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Portland Construction Solutions

Founded 2008 • With Angi since August 2009


(32) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


14915 SW 72ND AVE

Portland, OR 97224


Portland Construction Solutions is a Pacific Northwest general contractor that specializes in buildback of damaged residential, multifamily and light commercial properties, bringing them to original condition (and often better!). Portland Construction Solutions' knowledgeable estimators and project managers provide timely service, and its trustworthy craftsmen and subcontractors are courteous and respectful....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...



I would highly recommend PCS! They were very professional in getting my work done. All of the employees were on time and did excellent work, The quality of workmanship was excellent. They walked me thru everything and explained every step that was to be done and it was done in a timely manner. My home is back to normal thanks to their good workmanship.

Description of Work
water damage

Category drywall, flooring contractor, insulation, water damage restoration, woodworking, interior painters, mold removal, foundation repair



Deniel H.

I do not recommend anyone using Portland Construction for your home repair needs. They are not worth the headache due to a disjointed, uncommunicative, and potentially incompetent staff that does not hold to their word. The entire affair felt eerily like dealing with health care costs; where no one knows what things will cost throughout the process, the left hand does not talk to the right, and administration is incompetent(or unwilling) to give accurate details when asked. We asked for financial clarification on multiple occasions (as I thought we may owe more, but the numbers just were not adding up). We got responses like, “I just can’t give you those details right now”, “This is a mess, I will have to ask a co-worker”, “You are right, these don’t seem to add up”, and “I assure you that the finals numbers will be ready for you at final walk through”. The owner verbally gave the final amount due to us at final walk through, as he said he was not given the requested statement. We made the final payment to him. Paying at this point, without a written statement was an error on our part. We should have insisted (again!) on the physical statement. Roughly two months later, apparently after reviewing and sifting through their mess, we received an email with a large balance still due. No apologizes or acceptance was made for miscommunicating the balance due (on multiple occasions), nor acceptance whatsoever of responsibility for the mis-information or mess of administration was communicated. During phone conversations, they as few and neutral of comments as possible, then insisted on payment. Never mind, that a contract $10,000 over the contract we signed was sent to insurance, but never seen by us until after project completion. We had to request it multiple times after the unknown balance was invoiced to us, as things were not adding up to us, based on the contracts we had. The result is that both the consumer and insurance companies get gouged. We paid it, washed our hands of this company, and are finally done. However, our concern now is you – We do not want another family to have the same experience we did. I am (mostly) happy with the repairs themselves (we were looking for mid range and new upfront that when not paying premium prices, the word quality would follow suit), but the sales and administrative side of this company will end up costing you dearly – in A LOT of time , frustration, and money! The negatives far outweighed the positives. I highly recommend seeking another company.

Description of Work
new flooring in basement, stairs and one room upstairs due to grey water damage.

Category carpet installation, flooring contractor, handyman service, interior painters



Rose L.

While PCS price point is definitely on the high side, they truly did a fantastic job for me. I'm particularly happy with their punctuality, professionalism, and work quality. I'll most certainly use them again.

Description of Work
Full bathroom remodel on my rental property with tub replacement, wallboard replacement and painting

Category handyman service



William S.

They did a great job. My contractor, who was doing some remodeling for me, I contacted him and he put me in touch with them and they were there within 45 minutes on a Sunday. They did a great job for us and I would highly recommended them to anybody. They were very open and honest with me. Whatever they told me they stuck by it, whatever guarantees they had they took me through step by step and they walked us through what they were going to be doing. They reacted so quickly and got in there with the right amount of equipment. They came in with a whole crew of people and within 30-40 minutes they had it all under control.

Description of Work
We just recently used Portland Construction Solutions when we had a flood in our basement due to a pipe that froze during that freeze we had up there and when it started falling out it flooded the basement.

Category plumbing, water damage restoration



Angela A.

They are the best! They are always my first call. They respond quickly, are on time, follow thru with the agreed upon work at the agreed upon price and are just a pleasure. This time, my clients had a water pipe burst, and they were there within a couple hours to begin the clean up and drying process. Once that phase was completed, they determined what areas were too damaged to save and which were not. They removed the damaged areas and are now beginning the replacement process. Every person, on site or on the phone, has been very nice and knowledgable. I never have a problem getting in touch with someone if I have a question.

Description of Work
Emergency water clean up, drying out and repair/replace damaged areas as needed - including floors, walls, electrical.

Category handyman service



Jeff D.

The experience was pretty mixed. Some of the people they had working for them were good; some were not. One was pretty evidently not good and did substandard work. It was corrected but I don't think I would use them again. They were punctual enough. There had some very good people and some really bad people.

Description of Work
I used Portland Construction Solutions to do some garage restoration and house repairs to bring it to a more manageable level. It was maintenance issues.

Category handyman service, remodeling



Tselani R.

Once we were able to schedule a date, Jay arrived promptly at our house. Since we work from home, we were able to see the whole install from start to finish. What we really appreciated is that Jay took him time and was very thorough in his work. He was also very clean (which we really appreciate) and did a great job explaining to us how the job was coming along. We did have some problems with the toilet install because of a bad remodel job done by the previous homeowners. But Jay was able to figure out a solution that worked. The whole job took a little longer than originally estimated, but we would prefer to have quality work rather than someone who rushes through the job. We will definitely use this company for future work because we are very pleased with the quality and the price.

Description of Work
Our master bath shower pan was leaking downstairs into the kitchen ceiling. We asked Portland Real Estate Solutions (now Portland Construction Solutions) to look at the problem and give us a bid. The contractor told us what we could do to fix the problem ourselves, which was much appreciated! So we asked for another bid to replace the valve in the shower, replace the shower fixture and install a new toilet. Replacing the shower valve required the contractor to cut a hole in the drywall to replace it and then redrywall the hole.

Category drywall, handyman service, plumbing



Nicole S.

Upon receipt of home, I had my inspector go back underneath the house(for another $100) and check that the work ordered had been done and done properly.........he came back with the some of the same pictures (wood debris still there). They had even left the vent next to the crawlspace unattached, laying on the ground. What little that had been done, was very sad to say the least and needed to be re-done, like the cover for the dryer vent outside and the blowing out of the vents, later of which he sent out two less than savory looking fellows who couldn't even tell me who had sent them and said they'd have to punch a hole in the side of my 17yr old furnace to finish the job. It does not matter that I did not personally have to pay for the work, Brian was hired to have done. As the new home owner, I expected it to be done and instead the seller was sadly ripped off in my opinion, although upon calling Brian on this blatant lack of work, he did not believe he ripped her off. Brian and I have very differing ideas of what and quot;ripped offand quot; me it means work not actually being done when one has taken the money to do so..........With this call, Brian sent someone else out to supposedly do the work originally paid for. Brian did not think he should pay the extra $100 it would have taken me to have the second visit from his handyman checked again. This in my opinion was a very simple, simple job they were hired for, no skill was needed to do this job, except a good work ethic. It was obvious the people sent made no real effort to perform a good job. Brian does not have to take direct responsibility for work done, as everything is hired out to contractors,so you don't know who you'll get. I personally would prefer to hire contractors directly that directly take responsibility and pride for their own work, therefore may want it to be done right, to protect their business and acquire more in the future! The proof is in the second set of pictures taken by my inspector........glad I paid the extra $100 for that! Although, shouldn't have had to do so...........very disappointing experience.

Description of Work
Portland Real Estate Solutions were hired by the elder seller of my purchased home to fix items in the crawlspace on my addendum as part of our real estate transaction.

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

I reviewed the emails, inspection reports, photos and overall process related to this project from July, 2011 and I agree with the writer that the initial work completed at this property did not reflect our best work. Portland Construction Solutions has completed renovations for thousands of real estate transactions, remodels, and restoration projects, and we earn our reputation of thoroughness and professionalism. In this case, while the majority of the crawl space work was completed satisfactorily, there were items that didn’t pass the real estate inspection, which was clearly the expectation of buyer and seller. When notified, we immediately returned to perfect the work at no cost to the seller or to the buyer, who was not our contracted client. The result of this second visit satisfied all parties. The buyer chose an optional second inspection that passed. We sincerely regret that the writer, while not a client, had a negative impression of Portland Construction Solutions; we’re proud of our strong work ethic, professionalism, and customer relationships. Brian Glass, Owner



Ted G F.

The project manager conducted a courteous, detailed visit answering several questions about the job. Later two craftsmen arrived to complete the sopphit and front entry support column repairs along with two more for the chimney remortaring repairs. They were all very professional during the repairs with very good repair and job clean-up times. The appearance of all the work including paint matching and other general details was excellent.

Description of Work
Removed and hauled away debris from gutters and downspouts. Removed peeling paint from the front corner of home with sopphit water damage. Painted exposed wood(from water damage from gutter overflow) on the sopphit exterior matching existing paint as closely as possible. Provided chimney masonry tuckpointing repair. Replaced broken chimney flu liner on plugged side. Remortared chimney crown. Removed and replaced two (4x4) support columns at the front entry due to dryrot.

Category handyman service



Joan K.

They were on time, very nice and professional and did a great job. Would use them again.

Description of Work
They put on all my hardware on my cabinets for 3 bathrooms and my kitchen. A total of 34 pieces.

Category real estate agents



Phil R.

They were awesome. They were outstanding. We would recommend them highly to anybody. They were very businesslike and prompt. Everything was spelled out clearly. The men that came were very neat and tidy. They were here on the dot of when they said they will be. They were just wonderful. They put down floor coverings everywhere on the steps and in the hallway leading into the bathroom. They were so meticulous and careful. They did a really nice job of cleaning up and removal of debris. I would go with them in an instance. They were highly professional. Their prices are very reasonable. I had good communication with them. I can't say enough good about them. They were very precise. They were very reasonable and helped us stay within our budget. The quality of their job was outstanding. I would rate them high overall. Whenever we have had a question or had anything to discuss, they would just listen. They offered suggestions for different things and everything was very reasonable. I would recommend them to anybody. They would be the first on our list to call. If we need them, we will definitely use them. We have had other contractors, but these guys were hands above. They were very respectful. They answered everything with respect. They worked very well without goofing up. They are the kind of people that are a joy. I dint know there are still people like that. We would have them come back anytime.

Description of Work
We got Portland Real Estate Solutions LLC off Angie's list magazine. I used them in November. They tore out the tubs around and took out the bathtub. They re-plumbed some of the plumbing for the bathtub. Some of the plumbing needed to be moved because it was a larger soaking tub instead of a small tub which was in there. They also helped us tear up some of the floor because some of the vinyl had loosened around the tub and we were concerned about the dry rot. There was nothing wrong there but they helped us take out some of the tiles that were underneath. They gave us some really good advice on removing some of the stuff. We are going to do the rest of the tear out of the bathroom. They put in the packer board and got the tubs around ready for tiling. They have already prepped.

Category drywall, plumbing




As with any reconstruction job there were many set backs once we started taking things apart many things beyond their control. PRS did a great job communicating timelines costs and options. They were professional ethical and provided outstanding craftsmanship. We now have a beautifully remodeled house and came in on budget. Brian Amy and Kevin were wonderful to work with. By far our kitchen and hardwood floors are the best. Our guests are always commenting on how beautiful they are. We highly recommend PRS and would be happy to share more details.

Description of Work

Category handyman service, remodeling




The floors had a lot of water staining but they did an excellent job. They really knew new floors which was good. In the past they have repainted the entire inside of a house, fixed broken cabinets, and replaced a toilet.

Description of Work
We use Portland Real Estate Solutions for almost everything around the house. Most recently they refinished the floors in the kitchen and hall in one of my rental properties.

Category flooring contractor, handyman service, plumbing, remodeling, interior painters




The work was well done. Mark knew wht he was doing and had the necessary equipment and quickly took care of the problem. He explained a couple of options and even removed the old toilet.

Description of Work
i had a toilet that appeared to be leaking. I removed the old toilet and it looked like problems with the wax seal and the flange. I called one day in the am and they sent their plumber the next morning at 7:30am. He ultimately replaced the flange and set the new toilet in about 2 hours.

Category handyman service, plumbing




We were in a real estate transaction and they completed the job quickly. They completed the work on time. The buyers and the sellers were both satisfied. I would use their services again in the future.

Description of Work
I used Portland Real Estate Solutions. I last used their services in 2009. They replaced rotted sill plates in several sections of the house. They repaired a leaking faucet and repaired the back part area of the shower. They replaced a few other things. They did a lot of drywall repair for me, one was in the shower area, one was the sill plate and one was in the still wall. They created a cross base bench in the basement.

Category drywall, handyman service, heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing, remodeling, water damage restoration, woodworking, home remodeling, interior painters



Myliam G.

They did a great job. He was really reasonable in his prices. He was willing to work. They were able to get out there within 72 hours. If you need some to do the work right away, they are the ones.

Description of Work
I had a house that needed some repairs. They fixed electrical, dry rot and plumbing; anything that needed to be fixed to pass the inspection.

Category electrician, handyman service, plumbing




It turned out great. They are great to work with. I think they have always been punctual and finished work on time. I have never had any issues with the quality of work done. The price has always been what they told me.

Description of Work
They have done a number of different small maintenance projects in the household including remodeling.

Category handyman service, remodeling




I expect to use them for remodeling when one tenant moves out in September. It is great to have the one stop shopping. In the past I have had to go and subcontract this work out and it has been a primary challenge for me. All of the tenets have given high remarks on professionalism and the quality of work that they did. Before we pay the invoice I go out and look at the work that was done and it all looks great, especially the floor repair which was challenging because it was hardwood flooring. The experience overall has been excellent working with Brain and his team and I highly recommended them to others, especially property owners.

Description of Work
I have three rental properties as well as the home that I live in. They have done some repairs on all three rental properties as well they are working on the home I live in. I had water damage repair in one of the rental properties. The water damage was from and overflowing pump. They repaired the floor, the platform the pump was on as well as pressure washing the roof and cleaning the gutters. In another property they replaced the toilet and replaced bathroom light fixtures. In another they replaced the garbage disposal, the kitchen faucet. They repaired two drawers, repaired a fence, washed the roof and cleaned the gutters. In my primary residence they replaced bathroom fans and lights in the master closet. They repaired a fence, and replaced an outlet. The cost listed is for work on all of the houses and materials.

Category electrician, gutter repair, handyman service, hardwood floor, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, water damage restoration, pressure washing, roof cleaning



Sarah R.

They were fabulous. If they didn’t like their own work they came back and redid it, even things that we thought were OK. They were meticulous getting it to their expectations which exceeded ours. The crew that they sent were real polite and contentious. We have told other people about them. The price was reasonable. We will call them again.

Description of Work
They pressure washed our big deck and restained it. They also applied new lighting fixture throughout the outside. We also had a broken garage door and they fixed that at no charge.

Category garage doors, handyman service, lighting, deck cleaning



Bonni C.

It turned out fine. He was responsive and professional. I didn’t hear my husband complain so it must have been good.

Description of Work
They installed our locks.

Category handyman service, locksmith




Real Estate Solutions makes it easy; they can do most repairs and it is a great one stop shop. Their understanding of the difficulties of a real estate transaction and repair issues makes them unique. Timelines are crucial as is pleasing the buyer; they were able to accomplish both. I would use them again.

Description of Work
Replaced and repaired dry rot behind shower and retiled where needed. Replaced dry rot sill plate under house- had to tear out some flooring, rolled back carpet, jack house slightly to do the work. This was during a real estate transaction so we were under a tight timeline. They completed the work as specified, at bid and on time. Corrected some drainage issues. A few other misc carpentry & siding repairs.

Category contractors, flooring contractor, handyman service, remodeling



Kelly S.

Excellent work, showed up on time and was very professional. Did the work quickly and left everything clean.

Description of Work
Did various jobs to ready home for selling

Category handyman service




It turned out great. They were very professional. They showed up on time. They cleaned up. They were here when they said they were going to be here. I would def recommend.

Description of Work
We were doing a slight bathroom remodel. They did some drywall work. They installed a sink and some plumbing. They installed a new toilet.

Category drywall, handyman service, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling



Scott F.

It went great. They were timely and they completed their job without too much supervision on my part. The quality of their work was very high.

Description of Work
They partially remolded a rental home for me, including remodeling a kitchen, doing countertops and cupboards. They remodeled a bathroom. They put in a laundry room that was not there previously. They remodeled another bathroom including flooring. They power washed the outside of the house. They cleaned up the yard and gutters.

Category gutter cleaning, handyman service, remodeling, pressure washing, home remodeling



Barber B.

That went well. Whatever he said that he would do was done.

Description of Work
They did some landscaping maintenance.

Category lawn service

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    Portland Construction Solutions is currently rated 4.6 overall out of 5.

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    Yes, Portland Construction Solutions offers eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Portland Construction Solutions does not offer a senior discount.

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    Yes, Portland Construction Solutions offers warranties.

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    Portland Construction Solutions offers the following services: Insurance buildback • Restoration and repairs • Large and small • Water • Fire • Lead paint • Mold • Asbestos • Vandalism • Vehicle impact • Natural disaster