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Founded 2012 • With Angi since June 2011


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1624 Wadsworth Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19150


We are a family owned and operated business that has old world style workmanship from USA. We are here to service your home with our utmost respect. We treat our customers like family. Service after the sale is our Motto. No matter what, any remodeling need you have, we can handle it....

Verified Reviews

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Betsy B.

This project started in March 2013 and August 2013 project is not finished. The plan was to have project finished for my son's wedding on June 22, 2013, never happened was a very chaotic situation.

Description of Work
Kitchen renovation.Good cabinets. Nailed in a hard wood floor which is not done today. Backsplash change direction of tile. Did not plan electrical. Different slabs of granite installed in different directions. Trim at top of cabinets badly cut and left with gaps. One side of trim is lifting from cupboards. Pre drilled holes were not done one cupboard door is falling off. Still have shim under cupboard. Seldom brought proper tools needed to take time out to shop at Lowe's or Home Depot. Sink was not centered to window. Plumbing tube from dishwasher is hanging in the lazy Susan cabinet. The sink disposal fell out from the sink. The space for stove was not wide enough needed to cut granite to fit stove. Too much to mention I was left with a mess. This will take a good carpenter, more money and time to rectify what was left behind.

Category home remodeling



Betsy B.

It was absolutely brutal, most horrible experience. The wood floor that they installed, they nailed through the boards, they didn't hide the heads of the nails. They varnished over the dusty dirty wood flooring and the exsposed nail heads. The dry wall is not sanded and finished, the walls aren't even painted. I had them install an island in the middle of the kitchen, they never got a permit for the work. They did not install a electric plug in the island which is mandatory electric code. Of the one plug that was available near the island, he just put a cover over the electric plug instead of removing it to create a new one. I had them install a sink under a window and the sink was too small from what I asked for and it was installed off-center. The island was supposed to be made of granite, instead of being a solid piece of granite for the island, they used two seperate pieces, the grain doesn't even match! the threshold is cracked which is not legal. The transition pieces between the floor were glued in with white caulking which was my own personal caulking. They used my own miter saw in my basement, they didn't have their own tools nor the correct ones for all the work. The cupboard's were made by J n' K company and they were beautiful. The mouldings were cracked after he installed them. There are still shims stuck in the cupboards, they had scrathed one of the cupboards, now the door is about to fall off after they fixed the scratch. He went to install a 'complimentary' backsplash in the horizontal direction, they installed them vertically. My dishwasher has the tubes and cables running out over my lazy susan. I went to use the garbage disposer in my sink and when I turned it on, it fell out the bottom of my sink! They ran extension coards out my bathroom window into my yard to cut the wood with. They never showed up early, they would arrive at 10am and leave at 4pm. When the owner came by to do his final walkthrough inspection his wife called me to let me know that I must have $2800 in cash for him to walk in my door.

Description of Work
I had hired them for a kitchen remodel.

Category ceramic tile, countertops, electrician, plumbing, remodeling, marble & granite, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

We have not at any time left her in the disarray, she is speaking of , completely absurd. We did all her work for $23,000 original contract was for $36,000. She simply couldn't afford our layout. So we did it buy her layout she had. Her floor was a 5/16th Oak Floor top nail and it was changed by her request to a herringbone design, instead of what was planned. We have a letter from bragging about the great job.Sure, we showed up at 10 am but we traveled almost 2 hours everyday to get to her home. There was a time she invited our guys to stay the night, that we didn't accept. Little strange. Anway she had a lot going on in her personal life which I won't mention, but she was very frazzeled. We told her we had another day to complete our job and needed to be paid what she owed, being this payment was for our granite,the reason for the seam was normal, her area was over 9 ft x 7 ft granite slabs don't come in that size.She simply ran out of funds and wouldn't pay us the balance, she made up a lot of excuses not to pay for the services she received. The tools we used she offered our guys to use them.We would still like to finish our job and make her happy, it is sad because, we gave her our plumber at cost, free backsplash made of glass and travertine, her kitchen is absolutely beautiful. We have over 500 other jobs that make this entire statement and review ludicrous.



Danyell L.

I contacted Forte Home Remodeling on September 18, 2013 to request an estimate for a kitchen remodel and bathroom update. I spoke with a woman who was very pleasant and took my information and told me her husband would contact me. He never did. Two weeks after my initial call I received a message from Forte Home Remodeling stating that they received my message and were calling me back. I chose not to contact them again.

Description of Work

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

Thanks for visiting our store at we regret not getting to you sooner. We actually so busy around end of Aug thru Oct were swamped with work, It was a blessing and if you ever would consider having us we would do our very best to not only offer you a huge discount of $500.00 off of $5000 job. We would go the extra mile to see that you get what you need for your home. We are here to serve. People pleasers. We are a family that works together everyday. Have the best intentions for other families as well. Thanks for thinking about us.Sincerely Jennifer Forte



Joan F.

One of the most frustrating experiences of my life. The job was supposed to be done in two weeks and it took two and a half months. They didn't always show up and when they did they often worked 4 or 5 hours. There was a lot of work but they kept reassuring it would be done before I left on vacations. It wasn't. I was without me washer and dryer for two and a half weeks and it was finally hooked up at 7:30 pm the night before I left. They used my tools and vacuum cleaner in the basement without asking. The vacuum had to be reconditioned and I found tools all over my yard. I could go on. I sent a three page list of issues to the vendor with photos. Some were addressed, some were not. The owner never contacted me to discuss the problems.

Description of Work
Installed kitchen countertop and backsplash Finished a portion of my basement as a laundry room including painting, wall, door and tile floor. Installed two back doors and additional lighting.

Category custom cabinets, ceramic tile, countertops, lighting, plumbing

Service Provider Response

We apologize to Ms [member name removed], at most we were there for 4 weeks , we did kitchen work took 2 weeks. Work was beautiful, custom cabinetry. Then hired us for additional work because she was happy for the most part on our first job. There was a leak in the basement when it rained we couldn't get to tiling due to the condition of the wet floor, when we were able to start ,we began doing doors to basement work and tiling and stucco and paint, however the customer went on a trip that postponed our workmanship for alittle over 2 weeks that extended time of our completion was at a hault. She did offer a key to us and we declined because we do not enter a home without our customer being in town and available in case of an emergency, that would go against our policy.While she was on a trip we started other jobs that were scheduled during that time she was away. We are committed to our work and try to accommodate to the best of our abilities, Joan we really loved working for you. Apologize for any tools being left in yard ,that was our work area ,but we did clean up our mess. We had a row home with an alley way, no yard but we did our job. We did go back for any touchups and we do humbly apologize for messing up by using your vacuum. For over 25 years doing contracting work we admit we had two complaints.



Kelly S.

GREAT!!! I had lots of help from the owners wife with picking my backsplash, flooring, and countertops, which was good because there was so much to choose from. After the floor was picked I changed my mind about the countertop I picked, so I changed countertops and the owner worked it all out for me, with no problem. I even thought about changing my paint color after it was painted, and I had no problems with the changes I wanted, the owner is very understanding and fair. The job was started on Nov. 30th and will be finished by Dec. 21st, which is record breaking time in my book, with all that had to be done, including things I asked to be done on a whim. His staff friends & family are wonderful, and kind. They made the job easy for me, with helpful hints. I would definitely use them again, and consider them my personal contractors.

Description of Work
Total kitchen renovation, and remodeling, ceiling fan installation, outside lighting installation, electrical service lines rerouted correctly, other odd in jobs taken care of out of kindness.

Category remodeling, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

(member name removed), you and your family are amazing. We are happy that you were happy about the work we done. We can not thank you enough, for taking the time and letting others know the truth about how hard we work. We are here for your family if there is anything we can do let us know. We will be there when you call. Thank you , Sincerely Jennifer Forte





Description of Work
I needed a brand new kitchen, my other was fallen down from a previous contractor I used prior to meeting Joe Forte. My tile floors were not installed properly by ROGER G .. So I needed someone reliable. I went to Joe Forte Home Remodeling. I had to look no further. He did my porcelain floor in a pinwheel design and it was absolutely beautiful and installed off white, cream colored cabinets, with new countertop made of formica it looks just like granite. I would of liked granite but that's what my budget allowed for. His work was impeccable , his demeanor was so awesome , his workers well mannered. He seemed to enjoy his work and his employees. Here's the catch. I believed I got the best deal in the world. Truthfully I fell in love with him. Guess what together we opened a kitchen and tile store together. So that other families can have a dream come true , and enjoy a kitchen that makes happiness and the joy of family times. That is why Joe and I decided together that we had a common interest, and opened up a store that allowed us to show beautiful tiles and cabinets , countertops and backsplashes, so much to choose from. I believe that things happen for a reason. Joe Forte was my reason and my destiny. Hopefully we can share our design ideas with you , and allow for a future for our family and yours to share with ours. We have a dream to keep the business going for our sons and daughters . This is a small business with family values and old world craftsmanship. Come in a see for yourself how awesome Joe is, he actually helped a lady out that had a limited income and will his cost give her a brand new kitchen ,all she has to pay for cabinets and countertop the rest will be donated time from him and his employees. No one no where will do that for anyone . He is a blessing. Jennifer Michelle

Category custom cabinets, remodeling, home remodeling



Bette T.

It is a store that sells tiles, they have all kinds of beautiful tiles that we really liked. They also installed it. They were good but they could have been better. They took a long time, almost 3 days’ time, to complete the task and it really started to irritate me because I have only one bathroom in the house and other 2 don’t have toilets. I was satisfied with their price. I am not sure I may recommend them to others. They don’t stick to their time; he would be here in 4 hours if he said he would be here in 2 hours. I am not sure if I would use them again.

Description of Work
I used Forte Home Remodeling for bathroom remodeling services. They specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Category remodeling, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

Thanks [members name], your opinion matters to us greatly and we are very sorry that it took three days to remodel your bathroom. It does take time and effort to do a job well. We would like to extend our thanks for having you use us and would like you to give us another chance. We love working on homes it's our Forte and we want to make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied. We would give you a great discount on any other job you may need done and are willing to work with you on time. Thanks again, sincerely Philadelphia Kitchen and Tile. Jennifer M Forte



Carolyn H.

Because of the 1st work done that is why I hired him to do the kitchen floor and bathroom cabinets and other jobs in other parts of my home. He knew I was disabled and lived on a fixed income. What Joe Forte did was wrong in so many ways. Please help me. Now he only answers the phone saying his telephone number.

Description of Work
Joe Forte had one of his workers Bradshaw to run a line for my washer, it was started that morning and finished that afternoon around 3pm. At that time when he came backhand saw my kitchen floor and said he could repair it and the bottom cabinets before I would be out of the hospital because with the floor being torn up so bad when I came home I could fall but he would need the money because he was going to buy the floor items so he would need the money for everything he would be using before I went in the hospital> I gave him a total of $1800 for all the items he needed and none of my work was done. Nothing and I did fall so I had to go to a wheelchair.

Category remodeling, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

[member name removed], Like I said , Joe Forte loves you a lot. He would do anything to help you in an instant , If you call him and tell him what you need, he would do it in a heartbeat. Please know [member name removed], during this time he was opening up a new store he had over 30 + years under his belt in contracting and is the best. He also was engaged and married and had gained three additional children besides his own three. No excuse but he was a little busy. He has a lot of time to help you out now and always know without a doubt he'll do what he can for you. Sincerely best regards , Jennifer Forte



Carolyn H.

He asked me if he could use floor models to save money, but he would need that all upfront. I was paying him on a steady basis to pick up supplies so he could have everything ready when he started the job. He kept putting off the job, saying he had another small job to finish. Eventually he stopped taking my phone calls, around December. He finally came by to apologize for putting me off. He started putting off my job again at the start of the year. I gave him a month, I called him and got no answer. I had my son call him, he said he was not trying to cheat me but would get to the job eventually. He will not call me back or answer my calls. We are in June now and nothing has still been done.

Description of Work
I hired him to remodel my kitchen floor.

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

[member name removed], Joe would do anything for you he thinks of you highly. This is not the truth and you were mad at him at least tell him that don't be spiteful and write up a bad review because he really loves you.

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    Yes, PHILADELPHIA KITCHEN & TILE offers warranties.

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    PHILADELPHIA KITCHEN & TILE offers the following services: Kitchen remodels , cabinets, tile floors, hardwood floors, granite countertops, formica countertops, plumbing, installation of backsplashes, Cambria countertops, Maganite -countertops. Custom made cabinets, for anyroom, fireplace mantles, stone setting around fireplace .Bathroom remodels,installation of all fixtures from tubs, showers, liners, custom made standup showers with seats for convience. Windows, doors, We are your neighborhood home contractors .