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Brothers Contractor LLC

Founded 1993 • With Angi since August 2010


(17) Verified Reviews

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PO Box 1331

Goose Creek, SC 29445


Brothers Contractor LLC is dedicated to provide top quality services. We specialize in residential work and deal directly with homeowners. Brothers Contractors LLC make sure our customers are happy with our quality work. The owner of the company is present at all jobs overseeing them as well as

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


lorna t P.

when Jose came in to my home to do my floors i did not know what to expect , or what the process would be like, but from day one Jose was so professional . My floors tiles and subfloors was in such bad shape i did not know it could be fix, however Jose took me through every step he would have to do to get my floors and subfloors back to where it should be. The gentleman and his workers was so punctual, every morning he show up on time and work completlly through out the day. No matter what question i asked he alway answer very politely and professionally he told me there was nothing i cant asked. I cant say enough of this company and their workers it been a long time i that have seen someone took such pride in their work. Yes i would hire this company again and i highly, highly recommend them, i also had him scraped the popcorn celling and repaintd the kitchen for me My floors came out fanatic. Just like new.

Description of Work
intalled new kitchen floors scrapped popcorn celling and paint

Category flooring contractor, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters



Sharon M.

I ended up using someone else who was more responsive and more dependable and got a refund on this service

Description of Work
Not much. Took them an extremely long time to come get the details for an estimate and even longer to give me an estimate. I got tired of waiting and went with someone more dependable

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

On the way to the Customer's home we were involved in an automobile accident. While waiting on the police/ ambulance to arrive I notified the customer about the incident and told her that the appoiment needed to be cancelled and that I will contact her to rescheduled. The customer understood and rescheduled, an estimate was given, she stated that she had a budget and she decided to do the closet repairs with another company.


John P.

They also removed the popcorn from the ceiling and re-mudded the walls and ceiling so that they look like new construction. He also did this in our powder room. Like Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, his crew was such a delight as well. They were so personable, friendly and caring. Another thing that impressed me about them was their cleanliness and meticulousness. Every morning they laid drop cloths throughout the house where they might walk. And before they left every evening they vacuumed the entire area... WOW! I've never had a contractor do that before! They are such dedicated workers that they often worked 12 hour days because they needed to get to a stopping point. f you want the best, please call Mr. Diaz! We certainly plan to use his company again.

Description of Work
Initially we purchased the Big Deal for a Contractor for a Day for $299. Mr. Diaz and his wife, his estimator, came to look over what we wanted done (the removal of wallpaper in our master bath) to see if it was possible to complete this within the parameters of the offer. Since it was, we agreed on a time and date for the work to begin. We then asked for an estimate for other jobs that we would like to do as part of our bathroom renovation. My husband is a DIYer so he had very specific ideas about how he wanted to share the work. One of the biggest areas that we asked of Mr. Diaz was the renovation of our shower area. We had a very small fiberglass shower which we wished to remove to replace it with a larger tile one. Mr. Diaz and his crew helped with the removal and built a new shower that looks like one in a magazine! Our new bathroom is gorgeous!

Category remodeling



Jeff S.

Put in patio made of pavers.

Description of Work

Category remodeling



Jhone M.

We were slow getting this work scheduled, after purchasing a special deal through Angie's List, but that was due to our busy lives. Mr. and Mrs. Diaz showed up on the day we chose, and had all the tools needed to perform the work we'd asked for. When the work was finished, they cleaned up after themselves. They were quiet and unobtrusive while here, which is always a nice comparison to the work crews that bring a boom box and treat the neighborhood to hours of raucous music while they work. These people were hard workers, did an excellent job of what was asked, and were efficient and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again.

Description of Work
Caulked and painted four large windows where some wood repair had been made. Made repairs to soffit trim (three stories from the ground), prepped and painted the trim pieces for our screen porch.

Category remodeling, woodworking, house painters



Sandra P.

This company was contracted through a special deal on Angie's list for the services of a handyman/carpenter for 8 hours. They came and looked over the small jobs I need done and provided me a list of materials needed so I could purchase them if I chose. They came at the time scheduled. One worker set up and began working on the list in the order I wanted the jobs done. He worked about 4 hours alone then a crew of three came to finish all but one job on my list. I did not expect them to complete the entire list but I wanted them to have enough to use the time contracted. They actually worked a little over the 8 hours because they did not want to leave a task unfinished and did not charge me for the extra time. They did a good job. I was please with all of the work they did,

Description of Work
Fixed several cracks in bedroom wall and bathroom ceiling; replaced door frame; installed new door lock; repaired water-damaged ceilings in three rooms; fixed closet door that would not close

Category remodeling



Thomas M.

We had purchased a big deal for the service. I had a problem with it. Everything went fine. There were 3 things to be done, and he did them, and they were fine. The woman who runs the outfit, is a very aggressive individual, in her speech. That is fine, there was no problem there until 2 days later, when I wanted to put a silicone bidding on top of a shower tile between the wall that he had just fixed and painted. When I put the tape on, to put the bidding on, and when I removed the tape, the paint came off. I am 72 years old, and I have never seen that happening. What happened then was very peculiar. I noticed the paint had come away from the wall, so I picked it up, and it came out in strips. On the back of the paint, was the sand that they had not removed after sanding. So I called the woman and told her, and she immediately went on the defensive saying that it was impossible, and the problem was the tape. I ran the pieces of the paint and took them to Shirley Williams, who are people who know something about paint, and he agreed with me, that the little grip on the back of the paint sample was sand. I called her and told her again, and she still said it couldn't be it, and she said that if they had to, they would come and do it again, but I didn't want that, and I did it myself. I was displeased with the attitude. When you are in a business, you listen to the customer and not go on the defensive.The work was fine, but the attitude bothered me a bit. The guy who came out did not speak any English, and I was not happy about it.

Description of Work
We used Brothers Contractor LLC.

Category remodeling, interior painters

Service Provider Response

I am sorry you feel that way. We strive for our client’s satisfaction and maintain a record of satisfied & returning customers. We are well known for that. We strived to guarantee your satisfaction; I am pleased we noted our forms of communication to demonstrate. I will clarify. When you initially called regarding your interest in purchasing our “Big Deal, the deal was already expired. You called Angie's list and they allowed you to buy a Store Front Deal for $335.00 which you purchased. We allowed you to benefit from the store front savings regardless of the big deal expiration date. That was not permitted for any other clients. Regarding communication, you know that there was never an issue of communication during your experience with our company. When you purchase our “Big Deal”, I promptly scheduled an appointment to complete an estimate on the same day for your ceiling repairs as you requested via telephone. You were aware before your purchase, that English is not my primary language due to my accent which has never been an issue in all my years of experience. Communication has never been an issue. The moment I arrived at your home to do the estimate, you knew that my husband's English was limited but never did you disclose to me that it was an issue. Language has nothing to do with his 20 plus years of experience in construction. We love our customers and have established relationships with them. Our customers see us for who we are and the quality of our work speaks for itself. Our ethnicity should never be an issue, especially when going above and beyond for your satisfaction. If the language or my speech was an issue for you, you had every right not to schedule any repairs. You were advised of the water damaged above the shower and recommended to : (1) remove the damaged drywall, (2) install cement board, and apply Agua Defense Membrane & tile it above the shower because the bathroom does not have an exhaust fan. The lack of ventilation and the missing fan was going to continue to cause the drywall to damage. You were also informed that a section of the Sheetrock needed replacement due to the structural damaged on the drywall which was not part of the contract. We fixed it at no additional charge. We were not contracted to paint just to repair the drywall and apply (Kilz) primer. You stated that you were going to let your grandson practice on the painting. Your expressed your satisfaction once the project was completed. Now, I would like to also clarify that after we finished your project, you never contacted me over the phone. I have every form of communication noted. You did send me one message through The Message Center. (Angie's List can verify that). Your online message stated: Overall, I'm very pleased with the work done last Friday, 9/20. There is a small glitch that came to light in the shower area of the Master Bathroom. Yesterday afternoon, 9/22, I decided to apply some silicon beading to the joint of the wall and shower tile. I used Frog-tape [designed to mask painted areas, to get a clean line. When I removed the Frog-tape, the Kilz latex undercoat came off the wall as though it had no adherence at all. It came off in strips. It looks as though the Kilz did not properly adhere to the wall because the powder left from sanding was still on the wall and prevented proper adherence. After receiving your message, my message response to you was:. “I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We performed the same process as we always do on all drywall repairs. The material used on the shower repaired was the Sheetrock brand (20 minutes setting) that dries in twenty minutes. We gave the drying process one hour because of the previous moisture problem disclosed and after the hour we used a heat blower to make sure we had the compound application completely dried. Based on our experience we do not use or recommended to use any type of tape over a fresh primed / painted wall or ceiling. Doing so, may result in your experience. With a primer, a freshly painted one especially, the base is not sealed for a durable surface until the paint has been applied and thoroughly dried. That is what caused the Kilz not to adhere properly. To guarantee your satisfaction, we may return to apply a new coat of primer. Please contact us if we can be of service to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or comments. “ We never heard from you until your review a month after. It was a pleasure working with you and with your wife. I sincerely apologize if by explaining that it is not recommended to apply tape over a freshly primed drywall was perceived as an attitude, and if my English accent gave you the impression of being an aggressive individual. Thank you for your business. My Pleasure,


Paul R.

Appointments were prompt, details discussed before proceeding and some changes made as the work progressed. Result was a successful repair at a reasonable cost. Would recommend as a reliable contractor.

Description of Work
Replaced dry rotted foundation lumber, added bracing to decking, replaced some siding and painted area repaired.

Category deck cleaning, house painters



Susan S.

They prepared areas well to protect them, finished early and cleaned up well before they left. Very nice husband and wife and two other workers.

Description of Work
Painted 2 story foyer, stairwell and small office (3 walls) walls, no trim.

Category interior painters



Bruce M.

Went according to schedule, they were very neat, placed covering on floor from entry door to bathroom to keep clean, cleaned up after their work & looks great. We would have them return for other work.

Description of Work
Prepared shower stall for tile; put in cement shower bottom w/ drain, placed backer board, taped, mudded & finished surface - ready to apply tile, Finished walls of bathroom - patched & repaired drywall damaged by wallpaper removal, sanded & ready for painting.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Amanda T.

I am extremely pleased with how everything turned out! I miscalculated and had to get more paint, and by virtue of that alone, it would mean differing shades, but you can't tell. Yakosta kept in contact with me constantly from the onset. When I provided dates I was free to have this done, I was immediately on their schedule. I had a few things I wanted accomplished, so I sent specs and they determined what work could be done in the eight hours of labor I purchased through a Big Deal. The trim lines are sharp, what couldn't be moved out of the room was covered and protected as was the carpet. I dare say the room was left cleaner than when the work began. Any holes (due to pictures) that I was not going to reuse were patched. I even have standards up for free shelves and those were taken down and put back once the wall was dry. I used a specialty chalk board paint and had to wait a week to try it . The results are fantastic- well worth having a someone with far more skill and knowledge. I was given suggestions too as to what would work better for the room (part of the ceiling was sloped). The room is a home office, so having freedom and being able to utilize the walls in differing ways is helpful. I will have to so something different for the ceiling than I imagined, but I wholeheartedly agree that leaving it be worked out better. It's refreshing to have a company follow-up, touch base leading up to the job, and to ensure I was happy with the outcome. I am so pleased that Brothers Contractor will be among the first people I contact in the future should other endeavors crop up. Not only that, but I have no problems recommending them. If you go to their website, the photos of the green room were this job (which will hopefully be up soon, as I owe them an after picture once everything was put back in the room and on the walls).

Description of Work
They painted a room located on my second level.

Category remodeling, interior painters



william S.

They were very punctual and did everything they said they would. Brothers gave me a fair estimate for the work I needed and made suggestions as to how to repair a balcony which had been improperly sloped when my home was built. They were friendly and courteous throughout the process. They even took care of picking up additional hardware so that I did not have to make a trip to the store. In my business, I deal with contractors all the time. It was a pleasure working with Brothers Contractors and I will recommend them to clients.

Description of Work
Replaced an exterior door, replaced hardware for all exterior doors and repaired balcony which needed new seal coat.

Category remodeling



Hank S.

Jose' arrived with Yokasta at 8am. Yokasta is company CEO and Jose's wife, and helper. First, they worked to repair faulty work from a previous contractor. Jose adjusted the two gates and re-attached the latches, so that everything worked smoothly. Next, he attached the house numbers, working carefully to get everything aligned. He also looked at door knobs, but couldn't fix them without replacement, because of poor work from the previous contractor. He put up a ceiling fan and then replaced a faucet, cleaning up the work space along the way. He had to go to Home Depot to buy new water connections, because the existing ones were too short, doing that during his lunch break. Last, he worked on the lights in the kitchen, adjusting an overhead breakfast nook light, installing a new track light, and a new over the sink LED light. Finally, I asked Yokasta to send me a proposal for kitchen renovations later.

Description of Work
Jose' replaced a kitchen light, an over the sink light, installed a ceiling fan, a bathroom sink faucet, adjusted fence latches, worked on some furniture legs, and installed house address numbers. Followed instructions very carefully and cleaned up neatly afterwards. They were always on time, and their cost estimates were on target.

Category electrician, fencing, remodeling, home remodeling



Vicky I.

Perfect job. We could not be more more pleased. We considered different materials and they worked with us to identify the combination of materials for a beautiful design.

Description of Work
Added a deck railing and stairs using cable wire to integrate with the existing deck

Category fencing, remodeling



Judi M.

I've worked with Brothers since 2007 on various projects and repairs for my home. They have always showed up exactly when they said they would, are always on time and very trustworthy. The work has always been competent and they have always finished it within the contracted time. There is nothing they cannot do, it seems. They are continuously the lowest bidder on the various projects, and in the case of my kitchen, there was a several thousand dollar difference. The only negative I can report is that they are so good at what they do that I sometimes have to wait longer than I used to for them to come out and bid on a project. I cannot say enough good things about this company.

Description of Work
Redid bathroom; ripped up flooring (3 layers) and refinished wood floor, removed and replaced vanity, faucets, etc. and painted. They also installed an exhaust fan. In the past, Brothers tore out my entire kitchen and replaced walls, floor (including sub flooring), cabinets, sinks, etc. etc.

Category remodeling



William G.

They give fabulous service and quality work.

Description of Work
They remodeled our kitchen and living/den. They also put a new overhang on our front porch, installed a new gutter, and painted some doors inside and out. He also installed two electric roof vents.

Category awnings, electrician, gutter repair, remodeling, roofing, home remodeling, house painters, interior painters



Lenwood P.

Pleasant experience. I have used this contractor for previous jobs (remodel the entire inside of my home, repaired my driveway, install hardwood floors and converted my fireplace from the old conventional fireplace to an insert. Always punctual, professional. He provided good estimates; I never had any cost overrun surprises. They will always be my first contractor of choice for ANY work that I need in the future. Brothers Contractor personnel are the only service persons that I felt comfortable leaving in my home when I had errands to run.

Description of Work
Removed a privacy fence poorly constructed by a previous contractor. Stain and build a new privacy fence approximately 96 ft with 15 ( 4x4x16 and 2x4x16) posts.

Category concrete repair, concrete driveways, fencing, flooring contractor, hardwood floor, remodeling, deck cleaning, fireplaces, gas logs

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    Yes, Brothers Contractor LLC offers warranties.

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    Brothers Contractor LLC offers the following services: Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling, Painting, Drywall, Additions, Hardwood Floors, Woodworking, Deck, Driveway. Move out and Moving in House Cleaning.