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Neil Kelly Company

Founded 1947 • With Angi since June 2005


(425) Verified Reviews

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804 N Alberta St

Portland, OR 97217


Neil Kelly is the largest design-build remodeler in the Pacific Northwest, offering remodeling, home improvement and solar energy services through our design centers in Bend, Eugene, Portland and Seattle. For 75 years, we’ve been building a reputation for designs, outstanding craftsmanship,

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Molly M.

I have had the worst experience with Neil Kelly. I started my addition on my garage in November 2020 and they still have not completed the project. Our original project manager quit and the construction manager got fired all in one week. Neil Kelly then tried to repair the damages that those employees had done. Things were done without permits, they had to redo the walls of my garage which weren’t even in the original scope of work. The worst is that they dug 11 foot trenches digging up my grass all along the side of my house to connect the water line. The excess water from the digging caused concrete issues in my driveway and they refused to repair the grass that they destroyed leaving my yard a mud pit. It has taken countless hours to get in contact with anyone to give us a punch list and I don’t know if my project wi ever be completed because they have lied to me about deadlines so often. They are a nightmare to work with and I would NEVER use them again. Highly recommend you avoid this company at all costs. They will destroy your home.

Description of Work
Building an addition on garage

Category custom cabinets, countertops, concrete driveways, drywall, electrician, gutter repair, home inspection, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, siding, garage builders, home builders, window treatments, home remodeling, house painters, interior painters, doors



Timothy J. N.

Excellent. High quality, attention to detail.

Description of Work
They installed solar panels.

Category solar panels



Zach W.

Basement reconstruction project. Lifted house, dugout 2 feet or so of basement, poured new foundation slab and walls, constructed egress stairwary and windows, replumbed, installed new furnace and ducts. Horrible experience. DO NOT USE NEIL KELLY (NK). 1-The contract is supposed to be a NTE contract for the designed project. FALSE-this is only if all of the project components are thought out, clear, and end up on the scope of work. As industry outsiders we have to put trust in professionals to scope a project correctly. In our case, although the design was what we hoped (we thought at the time) the scope was vague and did not include all of the project components and small details to carry the project to completion. It turns out that the devil is in the details. Further, I've come to believe NK knew the project would end up at a higher cost, but they failed to tell us at the onset until those portions of the project revealed themselves--i.e., the front and back porches needed to be rebuilt due to lifting the house (not in scope of work [SOW]). The porches were known as a scope issue internally at NK and two of their more experience project managers refused to take on the project because of this (this was only recently revealed to me by senior staff at NK, roughly 1 year after we signed the contract). 2-They are a Design/Build company, but it would be well worth it for anyone that can afford NK to hire an architect for the design and another company for the build. NK's design was FLAWED. They failed to measure the grade around the house correctly, which caused the egress stairway to be to short by 2 steps. Rather than checking with me prior to changing the design, NK formed up the stairway in an adhoc (unappealing) way that we did not approve prior to pouring the concrete. They also failed to measure the grade for the sewer pipe correctly and had to replace it, last minute. They did not charge us for the replacement, but NK did ruin our landscaping in the process of replacing the pipe and have failed to restore it back to its original condition. 3-Used a substandard concrete subcontractor and provided poor oversite and project managment. The foundation walls were not braced properly for the pour and they buckled inward rougly 1.75 inches along the length of our house. The concrete subcontractor formed the egress window wells incorrectly (did not follow the design) and the project manager for NK either failed to notice or did not revise based on the plans. We had to bring it to the attention of NK, who used the same subcontractor to demolish and replace one of the window wells. The replaced window well now has (sub)angles on it like a surrealist sculpture. The other window well still does not match the design and there are major cracks in the stairway and landing. 4-FAILED to provide a written project schedule even though I requested it at the start a number of times. When I pressed about it again later in the project, NK said it was not industry standard to provide a schedule. I was TOLD our house would be lifted and unliveable for 8 weeks. We were told at week 7 that there was a delay, and we weren't able to move back in until Week 12. We have two small children and this delay was very difficult to manage last minute. Further, the project manager rarely checked with me regarding project details that I should have been informed about, leading to a number of errors that needed to be corrected. We've spent so much of our own time and energy correcting errors and making sure tasks are done properly and according to the design. Several times we've been told by the project manager that tasks were out of scope and would not be performed by NK even though they were clearly stated in the SOW. After pointing out the exact place in the SOW the tasks were indicated, they would schedule the work. 5-FAILED permit final inspection. NK submitted engineering designs to the city that did not reflect the scope of work, apparent upon my later inspection that there would be items required to meed code that were unaccounted for in NK's SOW. These things include: a smoke detector in the basement (standard City code) and a railing around the egress stairway (among other things). I noticed after my own inspection that the permit designs are different from the designs in the SOW in that they DO include a railing at the stairway. NK refuses to take responsibility for passing the final inspection. We've been asked to take out a separate permit under our own names to pass inspection. 6-SENIOR LEADERSHIP has threatened mediation/arbitration twice when we've aked them to address the design flaws/errors or requested status updates for the remaining/incomplete tasks. Once the project is deemed "substantially complete," whether it is or is not, NK requires final payment. Many of the above-mentioned errors/incomplete tasks, including passing final inspection, are unresolved and haven't been acknowledged by NK as something on which they will follow through; however, NK has deemed the project "substantially complete" and are demanding final payment. When I brought up the remaining tasks and asked for an update, senior leadership at NK ignored our concerns, threatened mediation, and said they would be exercising their lien rights in the meantime. In sum, there are plenty of high-quality companies out there in the Portland area that are personable, care about their work, take responsibility/corrective actions for mistakes, use high-quality subs, and are hands-on regarding project managment and communication. All while charging much less. If we could do it again, we would hire an architect for the design and contract directly with a builder. If we could do it again, we would hire another design/build company. If we could do it again, we would hire ANYONE BUT Neil Kelly. Don't think like we did, we thought: if they cost the most, advertise on NPR, and have been working in the region for a long time, they should be the best. We learned the hard way that they are far from the best.

Description of Work
Basement Reconstruction/Remodel

Category contractors, concrete repair, decks, electrician, egress windows, excavators, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, water heater repair, replacement windows, woodworking, home remodeling, doors, earthquake retrofitting, Uncategorized, basement remodeling



Blaine P.

Very poorly. We regret hiring them for a deck project last year. What should have been a 2-3 week job lasted ten months. We needed constant vigilance to correct their shoddy work. They substituted inferior material in place of what was contracted for, and refused to acknowledge the difference (more detail at bottom). We couldn’t believe anything our project manager told us. When we wrote to Neill Kelly management about our complaints, a VP came out to inspect. We hoped then that we would get some resolution, and the minor problems were slowly fixed over a period of months. But when we pointed out the obvious difference between the material underfoot to what was exposed to sight in trim, this VP told us how long he'd been in the business, and that we were too inexperienced to understand the materials were the same. We were never able to get a satisfactory solution to this problem. The grooves ("kerfing") visible in the photo are necessary to reduce the likelihood of warping in this type of cedar — known as "cedar one" or "pro deck" — milled from very fast-growing cedar trees where the roots have been injected with growth hormones to make them grow even faster. Fast-grow cedar is flat grained, as the photo shows, and prone to warping. Our contract called for tight-knot cedar; that material was only used as trim where the kerfing would have been more noticeable.

Description of Work
Small deck and accessibility ramp.

Category decks, home remodeling



Brenda P.

In 10 weeks time, the team gutted our kitchen and did a full remodel (redesign of appliance locations, new cabinets, new counters, new appliances, upgraded electrical, plumbing, hood venting, new lighting, floor refinishing, etc.) Also, made some cosmetic and electrical updates in family room. Our Designer, Fabian, the Project Manager, Paul, and Lead, Cale, did a fantastic job keeping everything on schedule. All the subcontractors used by Neil Kelly are top notch professionals. We had no issues and no delays. We were impressed by how well this went. The quality of work is excellent. We are very pleased with our new kitchen. We are so glad we worked with the Neil Kelly team. (We had heard horror stories of friends' remodels done by other companies. Delays, cost overruns, etc.)

Description of Work
Kitchen Remodel

Category custom cabinets, contractors, countertops, drywall, electrician, interior designers, lighting, plumbing, home remodeling, interior painters



Rebecca F.

Don't waste your time or money dealing with this unprofessional and incompetent business. I called Neil Kelly to get some work done on my house to complete a project that was abandoned by a completely unethical former employee of theirs. I explained in detail my situation to several people every time I had contact with Neil Kelly staff: Janell, who referred me to the handyman team, Jenn Harbick: whose voicemail I believe my initial inquiry was sent to, then Irie Searcy who finally called to schedule with me weeks later. Irie brought several people to my home to scope out the job, and create an estimate. She was also told in detail about our former contractor and exactly what was needed, via email prior to the meeting, and in person at the meeting. Every single person we dealt with at Neil Kelly was told what the issue was and why we needed this work done. Irie said she would get us an estimate the following week, and even offered to sell us a more detailed estimate for litigation purposes, should we need it. We provided requested information on materials and everything that Neil Kelly requested. Weeks went by and my husband continually checked in with Irie. Each time he was assured an estimate was forthcoming. Then nearly TWO MONTHS after the in person visit, Irie emailed to say they could not bid on a project that was "under litigation". (The project is NOT the subject of litigation.) I went to the Neil Kelly office and explained the entire situation to Jenn Harbick, who supervises Irie in some fashion. She seemed helpful, assured me that what Irie told me was wrong and criticized both the delay and the delivery of the bad news via email, noting that Irie is a "milllenial" in her criticism. She said she'd discuss with others but didn't see a reason why they couldn't give me a bid. I explained that, given the time Neil Kelly had already wasted, they at least should give us an estimate which would be somewhat useful- even if they did not want to do the job. She seemed agreeable to this. By this point, you probably know where the story is going. Jenn failed to get back to me in the time period she said she would- later responding to my email and forwarding me an email from her superior recommending they not "get involved" in my project, but also including several aspects of the job they would be willing to do. I again brought up how my family has expended significant time relying on what Neil Kelly staff had said, and I felt they should estimate the whole job. Not only did she refuse to do that, but she refused to give us an estimate for the aspects of the project that she'd told me they could do. In my workplace, our motto is "do the right thing for the right reason". Neil Kelly clearly does not believe in this. When working with a contractor, ethics and integrity are the most important qualities. You will not find them at Neil Kelly.

Description of Work
Various tasks to finish a remodel, including new flooring and installing cabinetry.

Category custom cabinets, drywall, handyman service, insulation, remodeling, woodworking



Geraldine S.

Neil Kelly is very respectful. I trust them. The workers are very polite, and good at what they do. I have used him twice now, and he has been great.

Description of Work
He caulked my bathtub.

Category home remodeling




👌 they were stellar. Highly recommend

Description of Work
New bathroom cabinet & plumbing

Category countertops, plumbing



John H.

Initial consult went ok, but then took us calling a couple times to get to next phase. Preliminary design and quote came back with a range of $23k - $45k. We liked the initial design, so we signed a $1700 design retainer. They did the detailed design but came back and said it would actually cost $75k!!! Ugg, that was outside our budget for the project!! We are now out the $1700. So, apparently they didn't correctly estimate the preliminary design. Isn't that their business? How were the so far off? They were completely unwilling to own up to their mistake and refund anything. If they would of more correctly estimated we all would have saved time and money.

Description of Work
Addition to the front entry of our split level home. Basically a 4x12x two story space that increases the foyer.

Category drywall, electrician, remodeling, siding, woodworking




I didn't get beyond a phone conversation with "Allen" before I gave up on this company. When I said I needed a bid for for specific repair and restoration work, he said he was "not in the business of doing work for free" and that I would have to put down a deposit and sign a contract to find out what it would cost. Really? In my multiple remodels in multiple homes I've never encountered this kind of attitude, but maybe when you're the biggest in the city, that's how it works....but not for me. Too bad cuz I liked their handyman department and I had a variety of other projects needing work.

Description of Work
Restoration work following a flooded kitchen: hardwood floors repair and refinishing, cabinet replacement, trim work.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Lisa A.

I called for handyman services. I needed a 24" 4x4 post placed on an already existing cement slab under my house for support to a floor joist. It was directly under my kitchen area. I was expecting delivery of new appliances almost three weeks out and wanted this repair done before the heavy appliances were installed. I called to make an appointment and was told Miguel would contact me in a day or two. A week and a half later I get a call from Iren. Not happy with the far from timely call back I tell her my issue and express the urgency of time frame. We make an appointment for 1/26 for Miguel to come look at the problem, sign a contract and am told they would do the work the following day (1/27). On 1/26 someone other than Miguel shows up. I told him the issue and he asks me for the post to install. I was unaware that I needed to supply the materials for the job (which were quoted in the contract) and unaware that they would be doing the work that day. Unable to do the work because I don't have a post he calls Miguel and I'm told Miguel would contact me the next day. On 1/27 I get a call from Iren telling me that they would not be able to do the work and would have to reschedule for 1/28. I guess my little job (labor and dollar amount) just wasn't worth their time and effort.

Description of Work
24" 4x4 post placed on an already existing cement slab under my house for a floor joist support

Category handyman service




Smoothly. 1st class all the way. EXCELLENT

Description of Work
Bathroom remodel

Category countertops, plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling



Meg A.

We took the bathroom down to the studs and are SO PLEASED with the results! This 1979 bathroom was transformed! Loved working with Barbara Miller the designer and Heather Steele the project manager. The bathroom is small and we did not change the footprint. The best thing we did was replace the door with a pocket door. Yes, it meant moving some electrical, but well worth the added cost. We were very impressed with the service we received from the crew at Neil Kelly.

Description of Work
complete bathroom remodel

Category contractors, ceramic tile, countertops, drywall, electrician, interior designers, lighting, plumbing, remodeling, woodworking, home remodeling, interior painters, doors



Karen C.

Took longer than expected, but the work was good.

Description of Work
Energy Upgrade (insulation, furnace, electrical), earthquake retrofit, and remodel/repairs (roof cleaning, carpet removal, floor refinishing, kitchen remodel, window work, replace and remove interior doorways)

Category custom cabinets, contractors, ceramic tile, countertops, electrician, gutter repair, insulation, interior designers, lighting, remodeling, woodworking, ceiling fans, home remodeling, doors, earthquake retrofitting, energy audit



Deborah M.

Great! The melamine I chose was cut and fitted into the spot and moulding trimmed the outer edge out to finish it off. Looks nice and is more sturdy.

Description of Work
Needed a shelf built on top of a window niche in my second story foyer. It had just sheetrock in the niche and I wanted something stronger and more stable.

Category handyman service, woodworking



Adam M.

Left a message requesting services and they never called back. Would never hire a company that can't even return a phone call. Can't imagine if they were doing work on my home with this level of unprofessionalism.

Description of Work
Left a message requesting services and they never called back. Would never hire a company that can't even return a phone call. Can't imagine if they were doing work on my home with this level of unprofessionalism.

Category home remodeling




One thing they did, didn't last, but everything else was pretty much dead on. They were fine. They just said, "This is going to work perfectly. Don't worry about it," and it didn't. It wasn't a big thing at all.

Description of Work
I purchased a big deal from them. It was $99 for two hours of handyman services. They did a couple of electrical things and they did some other stuff.

Category electrician, handyman service



Chad W.

The meeting went really well. I was impressed with the punctuality and friendliness of the individual. I was somewhat taken back by the estimated price. I'm not saying that the price was too high... I'm just not yet fully educated on what a small kitchen remodel should cost. Regardless, I would recommend Neil Kelly.

Description of Work
I had a representative come out to take an initial look at our kitchen for a potential remodel.

Category remodeling, home remodeling



Nelda P.

The service was supposed to be $80 an hour, not including materials. He stated the service shouldn't take longer than two hours, at the very most. The supplies needed included the downspouts, but I had already supplied the splash blocks for each spout. The work done was satisfactory. I didn't expect it to cost more than $210. When I received the bill, about a month after the service was completed, I was shocked see that the total bill was $485.31, more than twice as much as I expected, and it was not itemized in any way. I have contacted the company to get clarification and resolution on this but have not been able to reach them yet.

Description of Work
Rick installed two downspouts.

Category gutter repair, handyman service



Carla B.

The service level was terrible. I was passed to Neil Kelly from Indow to purchase window inserts since they are the authorized provider. I first contacted Neil Kelly and was told an estimator would be in contact. I then heard nothing for two weeks. Indow followed up with me directly and I let them know I was still waiting to hear. I was then contacted to schedule the measurement appointment. This appointment did occur and they offered to do a free energy estimation in the future. I then heard nothing from Neil Kelly. I did not receive a quote and any further follow up. When Indow contacted me again to inquire how things went, I had to again tell them that I was unable to make the purchase. Thankfully, Indow made an exception and I was able to purchase from them directly.

Description of Work
I was sent to Neil Kelly from Indow to purchase window inserts.

Category home remodeling



Larry M.

This was suppose to be a simple project that would take 3 days to complete. However, several weeks later, there is no end in site. The project has been plagued by poor communication, lack of attention to simple detail and questionable competence. The first door arrived damaged from Neil Kelly. A reorder was made and 2 1/2 weeks later the wrong door arrived. Again, the fault of Neil Kelly. In the meantime, we have no back stairs and vapor sheets where there should be siding. At that point I contact one of the VP's for Neil Kelly and she dismissed the handyman from the projects. Promises of better service and quick work were promised and still essentially no progress. In fact, my most recent call to the VP inquiring about an update was not returned. I also inquired about a discount for the inconvenience and that answer is still pending. The project has apparently fallen to the bottom of the list and we have no idea when it will be completed. For those of you who think Neil Kelly is the gold standard for remodeling, you probably should seek additional bids.

Description of Work
In the process of replacing a sliding backdoor, new stairs, replace siding

Category handyman service, remodeling, doors



Linda H.

work was fine confusion over price--my certificate did not indicate I had to pay his mileage ($38) additional

Description of Work
installed light fixtures other miscellaneous jobs

Category home remodeling



Florence G.

I wanted advice on counters and backsplash but would have to pay extra for that so decided not to use them.

Description of Work
Measured my kitchen

Category home remodeling



Carol C.

That was done well. He did a good job.

Description of Work
2 hours of handyman service. He came out and fixed a deck board, he worked on a fence too.

Category decks, fencing



Bob D.

The project went great. The Neil Kelly person who served as the initial contact, the project manager, and the four guys who did the work were all professional, skilled, and enjoyable to deal with. The windows look great and are keeping us cool during this hot summer. I'd like to note that I've always thought of Neil Kelly as a high-end outfit, a company we couldn't afford, but we got several bids and Neil Kelly's price was about average, not at the extreme high end as I expected.

Description of Work
Put in new windows and window frames throughout house

Category home remodeling

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Neil Kelly Company

    How is Neil Kelly Company overall rated?

    Neil Kelly Company is currently rated 4.5 overall out of 5.

    What payment options does Neil Kelly Company provide

    Neil Kelly Company accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check

    Does Neil Kelly Company offer free estimates?

    No, Neil Kelly Company does not offer free project estimates.

    Does Neil Kelly Company offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Neil Kelly Company offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Are warranties offered by Neil Kelly Company?

    Yes, Neil Kelly Company offers warranties.

    What services does Neil Kelly Company offer?

    Neil Kelly Company offers the following services: Remodeling, bathroom & kitchen remodeling, home additions, renovations, window, handyman, home building, cabinets & interior design. Home performance & energy retrofits.