dumpster to be delivered to my house using his account which saved me over 100.00 right off the top. The next morning he showed up and he dressed me in a hazmat suit and mask and we got to work. He was very thorough on what we had to do and why explaining that a poor job could mean the mold comes back. I did a pretty good job on the prep work so the job only took us a little over 9 hours to complete. The coolest part was when he applied the mold killer and we watched it turn white and then fade. When the job was complete he closed off the area and left his large air scrubber running for a day to clean the air of any spores left over. The best part was when he said I only owed about 1600.00 (which included the dumpster charge) for the whole process. John saved me a ton of money and even made suggestions on which insulation and drywall contractors do good work at reasonable prices. I don't generally go out of my way to praise people that do their jobs well as I think everybody should provide good service if they are going to take money for it, but John went well over and above what I thought reasonable. The best part was when he saved me 900.00 to 1900.00 less than the estimate. John does other work besides mold remediation and when I need some help on any other project he will be the first one I call. It doesn't hurt that John is a helluva nice guy too.

Description of Work
John came in and removed all the moldy insulation, sprayed and cleaned all the mold from our walls, HEPA vacuumed the floor and walls, applied a heavy duty mold killer and retardant, and then left an air scrubber in the area for 24 hours.

Category mold removal

Service Provider Response

I guess the biggest thing I like about my job is being able to help people. Sometimes I am fortunate to have a client that would like to save some money and is willing to work along side of me to do so. It has been a great way to save my clients a lot of money and it has been rewarding for me to get to know my clients on a more personal basis. [removed member name] is a smart Man and it was a pleasure working alongside of him. To me it is more important to have a completely happy client than one that has to wonder if they are being ripped off. When working alongside of me they not only see all the work that is involved but they also learn how to treat molds on there own and see that the right protocols are being taken.


Vita A.

I can't say enough of John, he is extremely personable, dependable, honest, and realistic in expectations. John is detailed oriented and has a firm grasp of what he does. He always had a clean work area and always communicated with me what stage of the project he was on. He's the first person I call whenever I have a home project to tackle.

Description of Work
John Philips was our contractor for several projects around our house (we had hail damage).

Category siding,woodworking,mold removal



michael B.

Work went down easy, but the assistant was not sufficiently competent for the tasks assigned to him. There were no delays or interruptions, but the results of the door work were not OK. The exterior metal and interior ductwork was good. The mold abatement was reccommended by a thrid party, who works too closely in tandem with this contractor. The mold work was expensive and ultimately left undone, as we saw that it was not particularly effective, and was do-able by any person with the right chemicals and a mask.

Description of Work
The soffet work was fine, the mold abatement was made into too big a deal, the ductwork was fine, but the door install, and the concrete were less than acceptable.The concrete cracked within a season, and both the front doors have problems. The outer screen door was not assembled properly, and is ill-fitting as a result. The inner solid security door does not stay closed, even when it is dble-checked as being handle-latched. The deadbolt must be thrown to insure security. Thesae problems have been through a winter into the srping season.

Category woodworking

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    JP Improvements LLC offers the following services: Mold remediation, Lead safe renovation,air sealing, fresh air intakes, siding , windows , doors,decks, bath basement and kitchen remodeling. Trim carpentry, and most home repairs.

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